Top 5 Best Bicycle Lights Reviews

For people who love the occasional night right or need to commute by like regularly, a bicycle light is a must-have accessory which can help you to ride much more safely. Bike lights can help you ride confidently and can improve your safety and visibility. And bike lights come in 2 types: bike headlights and bike taillights.

What Is a Bicycle Light?

Actually, a bike light is used for illumination which can be attached to your bike. It allows you to see more clearly and better and it also enables you to be seen more clearly by pedestrians and drivers. Therefore, bike lights can help to protect you. On the market, there are several different types of bike lights, including front bike lights, rear bike lights and side bike lights which can be mounted to the handlebar, bike helmet, or rear of the bike.

When it comes to the safety during riding, bike lights become essential, especially when you are required to ride at night. They are also helpful for you to see obstacles in the front clearly, even in incremental weather or in the dark.

Best Bicycle Lights

We have made a list of top 5 best bicycle lights and you can easily choose the right one based on your requirements.

Blitzu Ultra Bright Bike Light Blitzu Cyborg 168T USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

best bicycle lightAs one of the best-selling bike lights on amazon, this best bike light features a very wide beam of light which is the eye-catching red light. It is designed to be of high intensity. Compared with other bike lights, this lightweight and stylish model is much larger and brighter, so you can be seen clearly by oncoming drivers and pedestrians. This safety light offers up to 6 modes and can last for 5 hours if it is fully charged. And this light can be easily mounted to any helmet or road bike. Its 180-degree visibility is impressive and you can mount it horizontally or vertically. Of course, it has a weather-tight design, so it can be used in all conditions. Its built-in rechargeable battery can be fully charged in 2 hours and when it is fully charged, it will be cut off automatically. This design is helpful to protect the battery, extending its lifespan. It also features a simple control button on its top, so you can easily access to it.

The installation is also very easy. No wires and no external batteries are needed. It is so popular on amazon and it receives over 1,300 5-star reviews on Amazon. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

BV Bicycle Light Set Super Bright 5 LED Headlight, 3 LED Taillight, Quick-Release

BV-Bicycle-Headlight-Taillight-Quick-ReleaseThis is also one of the bestselling bike headlights. It is very affordable and this set comes with a 5-white LED headlight and a 3-red LED taillight. The headlight can illuminate a 30-40 feet range. It is very bright and can last for up to 80 hours. It features a cutaway design, so light can easily pass through the sides, which can improve the visibility. Once you have this set mounted on your bike, you can be seen by motorists about 1,500 feet away.

This set offers 3 modes, emergency, flashing and steady. You can mount its headlight to the right or left and mount the taillight up or down. And it is designed to be weather-proof and water-resistant, so you can have a confident ride in any condition. Its headlight can be easily removed and you can use it as a flashlight when it comes to emergency situations.

They are easy to mount and no tool is required. Due to its clip-on quick-release clip, it is so easy to remove it. They are compatible with most of handle bars and seat posts. This set needs 6 AAA batteries which you need to buy separately. You can be recharge able AAA batteries and a charger, making it more eco-friendly in the long run. On amazon, it receives over 2,100 5-star reviews. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can rest assured.

Light & Motion Urban 350 Bike Headlights

Light-Motion-Urban-350-BikeThis best headlight can last about 12 hours without charging. It is also a micro-USB rechargeable headlight. It is designed to be weatherproof, so it can be used in any weather condition. And it is also very solid. It even can withstand drops on the solid surface from 1 meter. This headlight has 4 modes, a battery status indicator and a lockout mode. Therefore, even if it encounters an accident, it will not burn itself. It also comes with the perfect beam pattern due to its high quality custom optics. Therefore, you will be seen easily and clearly. Another impressive feature is its powerful amber side lights, which offer better visibility to alert oncoming drivers.

Thanks to its universal mounting strap and its quick-release handlebar mount, you can install or charge it very easily without any tool required. It also offers a Micro USB charger cable that comes in many color options. You can rest assured, because it comes with a 2-year warranty. Many other famous reviews sites (e.g. Sweethome, highly recommend this headlight. Therefore, it deserves a try.

CygoLite Hotshot 50 lm USB Rechargeable Bicycle Tail Light

CygoLite-Hotshot-50-Rechargeable-BicycleThis best tail light can last up to 500 hours if it is fully charged. It is very compact and easy to mount. This tail light offers 6 different lighting modes and it is designed to be weatherproof and water-resistant, so it can withstand any weather condition. It also features the on-site programmable technology, which means you can easy adjust its flash speed and brightness. And it also has a power button for you to easily access to. This product also offers a mini-USB charging cable, seat stay mount and seatpost mount. It is considered as the best taillight on the market.

