Top 5 Best Faucet Water Filters Reviews – Get Filtered Water at Your Fingertips

best faucet filterIf you think an under sink water filter is expensive, you can consider a faucet water filter which is really an inexpensive alternative to a RO system. Such a filter can provide you with clean and safe filtered water once you turn on the tap. It is very convenient to use, because you don’t need to keep track of filling up dispensers or pitchers and you can easily attach it to your faucet without paying much to hire a professional to install. If you don’t have enough under sink space, a faucet water filter is your best choice.

However, they are prone to leaking due to improper installation or age. And water flow from them will become more and more slowly. This means you need to change the filter quite often. Even though the initial buying cost is small, the maintenance cost is relatively high due to the replacement filters. What’s worse, if you want to use hot water but forget to switch it off, the hot water will damage it and shorten its lifespan. Therefore, you should choose the best one for your faucet.

Actually, there are some models that do their best to overcome these problems. Of course, they are well-designed and well-manufactured. They are all from great companies which specialize in water treatment devices, including PUR, Brita, GE and Culligan. You can trust them because of their huge sales every day.

The following top 5 best faucet water filters were selected because of the following features:

  • They all have a switch to allow you to change between regular tap water and filtered water, extending the filters’ lifespan.
  • Good water flow- they all have good water flow, so they can quickly fill up a large container without waiting too long.
  • Easy installation – They are all easy to install, without any knowledge or tools.
  • Affordability – They are all affordable and the prices are under $50.

We also consider other factors, such as ratings, customer reviews etc.

Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter

Culligan-FM-15A-Faucet-FilterIf you are looking for the most popular model with an affordable price, the Culligan FM-15A Faucet Filter is definitely your best choice. It offers its excellent basic performance. The price is only under $20. It is also very easy to install and use. Culligan is a famous company and their products are all high quality. This best faucet filter is worth to have.

DuPont WFFM350XCH Faucet Mount Water Filter

DuPont-WFFM350XCH-Faucet-Mount-Water-FilterThis is an advanced filter. It has an electronic display which can tell you how many gallons of water it has offered. This also can tell you when you need to change the filter. As a 4-stage filter, it can provide you with clean and safe water to drink and cook.

PUR FM-3500B Advanced Faucet Mount Water Filter

PUR-FM-3500B-Water-FilterMany users said this model has a relatively shorter life than other models in this list. However, it is said that it has better water purification capabilities. It is able to remove up to 61 types of contaminants. It can offer up to 100 gallons of crystal clean filtered water. Generally, it can last 2 to 3 months on a regular basis. It also has a Led indicator to tell you when you need to change its filter. What’s more, it is easy to install and use. This model can offer you crisp, refreshing tasting water.

WaterPik Instapure F2C Faucet Filter System

WaterPik-Instapure-F2C-Faucet-Filter-SystemThis filtration system is very affordable. For under $20, It is certified by ANSI/NSF for the reduction of chlorine, improving the taste and odor. What’s more, it comes with a chrome and clear finish. The installation is also very straightforward without any tools. If you need a filter to reduce bad odor and taste from chlorine, this one is perfect.

Culligan FM-25 Faucet Mount Filter

Culligan-FM-25-Faucet-Mount-FilterThis model is similar to FM-15A, but it comes with a chrome finish which can match the interior of many kitchens. The compact design doesn’t take up much space. The installation is also very simple, without any tools. It can effectively remove bad odor and taste, as well as other contaminants.

How to install a faucet water filter

These days, more and more people become more health conscious. And choosing which type of water to drink really matters. In the past, people might think bottled water was the most healthy and cleanest water to drink. However, bottled water is not thought to be as pure as it seems and it may contain harmful plastics. Plus, it is a little pricey in the long run. Therefore, if you ask me which types of pure water is considered to be good at a good price, my answer is filtered water filtered by a faucet water filter.

Many people would not like to purchase a faucet water filter, because they think the installing process is a little complicated and paying someone to install is also costly. However, on the contrary, installing a faucet mounted filter is so easy and you can do it yourself without hiring someone to do it.

The following steps will help you learn how to quickly and easily install a faucet filter in your kitchen.

1. Shut off the water supply

Generally, no water will come out from a faucet if it is not turned on. However, you’d better shut off the water valves (both cold and hot water valves) before installing a filter. And you can easily find these valves under the sink.

2. Remove the faucet aerator

Generally, there is a threaded aerator on the end of a faucet. Water will finally come out from the aerator. And the aerator should be removed. You need to use a cloth to wrap around, and this can protect the faucet. And then you can use a pipe wrench to loosen it. At last, you can spin the loosened aerator easily by hand.

3. Clean Seal/threads

The next step is to remove any possible residue off the threads which are located on the end of your faucet. And it is highly recommended to add a wrap or 2 of Teflon tape around these threads, which is helpful to seal them better after the faucet water filter has been installed.

4. Taking out all the Parts and check if an adapter is needed

And it is time to open the faucet filter package and take out all the parts. You can lay them on a cloth on your counter top. And you also need to check the sink faucet threads. If an adapter is needed, you need to use an adapter piece that is included in the faucet filter kit.

5. Install faucet attachment piece

Before installing, it is a good idea to look at the instructions coming with the filter. Mostly, you can find a diagram there. The diagram will tell you how to install a faucet filter and which piece should be threaded onto the faucet itself. And you need to make sure the water bottle which contains a cartridge filter is not attached.

6. Attach other parts

The next step is to attach the water bottle, and other necessary parts should also be attached.

7. Test

The final step is to check if there is any leaking problem. And the water flow should be smooth from the filter. If there is any problem, check and solve it.

In the end

So the whole process is not so complicated as some people might imagine. And you can do it yourself with a few easy steps.

The Advantages of Faucet Water Filters

  • Purer water – The ability to purify and clean the water can vary with the different faucet water filters. The basic purpose of every water filter is to eliminate the toxins or contaminants in the water to leave clean, odorless water that’s more pleasing to use or drink on a day-to-day basis.
  • Cost-effective to run -For the families living in areas with low-quality tap water, it becomes necessary to buy bottled water to fulfill their daily needs. Even though the water filter has the initial cost and needs replacement filters every so often, this piece of kit has the ability to provide a continuous supply of crisp, clean water in the home. Over the long-term, this has the potential to save a lot of money.
  • Very convenient – A family that has a regular supply of clean water is more likely to drink plain water instead of other less healthy drinks throughout the course of the day. Plus, it completely removes the time and effort needed to buy bottled water from elsewhere.
  • Less stains or marks – Filtered water is a lot friendlier to your kitchenware and less likely to leave behind stains or other marks. Whether it is glasses or cutlery, everything in the kitchen will look cleaner and more appealing. Stains left by unfiltered water are a concern to many, this simply means less needs to be done to maintain the kitchen.
  • Take control of the filtering – Some people might not be inclined to use the filters because they believe it will be a permanent addition to the home. But, this isn’t the case. These filter systems are easily removed from the faucet as and when required. In many cases, it is simply a process of pushing a button or turning a dial.

Buying guide for faucet water filters

  • Brand name – Conduct your due diligence and research the different filter systems. Read reviews to see which has the features and qualities to match the needs of your home. If a filter looks the part, but constantly leaks, this particular model isn’t worth the time and effort. Go with one that is highly rated and receives favorable comments for customer service.
  • Reliability – A faucet water filter system is required to filter water on a daily basis, which can mean hundreds of gallons over its lifespan. So, a reliable system is a must-have. Use online reviews and customer testimonials to find the best options in the market.
  • Build material – Make sure to check the build material of the water filter. The high-quality units tend to be built in metal. In general, the metal-based systems are believed to filter better and grip tighter. A benefit of this is a noticeable reduction in leaks.
  • Compatibility – The filter system must be at a size that is compatible with the existing setup of your kitchen. Not all of the filters will fit the tiny facets, so check the size before making a commitment to make a purchase. Also, make sure to include a relevant adapter or connector if needed.

