Top 5 Best Tower Fans Reviews

best tower fanWhen it comes to tower fans, they are generally having a slender design and their footprint are very small, allowing you place one of them at any place you like. The small footprint can save much space in your apartment and home.

Best Tower Fan

If you are looking for the best tower fan, something should be taken into account and you should know what features are must-have and how easy they are to be used. If you are so busy, we have compiled a list of top 5 best tower fans for you. They were chosen due to their 3 fan speeds, automatic oscillation, built-in timers, remote controls, as well as air purification system. Some units even come with built-in flashlights in the remote in case of power loss.

Crane Tower Fan with LCD Clock

best tower fanThis crane Model EE-5605 tower fan features a slim, sleek body design, making it is able to fit any room decor and allowing you to place it anywhere in the room as you like. It is 9-inches long, 7 inches wide and 47 inches tall. Therefore, it doesn’t occupy much floor space. As a versatile tower fan, it comes with a LCD display to allow you to read it easily, making it easy to use. For example, You just need to glance at its LCD display and you will know the status, including the current fan settings, room temperature right now, time, date and day. It also has a heavy-duty motor that is capable of moving 2,500 cubic feet of air every minute if the highest speed is chosen. And it also runs quietly so that you even forget it is running for you all the time. The weight is about 16 pounds which is heavy enough to make the fan stay stable. Well, you also can move it from one room to another easily. As one of the best tower fans on the market, its 3-speed settings, 6-inch-wind fan and automatic oscillation enable to keep your room comfortable to live in. A remote control and a time are also included. Plus, it is protected by a 1-year warranty.

SoleusAir 35″ Tower Fan with Remote control, # FC3-35R-12

The footprint of this Soleus Model FC3-35R-12 tower fan is also very small, only 11.25 inches long and 9.25 inches wide, so you can always find a floor space to place it in your room. It also features 3-speed settings and automatic oscillation which offer enough ventilation and cooling to make any room comfortable. It is powerful enough to produce enough air movement. Therefore, once you have it, you will find it helps to make your room comfortable. You also can turn up the air conditioner but enjoy the same comfort, which can help to lower your cooling bills. A remote control is also included, so it allows you to adjust the operation freely. Its timer allows you to set up to 7.5 hours. You can set it to turn off automatically, even if you forget to turn off the fan and leave always. It runs quietly, so it will not disturb you when you sleep at night. It is also very lightweight, so you can move it from one room to another. It also comes with a rubber padded grip on its bottom, so it is able to keep this tower fan stable, not sliding across the floor, table or any surface where is located. Of course, a 1-year limited warranty is provided.

Lasko 48″ Xtra Electric Tower Fan Model 4820

SoleusAir-Tower-Remote-control-FC3-35R-12This best tower fan features a slender and tall design. Its automatic oscillation is able to move air to any areas in your room. This product even has an ionizer which is able to produce negative ions to purify the air in the room. Its powerful motor can move about 867 cubic feet of air every minute if you choose the highest speed setting. It comes with 3-speed settings. On its top, there are lighted electronic button controls. It also has a remote control which allows you to easily change the settings far away from the fan in the room. When you don’t use the remote, you can store its built-in storage pocket that is specially designed for the remote on is back. It also comes with a timer that allows you to program it to turn itself off automatically. You can make it turn itself off after up to 7.5 hours, so you will not feel worried after leaving home. A carry handle is also equipped with, so you can move it freely. At last, a 1-year warranty is also offered.

Vornado 153 Tower Circulator – 32″ Upright Fan (Black)

Vornado-153-Tower-Circulator-UprightWith its special V-flow technology, this Vornao Model 153 tower fan is effective move the air through the whole room. Generally, it can cover a range of 80 feet room. It makes the air circulated effective and blows the air through its special air outlets. Unlike traditional tower fans’ oscillation function, this fan uses these outlets to offer a cool breeze in the whole room. It has push button controls on its top, so you can easily operate it and the indicator lights can tell you the current settings. You also can use its remote to easily operate. It also has a small indention at its top, so you can store the remote if you don’t need it. The indention uses a magnet to make the remote attached to the fan. Similar to other models, it offers 3-speed settings and runs quietly. It also comes with a timer that let you set it when to turn off. It only weighs 10 pounds, allowing you to carry it anywhere you like. What’s more, it is protected by a 5-year limited warranty.

Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan with Remote Control, HY-048BP

Honeywell-Breeze-Remote-Control-HY-048BPThis 3-speed tower fan can make every corner of your room super cooling and comfortable. Its adjustable height allows you to direct the cooling air where you plan to direct. You also can turn off its oscillation feature, so you make it direct a solid direction. Its thermostat is also programmable, so you can personalize its operation. Thanks to its 3-speed settings and automatic timer, you can program it freely. It also comes with a remote control for you to easily control it far away from your fan. The remote also has a flashlight. If a power failure event happens, you can use the flashlight for lighting. It also has a pocket to store the remote when not needed. An ionizer and a washable air filter are used to purify air. Plus, a 1-year limited warranty is also included.

Tower Fan Buying Guide

Why Do You Need to Buy a Tower Fan?

Tower fans are a great option for those who want to increase the air circulation in the room. And investing in such a tower fan is really an affordable way, compared to other methods. The best tower fan is helpful to cool you down effectively and quickly. They are also useful to make airflow much better in the areas where the swamp cooler or air conditioner cannot reach.

Tower fans are designed only to take up a little space. They are handy oscillation fans which stand 2 to 4 feet high on the floor. Of course, you also can position them on any solid surface (like on your sturdy furniture), which depends on where you want a fan to circulate air. Generally, you can place them in corners or other out-of-the-way areas. Compared with large box fans or pedestal fans, they are handy, not taking up much space. Some models are very quiet even when they are working. What’s more, most of them come in a sleek design and can fit your indoor decor easily.

In hot summers, with such a tower fan, you can avoid sweating to death. Our selection above can help you make a quick decision.

Tower Fans: What to Look For

When it comes to buying a fan, many factors should be considered. You need to consider the size of the room you need a fan to cool, your budget, the aesthetically appealing and how much space a fan will take up.

And when you are looking for the best tower fan, many features are also essential. Before making a buying decision, answer the following questions:

  • How many speeds do you want a fan to have? Most models offer 3 speeds, allowing you to adjust according to your needs in different situations.
  • Howe far can be the fan oscillate? Different models vary.
  • Does it offer a solid warranty? A solid warranty is a must-have feature. In case the fan has problems after a few time you buy it, you can ask to replace a new one.
  • Does it offer a remote control? With such a remote control, you can lie on the sofa to control the speed and set its timer without getting up.

Sultry weather is not good for people who are suffering from asthma, allergies and other personal sensitivities. With a fan, you can enable your room to have clean, cool and fresh air. Choosing which type of fans is determined by the space limitation and your needs. If a tower fan is not suitable, you also can choose a ceiling fan, window fan, pedestal fan, etc.

How to Choose the Best Tower Fan

A fan that comes with all the features is good, but the one you choose should also be easy to use, powerful and attractive. We compared many models and many factors were considered, including the motor power, size, noise levels and warranty. Generally, how much air a fan can blow really matters, and the noise level is also a very important consideration. The CFM (cubic feet per minute) is used to measure the ability that how much air a fan can blow per minute.

For those who are sensitive to noise, you can choose a quiet model. For bedroom use, the noise level should be low. And you can choose a smaller model. Large tower fans may not fit everywhere. If you only need to cool a small area, such a large fan is a waste of space and money.

The durability is also another consideration. Buy a high quality one but not a cheaper one, and it can last for many years. Therefore, warranty is very important. When we made this list of the best tower fans, we check the manufacturers’ customer support.