Blitzu Gator 320 POWERFUL Bicycle Headlight

Brightest-Rechargeable-Blitzu-Waterproof-FlashlightWhen it comes to the best bike reflector, this Blitzu Gator 320 headlight is one of your best choices. And it also offers a non-USB rechargeable LED tail light. This bike light can last up to 6 hours on a single charge. It offers 4 different modes and can swivel 360 degrees, which means you can use it to light in any direction that you want ultimate visibility. As a cycle safety light, it is very right and can provide up to 300 feet beam length. And it can be fully charged within 2 hours with its USB cable. Its cutoff system will prevent over charging. This weatherproof bike light can fit in any condition. The front bike light is coated with a military grade anodized finish, making it more durable and reliable.

Without any tool needed, you can mount it with ease. Thanks to its quick-release feature, you can slide it out without removing its mounting bracket. It also has a one-touch dismount control button on its top, which is easy to access. It comes with a 1-year warranty and if you dislike it, you can return it thanks to its 30-day money back guarantee. On Amazon, there are over 1,100 customer reviews and most of them are 5-star reviews.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best bike light, our list of top 5 best bike lights can help you quickly find the right one according to your preference.

Top 5 Best Solar Landscape Lights Reviews

If you think your outdoor space is dark in the evening and want to have a romantic garden, you may consider ornamental lighting to add lighting to your garden. Solar landscape lights can help you to have a great look outdoor space. They are easy to install and they are sustainable and economical.

More and more people have realized the convenience of solar lights. Because of this advantage, many people are using solar lighting in their garden or pathway. Built-in batteries and solar panels make solar lights self-sufficient. So they don’t need any energy from the power grid and can save money for you.

During the day, they are charged. In the evening, they turn on themselves automatically and illuminate your outdoor space.

Here, we choose some best Solar Landscape Lights for you. Each of them has their unique features. When you want to enhance the look of your garden or path, you can consider them.

Moonrays Payton-Style Solar-Powered LED Garden Light, 10-Pack


These Moonrays Payton-Style Solar-Powered LED Garden Lights have stakes, which means the installation is easy. You only need to plug the stake into the ground. They can be used to illuminate your path or driveway. Also you can arrange them into a special shape to emphasize anywhere you like in your garden. Because of their high quality and black plastic outside, they are weatherproof and don’t rust. The built-in solar panel is on the top. During the day, the solar panel will generate power and the built-in batteries will store the power. When it gets dark, the lights turn on automatically. Because of the LEDs bulbs, they need little energy but emit warm light. One impressing feature is the hammered glass fixture, which can diffuse the light to create a special effect. Each of them can continuously emit light for up to 10 hours.

Britta Products SSR-01 Luminous Glow Solar String Light


These Britta Products Luminous Glow Solar String Lights can be hung from a tree, a bush or a string. They can emit a warm glow. The glow globs with unique textures re constructed from EVA plastic. Because of the texture, the light can diffuse with a sparkle. Each light is about 2 inches wide. There is about 18″ between each light. The solar panel can be installed anywhere, but make sure it can receive enough sunlight. Like other solar lights, they turn on automatically at dusk and can last for up to 8 hours.

Yards & Beyond Dual Use Coach Style Solar Lights


If you are looking for a hang solar light, you may love these beautiful solar landscape lights. The coach-style is nice too. They can be easily hung anywhere you like. Also A shepherd’s hook is included, which can help you hang them. The light is controlled by photocell, so it can turn on them automatically when it gets dark. During the day, the light is shut-off. It contains 2 super bright LEDs which can emit bright light. The house of the light is made of black plastic. The waterproof feature makes it not influenced by bad weather.

These Coach Style Solar Lights are classic, economical and beautiful.

Color changing Crackle-glass Ball Solar lights


These Color changing Crackle-glass Ball Solar lights are a beautiful way to light up your outdoor space. Each ball is 3.5 inches wide, and the stake is 30 inches long. The solar panel is attached to the stake. During the day, the solar panel charges the batteries and at night the crackled glass makes the light seem sparkle and dance. The most important feature of these lights is the color-change feature. The light can change between red, green and blue. The effect is beautiful and funny. The price is not expensive. If you want to have a special garden, you can try these solar landscape lights.

