How to get rid of Ants in the Home and Garage

home-antsAnts are a major house pest that easily infiltrates the homes in the US and across the world. Nearly 700 ant species exist in America and many more elsewhere. Ant species vary but most have a willingness to enter homes. They are a type of social insect that creates a nest in homes or spaces outside. Plus, the ants are attracted to open food containers, such as those containing protein or sugar. Most nests are detected in areas of structural weaknesses, such as outhouses and garages.

Clearing the active ants nest in the home or garage usually requires more than a single step approach, but the use of bait is among the most effective.

Tips for bating ants

Here is an overview of the different baiting methods:

Indoor Baiting

An ant nest detected in a garage or similar structure is likely to be a separate satellite community, while the main colony is located outside. Simply placing the bait in the garage will help to attack not only the ants in the garage, but also the entire population of ants. Use popular liquid bait like Terro PCO in the area that ants are noticed. It is universal bait and will attract all species of ants. This bait is consumed by the ants and naturally spread between the satellite and main colony. Over time this should kill the entire ant population.

Outdoor Baiting

Most of the primary nests are found outside the home, so outdoor baiting is a critical stage of eliminating the entire nest. Use bait like Nibanaround and apply this to the perimeter of the house. Also, apply in areas where ant mounds are detected.

Similar to the indoor baiting process, the Nibanaround is slow-acting which makes it possible for the ants to transfer the poison between colonies. Once the poison starts to penetrate the main colony, it will kill the queen to stop future breeding. Without the queen, the colony is no longer viable.

Location of nests

In order to be effective at eliminating the ants in and around the home, it is essential to locate the primary nest.

Ants detected in a garage or other outbuildings are generally a result of cracks in the building foundation. For the home, there are plenty of access points, such as wire, pipes, hanging branches and carpet edges. Even though the primary nest is rarely simple to find, observing the movement and behavior of the ants can provide useful indicators.

Worker ants roam in large groups and leave behind a trail that leads to the main nesting site. Ants are most active in low-light conditions, but can still forage during the day. A useful technique to detect the ants is to lay tape or other sticky surface and coat with a sweet substance. The ants will have difficulty returning to base and likely leave behind an easy to follow path to the nest.

When the nesting site is detected, use one of the wide-ranging and practical methods to eliminate it. Use the foam, granular bait or gel-based ant pesticides.

The preferred bait relates to the location of the nest, its size, and ease in access. Read the product label for the different pesticides to see which is most practical for your situation.

Follow up practices

Even with an ant nest fully controlled, it is practical to continue with follow-up maintenance to minimize future outbreaks. Inspect the local grounds for potential risks. Actively clean firewood piles or other dead wood or tree stumps from near the home. Ants are drawn to moist areas, this means fixing issues with leaky sprinkler heads or plumbing. Also, inspect the door seals of the garage.

Non-Chemical treatments

The proper storage of home and garage supplies is essential. Don’t leave potential food sources open. Make sure food, such as dog food, is kept in an airtight container. Never leave food particles, crumbs, or other items that can attract pests. Plus, there are certain plants that attract ants, so you may wish to avoid those.

Elsewhere, limit the entrance points to the home by using fine mesh to cover air vents, use industrial caulk to seal cracks in the home’s foundation, and trim tree branches hanging close to the home.

8 Useful Steps to Control House Spiders

control house spidersSpiders are a common house pest and one creature that are readily feared by many. The spider is a pest that attracts a great number of phobias. Plus, there are spiders with venom, such as the brown recluse or black widow, which can lead to a trip to the hospital. But, fatalities from a spider bite are low. For instance, in the US there is reported to be six deaths every 10 years.

How to control house spiders

House spiders are controlled using several methods:

  1. Chemicals aren’t 100% effective in spider control. Even with a regular application or chemicals or pesticides, this isn’t a practical method to defend the home against spiders. Most spiders have sufficiently long legs to keep the main part of their body above ground level. So, any insecticide sprayed on the floor or furniture will only make contact with their legs. Spiders aren’t built with a circulatory system. This means an insecticide isn’t transferred to their organs which could potentially kill them. However, this is also a good way to consider. If it is effective, it will be much easier. Our reviews of top 5 best spider killers can help you.
  2. A simple, yet effective method to kill the spiders is the use of an everyday object. Striking the spider with a shoe, newspaper, or direct spray will take care of the problem. Spiders aren’t categorized as insects, and instead referred to as arachnids. A real insect like the wasp, roach, or ant uses their mouth to clean themselves, which leads to insecticide on the feet or legs entering their mouth. However, the make up of the spider is entirely different. They aren’t likely to use their mouth to clean their body. This may only take place if needing to remove a foreign object from their body, but this isn’t a frequent habit. Plus, the spider naturally lives in webs. So, in general, the direct contact method is most effective.
  3. Other control methods are rarely as effective, but this method may work. It is possible to spray a pesticide on surface cracks or other potential entry points (wood trim on windows, gaps in a baseboard, etc.), and this poison will transfer to the spider’s body.
  4. A practical method to control the active and fast spiders is to take control of potential food sources. House spiders generally eat small insects found in the home. So, take the extra effort to clear the home of all insect life. Without a food source, the spiders are more likely to move on. Spiders use web-spinning to let the food come to them. Others use their natural prey instincts to capture meals. For instance, the jumping spider makes use of its short, stubby legs to capture prey, while the running spiders have the longer leg spans.
  5. Eliminating the spiders means clearing the home of other critters. Practical options include sticky traps and glue boards, as well as insecticide applications in crevices or cracks. These methods are favored by those that prefer the non-pesticide techniques. Sticky traps can include scents or similar to entice the spider to enter.
  6. A glue trap has a relatively small surface area, so it is important to carefully consider its placement. Spiders are mostly seen in quiet, dark areas. Place the trap behind a piece of furniture or at the foot of a closet. Look around and consider the most common travel routes for the spiders.
  7. Glue traps can be a useful indicator of the main spider infestation in the home. If a particular trap captures a number of spiders, make sure to inspect the local area for potential entry points, such as a non-aligned wall sockets or a crack in a window frame. Repair any damage noticed.
  8. Remember that spiders aren’t social creatures and live singly unlike insects like bees and ants. So, an elimination method that always works is to strike them with a hard object, such as a rolled up newspaper or a shoe. Alternatively, use a purpose made spider catcher to easily grab the pest.

5 Practical Steps to Control Field Ants

Control Field AntsField ants are the type of ants mostly noticed in the garden. They are mostly seen in the fall when it is the mating season. While the ants are harmless, they will emerge from underground colonies in large numbers. This is quite off putting and demands the attention of proper pest control.

The ant species referred to as “field ants” are known to inhabit lawns, meadows and fields. In some ways, they can be seen as benefits because they offer a source of food to plant pests (mealy bugs, aphids, etc.), termites, silverfish, moths and bed bugs. But, similar to other pests, they will soon become a problem after invading your private space in numbers.

Problems with field ants

The field ants can cause a variety of problems. For instance, they can easily build soil heaps on the lawns that span 4-feet in diameter or more. The typical height is generally less than the height of the grass blades. But, there are others that can easily reach 2-feet or more in height. Stacks of firewood can be enticing to field ants. They are known to build a nest inside the wood, so extra caution is needed for those planning to take the wood in the home. Even though rare, there is also the risk of the ants entering the home in an attempt to find food.

Identifying field ants

Field ants are not equipped with a stinger, but they can pinch and puncture the skin when disturbed and inject formic acid. Formic acid can also be used to kill and remove plants that are giving shade to their mounds.

The field ants vary significantly in relation to color and size (even applies to a single species of the field ants). The size of the ants range from 1/5 inch to 3/8 inch and standard colors are tan, black, brown and red. However, there are also two-colored species. Plus, the large field ants are easily mistaken for the carpenter ants.

Damage caused by field ants

Field ants are known to create large and unsightly mounds of soil on the lawn. While the damage isn’t permanent and easily repaired, the injection of acid into localized plants is likely to have long-term impact. Also, the ants are likely to attack people or pets if the mounds are disturbed.

A fully established colony has the potential to last 10 years or more, so the use of appropriate ant control is likely to be necessary.