Top 5 Best Electric Drills Reviews

best electric drillWhen it comes to working on a DIY project or constructing a house, an electric drill is an essential hand tool in your toolbox. Without it, you will find it is difficult to finish your job, because it is one of the most versatile tools. You may think they are merely good enough for hole makers or sophisticated screwdrivers, but they are also used to polish, sand and grind materials, ensuring that you can get your project done fast. Generally, most electric drills are cordless drills. They are powered by rechargeable batteries. Compared to corded ones, they are more convenient to use, because you can use it anywhere even if there is no a plug nearby.

There are plenty of drills and TOP 5 BEST is here to help you find the top 5 best electric drills on the market. You can choose one of them as your essential partner.

What Is an Electric Drill?

An electric drill is a handheld tool which is powered by a motor. It can be used to attach two types of bit – driver bit and drill bit. The bit is attached on its chuck. A driver bit can drive screws which can make materials fastened together quickly. If you have hundreds of screws to fasten, a screwdriver will delay your job. In this situation, you will find a drill can help you get your job done much faster. When you attach the drill bit on its chuck, you can use it to bore holes into many different materials and you will find boring a hole is a so easy job.

As I said before, there are two types of drills, corded and cordless. Cordless drills can give you much freedom and portability to do your job, because they are powered by rechargeable batteries and don’t need to connect to the electrical outlet while working. More and more people now have bought electric drills as their main handheld drills.

However, this is not to say corded electric drills are useless. Although they are limited to the distance between them and the nearest electrical outlets, you don’t need to worry about running out of power while working. What’s more, they can use more powerful motor, so they are sometimes much more powerful than cordless drills.

On the market, there are so many different models different from speeds and power levels. Therefore, it is important to know which type of your tasks you plan to accomplish with the drill. If you task is a little hard, you may need a much more powerful tool to get the job done. The following top 5 best electric drills were chosen due to their performance, prices, ratings and customer reviews. You can choose one of them according to our real needs.

Top 5 Best Electric Drills

If you are looking for the best electric drill, our list of top 5 best electric drills can help you quickly find the right one according to your requirements.

DEWALT DCD780C2 20-Volt Max Li-Ion Compact 1.5 Ah Drill/Driver Kit

DeWalt-DCD780C2This DeWalt DCD780C2 is one of the most popular cordless electric drills on the market. It was designed both for normal consumer and experts. If you need a powerful, compact and long lasting model, you can consider this. It has a 1/2-inch chuck, 15 clutch settings and 2 speed ranges. As a 20v drill, it is agreed that it can provide enough torque to do medium-sized jobs. Both professional builder and casual homeowners feel satisfied with it.

Another feature attracts me is its rechargeable lithium-ion batteries which are capable of lasting for a whole day’s work after less than half an hour of charging. The quick charging technology is useful for some professional builders who use drills heavily.

Makita BHP454 18-Volt LXT 1/2-Inch Lithium-Ion Cordless Hammer Drill Kit

Makita-BHP454If you need to tackle some bigger projects, you may need much more powerful drills with more power and speed and the Makita BHP454 is the best choice. It has 16 different clutch settings and a 2-speed metal transmission. And it has a four-pol motor which is able to deliver up to 560” pounds of torque. However, it is also not too heavy. It only weighs 5 pounds and it is less than 10” in length.

A powerful drill needs great performance batteries. Its lithium-ion battery pack is compact, and very efficient. Even being charged for 30 minutes, it can work for you for a whole day.

What’s more, its Shift-Lock drive system can allow you to switch it into a hammer drill, so you can have 2 tools in one. It also has 2 handy LED lights, illuminating the work area in the dark.

Hitachi DS14DSFL 14.4-Volts Lithium-Ion 1.5 Amp Cordless Drill Driver

Hitachi-DS14DSFLIf you only need a cordless drill for home use, this Hitachi DS14DSFL is best electric drill that you want. It allows you to do DIY projects at home without breaking the bank. Its sleek design is also welcomed by many users. It only weighs 4.4 pounds, lighter than most heavy-duty drills. It is capable of delivering 300 inch pounds of torque. This drill also has a wide speed range and 22 drive settings. Besides the sleek design, a slim soft grip handle is also comfortable to hold and use. Just remember this is a 14.4-volt drill and its lithium-ion batteries can power it for a long time after about 40 minutes of charging.

Milwaukee 0240-20 3/8-Inch Drill

Milwaukee-0240-20If you plan to buy a much more powerful electric drill without worrying about running out of charge, you can consider this Milwaukee 0240-20 corded electric drill. Although it lacks whistles and bells which are found on other high-end models, its 8-amp motor can offer a wide range of 0 to 2,800 RPM which is perfect for drilling through almost dense materials. It is also durable and can tackle difficult jobs.

Black & Decker DR260B 5.2-Amp 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver

Black-and-Decker-DR260BThe Black and Decker DR260B is one of the bestselling corded drills on Amazon. It is another best choice which can give the best value. The price is low, but it is very convenient for homeowners. This one is also one of the most compact corded electric drills on the market. Therefore, it is perfect for those cramped and hard-to-reach areas at home.

It has a 5.2-AMP motor which can output a wide speed range of 0 to 1,500 RPM, making it ideal for your home improvement projects. What’s more, it also comes with many handy features, like a built-in level, a keyless chuck, on-board bit storage.

Cordless Drills Buying Guides

Are Cordless Drills Worth It?

Cordless drills were once a poor substitute of the corded drills. But, today the cordless drills have power and performance that is very comparable to the corded alternatives. Plus, they give great versatility in relation to use with no need to be concerned with a power cable that is dragged behind you.

For many trades persons or DIY enthusiasts it can be difficult to identify the best cordless drills in the market. It is important to look at a variety of factors, such as battery life, torque, speed, and design.

What to look for in a cordless drill

In the process of finding the perfect cordless drill, consider the jobs or projects this powered tool will be used. A basic drill with minimal functionality is great for drilling small holes or assembling furniture. But, the more high-end units are a must for the tough jobs and easily punch holes through the most difficult materials. The best cordless drills in the market are packed with useful features, long-life batteries, a comfortable design and friendly customer support.


The torque and speed of the drill are major points and make the difference between a basic and a high performance tool. The best cordless drills are built with high RPM’s. The higher the speed of the drill the better the performance it gives. Plus, any worthwhile drill should have two or more speed settings. A low-speed is practical for driving screws, while a high-speed setting is useful for other drilling needs.

Torque relates to the turning force of the drill. It is the standard test in the industry for measuring the strength of a drill. The best drills are rated with a high torque which gives the ability to penetrate the more difficult or hard surfaces.

Ideally, you want a cordless drill with a high torque rating and operate at a high speed. This combination creates a versatile and powerful tool that can work on the even the most difficult projects.

An alternative method of determining the drill’s all-round capabilities is referred to as power. Power is a rating system based on the drill’s torque and speed and measured in unit watts out (UWO). A high UWO rating is preferred because it is more effective at performing its intended role. But, the drill brands that use this system tend not to reveal the torque rating of the drill. This makes it more difficult to get a comparison between torque and power.

Other features to consider include the clutch settings. A number of 20 or more is preferred for optimum performance. Clutch settings give more control and avoid issues with stripping screw heads or sinking the screw too far into the material.


A preferred drill is well-balanced, lightweight and comfortable. Plus, it should have a variety of features to make it easier to use. The best drills have an ergonomic design. The light and well-balanced drill is much easier to handle when working on the long or difficult projects. The weight of the tool should be spread throughout and not limited to the top of the drill. Most of the ergonomically designed drills are 5 lbs or less in weight and is split below and above the grip for more comfort and balanced handling.

A convenient feature is the LEDs that appear on some drills and has the ability to illuminate the work space in front of you. This is a practical addition for a variety of situations, such as working in low-light areas like under a sink or in a closet. Also, a bit holder is another useful feature.


