The History of Popcorn


Popcorn’s Journey: Cave Fire to Movie Snack Bars and Microwave

Popcorn, short for ‘popped corn’, is a popped corn kernel that has delighted the world for thousand of years. Popcorn has become one of the most beloved snack food in America. This easy-to-make snack, which can be flavored in countless ways, might probably be the oldest snack in the world.

The Origin of Popcorn

Popcorn’s origin is deeply rooted throughout America. Corn, or maize, is a dominant food in the continent. North America and South America both have a rich history of popcorn consumption.

The oldest popcorn known so far was found in New Mexico, a state located in the southwestern region of America. In 1948, Herbert Dick and Earle Smith made the discovery of the oldest popcorn to date at the dry cave called “Bat Cave”. A presence of small heads of corn and individual popped kernels were found in the cave. After carbon dating, those kernels were calculated to be 5,600 years old.

In Mexico, a maize god was depicted in decorated funeral urns from 300 A.D. and a headdress of the maize god was embellished with popped kernels. Traces of popcorn is prevalent not just in Mexico, but also in Guatemala, Peru and other areas of Central and South America.

A cave in Utah, North America, known to have been inhabited by Pueblo Indians, had remnants of corn kernels approximately 1,000 years old.

Aztec Indians made use of popcorn not just as food consumption but also as ornaments in clothing and ceremonial embellishments. Iroquois Indians in the Great Lakes region made popcorn as well.

Then colonization took place in North America. Colonists adopted the famous Native American snack food. Historical data showed that popcorns were eaten with milk and sugar. Back then, it also showed that popcorn was mixed with a bit of molasse, producing a snack like today’s kettle corn.

Popcorn’s Journey: Movie Snack Bar to Microwaves

With corn being a staple food in America, popcorn consumption still progressed as New Americans continued to love this snack. By 1800s, popcorn became one of the most popular snack foods as it is found everywhere not just at home but also in carnivals, circuses, concession stands, and general stores.

It was in 1885 that the first commercial popcorn machine was invented in Chicago by Charles Cretors. The machine was mobile to enable it to go around the streets. It had a gasoline burner, so the selling of popcorn was easy. Street popcorn vendors grew in numbers and at the same time, movies became popular. The roaming popcorn vendors went to places where crowds are thick. They could be found outside of theaters and because of this, popcorn being a favorite movie snack became a tradition.

In 1933, during the Great Depression, people can only afford few snack foods and popcorn was one of them. When World War II started in 1939, sugar and other supplies were rationed. With that, popcorn’s popularity rocketed.

Popcorn had its ups and downs. When the television was invented, popcorn consumption dropped as movie theater goers decreased. But it wasn’t long when popcorn made a comeback because Americans started consuming popcorn at home.

In 1981, microwave popcorn was commercially available, making it easier for people to cook their favorite snack food. Since then, popcorn consumption has been climbing up.

Americans today is estimated to consume about 17 billion quarts of popped corn kernel per year and counting.

And now, there are many types of popcorn poppers which help you easily to make popcorn at home. If you need one, you can check our list of top 5 best popcorn poppers.

How to Choose a Gelato Maker

Gelato maker
When it comes to choosing the best Gelato maker, there are some considerations that should be taken into account. And this guide will help you easily find the best of the best.

Avoiding Sub-standard Gelato Maker

There are a lot of Gelato Makers in the market today and finding the perfect one might be difficult. To help you with that, we have identified 5 pointers to consider plus the No. 1 mistake you must avoid.

But before that, let us know what a gelato is and why shouldn’t it be made using an ice cream maker.

The Difference Between Gelato and Ice Cream

Gelato originated in Italy. It is an Italian dessert similar to ice cream but with a number of differences, which includes the following:

  1. First is milk. Gelato is made from milk, while ice cream is made with cream, which means a gelato has less fat.
  2. You can make a gelato even without cream or eggs.
  3. Ice cream has air whipped into it, while gelato is more condensed, offering a delectable taste bite after bite.
  4. No freezing with gelato unlike ice cream. A gelato does not need extreme cold temperature.
  5. Gelato made from a gelato machine offers a fresh sensation than an ice cream machine.
  6. Making gelato is definitely a piece of cake.

How to Spot a Great Gelato Machine

A great gelato maker should make a high-class quality gelato. With a lot of gelato machines to choose from, we often end up buying the cheaper one. It saves us few dollars but sooner or later, we will realize we bought something sub-par.

Remember that you will always get what you pay for. If you want superb results in making gelato, get yourself a quality gelato machine. Think about it. Here are some guidelines in selecting a Gelato Machine:

1. Look for a Self-Refrigerating Gelato Machine

Normally, it would take you a couple of hours to make a gelato. With a self-refrigerating machine, your gelato will be ready in minutes! It will refrigerate the gelato as it gradually mix to the perfect consistency.

Self-refrigerating gelato machines usually makes gelato in 20 to 30 minutes only. So, you can enjoy your dinner or any meal, and have your gelato dessert after eating. This is also perfect when you have unexpected guests coming over to your house. You can prepare a gelato in no time.

2. Have a Gelato Machine for a Gelato

Sure, one can make a gelato with an ice cream maker. But the question is, will the result be great? We are talking about quality gelato here as you wouldn’t want to serve the average dessert to your family or guests. That is why you should make a gelato with a Gelato Machine.

A Gelato Machine produces fresh, tasty, and flavorful gelato at the right temperature and consistency. Ice cream makers whip air into the ice cream unlike gelato makers. It’s one reason why ice cream is fluff.

3. Get a Quiet and Stout Gelato Machine

Gelato machines get more quiet as the price goes up. Generally, the more quiet and stout gelato makers are, the more expensive they are.

Considering a quite and stout gelato machine may not cross your mind for now, but there might be a point that you wouldn’t want the machine to compete with you when you are having a great time with you family and friends over dinner or any occasion.

Even so, isn’t just good to have a quiet, peaceful surrounding when making your favorite gelato?

4. Consider a Gelato Machine’s Capacity & Size

Gelato Machines usually come in 1.2 to 1.5 quart capacity. The price also increases as capacity increase. But with competition these days, you can find several great gelato makers at more than a quart capacity.

Also, ask yourself how you would like to use the gelato maker. This dessert is absolutely great and easy to make, sharing this with family and friends is bliss. Go for a smaller size when you would want to carry the machine when visiting your relatives or friends.

Another good thing with smaller size Gelato Machine is that it is easier to store, get out and use. Larger machine could give you trouble in storing and handling.

5. Consider Italian Designed/Made

What is more assuring than buying a Gelato Machine from an Italian based company? Gelato originated from Italy and there’s no other who knows gelato better than the Italians. Italian based companies, such as Lello, have already established a name as leading brands for Gelato Machines.

Most of gelato makers come with a recipe book. You can delight yourself with various recipes. Since gelato making is made easier with a Gelato Machine, do not be afraid to make your own flavor combinations.

How do you avoid the No. 1 mistake when buying a Gelato Machine?

Hopefully you have an idea on what is the number one mistake you should avoid when purchasing a Gelato Machine. It is easy! The number one mistake buyers make is to purchase an ice cream machine and produce a gelato with it.

Keep in mind that the right tool gets the job done best. Take for example, when cleaning your carpet, you use your vacuum cleaner with it and not the hard floor cleaner. They are both clean the carpet but using the vacuum cleaner yields the best result. Each of them is intended for a specific use and that is the same with ice cream maker and gelato maker.

With technology these days, there are some top-notch quality makers able to make good ice cream and gelato. The quality of those makers goes up as price increases. But then, just think of it this way, better results will come from the more specialized maker.

If you are wondering whether there’s a No. 2 mistake, then it would probably be purchasing a low quality gelato maker. To avoid these mistakes, look for a great gelato maker by checking out the product reviews.

Best Gelato Machines

The Italian Lello Machines have engraved their name in the industry of Gelato Makers. This company has manufactured the two most popular machines: The Lello Musso 4080 and Lello Musso Pola 5030. These are authentic Italian made products, offering the best design and quality. Of course, no one knows gelato better than the Italians.

