Top 5 Best Fetal Dopplers Reviews

Fetal Dopplers are initially used in OBGYN’s examination room. With improvements in science, they have become more and more affordable, so they are more accessible and coming into families. They are used to detect a baby’s heartbeat while she is still in the mom’s womb. The continual and regular heartbeat can let parents (especial the moms) fell peaceful. It is really a great device that allows you to hear a baby’s heartbeat in the womb.

Kick counts are considered as the best way to detect the activities for your baby at home and most medical professionals agree this. They also ask a mom to count the kick counts 3 times a day after meals. However, another more accurate way is use a fetal Doppler to monitor the heartbeats of a baby, which can give a new mom extra reassurance.

Best Fetal Doppler

On the market, there are many fetal monitors and which one is the best? Fortunately, we’ve compiled this list of top 5 best fetal Dopplers for you to choose from. They are very easy to use and you can easily find your baby’s heartbeat. The user-friendly interface makes everyone can use it with ease. Of course, they offer accurate heartbeat counts and the price is also reasonable. Most are under $100. We also check ratings and online customer reviews to ensure they are popular among moms.

NatureSpirit Sonoline-B Handheld Fetal Doppler

naturespirit-sonoline-b-handheld-fetal-dopplerThe appearance of this fetal Doppler is similar to the one you see in the OB’s office. And it works the same way. It is very easy to use. You just need to move its probe over the belly until the baby’s heartbeat is detected. And you can hear the heartbeat through its speakers. It is amazing when I first hear my baby’s heartbeat.

It also has a large LCD screen to show the baby’s heart rate, so you don’t need to calculate or count it yourself. Plus, it can be used as early as only 12 weeks. Although it is one of the most expensive models on this list, it is also one of the most accurate models you can trust. Highly recommend!

Sonoline B by Contec Medical Systems

sonoline-b-contec-medical-systemsThis fetal doppler is very affordable, so it can give any mom the similar results without paying so much. Even compared to high-end dopplers, the results are also accurate. And it can be used to monitor heartbeats as early as 12 weeks. Many moms love it due to its ease of use.

It also has an ergonomic design, so it holds very comfortable and its super-sensitive wand can easily and quickly find the baby’s heartbeat. A LCD screen is also included to show the baby’s heartbeat. It also adds a bonus that the transmission gel is included. It is really a great value.

EDAN Sonotrax Lite Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

edan-sonotrax-lite-fetal-doppler-baby-heart-monitorEDAN Instruments, Inc. is a very famous manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing medical and diagnostic devices for hospitals across the globe. This best baby heart monitor is also used by medical professionals, but it was also designed for home use. It is safe and easy to use.

The price is under $100. And it is very lightweight and portable. Most online reviewers spoke highly of tis sensitive probe that can detect the baby’s heartbeat quickly and effectively. When not use, this product will be turned off automatically, making it more convenient and prolong the battery life.

Edan Sono Trax II Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

edan-sono-trax-ii-pro-fetal-doppler-baby-heart-monitorThis product also can be used by medical professionals or moms, thanks to its ease of use and convenience features. Its super sensitive probe can detect the baby’s heartbeat very quickly and effectively. It also comes with a LCD display screen to monitor the heart rate. The LCD screen features backlight, so it can be easily read even in the darkness.

A rechargeable battery is also included in this package. And it also includes an audio recorder. Although it is the priciest fetal Doppler on our list, its bells and whistles make it more competitive than other models. If you have enough budget, this one is really a great choice. No matter you buy it for at-home baby heart monitoring or for future pregnancies, it is really a good investment.

Graco Prenatal Listener

graco-bebe-sounds-prenatal-heart-listenerThis product allows parents to hear the heartbeat during the early weeks of the third trimester. This feature may be only available on some higher-end fetal Dopplers. This heartbeat listener also allows dads and siblings to hear the sounds of the unborn baby. Plus, it also comes with ear buds and its recording cable is also very great, because you can share the unborn baby’s sound with other family members.

However, this product also has received many negative reviews. A few users think it is not as sensitive and accurate as other fetal dopplers on our list. And it is a little difficult to locate the baby’s heartbeat. On the other hand, it is so cheap and if you only need one to detect your unborn baby’s heartbeat without more accurate requirement, this one can give you more fun. At least, it can tell you your baby is in health status in the mom’s womb. This is similar to monitor the baby’s Kick counts to ensure the baby’s health.

Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tubs Reviews

Rub a dub dub, it is time to put your baby in a tub. Any mom who has a newborn knows sometimes it is difficult to bathe a newborn, because it may be a slippery situation. In this situation, a baby bath tub is a must. They are designed to solve this problem, positioning little ones who are squirmy comfortably and securely.

Best Baby Bath Tub

On the market, there are plenty of baby bath tubs and the best one can always be safe and comfortable for newborns and convenient for moms. We’ve compiled this list of top 5 best baby bath tubs due to their ease of use, design features, ratings and customer reviews. If you need one, you can rely any of them in the following.

4moms, Baby Bath Tub

4moms-Baby-Bath-Tub-WhiteThis 4moms Infant Tub is a little pricey on this list, but it deserves to have a try because it offers some extra features. First, it offers a built-in digital thermometer, which can ensure the water temperature to be perfect for your newborn. And this can help you monitor the temperature change. If it is too hot or too cold, you can easily notice it. However, this temperature thermometer is powered by a battery, which also means you need to pay some to change its battery in the future.

Its built-in reservoir is able to hold clean water, making the rinsing much easier than you think due to the included refillable cup that doesn’t need to turn on the faucet during the bath time. This one is a top rated baby bath tub you can rely on. And most parents think the thermometer feature is great.