The Bottom Line

Before making a buying decision, you first need to assess your needs. Tower fans can cool your room and they are worth to have. Our list can help you quickly find the best tower fan according to your needs.

Top 5 Best Window Fans Reviews

window-fansWhen it comes to choosing a window fan, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the window opening and make sure the fan you purchase can fit the size. After this, now it is time to do some research and find the best window fan to order. However, if you never bought a fan before, it is really a time-consuming task. On the market, there are main 2 types of window fans. One type is a fan that only pulls cool air into your room, and another type is a unit that can exhaust indoor air out of your room at the same time.

Best Window Fan

All the types are covered on our list of top 5 best window fans. They were chosen due to their ease of use, performance, ratings, prices and customer reviews. And if you need one, this list can help you make a purchasing decision much easier.

Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control

best window fanThis best window fan also comes with a remote control and it is suitable for any window between 24″ and 37″ wide. It is able to exhaust odors, condensation and other unwanted air from a bathroom or a kitchen. You also can reverse it, so it can draw in outdoor cool fresh air into the room. The remote control is convenient to allow you to adjust it. Plus, a thermostat is included, which can turn on the fans to maintain a desired temperature. This twin window fan has a unique design, making it suitable for both hot summers and cold winters. It also offers a LCD control panel that allows you to easily set it with its simple button.

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window fan with One Touch Thermostat

Holmes-Blade-Window-Touch-ThermostatThis window fan can fit slider and double-hung windows. The installation is also simple and you even don’t need to remove the window screens. This unit has 2 windows which can operate independently. This means you can allow one to exhaust unwanted air in the room, while make the other one draw in cool and fresh water. It comes with 2 speeds and its temperature selections allow you to set the temperature to make it when to turn on or off. Therefore, it is able to keep your room comfortable. It also offers an electric control panel to adjust it to fit the conditions in the room or outside. What’s more, it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

Air King 9155 Storm Guard Window Fan

Air-King-9155-Window-16-InchThis 16-inch window fan is suitable for windows with the width between 26.5 inches to 34.5 inches and the minimum height is at least 22 inches. Its motor is a 16-horse power motor that features 3 speeds. The motor is also lubricated permanently, so it requires the least maintenance. The fan can both draw in fresh air and exhaust air from your home. It allows to reverse it. Its unique design makes you not need to remove the fan even during a rainstorm. And you can close your window freely without any changing. This best fan is mainly constructed of styrene that is high impact. The blades are plastic and it features a metal front grill. Its weight is only 15 pounds. And it also comes with a 7-foot long electric cord with two-pin plug. Therefore, you can move it from one to another freely.

Honeywell Twin Window Fan, HW-305

Honeywell-Twin-Window-Fan-HW-305This model features unique design. It can be used as a window fan in any compatible window and you also can remove it from your window and use it indoors, making it very versatile. It only weighs 8 pounds and it is 11″ long, 7″ wide and 11.5″ high, so it is very portable. 3 adjustable speeds are offered and it allows you to reverse it so that it can exhaust unwanted air from your room. It even comes with a thermostat which is able to automatically turn on or off the fan according to the temperature, so the temperature in a room can be kept at a comfortable level. What’s more, its motor is rain-resistant, so this can prevent any damage because of bad weather. Plus, a 3-year limited warranty is also provided.

Lasko 7 Slim Profile Twin Window Fan

Lasko-Twin-Window-Fan-2137This Lasko runs quiet and allows you to reverse its fan to keep an area comfortable. For example, you can make it exhaust the hot water from your room during the day and reverse it to draw in cool air at night. It is also a versatile fan, because it offers plastic snap-on feet which allow you to change it into a tabletop fan. It weighs only 5 pounds and measures 4.75″ X 21.75″ X 10.5″. And it almost fits all types of windows, like sliding, double-hung and casement windows, as long as the width of your window is between 22 inches and 34 inches. And it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Best Window Fans Buying Guide

Why do you need window fan?

Air conditioning is very popular and also very convenient, but it costs you much and doesn’t provide you with fresh air. Compared with air conditioners, window fans are a more economical way to blow in the cool and fresh air. And window fans become more and more popular, helping you reduce your monthly expenses. People who choose window fans believe that window fans are a good way to cool their homes. However, there are also lots of people who spend hundreds of dollars every year on fresher products, like candles, scented oil plug-ins and sprays. It is very ironic, isn’t it? Actually, they don’t need these air fresher products but window fans to blow in fresh air.

For people who live in areas where the summer is pretty hot, the summer is not easy to be spent. And you will find the summer is so brutally hot. In this situation, a single method doesn’t work. You can use a combination of an air conditioning system and a window fan. In the morning or evening, if it is cool, you can just use a fan, while you can use your air conditioner in the afternoon. The combination can help you save much more money. And you don’t need to make your air conditioning system working all the time. And the stale odors can also be alleviated. Fresh air can be blown in the room.

Window fans are also called window exhaust fans, because they are installed on the window and are used to blow in fresh air. Mostly, they are perfect for the kitchen, because they can be used to remove cooking odors. When you are cooking, such a window exhaust fan in your kitchen helps to remove cooking odors and can prevent cooking air from entering your living space. Odors can be pumped quickly. This method is more effective, comparing with using other conventional ways, like the exhaust system on the stove.

I think nobody will dislike a home infused with fresh air. Once you use a window fan to do that, you will cannot stand a home infused with stale circulating air or heavy perfumed fragrances. And you will feel lucky that you find the right way to keep the air cool and fresh.

Where to Buy

You can buy window fans online or at the local home improvement stores. Before buying one, you need to measure the window you plan to install one on. Most modern models feature a new sleek design. They come in a variety of designs and sizes. It is easy to find the right one for your window. You can choose a fan that includes the dual function of pumping fresh air in and pulling air out. This type of window fan is perfect for kitchens.

If windows are much longer, you can install a twin window fan. Most of twin window fans have a thermostat. And once the set point is reached, the fan will be shut off automatically. Twin window fans are perfect for large rooms and they work quietly. And you also can find other fans which can fit smaller windows perfectly.

How much do you want to pay

The prices are determined by the size and other features. Many units have an adjustable screen, so the fan can be kept in place securely in the window. And they are lightweight, so they can be removed easily. The prices are under $50 for most units. It is amazing. Once you buy one and use it, you will find it will not take a long time to recover its buying cost.

Top 5 Best Attic Fans Reviews

In hot summers, if you happen to go into your attic, you will find it is so stifling in your attic, like a dry sauna. And if you think the situation is OK, you should be educated. Continuous heat in the attic is harmful to the roofing materials, making them prone to be broken down. And trapped heat makes it difficult to cool a house. Therefore, an attic fan is a must-have appliance in this situation because it can draws out hot attic air and draws in average temperature outdoor air, making temperature equalized indoors and this can help to reduce home deterioration and help to save you money on your electricity bill. If your duct work runs through your attic, an attic fan is really a must-have.

Best attic fan

We’ve chosen the best attic fans for you. Most of them are powered by energy from the grid and we also have one that uses the energy from the sun. These best attic fans come in gable mount and roof mount versions, allows you to choose the most suitable version according to your installing conditions. When we made this list, besides their performance and durability, we also consider their ease of use, pricing, ratings and customer reviews.

Natural Light 36-watt Solar Attic Fan

best attic fanThis 30-watt roof mounted attic fan can be installed on many types of roof, like wood shake, sloped, flat and asphalt. The installation is also not complicated and the entire job can be done within 1 hour. The most impressive feature is its adjustable solar panel. Of course, it is powered by a 36-watt solar panel but not electricity, making it completely green to the environment. The solar panel absorbs sunlight and changes solar energy into electricity to power its 36v Dc Motor. Don’t think it might be powerless. Actually, this fan is capable of moving up to 1,500 cubic feet of air every minute and can cool a 2,500 square feet attic. The solar panel is attached to its fan housing and allows to adjust its angel for the best direction to absorb solar energy. Installing such solar fan makes you qualified for a solar tax credit and at the same time removes the trapped heat in the attic. Therefore, it helps to save money and energy. As a high quality solar attic fan, it comes with an up to 25-year warranty on its solar panel, fan and fan housing.