Paradise GL23158SS4 Stainless Steel Solar Bollard Light


These Paradise GL23158SS4 Stainless Steel Solar Bollard Lights are great outdoor solar lights for your pathway or garden. The simple design is also great. And the stainless steel construction makes this solar light sturdy and weatherproof. LED bulbs light through the frosted glass, making special effect. They can be used as accent lights or mood lights, especially ideal for upscale outdoor space.

Top 5 Best Solar Christmas Lights Reviews

It is hard to think about a Christmas holiday without outdoor lighting. Therefore, in holidays, it is highly recommended to add some outdoor lighting. Solar Christmas lights are ideal for the coming Xmas holidays and they are also perfect for other holidays, like Thanksgiving Day, Hallowmas, etc. These lights can make your outdoor space full of romantic and festive atmosphere. Even not in holidays, they also can decorate your yard or garden, making it special at night. Solar Christmas lights are easy to install and use and they are self-sufficient, making them environmentally friendly. And they can turn on or off automatically through the photo-voltaic conversion.

To make them work properly at night, you should place their solar panel at the right place, ensuring them in direct sunlight at least for 2 hours during the day. The ideal places to place the solar panel can be on the wall, on a roof line, or on the ground. Solar panel will change solar energy into electricity and electricity will be stored in the rechargeable batteries during the day. At dusk, LED bulbs will be turned on automatically. Of course, they are powered by the electricity stored in the batteries. At dawn, these LED bulbs will be turned off automatically and the solar panel will begin to work. This is a whole cycle. During this cycle, no wiring is needed and no electricity energy is required from the grid, making solar lights easy to install and self-sufficient.

On the market, there are various types of solar Christmas lights and you can choose the right one according to your preference. For example, you can buy multi-colors lights or you just also can choose modern white lights. When it comes to the most popular Christmas lights, solar string lights (also called solar rope lights) are very popular. The LEDs are wired and encased in a plastic tub. Therefore, they allow you to spin them to from traditional light strands. You can use them to decorate wreaths, lawn ornaments and Christmas trees, making the colorful at night. They are also weather-proof because of their plastic tubing. Even if it is a rainy night, they can also be lighted. And you also can choose other types of solar lights to decorate your Christmas holiday, like solar path lights, solar flood lights, solar deck lights, etc. These lights can end the darkness in your garden

Best Solar Christmas Light

We have compiled this list of top 5 best solar Christmas lights based on their ease of use, styles, lighting colors, performance and customer reviews. This Xmas is coming. Now, it is time to pay more attention to outdoor lighting. Any of them can make this Xmas holiday full of fantastic atmosphere.

lederTEK Solar Christmas Lights-White Solar Fairy String Lights

ledertek-solar-christmas-lights-72ft-300x300This best solar string light can offer illumination for at least 8 hours if the batteries are fully charged during the day. You can use indoors or outdoors, just ensuring its solar panel is installed outdoors. That’s all. It is also weather-proof, so it can be used no matter how bad the weather is. The light is cold white and it can emit sparking lighting. Therefore, it is perfect for your gate, porch, patio, lawn and gardens. Of course, you can use it to decorate your Xmas trees.

lederTEK Multi-color Solar Christmas Lights

ledertek-solar-christmas-lights-multi-color-300x300Sometimes you need colorful Christmas lights, and you can choose these lederTEK Multi-color Solar Christmas Lights. It comes in several colors, including red, blue and yellow. You can use it to decorate the Christmas trees, as well as other outdoor fixtures.

lederTEK Solar Fairy String Lights Multi-color Blossom Decorative string lights

ledertek-solar-fairy-string-lights-300x300This Solar Fairy String Lights feature multi-color blossom shapes, making them very beautiful at night. If the batteries are fully charged during the day, these lights can last up to 8 hours at night. Due to its weatherproof design, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, no matter what the weather is. If you plan to decorate your home or garden, these blossom shaped lights can make your home or garden very special at night.

LE® Solar Rope Lights

le-solar-rope-lights-23ft-300x300If you need solar rope lights, you can choose them. They are easy to install and no wiring is needed. The length can be 21 feet and there are 50 LED bulbs. There are 2 lighting modes for you to choose – flash mode or steady-on light. You can easily use it to decorate any fixture in your garden.

String Lights on Copper Wire by Deneve®

the-original-starry-solar-string-lights-by-brightech-300x300Well, sometimes we don’t need something that is complicated. I love this solar strings lights due to its simple but elegant design. Its LEDs are directly on its copper wire, making it very impressive.