Primo EuroBath

Primo-340W-PRIMO-EuroBath-PearlThanks to its simple, smart, and anatomically shaped design, this best baby bath tub gets top ratings from its consumers. It has a built-in support that supports your infant’s arms, legs and back. Your baby can rest comfortably and safely without any extra support, so you can use your both hands to bathe your little one.

A built-in soap holder and drain is also included, making the bathing much more convenient. This one is also one of the largest b baby bath tub on the market, so it is able to accommodate babies up to 2 years old.

Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

Fisher-Price-Calming-Waters-Vibration-Bathing-TubSome newborns may not love the bath time, so it is really a stressful moment while parents are bathing the newborns. With this Fisher-Price Bath tub, all the problems can be solved perfectly. Its vibration feature will make your baby feel more comfortable and ease. Many parents who have used this spoke highly of this Jacuzzi experience it can recreated for babies, so babies can feel relaxed and calm.

This infant tub includes an insert (removable) which can safely position babies and make them in place securely during the bathing time. A hook is also included, making it easier for drying and storing.

Blooming Bath Infant Bath / Bathtub

Blooming-Bath-Infant-Bathtub-CanaryMany customers spoke highly of the performance of this Blooming Bath Baby Bath tub, because it is able to give their newborns a very soft, supportive bathing experience. Its beautiful design is also impressive, very unique and innovative. Its bright and plush petals can cushion and support your newborns, so your little one will feel very comfortable during the bath time.

However, this one is only designed for babies less than 6 months, which means you need to buy another larger one for your baby. The price is also a little high, but many parents say they love to use it to bathe the baby at the sink and this baby bath tub can be thrown into the drier for cleaning.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

Fisher-Price-Precious-Planet-Whale-of-a-TubThis one was especially designed to be used at a sink or in an adult-sized bath tub. This feature is similar to the blooming bath baby tub above. Its adorable whole design is very impressive and many moms say they love this design. This can make the baby’s bath time full or more fun.

Parents also give this best bath tub rave reviews thanks to its special baby stopper, as well as super soft foam padding. These features can position babies in the water safely, securely and comfortably in the water. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any sliding or slipping in the water. Once your baby can sit on this own, you can remove the insert. This best baby bath tub is designed to accommodate toddlers who weigh no more than 25 pounds, so it is great for babies up to 12 months.

This is our list of top 5 best baby bath tubs. For babies, having a good bath tub is very important, which will make the bath process much easier and comfortable.

What’s a water dispenser?

The definition

When it comes to a water dispenser, it is any spigot, tank, conduit and product or plumbing feature which draws water from a tank, making it to be dispensed. Water dispensers refer to a wide number of products, because this term is varied and generic. For example, we can call a filtered water jug with a spigot as a water dispenser, similar to a sink faucet. Many similar products also can be called as water dispensers.

Several types

water-dispenserThe most common types are office water cooler or home water coolers which place where you can get a glass of refreshing water instantly. Most of them are freestanding models. Others are countertop water coolers. They are able to accommodate a large prefilled water bottler (e.g. 2-gallon bottle, 3-gallon bottle, or 5-gallon bottle) and 1 or 2 faucet (cold water faucet, hot water faucet) with which to dispense cold or hot water from.

They are also called as bottled water dispenser, because they need to accommodate prefilled bottled water. A compressor is also included to be used to cool the water. That is why they are also called as water cooler. Once you have one, you don’t need to cool your water in your refrigerator but you can get a glass of chilled water from your dispenser instantly. On a food table or buffet table, Vintage style porcelain water dispensers are also common and popular. They don’t have a compressor but use ice cubes to cool the water.

Many refrigerators offer on-board water (as well as ice) which can be placed on the front of a refrigerator or in its interior. If you need this feature, you need to pay a little more to get it. This feature is very popular and convenient and you can get a glass of cool and refreshing water with ease. If the dispensing is designed to be built into the front of a refrigerator, it is better.

Some water dispensers even install on the wall and they tend to be very large and can satisfy many people’s needs. For example, they are common in a commercial kitchen.

On the market, there are many different types of water dispenser, so prices vary. The most common and convenient type is a water cooler dispenser. Such a cold and hot water dispenser is perfect for offices and homes.

Why you need a water dispenser?

If you are sure you really need one, the following factors can tell you whether you need one or not.

  • Your children or kids love water cooler dispenser and such a product can encourage them to drink more water every day. Drinking enough water for kids is very important.
  • You can get instant hot water or chilled water, very convenient and simple.
  • You don’t need to buy a bottle of water, because you can fill your commuting water bottle much easier.
  • In hot seasons, without waiting, you can get a glass of cold water. If you drink directly from your faucet, you may let it run for a while. And now, you don’t have to waste water.
  • If your fridge is limited, you don’t have to store a water jug to get chilled water, because a water cooler can offer you chilled water much easier.
  • No bad smell and taste. If you dislike the smell and taste of your tap water that may contain chlorine. You can accommodate a freestanding water cooler with spring-fed bottled water.
  • It is a good idea to have potable water at the cottage or cabin where there is no drinkable water source.


It is highly recommended to have a water cooler dispenser in your home. If you have enough floor space, a freestanding water cooler dispenser is a good choice. Or you can also buy a countertop unit.

6 Things – You Should Never Buy Them New

yard-saleSometimes, the cost of some used items is far less than you will pay for a new one. And the fact is that you don’t have to a buy these things new all the time. Some used items are so costly new and easy to find, so buying them in retail stores or online retainers makes no sense. We’ve compiled this list of 6 things you never need to buy new. These 6 used items are far more cost-effective than you think.