How to Control field ants

For the actual ants starting to cause problems in or around the home, the most practical control method is to directly attack the nest.

General guidelines issued by the Clemson University College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences include:

  1. Use a proper pesticide intended to control field ants. Give a healthy and complete soaking of the ant mound. By completely saturating the mound, it is possible to penetrate deep beneath the surface. The queen is quite deep and likely to live 2 or 3-feet below the surface. Killing the queen is the only sure way to destroy the colony.
  2. If applicable, use a high volume of water to guarantee the water/insecticide penetrates the ant nest.
  3. Wait 2 or 3 days for the insecticide to work. Plenty of worker ants will need time to return to the nest having spent time foraging in the local area.
  4. Use exclusion methods to prevent ants from entering the home. This involves sealing or repairing cracks or gaps at potential entry points. Inspect the outside walls for openings by the window and door frames, as well as wiring and pipework entering the home.
  5. Spray a labeled non-repellent insecticide around the perimeter of the home. Use it on the wall surfaces of the foundation, while also treating windows, doorways, and under the siding.

The preferred method is the use of an application specific ant insecticide that includes active ingredients like permethrin, carbaryl (Sevin), bifenthrin, deltamethrin or cyfluthrin. The best ant killer can help you to easily control them.

Other treatment methods mentioned include the use of borax and water to eliminate ant nests, but this isn’t seen as entirely effective by the University of Wisconsin Extension Service.

Top 5 Best Gas Grills for Perfect Steaks and More

best gas grillTo me, nothing says ‘sit back and relax’ like the smell of burgers on a grill. I get a lot of use out of my gas grill since I live in a warm climate and can use it year round. In my house we cook all the usual things – steak, chicken, kabobs, burgers – plus pizzas, veggies, and even fruit. (Grilled pineapple is incredible, by the way.) If you’re looking to get your own grill, or replace your old one, check out my list to find the best gas grill for you. I’ve assembled a list of the top 5 best gas grills to suit a wide range of budgets and lifestyles. Breathe deep, relax, and read on to find out which gas grill might be perfect for you.

Dyna-Glo DGP350NP-D Smart Space Living Two-Burner LP Gas Grill

Dyna-Glo-Smart-Space-Gas-GrillIf you are short on outdoor space, the Dyna-Glo Smart Space is a great choice for you. This isn’t the fanciest gas grill around. It’s a very basic two-burner with little else, but it gets the job done and is reliable. This grill heats up fast, and also cooks food very quickly, which in my house is a very good thing. It should take about an hour, maybe a little more, to assemble, but the instructions are easy to follow. You shouldn’t have any trouble with set-up.

What are some of the downfalls of this grill? Well, it’s not the sturdiest grill I’ve ever encountered. The base is plastic and can be a tad wobbly. For a very basic grill like this one, I wish the price point were a little lower. But it really is a nice little grill, and if you use it frequently like I do, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth in no time.

Weber Genesis E-330 637-Square-Inch Grill

Weber-Genesis-E-330-637-Square-Inch-GrillI’ve gone through a couple grills, and at a certain point I got sick of buying the cheaper option only to have to replace it a few years later. If you’re at this point, I would strongly suggest the Weber Genesis E-330. This grill is more expensive, but with this particular product, you get what you pay for and then some. The whole grill is extremely sturdy and durable, made of substantial materials that will withstand continued use and some exposure outdoors. Unlike the Dyna-Glo, this grill rolls across the patio very smoothly and doesn’t wobble or bend one bit.

In addition to being extremely high quality in terms of materials and construction, the Weber Genesis offers some unique and much appreciated features: porcelain coated iron plates underneath the burners to reflect heat up; very thick cast iron grates to retain heat; well insulated hood to trap heat; a searing burner that gets extra hot extra fast. Cooking on this grill is a dream. The heat retention is superb, and your food cooks faster and more evenly.

The catch? I can’t find any, except to say that this is a very heavy product (190 pounds in the box) and for that reason can be a bit of a bear to assemble. The instructions are great, the assembly is simple, but the parts are heavy and tightly packed in the box. Assembly takes about two hours. If you can get a helper for set-up, you should have smooth sailing, and soon be on your way to enjoying some delicious steaks.

Weber Q 100 Gas Grill

Weber-Q-100-Gas-GrillIf your first concern is price, I would look to this Weber Portable Grill instead of a less expensive full model. Why? Because this portable grill comes with the same excellent quality as other Weber grills, but for a quarter of the price and a little less cooking area. For regular use with this grill, you’ll either want to set it on a table or purchase a stand.

This grill uses a high-quality cast iron grate to ensure proper searing, even on this smaller grill. The heating is even, and food cooks quickly. This is a one-burner grill, however, and little space is available (if any) for indirect cooking. While this is a high-quality Weber product, the Q 100 Portable isn’t going to give you the same cooking experience as the Genesis E-330. In a strong breeze, the grill temperature drops, and you might have a few more maintenance issues with this smaller model.

The nice thing about the Q 100 is that you can also take it camping, to the park, to your friend’s house, or wherever. It’s sort of a two-in-one deal since it works just fine as a regular every day grill, too. I will caution you, however, that if you regularly cook for a big crowd, this grill is probably too small for you. In that case, I’d steer you towards the Dyna-Glo.

Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB Grill

Napoleon-Prestige-P500RSIB-GrillAttention, BBQ connoisseurs. This pick is for you. I know you’re probably choking on the price right now, but I just had to include this grill in my list because Napoleon makes some of the best grills out there, and the Prestige is no exception. This grill is the only one you’ll ever need. With the high quality parts combined with excellent customer service, the Napoleon is sure to last you a very long time.

The special feature of this grill is the infrared side burner. Turn on the infrared, and the food cooks extremely fast and saves you some gas. It’s really great for searing steaks, as well. The Prestige is a four-burner model with 500 square inches of cooking space, so you have lots of room to cook for a crowd. I do have to point out that the Weber Genesis E-330 has more cooking area, but not by too much.

Why would you want the Napoleon Prestige over the Weber Genesis? The Weber is a good grill, but it’s not going to last you a lifetime. The Napoleon will. Also, the Napoleon has the cool infrared feature that gives you more flexibility with your cooking technique to get the perfect steak. If you’re just looking to cook some burgers and you don’t care about the fine precision heat this grill can provide, I’d probably save the money and go with the Weber.

Coleman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill

Coleman-RoadTrip-LXE-Propane-GrillThe last one I would like to recommend is this Coleman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill. It is very affordable and very popular. It is amazing that so many people have purchased it. On amazon, there are over 1,400 customer reviews and the average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. And the prices are generally under $200. I don’t want to say much about it. If you only need a basic one and the price is your only consideration, this is your best choice.

With all this talk about steaks and burgers, are you drooling yet? If you’re new to grilling, remember to read the grilling guide that comes with the grill you purchase to ensure good results the first time around. What works for your friend might not work for you if you’re using different grills. And using even the best gas grill, you might need some practice to get the perfect steak. My number one tip for all you grill newbies out there is to get a timer and clip it to your shirt while grilling. The greatest enemy of a perfectly cooked steak is a distracted cook! The timer has saved my steaks many times. I hope you enjoy your new grill.

Best Gas Grill Buying Guides and Tips

The process of purchasing a gas grill is often challenging and time consuming. Different features can sound good on paper but if you aren’t familiar with gas grills it can be a long and unsuccessful experience. Electric grills can make things much easier by following main ideas to make your decision much easier.

This gas grill buying guide will give you important aspects to consider when buying a grill. This guide below will help you find the best options and what you should look for.

Making Decisions

First, you need to think about what you want to cook on the grill and what your style is. Do you want to be able to grill your meat quickly or would you rather leave it on the grill and walk away?

If you’re a rookie and don’t have experience with the terminology check out Gas Grills 101 to get more familiar.

1. Research the manufacturer’s warranty

No one wants to spend more money than they need to on appliances, and most good companies will offer you maintenance or a few years to replace it if you have problems with functioning.

2. Make sure the gas grill is proportional to the size of the grill itself

A lot of grill manufacturers make a large, flashing looking grill with inadequate burners that will result in inconsistent hot and cold spots. When researching the cooking performance, make sure there’s more to it than just the overall amount of burners. It should have a great distribution across the surface as well as good BTU numbers.

