Berkey BK4X2-BB Big Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filtration System Review

Berkey-BK4X2-BB-Big-Berkey-Water-Filtration-SystemIf you need a purifier for travels, outdoor activities, your family, this Berkey BK4X2-BB Big Berkey Stainless Steel Water Filtration System is a versatile water treatment system for you. In some situations, we need pure water and this system can do the job without energy needed.


Treat all types of water

This unit can treat treated water (tap water) or untreated water (like stagnant ponds water, remote lake water, streams, as well as other types of raw water). When you go aboard and feel suspicious about the local water, this system can help you get clean water to drink.

Effective to remove contaminants in our water

This Big Berkey System is capable of remove bacteria, cysts and parasites. These organisms are always found in our water, especial in natural water. And if we drink the water containing these organisms, it is really a threat to our health. Other contaminants (like harmful chemicals, VOCs, herbicides, organic solvents, trihalomethanes, as well as radon 222) can also be effectively get rid of from our drinking water. This water treatment system can also effectively reduce harmful minerals (like lead, mercury), nitrites and nitrates. Plus, it also can remove food coloring and keep healthy minerals in the water. This is different from distilled water which doesn’t contain any healthy minerals. Therefore, even if you drink the filtered water from this system, you will not have problems of mineral deficiencies.

Made of food grade stainless steel

This system is made of food grade stainless steel. It uses 304 stainless steel which is very safe to use as food container, because it is very stable.

Produce 3.5 gallons clean water per hour

This system is able to offer you about 3.5 gallons clean water per hour and this is much faster than a distiller does. If you need a lot of water in a short time for emergency, the purifying speed is great.

Offer you 3,000 gallons without changing its filter

The filter life is very long and you can use it to get up to 3,000 gallons without changing its filters. Plus, the filter can be cleanable and they are self-sterilizing filters. Therefore, the maintenance is pretty easy.

Other Features:

  • Capacity: 2.1 gallons
  • 2 purification elements included
  • 13″ height

Customer reviews

More and more people have purchased this water purifier on Amazon. The average rating of this system is up to 4.4 out of 5 stars. And there are over 160 customer reviews .Most people highly recommend it and gave it a high rating. Most reviews are positive. If you need a purifier that doesn’t need any energy to power, this system is definitely a good start.

Take it with you when you travel or go aboard, and you can always get clean water to drink.

MegaHome MH943TWS Countertop Water Distiller Review

Megahome-MH943TWS countertop water distillerIf you are looking the best home water distiller, this Megahome MH943TWS Countertop Water Distiller is one of your best choices. As one of the most durable and reliable home water distiller, it is able to offer you clean, pleasant pure distiller water for many years. This distiller is portable and convenient to use. Plus, the running cost is also very low, compared with buying bottled water. The 100% pure water is perfect for drinking and providing water for your home appliances, like coffee makers, rice cookers, irons, soda makers, juicers, etc.

MegaHome MH943TWS Countertop Water Distiller Key Features:

Distill 1 gallon water in 5 to 6 hours

This distiller has a capacity of 1 gallon and it can offer you 1 gallon pure water in 5 to 6 hours. If you need more water every day, you can keep it working all day long, so you can get up to 4 gallons per day.

Well-Built (stainless steel chamber and dome, white enamel coated outer steel shell)

Its outer steel shell is white enamel coated, which looks compatible with most kitchen appliances. And the enamel finish is pretty simple to clean. You just need a wet cloth and you can wipe out all the dirt on its surface. The enamel coating is also not easy to be coated with mud.

Both the boil chamber and dome are made of stainless steel, making it stable and easy to clean. This food-grade material will not release bad odor or taste into our water, so it can avoid secondary pollution. Any plastic taste will not be in the distilled water, too.

Not a Plastic Collection Bottle but a Glass Bottle

Many cheap water distillers use a plastic collection bottle to collect condensed distilled water. However, this may cause some plastic taste in our water. This model uses a glass bottle to collect distilled water, avoiding secondary pollution.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty Included

This best home water distiller also comes with 1-year warranty and has a 30-day money back guarantee policy. Therefore, any quality problem can be solved. And if you feel unsatisfactory with its performance, you can request money back within 30 days.

What’s in the package?