1. Books

If you are a big fan of a favorite author and wait for a book’s release, you can buy it new. If you are going to a book signing to ask for a signing, of course, you need to buy a book new, unless you have a copy already.

However, if you only need some books for recreational reading, you don’t have to buy new books which can be costly. Buying used books can be eco-friendly and help to save some bucks for you. You can easily find these inexpensive used books at yard sales, thrift stores, indoor flea markets, etc. Some online retailers also offer used books for sale.

2. Movies and Music

DVDs and CDs have become outdated, because the world nowadays has gone digital. You will find there are so many music and movies at thrift stores and garage sales. However, even buying these used CDs or DVDs is also so cheaper than you think. Generally, every flea market at least has one seller who specializes selling used movies and music.

If the cost of buying used DVDs or CDs is cheaper than the cost of downloading, why not buy a used one. However, if you don’t have a device to play them, you need to consider.

3. Baby and Children’s Clothing

Infants, babies, toddlers, and young children grow very fast. You will find they outgrow their clothes very fast. What’s worse, they tend to stain their clothes with various sorts of substance. Therefore, it doesn’t need to buy them new.

You can buy used clothes at thrift stores and garage sales with ease. Most of them look brand new. This is because the children of the original owners grew too fast that they only wore these clothes several times. Some clothes even are completely new, because these clothes are shower and holiday gifts sent by their friends, but the children of the original owner could not have the chance to wear them. Of course, you can insist on your high-end style and buy your baby new clothes at local stores.

4. Specialty Kitchen Appliances

In a holiday, you may receive many gifts. For example, I received a meat slicer as a holiday gift. However, actually, I don’t need a meat slicer. The best solution is to sell it, or it is just a waste of money. And you happen to need a bread maker and you can cost less to buy from me. It is a win-win decision. This also means you’d better not cost money to buy trendy specialty appliances new online or at a local store. Instead, you can easily find one at a thrift store or a yard sale. Craigslist is also a great website for you to look for something special. And then, if you find you use your pasta maker, soda maker etc. more than once or twice, you can invest a high-end model for efficiency.

5. Silverware

Today, we get used to stainless flatware, because it is more practical. However, it doesn’t seem as enchanting as silverware. If you are going to whip out a polishing cloth on occasion, you really need to invest in a set of real silverware. However, it is not recommended to buy it new at a high-end department store. You will pay more for this. Actually, you can find your favorite sets at antique malls and estate sales but spend less. You can have a try.

6. Sports and Exercise Equipment

It is not strange to see a treadmill or stationary bike at a yard sale. I almost see them every weekend. People tend to buy something they think you need but actually they don’t have to buy it because of many reasons. I bought a stationary bike, but I rarely ride it. I only use it as a drying rack for my clothes which I didn’t want to shrink in the dryer. The ordinal owner will feel happy if you buy it. Of course, you will get a lower price than you can think.

7 poison-free ways help you keep rats and mice out of your home

rat-mouseI think nobody would like to have any rodent in the house or home unless the mouse or rat is your pet and you have it in a cage. Even if it is a pet mouse or rate, if it gets lost, it will also cause a panic and some family members may jump on a chair and shout. Mice and rats are not friendly to our humans. Actually, they are not only a nasty nuisance, but they also can chew up important wiring and papers, contaminate our foods and spread diseases. If you have found rats or mice in your home, the first consideration is to buy some rat poisons or mouse poisons to kill them or buy some mouse traps. However, there are some ways that can keep mice and rats out of your home without using poisons. The following u useful tips can help you.

7 Tips to Keep Rats and Mice out of the House

  1. Give up feeding the birds. Many people like feeding birds, but this is not a good habit. This is because birds are not neat eaters and will leave much of the seed on the ground. This can offer a free and easy meal for mice, rats, and other wildlife (like geese, squirrels, etc.). Of course, many insects (like ants) will also love hanging around your house to look for food.
  2. Always close your garage door when not in use, especially at night. If you leave the door open, mice, rats and other wildlife would like to enter and build their shelters. Probably, they will find or make their way into your home.
  3. Don’t store any pet food in the garage. Rodents are easy to be attracted by the aroma of grass seed, bird seed, or pet food. If you have to do that, you need to keep them in airtight containers, because this can prevent these rodents from smelling the aroma. The metal can and lid only can prevent rats or mice from getting close to your dog food, but the smell can lure these rodents into your garage.
  4. Get rid of the enticing aroma of garbage in your garage. If you cannot control these smells, the rodents will be attracted to your garage, or nest in your garage or in your walls. Therefore, you need to get rid of the enticing aroma by sealing the garbage as soon as possible and dispose the garbage as soon as possible too.
  5. It is highly recommended to seal the air conditioner lines, as well as other possible gaps which are wider than a dime.
  6. Avoid overdoing it on your landscaping. If you overdo it, the abundant, dense plant around your house will become a natural shelter for rodents. Maybe every of us wants to have a beautiful landscaping, but pests also love this.
  7. Clean up spilled pet food as soon as possible, or the spilled pet food on the garage floor will become mouse food and attract mice to enter your garage. Grass seed also attracts mice.

Signs of Rodent Presence

If a mouse or a rat plans to visit your home, it will not tell you and it is hard to notice. However, some signs can help you know they have invaded your home.

  • Chewed holes in bags and boxes are found.
  • These chewed holes are usually found in boxes or bags you used to hold dog food, grass seed and other dry goods.
  • Chewed electrical wiring
  • Rats and mice also love chewing electrical wiring and threw it anywhere they like. This can cause expensive repairs, or even fires.
  • Mice or rats droppings and urine are found. These feces are so disgusting. If you found a few, this means they have invaded your home.