Ventamatic VX1000SOLARBLK Solar Powered Roof Attic Ventilator

Ventamatic-VX1000SOLARBLK-Powered-Ventilator-CoatedThis Ventamatic VX1000SOLARWG is also a solar attic fan which directly uses the energy from the sun. Its solar panel is multi-crystal and the power is 12.6 watt. The panels instal on the roof to absorb sun energy to charge the 18v Dc motor. The installation is also easy, because it uses solar energy but doesn’t require any wiring. About 1,000 cubic feet of air can be moves every minute in your attic. And the fan can cover a range of 1,500 square feet. The house of this fan is made of heavy-duty galvanized steel, making it durable enough to withstand any bad weather. And the solar panel is also durable because it uses high impact tempered solar cell casings to withstand impacting wind, flying debris and hail. It also comes with a steel mesh grill, so that any animal or pet cannot enter the fan housing and finally enter the attic. Plus, it offers a 5-year limited warranty on its motor.

Broan 353 Gable Mount Ventilator

Broan-353-Gable-Powered-VentilatorThis ventilator uses a 3.4A motor which can drive this 14” diameter blade fan. The blade is made of steel. It is able to draw out and in up to 1,140 cubic feet of air every minute and it is effective to cool a wide range of 1600 square feet. A built-in thermostat can cycle on and off automatically when the temperature in the attic reaches within 10 degrees of the temperature you set. Once you have installed it, it is effective to reduce the temperature and this can make your air conditioners not need to work so hard. A 1-year limited warranty is also offered.

Cool Attic CX1500UPS Power Gable Ventilator Fan

Cool-Attic-CX1500UPS-Power-VentilatorThis Ventilator fan can be effecting at a range of 1,850 square feet. If your attic is less than 1,850 square feet, this fan is suitable. Every minute, it can move about 1,300 cubic feet of air, with its 14” diameter fan. It installs behind the existing louvers in your attic or behind gable shutters. This is not powered by solar energy but electricity. It needs a 20v electric connection to power it. It also offers an adjustable, automatic thermostat, which allows you to alter the desired temperature to turn the fan on automatically whenever the temperature arises from 90 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the fan will continuous to work. Plus, it comes with a 2-year limited warranty from its manufacturer.

Honeywell 12-Watt Gable Mount Solar Powered Attic Fan

Honeywell-12-Watt-Attic-FanThis is also a solar powered fan and allows you to install it very fast in your attic. Its solar panel installs directly on the roof. This best attic fan uses a 12w solar panel to power its 24 motor. Due to its commercial grade solar panel, the lifespan of the panel can be very long. It also includes a thermal switch which can turn on it automatically once the temperature reaches 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the temperature drops to 65 degrees Fahrenheit or a lower temperature, it will be shutdown automatically. The installation is simple and you can do it yourself without hiring a professional wire-man to do the job. What’s more, it offers a 20-year warranty on its solar housing and solar panel and a 5-year warranty on the motor.

Solar Attic Fans Buying Guide

Most of the best attic fans are solar attic fans. If you are looking for the best attic fan for your attic, it is important to make a wise decision. This guide will help you easily find the right solar attic fan.

On the market, there are different solar attic fans from different manufacturers. They come in different sizes, colors and shapes. Generally, solar attic fans can be gable mounted, curb mounted or roof mounted. First you need to know which mount can fit your needs. You can ask a knowledgeable sales consultant for help if you are the first time. Choosing which mount is determined by the type of roof of your home, the square footage of the attic and the pitch of your roof.

The solar attic fan you choose should have enough appropriate venting capacity or it will not offer sufficient ventilation. The size of the solar panel can determine the venting capacity. When it comes to residential models, the size can range from 10 watts to 50 watts. Of course, the higher the wattage is, the higher the price is. You can ask your sales consultant for some advice.

Besides the core features above, there are also some other additional features you need to consider, including efficiency, material quality and warranty


You choose solar attic fan, which means you choose the green energy, because solar attic fans are powered by the sun and they are energy-efficient. You can reduce your carbon foot print and save some money on your energy bill. And this also means the installation is much easier.

If you buy a solar powered product, your product may quality for

Due to the efficiency of solar attic fans, your purchase may qualify for Federal Solar Tax Credits, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. You can visit to learn more or you just consult your tax advisor.


The best attic fan should be built with high quality materials and is safe to use. If you choose such an attic fan, both the safety and comfort can be guaranteed.

These high quality materials include:

  • High impact solar panel that is also adjustable
  • Quiet and long-lasting motor
  • The housing should be commercial-grade aluminum powered-coated.
  • The fan blades are made of non-corrosive aluminum and feature 5-wind precision.
  • Features animal screen that is made of stainless steel.
  • Commercial-grade aluminum powder-coated flashing


The warranty offered by the manufacturer or the dealer really matters, which can offer labor and parts coverage when there are equipment malfunctions. However, different manufacturers offer different warranty duration.

Of course, you need to choose a reputable brand which can guarantee the craftsmanship and quality. A warranty can protect against any defects. And once the solar attic fan is installed, make sure the new fan has been registered for the warranty.

Top 5 Best Misting Fans Reviews

best misting fanThe name of the misting fan implies its function. A misting fan doesn’t only offer you a cooling breeze but also together with a comfortable mist. On the market, there are also many misting fans. And the best misting fan is able to cool the air but not make you wet. Before making a purchasing decision, you should consider where you are going to use it. If you need one to use indoors, don’t choose an outdoor misting fan, or everything around the fan might be drenched. On the contrary, if you need one to be used outdoors, an indoor misting fan will not be powerful and effective.

Best Misting Fan

We’ve made this list of top 5 best misting fans according to their performance, ease of use, versatility, pricings, ratings and customer reviews. If you need one, choose one of them! It deserves.

Lasko 7050 Misto Outdoor Misting Fan

Lasko-7050-Misto-Outdoor-MistingThis is an outdoor rated misting fan and it comes with 3 misting nozzles which can make the temperature surrounding it reduced up to 25 degrees. Therefore, it is effective and perfect for you to use it on your patio, deck or other outdoor places. For example, if you need to work outdoors on a very hot day, it can help. It comes with a 9-foot hose that can be attached to any standard garden hose. You only should connect its GFCI certified 3-prong grounded plug to your grounded outlet, and then turn on it, and then a regressing mist will be generated. It is also very portable and offers 3 speeds, automatic louvers that are able to sweep the cooled and misted air back and forth. It also has a unique design, making it so cool as it performs. To protect its motor, the motor is sealed. Its weather-proof, rust-resistant and UV resistant chassis can extend its lifespan. Many customers think it is easy, effective and affordable.

Soleus Air MT1-19-32, Humidibreeze Portable Misting System

Soleus-Air-MT1-19-32-Humidibreeze-PortableWith its unique design, this portable misting fan performs effectively as it looks. It only has 1 speed but comes with 3 misting settings. It can blow the water in its 1-gallon water tank off a spinning disc. Due to its unique design, it is the most ingenious fan on this list. This one is very versatile and can use both indoors and outdoors, due to its 3 mist settings and its 1-gallon water tank. The operation is pretty easy. First, fill its tank with water, and then choose a proper mist setting and turn it on. That’s all. If you need it indoors, choose a lower mist setting. You can take it outdoors or just in your living room. Generally, it can be located on any plat surface. After running for several hours, there is little water on its body and you’d better towel its body. If it has more speeds, it will be the most competitive fan on this list.

