Top 5 Best Contractor Table Saws Reviews:

Table saws are the most popular show saw you can find on the market. Although any other large power tool is not essential, each home workshop should have a table saw, because table saws are the most versatile saw you cannot work without. You may think they are not good at mitering, but you can use them to make miter cuts. You may think they are not the best tool for re-sawing, but they perform better in a limited way. Well, do you know the real strength of table saws? The answer is for cutting the handyman’s most common material – plywood.

When it comes to cutting sheet goods (like OSB (oriented strand-board) and plywood), on other type of saw can perform better as a table saw does. The fence of a table saw can make long and straight cuts possible, so sheet goods (like plywood) can be cut into long and straight cuts that can be used to make furniture, cabinets, as well as other projects.

On the market, there are 3 types of table saws, including cabinet table saws, contractor table saws, and job-site saws.

Contactor table saws maintain a middle position on the market. They can somehow perform as good as cabinet saws, and somehow be as portable as portable table saws. However, they don’t come with large table extensions as cabinet saws, and they also don’t have lightweight and collapsible stand as job-site saws. Contractor saws imply that they are especially designed for contractors and to use in their shops. Therefore, they don’t need to move frequently.

Since you use a table saw for accurately cutting sheet goods, the relationship between the fence, table and blade becomes much more important. The fence must be absolutely straight and strictly parallel to its blade. If not, you cannot get a precise cut. Adjustment in the spindle and motor is available on most table saws, allowing you to adjust them to the fence. If the fence is not perpendicular to its table, you will not get precise cuts. Therefore, the fence is one of the most important parts on a table saw.

The quality and size of the most also matter, so the spindle bearings do. If the motor is too weak, the saw is not able to cut through some materials and will blog down, finally cause some tooling marks in the cut, and even ruin the material. Tooling marks will be also caused, if its blade spindle is mounted on no good bearings.

Best Contractor Table Saw

We’ve made this list of top 5 best contractor table saws on the market. They all allows you to adjust the blade height and they all come with angle of cut adjustment that can be up to 45 degrees and blade guards are also included. They also offer a miter gauge, so if you want to make metered joints, they can meet your needs. Plus, some saws also come with table extensions, so you can use them to support a full sheet of plywood.

Sawstop CNS175-TGP52 1-3/4 HP Contractor Saw

CNS175-TGP52-Contractor-Professional-including-ExtensionThis best contractor table saw has a unique design. Its safety system is very impressive. If it encounters something that has a different density that common materials have, it will be shut automatically. This design can avoid some accidental injuries maximally.

As a table saw, it is well-designed and manufactured. This one features a large table, so crosscutting becomes much easier. And its T-Glide fence is also very accurate. The belt-driven blade has a well-supported arbor. The table is made of high quality cast iron table, and it also comes with a zero clearance blade insert, so you can use to get perfect narrow strips without nay blade mark.

The blade guard can be removed quickly without any tool needed. It also comes with a good dust collection system and a leg kick switch.

Jet 708495K JPS-10TS, 10-inch Proshop Tablesaw

Jet-708495K-JPS-10TS-10-inch-TablesawJet offers plenty of table saws and this one is selected on our list due to its cast iron table and larger size. Similar to Sawstop, this model features a 52″ fence capacity, so crosscutting full sheets becomes easier. Its riving knife and blade guard are designed to be released quickly, so changeovers can be very fast.

The T-bar is also very wide, making it more stable than you can think. Generally, the wide T-bar makes the fence stay exactly parallel to its blade. A miter gauge is also included, so wrong slipping out can be effectively avoided. An integrated lock is on its blade arbor, making it more accessible for easy and quick blade changes. It also has a leg kick switch that allows you to turn off it by leg kicking.

Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw,

Powermatic-1791230K-Table-50-inch-RivingPowermatic is also a famed manufacturer who always produces high quality saws on the market and this Powermatic 1791230K is one of the best contractor saws they produce. This one features the largest table and fence. The longer the table is, the easer the job is. Therefore, although this saw is a little smaller than the Sawstop, its 50-inch width makes crosscut a piece of plywood in half much easier.

This best contractor table saw also comes with a miter gauge, which is a very impressive feature on a contractor table saw. This design is very useful. With the rack-and-pinion angle adjustment, you can do micro-fine adjustment. What’s more, positive stops are also available at its common angles, and it also offers extension plates for extra expanded support for work pieces.

The T-bar is as wide as most of other saws, which is good and parallel to its blade. The riving knife and blade guard can be quick to change out. On board storage is designed for all accessories. A dust extraction port is also included. Highly recommend!

Delta 36-5000 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw

Delta-36-5000-10-Inch-Contractor-30-InchDelta has a long history of producing shop saws and this Delta Saw 10″ Left Tilt Contractor Saw is a high quality contractor saw you can rely on. When it comes to choosing the best contractor saw, the table, blade and fence are very important. This saw offers high quality fence and bearings. These 2 things are very impressive and many users spoke highly of them. The table is not as big as some of other saws’ tables, but it is up to 20-inch wide and 27-inch deep, or 50-inch wide if the swings are open. So, it can offer you up to a 30″ rip capacity. It is also not too heavy, only weighing 230 pounds, so you can load it on your truck and take it on your job site without too much effort. The power source can be a 120 VAC or 240 VAC outlet.