This Megahome water distiller has a distiller and also comes with many accessories:

  • A Water Distiller
  • A 1-gallon glass collection bottle – Prevent your distilled water from being polluted again
  • 6 packs of charcoal water filters – This can help you remove VOCs in the steam, making your water much more pure than you think.
  • A residue Cleaner – Generally, you need to clean the distiller regularly and this residue cleaner can make the cleaning job much easier. It is not harmful to your distiller.

Customer Reviews

As one of the top rated best countertop water distillers on the market, it gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. And there are plenty of customer reviews. Many users used these words, like great, perfect, best, excellent, etc.

One guy said he thought distilled water produced by this unit might taste a little acrid, even if it has a carbon filter. To his surprise, the distilled water tasted so good and there was not any bad taste in it. He gave it 5 stars and he thought it was the best one he had ever been used.

Another guy said his tap water was very hard in his area and tap water also contained many chloramines. The concentration of nitrates in the tap water was 15 ppm. After using this unit to make distilled water, he got pure water with 0 ppm nitrates. This unit can give him pure water to drink.

Any complaints?

As one of the best-selling and popular models on Amazon, this one nearly has no negative reviews. The only problem is also a common problem that every distiller may have. Many people think it is very loud when it works. This is because it uses a cooling fan to condense water. Therefore, if you think it is very loud, you can keep it far away from you when it is working.

Where to Buy?

The prices from different retailers are various. We’ve checked and found the best price is on Amazon. Plus, there are plenty of valuable customer reviews for you to check. These reviews can tell you the experiences from other users.

WaterWise 4000 Water Distiller Review

best home water distiller waterwise 4000When it comes to the best home water distiller, the Waterwise 4000 water distiller purifier is one of the best choices. Plus, it is also one of the most affordable distillers on the market. It is able to offer you clean and healthy water. This unit is capable of removing viruses & bacteria, particles, dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals, VOCs, as well as other contaminants. It is known that water is the most important part of our body and we need clean water to drink. If the water is polluted, we should purify it before drinking. The Waterwise 4000 is such a purifier that helps to purify water. If you need a cheap water distiller, the Waterwise 4000 is a good choice.

WaterWise 4000 Key Features

Produce 1 gallon distilled water in 4 hours

The capacity of this Waterwise 4000 is 1 gallon. This means it can produce 1 gallon clean water in 4 hours. If you need more water, you can use it to distill water more than once a day. Therefore, you can get up to 6 gallons of distilled water per day. Generally, 1 gallon water is sufficient for a family of 4 people.

Save more money than you think

If you are used to buying bottled water to drink, you may need to pay one bottle for $1.5 at least. Do you know how much you will pay for 1 gallon water if you use a distiller to make distilled water at home? It is only 25 cents. Therefore, this distiller will help you save more money than you think. Although the initial cost is a little high, in the long run, the running cost is very low.

waterwise4000-1Both the condenser and the boiler is made of stainless steel.

The boiler is made of stainless steel, so does the condenser. Stainless steel is not so easy to oxidize, so it is very stable, making it very safe. For example, most cookers, cookware and other kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel.

Easy to use

This unit is very easy to use. First, use tap water to fill the boiler. And then plunge it into an electric outlet. The last thing you need to do is to push the start button. When it is working, you don’t need to wait around. When the boiler is boiled to empty, it will shut itself off automatically.

Lightweight and Portable

The distiller use the latest Waterwise compact design, so it is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for traveling, home and office use. It only weighs 3.8 kgs. The height is 38.1cm and the diameter is

How Does it work?

The water in its boiler will be heated to boiling (about 212 F). All the viruses, bacteria and cysts will be killed. When water is boiling, water becomes steam which will rise and be led into the condenser to become liquid water again. Well, all the contaminants don’t rise together with the steam but they are left in the boiler. This distilling process separates pure water from other pollutants.

Customer Reviews

As one of the most popular water distillers, many users highly recommended it and left many useful customer reviews.

One guy bought it 3 years ago and he used it to make 1 or 2 gallon water every day. He said this distiller was very good. Until now, it also works well. When he had a question, good customer service of Waterwise company can solve the problem very soon.

Another man used a Waterwise 5000 before. When it was broken, he insisted on buying a waterwise water distiller. Therefore, he purchased this Waterwise 4000. And the performance amazed him. The new unit distils water faster than the old model. And he thought it was very easy to clean and maintain.

