Top 5 Best Infrared Heaters Reviews

Infrared heaters are very useful during the cold months, because they can heat an area in your room. Of course, it is not recommended to use it warm up an entire room, because this can make it less effective. They are designed to heat an area for a small group or an individual. Compared to other household heating systems, they are much more cost-effective. They cost you less but act more energy efficiently than you think. Plus, it is a great way to save money on your energy bill during cold winters.

Best  Infrared Heater

Generally, infrared heaters need a longer time to heat up. However, the following top 5 best infrared heaters can push the heat in the direction of wherever they are pointed once they are turned on. Well, after all, they are not household heating systems. If you use one to heat a room that is 120 square-foot, you need to wait for several hours before the room is sufficiently warmed. If your room is much larger, the time will be longer. Of course, you can choose a more powerful heater, but this means more electricity using. Our top 5 best list is chosen on a regular basis. Each of these heaters is energy efficient and will not make your utility bills driven up. What’s more, we also consider many safety features, like overheat protection, tip-over switches, etc. These safety features are very important when it comes to choosing a heater for your room, reducing the risk of burning injury or even fire.

Optimus H-5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater

Best Infrared HeaterIf you need an affordable and energy efficient heater, this product is a good choice. When it works, it is very silent because it doesn’t have a fan and it can push adequate heat to a small area. It also allows you to choose 2 settings: 400 watts or 800 watts. Many users think even the lower setting is enough to offer adequate warm to an area, so it will use more electricity even if you keep it using for a long time. Other safety features are also included, like a safety shut-off, the always cold housing, a tip-over switch, etc. Therefore, this Optimus H-5511 is ideal for people who need a heater to offer simple but effective heat.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Dr-Infrared-Heater-Portable-1500-WattThis Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater seems a little expensive, but it has enough reasons to make you love it. Its performance, style, as well as safety features justify its higher price tag. Even if this product has a compact design, it also offers wheels so that you will find it is so easy to move from one room to another. Its wood finish cabinet design is very attractive and can provide you with a stylish appearance. Safety features like a tip-over protection, overheat cut-off protection are also included. This system works quickly and quietly. Its 1,500 watts power is powerful enough to heat an area of up to 1000 square feet. It has 3 settings to choose from, which allows you to control its heating temperatures from 50 to 85 degrees. Plus, it even comes with a remote control, so it is very convenient to use.

Honeywell MyEnergySmart Infared Whole Room Heater

Honeywell-MyEnergySmart-Infared-Whole-HeaterThis unit is designed to be energy efficient, so it uses less energy. It also comes with a prominent energy usage indicator, so the performance can be monitored. It comes with a very large LCD display, so you will find the control panel is so easy to use. It has 3 heat settings: low, medium and high. This product also offers many advanced features like a programmable timer, the ability to store your favorite settings, etc. It is also very safe to use due to its safety features including a 4-way tip-over switch, over-heating protection. A remote control is also included for convenient to use. Its caster wheels make it easy to be moved. Plus, a 3-year warranty is also included.

Optimus H-4110 9-Inch Dish Heater

Optimus-H-4110-9-Inch-Dish-HeaterIf you need heater for personal use, this Optimus 9″ Dish Heater is a good choice. For example, if you need a desk heater, it is qualified. Even though it is a very basic, energy efficient heater, it also comes with the essential safety features. Its housing always keeps cool, so this can prevent any burn. Overheat protection, as well as a tip-over safety switch, are also included. It also has a built-in carrying handle, making it easy to move.

Lasko 6101 Infrared Quartz Console Heater

Lasko-6101-Infrared-Quartz-ConsoleThis best infrared heater Lasko 6101 from Lasko uses its special design to save energy. It will use high heat unit before the required temperature is reached, and then it uses low heat to maintain the temperature. Its overheat protection is also helpful to save energy and prevent from overheating. When the temperature is over the set temperature, it will shut off automatically to save energy. Other advance features are also included, like a timer, a digital thermostat, recessed casters etc. Of course safety features are essential, including the cool-touch housing, a tip-over safety switch, overheat protection.

This is our list of best Infrared Heaters and if you need one, you can choose one of them.