However, sometimes you may not notice any signs but the truth is that they have visited your home. The true danger is that many diseases (like Hantavirus) can be transmitted to us by the accidental inhalation of dust from a mouse or rat dried droppings or urine.


The most effective way is not to kill them but prevent them from entering your home. The above useful tips can help you to prevent them from invading your home at the most. Other auxiliary measures (like yard work and caulking, garage cleaning) are also helpful. Once you have noticed any sign of Rodent Presence, you need to kill or repel them immediately.

Top 5 Best Baby Carriers Reviews

Baby wearing has a long history and it is really a centuries-old tradition. Old style baby carriers were not comfortable to wear. Thanks to modern technology, today’s baby carriers are more practice, comfortable and convenient to wear. Even compared with baby strollers, their ease of use, convenience and comfort are also impressive.

If you are going to try baby wearing, but you don’t know how to start and which one is the best, we have made this list of best baby carriers for you to help you quickly find the right one both for you and your baby. No matter you want to choose a baby wrap, or a baby sling, or a soft baby carrier, the carriers on our list are all best-selling and more popular on the market.

Best Baby Carrier

Sometimes, as a mom, you may need to wash dishes or go out for a walk but at the same time you also need to hold your baby. In this situation, a baby carrier is a must and will be your ideal solution. And you don’t need to load up the baby stroller. On the other hand, baby carriers are helpful to promote bonding between parents and the baby, helping for emotional development. Plus, they are more convenient than a baby stroller or a baby car seat. They are far less cumbersome. On the market, there are plenty of baby carriers to choose from and choosing the best one for your baby and you will be a personal choice. However, which one to choose is really a headache for many parents.

  • Fortunately, we have made this list of the best baby carriers for you to choose from. The choosing criteria include:
  • Top selling brands – they are all from the top selling brands and they are sold a lot.
  • Positive Customer Reviews – Beside their popularity, they also have received many positive customer reviews both on the manufacturer website and Amazon.
  • Comfort – The comfort for both the baby and parent really matters. They are all comfortable to use thanks to their high quality materials and ergonomic designs.
  • Durability – they are designed to last for at least 1 year for your newborns, due to their high quality materials.

We have made this list of top 5 best baby carriers for you to choose from. You can choose the best baby wrap carrier or best baby sling based on your preference.

Ergobaby Original 3 Position Baby Carrier Black Camel

Ergobaby-Original-Position-Carrier-BlackThis Ergobaby Original 3 Position Baby Carrier Black Camel is designed to be comfortable for both the parent and the baby. It is very easy to wear and allow you to position it on your back, chest, or hip. Plus, it also includes zippered storage pockets that are perfect for storing small things, like baby pacifiers, keys, and other essentials. However, the price is a little expensive.

BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier

BabyHawk-Baby-Carrier-Rainbow-CloudThis BabyHawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier is very soft and durable, and it allows you to position on your back or chest according to your preference. Therefore, it is really a versatile baby carrier that will grow with your little one. Beside its comfortable to wear, it also comes in hundreds of fabric options for you to choose from. And you also always find the right one depending on preference.

Happy Wrap Organic Bamboo Baby Carrier

Happy-Wrap-Organic-Carrier-SeafoamThis one is designed to last at least 1 or 2 first year of your infant. It is one of the top rated baby carriers thanks to its comfort for wearing. The material is organic viscose bamboo that is machine-washable. This baby wrap is breathable, stretchy and soft. It is able to keep you and your baby much cooler than other baby carriers in warm seasons.

Babybjorn Miracle Baby Carrier

BABYBJORN-Baby-Carrier-Miracle-SilverThis baby carrier is an awarding-winning carrier you can trust. It is perfect for babies in their first 15 months. What’s more, it also comes with extra head support for your newborns. Its design tends to be gender-neutral, so both mom and dad can wear it without worrying about its style and colors. Its ease of use (easy-on and easy-off features) makes it very popular among parents who don’t like a wrap due to the complicated wearing.

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

Baby-Ktan-ORIGINAL-Carrier-BlackThis baby carrier is completely made of 100% cotton, so it can be comfortable and durable to use. Its versatility is also impressive. It offers up to 6 positions for you to choose to position. The parents who have purchased this spoke highly of its comfort and easy positioning.

Best Baby Wrap Carrier

If you are a mom of a newborn and as a fashion woman, want to embrace the baby-wearing trend, a baby wrap carrier is really a must to start. They are soft and snugly. When you don’t need to wear it, it is so easy to pack into your diaper bag. Beside its convenience, a wrap carrier also can promote boding between you and your newborn. You can carry your newborn in cocoon-like comfort. Some baby wraps even feature a special design that allows moms to easily breastfeed their newborns without taking off the wrap.

We’ve chosen the top 5 best baby carriers for you to choose from. They all can be customized for both men and women, so they all can fit a large variety of sizes and shapes. And they all can offer the high level of comfort. We also check many customer reviews on manufacturer websites and on Amazon to make sure they are all top rated.

Baby Hawk Mei Tai Baby Carrier

BabyHawk-Baby-Carrier-Rainbow-CloudThis baby wrap offers plenty of fabric options to satisfy your personal preference. This one is very versatile and you can completely customize it according to your needs. As a soft wrap, it is also very durable. Many moms spoke highly of its ease of use features, like easy and comfortable to wear, and easy to attach.

Moby Wrap Baby Carrier

Moby-Wrap-Original-Cotton-CarrierThis baby carrier was designed for newborns loving to be swaddled like a baby swaddle. In this wrap, newborns will feel snug and nice. For moms, its comfort makes it more popular among moms. It can fit babies from 8 to 35 pounds. It offers up to 4 positions for you to choose from, so your baby can face inward, outward, or ride on your back or hip. Therefore, you can choose the most comfortable position for both you and your baby.