The Bottom Line

This Xmas is coming. It is time to think about how to decorate our garden, patio and Xmas trees. With these string lights above, you will have a colorful Xmas this year.

Top 5 Best Solar String Lights Reviews

I think many people would like to have a festive touch garden during holidays. One way to create this effect at night is to use solar string lights that can give you a bright and colorful holiday at night. After holidays, they also can play a very important part in your garden. You can easily wrap them amidst your decks, gates, patios, shrubs, walkways, greenery of arbors and even beneath an outdoor umbrella. And they can decorate your garden and make the surrounds romantic and beautiful. This Xmas is coming, so you can buy some of them and decorate your outdoor space and they are also perfect for parities, special occasions and other holidays. You also can use them to decorate your garden, making it special and perfect.

How do they work?

Solar string lights have a remote solar panel which can change solar energy into electricity that is stored in its built-in rechargeable batteries. At night, LED bulbs will be powered by the electricity in the batteries. In order to make the batteries charged enough electricity, the solar panel should be located in a full day light. Compared with traditional string lights, solar strings lights don’t need any wiring. Therefore, you can easily choose the right location for them without worrying about the connection to the grid.

Best Solar String Lights

If you are looking for the best solar string lights, we have made this list of top 5 best solar string lights for you to choose from. All of them were selected carefully based on their performance, styles, prices, ratings and customer reviews.

INST Solar Powered LED String Light, Ambiance Lighting

inst-solar-powered-led-string-light-300x300These best solar lights can give your beautiful and fairy world at night. It comes with 100 LEDs. Because these LEDs were sealed well, they are weather-proof. Even if it is a rainy day, they can also offer you lighting at night. You can use this string light to decorate trees, bushes, wreathes and other fixtures in your garden. Its length can be 55 feet. It is also one of the most popular outdoor solar lights on Amazon. Plus, it is so affordable. If you need plenty of them, they are the best choice.

lederTEK Solar Christmas Lights 8 Modes Solar Fairy String Lights

ledertek-solar-christmas-lights-72ft-300x300These solar led string lights can be used for homes, gardens, weddings, Christmas Parities, as well as other outdoor space decorations. Its length can be 22 meters and there are 200 LED bulbs in a string. If the batteries are fully charged by its solar panel during the day, these LEDs can provide you 8 hours of continuous lighting at night. And it also comes with 2 switches. One is for power on/off and the other one allows you to choose between the flash mode and the normal mode. As one of the top rated string lights, it is highly recommended.

lederTEK Solar Fairy String Lights ,White Blossom

ledertek-solar-fairy-string-lights-white-blossom-300x300These solar lights have a special design. All the LEDs have a blossom shape and it emits warming lighting, making it perfect for cold nights. If you need something special, this solar string light is really a good start.

The Original Starry Solar String Lights by Brightech – Warm White

the-original-starry-solar-string-lights-by-brightech-300x300This LED string light has 120 bulbs that are on a copper wire. Due to its special design, you can use it to wrap around tree trunks, gazebos and other fixtures in your outdoor space. These best starry lights are so easy to install. It is totally powered by the sun, so no wiring is needed and the warm lighting can make your outdoor space warm at night.

LE® Solar Fairy Lights, Violet, Portable

le-solar-fairy-lights-300x300I was impressed by these solar fairy lights, because of its fantastic effect. If you need some special lighting, it is really a good choice for your outdoor space. These lights emit a little cold lighting, so they are perfect for summer nights. Each led bulb has a blossom shape, very special.

The Bottom Line

This is our list of top 5 best solar string lights. If you are looking for some solar lights to decorate fixtures in the garden, these solar string lights are your best choices. Their design, colors and shapes make them decorative. Of course, you also can choose other types of solar lights, like solar deck lights, solar post lights, solar Christmas lights, etc. The more solar lights we choose, the more protection we can give our environment.

Top 8 Best WiFi Appliances Reviews

If you think only smartphones and computers can use WiFi technology nowadays, you are completely wrong. Actually, there are many home appliances that use WiFi technology. These WiFi-connected gadgets, home appliances, as well as other machinery can make our life much easier, because we can control them through wireless networks and they help to deal with our daily tasks.

Our homes will become much smarter than we can imagine, because every WiFi home appliances and gadgets can get connected. And we call this technological trend as the Internet of Things. Therefore, every your major household item talks to each other in your home and you can control them through your computer or smartphone.