The Lello 4080 Musso Lussino Gelato and Ice Cream Machine

This machine has a sleek design with a capacity of 1.25 quarts. It offers super-fast ready time, 30 minutes only! Here are what makes Lello 4080 standout from the other machines:

  • It has a rate of freezing 3 quarts of gelato or ice cream per hour.
  • It comes with a 1.5 quart capacity bowl.
  • The material of the bowl, housing and paddle is stainless steel. Other machines are made with aluminum.
  • It is certified Made in Italy.
  • It includes a recipe book.

All of this under $740 and the best place to get this is on Amazon.

The Lello Mussa Pola 5030 Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

The Lello Mussa Pola 5030 is the step up from the Lello 4080 Musso Lussino. And these are what it offers:

  • A whooping freezing rate – 6 quarts of gelato, ice cream or frozen yogurt in just an hour!
  • A capacity of 2 quarts.
  • It is made from highly durable material, stainless steel. It includes the blade, bowl and housing.
  • It is certified Made in Italy.
  • It also includes a recipe book.

These Italian-made machines from Lello absolutely provide the perfect Italian dessert treat: gelato, plus ice cream and sorbets.

Amazon is the place to be to get these amazing items! You can’t beat free shipping for these heavy duty products.

Top 5 Best Mouse Traps Reviews

Why do you need a mouse trap?

When we need to buy a mouse trap, we need to know the difference between rats and mice. If you choose a rat trap, it may be not effective to mice. What’s more, even the mice also have different species. The most common mice species are house mice, white footed mice and deer mice. House mice often live in city dwellings, while white footed mice and deer mice are common in suburban areas. If in an extreme situation, all the 3 main species will invade a house or a home and this will be a serious situation. We need to do something to repel, trap or kill them.

Mouse traps are effective if there are only a few of mice in your home or house. However, if their population grows rapidly and has become established in your home or house, a mouse trap seems powerless to solve this problem. But mouse traits are also preventative to mice they plan to settle in your home or house. This is because these smart rodents will avoid dangerous places to settle in but looking for a new and safe place to live.

Mouse traps have a long history and modern mouse traps are much more user-friendly and effective. There are several types of modern mouse traps, such as live mouse traps, automatic traps, and even electronic traps. Therefore, you always can have the right choice according to your situations. You also can read our buyer’s guide to learn more about these different types of mouse traps.

Best Mouse Trap

If mouse infestation occurs in your home or house, you will find they are really nuisance. They bite, steal food, pee in the floor and leave mouse waste. What’s worse, they also bring many types of pathogens, making them a real health threat to our health. Therefore, how to get rid of them really matters. In the past, people used a lethal trap to trap them and then disposed of them. This seems a little cruel. This is because a trapped mouse almost has no chance of surviving if it is released to a new environment where it is not familiar with.

However, we don’t plan to discuss this ethic issue furthermore, because comparing with the harm they bring to our humans, any debate seems meaningless. Therefore, we have done a lot of research and made this list of the best mouse traps that are most effective and easiest to use. The best mouse trap should be designed to be easy to use and set, be cost effective and be most effective when the bait is taken by a mouse.

JT Eaton 409BULK Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap

Eaton-409BULK-Plastic-Mouse-LiquidThis JT Eaton 409BULK is really a good mouse trap, due to this 100% effectiveness, if a mouse steals the bait. It is pretty simple to use and set. You just need to pull its top lever back until it locks into the right place. So easy, isn’t it? Your foot even can do the job if you don’t want to use your hands. If you only need one, you can buy in single. If you need more, you can buy in bulk. It is only up to you and the price for each unit is also reasonable.

Victor Metal Pedal Mouse Trap (Pack of 72)

Victor-Metal-Pedal-Mouse-TrapThis trap is designed to be similar to an original mouse trap. It is not only inexpensive but also very effective. If you need to set a lot of mouse traps, it is the most bang for the buck. Due to its inexpensive feature, you can buy a lot and set them. Once a mouse is trapped, dispose of it together the trapped mouse and set a completely new one. Easy, simple and convenient.

Better Mousetrap 6 Pack

Intruder-Better-Mousetrap-6-PackThis mouse trap is really a modern mouse trap. It has a better design than other stand snap trap. It is also very easy to use. You need to make the bait cup baited first, and then pull its lever back until its trigger locks into the right place, and then place it triggered the trap on the routine mouse run. Once a mouse accidentally triggers this best trap, it will be trapped 100%.

Rodent Terminator – Electric Mouse and Rat Trap

Rodent-Terminator-Electric-Mouse-KillsThis Rodent Terminator is an electric mouse trap that is powered by batteries. It will terminate the life of a mouse that goes into it. It is simple to set it. First, bait it, and then turn this electric mouse trap on, and then put it into spaces where mice are like to run. Once a mouse is trapped, its wireless transmitter can tell you know it has trapped a mouse and you can go to dispose of the trapped mouse. Although this trap is a little expensive, as the best electric mouse trap, it deserves a try.

Victor Tin Cat Mice Glue Boards 72 / Box

Victor-Mice-Glue-Boards-BoxThis Victor Pest Glue Board is able to trap mice effectively in situations where other types cannot work. Pretty easy to set it. Put attractive bait in the center, and then place this glue board where mice are like to run. It is not expensive. Therefore, once a mouse is trapped by this glue board, you can dispose of both of them at once.

Best Humane Mouse Trap

Mice infestation can occur in our home or house, and even if there are plenty of ways to get rid of mice, the best way is to use a humane mouse trap to humanely trap them. You just simply put it on a mouse run. The trap will trap mice humanely, because it doesn’t hurt a mouse. Therefore, once a mouse is trapped, you can choose to release it at a place that you choose. This is up to you. The trapped mouse can go free and lives free, so you don’t need to kill them cruelly.

We’ve compiled this list of best humane mouse traps which are available on the market. They are simple to bait, set and the most effective. All of them are highly recommended by humane and animal rights agencies. If you are humane, they are the best choices.

Smart Mouse Trap – Humane Mousetrap

Smart-Mouse-Trap-Humane-MousetrapThis trap is highly recommended by many animal rights organizations. It is so easy to set. Just bait it and place it on the mouse run. That’s all. After it captures a mouse, you can choose to release it easily. It is totally safe for the captured mouse. And the price is also reasonable.

JT Eaton 420 Repeater Low Profile Multi Catch Mouse Trap

Eaton-420-Repeater-Profile-LengthIf you are looking for a humane mouse trap that is the best bang for the buck, this J.T. Eaton Mouse Trap is really the best. This one is perfect for even large mice. This is because it is able to hold up to 30 mice at a time. Once the trap is full of mice, you can dispose of them at a time.

Havahart 1020 Live Animal Two-Door Mouse Cage Trap

Havahart-1020-Animal-Two-Door-MouseThis trap is highly recommended by many homeowners and professionals. It is made of steel, very sturdy. This one is also very easy to bait. Once it is baited, just place it on the mouse run and mice will go into it. If you need to release the captured mice, you just need to open the door to release. This one is highly rated and no one can beat its reputation on this list.

Kness Tip-Trap 109-0-001 Live-Capture Mouse Trap

Kness-Tip-Trap-109-0-001-Live-Capture-MouseThis Kness Tip-Trap is the simplest humane trap to use on our list. At its far end, it is the best place to bait. When a mouse goes into it to search for food, the mouse will trip this trap due to its weight. Although it is built with plastic, it is also very durable and can be reused and rinsed. If you choose to release the mice it is trapped, you can easily open its door to release them.

Ketch-All Mousetrap w/ Clear Lid

Ketch-All-Mousetrap-w-Clear-LidThis trap can catches up to 6 mice at a time and there is a transparent window on its top to allow you to see its inside. First, you need to wind up it and then place it on a mouse run. The mouse goes into it and it gets flicked inside if it steps on its platform. You can choose not to bait it and it also comes with a rear door for you to easily release the captured mice.

Best Mouse Bait

Mouse bait is used to attract a mouse to go into a trap. No matter what types of mouse traps you plan to use, the mouse bait you choose should be attractive to mice and can enticing a mouse to enter the mouse trap. For a trap, sometimes the bait plays a very important role.