Grizzly G0732 Contractor Style Saw

Grizzly-G0732-Contractor-Style-SawSimilar to Delata, this contractor saw only comes with a 30″ capacity. However, it performs better than other most contractor table saws. Generally, cabinetmaking saws have larger capacity, but a contractor saw doesn’t have a very large capacity. This saw has an excellent blade height adjustment system, allowing the blade run up and down on its twin vertical steel posts. So the dust collection and the riving blade can be adjusted right with its blade height. Finally, this can ensure its performance. The blade is encapsulated, so dust collection is more efficient than other saws. Similar to other models on our list, the table is made of cast iron and offers a precision ground. And this product also comes with a special release mechanism that allows you to quickly change out the blade guard and riving knife. This one also features a shut-off switch that you can shut off the machine by leg kicking. Grizzly always offers high quality industrial tools, but they are not often mentioned for DIYers and contractors. Well, this doesn’t mean their products are poor quality. This Grizzly G0732 Contractor Style Saw will make you get excellent value for your money. Highly recommend!

Top 5 Best Portable Table Saws Reviews

If you are looking for a shop saw, you most probably will do a lot of research and finally decided to buy a table saw. Generally, a table saw is considered as the most versatile saw for a woodworker. Of course, they are not omnipotent. Beside a table saw, woodworkers also need other tools. However, there is something they can handle very well. For example, if you want to cut sheet goods more accurately, a table saw can do better than other tools.

On the market, table saws include 3 basic types: contractor saws, cabinet saws and portable saws. The largest table saws are the cabinet saws which are designed to offer maximum accuracy. You can use a cabinet saw to easily cut hardwood plywood to various sizes that can be used to build the kitchen cabinets. Because of their large sizes, they can easily cut a whole sheet of plywood. For this purpose, many of them have table extensions. Contractor saws don’t have extensions that cabinet saws have, so they are smaller versions. Portable table saws are not large but offer large capabilities. They are compact and have wheeled stands that are collapsible, making it more portable. You can move it with ease. Some of them even feature table extensions, so they are able to cut sheet materials more accurately. They are designed to be more flexible, and have modular blade guard systems, and they also have on-board storage, so the miter gauge and fence can be stored easily.

When it comes to choosing the best table saw, some factors should be taken into account. Firstly, the blade should be perpendicular to both the table and the direction that the wood travels. This is very important, because this can affect the cutting quality, no matter how many blade marks are noticeable. High-end saws allow you to adjust their blade. Therefore, before using it at the first time, it is highly recommended to adjust it first to make sure the blade is perpendicular to its table.

The second most important factor is the fence. Similar to the blade, the fence also should be perpendicular to its table. Although you may find there are many fence designs, if it cannot be adjusted to be exactly perpendicular to its table, it is not a good fence and will affect the cutting quality. And the fence should be easy to adjust. Or, you may get tapered cuts that you don’t plan to need.

No matter how picky you are about the quality of the fence, it is OK, because a good quality fence is something you need to work with for a long time. If a table saw has a crummy fence, it is really garbage. The mediocre one with a high quality fence, at least, can make accurate cuts.

When it comes to fences of portable table saws, you also need to pay attention to the maximum distance between the blade and the fence. Sheet goods often come in 48″ width, so a portable table saw that has at least 24″ of rip capacities between the fence and the blade is ideal. Or, you will not be able to rip a sheet of plywood in half.

Best Portable Table Saw

On the market, there are many portable saws and we’ve made this list of top 5 best portable saws for you to select. We considered their quality of blades and fences, prices, ratings, as well as customer reviews.

Bosch 4100DG-09 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw

Bosch-4100DG-09-10-Inch-Worksite-Gravity-RiseThis table saw is one of the best portable table saws on the market. Although its fence is not rack and pinion, it is not a big problem due to its excellent performance. Its fence is pretty rigid and holds parallel to its blade. This saw features a quiet start motor and this motor also has a torque control switch, so you can choose the right power according to the work requirement. This means you can always find the right speed for you work.

Beside its high quality motor, it also has an easy blade change, so the time you spend on the job site will be effectively cut down. It has 8-inch pneumatic tires, making it more portable and its stand is also the best stand. Plus, it also comes with many good features. Its fence is considered as to be most rigid, so you can get your cuts right wherever you plan to want them. Its stand is also pretty cool, and you can set up it in a short time – about 5 seconds.

DEWALT DWE7491RS 10-Inch Jobsite Table Saw

DEWALT-DWE7491RS-10-Inch-Jobsite-CapacityThe most impressive part about this best portable table saw is the fence that is the track and pinion. You can adjust its fence to get accurate cuts every time. It also includes extendable rails, so it has the largest capacity on our list and allows you to cut up to 32 1/2 inches. At the same time, due to its flip over ability, you also can use it to get much narrower rip cuts. If you need to make plenty of narrow cuts, obviously this one is your best choice. Similar to other saws, you need to set up it to get the highest accuracy. And it is designed to be adjusted easily, so you just dial in it to get the right speed according to the job you are working on.

This saw has a soft start motor that comes with electronic controls, you can easily control its blade speed. Its features a well-designed arbor, making this table saw tight and nice. You need to take a little time to make its stand set up, but once it is set up, it is very stable. Its on-board storage can accommodate all accessories. It is worth buying.

Porter Cable Jobsite Table Saw with Fold and Roll Stand, 10″

Jobsite-Table-Fold-Roll-StandThis Porter Cable JobSite Table Saw doesn’t need any tool to change its blade, so this blade change system is cool. And it is also very affordable, so it is really a good competitor as a portable table saw. Like most table saws, before using it at the first time, it needs to be adjusted a little to assure the best accuracy. Once it is aligned you can get continuous smooth and accurate cuts. Its fence may make some work stiffen up a bit, but in this situation, you just need to replace the current rod with a stiffer rod and you will have a pretty good fence. Its stand is very stable, so cutting any heavy piece is no problem. However, the stand cannot be allowed to adjust to help leveling, so it will be a little troublesome especially when there is no level ground. This saw allows you to get up to 30″ wide rig cuts, thanks to its right-side table extension, as well as the rear out-feed support. The out-feed support is telescoping, so it can hold even much larger pieces. It also comes with on-board storage for its massive accessories.

