Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller Review

Waterwise-9000If you need a countertop water distiller to offer you clean and healthy water to drink, this Waterwise 9000 water distiller is really a good choice. It is a high-end distiller from Waterwise and many features are unique. The unit has a blue jug to allow you to dispenser water directly, because the jug has a push button dispenser. The main color of the body is white and its modern design makes it suitable in any kitchen.

Waterwise 9000 Water Distiller Features:

Produce 1 gallon distilled water in 4.5 hours

This distiller can distill 1 gallon water in 4.5 hours. If you need more water for consumption, you can allow it to run all day long, so you can get up to 5 gallon of water at the most per day. For a family of less than 4 people, 1 gallon water is enough to drink.

Special Push Button Included

Its condensing container is actually a water dispenser, because it has a special push button that allows you to pour water easily. For example, you can put the jug in your refrigerator and when you need water, you don’t need to fetch it out but just push the button to get water. The design is very useful.

Energy-efficient fan design

In other to make this unit more energy-efficient, its design of the cooling fan is also special. When you make it run, the fan doesn’t work at the same time. This is because it is a long time of waiting before water is boiling. The fan delayed start design can save more energy.

Automatic Turing Off

When a cycle of distillation is finished, you don’t need to cut the power manually. It has a sensor that can turn it off automatically when the distillation process is finished. This design is also very safe. When the boiling chamber is empty, even if you make it run mistakenly, it will not burn itself.

Effective to Remove Contaminants

It is able to remove all the heavy metals, kill virus and bacteria, as well as other contaminants.

Other Features

  • A post filter cup is included. To remove other contaminants that arise along with the steam, a carbon filter is included to get remove these VOCs.
  • Ease of Use – When you get this model, you don’t need to assemble it but you can directly use it.
  • UL Listed.

Customer reviews

As one of the most popular home water distillers, the Waterwise 9000 is highly recommended by many users. Although it seems a little expensive, the performance and ease of use are also very great. The average rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. There are over 50 customer reviews and most people spoke highly of it.

  • One guy said he bought this unit last spring and he had used this distiller to make more than 200 gallons of water. He lives in a rural area and it was estimated that each gallon of distilled water costed him about 25 cents. Every day, he needed to make 1-3 gallons. In a word, he thought the cost of making distilled water is very low, compared to buying bottled water and the overall performance is satisfactory. (Rating: 5 stars)
  • Another user has used this waterwise distiller for up to 6 years. Everyday, he made about 1 gallon water. He thought the distiller is very easy to use and the performance was consistent. And he didn’t need to buy bottled water any more. (Rating: 5 stars)


As a high-end distiller, the Waterwise 9000 is a little pricey but it deserves to have because of its great features. If the budget is a big problem for you, you can choose the Waterwise 8800 or a much cheaper option Megahome mh943sb . However, considering its performance, it deserves to have.

WaterWise 4000 Water Distiller Review

best home water distiller waterwise 4000When it comes to the best home water distiller, the Waterwise 4000 water distiller purifier is one of the best choices. Plus, it is also one of the most affordable distillers on the market. It is able to offer you clean and healthy water. This unit is capable of removing viruses & bacteria, particles, dissolved solids, chemicals, heavy metals, VOCs, as well as other contaminants. It is known that water is the most important part of our body and we need clean water to drink. If the water is polluted, we should purify it before drinking. The Waterwise 4000 is such a purifier that helps to purify water. If you need a cheap water distiller, the Waterwise 4000 is a good choice.

WaterWise 4000 Key Features

Produce 1 gallon distilled water in 4 hours

The capacity of this Waterwise 4000 is 1 gallon. This means it can produce 1 gallon clean water in 4 hours. If you need more water, you can use it to distill water more than once a day. Therefore, you can get up to 6 gallons of distilled water per day. Generally, 1 gallon water is sufficient for a family of 4 people.

Save more money than you think

If you are used to buying bottled water to drink, you may need to pay one bottle for $1.5 at least. Do you know how much you will pay for 1 gallon water if you use a distiller to make distilled water at home? It is only 25 cents. Therefore, this distiller will help you save more money than you think. Although the initial cost is a little high, in the long run, the running cost is very low.

waterwise4000-1Both the condenser and the boiler is made of stainless steel.