Does Re-boiling water cause cancer?

boiliingwaterIt is well known that boiling water can make the concentration of nitrates increased in the water. Well, does re-boiling water cause cancer?

If water is uncontaminated, re-boiling water will not cause cancer and other health problems. On the contrary, because boiling water cannot be helpful to purify water, boiling water and re-boiling water will become dangerous. This is because contaminated water mainly contains harmful chemicals, like nitrates, toxic elements (e.g. arsenic) and boiling contaminated water will increase the concentration of these harmful chemicals. This problem is very serious in some rural areas where water is not treated or purified before drinking and water quality is unknown.

Nitrates are found in ground water, ground water in your area may contain nitrates. Nitrates are widely exited in fertilizer and arsenic may come from industrial waste or occur naturally. Nitrates, as well as nitrites, are also existed in processed meats.

It is not recommended to consuming contaminated water, because nitrates in water will result in a blood disorder that is called methemoglobinemia. Some studies show that some types of cancer have a relationship with nitrates in our drinking water.

Arsenic is another culprit that increases risks of some types of cancer, due to its arsenic poisoning. Therefore, we should reduce our exposure to arsenic.

Boiling water cannot remove arsenic and nitrates. If you think boiling water can remove them like bacteria, you are completely wrong. What’s worse, if the water with nitrates and arsenic is boiled again and again, the concentration will be increased.

The levels of these 2 types of pollutants must be monitored and regulated in tap water. Therefore, generally, tap water is relatively safe to boil but don’t boil again and again. A much safer way is to get a home water filter to purify your water before boiling. If you live in a rural area where tap water is unavailable, you should test your water before consuming. And a reverse osmosis system seems necessary.

Top 5 Best Sleep Masks Reviews

Which is the best sleep mask? Sleeping masks are a great solution for those who have trouble falling asleep. If you feel you cannot fall asleep when you are on a train, on a plain, or just in your own bed, such a sleep mask is really a must-have. This is because it can keep your eyes closed enough so that you can have a good rest. The main reason that we cannot fall asleep is the outside light, as well as visual distractions and a sleep mask can reduce the influence of these factors.

Best Sleep Mask

The following top 5 best sleep masks were chosen due to their great features:

  • Ability to block outside light
  • Offer you a comfortable resting space for your eyes
  • Adjustable head traps for a much better fit
  • Other great features included, like soothing fabric, concave shapes, molding material

In a word, each of them can make you have a good rest when you need.

Top 1: Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask

Tempur-Pedic-Sleep-MaskThe main material of this best sleep mask is Tempur material that can mold to the face. Plus, it also offers a cooling feeling. One great feature I love most is its thick sides that are helpful to block out sound. Sometimes, the factors that make us not fall asleep are not only the outside light but also the outside noise. Therefore, this design is thoughtful.

Top 2: Sleep Master Sleep Mask

best sleep maskThis product also does not only cover your eyes but also your ears, blocking out both light and sound. Its Velcro straps are also impressive. With its innovative design, it can offer you a perfect fit.

Top 3: Dream Zone- Earth Therapeutics Sleep Mask

Dream-Zone--Earth-Therapeutics-SleepThe main materials of this product are 100% natural silk and cotton, which can make your eye feel comfortable and can block out any light. Its head strap is adjustable so it can provide you with a comfortable fit.

Top 4: Bucky Eye Mask

bestmaskWith its unique shape, it can make your eyes feel very comfortable. It has 2 deep mold cups, so your eyes can freely blink. And the concave shape can also protect your make-up. Therefore, when you are travelling, this design is very useful.

Top 5: Dream Essentials Sweet Dreams Contoured Sleep Mask

Dream-Essentials-Dreams-Contoured-EarplugsThis mask is very light, because it is made of polyester. Its shape can contour to your eyes and nose, so you will feel very comfortable. It can last for a long time and its breathable feature is also perfect.


If you have trouble falling asleep due to the outside light and noise, a sleep mask can help you easily fall asleep. This top 5 best list can help you quickly find the perfect one for you.