Happy Wrap Organic Bamboo Baby Carrier

Happy-Wrap-Organic-Carrier-StripeThis baby carrier is made of soft, luxurious and organic bamboo, so it is very eco-friendly. Many moms who have used it spoke highly of its soft and comfort. Its moisture-wicking properties will make you and your baby feel cool even in hot weather.

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

Baby-Ktan-ORIGINAL-Carrier-BlackThe impressive features of this Baby K’tan Baby Carrier are its versatility and simplicity. Besides as a baby wrap, it also doubles as a baby sling. It is also very easy to use and there is no any complicated bulky hardware and wrap techniques.

Boba Baby Wrap

Boba-BW1-005-Gray-Baby-Wrap-GreyThis Boba baby wrap use Frenc terry as its main material, so it is very soft and super-stretchy. Many moms choose it due to its comfort to wear. Plus, many customers spoke highly of its breathable feature and ease of caring for. Even while you are wearing it, you can breastfeed your infants with ease.

Best Baby Sling

Baby sling is designed to be easy to wear. This is different from traditional baby carriers that need to strap to both shoulders. A baby sling is easily worn across just a single shoulder, so it is more comfortable to wear. And it is also very easy to take off. If you dislike the complicated wearing of a baby wrap, you can try a baby sling and you will be amazed at its simplicity. However, a sling doesn’t offer extra head support, so it is recommended to use for babies over 4 months old. Before using a sling, you’d better ask your pediatrician for advice. If you get the go ahead, you can start to choose the right baby sling for you and your baby.

We’ve made this list of the best baby slings, because they are easy to wear and take off, durable to last through a baby’s infancy, ratings and customer reviews from parents who have purchased and used them.

Baby K’tan Baby Carrier

Baby-Ktan-ORIGINAL-Carrier-BlackThis Baby K’tan is very versatile. It comes with 2 carriers in one. It can be used both as a sling and a wrap. Many moms loves its versatility, because moms can use it to carry their infants in up to 6 different positions.

Hotslings Adjustable Pouch Baby Sling

Hotslings-Adjustable-Pouch-Discontinued-ManufacturerThis one comes in many fun and modern fabrics options for you to choose from. Besides its fashion feature, moms also love its functionality. This best baby sling wears comfortable, cool and convenient.

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Baby Ring Sling

Maya-Wrap-Lightly-Padded-SlingThis baby sling is one of the most popular baby slings you can find on the market. This is because it is designed to be beautiful. It is made of hand-loomed fabric, making it soft to wear. It is also very easy to adjust according to your needs.

The Peanut Shell Adjustable Sling

Peanut-Shell-Adjustable-Sling-WhisperThis adjustable sling is made of spandex and cotton sateen, making it very soft, stretchy and comfortable to wear. It is also very friendly to moms who need to breastfeed their babies on the go.

Balboa Baby Dr. Sears Adjustable Sling

Balboa-Baby-Sears-Adjustable-SignatureThis adjustable sling is highly recommended by many moms due to its comfort to wear. Plus, baby can easily get in and out of it. Once you have worn it, you will find it is so convenient to use this baby sling.

Top 5 Best Termite Treatments Reviews

Like cockroaches, termites are a disgusting insect pest. Once they have invaded in your home or house, they cannot only become a serious nuisance but also they can do serious damage to any wooden furniture and framework. Cellulose wood fibers are their favorite foods. They can easily gut beams, posts, framing, as well as other type of wooden supports and wooden furniture. Therefore, they can cause fatal damage. However, they are very difficult to find them because they dug out of the woodwork and travel in the tunnels. When you have noticed there is a termite infestation, they have done serious damage to the wooden framework and a beam or post may begin to crumble. Therefore, sometimes prevention is more important.

When you have found some clues, the first thing you need to do is to find them. So the detection is on the first place. If you cannot find them, you almost cannot eliminate them. After finding them, you need termite treatments to eliminate them effectively. Or termite treatments are also a good way to prevent termites in high prevalence areas. Compared with price factors, effectiveness and ease of use are more important.

Best Termite Treatment

However, the fact is that once a termite colony has built their nest in a dwelling, the best way to eliminate them professionally. We’ve made this list of best termite treatments and they all can get rid of an entire termite colony. However, after treatment, you also need professional testing to assure you that the entire colony has been eliminated. If it is not, additional treatment is needed to perish the whole colony.

Spectracide Terminate Termite Detection & Killing Stakes2 (HG-96115)

Spectracide-Terminate-Termite-Detection-HG-96115If you think you have found some clues or are just suspicious that there is a termite infestation in your home or house, you can use treatment. It features unique pop-up termite indicators, so you can easily know whether termites have eaten the baits on the stakes. Once they are feeding on the bait, they will most likely take the bait into their nest. In theory, the entire colony will be killed off. The effective ingredient to kill termites is a growth inhibitor called hexaflumuron. This growth inhibitor is mixed in a cellulose bait which termites would like to feed on. This inhibitor can make them not molt, because it disrupt chitin or skin production. The termites will die without a fresh chitin. Hexaflumuron is safe to use, almost non-toxic to pets and humans. Highly recommend!

Premise Foam Termiticide,termite Spray

Premise-Foam-Termiticide-termite-SprayIf there are some clues of a termite infestation in your home or house, you can use this Premise Foam Termiticide Termite Spray. It is easy to use, and you just only need to infect the foam into the tunnels. Generally, the entire colony will be killed. The effective ingredient is a nervous system disrupter called imidacloprid. The foam will flow through the whole tunnels and cost the tunnels completely. Once termites touch imidacloprid, no matter by skin contact or ingestion, their nervous system will be disrupted slowly. It works slowly, and allows termites to spread within the entire colony. Several later, the entire colony will be eliminated.