Any complaints?

The only problem is its noise when it is working. However, it is really a common problem among all the distillers. This is because all the distillers use a cooling fan to condense the water. Therefore, it is really not a fatal problem. If you think it is noisy, you can place this distiller in an enclosed space or far away from areas where you live with.

Where to Buy?

If you need to buy this best home water distiller, it is highly recommended to buy it on Amazon, because you can get the best price and check plenty of customer reviews. The average rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars and there are over 40 customer reviews.

WaterWise 8800 Water Distiller Review

waterwise 8800 countertop water distillerIf your tap water seems unreliable and contains many types of contaminants, you really need a water purifier to treat your water before consuming. The WaterWise 8800 countertop water Distiller is such a water purifier that helps you get pure water to drink. This unit is also very intelligent, because it allows you to program it to work at night. Therefore, every day when you wake up, you have clean, pure distilled water to drink. You also can store the distilled water in your refrigerator. It is also very portable. If you need to go abroad where water quality is a big issue, the lightweight feature allows you to take it with you. Once you have this Waterwise 8800, you can have enough clean water to drink and don’t need to worry about any contaminants (like harmful chemicals, heavy metals, virus and bacteria, etc.) in your drinking water. It is known that many waterborne diseases are caused by impure water.

WaterWise 8800 countertop water Distiller Key Features:

Produce 1 gallon distilled water in 4 hours

The capacity of this unit is 1 gallon. And it can offer you 1 gallon distilled water within 4 hours. This also means you can keep it working all day long to get 6 gallons of pure water every day. No matter you have a large demand of drinking water or you need more water for other small appliances (like rice cookers, coffee makers, juice makers, irons, humidifiers, etc.), this best water distiller can offer high quality water.

Effectively remove most contaminants

In our water, there are many pollutants that our body doesn’t need. These pollutants include virus & bacteria, chlorine, chloride, nitrates, arsenic, lead, aluminum and other contaminants. And these contaminants can cause many waterborne diseases. Therefore, this unit can protect your family far away from these diseases.

A post filter is included

The container of distilled water is a Lexan carafe that weighs 1 lbs. In the lid, there is a carbon water filter to get rid of dissolved particles that rises together with water steam. This process is called as carbon polishing. Other cheaper home distillers may not have this feature.

A Programmable distiller

This unit also has a display screen to clearly show its status. It is also a programmable distiller. Therefore, you can easily preset it to make it start at any time you need. This feature is useful. Sometimes we need to drink fresh distilled water. For example, if you need to drink a cup of distilled water in the morning, you can preset it to work at midnight. When you wake up in the morning, fresh distilled water is ready for you.

Ease of use

This unit is very easy to use. First, fill the boiling chamber with tap water, and then plug it in, and then press the start button to start. That’s all. When the boiling chamber is empty, the system will shut off automatically. Therefore, you can do other things without waiting around your distiller. It is quite safe to use.

Customer Reviews

The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars and there are over 70 customer reviews on Amazon. Most people give it positive reviews and highly recommend it.

One guy said after moving into a new house, the water quality is very poor – so hard. The hard water was so hard. He used it to water his flowers and all the flowers died after one week. To solve that problem, he bought a distiller – this Waterwise 8800. He used it to make about 2 gallons of pure water for his family. He highly praised its performance and the distilled water tasted very good. He also added he saw so much incrustation scale.

Where to buy

The best place to buy this distiller is on Amazon, because there are many customer reviews for you to check and the price is very low. You can always get a discount price.

Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller Review

Waterwise-9000If you need a countertop water distiller to offer you clean and healthy water to drink, this Waterwise 9000 water distiller is really a good choice. It is a high-end distiller from Waterwise and many features are unique. The unit has a blue jug to allow you to dispenser water directly, because the jug has a push button dispenser. The main color of the body is white and its modern design makes it suitable in any kitchen.

Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller Features:

Produce 1 gallon distilled water in 4.5 hours

This distiller can distill 1 gallon water in 4.5 hours. If you need more water for consumption, you can allow it to run all day long, so you can get up to 5 gallon of water at the most per day. For a family of less than 4 people, 1 gallon water is enough to drink.