On the market, there are 3 main types of mouse bait. They are food sources that mice like to eat, synthetic types which mice use to nest or comfort, as well as commercial mouse attractant formulas that mice cannot resist. These formulas include putties, pastes, jells, etc. All of these baits are effective to lure a mouse to enter a trap. However, the best mouse bait has some essential features, like effectiveness, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Here, we’ve made this list of top 5 best mouse baits that are easy to use and effective to lure a mouse. Therefore, you can choose one of them according to your needs.

Skippy Peanut Butter, Creamy, 16.3-Ounce Jars (Pack of 6)

Skippy-Peanut-Butter-Creamy-16-3-OunceThis Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter can be your only choice if you would like to use only one mouse bait. It smells delicious, and is very sticky. So, you can adhere it to anything you like. Mice would like to search for peanut butter and will be willing to take risk to enter the trap to go for it. The price is also reasonable. It works with any type of mouse traps. In a word, peanut butter is attractive to mice.

Reach J&J Dental Floss Waxed 55 Yd (Pack of 6)

Reach-Dental-Floss-Waxed-PackIt is mice’s nature to be comfortable. When are not active to search for food, they will be active to build their nests. Therefore, they need to find the right materials to build their nests. The Johnson & Johnson Dental Floss is a good type of materials that mice would like to use for their nests. Place the dental floss in a trap, and mice would like to steal, and they will trigger a trap inevitably.

First Strike Soft Bait Rodenticide Lipha Tech Rat Poison/Bait

Strike-Rodenticide-Lipha-Tech-PoisonThis mouse bait is best mouse bait beside peanut butter. It is very simple to use and can be shaped to any shape. It is not a messy mouse bait and it works effectively with both humane mouse traps and snap mouse traps.

Tomcat Mouse Attractant Gel (For Use with Mouse or Rat Traps)

Tomcat-Mouse-Attractant-Gel-TrapsThis bait can work with both snap mouse traps and walk-in humane mouse traps. It is completely non-allergenic and non-toxic, so it is safe to children and pets. And it is also very easy to clean, because it is water soluble. So you just use water to wash it up. When you need to place a bait, you just press it for a couple of drops onto your trap, which is enough to lure a mouse to enter the trap.

Provoke Professional Mouse Attractant

Bell-oz-Provoke-Professional-AttractantIf you are allergic to nuts, you can choose this mouse attractant, because it is designed to replace peanut butter. For people who live in areas where peanut butter is not authorized to use a mouse bait, this is also the best choice. The water soluble feature makes it easy to be cleaned. And the price is also very low. It is worth having.

Mouse Trap Buyer’s Guide

Mice infestation is undeniably an inconvenience. Just their presence alone in the household is annoying. They can transmit disease via parasites and also get into the food supply and ruin it. It is advisable to exterminate their presence before they grow in number because they breed rapidly. Before you knew it, they’ll overwhelm your household and even business.

The most common mouse trap is the original snap-trap that was invented way back in the 1980s. This simple mouse trap is a spring-loaded wire arm mounted to a piece of wood. Once the mouse gets into the trap, it snaps shut on the neck of the feeding mouse, killing it immediately. The snap-trap can be reused by just resetting the arm and reloading a bait.

Over the years, people have been innovating mouse traps, redesigning one after another to have better traps. Eventually, mouse trap buyers can now select from a variety of models from the classic manual trap to high-tech electronic trap. Basically, you’ll just have to decide what fits your need and situation. If you haven’t tried one yet, or if in doubt, you can always begin using the simple snap trap.

Types of Mouse Trap

Manual or Snap Type

The universal snap trap is the benchmark of all manual traps you can find on the market today. There are almost endless differences among them. Some differ in mounting orientation, whether used in a vertical or horizontal position; some vary in snapping directions, either snapping upwards or downwards; and some are made with baited arm or platform snapping together.

You can find a disposable snap trap where you can dispose of both the mouse and the trap. There are also reusable snap traps. The reusable ones have an easy-release mechanism allowing you dispose the mouse at once and reset the trap.

With all those variations, snap-trap types all use a spring loaded trigger system. There is a spring-loaded arm or platform being propelled by a spring. Then a bait station or bait cup that triggers the spring once disturbed by a feeding mouse.

Before putting on areas with high mice presence, first, place the bait in the trap and then, pull back the spring mechanism. Check the trap regularly in a day.

Traps placed in one location oftentimes continue to capture mice because mice aren’t too frugal. Although mice barely become vigilant to the location of the traps, it is still best to change the location.

Live Trap Type

These types of mouse trap lure a mouse by means of bait or scented food drops. The mouse is captured once it takes the bait which triggers a door behind them to close, trapping the mouse inside. These traps are considered specialty traps because mice are small. Live traps also come in various shapes and designs but it is commonly a rectangular container with the bait located at the far end.

A live type of mouse trap is placed on the ground. It works when the mouse enters one side, passes over a fulcrum and goes to get the bait. The balance of the trap shifts to the other side once it passes the fulcrum, making the original end of the ground and shuts the trap door behind it.

Once the mouse is captured, you can dispose of the mouse by releasing it into an area far from your home or business. It’s your call to dispose it alive and unharmed or humanely get rid of it. The trap can be reused but rinse out the trap first before using it again.

You are definitely faced with a live mouse when you opt to use this type of mouse trap. This is the only type that ensures the mouse caught is unharmed. If you are opposed to killing mice for whatever reason you may have, then this is the only option for you.

Electronic Trap Type

The electronic trap is the latest type of the mouse trap. These can-shaped and boxy traps are designed to use food and/or pheromone drops as bait. It is open at one end and close on the other end. The mouse will enter the trap reaching for the food inside. Once the mouse arrives at the bait station, an electric current is released and passed into the mouse, killing it instantly.

These type of traps come in battery-operated and plug-in models. Check these traps regularly to see if a mouse has been caught. Some models have an exterior light-up bulb feature that signals when the trap had electrocuted a mouse. These types of trap also offer easy and quick disposal since the mouse can be dumped off from the open end.

Automatic Trap Type

Automatic traps can hold a large number of mice before they need to be emptied. It is the perfect trap to use for areas swarmed with mice. This type comes in handy at commercial settings where mice is a nuisance.

These traps are large and bulky and recommended on areas where mice activity is high. It uses pheromone drops and live bait to entice mice into the trap. Captured mice can be disposed of humanely.

Automatic traps also feature a spring-loaded platform that casts mice inside the trap when it’s disturbed. The bait and bustling mice inside attracts other mice and the platform keeps getting stepped on, trapping more mice inside the box.

The spring is wound up a number of times, enabling it to capture mouse after mouse. Depending on the number of times you wound up the trap, it will continue to catch the mouse until it stops. Dispose the captured mice, then wound up the spring, and catch those pesky mice again.

Glue Trap Type

Glue mouse traps are typically square-shaped. These traps are coated with a gluey substance. Some have its gluey substance infused with pheromone scent to attract mice but a bait can also be placed right on top of the glue.

Glue traps or sticky traps are disposable and generally capture one mouse at a time. It is possible that a captured mouse is still alive, thus the need to get rid of it humanely.

Even so, most people dispose of both the trap and mouse, letting the mouse die from starvation, dehydration, or exposure. PETA, RSPCA, and other wildlife organizations criticized the use of glue traps. Charles Schwab Corporation and other business organizations in the country forbid the application of these traps in their facilities.

Top 5 Best Moses Baskets Reviews

Moses baskets are perfect for newborns in the first few years, because they are portable and lightweight and as babies’ beds, they are smaller enough so that you can carry it to anywhere or from one room to another. Compared with a pack and play, or a crib, a Moses basket is very small and your newborns can sleep comfortably in it.

Best Moses Basket

We’ve done some researches and chosen the best Moses baskets for you to choose from. When we made this list, we considered many factors, such as the quality, comport, fabric options, ratings, affordability, as well as customer reviews.

Hoohobbers Moses Basket, White Pique

best moses basketThis is a high-end Moses basket because of its machine washable bedding that is high-end and designer-looking. Therefore, this one is a little expensive. What’s more, it comes with dozens of fabric options and you can choose the right pattern that matches your baby’s style. I really like its design.

Tadpoles Micro-Suede Moses Basket Set, Sage

Hoohobbers-Moses-Basket-White-PiqueThis product includes a fitted sheet, bumper and mattress pad. What’s more, it also includes a free blanket which is made of soft micro suede. If you want to look for a comfortable Moses basket, this one is your perfect choice. And your newborn can sleep well in it in the cooler months.