3. Make sure the entire burning surface can be covered by flame taming devices

Grills can be very dangerous if salt and grease manage to damage the grill or get deep into the model. The more exposed and worn the burner is the quicker it runs out. The flame tamer should be directly over the burners and not on the side. You should be able to get maximum vaporization by evenly distributed heat across the surface. Grills that have lava rocks are generally not good quality as the heat is poorly distributed and oddly shaped.

4. Examine the materials used in the cooking grids

Most will work properly if you clean them well and are commonly stainless steel, porcelain coated and iron casted. Porcelain coated grills may tell you to clean when hot, but it isn’t a good idea as the material is more fragile the hotter it gets. By brushing or cleaning grills made of porcelain could chip, rust, and ultimately may cause the quality to diminish quickly.

5. Most grill housings and frames are long lasting and durable

Quality of construction goes hand in hand with its welding and high quality grills have fully welded, highly polished seams that are typically double lined. These commercial grade 304 stainless hoods are quality, durable, and long lasting. Your climate and environment will be a big factor in the durability of your grill and if you live on the coast and you don’t buy copper, the weather is sure to give your grill a hard time. The weather will get to every grill eventually, even stainless steel (it just takes longer), and that’s why you should invest in a good warranty. If your location gets a lot of heat and humidity a thick aluminum grill or stainless steel grill usually works better.

6. Temperature

Your meat preference will have a huge impact on the type of grill you need to get. If you want to be able to cook steak the grill will need to be able to reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit at least. The higher quality grill you get the more likely it is that it can reach higher temperatures. Steak needs to be on and off the grill as quickly as possible and it will dry out if it’s on for too long, and the better quality grill will be able to control low temperatures as well to minimize flaring.

7. Product Reviews

Shopping for a grill is very time consuming and you shouldn’t do it all on your own. Look for key features, and read up on the most popular models to get an idea of what is popular and performing well. View some on our Gas Grill Reviews page.

Top 5 Best Indoor Electric Grills Reviews

An electric grill can be a great way to cook indoors and still get that “grilled” effect for your meals. Some of the best electric grills started out being designed just to cook burgers or other frozen patties, but they have evolved over the years to include some amazing options. Electric grills are a simple appliance and they can be great for small apartments or homes that don’t have a backyard or area to grill out in.

Grills work by heating from the top and bottom, they usually have a grill or press that you put the food onto before covering. There are actually several types of electric grills on the market today. The best electric grills combine these features and make it easy to cook indoors. You can even do steaks on some of them!

As far as modern appliances go, the electric grill takes up less space and uses just a small amount of electricity when compared to traditional ovens. In fact, having a grill can actually save you money in the long run if you cut back on using your stove. They cook meals quickly too, which is another added benefit. You can cook almost anything on an electric grill! They truly are a versatile cooking appliance.

Best Indoor Electric Grill

The following article will review some of the best indoor electric grills on the market today and discuss the variety of options available to you. This particular list also highlights models that have drip pans to ensure healthy cooking. By allowing food to cook and not “soak” in its own fat, you get a much healthier alternative to your meals. The grills also come with temperature control for improved cooking techniques and overall control of how you cook your meal.

Indoor Electric grills can be great for camping too! Because they’re small, you can easily pack them and use them anywhere you have a dedicated power source.

George Foreman GRP1060B 4 Serving Removable Plate Grill

George-Foreman-GRP1060B-Serving-RemovableThis best indoor electric grill is probably the model you think of when you hear “electric grill”. This is one of the most popular models available and every other grill tries to copy it. The Foreman is large enough to cook for a family of four however larger sizes are available. The nice thing about this grill is that it is consistent, and it cooks well and cleans up easily. One thing that makes it a popular choice is just how easy it cooks and how well it does its job. The grill can do everything. All you need is your imagination and some ingredients. Cleaning the grill is a breeze too, thanks to the removable grill plates. They are made to go into the dishwasher but you can also clean them by hand. It is top electric grill in our review and sure to make a hit in your kitchen.

Brentwood TS-640 Indoor Electric BBQ Grill

Brentwood-TS-640-Indoor-Electric-GrillThis Best Indoor Electric BBQ Grill is another great electric grill option and it is one that isn’t well known in the market. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a great choice though. This grill features a plate with grates, and it replicates the grill marks you’d see from a traditional outdoor grill to give you steak or burgers the perfect sear. There is also a flat top to give you more options. The temperature is fully customizable via a control. The Brentwood offers amazing versatility and it easy to both use and clean. Even if you have an outdoor grill, you may find yourself switching over to the electric. It’s a great option if the weather is bad and you can’t get outside to cook.

MaxiMatic EMG-980R Elite Gourmet Electric Indoor Grill

MaxiMatic-EMG-980R-Gourmet-Electric-14-InchThis best grill is a durable, indoor grill that has a traditional shape. The grill is circular much like an old charcoal grill but with all the benefits of electricity. You will even get a little bit of sear from the cooking surface. The grill is large with a temperature dial that gives you several options depending on the meal you’re cooking.

Like a traditional grill, it’s open on top. This means your food will cook a single side at a time. There is a cover but you’ll need to remove it periodically and flip whatever item you place on the grill to ensure it cooks all the way through. This particular model is efficient but also takes a little time to pre-heat. It is still a great option though.

T-fal GC702 OptiGrill Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Grill

t-fal-gc702d-optigrill-stainless-steel-indoor-electric-grillThis best indoor grill is about as “set it and forget it” as you can get for an electric grill. The model has a customized pre-set option for several types of food or protein. You can even set the grill for cooking temperatures like rare or medium and the grill will alert you when it reaches that specific temperature. The grill is flexible enough to press sandwiches too! It has some amazing options and is easy to clean. It is also a little more compact than some of the other grills on this list, so it is easier to store. The grill is dishwasher safe but can also be hand-cleaned. The cost is higher, but the features of the grill outweigh the price point.

Procter-Silex 25218 Compact Grill

Hamilton-Beach-25218-Procter-Silex-CompactThis indoor grill is the perfect starter grill, especially if you’re not sure if you’re that into grilling in the first place and just want to give it a try. It is an economical choice as well. This grill is great for a single lady or a couple. It is the perfect size for dinner for two. The grill has an easy to clean surface but you cannot take the plates off to clean them. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles from some of the previous models in the list but the Procter-Silex will work as needed and make delicious meals.

What to Look For When Buying Electric Grills

Electric grills use hot coils for heat that are often made of alloy mixed of nickel and chromium called nichrome. The nichrome will heat up after resisting a flow of a current through the grill and will glow. With companies like George Foreman, Weber, Grundig, Cuisinart, and Char-Broil will claim that their devices are grills they are more accurately described as a low temperature grill or Panini press.

A few have surfaces with ridges to prevent drips, crumbs and to add flavor. The griddle like design is created to prevent food from falling into the machine and will produce dark brown lines similar to grilling marks. These models can do most of these things but are not a stand-alone grill. They are essentially electric frying pans but you will need an outlet to make them work. They advertise the ability to take them anywhere you will need a long extension cord to make it happen. Here are some of the things to look for and consider when looking for an electric grill.

Easy and quick start. The electric grills will be up to grilling temperature in a few minutes.

Temperature control. The dial easily changes the temperature and can range up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit but rarely above that. The models with a higher temperature range will cost more and the quality of meat you will get from using it is relatively low.

Timer. Great for users who don’t have a full kitchen with a timer.

Price. Most models can be found for under $200.

Size. Most are very compact and can be easily stored on balconies and porches. Some apartments will only allow small grills and this is a good option to pursue since most are under 200 square inches and can cook up to barely 10 burgers or so. Great for individual cooking or gatherings but not large enough for big events.

Non-stick. Some models come with non-stick griddle surfaces with a smooth surface on one side and ridged on the other. These are really easy to clean and can often have parts detach that are dishwasher safe. This is a convenient feature for many who don’t want to spend too much time cleaning around the edges.