Special Push Button Included

Its condensing container is actually a water dispenser, because it has a special push button that allows you to pour water easily. For example, you can put the jug in your refrigerator and when you need water, you don’t need to fetch it out but just push the button to get water. The design is very useful.

Energy-efficient fan design

In other to make this unit more energy-efficient, its design of the cooling fan is also special. When you make it run, the fan doesn’t work at the same time. This is because it is a long time of waiting before water is boiling. The fan delayed start design can save more energy.

Automatic Turing Off

When a cycle of distillation is finished, you don’t need to cut the power manually. It has a sensor that can turn it off automatically when the distillation process is finished. This design is also very safe. When the boiling chamber is empty, even if you make it run mistakenly, it will not burn itself.

Effective to Remove Contaminants

It is able to remove all the heavy metals, kill virus and bacteria, as well as other contaminants.

Other Features

  • A post filter cup is included. To remove other contaminants that arise along with the steam, a carbon filter is included to get remove these VOCs.
  • Ease of Use – When you get this model, you don’t need to assemble it but you can directly use it.
  • UL Listed.

Customer reviews

As one of the most popular home water distillers, the Waterwise 9000 is highly recommended by many users. Although it seems a little expensive, the performance and ease of use are also very great. The average rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. There are over 50 customer reviews and most people spoke highly of it.

  • One guy said he bought this unit last spring and he had used this distiller to make more than 200 gallons of water. He lives in a rural area and it was estimated that each gallon of distilled water costed him about 25 cents. Every day, he needed to make 1-3 gallons. In a word, he thought the cost of making distilled water is very low, compared to buying bottled water and the overall performance is satisfactory. (Rating: 5 stars)
  • Another user has used this waterwise distiller for up to 6 years. Everyday, he made about 1 gallon water. He thought the distiller is very easy to use and the performance was consistent. And he didn’t need to buy bottled water any more. (Rating: 5 stars)


As a high-end distiller, the Waterwise 9000 is a little pricey but it deserves to have because of its great features. If the budget is a big problem for you, you can choose the Waterwise 8800 or a much cheaper option Megahome mh943sb . However, considering its performance, it deserves to have.

NEW Mini-Classic ll Counter Top Pure Water Distiller Review

home water distillerWhen it comes to choosing the best home water distiller, you cannot miss this NEW Mini-Classic ll Counter Top Pure Water Distiller. This distiller is the highest quality unit which we have tested to date. Unlike others which are made not in the USA, this one is completely manufactured in the USA. It uses high quality stainless steel, making it more durable and last for many years. The stainless steel construction is more durable than plastic construction. It also can sustain even heavy use. If you need to make a large amount distilled water every day, it is definitely one of your best options. Plus, once you have it, you can get fresh, clean and safe water to drink.

NEW Mini-Classic ll Counter Top Pure Water Distiller Key Features:

Offers 0.8 gallon of pure water in 3.5 hours

This unit can distill 0.8 gallon of water in 3.5 hours. And the distilled water is 99.9% pure. You also can use it to make more water by keeping it working all day long, if you need a lot of pure water to drink and cook. You can use distilled water to make coffee and cook tea, and you will find your tea or coffee stays its original flavor very well.

Removable boiling chamber and glass collection bottle

The boiling chamber is removable. This design is cool. When it needs periodic cleaning, you can fetch it out and easily do the cleaning job. The collection bottle is made of food grade glass, not contaminating the water again like plastic bottles. You even can store the glass bottle into your refrigerator if you like to drink chilly water.

Carbon Filters included

This distiller even has carbon filters. It is knowMini-Classic-Counter-Pure-Water-Distiller-2n that VOCs are not easily to be removed during the distillation process. And this design can effectively get these VOCs out of distilled water.

Safe to Use

When it finishes a cycle of distillation, it will be shut off automatically. Therefore, you can go away to do other things once you start it. Plus, when it is overheating, it will be shut off automatically too, making it very safe to use. This is useful. For example, if the boil chamber is empty and you forget to fill it with water or enough water and you just start it, the overheating protection mechanism can protect the distiller from burning.

Economical to make distilled water

If you would like to drink bottled distilled water, you may need to pay about $1.5 for one bottle, while this distiller help you get 1 gallon pure water at a price of 25 cents. Plus, reducing the use of bottled water, it is also helpful to protect our environment.

