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How to choose the right type of water to brew tea

If you like drinking tea, you may know the best water for brewing tea. In China ancient times, there was… Continue reading »


Water 101 – From Drinkable Water to Bottled Water, Water Conservation and Water Filtration

As human being, we cannot live without water. We can get water from rain water, ground water (wells or springs),… Continue reading »

How to Conserve Water Easily at Home?

Simple Ways to Conserve Water How to conserve water easily at home? The following water conservation tips can help you… Continue reading »


How to choose The Best Whole House Water Filter For Your Home

With the many contaminants around our waters today we need the best whole house water filter to protect our families… Continue reading »


Filtered water vs Bottled Water – How to choose the best?

When it comes to the difference between bottled water and filtered water, different people may have different opinions. Bottled water… Continue reading »


How to Choose the Best Shower Water Filter

Water used in bathing can be classified as hard water or soft water. It doesn’t stand for the literal hardness… Continue reading »


How to Choose Tankless Water Heater

Technologically advanced tankless water heaters promise energy efficiency and the much needed prospect of saving money in the long term… Continue reading »


How to purify the tap water

Our tap water doesn’t seem as pure as it seems. The fact is that there are plenty of contaminants in… Continue reading »


How to fix these 4 common household leaks without hiring a plumber

No matter where you live in – an apartment or a house, I think you don’t want to hire a… Continue reading »


How to Change A Refrigerator Water Filter

Do you really know how to change your refrigerator water filter? If your refrigerator is relatively new, the whole change… Continue reading »

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