The standard power source for the cordless drills is lithium-ion batteries. They give a long life performance, are lightweight, and provide enough power for all on-site jobs. The battery voltage is used to indicate the overall power of the drill. The high performance drills with the ability to penetrate masonry or metal have a rating of 18 volts or more. A major inconvenience of the cordless drills is running out of power halfway through a job. But, this issue is mostly removed with a drill packed with two batteries. One lithium-ion battery is in use while the other is being recharged. Plus, the charge time of the batteries is a further issue. Batteries that are slow to recharge are certain to be quite annoying.

Custom Support

A high-end power tool is an expensive piece of equipment. For this reason, it pays to buy the tools that come with a manufacturer’s warranty. This means there is extra protection in place and covers cost of repairs or replacements over a certain period of time. The warranties for cordless drills are often split between the drill and its batteries. Other useful forms of support include a FAQ section, an online user manual, and technical support via email or phone.

The perfect tool that matches the intended application can make a project run that much more efficient. The best cordless drills in the market have a comfortable design, a lot of power, high-speed, long battery life, and a useful warranty.

Top 5 Best Floor Jacks Reviews

best floor jackWhen it comes to a floor jack, it is really a very important investment, because it is really an important tool in a shop. Therefore, we should make a wise decision on buying the best floor jack. Of course, performance and safety are the 2 most important factors, no matter for amateur mechanics or professionals. I think no one loves a poor quality and performance one. Both repair shops and tire stores know the importance of a high quality floor jack. Dependability is more important than other factors.

How to choose the best

Floor jacks have a long history, but they haven’t changed much since the first floor jock was invented by Scottish immigrant Richard Dudgeon in 1851. When we draw the pump handle each time, a check valve will be opened and the pump cylinder is filled with hydraulic fluid. Therefore, if you are looking for the best floor jack, you should pay attention to the quality of workmanship and the quality of materials.

Choose the right one

There are so many kinds of different floor jacks available on the market, but they were designed for different jobs. Choose the one which can satisfy your requirements. As a rolling tool, a jack must have a realizable rolling system. Choose a 3-wheel jack and it must be capable of carrying the weight of whatever you plan to lift. Why choose a 3-wheel model? This is because it is useful and stable like 3-wheel shopping cart.

The hydraulic cylinder is the heart

The heart of a floor jack is its hydraulic cylinder. The jack floor you plan to buy must have adequate hydraulic lifting system. You should ask whether you can get new hydraulic seals or a new pump sometime down the road if you need them. If the answer is negative, you have enough reasons not to get it. A dependable jack is very important. If you are a professional, you are using a jack to lift thousands of dollars of other’s property up into the air. If there is a leaking problem with its hydraulic oil seals, it is not trustworthy.

Choose one that has a saddle with a wide surface area.

The saddle makes direct contact with the vehicles. Its wide surface area can disperse the weight of the vehicle. An adequate swivel of the saddle is also very important, because the jack will inch forward as the saddle rises with every pump of the handle. If the swivel is poor, it may cause slippage or damage to the vehicles.

Don’t neglect smaller things.

Some small things we may neglect are the size of the axles, the size of swivels on the caster wheels and the crown nuts on the wheel axle. Maybe they are the smallest things. However, paying attention to the details of these smallest things can enable you to find the best value for your money.

Top 5 best floor jacks

In a vehicle fleet, there are different vehicles which are different from the types and sizes. The best floor jack should reach underneath even the smallest vehicle in the vehicle fleet and also can lift up the bigger vehicles. The following top 5 best floor jacks were chosen due to their performance, dependability and versatility. Choose one of them and you will find it is easy to lift up the vehicle to the air.

Snap-on YA700B Hydraulic Service Jack

Snap-on-YA700B-Hydraulic-Service-JackThis unit has a 5,000 lbs. capacity and its weight is less than 100 lbs – very portable. The maximum lifting height is 23”. And it even can fit under 4.75 inch clearances. The workmanship is also perfect. Its side palates are made from flanged steel, which can increase strength. Grit and grime cannot enter into it because of a sealed hydraulic unit. This design can extend the pump life. What’s more, the bell crank is made from the cast iron and has an in-line pump assembly. This design can avoid off balance lifting.

Milwaukee 20 – 2 Ton Hydraulic Service Jack

This model is one of the most popular and best floor jacks on the market. Although some features seem not comparable to the Snap-on YA700B, the affordability is an obvious advantage. If you need a best value one, you can choose this.

Hein-Werner 2 Ton Professional Jack HW93642

Hein-Werner-2-Ton Professional-Jack-HW93642The Hein Warner HW93642 is also affordable, great for the money. It has many advanced features which are only found in high-end models. It comes with a manageable weight for ease of use and it is really a low profile but performs great.

Arcan Aluminum Quick Lift Service Jack – 2-Ton, Model# ALJ2T

Arcan-Aluminum-Quick-Lift-Service-JackIf you are not a professional, this Arcan Aluminum Quick Lift Service Jack – 2-Ton, Model is your best choice. It is designed for DIYers and homeowners who only use a jack occasionally. As a 2-ton floor jack, it offers the best value.

Sunex Tools 6602ASJ Aluminum Service Jack

Sunex-Tools-6602ASJIf you need a superb portable one, you can consider this Sunex Tools 6602ASJ. It is so portable and easy to carry. Its special 2-piece handle makes it easy for lifting. You can take it anywhere you need to lift.

Floor Jack Buying Guides

With such a varied range of floor jacks it can be difficult to determine the most practical model for the specific needs. The market for these jacks is quite broad and prices are wide-ranging.

How to decide on the right one

In an effort to answer this question we have created this website with the intention of providing in-depth and 100% honest reviews.

So, why not take a look through our reviews to help pick the best floor jack at a price that matches your budget. Also, should you have any questions or concerns related to our site, simply get in touch using our contact us page or post a comment in the comment section at the bottom of the page, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

What garage floor jack do I need?

To make it easier to compare the different floor jacks, we have created a useful comparison table below. This table highlights the top four floor jacks on the market for their respective price range.

Put safety first

Any garage floor jack that is holding up a vehicle while you are working underneath or changing a tire needs to be safe to use. So, with safety in mind, it is important to avoid the low-cost, inferior products that could collapse while in use. Every year there are a high number of people injured from a low-quality jack or using the incorrect model with the wrong load rating. Don’t sacrifice quality over cost for this particular tool.

One of the major points to consider is the total amount of weight the jack is able to accept. Most of the garage jacks are rated to accept a weight in the region of 2 or 3-tons. The preferred option is to go with 3-tons to be on the safe side. This isn’t the type of tool that should be compromised on safety or strength..

Plus, the garage floor jacks listed are built to accept a load of up to 3-ton.

Low-profile jacks

The type or design of the garage floor jack is a further concern. There are low-cost jacks that aren’t even able to roll under a lowered vehicle. But, there is plenty of low-profile jacks that easily fit in the small spaces.

Garage floor jack reviews

The reviews that above relate to the best floor jacks listed in our table. Each of these jacks is an excellent choice; it is simply a case of choosing one that matches the budget. The jacks listed have maximum lift capacity of 3-ton. Even though there are 2-ton jacks, the extra lift power adds an extra layer of safety and is still usable in the event of buying a heavy SUV or similar vehicle in the future.

Top 8 Best Baby Changing Tables Reviews

Preparing for the arrival of a baby takes a lot of time and effort. A major step is organizing the home and investing in the right gear and equipment. From breast pumps, milk bottles to the baby monitor, the list of items seems endless. One useful item is the changing table. Even though there are other flat surfaces in the home, a dedicated space to change the baby is much more convenient. It gives more comfort and safer for the baby, but also lays the baby at the right height for mum or dad to maintain the better posture.

Best Baby Changing Table

To help the expecting parents find the best baby changing table, we have compiled a short list of the most promising candidates:

Delta Children Infant Changing Table

Delta-Children-Infant-Changing-TableThe baby changing table is seen in plenty of different styles and colors. The Infant Changing Table by Delta Children is constructed in wood with a white finish. A water resistant changing pad is included which has a useful safety strap. Plus, the two shelving units are great for storing baby related accessories. The changing table has safety rails on all sides to stop the baby rolling off. It is built to be baby-friendly and entirely free of toxic substances. It is solidly built with the table built-in both wood and wood veneers. Assembly is required, but this is a relatively simple process. Additionally, the table comes in other colors, including black and dark chocolate. Even though it isn’t the cheapest changing table, it is a worthwhile investment.