Taurus SC with 9.1 % Fipronil (Termidor Sc Has 9.1 Fipronil)-20 Oz

Taurus-SC-9-1-Fipronil-TermidorIf you need a concentrate which can be used to mix with water and spray where there are clues of termite infestation, you can try this Taurus SC with 9.1 % Fipronil. The active ingredient of this best termite treatment is fipronil that can slowly disrupt the nervous system. When termites are attracted or happen to come into contact with this killer, they will bring the residue back to their nest and the entire colony will be infected by feeding, waste removal, or contact. And finally, the entire colony will be eliminated. If you have a large building to treat, it is the most cost effective choice. You can spray it inside of the tunnels, or just around the channels, and you also can use it as a barrier to prevent them from invading your woodwork. When you need to spray, you’d better wear rubber gloves and a face mask is also needed.

Advance Termite Bait System – Pro Kit (20 stations) + Termidor SC Termite Bait Systems

Advance-Termite-Bait-System-stationsIf you are looking for a professional termite treatment, you can count on this one. The active ingredient is imidacloprid that is mixed in its bait. It is also quite easy to use. They come in bait stations and you only need to plant them one by one around your house. Once the termites ingest the bait and take it back to their nest, the entire colony will be wiped out, because they would like to eat the bait. It offers up to 20 bait stations, so in theory, any house or home perimeter can be effectively covered. Once you have installed them, the sweetened bait will attract termites to eat the bait and carry it back to the colony. A tool used to open the bait stations to replace or refill is also included. However, it seems a little expensive. As the most comprehensive termite treatment kit, it deserves to have.

Bora Care – 1 Jug Natural Borate Termite Control NI1001

Bora-Care-Natural-Termite-ControlThis Bora Care Natural Borate Termite Control is perfect for termite prevention or eliminating termites. First, you need to mix 1-part water with 1-part Bora-Care, and then spray the exposed wooden areas and saturated these areas for better effects. If you use it to control termites, you need to spray the mixture into the tunnels or around areas where termites are very active. The effective ingredient is borate slats which can soak into the wood. Once termites consume, their digestion process will be stopped and termites will starve to death. Although in theory, it can be used to eliminate the entire colony, it is better used for prevention. For example, it can coat wooden framework, furniture, and structures for prevention. If mixed and applied properly, the life of wooden structures can be lasted.

Top 5 Best Fly Killers Reviews

Best Fly KillerFiles are a disgusting insect just like mice and cockroaches. However, they are so successful and have invaded almost everywhere on our planet. Their species are very large and can breed very quickly. And they also have a very long history. It is estimated that they lived together with the dinosaurs. Therefore, they are actually an Ancient creature and have tenacious vitality.

There are many types of flies, but the most common type in our house is the house fly. They become pests and trouble our lives. In this situation, a fly killer is a must to eliminate these disgusting pests.

Best fly killer

We’ve made this top list of the best fly killers thanks to their effectiveness, ease of use, cost-efficiency, ratings, and customer reviews.

#1 Tanglefoot #27 2PK Window Fly Killer

Tanglefoot-2PK-Window-Fly-KillerThis Aeroxon Window Fly Killer is one of the most effective and unique fly killers on the market. These best window stickers come in many designs, such as flowers, butterflies and allow you to easy mount them on a window pane. Based on the fact that flies are prone to congregate around a light source, once they stop at the window, they will very likely feed on the bait on the surface of the window sticker. The bait contains the Azamethiphos pesticide that can inhibit their nervous systems. Several minutes later, flies will be killed. If they eat more, they will die quickly. However, don’t worry about its toxic features. The dosage is considered to be safe for humans. Of course, it is better to keep them away from pets and kids by mounting them high up on the windows. When you are doing the mounting job, it is also recommended to wear gloves. Generally, once they are mounted, they can be effective within 6 months and can get rid of any house fly.

#2 Aspectek Electronic Indoor Insect Killer

Aspectek-Electronic-Indoor-Insect-MosquittoIf you need a fly killer that is non-toxic, you can consider this product. And it will not make you feel disappointed. House flies will be attracted by its 20-watt black light to the electric grid, and then flies will be zapped thanks to its electric current. Due to its non-toxic feature, it is perfect for a home, house, apartment building and anywhere around pets and kids alike. The electric current flow through the grid is safe to human, but it is highly recommended to unplug it before moving or cleaning it. You can place it anywhere you like. You can place on a table, or install it like a swag lamp hanging from your ceiling. Once it plugs, it will work for you. It also has a tray used to catch all the dead flies. When you need to clean, just remove it. So easy, isn’t it?

#3 Raid Flying Insect Killer Insecticide Spray

Raid-Flying-Insect-Killer-InsecticideSometimes you can’t stand flies flying around you and want to kill them as soon as possible, so this Raid Flying Inset Killer is your best choice. The effective ingredient to kill flies are synthetic pyrethrin relatives of Phenothrin and Prallethrin neurotoxins. Although it seems a little toxic, the concentration is safe to pets and humans but toxic enough to kill flies. However, this doesn’t mean you can breathe in the fumes and you’d better avoid this. After spraying, it also needs to vacate the area. As a spot spray for killing flies around, the effect is perfect. Once the flies contact the spray, they will perish completely and there is no fly that is overhooked. Plus, it is also very cheap. This is a weapon that allows you to take immediate action to kill all the flies around you.