How to choose a reverse osmosis system

How to choose a reverse osmosis systemWhen it comes to the best water filter on the market, reverse osmosis systems are considered as the most effective and popular water filtration systems on the market. Reverse Osmosis is considered as the most efficient way to purify water and it is also very affordable to use. RO systems are able to offer us clean, safe and healthy water.

On the market, there are plenty of RO systems from different manufacturers. Although the core technology is similar, there are some features which are different and may influence the quality of filtered water. Therefore, how to choose a reverse osmosis system may be really a confusing problem for those who are the first time to buy a RO system. There are many types of RO systems, including countertop RO systems, under sink RO systems. You even can choose different stages, like 3-stage, 4-stage, 5-stage, 6-stage RO systems, or even 10-stage RO systems. Therefore, it is really difficult to choose the right one according to the water quality and your kitchen installing space.

Well, don’t worry about it. In this post, we will discuss all the factors that may influence the quality of filtered water. The following tips can help you quickly find the best water filter for your family.

What kinds of contaminants are in your water and the level of contamination

First, we should know what kinds of contaminants are in our water and what we need to reduce or remove. And then, we need to know the specific level of them, which can decide what stages of RO systems you need. Or choosing the unsuitable filter cannot get these contaminants out of your water. Actually, you don’t need to test your water yourself but ask for a water quality report from your local water authority. Some water treatment companies may offer this type of report on their official websites and the report may be free in your local area.

Read customer reviews

Before making a purchasing decision, reading customer reviews left by real users is really a good habit. This can help you know its pros and cons. The overall performance can determine whether it is valuable to buy. Customer reviews can help you get what you really want about a water filter.

A more than 4-stage filter is better

If you decide to choose a reverse osmosis system, you need to pay more than other types. However, it deserves. It is highly recommended to buy a system with at least 4 stages. This is because a more than 4-stages water filter means fewer filter changes. Of course, if your water quality is relatively good, you can choose a 2-stage water filter or 3-stage water filter. On the contrary, they are not suitable for you.

Easy to change the filters

Generally, every water filter has its life span. A RO water filter may need to be replaced its filters every 6 months. It is highly recommended to store some new filters in your home, because you can replace the old one on time once your old filter doesn’t work. A system that is easy to change its filters is also very important. You can change them yourself without hiring someone to do the job, which can reduce the maintenance cost.

How much water do you need

Compared with other types of filters, RO systems purify water much faster. However, it is also slow in contrast to the instant flow of tap water. Filtered water is stored in its holding tank. If you need filtered water, you can open your faucet to get filtered water. However, if you need plenty of water in a short time, you may consider other types of filters, like a whole house water filter, a berkey water filter, etc.

Buy one online

Of course, you can buy a ro system at your local hardware stores. However, you may find there are only a few of brands you can choose from. And it is difficult to know whether the one you choose is good or bad. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy the best reverse osmosis water filter at online retailers, like Amazon. On Amazon, there is a large amount of customer reviews for you to check. And from the reviews, you can know its overall performance. If you think the performance is suitable, you can order it. Several days later, you can get your filter.

SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm Review

SmartPool-PoolEye-Above-Ground-Pool-AlarmThis SmartPool PoolEye Above Ground Pool Alarm is very easy to set up. It allows you to mounts directly on the side of an above-ground pool, so if an animal or a person drops into the pool, it is able to sound an alarm as soon as possible. Its electric sensor is able to monitor any water displacement that is caused by an object weighing 15 pounds or more. Therefore, if a person or an animal weighing 15 pounds or more, an alarm will be triggered and you can hear the alarm and have enough time to react. This above-ground pool alarm can guarantee the safety of your small pets and children who carelessly drop into the pool.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Sensitivity – To avoid possible false alarms, this device allows you to change its sensitivity. For example, if you don’t have any small animals in your house, you can change its sensitivity to a higher level.
  • Only Works with above-ground pools – This device needs to be screws onto the side of above-ground pools. However, it isn’t suitable for in-ground pools or pools that have round or inflated tops. This is because this pool alarm only can be mounted on the top edge of an above-ground pool. Therefore, when you decide to buy this, pay attention to the type of your pool.
  • Loud enough alarms but not comes with a secondary remote alarm – This best above-ground pool alarm only comes with an alarm outside. It doesn’t have a remote alarm but it is very loud when it sounds an alarm. However, if it is very noisy outside, you should take care to hear what has happened outside. If your pool is far away from your house, this doesn’t seem suitable for you. And in this condition, you can choose a device with 2 alarms – one for outdoor use, and the other for indoor use. Well, a good suggestion is that installing its control panel near your house can ensure you to hear the alarm clearly indoor.
  • Suitable for a round pool or an oval pool – This alarm is suitable for a round pool that is 24-foot in diameter and an oval pool which is 16 x 32 feet. Most above-ground pools are similar in size. And this alarm is suitable for most above-ground pools around your houses.
  • Powered by AA batteries – This device is powered by AA batteries. Therefore, you can set it up anywhere and there is not any wiring problem. When the batteries are going to be dead, a low-battery alert will tell you that you need to replace its batteries. If the alarm is seldom set off, the batteries will last for a long time. On the contrary, you need to change the batteries for frequent use.