More and more manufacturers grasp this tread and have designed and manufactured many WiFi appliances for us to choose from. We’ve compiled this list of top 8 best common WiFi appliances on the market. These top 8 best WiFi appliances can connect to the internet and can exchange information with our computers and smartphones.

WiFi refrigerators

rf22k9581sg-counter-refrigerator-capacity-stainlessOn the market, there are also many WiFi refrigerators that are WiFi-connected. If you need one, you can buy this Samsung RF22K9581SG Counter Depth French Door Family Hub WiFi Refrigerator that has a convenient touchscreen. And it even allows you to look for recipes or even make shopping lists. And what’s more, it can keep track of your food expiration dates.

WiFi washing machines and dryers

WiFi washing machinesNowadays, more and more high tech dryers and wash machines allow you to control your dryer and washer settings through your smartphone within your home. And you even don’t have to get up to walk closer to set your washer or dryer. Of course, you need to load the laundry yourself. Maybe, someday in the future, a robot can help you load or sort the laundry yourself.

WiFi garage door openers

WiFi garage door openersYou can install a WiFi-enabled garage door opener to replace your old garage door opener gadget. If you need a smart one, you can choose this Lifemaster 828LM so that you can control your door through your app on your computer or smartphone. This app can tell you whether your door is open or closed. And you even know how long ago your door was used. Once you have this one, you can easily control and you don’t need to keep extra door openers in your car or give you every member a door opener.

WiFi vacuum cleaners

WiFi vacuum cleanersA WiFi vacuum cleaner is also a must-have appliance, because it can free you. You don’t need to deal with these messy. On the market, more and more manufacturers have developed many smart vacuums that can do more than the Roomba trend. You can buy this Samsung SR8894 NaviBot, SR8894 and control it through a smartphone app. You can start it and control it through your smartphone app at any place. Now it is time to free you from these mundane household chores. 

WiFi home security systems

WiFi home security systemsHome security system manufacturers have embraced the WiFi bandwagon. And Most people may know the tiny remote or gadget coming with a home security system. And the gadget or remote can be used to activate or deactivate the alarms.

If you are looking for a WiFi home security system, you can rely on this Canary WiFi home security system. Therefore, you can always monitor your house or home at all times through your computers or smartphone. If you forget to close your door when you plan to go out, your smartphone will remind you and you need to respond. 

WiFi light switches

WiFi light switchesWith your smartphone, you also can control your lights. This is cool, because you can turn on or off your lights through an app in your smartphone. If you want this becomes reality, you can buy high-tech light switch systems. If you are looking for the best WiFi light switches, you can buy this Belkin Wemo Light Switch. This switch allows you to program your lighting to turn on or off at specific times through its App. With these WiFi light switches, life will become much easier.

WiFi water purification systems

WiFi water purification systemsZuvo Water has developed a new kind Stratus water purification system which includes WiFi-enabled hardware, so filters and faucets become smart in your home. You can see much information through its smartphone app, like water contaminants that have been removed and reduced, the daily rate of water you consumed, and when you need to change its water filters. You can click here to learn more information about these Zuvo WiFi water purification systems.

WiFi thermostats

WiFi thermostatsIf you live in an area where summers are hot and winters are cold, you are familiar with making those adjustments to your thermostat because of the changing seasons. However, this process may be painful and you will find it is painful to turn on the heat on a chilling day or switch the AC on during a humid day.

With WiFi thermostats, you can easily control your thermostat from your computer and smartphone. And we highly recommend you to buy this Honeywell WiFi Programmable Touchscreen Thermostat. 

Whirlpool TU950QPXS Undercounter 15W in. Trash Compactor Review

whirlpool-tu950qpxs-undercounter-trash-compactorThis Whirlpool trash compactor has a lowest compaction ratio – 4:1 and it is made of smooth stainless steel. Although the compaction ratio is a little than other models, it is also one of the best trash compactors on the market. Its control panel is designed to be hidden behind its door and these controls are integrated full in this appliance. Other useful and convenient features are also included, like a tilting side panel, a toe kick and an automatic anti-jam system. However, it doesn’t come with an odor filtering system that other models may offer. And it also doesn’t have leveling legs, so the height is solid. The height of this garbage compactor is 33 7/8 inches, and the width is 15 inches.

Compaction Ratio – 4:1

It has a compactor ratio of 4:1, which means it can help you reduce 4 times fewer trips to take out garbage to the curb. And this also can make your home much more efficient, even if this ratio is a little lower than other industry standard trash compactors.