TOP 5 Best Shower Filters Reviews

The best shower filter help you get clean water at your fingertips!

best shower filterChlorine widely exists in our drinking water because of water chlorination which is widely used by most water treatment companies to keep our water free of disease and germs. This why the tap water tastes and smells bad. Until now, nothing is found to replace chlorine due to its high efficiency and effectiveness. As a disinfection, water chlorination has some disadvantages. Like I said first, it makes our water smell and taste bad. What’s worse, its byproducts are harmful to our health. However, water companies don’t filtered out these disinfectant byproducts completely. If you drink water which contains contaminants, in the long run, it is really a threat to our health. This is why more and more people buy a water filter to filter out them and get pure water to drink and cook.

If you need to remove the bad odor and other contaminants from the tap water, you can buy a reverse osmosis system and install it under your sink. However, it is not enough and we need to avoid contacting to these disinfectant byproducts, because according to the research, our body can absorb these harmful disinfectant byproducts while we are taking a shower. For example, if we take a 10-minute shower, the amount of disinfectant byproducts our body may absorb is more than drinking 1 litter tap water. Many researches have shown that many diseases like bowel and colon cancer are related to disinfection byproducts. Chlorine also has ability to strip natural protective oils in our hair and skin. Our skin and hair will be dried out and become weaker, and finally lose body and color. In a world, these disinfection byproducts are really a serious threat to our health. If you often suffer from eczema, the reason may be the water we use.

Therefore, we need disease-free water to drink, cook and take a shower. A shower filter is used to remove these harmful chlorination byproducts and protect our hair, skin and health.

What is a shower filter?

A shower filter is a water filter that is used to filter the water while taking a shower. It may attach to the pips that connect to the shower, or to the shower head, depending the design. It cannot only remove these harmful disinfection byproducts but also other contaminants in our water. For example, we can use it to soften our water to reduce calcification caused by hard water. You know hard water is also a threat to our skin and hair.

Why do we need a shower filter?

  • Enjoy a healthier shower. If you have such a filter, there is less chlorine and other harmful disinfection byproducts. This means you absorb less contaminants, ensure you have much healthier shower.
  • Protect your skin and hair. Our skin and hair are a little acidic, while chlorine is a little alkaline. Therefore, the reaction between acid and alkaline will dry out our skin and hair, because the protective old on our skin and hair are removed. If you want to protect your hair and skin, you should use a shower filter to get rid of chlorine.
  • Make water gentler. If the tap water is in a high level of chlorine, it will irritate our skin and eyes. This is so bad for young kids as well as eczema suffers. Therefore, use a filter to make the water gentler to our eyes and skin.
  • Remove bad odors. Such a filter also can remove the odors cause by chlorine and its byproducts. Once you have installed it, you will notice the difference. The water without chlorine smells nice.

How to find the best shower filter?

When you are looking for a shower head filter, you need to pay attention to something important.

  • Which type of filters to choose? There are 2 types: Go KDF and Vitamin C. They all can remove chlorine from your water. You can choose any of them. For me, I prefer a Go KDF one.
  • How long it can last? All the filters cannot last forever without replacing filters. Generally, they can last 6 months, and some may last 1 year or longer. How long it can last depends on the filter itself and how long you showers are. Generally, they can filter a certain amount of gallons of water. If your shower time exceeds this number, you need to change your filter.
  • The cost and availability of replacement filters. Every 6 months or longer, you need to change the filter. If the replacement filters are difficult to get, you cannot replace it as soon as possible. And if the cost of replacement filters is expensive, you will cost more money on them. Therefore, before buying one, you need to understand the availability and cost of these replacement filters.
  • Check Customer Reviews and choose a reputable brand. You can check other’s reviews and decide whether it is the best one. I think nobody wants to choose one with ordinary sand or marbles. You also can choose a famous brand. Generally, their products are more reliable.

Top 5 best shower filter

If you are looking for the best shower  filter and feel difficult to choose from, the following top 5 best shower filters can help you. There were chosen due to their performance, availability, ease-of-use, prices, ratings and customer reviews.

Culligan WSH-C125 Wall-Mount 10,000 Gallon Capacity Filtered Showerhead

Culligan-WSH-C125-Filtered-ShowerheadThis model is very affordable. It has a long filter life and has been certified by NSF. The installation is very easy and this one is one of the most popular ones on the market. The price is under $30. It is difficult to find one with both performance and lower price. Also Culligan is a great company you can trust.

Sprite HO2-WH-M Universal Shower Filter and 3 Setting Shower Head

Sprite-HO2-WH-M-Shower-HeadThis model has an extended filter life because of their reversible nature. This means it allows you to flip the cartridge and reinstall it. When checking customer reviews, most of them think this filter is effective o reduce chlorine.

WaterChef SF-7C-PC Premium Shower Filtration System

WaterChef-SF-7C-PC-Premium-Shower-Filtration-SystemThis WaterChef SF-7C-PC seems a little expensive. However, as a versatile filter, it can provide excellent water filtration. You can use it as a hand shower and you also use it as a fixed showerhead. What’s more, it uses BPA-free and PCV-free materials, which means there is no plastic smells. The filter cartridge can last for 6 months for an average use.

Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System with Adjustable Showerhead

Aquasana-AQ-4100-Deluxe-Shower-Water-Filter-SystemActually ,this one has a 3-stage filter which 91% of the chlorine in our tap water. Although it seems a little larger, it really can offer great performance. However, if the space between the showerhead and wall is small, you may have trouble with fitment. You need to check the space to avoid this problem.

Culligan RDSH-C115 RainDisc Showerhead with Filter

Culligan-RDSH-C115-RainDisc-Showerhead-with-FilterThis is another showerhead filter from Culligan. This best shower filter features an affordable price. And it is certified by NSF that it is able to remove up to 97% of chlorine and its byproducts in your tap water. Other features such as ease-of-use, easy installation and good filter longevity make it deserve to try.

Buying Guides and Tips for Shower Water Filters

A shower water filter is a perfect addition to the home. Simply installing the shower filter provides clean water to wash for the family member with sensitivity issues. Alternatives are the whole house water filter systems or water softener systems, but they are rather expensive.

There are a variety of showerhead brands that offer the built-in or inline water filters. Most have the ability to easily remove odors, dirt and chlorine. Plus, the more advanced can alter the pH levels and soften the water, which is similar to using a proper water softener unit. For the family that wants to protect and improve their skin and hair, the shower water filter is a worthwhile investment.

Inline vs. built-in filters

Here is an overview of the two different types of shower water filters:

Inline water filters

The inline water filter is installed just before the shower head. The filter is separate from the actual showerhead. This means there is no reason to replace the existing unit. Most of the inline filters are built to be compact in size.

One issue with this type of filter is the likelihood of lowering the height of the showerhead. This isn’t likely to be practical for the taller person. A workaround for this is to relocate the shower to a higher level. But, if that isn’t feasible, the inline filter may not be the idea option. Also, there is the option of installing a shower arm extension to give a little extra height.

Built-in showerhead filters

The built-in showerhead filters are an all-in-one unit. The showerhead and filter act as the water filtration system. There are a lot less filters of this nature compared to the inline filters. But, they do give very positive results and may be the most effective option for purifying the shower water. Plus, the built-in showerhead filters are often designed with multiple spray patterns, such as massaging, for the more relaxed shower experience. This filter system is already built in, so won’t take up extra space or have a negative impact of the height of the shower arm. It is usually the most practical choice for showers that are already at their lowest height and not suitable for installing the inline water filters.

Where to Buy

While a local home improvement or hardware store is likely to have a few shower water filters in stock, they aren’t always the best choice. A reason for this is the limited filter brands and models which doesn’t give a complete appreciation of what is available in the market. So, for the widest selection of filters it may be worth shopping online. Plus, the online stores make it easy to read and check reviews and to easily identify the most promising choices.

Replacement filters

A major concern with the shower water filters is the cost of the replacement filters. On average, a filter has the ability to last between 6 to 12 months. However, this varies with the frequency of shower use. Also, the low water flow showerhead can further extend the usable life of the filter.

We have been able to find the best shower water filters in the market. Choose one that matches the specific needs and has the shower experience that is kinder to the sensitive skin and hair.