With its adjustable sensitivity, you can set it to the desired sensitivity according to your using environment. And it is portable. Even if it only comes with an alarm, it is also very loud. In a word, it is perfect for above-ground pools and it is able to keep your children and pets out of your pool.

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SmartPool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm Review

SmartPool-PE20The SmartPool PE20 PoolEye IG Pool Alarm can use its subsurface pool wave detector to detect any object weighing 15 pounds or more. This means if a child, an animal or anything else weighing 15 pounds or more enters the pool, it can sound an alarm to alert you something is happening in your pool. The setting up is pretty easy. It can be amounted to the ladder or the pool deck of the pool. A pool siren is used for alerts. Its sensitivity is also adjustable, which can help you filter environmental noise. For example, if there is not an object weighing less than 20 pounds that you want to monitor, you can easily adjust it to a higher level. This can help to make the alarms much more accurate.

Key Features

Only one alarm but loud enough to be heard

It only comes with one alarm for outdoor use. Well, this will not influence its use. It is so loud that you will not miss any alarm. However, if you are listening to loud music in your large house, you may not hear the alarm. This is because its alarm is built in its control panel. This also means, in order to increase the chance to hear it, it is highly recommended to put the control panel near your house.

Comes with all attachments for installing

The installation is also easy, because it comes with anything for installation. If you want to install it on a ladder, the snap-on attachments can do the job. If you plan to install this pool alarm on the side of your pool, mounts for concrete are also included. This type of installing may need more time than installing it on a ladder. However, this type of installing is much more stable.

Easy to disable it when necessary

When you don’t need it to monitor your pool, you can easily disable it. It has an on/off switch to allow you to turn on or off it. For example, if you need to use your pool, after turning off it, it will sound an alarm anymore. However, if your children are old enough, they may be able to disable it.

Compatible with any pool less than 18 X 36 feet in size

This Pooleye pool alarm only works with a pool that is less than 18 x 36 feet in size. This range is common for most pools. For much smaller pools, it also works but altering the sensitivity to a lower level is highly recommended. This can make it works bettering in a small pool.


This best pool alarm can detect any object up to 15 pounds if it enters the pool. It is perfect for outdoor in-ground pools. Everything has 2 sides. If you live in a very large house and you are just listening to loud music, you may miss the alarm outside, because it only comes with 1 alarm. In a word, if the pool is not so far away from your house, the loud alarm can be heard easily.

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Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm Review

buoy pool alarmThe Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm is a large buoy pool alarm. It works with any above-ground pool and floats on the water surface. When someone tries to access to your pool, it will alert you as soon as possible. With its special monitoring technology, it is able to detect waves caused by someone who just disturbs the quiet surface of the pool. Plus, if an animal or a large object falls into the pool, it also will allow you to know as soon as possible.

Key features:

Special sleep mode

If you plan to use your pool, first you need to choose its sleep mode and take it out of your pool. If you first remove it from your pool but not choose the sleep mode, an alarm will be triggered. This design of this buoy pool alarm can prevent tampering.