Bosch GTS1031 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw

Bosch-GTS1031-10-Inch-Portable-JobsiteWe choose this Bosch GTS1030 on our list due to its superb portability. Although its stand doesn’t have rolling wheels, it is designed to be lightweight, so you can carry it with one hand and move it to anywhere you like. This design is cool and it is very rugged and well-balanced, so you can carry it only with one hand. Others that are lighter may need 2 hands to carry. When you need to store it, it only needs a little space, because you can store it by standing on its edge. Therefore, even if the space in your workshop or truck is limited, you can easily store it. The fence also has a unique design. When you don’t use it, the fence can be flipped under the table. Of course, the fence can always keep parallel to its blade, so the fence is a good fence you can rely on.

Factory-Reconditioned Ryobi ZRRTS30 10-in Table Saw

Factory-Reconditioned-Ryobi-ZRRTS30-Table-WheeledRyobi has a good reputation for offering high quality but affordable power tools. If your budget is limited, you can consider a Ryobi power tool. Low price doesn’t mean poor quality. This Ryobi Table saw is such a good product you can trust. It also features the sliding table extension, so this saw has a 30″ rip capacity. Although it is a portable table saw, you almost get almost all you need on a table saw. And it is also affordable. If you have a limited budget, you can choose this.

Top Best Winches Reviews

Winches should be an essential tool in a truck owner’s arsenal, if going off-roading becomes frequent. Actually, winches can do far more than you can think. They can make loading your UTV and ATV onto a trainer much easier. They can help to pull out tree stumps that are very stubborn. And if your truck gets stuck, they can help to get the truck out of a troublesome ditch. In these situations above, if you don’t have a winch, you will find these jobs are difficult to deal with.

Therefore, a winch is so important and it can save your life if you are in trouble. When it comes to choosing a winch, the top quality really matters. And what you plan to use a winch for determines which type of winches you need. If you need to crawl on rocks somewhere, you really need a top quality winch. In this situation, you can find the right one on our list of top 5 best winches. If a jet ski is often needed to load onto a trainer every weekend, you only need to buy a cheap winch, because it is enough. Therefore, first you need to know what you will use a winch for. This question determines which type is the best for you.

Best Winch

A high quality winch is really a great helper for you, if you often go off-roading or just plan to go off-roading. Such a tool should be an invaluable automotive tool in your arsenal. Of course, having a winch has many benefits.

First, your vehicle’s off-road capacities can be increased tremendously. This is because a winch can help you easily get out many troublesome spots that you are getting trouble in.

Second, with a winch, your vehicle can reach some spots that cannot be accessible in normal times. For example, a winch can help your vehicle to climb over some barriers.

We’ve made a list of top 5 best winches considering many factors. Each of them at least delivers 8,000 lb. pull rating, so they can work with most vehicles. Each of them has a roller fairlead that is much better than a Hawse fairlead. Each of them has a 3-stage planetary gear system that can offer reliable and smoother operation. Considering easy and safe operation, a handheld remote is a must. If you need one, you can choose one of them based on your needs.

WARN 92820 ZEON Platinum 12K Winch

This Warn 92820 can delivery up to 12,000 lb. pull rating. This high capacity makes it perfect for those who have much larger vehicles. This best winch offers up 80 feet of wire that is made of aircraft-grade materials, so if you are looking for a winch that offers more rope, this one is the best choice. Compared with other winches that use wired remotes, this one comes with a wireless remote, making it much safer to use than others. Due to the aircraft materials used to build this winch, it is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. Therefore, it you need to use a winch frequently, this durable winch can meet your needs. Plus, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Superwinch 1510200 LP10000 Winch, 10,000lbs/4536kg single line pull

Superwinch-1510200-LP10000-fairlead-handheldThis Superwinch LP10000 delivers up to 10,000 lb. pull rating, so it is really a solid choice. Its motor is weather-sealed, so this can keep other elements out of the motor, increasing its rust/corrosion resistance and durability and extending it life. This winch can pull 10,000 lb., which is enough for most vehicles and jobs. It also comes with a 85-foot steel cable that is 3/8 inch thick, further increasing its strength. And the strong steel cable can avoid any catastrophic failure. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty. Therefore, it is worth having it.

Mile Marker HI-Series Hydraulic Winch – 9000-lb. Capacity

Mile-Marker-HI--Hydraulic-WinchThis best winch is able to deliver up to 9,000 lb. pull ratings, making it an ideal choice. Similar to the Warn Winch, this one is also corrosion-resistant and waterproof, so it is more durable than you can imagine. Rust doesn’t matter. Its tie bars, as well as fasteners are made of stainless steel, so it is also very strong. Its cable is up to 100 feet long and is very durable because it is made of aircraft materials. Therefore, if you need to use your winch frequently, it will not make you feel disappointed. However, this model seems a little heavy and its weight is about 100 pounds. However, durability and reliability say it all.

Recon 264100BFW Electric Winch

best winchThis Recon 264100BFW can even deliver up to incredible 17,500 lb. pull rating. Therefore, even if you have a heavy van or truck, this best winch can easily work with. And it also offers 92 feet of cable that is made of steel. And this winch also provides a very fast line speed, about 28 feet per minute. This speed allows you to easily get your truck out of a ditch. Plus, it also offers a limited lifetime warranty on the entire winch, but the warranty doesn’t include mechanical portions. Although this winch delivers a higher pull rating, the price is lower than other models (like WARN 92820). Therefore, if you need a higher pull rating but don’t want to pay more, this model is the best choice.