Where to buy

We check the price of this product on a regular basis and find that it is great to buy it on Amazon due to the lowest price. If you have decided to buy this best home water distiller, just click the bottom link to buy it. If you need to know more details, you also can click the link to know more details, as well as customer reviews.

You may think its price is a little high, compared to other affordable units. However, as a distilled manufactured in the US, its features are so impressive. A high quality one can last for many years to come, so in the long run, the cost is not high. If you need a reliable distiller to provide clean water for your family, this one is definitely the best choice.

Customer Reviews

On Amazon, there are 44 customer reviews and the average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars. One guy who has used it for about 6 months said he finally decided to purchase this one is because this EW Mini-Classic ll Counter Top Pure Water Distiller is capable of offering clean water without contacting any plastic. He added he didn’t feel worried about any chemical and toxin which might come from plastic. Finally, he gave it 5 stars.

There is seldom negative review. 1 reviewer complained of its excessive power consumption. He said distilling one gallon water costed him about $3. After checking his review, we think he just got a defective model. In that situation, he could ask for a Return & Exchange service. Well, others didn’t have similar problems.


In a word, as a high quality home water distiller, the NEW Mini-Classic II is good enough and it will become a good investment on your family’s health. If you have enough budget, it is highly recommended to buy this best water distiller. Well, if you think the price is a little high, you also can consider the Megahome MH943SB that is manufactured out of the USA.

Best Toddler Bed Reviews

A toddler bed is the right choice when your little one is growing up and starting to climb out of the baby crib but a full-size bed is not suitable for the little one. Before giving your little one a full-sized, a toddler bed is really a good transition.

When does your baby need a toddler bed?

  • They are very low to the floor, so they are very safe to use and your little ones can easily climb in or out of the bed.
  • Safety rails are equipped and this can prevent your baby from rolling out at night. This is another safety guarantee.

Best Toddler Bed

We have done a lot of research and made this list of top 5 best toddler beds. When we made this list, we consider many factors, like affordability, durability, good design, pricing, ratings and customer reviews. They are all high quality and top rated. Many parents spoke highly of them and highly recommended them. They are a good helper to help your little one easily transit from a baby crib to a big kid bed.

DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed

Davinci-Sleigh-Toddler-Bed-EspressoThe reason we choose this best toddler bed on our list is due to its classic design and well-constructed. Parents spoke highly of its durable. The main frame is also made of New Zealand pine that is a sustainable wood. Therefore, if you buy this, you have made a contribution to the environmental protection. Plus, it is also very affordable.

KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed

KidKraft-76121-Princess-Toddler-BedThe impressive feature of this toddler bed is its beautiful design. The main color is pink, which is very suitable for your little princess. This princess bed is made of wood, making it more durable and sturdier than other beds. If you have little princess, this bed is the best choices.

KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed

KidKraft-Fire-Truck-Toddler-BedIf you plan to give your little one a very special toddler bed, the imaginative design will amaze you and your kids alike. It is designed like a bus and the assembly is also very easy. You can easily do this according to the instruction book. It is also very durable and can last for many years before giving your kid a full-sized bed.

Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

Orbelle-3-6T-Toddler-Bed-EspressoThe reason we selected this product on our list is because of its superb affordability. The price is less than $60. If you need an affordable one, this one can satisfy your needs. Besides its affordability, parents spoke highly of its durability, ease of assembling and well-construction. Plus, the design is classic

Dream On Me Toddler Day Bed

Dream-Me-Toddler-Day-EspressoThis one is very versatile. As a toddler bed, it also has a drawer which is very convenient to store baby’s essentials, like extra sheets, your kids’ playthings, or pajamas. What’s more, the only day bed feature is cool, because it becomes the perfect spot where you can read with your kids. Although the price seems a little higher than other models on this list, it is reasonable, considering its unique features and performance.

Top 5 Best Bassinets Reviews

Compared with full-size cribs, bassinets are much more comfortable and compact. Therefore, if you are just needing to choose a sleeping spot for your newborn, a bassinet is one of the best choices, especially for the new infants during the first few months. However, most bassinets have their limitations, because they are only designed for a few months of use. It seems buying them is a waste of money, but our newborns need them. Therefore, when it comes to choose the best bassinet, the one with a dual purpose design or with other added features can be more cost-effective.