Trend Lab Tulip Moses Basket Set

B001D3G3R2This one also comes with plenty of fabric options and you can choose the right one for your infant. Several colors are also available to choose from, like chocolate brown, sage green, etc. As one of the top rated best ones, it is also the most affordable product on this list.

Serena & Lily Sausalito Moses Basket

B002VJJMDEThe main material of this Moses basket is cotton canvas, so it is very soft both outside and inside. What’s more, it can be used to storge toys, when your baby grows up and don’t need it any more. This is due to its classic styling.It includes a mattress, fitted sheet, canvas basket, and bumper with tape ties.

Badger Basket Natural Moses Basket with Hood, Sage Gingham Bedding

B0003008A4This one is very affordable and its price is under $70. If you need a budget one, you can choose this. A hood is included, so you can use it for outdoor without worrying about not shading your newborn from the sun.

This is our top 5 best Moses Baskets and you can choose one of them for your newborns. The infants can sleep comfortably in them.

Bathroom Ventilation Fan Buying Guide

bathroom-vent-fanYou need bathroom ventilation fans for almost all bathrooms and for bathrooms without windows they are extremely important. The primary reason for bathroom fans is to extract the moisture that constantly builds up in the room and keep the room smelling fresh. This helps prevent humidity damage or from damaging walls.

Extracting the moisture is essential to keep the structural integrity of your house. Failure to get rid of moisture can cause mildew and mold to form, and can also damage walls.

Because of the extreme dangers that are possible it is important to make sure the vent is properly arranged to go outside. Venting it into the attic just moves the humidity problems to another part of the house and is a common mistake. The fan should push the air out from a flexible plastic hose that is attached to a vent cut into the outside wall. It will prevent the air from entering back into the room and keep the build up from happening. There needs to be a gap under the bathroom door to allow replacement air to recirculate.

Fans typically come in switch or timer styles. To ventilate properly, the fan should run continuously for 20 minutes after the bathroom is uses.

To work properly, bathroom ventilation fans have to have the correct CFM (cubic feet per minute) capacity in ratio to the bathroom size. This can be done by measuring the volume of the bathroom and dividing it by 7.5 which will give you the correct CFM rating to look for on the box of the fan.

The last big decision you have to make is how quiet you want the fan to be. This is measured by its SONE rating – 4.0 being noisy, and 1.0 or less being the quietest. The quieter typically the better, but it comes with a higher price tag.

Newly built homes should have a fan installed as standard, but if it doesn’t, it is essential to have one put in. Ventilation fans for bathrooms come in all shapes, colors and sizes, that can work for you. The fan should improve the functionality of the bathroom and make it appear nicer.

Best Bathroom Ventilation Fan

Panasonic FV-11VQ5 WhisperCeiling 110 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan, White

Panasonic-FV-11VQ5-WhisperCeiling-Ceiling-MountedThis bathroom Ventilation Fan is time-tested and many customers spoke highly of its quietness and powerful consistency. Thanks to its enclosed condenser AC motor, its double-tapered blower wheel can move air quietly.

It is durable and can last for many years to come. Once you have a business or household to run, you would not like to replace a vent fan and other little things. This Panasonic vent fan can move a larger amount of air but use less energy than other models. Because it runs cooler, so it lasts longer. And it is not easy to overheat, so its motor can last for a very long period. Plus, a thermal-cutoff fuse is also included to protect its motor. The installation is also flexible. It is compatible with both dual 4” and 6” duct adapter. Its double hanger-bar system makes it is easy to position this best vent fan exactly where you require it. It is also energy efficient, making it perfect for the remodel or new residential applications.

  • Moto Power: 120 volts and 60 Hz’
  • UL listed fan, perfect for shower/tub enclosure if a GFCI branch circuit wiring is used
  • Can operate with less than 0.3 sone and less than 110 CFM
  • Double hanger bar systems are ideal for accurate positioning
  • With torsion springs, it is easy to be attached to housing.
  • Grille Size: 13 inches

Panasonic FV-30VQ3 WhisperCeiling 290 CFM Ceiling Mounted Fan

Panasonic-FV-30VQ3-WhisperCeiling-Ceiling-MountedThis is another Panasonic vent fan for bathrooms. It comes with a totally enclosed condenser motor and its double suction blower wheel will move more air quietly. This fan use a wider blower wheel, so it can move larger amount of air but reduce its RPMs, resulting in quiet running. This blower wheel can be reversible, which means it is able to draw in air or exhaust air. Although it seems it is a bit pricey, more and more people spoke highly of its performance, including quietness, durability, ability to move a larger amount of air.

  • Uses a condenser motor that is totally enclosed
  • Dolphin shaped and double-tapered bladed blower wheel
  • Draw in or exhaust air quietly
  • Blower Wheel Type: Sirocco
  • Heavy-gauge zinc galvanized steel fan housing
  • CFM: 290 (290 cubic feet per minute air will be moved.
  • Duct diameter: 6 inches

Delta BreezSlim SLM70 70 CFM Exhaust Bath Fan

Delta-BreezSlim-SLM70-Exhaust-BathThis best bath fan is very lightweight, only weighing less than 5 lbs. Although it is compact, it is also powerful. It uses a DC brushless motor which is reliable and runs quietly. It also comes with an LED indicator light, making you easy to know whether it is running or not. And it features a modern grille design. You can use it to retrofit into an existing space. And both wall mounting and ceiling mounting are allowed, making it perfect for both single and multifamily projects. If you need a vent fan that features low power consumption, low noise and longer life, this one is one of your best choices.

  • ENERGY STAR qualified
  • Noise level, no more than 2.0 sones
  • Running quietly
  • An indicator light is included to make you know whether it is running
  • Corrosion-resistance, thanks to its galvanized steel construction

Broan AE80B Invent Energy Star Qualified Single-Speed Ventilation Fan

Broan-AE80B-Qualified-Single-Speed-VentilationIf you are looking for a mid-priced ventilation fan, you can choose this Broan AE80B. This mid-range ventilation fan can give you the flexibility to handle room-side retrofit installations or new construction installations.

This fan can remove 80 cubic feet air per minute. Therefore, fogged bathroom mirrors can be quickly eliminated. And the moisture in the bath room can be managed within 75 square feet. And you will always get a clear vision.

This fan can allow you to do entirely retrofit installations from the room-side. And you don’t need to access the attic to do the installation. This also means the installation is easy and convenient.

Thanks to the trueseal damper technology, this exhaust fan can reduce air leakage by up to 50% in contrast to other models. This can result in reducing warm and cold air back drafts.

Air King BFQ 110 High Performance Bath Fan

Air-King-BFQ-110-PerformanceIf you are looking for a cheaper bathroom vent fan, you can consider this Air King BFQ 110 High Performance Bath Fan. It comes with a unique snap-in installation system which includes screws or bracket to the ceiling joint. Therefore, the fan housing can easily snap in. After connecting the ducting and the wiring, just install the easy fitting grill and the installation is finished. This means you can finish the installation in several minutes. Its plastic housing is durable and high impact, ensuring maximum performance and quiet operation. And this best bath fan is also UL lfisted for installation over a shower or a tub on a GFCI circui using 4″ round ducting.

  • 10 x 10 inch polymeric grill with high impact housing
  • Run quietly at 3.5 scones
  • 100 cubic feet air can be moved per minute
  • A snap-in installation system is included for easy installation
  • Come with a 1-year warranty on main parts

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for bathroom ventilation fans for your bathroom, our list of best ventilation fans for bathrooms can help you easily find the right one.

Window Exhaust Fans Buying Guide

Window exhaust fans are great economical units that are easy to use and install in the window of the room you want cooled. They circulate fresh air and remove stale air from inside while bringing in fresh air from outside. They circulate air so odors do not build up giving off a nice clean and fresh scent.

This is a cheaper method than air conditioning, but it is possible to have both. It defeats the purpose to use both at the same time, so choose one throughout the day.

Window exhaust fans are best in cooler areas where the temperature stays low at night. The fan can work fast enough to pull in enough air in just a few minutes. Once you’re up in the morning simply turn off the unit to keep energy costs low.