Two Alarms

This system also comes with a remote receiver that allows you to use in your home. The effective distance is up to 200 feet. Therefore, if the distance between the pool and your house is less than 200 feet, you can effectively receive alarms as soon as possible. When someone triggers an alarm, the alarm outdoor will sound all the time until it is turned off automatically. This helps you to get an alert when you are indoor or outdoor.

Less false Alarms

Although it is a buoy pool alarm, it sounds an alarm more precisely than other buoy alarms. This is because it is designed to compensate for small objects(like toys) and wind. This design can make it not easy to sound false alarms.

Powered by a 9-volt battery

It is powered by a 9-volt battery and if the electricity of the battery is less, it will alert you to change its battery t to make it effective. This is good, because making a pool alarm run effective all the time is meaningful. However, this may drain its battery more quicky. You may need to keep an eye on it all the time. And it is highly recommended to replace a rechargeable battery which is more friendly to the environment.

Easy installation

You can easily install it in your pool. The only thing you need to do is to drop it in your pool and it will work immediately. No matter what types you plan to use it in, you will be surprised at its no installation. Once you have installed it, you can keep your pets or kids out of your pool if they are not permitted to entry to the pool. However, one thing should be noticed is that this alarm works better in a pool less than 16 x 32 feet. If your pool is larger, you may consider other pool alarm.


This Poolguard PGRM-SB Safety Buoy Pool Alarm is easy to set up and its accurate sensor can detect entries to the pool as soon as possible. Its sleep mode is also very convenient. It is perfect for protecting your home or family pool. If you have an above-ground pool less than 16 X 32 feet, it is perfect.

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Poolguard Door Alarm DAPT-2 Review

pool door alarmIf you need a pool door alarm, this PoolGuard Door Alarm is one of your best choices. It is able to sound an alarm as soon as possible, if your children and pets try to open the door to the pool. Other features, (like an adult pass-through, a low-battery indicator) are also valuable. In a word, if you need a pool gate alarm together with your pool alarm, this one is definitely one of the best choices. Plus, it is very affordable.

Key Features:

Set off an alarm in 7 seconds

This device is especially designed to protect your children from entering your pool. When you child opens the door to the pool, an alarm will be set off in 7 seconds and the alarm will never stop unless an adult resets the alarm manually. This design can make you never miss any notification. If a child quickly opens the door and close the door, an alarm will also be triggered as soon as possible. Therefore, it really can protect your children.

An adult pass-through feature

To make it convenient to use, it has an adult pass-through feature. Therefore, when adult passes through a door installed this device, an alarm will not be set off, making it very convenient.

Powered by a 9-volt battery

This device is powered by a 9-volt battery which you need to buy separately. And 1 battery can last for 1 year if it is not used frequently.

Low-battery alert

This feature is also very important. We cannot key an eye on it all the time and we may not know if the battery needs to be replaced because of low electricity. This system comes with a low-battery indicator which will set off an audible alert to make you know you need to replace its battery.

UL Listed under UL2017

This pool gate alarm is the only pool door alarm which is UL listed under UL2017. Therefore, it is recommended to use.

Customer Reviews

Although this alarm seems not so popular, it is highly rated. The average rating is 5 out of 5 stars. And reviews are all positive. Most people think it is very easy to install and its performance is also perfect.


If you need the best pool door alarm, this one is perfect. If you need one working together with your other types of pool alarms, it is also the best.

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Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm Review

pool gate alarmIf you need a pool gate alarm to alert you whether your pets and children access to the pool area without permission, this Techko S187D Safe Pool Alarm is really a great helper for you. It really can help to protect the pool. The installation is very simple. You just need to attach it to a gate or a door and when if someone or something opens the door or gate, the magnetic sensors will be separate and it will sound an alarm as soon as possible to make you know something is happening. What’s more, it also comes with a second set of magnets, which allow you to use on a secondary gate or door. For example, if you have a screen door, you also can install the second set of magnets on it.

Key Features

Accurate Ways to Control the entries

This device has an auto reset button that will not trigger the alarm, when adults pass through the gate or door. However, when children pass through the gate, it will sound an alarm. Plus, it also has another pass-through button that allows you to set delayed entry, so that your pets and children can use the pool temporarily.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

This pool gate alarm is waterproof and weatherproof, so it is suitable for pools both indoor and outdoor. It also features special always-on function, so that you don’t need to reset it when you need it. However, If you use your pool frequently, it might be a hassle for you.