The boiler is made of stainless steel, so does the condenser. Stainless steel is not so easy to oxidize, so it is very stable, making it very safe. For example, most cookers, cookware and other kitchen appliances are made of stainless steel.

Easy to use

This unit is very easy to use. First, use tap water to fill the boiler. And then plunge it into an electric outlet. The last thing you need to do is to push the start button. When it is working, you don’t need to wait around. When the boiler is boiled to empty, it will shut itself off automatically.

Lightweight and Portable

The distiller use the latest Waterwise compact design, so it is lightweight and portable, making it perfect for traveling, home and office use. It only weighs 3.8 kgs. The height is 38.1cm and the diameter is 228.cm.

How Does it work?

The water in its boiler will be heated to boiling (about 212 F). All the viruses, bacteria and cysts will be killed. When water is boiling, water becomes steam which will rise and be led into the condenser to become liquid water again. Well, all the contaminants don’t rise together with the steam but they are left in the boiler. This distilling process separates pure water from other pollutants.

Customer Reviews

As one of the most popular water distillers, many users highly recommended it and left many useful customer reviews.

One guy bought it 3 years ago and he used it to make 1 or 2 gallon water every day. He said this distiller was very good. Until now, it also works well. When he had a question, good customer service of Waterwise company can solve the problem very soon.

Another man used a Waterwise 5000 before. When it was broken, he insisted on buying a waterwise water distiller. Therefore, he purchased this Waterwise 4000. And the performance amazed him. The new unit distils water faster than the old model. And he thought it was very easy to clean and maintain.

Any complaints?

The only problem is its noise when it is working. However, it is really a common problem among all the distillers. This is because all the distillers use a cooling fan to condense the water. Therefore, it is really not a fatal problem. If you think it is noisy, you can place this distiller in an enclosed space or far away from areas where you live with.

Where to Buy?

If you need to buy this best home water distiller, it is highly recommended to buy it on Amazon, because you can get the best price and check plenty of customer reviews. The average rating is 4.1 out of 5 stars and there are over 40 customer reviews.

WaterWise 8800 Water Distiller Review

waterwise 8800 countertop water distillerIf your tap water seems unreliable and contains many types of contaminants, you really need a water purifier to treat your water before consuming. The WaterWise 8800 countertop water Distiller is such a water purifier that helps you get pure water to drink. This unit is also very intelligent, because it allows you to program it to work at night. Therefore, every day when you wake up, you have clean, pure distilled water to drink. You also can store the distilled water in your refrigerator. It is also very portable. If you need to go abroad where water quality is a big issue, the lightweight feature allows you to take it with you. Once you have this Waterwise 8800, you can have enough clean water to drink and don’t need to worry about any contaminants (like harmful chemicals, heavy metals, virus and bacteria, etc.) in your drinking water. It is known that many waterborne diseases are caused by impure water.

WaterWise 8800 countertop water Distiller Key Features:

Produce 1 gallon distilled water in 4 hours

The capacity of this unit is 1 gallon. And it can offer you 1 gallon distilled water within 4 hours. This also means you can keep it working all day long to get 6 gallons of pure water every day. No matter you have a large demand of drinking water or you need more water for other small appliances (like rice cookers, coffee makers, juice makers, irons, humidifiers, etc.), this best water distiller can offer high quality water.

Effectively remove most contaminants

In our water, there are many pollutants that our body doesn’t need. These pollutants include virus & bacteria, chlorine, chloride, nitrates, arsenic, lead, aluminum and other contaminants. And these contaminants can cause many waterborne diseases. Therefore, this unit can protect your family far away from these diseases.

A post filter is included

The container of distilled water is a Lexan carafe that weighs 1 lbs. In the lid, there is a carbon water filter to get rid of dissolved particles that rises together with water steam. This process is called as carbon polishing. Other cheaper home distillers may not have this feature.

A Programmable distiller

This unit also has a display screen to clearly show its status. It is also a programmable distiller. Therefore, you can easily preset it to make it start at any time you need. This feature is useful. Sometimes we need to drink fresh distilled water. For example, if you need to drink a cup of distilled water in the morning, you can preset it to work at midnight. When you wake up in the morning, fresh distilled water is ready for you.