Auramist AM11MF18-1 18-Inch Milo Misting Fan

Auramist-AM11MF18-1-18-Inch-Discontinued-ManufacturerThis 18-inch misting fan offers dry mist, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Although it is not the most expensive misting fan on our list, it is the most effective fan. Its maximum height can be 50 inches and offers 3 misting nozzles that are attached to its grill face. It is not a single speed model but comes with 3 speeds, as well as 90-degree oscillation. If you need it to run outdoors, it is certified. What’s more, it offers a mist output that allows you to adjust fully. This means you can customize its mist outputting. It also has a large water tank. The 5.4 gallon tank can last at least 5 hours if it is fully filled. It is able to reduce the surrounding temperature by 30 degrees at the most. It generates a fine mist which will not make your floor around it wet or slippery.

NewAir AF-310 Electric Tower Fan with Evaporative Cooling

NewAir-AF-310-Electric-Evaporative-CoolingAre you looking for the most versatile misting fan? The NewAir AF-310 can be one of your best choices. It doesn’t only produce cool moist air but also purifies the surrounding air too due to its built-in ionizer. As an indoor fan, it also can be effective at a range of 75 square feet. And it will not leave any water residue. When it runs, it keeps quiet and anything will be disturbed. Its louvers can oscillate, offering a full coverage in your room. It features several fan speeds and a 1-gallon water tank that can last several hours. What’s more, it even offers an ice tank to further cool the water in the water tank, so you can get extremely cool breeze. The sleek design makes it not occupy much floor space. If it can work outdoors, no one can beat it.

NewAir AF-520B Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

NewAir-AF-520B-Oscillating-Outdoor-MistingThis NewAir AF-520 is a 18-inch outdoor rated misting fan. For outdoor use, it comes with multiple speeds, a hose connection, and an adjustable head. It allows you to turn the hose on low to high, so you can control its pressure at the nozzles precisely. For example, if you need to water your plants, you can choose a high pressure. If you just need it to cool the surrounding air without making anyone, wet, choose a low water pressure. It is able to cover a range of 500 square feet. However, it doesn’t have a built-in adjustable nozzle pressure setting, or it will be more convenient.

Misting Fans Buying Guide

The hot summer is really brutal. If you have outdoor chores or activities, something must be taken into account. You need to know a way to get some relief from the stifling heat. Misting fans are designed to solve this problem. Even if you are at home, you also can choose a misting fan. Compared to other types of household fans (like pedestal fans, tower fans, ceiling fans etc.), they are special, effectively and also Eco-friendly.

How Does It Work?

A misting fan is a little similar to an evaporative cooler. At least, the technology used is very similar. They all use water to produce misting to cool the air. Special high pressure water pump is used to generate high water pressure, while misting plates or nozzles reduce the high pressure to tiny droplets. During this process, a fine mist is created. When the mist contacts with hot air and sunlight, it will evaporate. And this process is helpful to reduce the surrounding temperature by 20-30°F, resulting in a cooling effect.

Factors should be considered

When it comes to choosing the best misting fan, there are several factors that should be taken into account. On the market, you can easily get a residential model that is priced under $100, while a commercial model may cost you more. The following considerations are useful to help you make a wise buying decision.
The Construction
First, you need to pay attention to the construction of a misting fan. Generally, they are constructed of metal or plastic. Plastic models are much inexpensive, while metal units are more expensive. If you buy one for indoor use, you can choose a plastic misting fan to save some money. However, if you plan to buy one for outdoor use, a metal model is ideal, considering the durability, because it must be exposed to sunlight. Anyway, the one you choose should have all-metal blades and fan head. Just remember this, because the extra cost is deserved to pay.
The Motor
The motor should be powerful. A powerful motor will make the blades rotate effectively to move the air sufficiently. Just remember the air can create a certain amount of resistance, so a powerful motor is essential for a fan.
A Nozzle or Centrifugal System
Both types have their own pros and cons. Generally, using a nozzle to produce mist is easy and you can feel the mist. However, if your water is hard, the nozzle may get clogged because of scale. If you have installed a whole house water softener system, this problem can be solved. Centrifugal systems use misting plates and they will not get clogged, but you will get much finer and drier mist. In my opinion, if you choose a misting fan for indoor use, you can choose a fan with a centrifugal system. If you choose a fan for outdoor use, a fan with a nozzle can give you an obvious cooking effect.
The Noise Level
Misting fans don’t tend to be quite quiet, so the noise level is also one factor you need to consider. Choose one that can produce the least amount of noise. No matter you buy one for indoor use or outdoor use; I think you don’t want to get a loud fan.

The Bottom Line

The above tips are useful when you plan to get a misting fan. And our list of top 5 best misting fans can help you easily find the right one according to your preferences.

Top 5 Best Pedestal Fans Reviews

On the market, there are plenty of different pedestal fans and do you know which the best one is? First thing you may need to consider is where you plan to use a fan. For example, if you have a large room, this means the one you choose should be powerful enough. If it is not, the pedestal fan cannot effectively move the air from one side to the other side of your room. Another thing should be taken into account is the quietness. The one you choose should run quietly or it will interfere with many family activities, like conversations, listening to the music, watching TV, reading, etc. Other things like its maximum height, oscillating back and forth are also important.

Best Pedestal Fan

The following top 5 best pedestal fans were chosen due to their performance (like quietness, stability, power etc.), pricings, ratings, as well as customer reviews. If you just need one, choose one of them and you will be surprised at its performance.

Lasko #2535 52″ Oscillating Pedestal Fan

best pedestal fanThis 52-inch pedestal fan features a very unique design, making it a little different from other traditional models. It abandons a round fan head, but encases its fan in a 14″ diameter housing. It allows you to adjust its height to 52 inches, so it is 12″ taller than most other models on the market. If you need a high pedestal fan, it is your best choice. On its front, there are directional louvers which can move up and down. Of course, this Lasko fan can oscillate, so large volumes of air can be moved across the room. As a fan than can oscillate, it has a multi-functional remote control, making it convenient to set the fan speed. It also comes with a timer and allows you to set the time. When time our set is over, it will automatically turn it off. The timer allows you to set the time up to 7 1/2 hours. It also can be titled up or down for desired direction. Plus, a 1-year limited warranty is also included.

Air King 9119 18-Inch 3-Speed Commercial Grade Adjustable Oscillating Pedestal Fan

Air-King-9119-Oscillating-20-HorsepowerThis is an 18″ oscillating pedestal fan which features a 3-speed, 1/20 horse power motor. Therefore, when it works, it will continuously keep quiet. If you choose the highest speed, it is capable of moving about 1,970 cubic feet of air every minute. And it allows you to lower it to 37″, or just raise it up to 53 3/4 inches, so this feature offer you much more convenience to target the direction you need the most. Its footprint is also very small, only a 20.25-inch diameter, making this fan perfect for limited floor space. This fan has a metal front grill but its rear grill is plastic and impact-resistant. It is able to oscillate 90 degrees at the most and can be locked, so you don’t need to move it footprint but also can make it direct to a desired direction. Of course, a 1-year warranty is also offered by its manufacturer.

Dyson Air Multiplier AM08 Pedestal Fan

Dyson-Multiplier-AM08-Pedestal-inchesWith its special Air Multiplier technology, the amount of air is able to be amplified up to 18 times more than the average air in the room, making it more powerful. This fan doesn’t have any blade, because it uses the same tech as jet engines or turbochargers use. The air is drawn up through the base and then is amplified to generate a much more powerful airflow. Generally, traditional pedestal fan only offers 3 speeds, but this Dyson fan allows you to set a variable air speed according to your needs. On its base, there is a speed control and it also offers a remote control for you to set it conveniently. The maximum height is up to 55 inches and it can oscillate up to 90 degrees and it also can tilt up or down 20 degrees. At last, it offers a 2-year limited warranty on main parts and labor.