Versatile protection

This alarm uses a magnetic sensor which is also ideal for protecting gates, doors and even windows. However, it cannot be used to protect 2 entries next to each other. Installing this alarm on the day can help you easily know that intruders or children are approaching your pool, so you are able to prevent accidents as soon as possible. It is only a pool gate alarm but it doesn’t sound an alarm when someone or something drops into the pool. If you need this function, you may need to buy another pool alarm.

Loud enough to be heard

The volume of this alarm is about 110 decibels, which is loud enough to be heard within 100 yards. Therefore, it will not make you miss any alarm and you can prevent someone from entering your pool as soon as possible. The volume is equal to an average car horn. This product only comes with 1 alarm and there is not a special alarm for use indoors. Therefore, you should always keep an eye on your children around your pool, if you live in a relatively larger home.

Powered by a 9v battery

This device is powered by a 9v battery. It also has an indicator to tell you when you need to change its battery, or it will fail to sound an alarm.


This Techko S1870D features easy pass-through options, a loud alarm and few false alarms, so it is capable of protecting your children. Once you have installed it, you can always keep your children out of your pool without your permission. It is just a pool gate, so it will not alert you if someone falls into the pool. It only comes with only basic alerts and if someone only tries to open the door to your pool, it will trigger an alarm.

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Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm Review

Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool AlarmThis in-ground pool alarm Poolguard PGRM-2 can work with any in-ground pools. It installs into the side of a pool and an electronic sensor is used to detect displaced water. Once it detects any displaced water, it will sound an alert so than you can know someone may enter your pool. This device has 2 alarms – a poolside alarm and a remote alarm. Whether you are in the home or near your pool, you can hear the alarm clearly. It seldom sounds false alarms. If anything weighing over 18 pounds enters the pool, it will trigger an alarm and you will hear a very loud alert in your home or near your pool. This best pool alarm is powered by a 12v battery. You also can choose a sleep function if you plan to swim in your pool.

Key Features

Not loud but loud enough to make you know

The volume of alarms is about 85 decibels at 10 feet. This volume is just smaller than the volume of the car horn, but it is loud enough to be heard throughout most homes. Therefore, it is suitable for smaller homes and pools and the suitable volume will not disturb others. It has a secondary alarm that can detect a 200-feet range and the distance is enough. Furthermore, it has its built-in tamper-proof function which allows you easily to keep your children out of the pool, ensuring their maximum safety.

Keep anything more than 18 pounds out of your pool

If some tries to take this pool alarm out of water, it will also sound an alarm to make you know that. If you want to have a swim in your pool, you need to use its sleep function and take it out from your pool. Its sensor can detect any pool entry of 18 pounds or more by monitoring the water displacement. The weight of 18 pounds is enough. Generally, the weight of a 1-year old child or just a small dog is over 18 pounds. Therefore, it will give you true alert. If the setup is lower than 18 pounds, you may receive many false alarms that may cause by heavy winds, toys, sticks, as well as other small objects falling into the pool. However, if there are small animals less than 18 pounds, it will not alert you. For example, if a small bird or dog less 18 pounds fall into the pool, you will not get any alarm.

Cover a wide range of 800 square feet

This pool alarm allows you to use it together with a solar blanket, which means it can protect your pool without worrying about any dead battery problem. It is powered by a 12v power, so you can install it anywhere you like without installing any plug and cable. It wakes up automatically and it allows you to know it has worked after you install it into your pool. If the battery is going to be dead, it will sound a low-battery alarm to make you know you need to replace its battery. It can work with any pool less than 800 square feet (about 20 x 40 feet). This means it is suitable for most small and medium-size pools.


As an in-ground pool alarms, it doesn’t work with above-ground or inflatable pools. Due to its sensor, it is able to monitor a large area and it sounds fewer false alarms than other types of pool alarms. If you just have an in-ground pool, this Poolguard PGRM-2 In-Ground Pool Alarm is definitely the best choice for you.

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