Smittybilt 97380 X20-8 8,000 lbs Winch

Smittybilt-97380-X20-8-000-WinchBecause of its completely waterproof solenoid and sealed engine, this Smittybilt 97380 is perfect for those who go off-roading in wet conditions. For example, if you plan to go off-roading in the wet, marshy or snow areas, this winch will be perfect to work with. This model offers 100 feet of rope which is made of marine-grade stainless steel, it is corrosion-resist and can effectively avoid pitting corrosion. If you need to use a winch on a frequent basis in wet conditions, this one is the best one you can rely on. The overall weight of this winch is about 88 pounds, lighter than other models. However, this one only can deliver up to 8,000 lb. pull rating, a little lower than most models on this list. If your vehicle is not too heavy, the capacity is enough.

Top 5 Best Cheap Winches Reivews

A winch can do more than you can imagine. For example, if you have an all-terrain vehicle and unfortunately you get stuck, in this situation, a winch can help you get out of troubles. Or if you recently bought a trailer to transport your boat or UTV, how do you plan to haul the boat or UTV onto your trainer? Of course, a winch can help. Or if there is a stubborn tree stump in your backyard and you want to pull it out, a winch is also a good tool to help you. Therefore, a winch can help us to get us out of binds. However, which type of winches to choose from is another question we need to consider.

On the market, there are various different winches. Of course, first you need to consider your budget. If your budget is not enough, you cannot afford the best winches that may cost you over $1,000.

Best Cheap Winch

Fortunately, there are some best winches that will not cost you more. And sometimes, you really don’t have a winch with a higher price tag. Here, we’ve made a list of top 5 best cheap winches for you to choose from. These budget winches can also easily deliver at least 1500 lb. pull rating. Therefore, they can offer you enough strength for pulling something. And they are all electric, making them perfect for light-duty pulling. Plus, they also offer a warranty from their manufacturers. If you don’t need a heavy-duty winch, these lightweight winches are your best choices.

Smittybilt 97204 XRC-4 Winch – 4,000 lbs Capacity

Smittybilt-97204-XRC-4-Winch-CapacityAs a lightweight winch, it is the top budget winch on our list. It only weighs 17 lbs. The lightweight feature makes it more portable, so you can easily take it to anywhere you have a job. It is great for lightweight jobs. This model can deliver up to 4,000 lb. pull raring and comes with 32 feet of cable that are made of steel. Due to its 3-stage planetary gear system, its gear train becomes more rugged. And this one also offers a 4-way roller fairlead that other models may not come with. Roller fairleads have their benefits. They place less stress on the rope and generate less friction, so they work better than others with a roller fairlead.

WARN 91700 1700 DC Winch

WARN-91700-1700-DC-WinchThis best cheap winch is not only affordable but also high quality. It is designed to be strong. Tie down rods are also included, adding more convenience and stability to this model. Considering its size, it also delivers a decent line speed. It delivers up 1,700 lb. pull rating and can pull almost 5 feet of rope every minute. What’s more, it offers a 1-year warranty and the price is so low. WARN is also a famed manufacturer, so it is worth buying.

Master Lock 2953AT 12-Volt DC Portable Winch

Master-Lock-2953AT-12-Volt-PortableWe choose this on our list thanks to the wide range of pulling capabilities. Its cable is made of steel, so it can be used to pull items up to 2000 lbs. on bare ground, or drag items up to 5,000 lbs. in the water, and drag rolling items (like a wheeled UTV) weighing up to 6,000 lbs. So it is very versatile and can help you in many aspects. Plus, it also comes with a hand crank, as well as a remote, making the operation much easier and safer. Its auto shutting down feature ensures the safety, because once it overloads, it will shut down automatically. And this design can also protect this winch, making it more durable.

Superwinch LT2000 12V Utility Winch (2,000lb)

Superwinch-LT2000-Utility-Winch-000lbThis one is very lightweight, only weighing 17 pounds. This portable feature makes it easy to work with. For example, you can use it to pull in the back of the vehicle by hand. It offers a 2,000-pound pull rating and 49 feet of rope, which is enough for most application. A remote control is also included, making the operation pretty easy and safe. Plus, it is also protected by a built-in circuit breaker. Therefore, even accidental breaking will not destroy your winch. And a 1-year warranty is offered.

Badland Winches 61383 ATV/Utility Electric Winch

Badland-Winches-61383This cheap winch has a 3,500 pull raring, so it can deliver enough strength to help you easily drag and load items with ease. A remote control and an 8-foot handlebar control are also included, making the operation much easier and safer. And you can operate along without other people’s help. It comes with 50 feet of rope which is made of steel and is very strong. Its line load speed can be up to 23 feet per minute, so you can do your jobs much faster. It also offers a roller fairlead for more efficient operation.

This is our list of top 5 best cheap winches. If you need a lightweight winch to get lightweight jobs done, they are the best choices. They don’t break your bank, but you will be amazed at their performance. Of course, if you winch need to do some heavy-duty job, they are not suitable and you can check this list of top 5 best winches reviews.

Top 5 Best Lasagna Pans Reviews

As a delicious Italian dish, lasagna is not only enjoyed in Italy but also enjoyed all over the world. Lasagna is a cheese confection which combines roust tomato sauce with gooey mozzarella cheese and meat. Generally, it is baked in square pans. If you love this kind of delicious food and want to make it at home, you really need a lasagna pan.