Easy and convenient to operate

This unit is controlled with a key knob on its interior. When you need to open it, you just need to kick its toe plate, so you can start a new cycle. If you need to start a new cycle, you just need to turn its key-knob and then a new cycle will begin. Of course, you cannot choose a specific sustained compression, so you need to run the compactor more often. If you have children, you can just remove its key-knob. And this can prevent your curious children from start this compactor accidentally.

Safety Consideration

This trash compactor is designed with many safety features. It has an anti-jam system and its side panel makes trash removal much easier. If anything is sensed to obstruct the past of its ram, this home garbage compactor will reverse operation. When the compactor is full, then you need to remove the trash. To make you easy to do the job, it comes with a side latch which will drop its panel toward you. Therefore, you can grab the trash bag much easier and you don’t need to lift the bag straight up completely. Generally, the weight of a full compacted bag can be 30 pounds, so it is a chore to lift. This compactor makes it easy to access.

The Downside

However, it doesn’t come with a deodorizing system or air filter. Trash compactor means reducing fewer trips to the curb. However, this also means trash will be kept in your house or home for a longer time than usual. If the weather is warm or hot, the trash will release bad smell depending on the kind of garbage you are throwing away. Therefore, if you always throw away perishable garbage, you need to deal with the garbage more often. This means this compactor leaves odor neutralization up to you. And it also doesn’t come with an integrated disk or fan. However, this also means it is more affordable than other models.

Product Features:

  • Compaction Ratio: 4:1, reduce trash by 75%
  • An anti-jam function included
  • Easy to operate thanks to its full integrated controls
  • Features a stainless steel finish
  • Dimensions: 15” x 24” x 34.125”

The Bottom Line

This whirlpool trash compactor has a sleek look, so it is compatible with your current appliances in your kitchen. However, it lacks a deodorizing system and its compaction is lower, and it also doesn’t offer a sustained compression cycle. Therefore, when you decide to buy this, you need to pay attention to these lacks. And if you dislike this trash compactor, you also can check our full list of top 5 best trash compactors reviews. And there is a model which can satisfy your requirements.

Viking FCU150 Under Counter Trash Compactor Review

viking-undercounter-trash-compactor-boxThis trash compactor is an under counter trash compactor. Its capacity can be 1.55 cubic feet and the compaction force can be up to 3,000 pounds. It has leveling legs, so the height can be adjusted between 34 3/8 inches and 35 3/8 inches. Its width is 14 7/8 inches. It will take 35 second for each compaction cycle and the bin can hold 30 pounds of compacted waste without replacing its bag. It also comes with a digital display which is designed to be hidden on the front door and it also offers a delayed start feature. This trash compactor also comes with a side storage compartment, an odor disk that is replaceable and a side door latch.


  • This best trash compactor features an appealing look but doesn’t sacrifice its functionality. Its control panel is designed to be hidden it front face. The front face is also especially designed and it is a sleek standard steel front face. The control panel comes with a useful clock that allows you to set a delayed start. This is a useful feature, because you can make it compact when you are asleep or you also can prolong compression. This home trash compactor will offer you a high level of compaction, so you don’t need to wait a long time or throw your garbage to the curb frequently.
  • It also has a 3/4 horsepower motor which works strongly and quietly. The compaction ratio of this compactor is 6:1, which means 6 times more trash per load. It works also quickly and each cycle only needs 35 seconds. This means its ram will go down and be ready for the next cycle within 35 seconds. Replacing the bag is also convenient. This is because it has a storage compartment for extra bags.
  • Its deodorizing system uses an odor-control disk to control odor. This disk can last 6 months without replacing it. Thanks to its electronic control, this odor-control disk will be turned automatically every 30 days. Therefore, you don’t need to turn a fan on manually or check its filter constantly. This disk comes with 5 green sections and one red means the expiration. Therefore, once you see the red section, this means it is time to buy a new one.
  • This garbage compactor allows you to easily remove its trash bag thanks to its tilting face. If the trash bag is full, its side latch will drop its face toward the floor. Therefore, the trash bag becomes easier to grad and this can avoid much vertical lifting. This design is good for your back and your children even can help you deal with the trash bag around your house. Of course, to protect your children, you can remove its key-knob on its controls, so the compactor will not work without the key-knob.

The Bottom Line

This Viking trash compactor is one of the best trash compactors on the market. It comes with many useful features, like a delayed start, a higher compaction ratio (6:1), infrequent odor dish replacement, ease of use, a clean look and so on. It is really a good choice, if you need a trash compactor for your kitchen.