Ease of use

This unit is very easy to use. First, fill the boiling chamber with tap water, and then plug it in, and then press the start button to start. That’s all. When the boiling chamber is empty, the system will shut off automatically. Therefore, you can do other things without waiting around your distiller. It is quite safe to use.

Customer Reviews

The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars and there are over 70 customer reviews on Amazon. Most people give it positive reviews and highly recommend it.

One guy said after moving into a new house, the water quality is very poor – so hard. The hard water was so hard. He used it to water his flowers and all the flowers died after one week. To solve that problem, he bought a distiller – this Waterwise 8800. He used it to make about 2 gallons of pure water for his family. He highly praised its performance and the distilled water tasted very good. He also added he saw so much incrustation scale.

Where to buy

The best place to buy this distiller is on Amazon, because there are many customer reviews for you to check and the price is very low. You can always get a discount price.

MegaHome MH943TWS Countertop Water Distiller Review

Megahome-MH943TWS countertop water distillerIf you are looking the best home water distiller, this Megahome MH943TWS Countertop Water Distiller is one of your best choices. As one of the most durable and reliable home water distiller, it is able to offer you clean, pleasant pure distiller water for many years. This distiller is portable and convenient to use. Plus, the running cost is also very low, compared with buying bottled water. The 100% pure water is perfect for drinking and providing water for your home appliances, like coffee makers, rice cookers, irons, soda makers, juicers, etc.

MegaHome MH943TWS Countertop Water Distiller Key Features:

Distill 1 gallon water in 5 to 6 hours

This distiller has a capacity of 1 gallon and it can offer you 1 gallon pure water in 5 to 6 hours. If you need more water every day, you can keep it working all day long, so you can get up to 4 gallons per day.

Well-Built (stainless steel chamber and dome, white enamel coated outer steel shell)

Its outer steel shell is white enamel coated, which looks compatible with most kitchen appliances. And the enamel finish is pretty simple to clean. You just need a wet cloth and you can wipe out all the dirt on its surface. The enamel coating is also not easy to be coated with mud.

Both the boil chamber and dome are made of stainless steel, making it stable and easy to clean. This food-grade material will not release bad odor or taste into our water, so it can avoid secondary pollution. Any plastic taste will not be in the distilled water, too.

Not a Plastic Collection Bottle but a Glass Bottle

Many cheap water distillers use a plastic collection bottle to collect condensed distilled water. However, this may cause some plastic taste in our water. This model uses a glass bottle to collect distilled water, avoiding secondary pollution.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1-Year Warranty Included

This best home water distiller also comes with 1-year warranty and has a 30-day money back guarantee policy. Therefore, any quality problem can be solved. And if you feel unsatisfactory with its performance, you can request money back within 30 days.

What’s in the package?

This Megahome water distiller has a distiller and also comes with many accessories:

  • A Water Distiller
  • A 1-gallon glass collection bottle – Prevent your distilled water from being polluted again
  • 6 packs of charcoal water filters – This can help you remove VOCs in the steam, making your water much more pure than you think.
  • A residue Cleaner – Generally, you need to clean the distiller regularly and this residue cleaner can make the cleaning job much easier. It is not harmful to your distiller.

Customer Reviews

As one of the top rated best countertop water distillers on the market, it gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon. And there are plenty of customer reviews. Many users used these words, like great, perfect, best, excellent, etc.

One guy said he thought distilled water produced by this unit might taste a little acrid, even if it has a carbon filter. To his surprise, the distilled water tasted so good and there was not any bad taste in it. He gave it 5 stars and he thought it was the best one he had ever been used.

Another guy said his tap water was very hard in his area and tap water also contained many chloramines. The concentration of nitrates in the tap water was 15 ppm. After using this unit to make distilled water, he got pure water with 0 ppm nitrates. This unit can give him pure water to drink.

Any complaints?

As one of the best-selling and popular models on Amazon, this one nearly has no negative reviews. The only problem is also a common problem that every distiller may have. Many people think it is very loud when it works. This is because it uses a cooling fan to condense water. Therefore, if you think it is very loud, you can keep it far away from you when it is working.