Best Lasagna Pan

If you are looking for the best lasagna pan, we’ve made this list of top 5 best lasagna pans for you to choose from. The first factor that needs to be considered is the size, which means the size matters. All of them are medium sized to large sized, so they can allow you to make enough lasagna at a time for you and your guest. They are heavy-duty and nonstick and affordable (most are under $50). They are all high quality. They are also deep enough, because lasagna must be in a deep pan to contain the sauciness. The nonstick feature means the ease of releasing the food. Now get one of these best lasagna pans.

Conair Cuisinart 7117-14RR Lasagna Pan with Stainless Roasting Rack

Conair-Cuisinart-7117-14RR-Lasagna-PanThis Cuisinart Lasagna pan is one of your best choices. It is 14 inches in diameter. Besides as a lasagna pan, it can also double as a roasting pan, which means you don’t have to buy a roaster, and a rack is also included. Therefore, once you have it, you don’t need to have another extra roasting pan. It is made of stainless steel and it has an attractive mirror-polished appearance. You can use it to roast a chicken or turkey or just fix lasagna. This pan looks great when it is in the oven or on the table. Riveted handles are also included, so the transport becomes easy. It is also dishwasher safe and can last a long time for you.

Cook Pro 561 4-Piece All-in-1 Lasagna and Roasting Pan

Cook-Pro-561-4-Piece-RoastingThis best lasagna pan is very large and it allows you to make a large lasagna even for a party. I had a Cook Pro pan before, and it worked for many years for me. This one is also durable, high quality and affordable. It is deep enough to allow you to easily bake a multi-layered lasagna and you don’t need to worry about it bubbling over its sides. You also can use it to roast a turkey or a chicken, or cook casseroles as well as other dishes for a large family or a big event. It also offers a spatula that has lift-up handles. And a roasting rack is also included. Made of stainless steel, it can last long.

Chicago Metallic Lasagna Trio Pan

Chicago-Metallic-Lasagna-Trio-PanThis pan has a very unique design and seems awesome, making it stand out from others. You can use it to bake lasagna and it will be an adventure. This best lasagna pan as 3 compartments, so you can easily bake 3 different lasagna at the same time. This design is cool and you can taste 3 different flavors at a time. It has a nonstick interior and is designed to be sturdy. Each selection is wide enough to be suitable for standard lasagna noodles. Plus, a custom spatula is also offered. This one is made of carbon steel, so it is heavy-duty and durable enough. And the cleaning is also pretty easy.

Norpro Stainless Steel 16 Inch Roast Lasagna Pan

Norpro-Stainless-Steel-Roast-LasagnaWhen it comes to bake a lasagna, a good quality pan really matters. This Norpro pan is such a lasagna pan you can rely on. It is heavy-duty, because of its stainless steel construction. It is also deep enough, so your lasagna can be baked perfectly. It is also versatile, and you can use it as a roast pan to roast a turkey, or you can use to even bake brownies and cakes. Just free your imagination. The nonstick interior makes the food release easily. And it is also very easy to clean by hand. Once you have it, it will work for you for many years in the following.

Pyrex Bakeware 4.8 Quart Oblong Baking Dish, Clear

best lasagna panThis one is also one of the most popular lasagna pans on the market. Pyrex is a famed brand for many homes and it offers high quality cookware for us. This one makes on fexception. This pan measures 15″ X 12″ X 2″ and it is deep enough. As a lasagna pan, it performs beautifully. It also doubles as a pan to be used to bake brownies, cakes, casseroles, etc. it is oven safe, and you also can use it in the microwave, or under the broiler. You even can use it to store foods in your freezer. This pan is good enough for you to cook anything you plan to.

This is our list of top 5 best lasagna pans. And hope our lasagna pan reviews can help you find the right one.

How to choose the right type of water to brew tea

tea-brewingIf you like drinking tea, you may know the best water for brewing tea. In China ancient times, there was a tea scholar called Lu Yu who wrote a tea scripture and in his book, he said the water from the center of a swiftly moving mountain stream is the best water for brewing tea. However, it is really difficult to have access to fresh, clean mountain water for brewing tea. Therefore, we have to find ways to solve this problem. We list several types of water we can get and also list the advantages & disadvantages. And you can choose the right type to brew tea.

Well Water

Well water is from ground water and many minerals dissolve in it, making it have a ph above 7. Therefore, it is highly recommended to filter out these minerals before brewing, or these extra minerals may make well water smell and taste bad.

You can test your water know the exact ph of it. If the ph is over 8.5, it will make your tea taste bitter. Therefore, before brewing, filtering or softening well water is a good solution. However, if you found you can smell minerals after boiling the filtered water, this means it is still too hard to brew tea. And you need to soften it further more. Some reverse osmosis system will add back healthy minerals after filtering water, making the PH rise. When you buy one, pay attention to this advanced feature.

Bottled water

You also can choose bottled water to substitute for low quality tap water. However, not all bottled waters are ideal for cooking tea. For example, distilled water and mineral water are not good to brew tea. The former one is too soft and will cause flat-tasting teal, while the latter one is too hard and will leave harsh or metallic taste in your tea.

Bottled spring water is a good choice and some of them are much better than others. There are some rules you can follow:

  • The PH is about 7.
  • Water is in flavor.
  • The TDS content is less than 30 PPM.

If you found the quality of your filtered water is nearly as the same as bottled spring water, it is best to choose filtered tap water, considering the impact on the environment and the cost. If the filtered water is low quality, you also can upgrade your water filter. For example, you can install a more than 4-stage of water filtration system to get high quality filtered water.

Tap Water

If the tap water is high quality, you don’t need to filter it before brewing. Generally, you need to install an under sink water filter (mostly a reverse osmosis system) to get good RO water that nearly has the same quality as spring water. If your undersink water filter is not good enough, you may need to upgrade it into a new one with more filtration stages.