Top 5 Best Foosball Tables Reviews

best foosball tableWhen it comes to Foosball table, it is really an elegant game. I like its simplicity because everyone knows how to pay. It is really a funny game for recreation rooms and sports bars for generations. However, when you plan to buy a table for your family den or fraternity house, there are some important buying tips you should understand to make a wise decision.

How to choose the best one?

  • The one you want to buy must be made from high quality materials. Therefore, the high quality of the Foosball men,  game cabinet, rods and playing surface are very important. Buying such a table is really pricey. It is really a considerable financial investment. Therefore, it must last a long time.
  • Choose the Foosball men with pointed feet which are opposed to round. This can improve the stability for better control.
  • The rods should be much lighter, so you can move it faster to give more speed on your ball. The rods should be hollow. The material should be machine grade steel.
  • Table’s surface is also very important. It should be smooth and hard. The cabinet materials should be composite materials or strong wood.
  • The weight is also important. The heavier, the better. This is because that can keep it firmly in place and make gameplay stay consistent.
  • Other considerations such as adjustable legs, wooden or rubber grip handles as well as ball return placement are also very important. And keep away from particle board in any part of the Foosball table.

Just remember these parts should be top notch.

Top 5 best Foosball tables

If you are planning to buy a Foosball table, you may feel it is difficult to decide which one to choose from. The following top 5 best Foosball tables were chosen according to standards above and you can choose one of them, shortening your searching time.

Bonzini B90 Foosball Table

Bonzini-B90-Foosball-TableAll the features on the B90 are amazing. The telescoping rods are made of chrome plated ground steel. Unlike other models, these rods don’t extend out of the opposite side of the cabinet. This one is also a compact one, saving space for you. It also has a safety measure and you don’t need to worry about your kids who might get injured due to a protruding rod sliding out. The handles are also interchangeable, so you can change them according to your gripping preference. The cabinet is also made of solid Beechwood and it comes in 2 different colors to choose from. It is the most special table on this list. Under the looks, there is something valuable. Its playability is terrific. The figurines are made of metal and have a curved foot that enables you to have firm command of the ball. Therefore, you can easily pass these guys. These feet are able to play with Bonzini’s select raw cork ball. Compared with urethane, this design can give it more grip. In a word, this one is a great model you can trust.

2014 Warrior Classic Foosball Table

2014-Warrior-Classic-Foosball-TableThis is a new model of Warrior Classic Foosball table. It has all the characteristics which make their tables so perfect for the game. Even the United States and International Table Soccer Federations recognize its great performance. It is perfect for both beginners and advanced players because of its durability. It is durable enough, so it is ok even after hours upon hours of abuse. Its accurate design allows you to easily control the ball. The table is easy to assemble. Its rods also have special guards which are useful to prevent injuries during moving in and out the opposite sides of the table. Each rod is designed with an ergonomic profile, which is comfortable to hold. And the rods are made of durable synthetic rubber, so you don’t need to worry about splitting, cracking or bending problems. The rods are made of 14mm solid chrome. It is thin enough to help you easily control them, which can increase the torque of the shot and allow you to easily speed your Foosball men. The Foosball men are also well-designed and well-built, making you easily control them. What’s more, a 3-year warranty is included. Therefore, it deserves to have.

Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball Table

Tornado-Tournament-3000-Foosball-TableThis Tornado Tournament 3000 is definitely one of the best Foosball tables on the market. Each facet is high quality. Both the playing field and cabinet are aluminum brushed laminated. The rods are made from bend-resistant steel. The rods are equipped with thin, 3-piece competition style bearings which allow you to control the ball easily. This means this design allows you to make your players much closer to the sidewalls, so that you can easily block shots. Counterbalanced Foosball men have been designed for better ball contact, improving passing and shot accuracy. Interchangeable playing handles are color coded. This means they are in compliance with tournament play. This table also has tournament style score counters. This table is stationary and solid, because it uses commercial grade legs. Therefore, if you wan to buy one for tournament play, you can select this.

Garlando G-500 Weatherproof Soccer Table

Garlando-G-500-Weatherproof-Soccer-TableThe Garlando G-500 is well-built and durable. It is also very easy to assemble. Basically, you only need to slap on the legs, the rods and bearings. So easy, isn’t it? After putting all together, you will find how great it is. The rods slid consistently and quickly. They telescope safely, preventing injuries from protrusions. The Foosball men have been permanently modeled to the rods, making them unbreakable. What’s more, it is also a waterproofed one, so you can make it for outdoor use.

Dynamo Blaster Foosball Table

Dynamo-Blaster-Foosball-TableIf you need an entry-level table, you can choose this best foosball table. This doesn’t mean it is not a terrific table. Actually, it is well-built and it weighs 205 lbs. It is sturdy and durable. Its 3/4” playing surface and 1” thick MDF cabinet are all coated in a melamine finish, which can protect the table. It is ideal for dorm or home use. If you are a casual player, you will not notice the difference between an entry-level table and a professional table.

Buying Guide for the best Foosball Tables

A foosball table can be hours of fun for the family. But, it is important to shop for the right style, design and build to match the specific needs. Why not read our buying guide for foosball tables to find one that meets all of your needs.

Intended use

A significant point to consider relates to the intended use of the foosball table. The perfect table can set the right tone for family fun and careful thought should be given to the different features. For instance, for the family with small children, it is critical to hunt for the small edition of the foosball table. Also, color and design of the table can be more aimed on the younger players.

But, for the business interested in commercial use, a foosball table is certain to get a lot of heavy play, so a more solidly built table is worth the extra investment. By carefully considering the intended use, you will be in a much better position to find a foosball table that matches the specific needs.


The size and dimension of the foosball table relate to the overall space for playing. For instance, a large table at 42-inches in length is a practical and comfortable for 4 players. The size of the table should match the kids and adults wishing to play. A small table can leave players constantly waiting turns which may start to get quite frustrating over time. Also, the height of the table can have a negative impact on play if it is too short for adults or too high for kids. Try to match the size of the table to the intended users.


The build material and construction are serious considerations. Firstly, the build material will impact the sturdiness of the table. The most solid materials are metal or wood. But they are likely to be quite a bit more expensive than the alternatives in plastic. A mid-range table can include those in pressboard or other composite materials. This is typically strong enough to handle frequent use – although the specific thickness of the wood can vary.

The foosball tables constructed in a low-quality material is more inclined to have playability issues. For instance, the playing rods may not rotate smoothly, or the playing surface has lumps and bumps that prevent the flowing movement of the ball. It can be difficult to know the durability of a particular type of table without playing on it first. So, make sure to carefully consider the table’s construction and go with the build that will easily stand up to the intended play. If a foosball table appears really cheap, there may be a reason for this, such as low-quality materials.


The intended location of the foosball table is an important consideration. Make sure to identify the space in the home or business before starting the shopping process. When a preferred space is found, make sure to take measurements for not only the actual table, but also consider the players standing at the sides. Buying a table that is just a little too big for the intended space is certain to be quite frustrating. Once the measurements are known, you are in a better position to know which tables are available to purchase.

Try to be quite generous with the measurements. There is of course the need to consider the extra space for the rods moving in and out. It may even help to visualize how well the table will look in a particular room. It rarely helps to try squeezing a foosball table into a space that is only just about big enough for the table. Make sure the playing space is spacious and comfortable and gives the freedom for players to actively use the rods on both sides of the table. Also, read the description of each table to determine whether the dimensions mentioned relate to the table with or without the rods.


Some foosball tables have more usability and safety features than others. Safety is certain to be of importance for the tables intended for the children. One area to look at is the rods. The more child-friendly tables have rods with protectors on the end to avoid issues with fingers getting caught. Plus, a ball recovery system is useful to avoid having to reach into the table to retrieve the ball.

Safety is always a major concern in the work environment. So the foosball table needs to be carefully placed in a work setting that isn’t likely to cause harm to employees. The safety rules should apply to any location where the foosball table is used outside the home. A reason for this is that injuries in a place of work or other commercial setting can lead to legal difficulties.