These are great items to have for individual rooms so you aren’t trying to cool the entire home. They are perfect for keeping garages or kitchens cool during busy work days.

The fan motors are all UL listed and the fan guards are OSHA approved for safety standards. Many of the fans come with various speeds and there are some models that have bedroom based designs to keep you cool without disturbing your sleep.

If you live in a high dust or high pollen area and fight allergies, these could cause health problems for you. The fan can pull in humid air from outside so if you live in a warm area it isn’t the best option as it can make your home actually warmer.

They will fit to just about any window of a standard size and you can place them right where you want them and are great for individual rooms and sleeping areas.

Best Window Exhaust Fan

If you are looking for a window exhaust fan, out list of top 5 best window exhaust fans can help you. These include single fans, double fans and three fans.

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

window exhaust fanThis best window exhaust fan can offer you relief from hot weather. Cool air is drawn into the room, or it can exhaust the hot and stuffy air if it is stalled facing outward. This best window fan can fit almost all double-hung and slider window. It operates quiet, making it perfect for a bedroom or living room use. Its extended panels allow you to adjust it according to your requirements. Plus, it also allows you to reverse its blades, so you can easily control the airflow for exhaust or intake.

  • Allow for dual-blade operation
  • Manual-reverse air control and 2 speed settings
  • Water-resistant motors, making it safe to use even during rainy weather
  • Fit both slider and double hung windows
  • Extended panel and adjustable extender screen make it easy to secured the fan in all sized windows
  • Come with a 1-year limited warranty

Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control

Bionaire-Reversible-Airflow-Window-ControlThis window fan comes with a remote control, making it convenient to adjust. This best twin window fan can exhaust stuffy and hot air from inside and drawn in cool air from outside. And it allows you to make one fan draw in cool air and make the other one exhaust out the hot air inside. This design is cool, allowing this to exhaust fan exchange air easily. It operates automatically or manually. It comes with a programmable thermostat that allows you to set a temperature to maintain. If the temperature is reached, it will stop working automatically. This fan come with 3 speed-settings, a LCD screen, and electronic controls. With it, you can easily know the current room temperature and the selected temperature. This twin window fan is compatible with vertical-slider, double-hung and casement windows. It is 13 inches high. And without assembling, you can install it when it is out of its box. A 5-year warranty is also included.

  • 3-speed setting
  • Remote control
  • Programmable thermostat
  • 2 fans can be Independently controlled
  • Come with a 5-year warranty.

Avalon Twin Window Fan with 9 Inch Blades

Avalon-Twin-Window-Blades-WhiteBecause of its portability, this fan is perfect for the bedroom and the living room. As a household fan, it features 3-speed settings and it also comes with an adjustable thermostat. With its LED indicator lights, you can easily read its status. You can use it as an exhaust fan or intake fan. This fan allows for using one for intake and the other for exhaust. 2 separate fans can work simultaneously.

  • 3 speed settings
  • Dual separate motors can work simultaneously, which means it can be used to draw in fresh water and exhaust stuffy water at the same time.
  • Expanded side panel
  • Reversible air flow

Bionaire BWF0522E-BU Thin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

Bionaire-BWF0522E-BU-Comfort-Control-ThermostatThis electronic fan is designed to disperse the maximum coolness for freshness and comfort. It is more powerful than other similar window fan and it can move 40% more air than others. With its compact design, it can reduce window obstruction. With this fan, you can live in harmony. And it is very thin, making it more compact.

  • LED Control panel
  • Offers 3 speed panel
  • Electronic thermostat
  • Offer reversible airflow

Lasko #2155A Electrically Reversible Window Fan

Lasko-2155A-Electrically-Reversible-WindowIf you are just looking for a single window fan, you can trust this one. This fan is able to blow fresh cool air in and pull stuffy and hot air out. This one is made in the USA. And it s durability, quality and comfort can be guaranteed.

  • Extendable side panels, making it fit a window 26.5 inches to 34.5 inches wide and at least 22 inches high
  • Made of Metal/Plastic
  • ETL listed
  • 16” 3-paddle blades

Top 5 Best Patio Misting Systems Reviews

best patio misting systemIn hot days, if you want to keep cool under the sun, a patio misting system is really a good way. Patio misting kits can spread around a mist that is gentle, making them a good alternative to traditional fans for more and more homeowners. If you live in dry areas, you have enough reasons to have such a system. Besides offering you cooking mist, they also offer extra advantage of getting insect pests into trouble.

On the market, they are mainly two types of patio misting systems. They are different from the pressure they used. Because of the low pressure water used, the first type cools the area as well as the people surrounding by getting them a little wet, like drizzling. Besides cooling, they are also great for keeping your plants hydrated. While the second type doesn’t use low pressure water but uses high pressure water. Therefore, the mist they create can be finer. The mist will not get you wet and it will evaporate into the atmosphere. In this process, heat will be exhausted and you will feel cool. This technique can reduce the surround temperature by 35 degrees and there is not any humid residue on humans, animals and plants.

Best Patio Misting System

We’ve made this list of the top 5 best patio misting systems because of their ease of use and installation, versatility and effectiveness. We also considered other factors, like ratings, customer reviews. Prices were also taken into account. However, if you choose the second type that uses high-pressure water, price is not the first consideration.

ORBIT UNDERGROUND #16055 1/2″ Misting System

orbit-16055-performance-cooling-systemIf the budget is an issue, or you only need a low pressure patio misting system, this Orbit 16055 is one of your best choices. It works with the regular hose pressure. It offers a 10-feet long and you also can upgrade it to up to a 250-feet long, guaranteeing the water pressure. Its 1/2″ PVC pipe works with PVC cement. Although some people strongly suggest that you should use your own type instead of the included type. This system can lower the temperature by up to 20 degrees F. In this kit, it offers anything you need. If you have a limited budget, this one can meet your needs.

Fogco 50 Misting System Kit

If you are looking the best misting system and the budget is not an issue, you can choose this Fogco 50. Although it is not cheap, this system can deliver a very high pressure micro-mist. It is estimated that this system can reduce the surrounding temperature by up to 35 degrees. It has a high pressure booster pump

If you want the best, price no object misting system, the Fogco 50 Foot Professional Pulley Drive Misting System Kit is the one for you. This misting system is not inexpensive, but it delivers a high pressure micro-mist that cools the surrounding air up to 35 degrees. It comes with a high-pressure pulley driven booster pump, so it can be more durable. This patio misting system is able to deliver about 1000 PSI of water pressure. The installation is also pretty easy and you can do it yourself. However, if you haven’t installed such a system, hiring a professional is a good idea. It is a little pricey and a little complicated to install, it deserves to have due to its great performance and durability.

MistyMate 16031 Cool Patio 30 Deluxe Outdoor Misting Kit

mistymate-16031-deluxe-outdoor-mistingThis outdoor mist system is the most versatile model on our list. It included a 1/2″ braided hose. This system can help to reduce the temperature by 20 degrees. If this system is attached to a high-pressure pump, this system can reduce the temperature by 30 degrees. This system offers 30-feet of hose, and enough nozzles. Plus, it also comes with mounting brackets for easy installation. It seems it is not a real high press misting system, but with its optional pump installed in the line, it performs similarly to a high pressure patio misting system. And the price is also reasonable.

Orbit 30060 – Arizona 3/8″ Misting System for Outdoor Cooling

orbit-30060-arizona-misting-outdoorThis is a basic outdoor misting system, so don’t expect it can come with many fancy features. However, this also means you don’t need to pay more money for some fancy features that you don’t need. It has built-in mister nozzles on its 3/8″ hose. Hangers are also completely included, which can expand at most to 50-feet. Once it is attached to any standard hose in your garden, you can use it immediately. This system is not expensive and is very easy to install.

Portable Outdoor Misting System – 6 Nozzles 12 – 14′ Mist Zoon

best patio misting systemIf you are looking for the cheapest outdoor misting system, you can choose this system. It comes with a 1/4″ poly tubing which is rated at 75 PSI, making it the lowest pressure system on this list. This system can reduce the temperature by 30 degrees. To secure its hose, you can attach it with some clips. This also means you can attach it to anywhere you like. As the second chest patio misting system, you can have a try if the budget is an issue.