Here, we have made a list of top 5 best bassinets owing to their great performance, versatility, pricing, ratings, as well as parent reviews. If you need to buy one, you can choose one of them, which help you quickly find what you really want.

Best Bassinet

Contours Classique Wood Bassinet, Orion

Contours-Classique-Wood-Bassinet-OrionThis baby bassinet is very versatile. It can be as a Moses basket that allows you to lift it out. Plus, it also can be used as a changing table. Therefore, after the first few months, it can also be used in other ways. And it is lightweight and portable. It also has many much more storage space which allows you to store many baby’s essentials. The main frame is made of solid wood, making it very strong and stable. The frame finish is dark cherry, making it look very elegant. Its Moses basket is removable. With its handle, you can carry your baby from one room to another room with ease. And the price is also reasonable. Highly recommend!

Arm’s Reach Concepts Co-Sleeper Bassinet Mini Arc, Natural

Arms-Reach-Concepts-Co-Sleeper-BassinetThis co-sleeper bassinet is very versatile. You can use it as a co-sleeper, or a bassinet, or even a pay-yard. If you live in a small apartment or your living room is not large, its versatility, durability and compact design make it the best choices for your little one. And you don’t have to pay more for it. People who have bought this spoke highly of its cozy environment for easy nighttime comfort and nursing. It is really a safer alternative to parental bed sharing.

Babyletto Bowery Bassinet

babyletto-M0513QP-Bowery-Bassinet-EspressoThis baby bassinet gets high ratings from moms. The design is very beautiful and modern. Plus, the main material is New Zealand pine, which is sustainable. You don’t need to worry about any damage to the environment. And the finish is non-toxic, free of lead and phthalate. It also includes cradle pad. This product is durable and the price is also very reasonable. If your newborn is enough old and doesn’t need this bassinet any more, you also use it as a toy box.

Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care 2-in-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper

Kolcraft-Bassinet-Incline-Sleeper-EmersonThis 2-in-1 baby bassinet allows your newborn to sleep on an incline. This feature makes it great for those newborns with acid reflux, congestion or colic. Plus, you also can use this one as a rocking bassinet and the sound features and vibrating option also help to comfort your newborn. It is also one of the most affordable ones on the market.

Hauck Dream n Care Crib

Hauck-Dream-n-Care-CribThis baby crib features a lightweight and compact design. Therefore, it is easy to move it from one room to another. When you travel with your newborn, you also can easily carry it with you. The price is also very reasonable and many moms who have purchased this spoke highly of it and loved its storage pockets.

This is our list of top 5 best Bassinets. Choose anyone of them to make your newborn sleep comfortably.

Megahome Water Distiller -MegaHome MH943SB Reivew

Megahome water distillerWhen it comes to the best countertop water distiller, this Megahome water distiller MH943SB can be one of your best choices. This unit is very popular and is highly rated and recommended by many people. The classic design is nice. Plus, the exterior is also made of stainless steel, making this unit very durable even in coastal areas. Stainless steel means superb corrosion resistance. This one is also very easy to use, perfect for those who plan to make distilled water home.

Key Features:

Distills 1 gallon distilled water in 5 to 6 hours

This unit has 1-gallon capacity. This means it only can distill 1 gallon water at a time. Generally, a person needs to drink about 1 liter water every day. And 1 gallon water is equal to 4 litter water. Therefore, 1 gallon water is enough for a family with less than 4 members. Plus, you can make it working all day long, so you can get more water. You can get 4 gallons water at the most per day. Distilled water also can be used for your other appliances, like coffee makers, slow cookers, electronic irons, humidifiers, etc. This is because it is very pure and doesn’t ruin the flavor of our foods and doesn’t cause any scale.

Lightweight and Portable

It only weighs 11 pounds, making it very portable. This unit is great for office or home use. Plus, the compact design is also very great, not taking up too much countertop space. If you need to travel abroad and feel worried about the poor water quality, you also can take this unit with you.

Made with Stainless Steel

The main parts of this megahome water distiller are all made of durable stainless steel. These key parts include dome, boil chamber, condensing coils and even the exterior. The food grade stainless steel makes it stable, durable and much safer than other materials, like plastic, or other alloys. This is due to its corrosion resistance feature.