The aesthetics of the foosball table is certain to be an important aspect for many. With such a wide range of designs and styles for these tables, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty in finding something that matches the needs. Many tables include fun graphics and sleek designs. Plus, the actual foosball players can be painted with the traditional red and blue peg style to the more distinct and unique colors. The look and design is simply down to personal choice. With such a range of choices, finding the right table can be a fun and enjoyable experience.

Final remarks

Most would-be foosball table owners aren’t aware of the wide-ranging choices until they start looking. When you start to review the different makes and styles, make sure to invest a little time on reading the table description and other relevant information. This should give a complete overview of what is offered. Simply by reading through a bullet point list, it is possible to see something that could make a complete deal breaker or something that you absolutely love. Make sure to know what you are getting from a foosball table before making the final commitment to purchase.

Top 9 Best Rain Boots for Women

A strong and rugged pair of rain boots is must have for the winter season to avoid getting drenched. With the arrival of rain and snow, a pair of high-quality rain boots come in handy and helps to ensure your personal safety and health. But, not all women want to wear plain boots. Of course, there is the option to go with the more appealing and glitzy footwear for the winter season.

Best Rain Boots for Women

If you are looking for the best boots for women, the following are a few of the best rain boots for women in the market.

The Original MuckBoots Adult Chore Hi-Cut Boot

best boots for womenThe Original MuckBoots by Muck Boot are a stylish and popular pair of rain boots. The boots are made of 50% nylon and 50% rubber. This natural blend helps to give greater strength and durability. This rain boot is imported and has a heel measurement of 1 inch and a rubber sole. The platform measurement is approx 17.75 inches and the shaft measurement is 15.5 inches. This rain boot is different to others in that it extends higher than the ankle area. The full height of the boots gives extra warmth protection in cold weather. Plus, this makes sure the feet are kept free of mud and water. Even though this is a lightweight pair of boots, they are still able to give heavy-duty protection. Beyond the tall shaft, the boots have a gathered collar, a breathable lining, heel area and a reinforced Achilles toe.

Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Saltwater Rope Emboss Neoprene Rain Boot

Sperry-Top-Sider-Womens-Saltwater-PrintsThe Sperry Top-Sider women’s boot is made of a 100% synthetic material. Additionally, the sole is also a synthetic material. This construction is certain to give the long-term support, usability and protection. The boot has a shaft measurement of approx 6.25 inch from the arch. The platform measurement is 12.25 inches and the heel is 0.5 inches. It is a duck boot that provides a great feeling of comfort. The Sperry Top-Sider boots are available in multiple colors (navy blue, black, brown, green, etc.) to give the option of matching with other outdoor wear. This pair of women’s rain boots is a practical choice for those seeking the cost-effective and simple options.

Muck Boot Women’s Arctic Adventure Tall Snow

Original-Muck-Boot-Company-AdventureThe Women’s Arctic Adventure by Muck Boot is perfect for the person that easily feels the cold. They have a stretchy fabric build and made out of a rubber material to give great comfort and flexibility in use. A pull-on loop is available to not only help put the boot on, but also to carry them without getting mud or dirt on the hands. The boots have useful 4mm neoprene insulation. This insulation is great for keeping the feet warm and comfortable on the cold morning walks. The outsole of the boots is built to be ultra lightweight. This gives complete comfort when walking and avoids issues with pressure. It is available to buy in a choice of designs and colors. So, it is possible to buy these boots that easily go with other items in the winter wardrobe. Plus, these women’s boots are great at shredded debris to avoid tracking mud into the home. Also, this is useful for minimizing issues with cleaning after use.

Timberland Women’s 6″ Premium Boot

Timberland-Womens-6-Inch-Premium-WheatSpecifically built for women’s feet, the Women’s Premium by Timberland have the ability to give a perfect fit. These 6 inch boots maintain the classical Timberland style. The boots are designed with anti-fatigue technology, which is an exclusive feature to help improve comfort. They are both dependable and sturdy. The boots are made using high-quality and waterproof leather. So, there is no need to worry about cold or wet feet in the winter. The boots are finished with an outsole in rugged rubber to give great traction and durability. This is useful in times of walking on wet or slippery surfaces, and significantly reduces the risk of falling over. Plus, the real leather of these boots and synthetic sole help to create complete comfort step after step.

Hunter Original Short Gloss Womens Boots – WFS1000RGL GRA

Hunter-Womens-Original-Short-GraphiteThe Original Short Gloss by Hunter is certain to stand out with the stylish and glossy finish. This is a high-quality pair of women’s boots and made of 100% leather to give long-term durability and strength. The boots have a rubber sole to give dependable traction. This helps to minimize issues with slipping on difficult surfaces. The shaft measures approx 10 inch from the arch. The heel height is about 1 inch. The opening of the boot is measured at about 15.25 inches. A great quality of these Original Short Gloss boots is the durability. They are built to provide long-term use and performance. Plus, with the waterproof construction, you have the reassurance that your feet will stay dry and warm even in times of heavy snow and rain.

Sam Edelman Women’s Tinsleyoot

Sam-Edelman-Womens-Tinsley-RainStylish and comfortable, the Women’s Tinsley Rain Boot by Sam Edelman is really worth a close look. They are likely to be at the top of the list of most stylish boots for women. They are available in a choice of colors including white, black, blue and dove gray. The boots are created in a synthetic material. The boots have a rubber sole to not only give great comfort, but also avoid slipping on the wet floor surfaces. These women’s boots are imported and feature a padded foot-bed for extra relief when taking the long hike. The build of these rain boots gives great warmth and comfort and certain to appeal when out in difficult weather. A great quality of the boots is the luxurious look; this is complemented by the affordable price.

Womens Snow Boot Nylon

Womens-Snow-Boot-NylonThe Women’s Snow Boot by Polar Products is a stylish and fashionable choice. They easily create a great head-turner in the winter. These tall rain/snow boots are made using a synthetic material and include a rubber sole unit. The measurement of the shaft is 11 inches from the arch. The top of the shaft has a fur cuff and styled with a mid-calf lace up design. They are highly attractive boots and available in a choice of colors, including the versatile black. This means they are easily worn with most outfits and outdoor wear. Brown, beige, gray textile and white suede are a few of the other popular colors for these boots. They have a rich fur lining. This gives great comfort and warmth on even the chilly mornings. A further great quality is the waterproof construction. This provides long-term duration and strength and means there is less likelihood of damage.

Kamik Women’s Olivia

Kamik-Women-OliviaLow-cost, yet reliable, the Women’s Olivia Rain Boots by Kamik are a practical choice for the winter wardrobe. This pair of rain boots has plenty of useful features. They are manufactured in a synthetic material and imported. A similar synthetic material is used for the sole. This gives a decent amount comfort when walking. These tall boots have a shaft length of approx 13.5 inches from the arch. This provides a useful amount of protection from the wet, cold and dirt. The platform measurement is 0.5 inches and the heel is 1 inch. Plus, the boot opening is in the region of 15 inches around. These rain boots have been given a decorative side buckle to create the most stylish footwear. They are fitted with a comfortable footbed that is easily removed. A benefit of this is the ability to keep the feet warm and comfortable even on the coldest days. Additionally, the rain boots come in a variety of colors, such as black, berry, green, charcoal and navy. So, you have the choice of selecting the boots that complement your taste in fashion.

Women’s Waterproof Boot by Sorel

Sorel-Women-s-Waterproof-BootThe Women’s Waterproof Boots by Sorel are one of the most appealing choices in this category. The boots are manufactured in real leather. This is appreciated for its stylish and durable looks and all-round build quality. Just by looking at these waterproof boots, you can see the class of the footwear. Plus, the boots are finished with a rubber sole. This is great to give extra traction and avoids issues with slipping on a wet surface. This is certain to mean fewer mishaps throughout the rainy and snowy season. Also, the boots have a very stylish design and stand out from most of the alternatives. Style features include the side embossed logo, a lace-up vamp, and seam-sealed construction. These Sorel boots also have a herringbone texture to provide a higher level of traction and support when walking.

Top 5 Best Faucet Water Filters Reviews – Get Filtered Water at Your Fingertips

best faucet filterIf you think an under sink water filter is expensive, you can consider a faucet water filter which is really an inexpensive alternative to a RO system. Such a filter can provide you with clean and safe filtered water once you turn on the tap. It is very convenient to use, because you don’t need to keep track of filling up dispensers or pitchers and you can easily attach it to your faucet without paying much to hire a professional to install. If you don’t have enough under sink space, a faucet water filter is your best choice.