Where to Buy?

The prices from different retailers are various. We’ve checked and found the best price is on Amazon. Plus, there are plenty of valuable customer reviews for you to check. These reviews can tell you the experiences from other users.

Steam Pure Stainless Steel Counter Top Water Distiller by Pure & Secure reviews

best water distiller Steam-Pure-Stainlsee-WaterDistillerNowadays, water pollution has become a more serious problem. However, we cannot live without water and water is also essential to other species. Well, there are a series of problems. How to get pure water to drink? Is tap water safe to drink? Distilled water is the purest form of water. How to make distilled water conveniently at home? Of course , a home water distiller can help you easily make distilled water at home.

Key Features of this best water distiller

Compact, perfect for home, camper, RV use

This unit has a compact design, so you can put it anywhere you like. It is so portable, so it is perfect for home, camper and RV use. The dimensions are 7.9″ X 7.9″ X 7.9″. You can put in under your sink or just on your counter. No matter where you plan to use it, this home water distiller can offer you clean distilled water.

Built with sturdy stainless steel

This distiller is built with study stainless steel which is food-grade, so it is safe to use. Both the inside and outside of this unit is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and this can prevent any bad taste from entering into the distilled water.

A famous brand means high quality

Although some models are very cheap, they may sacrifice some invisible quality. This unit is designed and manufactured by Pure and Secure LLC who owns the brand STEAMPURE brand. Pure and Secure LLC has a long history of water treatment and their products are very popular in the US and in other countries since 1967.

Product 0.9 gallon of distilled water in 4 hours

This unit can provide you with 0.9 gallon of distilled water in 4 hours. 0.9 gallon is equal to 3.3 liters. Generally, everyone should drink 1 little water per day, so 3.3 liters of pure water is enough for a small family. Even if you have a bigger family, you can use this model to make up to 5.4 gallons of water per day.

All the features:

  • Produce 3.3 liters or 0.9 gallon of distilled water every 4-hour cycle.
  • Built with 304 stainless steel inside and outside
  • First SS home water distiller under $500
  • Manual drain is required to remove residues left after each distillation cycle.
  • Special steam sterilizing feature: to clean the storage tank and the condensing coil.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA – Therefore, it meets the safety and health standards in the US.
  • A 3-year limited warranty. This means you can trust this distiller because you can get a good customer service.


The average rating of this best home water distiller is 4.3 out of 5 stars. And many people have bought it. Most users spoke highly of its performance and highly recommend this distiller. Well, if you need a much smaller distiller, you also can consider the NEW Mini-Classic ll Counter Top Pure water distiller. If you think it is a little pricey, you also can consider a cheaper distiller, like a megahome water distiller.

Top 3 Megahome Water Distillers Reviews

When it comes to buying a water distiller, a famous manufacturer named Megahome Corp. should be noticed. This is because Megahome Corp. has been designing and manufacturing high quality home/countertop water distillers for over 20 years. More and more families have a megahome distiller to make distilled water at home. Compared with other distillers on the market, the word “cost-effective” may represent its performance. If you need a high quality but affordable home distiller, a megahome water distiller is a good choice. In this post, we will discuss the top 3 best megahome water distillers that are capable of providing clean, safe water to drink for your family.

Best Megahome Water Distiller

Megahome MH943SBSGBOT

megahome water distillerThis Megahome MH943SBSGBOT can distill 1 gallon of water in 5-6 hours. When the boiling chamber is empty, it will be shut off automatically. Of course, a home distiller, you need to manually refill the water into its chamber when you need to distill. And the whole operation is pretty easy. Fill the water, connect it to the power and push the start button to start. After that, you can go away. When you are back after 5 or 6 hours, distilled water is ready for you. The distillation process is able to kill virus and bacteria in our water. Harmful chemicals and heavy metals are also removed, so you can get pure water to drink. This stainless steel distiller includes a distiller, a glass bottle for collecting water and a glass nozzle insert. Both the inside and outside of this unit are made of stainless steel, avoiding any plastic contact. Therefore, you can get 100% pure distilled water at home.