#4 Prozap Final Fly-T Horse Fly Spray Quart

Prozap-Final-Fly-T-Horse-SprayIf you need a spray killer which is naturally based, you can count on this Prozap Final Fly-T Horse Fly Spray. The main ingredients of this killer are pyrethrins which are extracted from Chrysanthemum flowers. pyrethrins are effective to kill flies, but they are safe for pets and our humans. When handing this killer, wearing gloves obviously is a good choice and also never breathe its sprays. This killer is spot spray killer, so it needs to hit flies around you to kill it. Due to its natural features, it rinses off easily and is water soluble. It comes in different packages. You can buy one or buy in bulk. It is both effective and affordable, making it a perfect choice for spray for outbuilding and barns.

#5 Enoz FlySwatter

Enoz-R34-24T-FlyswatterIf you are strict with a fly killer and want a non-toxic, easy to use, humane and cost-effective killer, you can buy this Enoz Fly Swatter. It offers many styles and colors to choose from. And the best one features a metal handle that can offer a maximum durability and kinetic energy delivery. Flies have sensitive air pressure senses and very good eyesight. That’s why we cannot catch them just with our hands. This Enoz Fly Swatter has holes in its swatting head that is used to disable the air pressure sensor and are coupled with the speed of the swatting motion. Therefore, plies cannot find the trap. Fly swatters have a long history and are effective and timeless. Facts prove that more files have been killed by fly swatters than other types of fly killers.

Top 5 Best Baby Bottles Reviews

As a new mom, sometimes it is really difficult to make a choice between feeding your infant formula or breast milk. However, find the best baby bottle isn’t so difficult. Most moms think the best baby bottle should be easy to clean, comfortable to hold and doesn’t have any leaking problem. However, on the market, there are so different baby bottles. To some extent, it is hard to say which one is the best. Fortunately, we highlight some of the best baby bottles for you. No matter you are a breastfeeding mom who needs a bottle for an occasional supplement or you are a mom who chooses to feed your infant on formula, the following lists can really help you find the best baby bottle for you and your baby.

Best Baby Bottle

Although there are plenty of baby bottles on the market, you also need to choose the best one according to your baby’s needs. This means your baby plays a very important part in the choosing process. If you plan to choose the best baby bottles, you can try to find the best one by trial and error. However, this method is not realistic. You don’t have time or opportunity to try several different bottle brands before making a buying decision. Actually, you don’t have to do that. We’ve made a list of the best baby bottles for you and your baby. They are free of BPA compounds, and they all include venting systems that can help to reduce buildup of air or gas within your baby during feeding, and they all come in different sizes to suit your little one’s needs. May the following list help you!

Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle

Dr-Browns-Polypropylene-Natural-BottleThese baby bottles have a vent system that is helpful to remove air from the baby formula or milk, so a positive pressure flow is created and your little one will love the vacuum-free feeding. This also can help to reduce many common issues, like colic, gas, and spit-up. These bottles are made of high quality silicone that is free of BPA, PV and phthalate. And Dr. Brown is also a famous brand in the field of baby products.

NUK 14074 Elephants Baby Bottle with Perfect Fit Nipple

NUK-14074-Elephants-Bottle-PerfectThese bottles have special nipples which can create a perfect fit your little one’s mouth, because they mimic the shape of mom’s nursing nipple. They also feature one piece Anti-Colic Air system which can help to reduce colic, gas and spit up. And with this system, you will find cleaning and assembling these baby bottles is also very easy.

Philips AVENT BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle

Philips-AVENT-Natural-Polypropylene-BottleThe nipples that these bottles come with a petal design that will increase the softness and flexibility but avoid collapsing. They also feature a twin-valve design and this design is effective to reduce colic, spit-up and gas. This is because this design can vents air into the baby bottle but not into your baby’s tummy. Philips is also a famous manufacturer.

Medela Calma Breastmilk Feeding Set

Medela-Calma-Breastmilk-Feeding-OunceWhen your little one suckles, milk flows from these bottles. This is similar to when a baby suckles from mom’s breast. The special shape of the nipple means a proper latch is allowed. And these bottles also feature a unique air-control system that can vents air into your baby’s bottle in time but not in your baby’s stomach. Therefore, it is comfortable to use.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottles

Tommee-Tippee-Closer-Nature-BottlesThis nipple mimics the natural stretch, flex and movement of a mom, which means your infant will feel very comfortable and relaxed while suckling. Its special Easi-Vent valve will motivate the baby’s instinctive feeding actions, and at the same time, it reduces the amount of air which goes into the baby’s stomach.

Best Breastfeeding Bottle

Of course, a mom’s breast is the best for feeding a baby. However, because of many reasons, this isn’t available at some time. For example, while you are working but you need to feed your baby, a bottle is needed. You may think, if you use a bottle to feed your baby, your baby will not be used to transitioning between bottle-feeding and breast feeding and some problems may be caused, like colic. However, on the market, there are some baby bottles that are specially created for breastfed babies, so you don’t have to worry about this. The following best breastfed bottles are created to mimic almost the same feeling from a mom’s breast. And they are also designed to reduce the chances of taking in more air, which can avoid colic and gas. Of course, the assembly and cleaning job is also pretty easy thanks to their simple components and wide openings.

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle

Comotomo-Natural-Bottle-Green-OuncesThis one has a patented design which mimics moms’ breast, so your breastfed baby will feel comfortable just like she is fed on the breast. This design is helpful to reduce the chances of nipple confusion and your baby will feel easy to change between bottle and breast. It also features a dual anti-colic vents, which can reduce the amount of air your baby will take in.

Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle

Lansinoh-Breastmilk-Feeding-Bottle-NaturalWaveThis feeding bottle has a naturalwave nipple that can reduce the chances of nipple confusion, because its nipple allows your baby to use the wavelike sucking action like on mom’s breast. Therefore, babies can feel free to transitioning between the bottle and the breast. What’s more, this bottle can work with breast pumps, which allows you to store breast milk when your baby doesn’t need to feed.

Munchkin Latch BPA-Free Baby Bottle

Munchkin-Latch-BPA-Free-Baby-BottleDue to its according-style nipple, babies can always get the proper latch, so you don’t need to worry about colic and nipple confusion problems. Plus, this 4-ouce baby bottle allows you little one to control the flow of the milk, because pressure is applied to the base. The feeling is similar to the feeling that they are breastfeeding.

Mimijumi Baby Bottle – Very Hungry

Mimijumi-Baby-Bottle-Very-HungryThis bottle will offer your baby the same feeling of drinking and latching as she drinks from the mom’s breast thanks to its dome-shaped top. Plus, its base is skid-free and it also features the screw on nipple, so you can easily hold it with only one hand.

Medela Calma Breastmilk Feeding Set

Medela-Calma-Breastmilk-Feeding-SetAll the materials are BPA-free, so it is safe to use. This bottle was delicately designed for babies, because it is a product of evidence-based research. This feeding bottle encourages babies to drink just like from the mom’s breast. This design is helpful to reduce the chances of nipple confusion and developing colic.

Best Bottle For Newborns

Bottles are essential to your baby and they act as a natural stable in your little one’s collection of supplies. If you are going to buy your newborn a new baby bottle to feed, there are some factors that you need to consider. Of course, you cannot have a choice of trying several different brands. Fortunately, we’ve made this list of the best bottle for newborns for you. These baby bottles are created to effectively reduce the amount of air that newborns take in while they are drinking water, milk or formula from a bottle, because newborns are likely to gas. All the nipples are also specially designed to mimic both the natural feeling and shape of a mom’s breast. Plus, these bottles are also friendly for parents to use, because they are easy to assemble and clean. According to customer reviews, these bottles really help for both parents and babies.

Medela Calma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle

Medela-Calma-Breastmilk-Feeding-OunceWith the help of lactation experts, this baby bottle is perfect for newborns who are bottled-fed only or being both bottle and breast fed. The design of the nipple is friendly, and the nipple allwos your newborns to breathe, swallow and suck. The feeling is similar to feeding at a mom’s breast.

Philips AVENT Natural Feeding Bottle

Philips-AVENT-Natural-Polypropylene-BottleThis baby bottle is natural and comfortable for newborns to use, because of the natural nipples and the unique petal design. Its twin-valve system is helpful to reduce colic, because it can reduce the amount of air newborns will take in while drinking formula or milk.

Born Free Breeze Glass Bottle Gift Set

Born-Free-Breeze-Glass-BottleThis bottle features an ActiveFlow vent that allows newborns to control the amount of milk, formula or water he will take in and helps to reduce colic. Plus, this bottle is made of the ThermaSafe glass that can be used for freezing or boiling directly, making it more versatile than others. Plus, it is also very easy to clean and assemble because it is made up with only 2 parts.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

Tommee-Tippee-Closer-Nature-BottlesThe nipple of this baby bottle offers the natural stretch, flex and movement that are close to a mom’s breast. Therefore, newborns will feel peaceful and comfortable while sucking it. What’s more, its Easi-Vent design is helpful to reduce the amount of air the newborn will take in. Therefore, it helps to reduce the chances of developing colic and gas.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle, Unisex

MAM-Anti-Colic-Bottle-Unisex-2-CountThis bottle features silk-test nipples that are comfortable for babies to use. They are like to a mom’s breast and help to reduce the amount of air the newborn will take in. It is also very easy to clean and assembly due to its 5 components and wide openings. You also can put it into your microwave in less 3 minutes to sterilize.

Water Challenges in 21st century

The global population never stops increasing year by year in the recent several decades. Well as the population increases, we need more and more fresh water every day and this demand will escalate alarmingly. However, not everyone knows that the fresh water on earth is only 2.5 percent of all water sources. And less 1% of all the water is available to us. This is because 70% of the fresh water on earth is frozen in the icecaps of Antarctica and Greenland and 30% is mostly found underground.

Demand vs supply

In the future, we will meet many problems, like a large population, a changing climate and extensive urbanization. These problems will increase the demand for fresh water. It is estimated that the demand for fresh water will increase by 30% in 2030. On the other hand, our fresh water resources on earth are limited and only Accounts for a very small proportion.

Surprising statistics

Besides the increasing domestic demand for fresh water, the development of agriculture and industry also depends on much more fresh water supplies. Domestic water use only accounts for 10% of global water consumption, while agriculture and industry account of 90%. – 70% and 20% respectively. This also means industry and agriculture cannot develop without fresh water.

Water waste

The leakage of water is also a big issue for the increasing cities in density and urbanization expands. For example, in London, about 1,000 million liters of water is wasted because of pipe leakage. This also means about 40% of the city’s fresh water supply is wasted. In Italy, leakage problems are more serious. Up to 70% of water pumped is wasted due to the poor city pipes.

Access to clean, safe water

Today, about 800 million people don’t have access to clean, safe fresh water to drink. And as the climate changes dramatically, this issue will become more serious. Therefore, water challenges become a global issue that every country should have to face.

How to Reduce Our Water Footprint?

I think everyone has responsibility to reduce the water footprint and realizes the severity of the water shortage. In our daily lives, there are something we can do to really help to reduce our water footprint. And you can learn more ways on the following infographic about water challenges in the 21st century.water-chanlleges-new2

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