ECR4Kids Horizontal Commercial Baby Changing Station

ECR4Kids-Horizontal-Commercial-Changing-StationThe Horizontal Baby Changing Station by ECR4Kids is different to the typical changing table. It is a great dedicated changing area for the parents with limited space in the home. It is styled in a clean white granite color and includes 500 disposable liners. This changing station is portable and easily used in a public restroom in a similar place. The resting area on the changing station is naturally curved for great comfort. A nylon safety strap helps to secure the fidgeting baby and easily works with a side release. Other convenient features include the built-in paper liner dispensers. A useful bag hook on the side has the ability to accept up to 25 lbs. It is constructed of a high-density polyethylene. This makes it very hygienic and is easy to clean and naturally bacteria resistant.

Graco Lauren Changing Table

Graco-Lauren-Changing-Table-EspressoThe Graco Lauren is a perfect little changing table. It is built in solid pine wood and has a sleek and elegant look in a warm espresso color. This piece of baby furniture has a non-toxic finish to make it entirely safe for newborn babies. The open layout of the changing table means there is plenty of storage space. The top section makes up the changing area and includes safety rails on each side. The vinyl changing pad is waterproof and fitted with a useful safety strap. This table is easy to roll around and is conveniently fitted with wheels on the end of each leg. Assembly is required, but this is relatively short and easy work. A 1 year manufacturer’s warranty gives extra piece of mind. It is one of the most cost effective choices and retails for about $70. This changing table is well worth considering by the new parents.

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

Dream-Me-Emily-Changing-EspressoThe Emily Changing Table by Dream on Me is a stylish piece of baby furniture for the nursery. It is nicely colored in a warm, dark espresso, which should easily go well with most decors. This is a complete package with 2 open shelves for storage, a safety rail and 1-inch thick changing pad. It has a minimal footprint and easily fits into a corner of the nursery, or other space in the home. The Emily Changing Table is well built and requires assembling on arrival. But, the included instructions make setup a quite simple process. However, this isn’t the tallest standing changing table. For the taller mum or dad, there might be issues of having to bend over to change the baby.

Badger Basket Modern Changing Table

Badger-Basket-Changing-Baskets-EspressoThe Modern Changing Table by Badger Basket is a fully functional piece of furniture and includes separate baskets. It has 1 large hamper and 3 baskets for storing the baby essentials. The actual changing table is built in solid wood. The spacious baskets offer enough room for diapers and other baby care supplies. The large hamper is practical for disposing of dirty items. The baskets are removable and easy to clean. Other features include a safety belt and a changing pad. The change area has suitable rails around the outside to stop the baby falling off. It is built to be child safe and contains no toxic chemicals. This Badger Basket is great for the nursery, especially with its extra storage space.

DaVinci Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser

DaVinci-Jayden-3-Drawer-Changer-DresserThe Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser by DaVinci is beautifully carved to create a fine piece of nursery furniture. It is painted in a brilliant white to make it easily blend with most decor arrangements. The construction is solid wood to give long-term strength and durability. It is toxic free with no phthalate, lead, or others to make it 100% child friendly. The top surface of the changing table has a wooden rail around the outer edges and a safety strap to stop the baby falling off. Additionally, it is built with three large drawers for complete ease in storing the baby essentials. The manufacturer fully stands behind this change table/drawer combination and offers a free replacement parts service. The Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser is one of the more expensive units and retails for about $270.

Primo EuroSpa Bath and Changing Center

Primo-EuroSpa-Changing-Center-HoneyThe EuroSpa Bath and Changing Center by Primo is built with an ergonomic design and has a charming cream and honey color. It is a versatile piece of furniture for the nursery with a number of uses. Beyond its ability to act as a changing table, it performs equally well as a baby bathing area. The layout of the changing center is easily adapted to match the specific needs. Portability is a further feature and stands on 4 lockable wheels. The recommended age range for babies is 0 to 8 months. The bath section is easily adjustable. There are 2 customizable positions to match the age of the baby. The bath has a contoured shape for greater comfort for the baby. A safety strap helps to keep the baby in place when using the changing pad. Plus, the changing center is easy to clean and includes a changing pad in vinyl. Additionally, there are two open trays and a side storage tray. This gives convenient storage space for baby necessities like changing and bathing supplies.

Kids Furniture Applegate Changing Table by Cosco

Cosco-Furniture-Applegate-Changing-EnchantedThe Applegate Changing Table by Cosco is a colorful choice and certain to brighten up the nursery. It has a light-colored wood grain finish with drawers in light shades of blue and green. The drawers are large enough to easily accept baby necessities like towels, clothes, or diapers. Plus, there are two open shelves to give further storage space. The top changing pad section is naturally curved to make it safe for laying the baby. A rear panel helps to give more support and stability to this piece of baby furniture. The changing table retails for a little over $100, but it is a very stylish piece. This is a perfect choice for the bright and colorful nursery. It is practical for both the little boy or girl with its universal color design.

Top 8 Best Drum Sets Reviews

Learning to play a musical instrument takes a lot of time, patience and dedication. Popular instruments to learn include the drums, keyboard and guitar. The drums rely on good coordination skills and take a while to master much like the other instruments. If you plan to learn to play the drums, you need a set that is practical for your skill level. We have put together a list of the best drum sets in the market that are a practical for even the least experienced players, as well as kids. They have been chosen based on criteria like customer feedback and popularity. Plus, the price is a further key factor that has been considered.

Best Drum Set

If you are looking for the best drum set, we have made this list of top 8 best drum sets for you to choose from. When we compiled this list, many factors were considered, including performance, prices, ratings, versatility, as well as customer reviews.

Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks

best drum setA drum set practical for all age groups is difficult to find. But one set that appears to meet this specific need is this Percussion 5-piece drum set. It retails for about $250 which is relatively inexpensive for this high-quality set and includes everything you need to start playing. The complete drum set includes drumsticks, stool, and cymbal stands. Plus, there is also the crash and hi-hat cymbal to make a set that is great value for money. This set has everything included to learn how to become a professional drummer. It is a really practical choice even for the complete novice. The drums have been given a black high gloss finish that is very pleasing to the eye. Also, the pedals are chain driven to give long-term use and performance.

Mendini by Cecilio 13 Inch 3-Piece Kids / Junior Drum Set

Mendini-Adjustable-Drumsticks-Metallic-MJDS-1-BLThis 3-Piece Drum Set is one of the most popular drum sets. It has built up a solid reputation with users. The drums are perfectly sized for kids at 13 inches in diameter. It is recommended for kids aged 3 to 8 years of age, so not a practical for the adult. This set includes cymbals, a mounted snare drum, a mounted tom and a bass drum. The price is a very attractive feature and retails for less than $100. Kids get to choose from one of the five different colors, such as metallic black or green, and the chosen color can have an impact on the price. Wooden drum sticks, bass pedal and drum throne are also featured as part of the set. The drum throne is built with comfort in mind and includes a padded seat and is fully adjustable. It is relatively quick to set up and comes with instructions to help with assembly.

VTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set

VTech-KidiBeats-Kids-Drum-SetVTech KidiBeats Kids Drum Set is a #1 best seller and a perfect learning toy exclusively for kids. Giving the kids a drum set at an early age can help to increase the musical potential of the little ones for later life. This kids set is packaged with 3 drum pads with each having its own cymbal. The pad and cymbals are designed to produce a unique sound which is great for a child’s sensory development. It is built to play up to 9 melodies, including pop and dance styles. Plus, there is a choice of 4 modes of play to give more variation in the learning experience. Similar to a full-size kit, the toy has 2 drumsticks to perform much like a real drummer. This KidiBeats set is aimed at kids aged 2 to 5 years of age, but slightly older kids can still use it. It is a battery operated toy (batteries are included), but will probably need replacing within a short time of ownership.