Sunpentown SF-1468 3-Speed Oscillating 14-Inch Standing Fan with Remote Control

Sunpentown-SF-1468-3-Speed-Oscillating-StandingThis 14″ oscillating fan is a traditional pedestal fan that has 3 speeds. Every minute, it can move up to 1,695 cubic feet of air, if it is set to the highest speed. This fan can oscillate to 90 degrees and it allows you to lock its head, so the air can be drawn to a single direction. It can be raised up to 37 inches and lowered to 29 inches. It also can be tilted up and down for desired air movement. A remote control is also included and it allows you to set the time it works. It also features a sleep mode. It only weighs 9 pounds and can be broken down easily, making it very portable to move from one room to another. At last, the manufacturer offers a 1-year warranty.

Comfort Zone CZST161BTE Pedestal Fan

Comfort-Zone-CZST161BTE-Pedestal-FanThis 16″ pedestal fan offers a 3-speed button to help you easily control its speed. The maximum height is up to 53 inches and it is powerful enough to cool your bedrooms, or living room. When it works, it is very quiet, so you will be disturbed when you are having conversations, watching TV Show and sleeping. It can be tilted and oscillate 90 degrees, so you can direct the air to any angle you like. It offers an easy folding case, so it is easy to store when you don’t use it. It only weighs 8 pounds, making it the most portable model on this list. Therefore, you can easily move it from one room to another.

This best list can help you quickly find the best pedestal fan for your family. If you need one, choose one of them and enjoy a cool summer.

Pedestal Fan Buying Guide

Pedestal fans are very portable, allowing you to move it from one room to another. They are powered by electricity and can help to add ventilation, improve personal comfort, control climate and provide drafts.

Pedestal fans are axial fans which use blades to force air to move. When the blades rotate, air is moved parallel to its shaft. A typical pedestal fan consists of blades, the fan base, blade guard, motor housing, armature and lead wires, oscillator shaft and oscillator gearbox.

Why do you need a pedestal fan (benefits)?

  • Eco-friendly and environment friendly
  • Only use a little power, compared to air conditioners
  • Distribute and mix air evenly, making the air conditioners run much more effectively
  • Economical: both the purchasing cost and running cost are very low. And it is able to keep you stay cook and add ventilation without running an air conditioner at an extreme temperature. And this can save you some money.
  • Easy to operate and maintain: this type of portable electric fans doesn’t require any installation or mounting. They allow for plug and play.
  • Portable: You can move it from your living room to your bed room with ease, so you can take it anywhere you like.
  • Multi-functional: besides the cooling effect it offers, it also can be used to add ventilation in your room.


The blade sweep is the circular area which is covered by the blades while the blades are rotating. And the diameter of the blade sweep is measured by the distance from one edge of a blade to the opposite blade’s edge.

Generally, the blade sweep ranges from 400mm to 450mm. Some industrial pedestal fans have a larger blade sweep.


Most pedestal fans are quiet when they are running. Of course, they will produce more or less amount of white noise which some people enjoy during sleep.

Building MATERIALs

Plastic fans are also perfect. They are very cheap and there are no rusting problems. Even if you choose stainless steel fans, they will also rust. Most steel fans are covered by a coated and chromed finish, but this doesn’t mean they don’t rust. Brass fans also rust because of oxidization in the air. Polishing can prolong its life. Plastic can crack, while metal pedestal fans are much tougher and they are not easy to be knocked over. The blades are mainly made of plastic and Aluminum.


All fans are easy to collect dust, because dust is in the air. This means after a few months of use, it is time to do some cleaning job. Therefore, the grill of a fan should be removable, offering you more convenience. However, some models require to be unscrewed and then dissembled. Or you cannot reach the blades. When you choose a fan, you need to know whether it is difficult to reach the blades.

Oscillating, Rotating Grill or Fixed

Most pedestal fans can oscillate at 90 degrees. The pedestal is solid and stationary, while the grill rotates. You can choose to switch off its oscillation, and switch on it for some occasions. These pedestal fans can also be tilted vertically and the angel can range from 20 degrees to 30 degrees.


Cubic Feet per minute (CFM) is used to rate the amount of air that industrial fans can move, while consumer fans don’t use this index.

And it is not recommended to use the input power ratings to measure the ability of a fan can move air. Most consumer fans have a watt of 50 to 60 watts, some can be up to 100 watts. And you can notice it I the bottom of the fan mostly.


Rotations per minute (RPM) is used to justify the fan speed. However, the fan speed should be compatible with the speed regulators.


Most pedestal fans allow you to adjust its height.


Remote controls are very convenient. However, not all pedestal fans offer this feature. With a remote control, you can set it to work at the tip of your hand, but you may need to pay extra money to get this feature.

Top 5 Best Meat Slicers Reviews

best meat slicerThe price of foods tends to be going up from time to time and consumers have tried their best to find ways to reduce their expense at grocery stores. A good solution to this  is to purchase food in bulk. For example, you can purchase cheese or meats in bulk and you may get a special discount. There are other foods (beef, bologna, ham, lamb and turkey) that you can purchase in bulk and then slice them into individual portions with a meat slicer and then store these portions in your cooler or refrigerator. When you need one, you can easily take one from where they are stored. This is helpful to save you more money that is spent on these prepackaged cheeses and meats. What’s more, having such a meat slicer also has other benefits. You can use it to make short of potatoes as well as other vegetables, because it is good at slicing these vegetables thin enough to make garnishes for salads or just make chips.

Best Meat Slicer

Here, we’ve done a lot of research and made this list of top 5 best meat slicers. We only selected commercial models, because compared with commercial models, household types are all downsized, making them not competitive to these commercial models. Plus, no household meat slicer has the same power, effectiveness and function as they have. We don’t say there is no good household slicer, but we tend to select an effective one which can make our slicing task much easier.

When we made this list, many factors were considered. They all have more precise thickness adjustment due to their great toothed gearing and bearings on the adjustment shafts. Most household types adjustments only come with basic thickness adjustments. Once you have used a household one, you will feel disappointed. This is one reason why we don’t choose a household one. All of them are able to slice up fresh meat, frozen meat and cooked meat. If you just need a few slices of beef to make dinner, you don’t need to thaw a whole beef in your refrigerator, but directly slice up a few slices. And they are all primarily made of meat, which makes them not so portable but also means they can keep stationary during slicing meats. They are also very easy to clean. You can easily break them down for cleaning. It is highly recommended to clean all the parts after each use, because this can prevent you from salmonella poisoning.

What’s more, every pick, at least, comes with a 1-year limited warranty from its manufacturer.

KWS Premium Commercial 420w Electric Meat Slicer

best meat slicerThis slicer is much more effective than you think. It produces the least waster but offers the cleanest cut. Its blade is made of Teflon, which is really a good innovation and makes it non-stick. The non-stick feature makes it possible to make even the thinnest slices. You will never get a cutting ripple or snag no matter how thick or thin the slice is. Its body is primarily made of aluminum. In order to protect your fingers from cutting by its slicing blade, a polycarbonate plastic guard is offered. It has a 400-watt motor, which can fulfill any type of cutting tasks. It is really one of the best meat slicers that you can rely on.

Presto PS-12 Anodized Aluminum Meat Slicer

Presto-Anodized-Aluminum-Slicer-TransmissionThis one has a 250-watt motor, which is one of the lowest motors on this list. However, its belt drive transmission is also effective and powerful, making it slicing meat with ease. It is made of solid aluminum. It is also very compact and don’t take up much space on your counter. If your counter space is limited, this one is the ideal choice. Its stainless steel blade is strong and sharp to slice and the rubber suction cup feet are used to make it firmly planted on any surface. Although it is a little pricey, you can get a quiet unit due to its special belt drive transmission. Its compact design makes it suitable for those who have limited room to spare.