In some areas, the tap water is so hard. Therefore, you need a water softener system to make it soft first and then use a RO system to get filtered water. Hard water will make your tea taste bad, full of metallic taste. If you don’t want to upgrade your home water filtration system, buying bottled water is also an alternative.

Personal, I bought a Pur water filter pitcher to filter my water, because my tap water is relatively good. If the situation is the same, you can buy one like me. Here is a list of best water filter pitchers, including main brands like, Brita, Pur, Culligan, etc. However, if your tap water is terrible, you really need a reverse osmosis systems to remove contaminants in your water. You can choose some great brands, like Home Master, Ispring, Watts, etc. It is highly recommended to choose a more than 4 stages of filtration systems. We also compiled a list of best reverse osmosis systems for you.

If you insist on using soft water, like distilled water, you can add certain types of rocks in the water kettle or tea kettle to add some minerals, so that water is not so soft. Or tea you brew may taste flat.

Top 5 Best Baby Seats Reviews

Best Baby Seat

As new parents, sometimes you may feel happy and a little excited. However, it is also a hands-on job. Even if you have been trained to do things with a single hand, sometimes you also need both of your hands to do something, like folding the laundry or cooking dinner. In this situation, you may think if you have more than 2 hands that would be better. Don’t be frustrated. In this situation, you only need a baby seat which allows you to keep your baby comfortable, secure and with arm’s reach. This means if you need 2 hands to so some housework, you can place your baby in a baby seat.

If you are looking for the best baby seat, we have made this list for you. The following best baby seats were chosen due to their sturdy designs that offer many safety options, comfortable and padded seating experience, and interactive features (stimulating toys, soothing music) that can attract you baby’s attention. Once you have one, you can free your both hand for a while.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price-Deluxe-Sit-Me-Up-Floor-SeatThis Fisher-Price baby seat comes with many fun toys and the seat is comfortable and secure. As one of the top rated baby seats, it can be easily folds down. Therefore, both the storage and transport should be easy.

Fisher-Price® Sweet Surroundings Deluxe Bouncer

Fisher-Price-Sweet-Surroundings-Deluxe-BouncerThis best bouncer seat is really the perfect place for your baby to take a nap or sit. Many moms love its plush design and its security is also impressive. It also comes with a removable mobile, which can play up to 20 minutes of nature sounds or music to soothe your baby.

Graco Little Lounger Rocking Seat Plus Vibrating Lounger

Graco-Lounger-Rocking-Vibrating-ArdmoreThis Graco baby seat is perfect for babies who loves to rock or who love steady vibrations. Your baby will feel happy to occupy this seat. It also includes a toy bar that has 2 plush toys to entertain your baby.

Summer Infant Sweet Comfort Musical Bouncer

Summer-Infant-Comfort-Musical-BouncerThis baby bouncer features a head support, a skid-proof seat and a 3-point harness, making your baby be safe and secure in this bouncer. Plus, it also comes with man entertainment for your baby, including colorful plush toys, playing soothing sounds or upbeat melodies.

Mamas & Papas Baby Snug and Activity Tray

Mamas-Papas-Baby-Snug-ActivityThis one has very large wide base, so the stability is great. Its ergonomically designed back can offer the maximum comfort for your baby. Your baby will love it, because it comes with so many entertainment options, like up to 8 interactive toys on its removable activity tray.

Best Baby High Chair

It cannot be denied that feeding a baby is really a messy business. At least, if you have buy your baby a baby highchair, you can have your little one sit in and you only need to clean up the mess caused by your baby. On the market, there are so many baby high chairs. Which is the best one? Don’t worry about it. We’ve made this list of top 5 best baby high chairs for you to choose from. They were chosen because they come with 5-point harnesses to ensure your baby to sit in safely and securely, and their materials are easy to keep clean, and they are so lightweight so you can move them with ease. With one of them, parents will feel ease and feeding your baby will become an enjoyable experience.

Graco Blossom 4-in-1 Seating System

Graco-Blossom-Seating-System-SapphireThis Graco seat has a unique design that allows this baby high chair to be adjusted into up 4 positions. Therefore, it really grows with your baby. This one can be used by 2 children at a time. One child can use the youth chair, while the other can use the infant or toddler feeding booster.

Graco Slim Spaces Highchair

Graco-Slim-Spaces-Highchair-ManorThis is another baby high chair from Graco. It has a compact design, which means it can fold down to 8.5 inches, making the transport and storing much easier. The main material of the seat pad is stain resistant fabric which can be easily wiped down for a litter mess. And you also just throw it into your washing machine for a completely cleaning.

Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo EZ Clean High Chair

Fisher-Price-Luv-Clean-High-ChairFisher-Price is a famed brand and this high clean is also one of the best high chairs on the market. It is so easy to clean, so even your baby makes a mess, you can clean it with ease. It has safety straps that can be easy to wipe down and its seat cover is also easy to clean because it uses Nano Tex spill-resistant fabric.

OXO Tot Seedling High Chair

OXO-Seedling-High-Chair-GraphiteThis one is also very easy to clean and its adjustable feature makes it be used from 4 months to 36 months of age. This means it can be used for almost 3 years and it grows tighter with your baby. The seat is designed to recline and its adjustable tray can make your baby feel comfortable at feeding time.

Evenflo Compact Fold High Chair

Evenflo-Compact-Raleigh-Discontinued-ManufacturerThis best baby high chair features a super compact design, so you can store it anywhere you like and you also take it to anywhere with your baby. Its seat cushion can be easily wiped down and allows you to throw it into your washing machine, so cleaning is not a big problem for you.