Megahome MH943TWS

Megahome-water-distillerThe boiling chamber of this unit is stainless steel, while it features a white enamel outside. The white color seems suitable for other appliances in your kitchen. This distiller can produce 1 gallon water within 5.5 hours. The operation is also similar. Fill the water in the chamber manually and push the start button to start a cycle. Pure distilled water is not only suitable for drinking but also can extend some appliances’ life, like irons, coffee makers, etc. If you need more water, you can make it working all day long, so you can get about 4 gallons of pure water.

Plus, this megahome water distiller comes with a 30-day Money Back Guarantee and a 1-year warranty. As the most popular countertop water distiller, it deserves to have.

Megahome MH943SWS

Megahome-water-distiller-1Boiling water cannot kill some virus or bacteria. For example, boiling water cannot kill Microcystins, because some of them even can live in a high temperature environment. What’s worse, boiling water will concentrate the toxin due to the loss of rising steam. Therefore, a distiller can solve similar problems. This Megahome water distiller is able to remove any microcytins because they cannot rise together with steam. And other contaminants are also left in the boiling chamber.

This unit can provide you with 100% boiled, clean, sterilized, safe and healthy water.

Who is Nutriteam

We know that Megahome produces distillers, while who is Nutriteam. This seems complicated. Nutriteam, actually, is the exclusive importer and distributor of Megahome Corp. in the united states. It has kept a good relationship with Meghome Corp for 14 years. Therefore, if you see Megahome distillers or Nutriteam distillers, don’t feel suspicious and they are just the same.

Top 5 Best Basement Dehumidifiers Reviews

A basement is prone to be damp and such a basement may cause health issues because of the increasing possibility of mold growth. Therefore, if you have a damp basement, a dehumidifier is really a must-have appliance. When it comes to choose the best dehumidifier for the basement, the appearance becomes less important but the overall performance is much more important. This means performance is prior to appearance. When we choose a basement dehumidifier, forget its aesthetical appearance first.

Best basement dehumidifier

When it comes to the best basement dehumidifiers, at least, it should satisfy 3 conditions: ability to remove a large amount of moisture, keeping a suitable humidity level and inhibit mold growth. We’ve done a lot of researcher and made this list of best basement dehumidifiers. All of them feature a drainage adapter and a stout design that can increase their reliability and durability. Any of them can last for many years to come.

DezAir Dez-110 Dehumidifier

best basement dehumidifierThis DDezAir Dez-110 Dehumidifier is especially designed for crawl space and a basement. To enhance its performance in such a damp condition, it is equipped with a more powerful and stronger fan and it can work in a wide range of temperature, from 40 to 95°F. Generally, it is able to remove about 109 pints of moisture every day. It also has a filtration system which is helpful to create a much cleaner and healthier space, so this feature makes it great for those who are allergy sufferers. And the Drain hose is included.

Aprilaire 1710A Whole Basement Portable Dehumidifier

Aprilaire-1710A-Basement-Portable-DehumidifierIf you need a heavy-duty dehumidifier, this free-standing Aprilaire Model 1710A is one of your best choices. It is especially perfect for low-temperature areas, making it ideal for your basement. This unit is able to dehumidify a very large space and it also comes with a filtration system that can make allergens not reintroduced into the air.

Danby 30 Pt. Dehumidifier

Danby-DDR30A2GP-30-Pt-DehumidifierAlthough this Danby 30 Pt. Dehumidifier is not especially designed for using in basements, one obvious advantage is that it is very affordable, making it help to save money for you. If you just want an affordable dehumidifier, this one is one of your best choices. For starters, it is really a good start. Its portable feature allows you to move it to anywhere you like, so it is really good for those who just plan to dehumidify their basement occasionally. In this case, you don’t need to buy a separated model that only can be used in the basement. Even in colder temperatures, it can operate due to its auto-defrost feature.

SPT SD-72PE Energy-Star Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump, 70-Pint

SPT-SD-72PE-Energy-Star-Dehumidifier-Built-InSimilar to Danby DDR30A2GP, this model is not a dedicated dehumidifier for the basement, because it cannot be operated in colder spaces effectively, compared with other heavy-duty models. However, more and more basements in newer houses are no longer the cold and dark spaces as they used to be. Therefore, if you have such a newer basement, you can choose a dehumidifier that comes with multiple drainage options and a large capacity. In a word, this one is perfect for people who don’t have heavy-duty dehumidifying needs for their dark and cold basements.