Chef’s Choice 667 International Professional Electric Food Slicer with 10-Inch Diameter Blade

Chefs-Choice-667-International-ProfessionalThis Chef’s Choice 667 has the deepest and largest carriage. It is able to slice even the largest hams, roast and other foods you can fit on it. It also includes an optional serrated blade, which allows you to deal with even the toughest cutting chores. It comes with a 200-watt motor, which makes it the lowest powered unit on this list. Due to its special design and blade, it can cut even the frozen food with ease. It also offers a half polycarbonate/aluminum hand guard on its body which is made of aluminum. And when you need to clean it, you don’t need to take it apart completely. This design is very convenient. It also offers a built-in sharpening stone so that the blade razor can be kept sharp all the time. Although this Chef’s Choice 667 comes with the lowest power, its performance cannot be discounted compared with the other big boys.

Bizerba Automatic Commercial Safety Slicer Model GSP

Bizerba-Automatic-Commercial-Safety-SlicerIf you need an automatic meat slice to help you slice plenty of meat, this Bizerba Automatic Commercial Slicer is one of your best choices. With it, all your meat can be sliced automatically without any guidance. It also allows you to choose your desired thickness and it is so easy to use. You just need to put the meat on its carriage, and then press the start button, and all the work can be done automatically. You also can choose the slicing speed, from 30 slices per minute to 75 slices per minute. Plus, it even can cut nearly 1 inch thick slices.

It weighs 137 pounds and it also comes with the rubber suction cup feet which make it stationary during slicing meat. Its 13-inch blade is also the largest on the list and the blade can be self-sharpened. It uses a 540-watt motor which is also the largest power on this list. The motor is controlled by its computer, so it only outputs the desired power as it is needed to make slice. How much power is needed depends on what types of tasks it does. For example, 80 watt power is enough to slice through a chicken, while slicing through frozen meats may use 400 watts of power. The computer controlled feature makes it one the most efficient and greenest meat slicer on this list. Its slicing speed is also fastest on this list. If you need the most effective meat slicer for slicing plenty of foods, this one is definitely the best one for you.

NEW – Supera (MS-12V) – 12″ Semi-Automatic Meat Slicer

NEW-Supera-MS-12V-Semi-Automatic-SlicerThis unit has a gravity feed mechanism, so your hands are kept off the meat. This feature makes it one of the safest manual meat slicers on the market. It is easy to operate. Firstly, position the meat onto its cradle, and then skewer it in place for stability, and then turn this unit on, and then move its cradle back and forth. That’s all. Gravity will continuously send the meat into the blade, so that you don’t need to contact with the meat until the slicing task is finished. It features a 420-watt motor, so it is powerful enough to finish all kinds of slicing tasks. What’s more, it is built to be durable. Its body is made of all-aluminum and the blade is made of stainless steel. A built-in self-sharpening system can make its blade sharp all the times. Although it is a little expensive, it is really one of the easiest and safest manual meat slicer on the market.

Meat Slicer Buying Guide

Types of Meat Slicers

On the market, there are 3 main types of meat slicers you can choose from. When you plan to get one, you need to know which type is the best choice.

Entry Level/Light Duty Meat Slicers

For a home use meat slicer, they are ideal. The power of their motors is about 5 watts and the blade size is about 7 inches. In our daily life, we may only need to slice meat for an hour or two every day, and an entry level or light duty meat slicer is good enough. However, some safety features may not be included, so does some convenient features. Of course, these features will cost you more, which you can find in high end models.

Medium Duty/Mid Tier Meat Slicers

These slicers are designed for restaurants, food joints and other eateries where slicing meat becomes very common. Their blade sizes are larger than light duty slicers, from 8 to 14 inches. And the power of their motors can be up to 130 watts, so they are more powerful and can withstand more frequent uses. They are designed to be more durable and come with more safety features.

Commercial-Grade/Premium Meat Slicers

Premium or commercial grade meat slicers are designed for larger enterprises like hospitals, schools, etc. They tend to be larger, more powerful and heavy duty. The power of their motors can be up to 1/4 horsepower. Of course, they are more durable and can deal with even much tougher and more diverse slicing jobs. However, they tend to be more expensive.

How to Choose the Best Meat Slicers

When it comes to choosing the best meat slicer, some factors should be taken into account.

Intended Nature and Frequency of Use

Different people face different workloads. This means a meat slicer should meet your needs. For example, if you just need a meat slicer for home use, an entry level model may be enough. However, if you choose one that will be used in schools, hospitals and restaurants, the one you choose should withstand frequent uses. The frequency of use determines which one is to be chosen. Therefore, the amount of work load, the frequency of use and the setting a meat slicer offers should be taken into account before making a buying decision.

Power Consumption

Another factor should be considered is the power consumption. If you choose an improper slicer with a higher power, this means high utility bills you will pay in the future. The one you choose should suit your needs and the power consumption is proper.

Maintenance Requirements

The best meat slicer should be durable and this has a relationship with the materials it uses to build. For example, cast aluminum and stainless steel are tougher and more durable, making the slicer more durable and can withstand dents, scratches, corrosion, breakages and as well as other elements of wear and tear.

Desing & Construction

When it comes to choosing a meat slicer, the safety is also very important. And the wellbeing of the users is also very important. Therefore, the best meat slicer should come with top-notch safety features, like automatic on/off, as well as child safety locks.


Of course, a meat slicer is mainly used for slicing meat. However, if a meat slicer can also handle other foods, like cheese, bread, cakes, vegetables and fruits, it will be nice. The multi-function means a good investment on such a meat slicer and it also means a quick and maximum return of investment on such a machine.


The mode you choose should have sharp blades, smooth and efficient gears and larger cutting capacity to cut different types of foods. And this also means it will deliver high efficiency. You can feel confident when dealing with different types of foods.


The best meat slicer should be not expensive but affordable, based on how much you plan to pay for. However, the price is also based on many factors, such as brands, functions, performances, additional features, and so on. Sometimes, you can buy a discounted one to save some money.


It is not an easy job to find the best meat slicer because of the rapidly changing technology. And we have made this list of top 5 best meat slicers for you, based on our research. They are durable, high quality and easy to use. You can quickly find the right one.

Top 5 Best Meat Grinders Reviews

Grinding meats has a very long history since the pioneer days due to the basic necessity. In the modern world, grinding meats also have numerous benefits, compared with pre-packaged meats. People who chose to use a meat grinder to grind meat is mainly because it offers better flavored meats and a much more better texture, and it is much safer and it can save you much more money in the long run.

All the meat grinders, basically, consists of a hopper, a pusher which can presses meats down into the hopper, a cutting blade, an auger and other basic parts. No matter which you plan to choose, they all work the same. Well, there are two types: electrical meat grinders and manual meat grinders. Before making a decision, you should decide which type is suitable for your lifestyle. However, we only discuss separate meat grinders, not including other meat grinder attachments designed for mixers, or food processors. Therefore, all the models on this list are dedicated meat grinders which can stand alone or are bolted onto the counter.

When we made this list of best meat grinders, we think some key features are essential:

  • A metal cutting blade is essential. Some models may use heavy-duty polycarbonate blades. However, they are not suitable for grinding gristle or hitting an errant piece of bone, because the blades will degrade and their edge will be lost.
  • A 1-year warranty is also included. At least, they all offer a 1-year warranty from their manufacturers.

It is highly recommended to keep its auger and crank ends lubricated for a longer life span. This suggestion can make them more durable. Another suggestion is to use several drops of cooking oil at these joint-points before you use them each time. The above suggestions will extend its lifespan.