Misting Systems Buying Guide

If your business has indoor or even outdoor areas that offer to your customers to use frequently, how to keep your customers cool really matters. During hot months, even an air conditioner cannot keep the outdoor areas cool. In this situation, misting systems are an ideal way to cool the outdoor area down. Such a misting system uses the evaporation cooling process, resulting in cooling the surroundings. Such a misting system is connected to a nearby water source and can release water droplets into the air, reducing the surrounding temperature. The heat will change these water droplets into vapors, and this process can result in a cooling effect.

Misting Systems: What to Look For

When you are hunting for the best misting system for your house or business, you need to consider some factors before making a buying decision. These factors include the operation pressure, flow rate, as well as even the water droplet size. These factors can influence how much you need to pay for one, how much maintenance such a system will need, and how much the operating cost will be.

Operating Pressure Range

Generally, patio misting systems for commercial use come in 3 operating pressure ranges: from low to middle to high. The pressure is measured by the PSI (pounds per square inch). Generally, the pressure can be low to 40 PSI and up to 1,500 PSI. Both low and high PSI have their own benefits and drawbacks. For example, you can easily connect a low-pressure misting system to a normal water supply, such as a garden hose. However, lower-pressure mister only can be used to cool a small area. And these low-pressure systems require more maintenance, because low water pressure means clogs cannot be prevented. High-pressure units are able to produce a cooling effect for large areas, but the replacement of their components tends to be more expensive. Their parts should be sturdy and high quality enough to ensure high pressure.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is measured by the amount of water a water mister can use in a certain period of time. However, not every misting system directly shows the flow rate. Some of them offer tanks and only show you how long the system can last. If flow rate is clear, you can use it to make a wise decision. How many gallons a mister can use in an hour costs you money. The flow rate can be measured by GPM (gallons per minute). With this index, you can easily estimate how much water such a system can consume and this means the cost.

Water Droplet Size

The last important factor that is needed to be considered is the water droplet size. The size of these droplets depends on the pressure of the mister. High pressure means the water comes quickly through the nozzle, resulting in much finer droplets. The smaller the droplets, the quickly they will evaporate, resulting in a fast cooling effect.

The Bottom Line

To keep your guests, friends, customers and even family members cool outside in a hot day, you need to choose a right misting system. Before making a decision, taking some time to understand the system carefully is required. And if you are looking for the best patio misting system, our list of top 5 best patio misting systems can help you easily find the right one.

Top 5 Best Misting Fans Reviews

best misting fanThe name of the misting fan implies its function. A misting fan doesn’t only offer you a cooling breeze but also together with a comfortable mist. On the market, there are also many misting fans. And the best misting fan is able to cool the air but not make you wet. Before making a purchasing decision, you should consider where you are going to use it. If you need one to use indoors, don’t choose an outdoor misting fan, or everything around the fan might be drenched. On the contrary, if you need one to be used outdoors, an indoor misting fan will not be powerful and effective.

Best Misting Fan

We’ve made this list of top 5 best misting fans according to their performance, ease of use, versatility, pricings, ratings and customer reviews. If you need one, choose one of them! It deserves.

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko-7050-Misto-Outdoor-MistingThis is an outdoor rated misting fan and it comes with 3 misting nozzles which can make the temperature surrounding it reduced up to 25 degrees. Therefore, it is effective and perfect for you to use it on your patio, deck or other outdoor places. For example, if you need to work outdoors on a very hot day, it can help. It comes with a 9-foot hose that can be attached to any standard garden hose. You only should connect its GFCI certified 3-prong grounded plug to your grounded outlet, and then turn on it, and then a regressing mist will be generated. It is also very portable and offers 3 speeds, automatic louvers that are able to sweep the cooled and misted air back and forth. It also has a unique design, making it so cool as it performs. To protect its motor, the motor is sealed. Its weather-proof, rust-resistant and UV resistant chassis can extend its lifespan. Many customers think it is easy, effective and affordable.

Soleus Air MT1-19-32, Humidibreeze Portable Misting System

Soleus-Air-MT1-19-32-Humidibreeze-PortableWith its unique design, this portable misting fan performs effectively as it looks. It only has 1 speed but comes with 3 misting settings. It can blow the water in its 1-gallon water tank off a spinning disc. Due to its unique design, it is the most ingenious fan on this list. This one is very versatile and can use both indoors and outdoors, due to its 3 mist settings and its 1-gallon water tank. The operation is pretty easy. First, fill its tank with water, and then choose a proper mist setting and turn it on. That’s all. If you need it indoors, choose a lower mist setting. You can take it outdoors or just in your living room. Generally, it can be located on any plat surface. After running for several hours, there is little water on its body and you’d better towel its body. If it has more speeds, it will be the most competitive fan on this list.

Auramist AM11MF18-1 18-Inch Milo Misting Fan

Auramist-AM11MF18-1-18-Inch-Discontinued-ManufacturerThis 18-inch misting fan offers dry mist, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Although it is not the most expensive misting fan on our list, it is the most effective fan. Its maximum height can be 50 inches and offers 3 misting nozzles that are attached to its grill face. It is not a single speed model but comes with 3 speeds, as well as 90-degree oscillation. If you need it to run outdoors, it is certified. What’s more, it offers a mist output that allows you to adjust fully. This means you can customize its mist outputting. It also has a large water tank. The 5.4 gallon tank can last at least 5 hours if it is fully filled. It is able to reduce the surrounding temperature by 30 degrees at the most. It generates a fine mist which will not make your floor around it wet or slippery.

NewAir AF-310 Electric Tower Fan with Evaporative Cooling

NewAir-AF-310-Electric-Evaporative-CoolingAre you looking for the most versatile misting fan? The NewAir AF-310 can be one of your best choices. It doesn’t only produce cool moist air but also purifies the surrounding air too due to its built-in ionizer. As an indoor fan, it also can be effective at a range of 75 square feet. And it will not leave any water residue. When it runs, it keeps quiet and anything will be disturbed. Its louvers can oscillate, offering a full coverage in your room. It features several fan speeds and a 1-gallon water tank that can last several hours. What’s more, it even offers an ice tank to further cool the water in the water tank, so you can get extremely cool breeze. The sleek design makes it not occupy much floor space. If it can work outdoors, no one can beat it.

NewAir AF-520B Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

NewAir-AF-520B-Oscillating-Outdoor-MistingThis NewAir AF-520 is a 18-inch outdoor rated misting fan. For outdoor use, it comes with multiple speeds, a hose connection, and an adjustable head. It allows you to turn the hose on low to high, so you can control its pressure at the nozzles precisely. For example, if you need to water your plants, you can choose a high pressure. If you just need it to cool the surrounding air without making anyone, wet, choose a low water pressure. It is able to cover a range of 500 square feet. However, it doesn’t have a built-in adjustable nozzle pressure setting, or it will be more convenient.

Misting Fans Buying Guide

The hot summer is really brutal. If you have outdoor chores or activities, something must be taken into account. You need to know a way to get some relief from the stifling heat. Misting fans are designed to solve this problem. Even if you are at home, you also can choose a misting fan. Compared to other types of household fans (like pedestal fans, tower fans, ceiling fans etc.), they are special, effectively and also Eco-friendly.

How Does It Work?

A misting fan is a little similar to an evaporative cooler. At least, the technology used is very similar. They all use water to produce misting to cool the air. Special high pressure water pump is used to generate high water pressure, while misting plates or nozzles reduce the high pressure to tiny droplets. During this process, a fine mist is created. When the mist contacts with hot air and sunlight, it will evaporate. And this process is helpful to reduce the surrounding temperature by 20-30°F, resulting in a cooling effect.