Easy to Use and auto shut-off

When you open the box, you will find it is so easy to use it. You just need to fill the chamber with tap water from your kitchen faucet, and then plug it to any of your electric outlet, and then press the button to start. That’s all. You also don’t need to wait around it and you can do your other jobs. When a cycle of distillation is finished, it will turn off itself automatically.

Other Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • No bacteria and virus in the distilled water. Superb pure steam.
  • No Chemicals and no other contaminants in the water
  • Food grade glass collection bottle, not plastic
  • UL approved.

What’s including in the package?

megahomewaterdistillerWhen you buy one, you can get a whole package, including:

  • A water distiller
  • A condense top
  • A Detachable power Cord
  • 1 glass collection bottle (1 gallon capacity)
  • 250g Residue Cleaner – help you easily do the cleaning job.
  • 6 Carbon filters pack – further remove the VOCs in the steam.

Customer Reviews

We check most of the customer reviews and find seldom negative reviews. Most people spoke highly of its performance. Therefore, the average rating of this product is 4.7 out of 5 stars. More and more people feel happy because they think they choose the most suitable water distiller. The only problem is the noise from the cooling fan. I think this is not a big problem. Other distillers also have this problem. To condense the steam, a powerful cooling fan is needed, so the noise is inevitable.

Where to Buy

Of course, you can get the best price on Amazon. Besides, there are plenty of customer reviews for you to read. Compared to buy bottled distilled water at Wal-Mart, making distilled water at home means economy. In the long run, you only need to pay about 26 cents for one gallon of homemade distilled water, while 1 gallon bottled water may cost you about $1.5. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use this best countertop water distiller to make distilled water at home.

TC-500 Automatic Water Distiller Review

TC-500-Automatic-Water-DistillerIf you are looking for the best home water distiller, the TC-500 Automatic Water Distiller can be one your best choices. It is from Nutriteam who devote themselves on designing and building the best water treatment devices.

Key Features:

Designed to be sturdy and safe

TC-500-Automatic-Water-Distiller1This TC-500 is very compact and also very affordable. If you need a distiller to work for you every day, it is your best choices, because it is designed for heavy use. It is built with heavy duty stainless steel, making it very sturdy. Plus, the stainless steel type is the 304 type, which means it is food grade and will not extract bad chemicals or heavy metals during distilling. And both the interior and exterior are all made of stainless steel.

Offer 5 gallons of distilled water per day

This home distiller can offer you up to 5 gallons of water per day. It has a 4-gallon tank used for storing distilled water. Therefore, even if you have a big family and should consume a lot of clean water, this distiller can provide you with enough water to drink.

Easy to clean and maintain

Of course, after running for several days, there is some scale in the chamber and essential cleaning and maintaining is needed. Don’t worry about this. It is so easy to clean and maintain it due to its drain valve attached to the chamber. Every 1 or 2 week, you can drain the chamber for easy cleaning. You also can clean the chamber throughout by accessing the chamber every 1, 2 or 3 months. Special cleaners are needed to do the job.

Automatically turn on/off

Unlike other best countertop distillers that cannot start automatically, this distiller can start automatically if it detects there is less than 1 gallon distilled water in its storage tank. Of course, if it finishes a cycle of distilling, it will stop automatically too.

Connection to the water source with ease

This feature is also special. Most home distillers don’t have any pipe used to directly connect to the water source. However, this one has a 1/4” line which is used to directly connect to your water source. This design is very convenient. Once there is less 1 gallon water in the chamber, the tap water will be turned on to fill the chamber. If you don’t like its included installation kit, you can buy an addle valve.

Other features

  • Work quietly
  • Built-in water level sensors are used to control the water level in the chamber and the storage tank.
  • Long-lasting cooling fan can quickly condense the steam.
  • An electronic circuit board is simple to use.


No matter where you plan to use it (at home, in laboratory, or in your office), it is able to offer you clean distilled water. As one of the best home water distillers from Nutriteam, this unit is able to provide you with distilled water for many years. If you need pure water, this is really a good investment in the long run. Plus, it also offers a 1-year warranty. And customers who have used this unit spoke highly of its performance.

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