Best Meat Grinder

Considering all the factors above, we made this list of top 5 best meat grinders. If you need one, choose one of them and you will not feel disappointed about their performance.

The All New Patented Model STX-4000-TB2 Turboforce II “Quad Air Cooled” Black Electric Meat Grinder

best meat grinderThis household grade meat grinder is commercial grade. Although it is inexpensive, its varied accessories and high quality make it cost-effective. And it has a beautiful look and offers beast-grade performance when grinding.
In order to double the life span of its motor, it uses 4 cooling fans. Generally, most electric grinders are required to grind within designed maximum grinding time, because this can prevent the motor from overheating. However, because of its 4 cooling fans, it can be used continuously without stopping it. Generally, it is able to grind up to 225 pounds of meat every hour. Therefore, if you need to grind more meant each time, it is definitely one of the best choices.

It comes with 2 speeds settings, including reverse. And it also offers up to 5 grinding plates with different sizes, 3 sausage stuffing tube sizes, as well as a kubbe making attachment. Finally, it offers a 3-year warranty.

KitAidPro 3-In-1 Meat and Vegetable Grinder

KitAidPro-Grinder-Vegetable-Sausage-StufferWhen it comes to high quality meat grinder, you may think it is most probably made of metal. However, it is not the whole story. This grinder is made from plastic and nylon. It is able to grind meats as other models do. Of course, its cutting blade is made of metal and the auger is made out of nylon. It is also able to grind vegetables, as well as make pasta dough with its 2 types of included pasta screens. It also features a suction cup base which can make it stick to any smooth surface. And it is also very easy to clean. All the parts can be dishwasher safe.

Generally, grinding meat is a time-wasting task. If you plan to make fresh ground burgers for a large party, you may need more time to do the preparing job and your arm may feel tired before all the ground meat is ready. However, if you only need ground meat for a meal for one person or a small get together, this KitAidPro is one of your best choices. It can help you do the grinding job much easier.

Best Choice Products® Meat Grinder Electric 2.6 Hp 2000 Watt Industrial Meat Grinder

Best-Choice-Meat-Electric-IndustrialIf you need the most cost-effective meat grinder, this Best Choice Products Electric 2000 Watt Meat Grinder is one of the best choices. It is very powerful due to its 2000-watt motor. It features a half-speed button, a reverse button and a stop button. It offers 3 stainless cutting blades, which can offer you fine, medium or coarse meat. A sausage stuffer, as well as a kubble attachment are also included, which can add more versatility.

Both its housing and auger are made from the same grade cast aluminum. It also comes with built-in storages, so all the attachments can be stored easily. The drive gear is made of heavy-weight nylon. Therefore, you’d better not force bone and meat into it, and it can last for a long time.

As the cheapest grinder on this list, it performs more than you think. The amount of power is impressive.

LEM Products #10 Stainless Steel Clamp-on Hand Grinder

81AA1UGMrNL._SL1500_If you are looking for a metal meat grinder, this one can be your choice, because it is completely made of metal. The body is stainless steel and the blade is made of high carbon steel which is able to hold an edger much sharper and longer. However, you should keep it dry, because moisture can make it easy to rust. Therefore, don’t forget to remove it and dry it after using it. It also offers 3 sausage stuffing tubes, as well as 2 grinding plates, one for fine grinding and one for coarse grinding. If you love manual meat grinding, this one is a good way.

Weston 08-2201-W Number 22 Commercial Meat Grinder, 1 HP

Weston-08-2201-W-Number-Commercial-GrinderIf you need to grind more meat, this Weston 08-2201-W meat grinder offers you commercial experience. This commercial grade grinder is able to grind up to 725 pounds of meat every hour. Although it is only rated at 750 watts, it is really a big dog daddy. It offers great performance. It even can grind soft bones, so you can use it to prepare food for your dog. It also offers varied accessories, including a stuffing blade, sausage stuffers, different sized plates, as well as built-in breaker which can prevent it from overloading. Highly recommend!

Top 5 Best Play Saucers Reviews

As parents, we have our responsibilities to make our little ones be happy all the time. However, keeping them entertained is really a difficult endeavor. Well, how to play with your child and how to keep them entertained when you cannot give her or him undivided attention. To solve these problems, you really need a play saucer, because it can keep your baby safe and entertained. Generally, play saucers comes with many different toys and interactive activities with a safe location. For both parents and babies, having such a play saucer has countless benefits.

Best Play Saucer

On the market, there are tons of different play saucers and we’ve made this list of the best play saucers for you. When we made this list, we think something is essential:

  • Spinning Seats – Spinning Seats can make your baby move around and easily access any toy you want to reach.
  • Each one allows your little one to walk around or jump. What’s important, your baby is limited to a solid location, which can ensure the safety of your baby.
  • Activity centers – As your baby grows, these play saucers can be changed into activity centers, which can offer your baby additional playtime.

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in The Amazon

best play saucerThe main reason we chose it on this list is due to its multi-function that comes with so many entertainment options and designs that grow with your child. As a leading contender, it is really good. If your little one is very young, its play mat can be used on the floor together with its activity bar. Once your baby grows and it seems smaller, you can change it into a freestanding activity table. The size of this table is perfect for your toddlers. What’s more, it comes with many interactive toys, like music and light. These toys can make your baby engaged and entertained. A bouncy seat is also included to enhance the fun. Its carry handle make it easy to travel with.

Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo

Bright-Starts-Around-Activity-ZippityThis product is able to provide several ways to keep babies engaged and entertained. One of the most impressive features is its built-in piano keyboard. As an interactive toy, it can play so many kid-friendly tunes which are helpful to stimulate your little one’s young minds. Parents who have bought it spoke highly of its removable seat and toy tray. This means its activity center can double as a play table through a little transformation. One unique feature is its seat which can move around 360 degrees, giving your little one more freedom to move around. Of course, this feature is competitive than other models with fixed seating. What’s more, due to its wheeled legs, its seat can move fully around its activity center, so your little one can easily access any activity it has.

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano

Fisher-Price-Little-Superstar-Step-PianoThis entertainer offers extreme mobility and varied interactive toys, which can make your baby love this product. It comes with so many interesting elements, including a drum, a giggle trumpet, a maraca, a tambourine, as well as spinner triangle with a mirror. It also allows to choose up to 2 different modes of music for your baby. Its sliding seat enables your little one to walk back and forth, which is helpful to strengthen their legs. Therefore, before their first steps, the training is really a good preparation. While your baby takes steps in the play saucer, the piano plays music and lights up, encouraging your baby to be active. When your baby grows, you can remove its seat and its activity center can double as a musical box.

Exersaucer Double Fun – Pink Bumbly

Exersaucer-Double-Fun-Pink-BumblyThis one offers over 20 different activities, which can make your baby engaged and entertained all the time. Its play mat is perfect for no more than 4-month-old babies, because their fun toys are helpful to interact with your little one while playing on their tummy and back. When they play with these toys, their muscles in the neck and core can be well developed, because these toys overhead encourage babies to reach them. When your baby becomes a little physical matured, the play mat can be changed into an activity saucer. Its seat can rotate 360 degrees, helping your baby to reach these toys easily. And the bouncy seat helps to exercise the muscles in their legs. It also comes with so many stimulating elements, like flip books, lights, rattles, sounds and a mirror. These interactive features will make your baby engaged and entertained for several hours.

Discover & Learn Activity Center

Little-Tikes-635984M-Discover-ActivityYour baby will be attracted by this 2 stage Discover and Learn Activity Center. It comes with up to 12 interactive toys which are capable of keeping your little one engaged and entertained. Its swiveling seat can rotate 360 degrees, so your baby can freely access any activity he or she likes. It also comes with a train powered by a battery. The train travels along its tracks, which can attract your baby’s attention and encourage your baby to play with. The bouncy seat helps to strengthen your baby’s legs, neck and back. Once this product becomes outdated for your baby, the train track can be acted as a separate toy for your baby. You just place the track on a flat surface.