How to Manage Kitchen Waste

kitchen-wasteEvery day, we produce a lot of waste in the kitchen or in the house. Well, how to reduce the overall amount of trash which goes to the landfill site? There are several ways to achieve this goal. The most budget-minded and practical way is to recycle these waste. You can compost vegetable, as well as other matters, and then the rich compound can be used to boost your plant, flower or just garden plot soil. This means you even don’t need to buy fertilizer for your plants. Just a simple recycling effort can result in a better garden harvest. All the fertilizer you make is green.

Another common way may take some time. This method is to recycle anything that can be donated, re-worked and re-used. This method also means we will get large environmental benefits if we stick to these green initiatives. Of course, if you do this, your overall curb trash can be drastically reduced.

Although these methods are worthwhile and should stick to, with the help of some garbage reducing appliances, the effect of reducing the amount of trash can be enhanced. This can maximize the trash reducing effects. These garbage reducing appliances can help you eliminate the use of garbage bags that you may need to use several a month. Maybe you are tired of taking out many trash bags. And this doesn’t only mean you can save on bag fees but also save you time. In a word, these appliances can make your life much easier and more efficient.

Garbage Food Disposal

Garbage food disposal units are installed under the sink and are also called as food waste disposers. Actually, it is a small grinding system and works unnoticed. It can crush vegetable matter, meat bones and other food matters which go down the drain.

A connection between your garbage disposal and the kitchen drain is necessary and an electric hook-up is also needed. If you need to buy, such a kitchen appliance may cost you from $100 up. The most popular models will cost you more than $200. However, the installation is a little complicated, so other factors also need to be considered before making a buying decision.

Trash Compactor

On the market, trash compactors are also known as garbage compactors and they come in 2 types. You can choose a freestanding unit, but most of them are designed to install under the counter in your kitchen, close to your sink area. Freestanding models are easy to set up, while a certain amount of installation is required for units installed under the counter. Of course, an electrical outlet should be near it.

Compared with food disposers, they are a little expensive. However, they can effectively reduce the overall amount of trash, because of their high compact ratio. Most of them feature a compact ratio from 4:1 to 6:1. For example, if you choose a unit with a ratio of 6:1, this means it is a large unit and is able to compact six bags of trash into one bag that goes to your curb. However, this also means it is 6 times heavier as a normal garbage bag. This also needs to be considered, if the lift is a burden for you.

Garbage Disposer VS Trash Compactor

Both of them can help you effectively reduce the overall household trash. A compactor is the more efficient and it can dramatically reduce the use of garbage bags, saving some money for you. However, they are more expensive than garbage disposers. Therefore, when it is time to choose between them, the first consideration is your budget. Of course, installation constraints are also needed to be taken into account. And the last factor is that how much you want to reduce the amount of trash.

Of course, you can choose to install them together and combine their use, so that your household waste can be managed better. For example, you can install a garbage disposer in your kitchen, while have a freestanding trash compactor in your garage. The disposer is used to grind vegetable matter, bones and other food matters, while the compactor is used to crush glasses, cans and other waste. Both of them can really help you manage your waste much better, reducing overall landfill garbage. If you use any of them, you will make a great contribution to the environment protection.

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Trash Compactor Buying Guides

Broan-15XESS-Programmable-Trash-CompactorIf you want to manage your kitchen or household waste, a good way is to install a trash compactor. Such a device can help to reduce the amount of trash bags that you will use. And this can reduce the impact on our environment. However, before deciding to buy one, there are some things you need to consider. The following tips can help you find the right one for your house or kitchen.

Types of Trash Compactor

On the market, there are mainly 2 types you can choose from. You can choose a freestanding trash compactor or you can choose a model which must be installed under the kitchen counter. The latter one is fixed, so you cannot move it once you have installed. And the former one can be moveable. Both of them are powered by electricity, so an electrical connection is essential.

A built-in trash compactor will occupy the under counter space, so it will occupy your cabinet storage space. However, your kitchen will have an integrated look. Both of 2 types are similar to use. And a freestanding unit has a more rugged appearance or design, while the front of the built-in trash compactor can be customized, like clean-style, or the streamline.

A trash compactor is 15” wide. However, some models are a little large, so they need more room. Therefore, the one that suits you depends on installation requirements. If bsuilt-in models are not suitable, you can choose a freestanding model which allows you to easily place, like in the garage.