Factors should be considered

When it comes to choosing the best misting fan, there are several factors that should be taken into account. On the market, you can easily get a residential model that is priced under $100, while a commercial model may cost you more. The following considerations are useful to help you make a wise buying decision.
The Construction
First, you need to pay attention to the construction of a misting fan. Generally, they are constructed of metal or plastic. Plastic models are much inexpensive, while metal units are more expensive. If you buy one for indoor use, you can choose a plastic misting fan to save some money. However, if you plan to buy one for outdoor use, a metal model is ideal, considering the durability, because it must be exposed to sunlight. Anyway, the one you choose should have all-metal blades and fan head. Just remember this, because the extra cost is deserved to pay.
The Motor
The motor should be powerful. A powerful motor will make the blades rotate effectively to move the air sufficiently. Just remember the air can create a certain amount of resistance, so a powerful motor is essential for a fan.
A Nozzle or Centrifugal System
Both types have their own pros and cons. Generally, using a nozzle to produce mist is easy and you can feel the mist. However, if your water is hard, the nozzle may get clogged because of scale. If you have installed a whole house water softener system, this problem can be solved. Centrifugal systems use misting plates and they will not get clogged, but you will get much finer and drier mist. In my opinion, if you choose a misting fan for indoor use, you can choose a fan with a centrifugal system. If you choose a fan for outdoor use, a fan with a nozzle can give you an obvious cooking effect.
The Noise Level
Misting fans don’t tend to be quite quiet, so the noise level is also one factor you need to consider. Choose one that can produce the least amount of noise. No matter you buy one for indoor use or outdoor use; I think you don’t want to get a loud fan.

The Bottom Line

The above tips are useful when you plan to get a misting fan. And our list of top 5 best misting fans can help you easily find the right one according to your preferences.

Top 5 Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

best-ceiling fanIf you think an expensive ceiling fan is always better than a cheap one, you should be educated. The best ceiling fan is the fan that suits your needs at the most. When it comes to choosing the best ceiling fan, first you need to consider your room size. For example, if you choose a 42-inch ceiling fan that seems attractive, but it may not have the ability to have a large room cooled. Plus, there are several ways that different fans may use to mount into the ceiling. The different ways also determine the cooling effect a fan can give. If your ceiling is 12 feet high and you just plan to install a flush mount ceiling fan, the truth is that it will not work and it doesn’t have ability to move the air in the room. Plus, if the pitch of the blades is greater, the fan can move more air.

Best Ceiling Fan

Here, we’ve selected the top 5 best ceiling fans for you according to their performance, pricing, rating and customer reviews. If you need one, choose one of them and you will have a great fan.

Hunter 21629 52 Inch Concert Breeze Ceiling Fan

best ceiling fan Hunter-21623-52-Inch-Fan-WirelessThis ceiling fan can be installed indoors and outdoors and it has a wireless speaker, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor living spaces. You can connect its 2.4 GHz wireless system to any audio source, and then sound will be transmitted in 360 degrees and to 300 feet always from where it is mounted. This 52-inch ceiling fan has 5 reversible 12-degree pitch fan blades which are made of walnut. Generally, every minute, about 5,000 cubic feet of air can be circulated. It has a New Bronze finish that matches any indoor decor in your room. And its glass light kit is a style of Italian Amber Scavo, making it add a little Old World Elegance. Its powerful motor can deliver a great performance. When it works, it is very quiet. It also comes with a remote control that allows you to turn up or down the speaker, control its light intensity, as well as switch between audio channels. Its fan motor is protected by its lifetime limited warranty and other electronics and items are protected by its 1-year limited warranty.

Minka-Aire F518-BN 44-inch Concept II Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire-F518-BN-44-inch-Concept-CeilingThis fan is a flush mount fan, making it perfect for a large home office or bedroom that has a lower ceiling. It has 3 14-degree pitch fan blades. This ceiling fan hugs your ceiling, and there is only 9.5 inches between the blades and the ceiling. Every minute, this fan can move about 4,600 cubic feet of air, so your room can be kept comfortable all the time. It has a brushed nickel finish and its blades have a silver veneer finish, making it have a futurist look. If you have a contemporary décor in your room, the style of this fan fits well. It offers 3-speed settings and a remote control let you easily changes its speed, control its light and even reverse this ceiling fan for winter operation. It also has a 100w light bulb.

Casablanca C27G546H Alessandria 54-Inch Ceiling Fan

Casablanca-C27G546H-Alessandria-54-Inch-ReclaimedThis ceiling fan has a very large blade span, making it perfect for cooling a very large family room and large living area. The pitch of its blade is 14-degree. Every minute, about 6000 cubic feet of air can be moved. Even you are using the lights at the same time, less than 75 watts of electricity will be used. Its blades are antique style and decorated with metal medallions. This fan has a direct-direct motor which runs efficiently and quietly. To make the motor keep cool, it features heavy gauge copper windings. Of course, a multi-functional remote control is also included to help you easy change its speed and other settings. What’s more, it offers a lifetime warranty on the motor, and a 1-year warranty on its electronics and parts.

Kichler Lighting 339210ADC Sterling Manor Select 52IN Ceiling Fan

Kichler-Lighting-339210TZ-Reversible-Umber-EtchedThis ceiling fan is very versatile, perfect for a small living area, a large room or a home office. The blades are 52 inches long and the pitch is 12-degree and the blades can be reversible. One side has a light oak finish, while the other side has a resembling medium oak finish. These two kinds of different finishes make this fan can fit in any décor of your room. About 5,200 cubic feet of air can be moved by its 65-watts motor. It allows w types of installation. If you have lower ceilings, you can choose a flush mount. If the ceiling is high enough, you can install it on a downrod. Plus, it also comes in many styles, including brushed nickel, adobe cream, as well as satin white. The motor is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. And it also comes with 78 inches of extra lead wire for installation, if the ceiling is high. With its pull-chain, you can easily change its 3-speed settings and it comes with another pull-chain to turn on or off the lights. Of course, it also comes with a remote control for convenience.

Hampton Bay Altura 68″ Oil Rubbed Bronze Ceiling Fan

Hampton-Bay-Altura-Rubbed-CeilingThis model uses a powerful motor and its RPM can be 70, which can produce about 5,100 cubic feet of air. The remote control allows you to easily changes its 3-speed settings, from low to high and turn off it at any place in your room. You also can use it to turn on or off the light and even reverse this ceiling fan direction so that warm air can be driven down to the floor during cold seasons. It allows for 2 types of installation. You can install it as a flush mount if the ceiling is a 8-foot high standard ceiling, while if the ceiling is higher, you just need to add downrod for installation.

Ceiling Fans Buying Guide

Why Do You Need a Ceiling Fan?

Air circulation can make a room feel lighter and larger, because air is distributed throughout evenly. Even if you may have air heating or conditioning in your house, they cannot make cool air or warm air distributed evenly, which means you need a ceiling fan to accomplish this.

Ceiling fans can rotate air throughout a room effectively. In hot summers, this can make you enjoy a wind-chill effect, while in cold winters, this can eliminate chill or cold air pockets. And once you have a ceiling fan installed, you can achieve great comfort levels indoor. And this also means you don’t need to try to turn your air conditioner down to get more chilly air during hot summers or turn up your heater during cold winters, which means it helps to reduce your cooling and heating costs in the long run.

Our home is built to facilitate some levels of air flow, which means air can be delivered from one room to another. However, if cold or hot air happens to arrive in one room, these facilities cannot make air distributed evenly in a room. This will result in cool or hot pockets of air throughout your room and you need to adjust the thermostats to extreme temperatures to eliminate these cool or hot pockets. A ceiling fan is effective to solve this problem, because it is able to break up cool or hot air pockets with ease. Therefore, both cold and hot air can be distributed evenly throughout a room.

Ceiling Fans: What Features are Core features?

Once you decide to buy a ceiling fan, the one you choose should have abilities to circulate a great amount of air in the room. Beside this, you also need to consider the design which should suit your home decorating theme.

No matter it is mid-century, transitional, traditional or contemporary, the ceiling fan should match the current theme and décor. Don’t make the ceiling fan stick out but make it augment the look of your room. This is important. For example, if you have a modern home, it is not recommended to choose a mid-century style ceiling fan. Well, how to choose?

Well sleek fans are perfect for modern homes, and a rustic or elegant ceiling fan is ideal for traditionally-styled homes. Choosing models with wooden finishes will make it much better.

Blade Size

Blade size is also another very important factor when it comes to choosing the best ceiling fan. This is because blade size influences the ceiling fan’s efficiency for a room. If your room is large, avoid choosing short blade spans, because it only circulates less air. On the contrary, if you choose a large blade size fan for a small room, it is also not necessary. If you are looking for a fan for your breakfast nook bathroom, a low-profile fan with a span of 36 or fewer inches. For large family rooms and bedrooms, the blade size should be more than 50 inches. The type of ceiling fans is determined by the square footage of your room.