However, they are prone to leaking due to improper installation or age. And water flow from them will become more and more slowly. This means you need to change the filter quite often. Even though the initial buying cost is small, the maintenance cost is relatively high due to the replacement filters. What’s worse, if you want to use hot water but forget to switch it off, the hot water will damage it and shorten its lifespan. Therefore, you should choose the best one for your faucet.

Actually, there are some models that do their best to overcome these problems. Of course, they are well-designed and well-manufactured. They are all from great companies which specialize in water treatment devices, including PUR, Brita, GE and Culligan. You can trust them because of their huge sales every day.

The following top 5 best faucet water filters were selected because of the following features:

  • They all have a switch to allow you to change between regular tap water and filtered water, extending the filters’ lifespan.
  • Good water flow- they all have good water flow, so they can quickly fill up a large container without waiting too long.
  • Easy installation – They are all easy to install, without any knowledge or tools.
  • Affordability – They are all affordable and the prices are under $50.

We also consider other factors, such as ratings, customer reviews etc.

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter

Culligan-FM-15A-Faucet-FilterIf you are looking for the most popular model with an affordable price, the Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter is definitely your best choice. It offers its excellent basic performance. The price is only under $20. It is also very easy to install and use. Culligan is a famous company and their products are all high quality. This best faucet filter is worth to have.

DuPont WFFM350XCH Faucet Mount Water Filter

DuPont-WFFM350XCH-Faucet-Mount-Water-FilterThis is an advanced filter. It has an electronic display which can tell you how many gallons of water it has offered. This also can tell you when you need to change the filter. As a 4-stage filter, it can provide you with clean and safe water to drink and cook.

PUR FM-3500B Advanced Faucet Mount Water Filter

PUR-FM-3500B-Water-FilterMany users said this model has a relatively shorter life than other models in this list. However, it is said that it has better water purification capabilities. It is able to remove up to 61 types of contaminants. It can offer up to 100 gallons of crystal clean filtered water. Generally, it can last 2 to 3 months on a regular basis. It also has a Led indicator to tell you when you need to change its filter. What’s more, it is easy to install and use. This model can offer you crisp, refreshing tasting water.

WaterPik Instapure F2C Faucet Filter System

WaterPik-Instapure-F2C-Faucet-Filter-SystemThis filtration system is very affordable. For under $20, It is certified by ANSI/NSF for the reduction of chlorine, improving the taste and odor. What’s more, it comes with a chrome and clear finish. The installation is also very straightforward without any tools. If you need a filter to reduce bad odor and taste from chlorine, this one is perfect.

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter

Culligan-FM-25-Faucet-Mount-FilterThis model is similar to FM-15A, but it comes with a chrome finish which can match the interior of many kitchens. The compact design doesn’t take up much space. The installation is also very simple, without any tools. It can effectively remove bad odor and taste, as well as other contaminants.

How to install a faucet water filter

These days, more and more people become more health conscious. And choosing which type of water to drink really matters. In the past, people might think bottled water was the most healthy and cleanest water to drink. However, bottled water is not thought to be as pure as it seems and it may contain harmful plastics. Plus, it is a little pricey in the long run. Therefore, if you ask me which types of pure water is considered to be good at a good price, my answer is filtered water filtered by a faucet water filter.

Many people would not like to purchase a faucet water filter, because they think the installing process is a little complicated and paying someone to install is also costly. However, on the contrary, installing a faucet mounted filter is so easy and you can do it yourself without hiring someone to do it.

The following steps will help you learn how to quickly and easily install a faucet filter in your kitchen.

1. Shut off the water supply

Generally, no water will come out from a faucet if it is not turned on. However, you’d better shut off the water valves (both cold and hot water valves) before installing a filter. And you can easily find these valves under the sink.

2. Remove the faucet aerator

Generally, there is a threaded aerator on the end of a faucet. Water will finally come out from the aerator. And the aerator should be removed. You need to use a cloth to wrap around, and this can protect the faucet. And then you can use a pipe wrench to loosen it. At last, you can spin the loosened aerator easily by hand.

3. Clean Seal/threads

The next step is to remove any possible residue off the threads which are located on the end of your faucet. And it is highly recommended to add a wrap or 2 of Teflon tape around these threads, which is helpful to seal them better after the faucet water filter has been installed.

4. Taking out all the Parts and check if an adapter is needed

And it is time to open the faucet filter package and take out all the parts. You can lay them on a cloth on your counter top. And you also need to check the sink faucet threads. If an adapter is needed, you need to use an adapter piece that is included in the faucet filter kit.

5. Install faucet attachment piece

Before installing, it is a good idea to look at the instructions coming with the filter. Mostly, you can find a diagram there. The diagram will tell you how to install a faucet filter and which piece should be threaded onto the faucet itself. And you need to make sure the water bottle which contains a cartridge filter is not attached.

6. Attach other parts

The next step is to attach the water bottle, and other necessary parts should also be attached.

7. Test

The final step is to check if there is any leaking problem. And the water flow should be smooth from the filter. If there is any problem, check and solve it.

In the end

So the whole process is not so complicated as some people might imagine. And you can do it yourself with a few easy steps.

The Advantages of Faucet Water Filters

  • Purer water – The ability to purify and clean the water can vary with the different faucet water filters. The basic purpose of every water filter is to eliminate the toxins or contaminants in the water to leave clean, odorless water that’s more pleasing to use or drink on a day-to-day basis.
  • Cost-effective to run -For the families living in areas with low-quality tap water, it becomes necessary to buy bottled water to fulfill their daily needs. Even though the water filter has the initial cost and needs replacement filters every so often, this piece of kit has the ability to provide a continuous supply of crisp, clean water in the home. Over the long-term, this has the potential to save a lot of money.
  • Very convenient – A family that has a regular supply of clean water is more likely to drink plain water instead of other less healthy drinks throughout the course of the day. Plus, it completely removes the time and effort needed to buy bottled water from elsewhere.
  • Less stains or marks – Filtered water is a lot friendlier to your kitchenware and less likely to leave behind stains or other marks. Whether it is glasses or cutlery, everything in the kitchen will look cleaner and more appealing. Stains left by unfiltered water are a concern to many, this simply means less needs to be done to maintain the kitchen.
  • Take control of the filtering – Some people might not be inclined to use the filters because they believe it will be a permanent addition to the home. But, this isn’t the case. These filter systems are easily removed from the faucet as and when required. In many cases, it is simply a process of pushing a button or turning a dial.

Buying guide for faucet water filters

  • Brand name – Conduct your due diligence and research the different filter systems. Read reviews to see which has the features and qualities to match the needs of your home. If a filter looks the part, but constantly leaks, this particular model isn’t worth the time and effort. Go with one that is highly rated and receives favorable comments for customer service.
  • Reliability – A faucet water filter system is required to filter water on a daily basis, which can mean hundreds of gallons over its lifespan. So, a reliable system is a must-have. Use online reviews and customer testimonials to find the best options in the market.
  • Build material – Make sure to check the build material of the water filter. The high-quality units tend to be built in metal. In general, the metal-based systems are believed to filter better and grip tighter. A benefit of this is a noticeable reduction in leaks.
  • Compatibility – The filter system must be at a size that is compatible with the existing setup of your kitchen. Not all of the filters will fit the tiny facets, so check the size before making a commitment to make a purchase. Also, make sure to include a relevant adapter or connector if needed.

Top 5 Best Electric Drills Reviews

best electric drillWhen it comes to working on a DIY project or constructing a house, an electric drill is an essential hand tool in your toolbox. Without it, you will find it is difficult to finish your job, because it is one of the most versatile tools. You may think they are merely good enough for hole makers or sophisticated screwdrivers, but they are also used to polish, sand and grind materials, ensuring that you can get your project done fast. Generally, most electric drills are cordless drills. They are powered by rechargeable batteries. Compared to corded ones, they are more convenient to use, because you can use it anywhere even if there is no a plug nearby.