Trash Compactors VS Food Waste Disposal Units

They seem similar, because they can be used to deal with household water. However, they are different. A trash compactor can compacts waste, so the overall amount of trash can be effectively reduced. However, a food or garbage waste disposal unit is smaller than a trash compactor. They are mostly installed under the sink. A garbage disposal unit is used to crush or pulverize vegetable waste, meat bones, as well as other food waste. After dinner, you can wipe down your dinner waster into this sink unit.

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment by reducing your landfill contributions, a trash compactor can help, because it features the largest trash-reducing potential of the two. However, it is more expensive and the installation is a little complicated.

If you want to cut down your overall trash drastically, you really need to maintain a good recycling regimen and buy a trash compactor to reduce the overall amount of everything which cannot be recycled in your house.

Power & Performance

When it comes to choosing the best trash compactor, the power and capacity are very important. This means the compaction ratio can justify its power and performance. Generally, residential trash compactors have a compaction ratio from 4:1 to 6:1, but this doesn’t mean the higher compaction ratio is better. If you choose a model with a compaction ratio of 6:1, this means a compacted trash bag is capable of holding up to 6 bags of waste and this also means the trash bag will be very heavy. Therefore, for people who are strong, a lower ratio is better.

The one you choose should have a suitable ration which works for you conveniently, so you can easily handle these compacted bags without injury. In some situations, you may need a hand truck to transfer these compacted bags easily to the curb, because they are too heavy. And a trash compactor is not emptied often, so this may be easy to cause odor problems. If you need to handle plenty of cans and glass, you need to buy a more rugged compactor that also has a larger motor.

How to Choose the Best Trash Compactor

Once you know your requirements on power and size, the one you finally choose should have anti-jam features, odor management, a sound dampening package and convenience features. These essential features can help you use your compactor conveniently and quietly.

Maintenance & Supplies

Compactor bags should be easy to access and they should be properly-sized. It is highly recommend buying compactor bags that are especially designed for the current model you use. Different manufacturers offer different warranties and try to choose a longer warranty.

Elite XE Series Automatic Trash Compactor Review

elite-xe-trash-compactorThis best trash compactor: Elite XE Series Automatic Trash Compactor has a higher 6:1 compaction ratio. This compaction ratio is the highest trash compaction on the market. This compactor offers a control panel for you to delay its compaction cycle and will help the waste retain its shape within 2 hours. Other features, like ease of cleaning, a hidden toe kick, a built-in odor control and customizable cabinets are also included. This best waste compactor comes in a width of 14 7/8 inches and heights between 34 and 35 inches.

Its compaction force can be up to 3,000 pounds, so it is very powerful. The 6:1 compaction ration also means you only need to take your trash out to the curb 6 times less than you use to. This is cool. Even for large families, this also means you only need to take out compacted waste to the curb once or twice per week.

This compactor has a 3/4 horsepower motor, which can work very quiet. This feature is great especially for its delayed compaction. It comes with a timer that allows you to set it when to start to compact. For example, you can set its timer to work in the early morning hours, and you don’t need to worry about its noise will affect your sleep. Of course, you also can set it to work when there is nobody in your home.

This best trash compactor also has a full-swinging and reversible door, so that its compartment can be rolled out completely. And this machine has a full-extension bucket. This design means it is so easy to clean this trash compactor, and even the hard-to-reach corners can be wiped down easily. Its bucket front also can lower. This also means it is much easier to change the bag once the compactor is full of waste.

For trash compactors, how to control odor is very important. This is because trash in a trash compactor will stay for a long time. People always worry that there is smellier trash if trash is kept around for a long time. Well, this machine doesn’t have similar problems, because it comes with a unique formula which is placed in a wax base. This base has 6 separate segments which can last a month. Therefore, every 6 months, you need to replace this order-neutralizing disc.

This trash compactor comes in several styles, so it can match your current indoor decor very well. And you can choose the right decor according to your preference. For example, you can choose white, black or stainless steel.

Another great feature is its toe kick. This toe kick is not an exposed one but a hidden one. It blends into the recessed bottom of most cabinets. This design is great, because it can prevent you from accidently touch it while roaming around.


  • 15” wide automatic trash compactor
  • 1 odor disk included, last 6 months
  • Compaction force: 3000 pounds
  • Compaction Ratio: 6:1
  • It uses a 1.55 cubic foot trash bucket which can hold up to 30 pounds of waste.
  • Includes a 3/4 horsepower motor
  • Unique screw compaction system

The bottom line

This is one of the best compactors on the market. The highest compaction ratio, ease of use, hidden toe kick and odor control make it more competitive than other models. Plus, its delay feature is also special and useful. It deserves to have.

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