Best Choice Products Drum Sets-1263 5 Piece Complete Adult Drum Set

Best-Choice-Products-Sets-1263-CompleteThe Best Choice Products 5-Piece Drum Set is full-sized and intended for the adult drummer. But, it is still a practical choice for the teenagers as well. It costs in the region of $200 and available in a choice of two styles: either colored black or silver. This is a complete drum set and includes everything to get playing out of the box. In addition to the different types of drums, this set has the crash and hi-hat cymbals. Plus, it has very high-quality drumsticks to make playing the most positive experience. Assembly is required, but this set is packaged with full instructions to make setup as straightforward as possible. Plus, this 5-piece drum set has chain driven pedals and finished with high gloss silver.

Pearl RS525SCC706 Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set

Pearl-RS525SCC706-Roadshow-Charcoal-MetallicThe Roadshow 5-Piece Drum Set makes it relatively easy to choose the genre of music to play on the drums. This drum set is designed with a variety of music styles. The styles to choose from include Rock, New Fusion, Jazz and Fusion. Plus, the drums are finished in several different colors, such as metallic charcoal, jet black and wine red. It is priced in the region of $400 which makes it one of the more costly options reviewed. But it certainly gives value for money with this full-size drum set practical for professional use and made using high-quality materials. Standard parts of this set include a Snare drum, three Toms and a bass drum, as well as the cymbals. Also, the stands and holders are part of the package to ensure everything is included to get playing straight away.

Remo Kids Percussion Floor Tom Drum

Remo-Kids-Percussion-Floor-DrumThe Percussion Floor Tom Drum is a low-cost option and intended exclusively for kids. It is styled in a choice of two colors or designs: Fabric rainforest or Rhythm Kids. The drum designs are quite distinctively different. It retails at under $50, but in times of sales it may be available for as little as $30. This floor drum is part of the Kid’s Percussion series by Remo. Even though this drum isn’t the best quality, it is still built to be durable and cope with a child’s rough handling. The drum is perfectly sized for kids at 10 inches in diameter and 7.5 inch in height. Plus, this floor drum is packaged with two drumsticks to make it ready to play out of the box.

Alesis CompactKit 4 | Portable 4-Pad Tabletop Electronic Drum Kit

Alesis-CompactKit-Portable-Electronic-DrumsticksThe Alesis CompactKit 4 is a portable electronic drum set and practical for those just starting to learn the drums. It is easy to use and has built-in learning tools to eliminate the need to read booklets or manuals to know how to use it. It retails for about $70 for the standard CompactKit 4, but, there is also the Compactkit 7 version with more features and costs $100+. The CompactKit 4 is more than enough to get going with the drums, but the higher spec version does have a few extra features. The CompactKit 4 drum kit has 4 velocity pads that create a very authentic sound. Plus, this electronic instrument has a variety of play-along songs, effect voices and percussion voices. This helps to create great melodies without needing the help of a complete band. The LCD panel at the center of the drum kit is a useful teaching aid and gives instructions to the user. It is fully assembled out of the box and only needs to be plugged in to use. Also, for the more portable use and the option to take it anywhere, it can run on battery power.

Ludwig Junior 5 Piece Drum Set

Ludwig-Junior-Piece-Cymbals-BlackThe Ludwig Junior 5-Piece Drum Set is a perfect choice for the little musician in the family, while still at a usable size for adults. This 5-piece set includes a large bass drum and multiple mounted toms. Plus, the cymbals are complete with matching stands for easier use. The drums are well built. For instance, the snare drum has a steel body which is much like the professional sets. The Ludwig drum set is just short of $300, but it does come with high-quality components to make it worth the price. The color of the drums is solid black with silver accent pieces. But, this is one of the few drum sets that don’t include drumsticks. So, this essential piece of kit must be purchased separately.

Top 11 Best LED Light Bars

Occasional car lamps aren’t enough in low-light or foggy conditions. LED bulbs are a practical choice to give increased visibility. LED light bars mounted to a vehicle help to improve on standard car lamps while also providing extra tuning. For the outdoor occasions, an LED bar is a practical option to help illuminate the nearby area. Plus, in the event of a road accident, the brightness of these lights is extremely helpful. The LED bars give complete versatility in installation and easily mounted to not only cars, but also off-road vehicles, boats and utility service trucks. LEDs are energy-efficient with a long lifespan that has the potential to last 50,000 hours.

Best LED Light Bar

If you are looking for the best LED light bar, we have made this list of best LED light bars for you to choose from. Our selection is based on their overall performance, prices, ratings, ease of use, and customer reviews. Let’s look at a few of the best LED bar lights in the market:

Eyourlife 52 inch 300W Light Bar

Eyourlife-Light-Extra-Flood-ComboEyourlife is a favored manufacturer of LED bar lights with a choice of size options, such as those at 42 inches and 52 inches in width. The lights are practical for a wide range of vehicles like tractors, Mini’s and SUV’s. The 52 inch light bar has 100 high-power lights fitted inline. The Epistar LEDs give greater light intensity. It has a solid body build in die cast aluminum and consumes about 300W. Each lens is made of PC glass to give proper transparency. An Alu firm bracket is included guaranteeing solid and rigid mounting. The pure white lights are clear and vibrant and it complies with the CE, IP68 certification to confirm it is waterproof.

TMH 120w Cree Light Bar

TMH-Motorbike-Motorcycle-Excavator-BulldozerThe high-powered TMH 120W LED Cree Light Bar is a perfect choice for off road vehicles, as well as trucks, farm, and construction vehicles. It stands at a width 20 inches and includes a total of 40 LED bulbs. The inner 32 bulbs are titled to a 30° angle and act as spot lights for perfect visibility. The remaining 8 bulbs are tilted to a 60° angle to give the all important flood lights. These LEDs are designed by Cree and provide a total running time of 30,000+ hours and use 3W per bulb. Heavy duty aluminum is used for the bar housing and supplied with extra strong hardware to mount to a vehicle. It is built to be weatherproof and complies with the waterproof certification, IP67. Plus, the Lumen flux is above 7500LM and input voltage is 9-32V.

WoneNice 52″ 300W LED Driving Light Bar 4WD Off Road Truck DC10-30V

best LED light barThe WoneNice 52 inch LED Driving Light Bar is certain to illuminate the way. This light bar has 100 high-intensity LEDs and consumes a total of 300w (3w for each bulb). Its pitch black body is complemented by the pure white lights. Light aluminum is used for the housing and gives great versatility in mounting to an off road vehicle. This particular LED bar light complies with the IP67 certification to confirm it is waterproof. The light bar is designed to give a flood pattern with the bulbs tilted to a 60° angle, while a spot beam is a further option. Its 10-30V DC input makes it a practical choice for 4WD trucks. WoneNice states a lifespan in the region of 30,000 hours.

Autofeel 42″ Led Light Bar

Autofeel-Light-Triple-64800LM-PickupThe AutoFeel Triple Row LED Light Bar is a further model with high-intensity Cree lights. The three rows of lights have a total of 90 LEDs with 270W in total (3W for each bulb). The color temperature of the three rows is 6000K and the Lumen flux is rated at 27,000LM. The bright white lights are energy-efficient with a 93% rating and powered by a 10V-30V DC input. Multiple sizes are available, including the 42 inch and 52 inch (standard and curved). The lights are built with a military grade breather and comply with the IP67 waterproof certification. It is solidly built with an aluminum alloy housing that easily dissipates heat. The LED lifespan for this light bar is estimated at 50,000 hours. Plus, the mounting system is safe and secure and cannot be removed without using the purpose made wrench.

u-Box 7inch 18W Cree Chip 1″ inch Extreme Slim Led Light Bar Flood Beam

u-Box-7inch-Extreme-Light-FloodThe u-Box LED light bar is built to be extremely slim with a thickness limited to 1 inch. This high intensity bar has 6 Cree LEDs that consumes 3W each. It is powered by 9-32V and designed and certified with electronic circuits that are vibration proof. The housing of the light bar is protected with a UV resistant polyester powder to avoid paint fading from long-term exposure to sunlight. Each lens of the u-Box LED light bar is made using PC, so has the ability to stand up to minor shocks. The high-quality LEDs are designed to stay clear and will not yellow or fog over time, which leads to a loss of intensity.