Friedrich D70BP 70 Pint Dehumidifier with BUILT-IN DRAIN PUMP

Friedrich-D70BP-Dehumidifier-BUILT-IN-DRAINThis basement dehumidifier is not designed for a basement that requires a heavy-duty dehumidifying. However, its capacity is large enough and it also comes with drainage options, making it perfect for those who have a new house and the basement doesn’t need heavy-duty dehumidifying. Of course, it cannot operate in cold temperatures, but its affordability is also very impressive.

Basement Dehumidifiers Buying Tips

A basement dehumidifier is a must-have appliances, because it is able to remove humidity, avoid mold growth and remove musty smell. When it comes to choose one for your basement, the following features are very important.

  1. Size – The one you choose should have enough capacity that has abilities. The capacity is depended on the size and dampness of your basement. If it is very damp in the basement, a large capacity is better.
  2. Low Temperature Operation – If you live in cooler climates, a low temperature dehumidifier can operate at a lower temperature. Or it would fail to work during cold seasons. If your basement has a stable temperature all year around, this requirement is not so important, because many new houses’ basements are no longer dark and cold.
  3. Auto Defrost – This feature can avoid the coils icing up, which can make your dehumidifier continuously remove moisture.
  4. Automatic Restart – To keep a suitable level of humidity, this feature can allow it to restart automatically if the humidity level increases.
  5. Auto Shut Off – If the dehumidifier doesn’t have drain options, a water collection bucket is used. Therefore, once the bucket is full, an auto shut-off is needed, which can prevent overflowing.
  6. Built-in Hygrometer – This feature allows you to choose a most suitable humidity level according to your preference.
  7. Continuous Drain Option – Or course, we need a dehumidifier that can work continuously and this feature will make the water bucket not empty.

Top 5 Best Play Saucers Reviews

As parents, we have our responsibilities to make our little ones be happy all the time. However, keeping them entertained is really a difficult endeavor. Well, how to play with your child and how to keep them entertained when you cannot give her or him undivided attention. To solve these problems, you really need a play saucer, because it can keep your baby safe and entertained. Generally, play saucers comes with many different toys and interactive activities with a safe location. For both parents and babies, having such a play saucer has countless benefits.

Best Play Saucer

On the market, there are tons of different play saucers and we’ve made this list of the best play saucers for you. When we made this list, we think something is essential:

  • Spinning Seats – Spinning Seats can make your baby move around and easily access any toy you want to reach.
  • Each one allows your little one to walk around or jump. What’s important, your baby is limited to a solid location, which can ensure the safety of your baby.
  • Activity centers – As your baby grows, these play saucers can be changed into activity centers, which can offer your baby additional playtime.

Evenflo Exersaucer Triple Fun Active Learning Center, Life in The Amazon

best play saucerThe main reason we chose it on this list is due to its multi-function that comes with so many entertainment options and designs that grow with your child. As a leading contender, it is really good. If your little one is very young, its play mat can be used on the floor together with its activity bar. Once your baby grows and it seems smaller, you can change it into a freestanding activity table. The size of this table is perfect for your toddlers. What’s more, it comes with many interactive toys, like music and light. These toys can make your baby engaged and entertained. A bouncy seat is also included to enhance the fun. Its carry handle make it easy to travel with.

Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center Zippity Zoo

Bright-Starts-Around-Activity-ZippityThis product is able to provide several ways to keep babies engaged and entertained. One of the most impressive features is its built-in piano keyboard. As an interactive toy, it can play so many kid-friendly tunes which are helpful to stimulate your little one’s young minds. Parents who have bought it spoke highly of its removable seat and toy tray. This means its activity center can double as a play table through a little transformation. One unique feature is its seat which can move around 360 degrees, giving your little one more freedom to move around. Of course, this feature is competitive than other models with fixed seating. What’s more, due to its wheeled legs, its seat can move fully around its activity center, so your little one can easily access any activity it has.