There are plenty of drills and TOP 5 BEST is here to help you find the top 5 best electric drills on the market. You can choose one of them as your essential partner.

What Is an Electric Drill?

An electric drill is a handheld tool which is powered by a motor. It can be used to attach two types of bit – driver bit and drill bit. The bit is attached on its chuck. A driver bit can drive screws which can make materials fastened together quickly. If you have hundreds of screws to fasten, a screwdriver will delay your job. In this situation, you will find a drill can help you get your job done much faster. When you attach the drill bit on its chuck, you can use it to bore holes into many different materials and you will find boring a hole is a so easy job.

As I said before, there are two types of drills, corded and cordless. Cordless drills can give you much freedom and portability to do your job, because they are powered by rechargeable batteries and don’t need to connect to the electrical outlet while working. More and more people now have bought electric drills as their main handheld drills.

However, this is not to say corded electric drills are useless. Although they are limited to the distance between them and the nearest electrical outlets, you don’t need to worry about running out of power while working. What’s more, they can use more powerful motor, so they are sometimes much more powerful than cordless drills.

On the market, there are so many different models different from speeds and power levels. Therefore, it is important to know which type of your tasks you plan to accomplish with the drill. If you task is a little hard, you may need a much more powerful tool to get the job done. The following top 5 best electric drills were chosen due to their performance, prices, ratings and customer reviews. You can choose one of them according to our real needs.

Top 5 Best Electric Drills

If you are looking for the best electric drill, our list of top 5 best electric drills can help you quickly find the right one according to your requirements.

DEWALT DCD780C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Compact 1.5 Ah Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt-DCD780C2This DeWalt DCD780C2 is one of the most popular cordless electric drills on the market. It was designed both for normal consumer and experts. If you need a powerful, compact and long lasting model, you can consider this. It has a 1/2-inch chuck, 15 clutch settings and 2 speed ranges. As a 20v drill, it is agreed that it can provide enough torque to do medium-sized jobs. Both professional builder and casual homeowners feel satisfied with it.

Another feature attracts me is its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which are capable of lasting for a whole day’s work after less than half an hour of charging. The quick charging technology is useful for some professional builders who use drills heavily.

Makita BHP454 18-Volt LXT 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammer Drill Kit

Makita-BHP454If you need to tackle some bigger projects, you may need much more powerful drills with more power and speed and the Makita BHP454 is the best choice. It has 16 different clutch settings and a 2-speed metal transmission. And it has a four-pol motor which is able to deliver up to 560” pounds of torque. However, it is also not too heavy. It only weighs 5 pounds and it is less than 10” in length.

A powerful drill needs great performance batteries. Its lithium-ion battery pack is compact, and very efficient. Even being charged for 30 minutes, it can work for you for a whole day.

What’s more, its Shift-Lock drive system can allow you to switch it into a hammer drill, so you can have 2 tools in one. It also has 2 handy LED lights, illuminating the work area in the dark.

Hitachi DS14DSFL 14.4-Volts Lithium-Ion 1.5 Amp Cordless Drill Driver

Hitachi-DS14DSFLIf you only need a cordless drill for home use, this Hitachi DS14DSFL is best electric drill that you want. It allows you to do DIY projects at home without breaking the bank. Its sleek design is also welcomed by many users. It only weighs 4.4 pounds, lighter than most heavy-duty drills. It is capable of delivering 300 inch pounds of torque. This drill also has a wide speed range and 22 drive settings. Besides the sleek design, a slim soft grip handle is also comfortable to hold and use. Just remember this is a 14.4-volt drill and its lithium-ion batteries can power it for a long time after about 40 minutes of charging.

Milwaukee 0240-20 3/8-Inch Drill

Milwaukee-0240-20If you plan to buy a much more powerful electric drill without worrying about running out of charge, you can consider this Milwaukee 0240-20 corded electric drill. Although it lacks whistles and bells which are found on other high-end models, its 8-amp motor can offer a wide range of 0 to 2,800 RPM which is perfect for drilling through almost dense materials. It is also durable and can tackle difficult jobs.

Black & Decker DR260B 5.2-Amp 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver

Black-and-Decker-DR260BThe Black and Decker DR260B is one of the bestselling corded drills on Amazon. It is another best choice which can give the best value. The price is low, but it is very convenient for homeowners. This one is also one of the most compact corded electric drills on the market. Therefore, it is perfect for those cramped and hard-to-reach areas at home.

It has a 5.2-AMP motor which can output a wide speed range of 0 to 1,500 RPM, making it ideal for your home improvement projects. What’s more, it also comes with many handy features, like a built-in level, a keyless chuck, on-board bit storage.

Cordless Drills Buying Guides

Are Cordless Drills Worth It?

Cordless drills were once a poor substitute of the corded drills. But, today the cordless drills have power and performance that is very comparable to the corded alternatives. Plus, they give great versatility in relation to use with no need to be concerned with a power cable that is dragged behind you.

For many trades persons or DIY enthusiasts it can be difficult to identify the best cordless drills in the market. It is important to look at a variety of factors, such as battery life, torque, speed, and design.

What to look for in a cordless drill

In the process of finding the perfect cordless drill, consider the jobs or projects this powered tool will be used. A basic drill with minimal functionality is great for drilling small holes or assembling furniture. But, the more high-end units are a must for the tough jobs and easily punch holes through the most difficult materials. The best cordless drills in the market are packed with useful features, long-life batteries, a comfortable design and friendly customer support.


The torque and speed of the drill are major points and make the difference between a basic and a high performance tool. The best cordless drills are built with high RPM’s. The higher the speed of the drill the better the performance it gives. Plus, any worthwhile drill should have two or more speed settings. A low-speed is practical for driving screws, while a high-speed setting is useful for other drilling needs.

Torque relates to the turning force of the drill. It is the standard test in the industry for measuring the strength of a drill. The best drills are rated with a high torque which gives the ability to penetrate the more difficult or hard surfaces.

Ideally, you want a cordless drill with a high torque rating and operate at a high speed. This combination creates a versatile and powerful tool that can work on the even the most difficult projects.

An alternative method of determining the drill’s all-round capabilities is referred to as power. Power is a rating system based on the drill’s torque and speed and measured in unit watts out (UWO). A high UWO rating is preferred because it is more effective at performing its intended role. But, the drill brands that use this system tend not to reveal the torque rating of the drill. This makes it more difficult to get a comparison between torque and power.

Other features to consider include the clutch settings. A number of 20 or more is preferred for optimum performance. Clutch settings give more control and avoid issues with stripping screw heads or sinking the screw too far into the material.


A preferred drill is well-balanced, lightweight and comfortable. Plus, it should have a variety of features to make it easier to use. The best drills have an ergonomic design. The light and well-balanced drill is much easier to handle when working on the long or difficult projects. The weight of the tool should be spread throughout and not limited to the top of the drill. Most of the ergonomically designed drills are 5 lbs or less in weight and is split below and above the grip for more comfort and balanced handling.

A convenient feature is the LEDs that appear on some drills and has the ability to illuminate the work space in front of you. This is a practical addition for a variety of situations, such as working in low-light areas like under a sink or in a closet. Also, a bit holder is another useful feature.


The standard power source for the cordless drills is lithium-ion batteries. They give a long life performance, are lightweight, and provide enough power for all on-site jobs. The battery voltage is used to indicate the overall power of the drill. The high performance drills with the ability to penetrate masonry or metal have a rating of 18 volts or more. A major inconvenience of the cordless drills is running out of power halfway through a job. But, this issue is mostly removed with a drill packed with two batteries. One lithium-ion battery is in use while the other is being recharged. Plus, the charge time of the batteries is a further issue. Batteries that are slow to recharge are certain to be quite annoying.

Custom Support

A high-end power tool is an expensive piece of equipment. For this reason, it pays to buy the tools that come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This means there is extra protection in place and covers cost of repairs or replacements over a certain period of time. The warranties for cordless drills are often split between the drill and its batteries. Other useful forms of support include a FAQ section, an online user manual, and technical support via email or phone.

The perfect tool that matches the intended application can make a project run that much more efficient. The best cordless drills in the market have a comfortable design, a lot of power, high-speed, long battery life, and a useful warranty.

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