Auxbeam LED Light Bar 50 Inch Curved 5D Lens 288W 28800LM CREE Spot Flood Combo Beam Driving Light with Wiring Harness

Auxbeam-Curved-28800LM-Driving-HarnessThe high-powered Auxbeam 50 Inch LED light bar has two rows of OSRAM LEDs and a curved design. These LEDs give a wide and a very long range of visibility. The natural curved design has the dual function of providing a flood view with a 40° angle and a hyper spot with a 10° angle. Each lens is built with fisheye technology to give the most productive spread of strong light. This light bar has 96 high-intensity LEDs, which consume 288W of power and have a lumens flux rating of 28,800LM. It is solidly built and waterproof with an aluminum housing that guarantees its shockproof and dustproof properties, as well as having a huge heat sink. Plus, the light bar is able to comply with the latest IP67 certificate and has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

LAMPHUS CRUIZER 36″ 234W CREE LED Off Road Truck Vehicles Lightbar

LAMPHUS-CRUIZER-Vehicles-Lightbar-AVAILABLEThe LAMPHUS LED light bar has 24 high-intensity Cree bulbs and stands at a total length of 12 inches. The power consumption for the light bar is 72W with each light consuming 3W. The lumen flux is rated at 5,700LM and the lights are 6000K color. The LAMPHUS CRUIZER unit is highly rated when compared to alternative products in the market at a similar price range. This LED light bar is manufactured with cast aluminum housing and granted an IP67 certificate, which confirms its waterproof properties. Each of the lenses is built with PMMA to give extra shatter proof resistance. The rugged build and design makes these LED lights perfect for off-road jeeps or trucks. The light type is spot focus that covers a useful distance. The bulbs are set at a fixed angle of 30°. Plus, the light bar is packed with a weather pack connector.

Kohree 14.5″ 90W 7800lm Cree Spot Flood Combo Beam Led Work Light Bar

Kohree-7800lm-Off-road-4wd-Two-MountingThe Kohree 14.5 inch Cree LED Light Bar is uniquely designed to give a stylish look while giving an extra boost of light at night. This light bar is compact enough to mount on the vehicle’s bumper and only weighs 5 lbs. The Cree LEDs give a high-level of intensity and consume a total of 90W. The light bar housing is die cast aluminum, which is quakeproof and complies with the CE, ROSH certifications to ensure it meets Euro standards and is waterproof. The body of the light bar is solid and able to stand up to outside exposure. The range distance of these Kohree work lights is more impressive than conventional LEDs. It is backed by a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Xprite E2 Series 7.5″ Inch 36 Watt 12 LEDs Off-Road Spot Flood Combo Beam LED Work Light Bar

Xprite-Off-Road-Flood-Wiring-HarnessThe Xprite Off-Road LED light bar is well-built and relatively inexpensive. It is built with a total of 12 heavy-duty LEDS and stands 7.5 inches in width. The power usage is low at only 36W, and supports 12V and 24V power inputs. It is easily mounted to virtually any free space on the off-road vehicle. The LEDs are very efficient with the capacity to last up to 30,000 hours. It is built to be lightweight with aluminum alloy cast housing. Plus, it is shake proof and rust proof. The housing is temperature resistant and designed to give useful heating elimination. The Xprite has IP67 certification to confirm it has the desired waterproof qualities. The Lumen flux is rated at 2160LM and it comes with installation kit.

TURBO SII Osram 20″ Inch Led Light Bar

Chevrolet-Wrangler-Toyota-Polaris-MaverickTURBO SII 20 inch LED light bar is a practical choice to complement the existing car lamps. It is built with 42 high-power OSRAM LEDs with a total consumption of 126W (3W for each bulb). The lumens flux is rated at 12,600LM and accepts any 10V-30V based DC power input. It is constructed in 6063 aluminum and mounted using steel brackets. Each lens is made of PC and gives a great level of safety. The TURBO SII is perfect for a wide range of vehicles, including ATVs, off roads, tow truck, motorcycle, and mining vehicles. It complies with IP67 certification to make it waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof, as well as making it a useful choice for heavy-duty vehicles. The LEDs are energy-efficient and stated to have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.

Zone Tech 36W LED Bar Work Light

Zone-Tech-36W-Work-LightThe Zone Tech LED light bar is a useful addition to an SUV to work on a foggy or dark night. The pure and bright light has the ability to give a color intensity of 6500K. The LEDs give a range of visibility options with tilted angles and spot vision. The housing of the light bar is a light metal for a reliable strength-to-weight ratio and is easily mounted to the vehicle body. This Zone Tech unit accepts multiple power inputs to make it a practical choice for most vehicles, including off-road, farming, mining, emergency vehicles, etc. Plus, it has a useful heat sink design to make sure the heat is effectively dissipated.

Top 5 Best Electronics Wipes Reviews

Nowadays, having a device has become a necessity. You either have a smart phone, tablet, or any other electronic that has a touch screen on it. And because you use these regularly, they can easily get dirty. Thankfully, you can effectively get rid of these smudges, grime, dirt, grease, dust, makeup, and fingerprints from your screen with the help of an electronic wipe.

What are Electronics Wipes?

Made specifically for cleaning electronic surfaces, electric wipes are soft wet wipes made of non-abrasive material. They are designed to be used on smart phones, laptops, computer screens, TVs, and any other surface. But before using the electronic wipes, you need to remove abrasives so you don’t end up scratching your screen. Once you’ve wiped your screen, you can dispose of the wet wipes you used.

When you have an electronic wipe with you, you’ll be able to clean your device much quickly and safely. And if you see to it that you regularly clean your device, it will easily look brand new. At the same time, it will allow you to view your photos more clearly. If you use a stylus on your device, having a smooth surface can increase stylus response time too. Another reason why you should always clean your touch screen is so you can minimize eye strain, which typically happens with smudges on the screen. Thanks to an electronic wipe, you can clean your device’s screen without worrying about any damage that could occur.

Best Electronics Wipes

If you are looking for the best electronics wipes for your electronic devices, our list of top 5 best electronics wipes will help you quickly find the right one.

Windex Screen Cleaner Wipe

Windex-Screen-Cleaner-WipeWhen it comes to electronics wipes, Windex Screen Cleaner Wipes has obtained a credible title as Amazon’s Choice. It works well across electronic screen surfaces, such as a smart phone, TV, computer, LCD screens, and even glasses. Apart from using the wipes on electronic screen surfaces, they can also be used on remote controls, metal, and game stations; making it a valuable option. The material is made from antistatic cloth, which quickly dries and removes dust, smudges, and fingerprints. It is made from an advanced cleaning formula that safely cleans your device without leaving behind any streaks, lint, or residue. Its packaging is also good since it has a resealable pouch, making sure that the wipes stay moist for a longer time.

Windex Screen Cleaner Wipes has been recommended by Influenster. It also has a number of positive reviews online.

iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes for easy and fast shine on smartphones, tablets and computers

iCloth-Screen-Cleaning-WipesOne good thing about the iCloth Screen Cleaning Wipes is that they come in individual packaging. This means that each wipe stays moist at all times. They are premium pre-moistened wipes that are able to clean your electronic screen surfaces without any film, streaks or drips. The wipes are designed with non-woven aerospace-grade quality that make them low-linting and soft to touch. The wipes are able to safely trap and lift away dirt, grease, makeup and fingerprints; leaving your screen clear. Each wipe has been pre-moistened with a purified water-based formula that has some isopropyl alcohol (but none of the dangerous ethyl alcohol kind). iCloth says that the formula they use is safe to use on just about any screen, specialty coating, or sensitive optics.

Each pack comes with a hundred individually sealed wipes that you can conveniently carry in your bag, car, or purse. The company has already obtained over 600 five-star reviews on Amazon. Not to mention, they have a money-back guarantee.