Top 5 Best Musical Mobiles Reviews

Musical mobiles are able to stimulate your baby, helping to develop their senses. As the name implies, it can play sooth music which can transit your baby into dreamland. On the market, there are tons of different musical mobiles and it is a little bit difficult to find the best one if you are the first time to choose one for your little one.

Best Musical Mobile

Here, we’ve done a lot of research and made this list of the best musical mobiles. When compiling this list, we consider many factors:

  • Cheerful hanging adornments – Hanging adornments can move, which are helpful to develop your little one’s eyesight. These cheerful adornments will attract your baby’s attention and make them engaged and entertained.
  • Night lights are included. Night lights are essential, because they can offer a very comfortable glow at night for both parents and babies and they are also great for night breastfeeding.
  • Abilities to offer audible variety – They are required to play soothing music, natural sounds, songs, as well as other ambient melodies.

Plus, we also consider additional factors, including performance, pricing, rating, as well as customer reviews.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile

best musical mobileThis product has shiny leaves which can open and close, when its dragonfly plays peek-a-boo to the accompaniment of famous classical musician, like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. It features so many brightly colored, plush rainforest animal friends which circle around this best musical mobile. It also allows you to set it to play natural ambient sounds like in the rainforest. It also offers other various options, including music, lights, motion and night light. If it becomes small, when your little one grows, you can easily remove it from your baby crib. This doesn’t mean all the parts become useless. The nightlight and sound features are also useful during the toddler years.

Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile

Tiny-Love-Soothe-Groove-MobileThis product offers up to 6 musical categories and 18 different tunes and your baby will love it. It also can play white sounds which even can soothe the fussiest babies. To enhance its audio experience, it is equipped with 2 speakers that can offer more immersive sound. Once it plays the music, so many cheerful and colorful animal friends will dance overhead. What’s more, its night light can offer gentle glow which can make your baby feel secure and allows you to check up your little one easily at night. And because of the comfortable glow, your baby will not be disturbed when he or she is sleeping. As your little grows, this mobile may seem small. However, in this situation, you can remove it but your baby can still use its music box which can be carried around and used as a portable music box. Therefore, this music box is still a good toy through your baby’s toddler years.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Fisher-Price-Precious-Planet-Projection-MobileThis one offers smiling and colorful animal friends that can dance its planet. And it offers up to 3 musical settings, allowing you to change according to your baby’s needs. You little one may love listening to lullabies composed by famous classic composer, like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. It also can play ocean nature sounds, baby’s consciousness like sounds from the womb or a heartbeat. It is able to play sounds or music for up to 20 minutes. If you think the time is a little long, you can set it for a shorting time. In order to add more audible enjoyment, this product can project a cheerful and colorful light show onto its canopy, so the images can be reachable for your little one. The light show also can act as a night light. If your baby outgrows, the projection and sound features are also useful for your toddlers.

VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile

VTech-Baby-Soothing-Slumbers-MobileIts musical mobile is helpful to offer a stimulating and soothing experience for your little one and make your little one engaged and entertained. It comes with so many brightly colored animal friends for your baby. These ocean animal friends can dance overhead together with more than 45 sing-along songs and melodies. It also has a crib attachment like a friendly whale. This whale will become a friend to your baby, offering company and adding to more enjoyment. It can project a light show too. Ocean-themed images are projected onto the ceiling, which is helpful to develop your baby’s eyesight. Plus, it also can double as a night light. As your baby grows, it allows you to remove and this product will become a crib toy and a light projector.

Tiny Love Magical Night Musical Mobile

Tiny-Love-Magical-Musical-MobileThis best musical mobile can offer pleasing melodies and a light show as 3 cheerful and colorful animals friends dance around the canopy. Volume control is also included and it comes with up to 9 turns across 3 musical categories, including nature sounds, classic music, etc. These music and sounds are helpful to soothe your baby to sleep. It projects a light show of many different animals onto its canopy, helping developing the baby’s visual sense. When your little one grows, you can remove its canopy and your baby will love watching the light show projected onto the ceiling. Its projector can double as a night light, soothing your baby at nighttime.

Top 5 Best Baby Walkers Reviews

A baby walker is useful when your little one is learning how to move around with his or her own 2 feet. Of course, you cannot expect such a baby walker can teach your baby how to walk, but it at least can offer your baby plenty of giggles, making him or her keep entertaining. On the market, there are plenty of different baby walkers and it is difficult to find the best one if you are the first time to buy one. We’ve done a lot research and made this list of top 5 best baby walkers. If you think a baby walker is a must-have, you can choose any of them according to your preference. There were chosen because they all come with interactive toys which are helpful to stimulate little ones’ minds and keep them entertained. They also have removable padded seats which can be washed by hand or are machine washable. When your little one grows, you also can adjust its height to accommodate your baby.

Best Baby Walker

Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

best baby walkerIf you are a car enthusiast, you will love this baby walker, because it is shaded like a bright red sports car which has wheels. It also comes with plenty of fun interactive elements which will attract your baby’s attention, such as blinking lights, a honking horn which can honk. Its toy tray has so many funny, interactive sounds and lights to make your little one entertained. If your baby wants to eat something, the electronic toy tray can be easily removed, so it will offer a surface to place snacks for your baby’s snack time. It offers up to 3 adjustable height positions, making it accommodate the growing baby. If you want to take it for travel or just don’t need it sometime, you can easily fold this walker down in a few seconds. It is also very safe to use, because it is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Roaming Safari

Bright-Starts-Walk-A-Bout-Walker-RoamingThis walker comes with plenty of sounds and sights which can attract babies and motivate them to practice their walking skills. Its activity bar has many interactive toys, so your baby can be easily engaged and your baby will also love listening to its upbeat melodies. It also has 3 adjustable height positions, which allow you to adjust according to your growing baby. At least, it can accommodate your baby more than 1 year due to these adjustable height settings. It is also relatively easy to fold it down, making it easy to store and travel. Its seat cover is machine washable, making it very easy to clean.

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker

Chicco-Lil-Piano-Splash-WalkerThis best baby walker comes with a DJ tray that has drums, buttons, rattles, lights, sounds and a keyboard. With these interesting entertainment elements, your baby will love walking together with rhythm and music it offers. The removable padded seat can be taken off easily and you can wash it by hand. Similar to other models on this list, it also has up to 3 height settings, so it can grow with your growing baby. What’s more, it is designed to be folded flat, helping you easily take it to anywhere you like. Its 6 separate brake pads ensure the maximum safety for your little one. Therefore, once you have bought this for your baby, you will don’t need to worry about any safety problem.

Chicco DJ Walker Activity Center

Chicco-Walker-Activity-Center-SilverThis best baby walker also comes with an interactive activity tray that includes a gear shifter, a steering wheel, a horn which can beep and more. It is able to play tunes to provide a multi-sensory experience so that little minds can effectively keep stimulated. This walker allows adjusting its height according to your little one’s growing. It offers up to 3 height settings. If you want to store it or just want to take it for travel, you can fold it flat. What’s more, it also offers added security that its brake pads can prevent from falling down stairs.

Babies R Us Orby 2.0 Activity Walker

Babies-Us-Orby-Activity-WalkerIts bright colors are very impressive. It also comes with an electronic toy tray that will make your baby engaged all the time. This is because this toy tray has many toys which can twinkle lights, make sounds, and offer interesting things that your baby will love to explore. With up to 3 height adjustments, it grows together with your baby. Similar to other models on this list, this one allows you to fold it flat for easy storage and travelling.

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