Ceiling Height

Another consideration is the ceiling height. Different heights need different mounting sizes. A low ceiling means you need to mount the fan flush directly to the ceiling. Of course, a downrod is not necessary. This can avoid you to bump your head against the fan blades. On the contrary, a higher ceiling (more than 10 feet) requires a downrod to make it lower enough, so that the efficiency can be guaranteed.

Other Important Features

The blade span, mounting kits and design can influence how best a ceiling fan is, which will determine which one to purchase. However, besides these features, other additional features are also needed to be considered.

Additional Features

Other features like a wall control and a handheld remote control are also needed. And if the fan can reverse rotation directions, it will be much better. During the winter, you can set it to rotate clockwise to make hot air on the ceiling break up easily, while it also can rotate counter-clockwise to break up hot air on the floor during the summer. Multiple speed settings are also essential, at least three, because it allows you easily to choose the perfect airflow based on your preferences.

Airflow Efficiency

When we buy any appliance, the energy efficiency also should be considered. Choosing an energy-efficient ceiling can help you save some money on your electricity bill. A low-profile fan which has an energy usage less than 60 watts is better. Of course, the wattage is only the fan’s wattage, not including the lights.

Air circulation is the first consideration and this is related to the airflow a fan can produce. A fan with at least 4,000 cubic feet per minute is much better. The higher airflow means the fan is able to accommodate a larger room.


Buying a ceiling fan is not a temporary investment, because you need to mount it to the ceiling and this means you cannot regret and it is not so easy to replace a new one like a pedestal fan. The lights on the ceiling fans should be designed to be used for a long time. Therefore, those comes with warranties on lights and fans can be considered when you are choosing a ceiling fan. If the motor is also covered with a lifetime warranty, it will be better. Generally, a high quality ceiling fan can work for you for up to 15 years. Sometimes, price doesn’t matters but the quality matters.

The Bottom Line

Ceiling fans are not intended to remove humidity (like dehumidifier) or cool a room like air conditioners, but they can distribute cool and hot air evenly in the room, producing air circulation. And this feature can help to reduce how long and how often your air conditioner or heater needs to run. If you have a ceiling fan installed, your cooling and heating units can be prolonged the life and it also can save money for you on your energy bill.

Ceiling Fan Buying Guide

ceiling-fan-01Ceiling fans can be used both indoors and outdoors and they are able to move air and keep your room much more comfortable in summer or winter. If you are looking for the best ceiling fan, the following buying guide will help you find the right one to fit your indoor style and space.

How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan

The primary purpose we use a ceiling fan is to circulate air in a room. However, air conditioners only can chill air but cannot circulate air. Therefore, a ceiling fan is a good company for your air conditioner, because it can push chill or warm air around, resulting in the balanced temperature in your room. And this can help to reduce the use of your air conditioner, resulting in saving some money on your energy bill.

And a ceiling fan is able to create a refreshing retreat on a screened or open porch. However, just make sure it is rated for wet and damp location. Actually, there is another type of fan called misting fans which are perfect for outdoor use. If you need a ceiling fan for outdoor use, make sure its fan blades are weatherproof. Both types of fans can handle moisture, but make sure damp-rated ceiling fans should avoid contacting water. If you live in rainy or coastal areas, wet-rated ceiling fans are most suitable.

To find the best ceiling fan, firstly, you need to know the size. According to ENERGY STAR® suggestions, you can choose the right size based on the room you plan to circulate air. The following recommendations can help a lot.

  • Rooms up to 75 square feet = the fan diameter should be 29-36 inch
  • Rooms 76-144 square feet = the fan diameter should be 36-42 inch
  • Rooms 144-225 square feet = the fan diameter should be 44 inch
  • Rooms 225-400 square feet = the fan diameter should be 50-54 inch

Ceiling Height

Another factor is needed to be considered is the ceiling height, no matter you need to replace an old ceiling fan or just buy a new one. If the ceiling is too high and you choose a relatively small ceiling fan, the ceiling fan cannot move the top air to the floor. Actually, the ideal height from the ceiling fan to the floor is about 8 feet. Many ceiling fans come with multiple mounting options, which means they can be compatible with almost any ceiling height in the home. However, it is recommended to measure your ceiling height and you will know whether a fan can work the best for your room.

Ceiling Height Suggested Downrod Size
9-foot 6-inch
10-foot 12-inch
12-foot 24-inch
14-foot 36-inch
16-foot 48-inch
18-foot 60-inch
20-foot 72-inch

Mounting Options:

Actually, there are two types of mounting options.

Flush mount – If the ceiling is low and a low profile is required, flush mount is the ideal choice. Flush-mount fans are directly mounted flush to the ceiling and no extra attachment is needed.


Downrod mount – If the ceiling is high, higher than 8 feet, downrod mount is the right choice. Many ceiling fans come with a downrod for those whose ceiling is very high. Generally, you can find it in the package. However, if your ceiling is extra tall, a longer downrod is required.Downrod-mount-ceiling-fan

Ceiling Fan Blades

The look of the blades is not only related to a design feature but also implies the utility and efficiency. The pitch of the fan blades can influence the ability to circulate air in the room. Therefore, you need to choose one that looks perfect. More and more models provide reversible blades, allowing you to change its look by reversing them. This design is cool, perfect for those who just get tired of the current finish and want something new. Different models come with a different amount of blades. Some fans even offer up to 9 blades, similar to a helicopter, while normally, a ceiling fan comes with 4 or 5 blades. And shapes are also another consideration.

Styles and Finishes

Ceiling fans can be manufactured in a large amount of finishes and styles. The one you choose should match the current theme and decor in your room. Most fans allow you to adjust its speed and some of them even have a reverse air flow function that is helpful to the heating during cooler seasons. Remote controls are also essential and useful.

Shades – The light shades of ceiling fans typically come in glass. However, due to the new innovative designs, there are some fans that is hidden with a special shade. Actually, the shade is a special fabric drum shade. Popular shades include:

  • Alabaster glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Seeded glass

Finishes – Different models come in different finishes and you can always find the perfect finish on the market. However, you need to consider the current existing finishes in your room. For example, a fan with a complementary finish is compatible with your brushed nickel cabinet hardware and door handles. Popular finish for the fan blades and the base include:

  • Antique bronze
  • Auburn
  • Black
  • Brushed nickel
  • Java
  • Matte black
  • Mink
  • Natural
  • Oil-rubbed bronze
  • Polished pewter
  • White

Ceiling Fan Accessories

Maybe some people want to modify or enhance your fan, and ceiling fan accessories can help a lot.

Angled ceiling adapter – If you have an angled ceiling, angled ceiling adapter can allow you to mount a ceiling fan even on the angled ceiling. It just attaches to the fan’s outlet box. And a longer downrod may be needed if your ceiling is very high.

Downrods – If your ceiling is very high, this accessory can help to lower the fan to an optimal height. A downrod is a standard accessories in the package of a ceiling fan. However, if the fan you buy doesn’t have one or your ceiling is too high, you need to buy one separately.

Light kits – Light kits are perfect for those who want to modify the ceiling fan after installation. You can check the package to make sure whether the current ceiling fan is compatible with a light kit. If it is yes, you can easily add a LED or standard light in the future. However, just make sure the maximum wattage should be not exceeded.

Remote control – A remote control is essential, because you will find it is so convenient to control your fan with a remote control. You can easily adjust it according to your desired comfort level.

Pull chain – You can use a pull chain to decorate your fan if necessary

Ceiling Fan Installation

Pre-assembled fans are easy to install. If you feel the installation is a little difficult or complicated, you can buy a pre-assembled fan. Before installing a fan, you can refer to its instruction manual which can tell you step-by-step instructions, warning, safety and caution information. If you don’t plan to install it yourself, hiring a qualified electrician is a good choice.

Good to Know

  • An outlet box should be in the ceiling, or you need to hire a qualified electrician.
  • A meat outlet box is required by most ceiling fans. If the outbox is made of plastic, you may need to hire an electrician to replace it.
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