MMMCL610 – 3m Electronic Equipment Cleaning Wipes

MMMCL610-3m-Electronic-Equipment-Cleaning-WipesAnother electronic wipes brand you should consider is the 3M Electronic Equipment Cleaning Wipes. These have been developed to help keep your electronic screen surfaces clean and dust-free. As a result, you get better value for your device. Each wipe has been pre-moistened and kept in an easy-dispense canister, ensuring they stay moist longer. The wipes are unscented, anti-static, and non-abrasive.

The 3M Electronic Equipment Cleaning Wipes have received a number of positive reviews. They also have the 3M High Performance Cloth that you can use repeatedly, as an option.

Weiman E-tronic Wipes

B004ZAVUJQOne of the best things about the Weiman E-tronic Wipes is that they can be used not only on electronic surfaces, but also on keyboards and monitors. These are anti-static wipes that dry quickly, leaving behind a screen free of dust, dirt, and fingerprints. You can enjoy a clearer picture on your screen since they don’t leave behind any streaks. The wipes are stored in a convenient dispenser.

This brand has several positive online reviews and is backed by the Good Housekeeping seal.

Endust Pop-Up Anti-Static, Non-Streak Wipes

B00005T3Z8If you are looking for an anti-static and non-streak electronic wipes that can clean your electronic surfaces safely and quickly, the Endust Wipes are a good brand to go for. These wipes, however, are not suitable for use on plasma or LCD screens so you have to be careful with what you use it on. The wipes come in a pop-up container that helps preserve the ammonia-free, non-abrasive wipes moist and soft. Since the moisture takes just a few seconds to evaporate, you can quickly use your clean device.

This brand frequently gets good recommendations and reviews online.

9 Budget Travel Items You Should Have

It’s easy to go over the budget you have allocated for your trip, especially with all the things you need to buy. But instead of spending your travel budget on things other than your trip, it’s important that you identify the items you need. By being smart with your travel plans, you can make the most of your trip and still have money left for your actual trip.

Here are 9 items you need to have with you during your trip:

1. Memory Card

Memory-CardWhen you’re going on a trip, you’d naturally want to document the entire journey with the help of a camera. And with all the number of photos you intend to take during your adventure, you will likely run out of storage space. You’ll even need more memory space if you intend on capturing a lot of videos during your trip.

This is why you need to have spare memory cards with you the entire time. In doing so, you’ll always have space to use to capture the perfect shot. By having at least one SD memory card with a high capacity, you can be prepared for your trip. If you have extra money, you may even bring two.

2. Travel Cubes

Travel-CubesInstead of paying for another bag or a hefty excess baggage charge from your airline, the best you can do is to make do with travel cubes. These are little compartments you can use to pack your items with ease. Since these are now available in a number of options, you can easily pick a few to use in packing your things together. You can pack your clothes, shoes, and toiletries in different travel cubes so you can stay organized during your entire trip.

You can also use this with a backpack.

3. Universal Plug Adapters

Universal-Plug-AdaptersOne of the things that might cost you a lot of money is the cost of a new charger. This is why it is best if you purchase a universal plug adapter before you leave for your trip. If you are traveling to a foreign country, this is something you can’t leave home without. You might end up not having any way to recharge your device if you don’t have a universal plug adapter with you.

Always have a universal adapter ready so you can conquer the world whenever you leave to travel. Remember that plugs greatly vary depending on where you are headed. There are even some countries that make use of two different plug sizes. Having a universal adapter can help solve this problem.

4. Luggage Scale

Luggage-ScalePaying your airline for excess baggage can be pretty depressing. If you go over the allowed weight limit imposed by your airline, you might end up paying up to hundreds of dollars. This is why it is good to pack minimally for your trip and just to remember to bring the essentials.

Another way you can be prepared for the excess baggage costs is to have a portable luggage scale with you at all times. If you’re fond of traveling, having a portable luggage scale can truly be an investment for you. It will help you get rid of making estimates on how much your bag weights. Instead, you get an accurate weight of how much you can expect to pay.

5. TSA Master Lock

TSA-Master-LockIt’s always a good idea to keep your belongings in a safe environment. And in order to do this, you will need to have a trustworthy lock to help you keep thieves away from your valuables. If you’re flying a plane, you’ll need to have a lock that has been approved by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA). By purchasing a TSA lock, you can breeze through security checkpoints without any problem.

6. Leather Passport Case

Leather-Passport-CaseIt’s pretty obvious that you’ll need to have your passport with you whenever you leave your country. If you haven’t purchased one, it’s good to invest in a trusty passport case to store your documents in. WIth the passport case, you’ll be able to protect your passport from damage.

A good recommendation is to use a leather case that’s capable of blocking Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) readers from being able to steal valuable information in your passport. These leather cases are able to block your personal information on your RFID chip from being scanned by thieves.

7. Travel Bottles

Travel-BottlesOne of the expenses you might not realize is already costing you a lot of money is when you purchase water bottles. Although you need water to survive your journey, it can get expensive in the long run. Instead of continuously buying water, you can get the right size travel bottle. You can then fill up the bottle for your trip.

8. Solar Panel Charger

Solar-Panel-ChargerIf your trip involves going off the grid for a few days, it’s a good idea to still be prepared for any unplanned incidents that may occur. You will need to bring with you a solar panel rechargeable battery so you can easily recharge your device and other electronics you will need during your trip.

9. Water Filtration System

Katadyn-Vario-Water-FilterAs mentioned, buying water during your trip can be costly. One way you can reduce the costs is to have your own portable water filtration system with you during your trip. This is particularly helpful if you plan on going on a hike during your trip and unsure about having access to potable, clean drinking water.

But then again, you still have to consider your destination. You have to check whether or not a water filtration system is a good investment or just something that could be costly or heavy with your baggage. If you can easily buy clean water during your trip, you can go for that option.

Top 5 Best Air Mattresses Reviews

A high-quality air mattress is a perfect piece of equipment for not only the camping trips, but also for the occasional or unexpected visits from friends and family at home. Airbeds give a great level of comfort and are starting to be favored by more and more people over the traditional mattress.

What is an air mattress?

An air mattress (also referred to as an airbed) is a type of mattress that is designed to inflate and deflate. It gives great support and perfect in a variety of situations, such as camping trips and using at home for last-minute guests. A high-quality air mattress is easy to inflate and deflate, tough and durable, gives the desired comfort and offers value for money.

Best Air Mattress

If you are looking for the best air mattress, out list of top 5 best air mattress will help you find the right one. And when compiling this list, we considered many factors, including performance, ease of use, portability, prices, ratings and customer reviews.

Intex Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

intex-pillow-rest-raised-airbed-with-built-in-pillow-and-electric-pumpThe Intex Pillow Rest Airbed has the ability to give a great level of comfort with its built-in pillows, vinyl beams and padded water-repellent flocked top. It has a dual air chamber to increase its ability to stay firm and give the desired support for the entire night. The built-in electric pump is fast and efficient with the ability to inflate or deflate the mattress in less than 4 minutes. This twin bed with double-layered beam construction has a height of 16.5 inches and a weight capacity of up to 300 lbs.

Intex is one of the top-rated manufacturer of airbeds with this product having over 2800 5-star reviews on the Amazon marketplace, while also recommended by ConsumerSearch.

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

soundasleep-dream-series-air-mattressThe Dream Series Air Mattress by SoundAsleep claims it has the ability to provide comfort equal to the traditional mattress, while also giving the benefits of an air mattress. Its built-in pump is said to operate nearly 20% quieter than alternative models and avoids loss of air pressure that leads to sagging. The inflate/deflate time is estimated at less than 4 minutes. This SoundAsleep air mattress is built with ComfortCoil Technology and raised double-height construction to give that extra degree of support, durability and comfort. The puncture-resistant material has multiple layers that give long-term use and the ability to hold up to 500 lbs. A tough, waterproof flocked top is appreciated for giving greater comfort and the bottom is finished with a sure grip bottom to limit movement. Plus, for ease in handling and storage, it is packed with a carry bag.