How to keep your swimming pool safe? – 4 Gadgets can help

If you have a swimming pool, there can be a lot of fun for your family. However, if it is not used safely, there are some dangers around your pool. Well, How to keep your swimming pool safe? Firstly, security fences and rigid pool covers are essential to prevent non-swimmers from entering into the pool area or falling into the pool. Some states in the US even require pool owners to install a pool alarm, besides security fences and rigid pool covers. If you don’t adopt these protective means, you will break the law. Besides these basic methods, there are other security gadgets, security equipment and approaches to enhance the level of protection and give pool owners peace of mind.

In the following, we will discuss 4 different kinds of security equipment that can help us to prevent any visitors from any accidents, injury, or death.

1. Infrared Motion Sensors

NEW-SENSOR-ESPIO-In-Ground-Swimming-Pool-Alarm-RemoteGenerally, there are two types of Infrared Motion Sensors: pool mounted and wall/fence mounted.

Pool mounted:

Pool mounted infrared sensors are installed poolside. If they are breached, a high-decibel alarm will immediately be conveyed to your ears. Similar to wall/fence mounted systems, they will not sound false alarms from inanimate objects. And the response time is very narrow, so you can react immediately.

Fence/Wall Mounted:

They are designed to install and run atop the perimeter of the fence and wall surrounding the swimming pool. With their infrared beams, the entire swimming pool area can be effectively blanketed. Anyone who tries to climb over your wall or fence can be detected immediately. Once they are breached, they will immediately sound a high-decibel alarm to remind you something is happening near your pool. Therefore, they can prevent strangers or wild pets from trying to enter your pool area.

Both the two types systems can offer you basic security protection to the swimming pool.

2. Underwater Motion Alarms

Aquaguard-In-Ground-Pool-Alarm-System-300x200You can install these systems during the construction of the pool or you also can install them on a already built pool. Therefore, they are very practical and versatile. These systems are able to emit a sonar grid under the water surface. And if breached, they can detect as soon as possible. They seldom emit false alarms because they only detect wind-generated movement in the water. And they are also sensitive enough to detect the smallest object falling into the water. Generally, they can offer you an excellent primary protection to a pool of any shape and size.

3. Surface Motion Alarms

SmartPool-PoolEye-Above-Ground-Pool-AlarmThis type of pool alarms is very popular due to their affordability and ease of use. They can work well if the water surface is calm and flat. When something disturbs the calm surface, they will sound an alarm. However, the limitation is also obvious. If the surface is disturbed by a strong wind, surface pool alarms will also sound an alarm immediately. Therefore, they only act as secondary security systems.

4. Personal Immersion Detector

Safety-Turtle-Swimming-Alarm-WristbandPersonal immersion detectors are a good choice to cooperate with a base alarm unit. These systems require each child to wear a wristband. Once children’s hands come into contact with water and make the wristband immersed, an immediate alarm will be sound on the base unit. They are perfect for parents who are playing with their children and want to prevent their children from dabbling. However, if the children are permitted to swim, the wristbands must be removed. Of course, if a child without wearing a wristband fall or jump into the pool, no alarm will be sound. In a word, they only act as secondary security equipment, because they have their limitations.

If you are looking for a pool alarm, our pool alarm reviews can help you.

Top 5 Best Fetal Dopplers Reviews

Fetal Dopplers are initially used in OBGYN’s examination room. With improvements in science, they have become more and more affordable, so they are more accessible and coming into families. They are used to detect a baby’s heartbeat while she is still in the mom’s womb. The continual and regular heartbeat can let parents (especial the moms) fell peaceful. It is really a great device that allows you to hear a baby’s heartbeat in the womb.

Kick counts are considered as the best way to detect the activities for your baby at home and most medical professionals agree this. They also ask a mom to count the kick counts 3 times a day after meals. However, another more accurate way is use a fetal Doppler to monitor the heartbeats of a baby, which can give a new mom extra reassurance.

Best Fetal Doppler

On the market, there are many fetal monitors and which one is the best? Fortunately, we’ve compiled this list of top 5 best fetal Dopplers for you to choose from. They are very easy to use and you can easily find your baby’s heartbeat. The user-friendly interface makes everyone can use it with ease. Of course, they offer accurate heartbeat counts and the price is also reasonable. Most are under $100. We also check ratings and online customer reviews to ensure they are popular among moms.

NatureSpirit Sonoline-B Handheld Fetal Doppler

naturespirit-sonoline-b-handheld-fetal-dopplerThe appearance of this fetal Doppler is similar to the one you see in the OB’s office. And it works the same way. It is very easy to use. You just need to move its probe over the belly until the baby’s heartbeat is detected. And you can hear the heartbeat through its speakers. It is amazing when I first hear my baby’s heartbeat.

It also has a large LCD screen to show the baby’s heart rate, so you don’t need to calculate or count it yourself. Plus, it can be used as early as only 12 weeks. Although it is one of the most expensive models on this list, it is also one of the most accurate models you can trust. Highly recommend!

Sonoline B by Contec Medical Systems

sonoline-b-contec-medical-systemsThis fetal doppler is very affordable, so it can give any mom the similar results without paying so much. Even compared to high-end dopplers, the results are also accurate. And it can be used to monitor heartbeats as early as 12 weeks. Many moms love it due to its ease of use.

It also has an ergonomic design, so it holds very comfortable and its super-sensitive wand can easily and quickly find the baby’s heartbeat. A LCD screen is also included to show the baby’s heartbeat. It also adds a bonus that the transmission gel is included. It is really a great value.

EDAN Sonotrax Lite Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

edan-sonotrax-lite-fetal-doppler-baby-heart-monitorEDAN Instruments, Inc. is a very famous manufacturer that specializes in designing and manufacturing medical and diagnostic devices for hospitals across the globe. This best baby heart monitor is also used by medical professionals, but it was also designed for home use. It is safe and easy to use.