This solid built air mattress is backed by a 1-year warranty and general help is available via the friendly customer care team. It is highly rated online with over 7500 5-star reviews on the Amazon marketplace, and also recommended by ConsumerSearch, with plenty of reviewers saying it is comparable to the more expensive models.

Serta Basic Raised Air Mattress

serta-basic-raised-air-mattress-with-external-ac-pumpThe Serta Raised Air Mattress is equipped with a neverFLAT air pump to guarantee it stays inflated whenever needed. The dual pump system supplied with this mattress has the ability to inflate or deflate in a matter of 4 minutes or less. This pump has a built-in auto shut-off feature to avoid issues with motor burnout when the airbed is fully inflated. Plus, this quiet pump silently maintains and continuously monitors the air in the bed to prevent any deflation during the night. The beds horizontal and vertical reinforcements further help to keep its shape.

The airbed is constructed in vinyl to make it not only water-resistant and puncture-proof, but is well-made, sturdy and comfortable. The firmness of the bed is easily adjusted from firm, medium or plush using a simple dial operation. It has a height of 18 inches to make is similar to a traditional mattress, and further support is provided by the circular coils: 21 on the twin or 35 on the queen. Also, there is a useful carry bag for handling and storage, as well as a flocked top for keeping sheets in place.

This Serta airbed comes with a 2-year warranty and is highly rated on both ConsumerSearch and Amazon, with over 1000 5-star reviews on the Amazon marketplace.

AeroBed Mattress for Kids

aerobed-mattress-for-kidsThe AeroBed Mattress for Kids is a perfect option for the little ones and built to be tough and durable. It can even survive with children jumping on it. A great safety feature is the 4-inch high safety cushion that surrounds the bed and stops kids rolling off. Its toughness comes from the heavy-duty PVC construction with electronically welded seams. The mattress is inflated with the help of a hand-held electric AC pump that has an inflation time-frame of less than 1 minute, and deflation time is about 15 seconds. The AeroBed is also packaged with a removable fleece cover that is thick, warm and washable to protect against accidents or spills.

This mattress is perfect for small kids aged 4-years or older, but it is a lot smaller than a standard twin bed so there isn’t much chance of an adult using it. Also, it has acquired plenty of positive feedback with over 1000 5-star reviews on the Amazon marketplace.

Intex Raised Downy Airbed

intex-raised-downy-airbed-with-built-in-electric-pump-queenThe Intex Raised Downy Airbed is a #1 best seller on Amazon and appreciated for its ability to give the feel and comfort of a traditional mattress. It is a queen size bed with a height of 22 inches to give the feeling of sleeping on a raised bed. This airbed has a dual chamber design: the lower section acts much like a box spring to give support and firmness, while the upper section is similar to a mattress. The inflation/deflation process is quick and easy. It has a built-in touch-button electric pump that gets the airbed ready and usable in a matter of 5 minutes. Other features include the vinyl beams, indented sides (better for gripping sheets), a water-repellent flocked mattress top and the ability to hold up to 600 lbs.

Intex is one of the leading airbed manufacturers with this particular model getting a lot of praise online with over 3250 5-star reviews on the Amazon marketplace.

The Bottom Line

This is our list of best air mattresses. If you are looking for one, you can choose one of them and you will not feel disappointed.

Top 5 Best Bidet Seats Reviews

Bidets are no longer limited to foreign countries or high-end hotels. Adding a bidet seat or seat attachment to the existing home toilet makes it possible to benefit from increased luxury, comfort and hygiene in the bathroom.

What is a bidet seat?

A bidet seat is simply a solution to increase bathroom hygiene and makes it easy to better clean yourself after using the toilet. These sanitary accessories reply on a quick stream of water to give the most effective clean and mean less reliance on wet wipes or toilet paper.

Prices for the bidet seats, attachments or seats cost in the region of $25 to $500 or more. But, for those that really want the high end product and willing to pay in excess of $500, the Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat by Brondell is certain to appeal. However, our reviews are limited to the more cost-effective items that do not exceed $350.

Best Bidet Seat

When it comes to the best bidet seat, we’ve made this list of top 5 best bidet seats for you, based on their overall performance, ease of use, design, ratings, prices and customer reviews.

TOTO SW2044#01 Elongated C200 Washlet

TOTO-SW2044-01-Elongated-C200-WashletThe TOTO SW2044#01 Elongated Washlet is the #1 best-seller on the Amazon marketplace for its unique comfort features and streamlined design. It is built with not only a powerful and warm water jet, but also features a deodorizer, warm air dryer and heated seat. The spray feature is dual-action and includes an oscillating setting. Other features include easily adjustable water temperature and water pressure. Its elongated SoftClose seat is designed to close quietly and slowly.

For ease of use, it is packaged with a wireless remote control for complete convenience and even has a touch pad that lights up. The TOTO Elongated Washlet is highly rated online and gets plenty of positive reviews and recommendations.

KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide Elongated Manual Bidet Seat

KOHLER-K-5724-0The KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide Elongated Manual Bidet Seat makes use of a localized stream of water to give a refreshing and cool-water cleaning experience. It has a sleek, low-profile design that aims to give a high level of comfort. Convenient features include the ability to adjust the position of the spray wand and water pressure using a side lever to tailor the bidet seat to match the personal needs. It is built with a quiet-close mechanism to ensure the seat and lid close quietly and slowly. For ease in cleaning up, the elongated toilet has quick-release hinges and automatic self-cleaning rinses the system after each use for the ultimate in hygiene.

Set up is quick and easy with quick attach hardware included. Plus, the grip-tight bumpers help to avoid issues with shifting and give greater stability. No power outlet or batteries are required to run this system. It continues to rank well on the Amazon marketplace and has plenty of favorable reviews to its name.

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control Electronic Heated Toilet Seat

SmartBidet-SB-1000The SmartBidet Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets is feature-rich and includes a self-cleaning, adjustable, and retractable nozzle, a soft-closing seat and lid, an energy-saving mode, and warm air dryer. This electric bidet system has 3 heated seat levels, 3 water temperature levels, 5 nozzle positions and 5 water pressure levels. You use the adjustable settings to match personal preferences and keep the water and the seat at the desired cool or warm temperature. The elongated seat is installed using quick-release hardware to simplify the cleaning process.

For complete ease of operation, this electric bidet has a wireless remote control and multifunction control panel to quickly control the dryer, nozzle, seat, water, etc. The SmartBidet SB-1000 is one of the most wished for items on Amazon and a constant best seller.

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000

Bidet-Toilet-Seat-Attachment-CB-1000The Astor CB-1000 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment is listed as a #1 best-seller in Amazon marketplace and appreciated for its adjustable sprayer that gives a fresh water cleansing experience. The spray nozzle is retractable to make it easy to keep clean.

This bidet toilet seat attachment comes with premium-quality attachment features such as a custom dial and brass control valve to fine-tune the water pressure. It is built-in a high-grade, solid plastic that won’t leak or rust and is simple to clean. Plus, it does not require electricity to run.

Its versatile and low-profile design is suited to any two-piece toilet. For ease in installation, the seat attachment is packaged with all parts including a metal braided hose.

This Astor branded bidet is a solid performer with over 3500 5-star reviews on the Amazon Marketplace. Also, for extra peace of mind it comes with an one-year manufacturer warranty.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment

B00A0RHSJOThe Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Bidet Toilet Attachment is built with a self cleaning nozzle and nozzle guard gate. The single, retractable and curved nozzle is designed with a chrome plated control knob to simplify the process of personalizing the water pressure. The Luxe bidet toilet attachment is built to last and operates on a non-electric mechanical system.

This system is packaged with all connection accessories including a steel braided hose for easy self-installation to virtually any two-piece toilet. Plus, it comes with an 18-month warranty and friendly customer support for any questions or concerns. It is highly rated on the Amazon marketplace with over 3200 5-star reviews, as well as plenty of positive reviews elsewhere online.

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