The price is under $100. And it is very lightweight and portable. Most online reviewers spoke highly of tis sensitive probe that can detect the baby’s heartbeat quickly and effectively. When not use, this product will be turned off automatically, making it more convenient and prolong the battery life.

Edan Sono Trax II Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor

edan-sono-trax-ii-pro-fetal-doppler-baby-heart-monitorThis product also can be used by medical professionals or moms, thanks to its ease of use and convenience features. Its super sensitive probe can detect the baby’s heartbeat very quickly and effectively. It also comes with a LCD display screen to monitor the heart rate. The LCD screen features backlight, so it can be easily read even in the darkness.

A rechargeable battery is also included in this package. And it also includes an audio recorder. Although it is the priciest fetal Doppler on our list, its bells and whistles make it more competitive than other models. If you have enough budget, this one is really a great choice. No matter you buy it for at-home baby heart monitoring or for future pregnancies, it is really a good investment.

Graco Prenatal Listener

graco-bebe-sounds-prenatal-heart-listenerThis product allows parents to hear the heartbeat during the early weeks of the third trimester. This feature may be only available on some higher-end fetal Dopplers. This heartbeat listener also allows dads and siblings to hear the sounds of the unborn baby. Plus, it also comes with ear buds and its recording cable is also very great, because you can share the unborn baby’s sound with other family members.

However, this product also has received many negative reviews. A few users think it is not as sensitive and accurate as other fetal dopplers on our list. And it is a little difficult to locate the baby’s heartbeat. On the other hand, it is so cheap and if you only need one to detect your unborn baby’s heartbeat without more accurate requirement, this one can give you more fun. At least, it can tell you your baby is in health status in the mom’s womb. This is similar to monitor the baby’s Kick counts to ensure the baby’s health.

Top 5 Best Baby Bath Tubs Reviews

Rub a dub dub, it is time to put your baby in a tub. Any mom who has a newborn knows sometimes it is difficult to bathe a newborn, because it may be a slippery situation. In this situation, a baby bath tub is a must. They are designed to solve this problem, positioning little ones who are squirmy comfortably and securely.

Best Baby Bath Tub

On the market, there are plenty of baby bath tubs and the best one can always be safe and comfortable for newborns and convenient for moms. We’ve compiled this list of top 5 best baby bath tubs due to their ease of use, design features, ratings and customer reviews. If you need one, you can rely any of them in the following.

4moms, Baby Bath Tub

4moms-Baby-Bath-Tub-WhiteThis 4moms Infant Tub is a little pricey on this list, but it deserves to have a try because it offers some extra features. First, it offers a built-in digital thermometer, which can ensure the water temperature to be perfect for your newborn. And this can help you monitor the temperature change. If it is too hot or too cold, you can easily notice it. However, this temperature thermometer is powered by a battery, which also means you need to pay some to change its battery in the future.

Its built-in reservoir is able to hold clean water, making the rinsing much easier than you think due to the included refillable cup that doesn’t need to turn on the faucet during the bath time. This one is a top rated baby bath tub you can rely on. And most parents think the thermometer feature is great.

Primo EuroBath

Primo-340W-PRIMO-EuroBath-PearlThanks to its simple, smart, and anatomically shaped design, this best baby bath tub gets top ratings from its consumers. It has a built-in support that supports your infant’s arms, legs and back. Your baby can rest comfortably and safely without any extra support, so you can use your both hands to bathe your little one.

A built-in soap holder and drain is also included, making the bathing much more convenient. This one is also one of the largest b baby bath tub on the market, so it is able to accommodate babies up to 2 years old.

Fisher-Price Calming Waters Vibration Bathing Tub

Fisher-Price-Calming-Waters-Vibration-Bathing-TubSome newborns may not love the bath time, so it is really a stressful moment while parents are bathing the newborns. With this Fisher-Price Bath tub, all the problems can be solved perfectly. Its vibration feature will make your baby feel more comfortable and ease. Many parents who have used this spoke highly of this Jacuzzi experience it can recreated for babies, so babies can feel relaxed and calm.

This infant tub includes an insert (removable) which can safely position babies and make them in place securely during the bathing time. A hook is also included, making it easier for drying and storing.

Blooming Bath Infant Bath / Bathtub

Blooming-Bath-Infant-Bathtub-CanaryMany customers spoke highly of the performance of this Blooming Bath Baby Bath tub, because it is able to give their newborns a very soft, supportive bathing experience. Its beautiful design is also impressive, very unique and innovative. Its bright and plush petals can cushion and support your newborns, so your little one will feel very comfortable during the bath time.

However, this one is only designed for babies less than 6 months, which means you need to buy another larger one for your baby. The price is also a little high, but many parents say they love to use it to bathe the baby at the sink and this baby bath tub can be thrown into the drier for cleaning.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

Fisher-Price-Precious-Planet-Whale-of-a-TubThis one was especially designed to be used at a sink or in an adult-sized bath tub. This feature is similar to the blooming bath baby tub above. Its adorable whole design is very impressive and many moms say they love this design. This can make the baby’s bath time full or more fun.

Parents also give this best bath tub rave reviews thanks to its special baby stopper, as well as super soft foam padding. These features can position babies in the water safely, securely and comfortably in the water. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any sliding or slipping in the water. Once your baby can sit on this own, you can remove the insert. This best baby bath tub is designed to accommodate toddlers who weigh no more than 25 pounds, so it is great for babies up to 12 months.

This is our list of top 5 best baby bath tubs. For babies, having a good bath tub is very important, which will make the bath process much easier and comfortable.

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