Fisher-Price Little Superstar Step N’ Play Piano

Fisher-Price-Little-Superstar-Step-PianoThis entertainer offers extreme mobility and varied interactive toys, which can make your baby love this product. It comes with so many interesting elements, including a drum, a giggle trumpet, a maraca, a tambourine, as well as spinner triangle with a mirror. It also allows to choose up to 2 different modes of music for your baby. Its sliding seat enables your little one to walk back and forth, which is helpful to strengthen their legs. Therefore, before their first steps, the training is really a good preparation. While your baby takes steps in the play saucer, the piano plays music and lights up, encouraging your baby to be active. When your baby grows, you can remove its seat and its activity center can double as a musical box.

Exersaucer Double Fun – Pink Bumbly

Exersaucer-Double-Fun-Pink-BumblyThis one offers over 20 different activities, which can make your baby engaged and entertained all the time. Its play mat is perfect for no more than 4-month-old babies, because their fun toys are helpful to interact with your little one while playing on their tummy and back. When they play with these toys, their muscles in the neck and core can be well developed, because these toys overhead encourage babies to reach them. When your baby becomes a little physical matured, the play mat can be changed into an activity saucer. Its seat can rotate 360 degrees, helping your baby to reach these toys easily. And the bouncy seat helps to exercise the muscles in their legs. It also comes with so many stimulating elements, like flip books, lights, rattles, sounds and a mirror. These interactive features will make your baby engaged and entertained for several hours.

Discover & Learn Activity Center

Little-Tikes-635984M-Discover-ActivityYour baby will be attracted by this 2 stage Discover and Learn Activity Center. It comes with up to 12 interactive toys which are capable of keeping your little one engaged and entertained. Its swiveling seat can rotate 360 degrees, so your baby can freely access any activity he or she likes. It also comes with a train powered by a battery. The train travels along its tracks, which can attract your baby’s attention and encourage your baby to play with. The bouncy seat helps to strengthen your baby’s legs, neck and back. Once this product becomes outdated for your baby, the train track can be acted as a separate toy for your baby. You just place the track on a flat surface.

Top 5 Best Musical Mobiles Reviews

Musical mobiles are able to stimulate your baby, helping to develop their senses. As the name implies, it can play sooth music which can transit your baby into dreamland. On the market, there are tons of different musical mobiles and it is a little bit difficult to find the best one if you are the first time to choose one for your little one.

Best Musical Mobile

Here, we’ve done a lot of research and made this list of the best musical mobiles. When compiling this list, we consider many factors:

  • Cheerful hanging adornments – Hanging adornments can move, which are helpful to develop your little one’s eyesight. These cheerful adornments will attract your baby’s attention and make them engaged and entertained.
  • Night lights are included. Night lights are essential, because they can offer a very comfortable glow at night for both parents and babies and they are also great for night breastfeeding.
  • Abilities to offer audible variety – They are required to play soothing music, natural sounds, songs, as well as other ambient melodies.

Plus, we also consider additional factors, including performance, pricing, rating, as well as customer reviews.

Fisher-Price Rainforest Peek-A-Boo Leaves Musical Mobile

best musical mobileThis product has shiny leaves which can open and close, when its dragonfly plays peek-a-boo to the accompaniment of famous classical musician, like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. It features so many brightly colored, plush rainforest animal friends which circle around this best musical mobile. It also allows you to set it to play natural ambient sounds like in the rainforest. It also offers other various options, including music, lights, motion and night light. If it becomes small, when your little one grows, you can easily remove it from your baby crib. This doesn’t mean all the parts become useless. The nightlight and sound features are also useful during the toddler years.

Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile

Tiny-Love-Soothe-Groove-MobileThis product offers up to 6 musical categories and 18 different tunes and your baby will love it. It also can play white sounds which even can soothe the fussiest babies. To enhance its audio experience, it is equipped with 2 speakers that can offer more immersive sound. Once it plays the music, so many cheerful and colorful animal friends will dance overhead. What’s more, its night light can offer gentle glow which can make your baby feel secure and allows you to check up your little one easily at night. And because of the comfortable glow, your baby will not be disturbed when he or she is sleeping. As your little grows, this mobile may seem small. However, in this situation, you can remove it but your baby can still use its music box which can be carried around and used as a portable music box. Therefore, this music box is still a good toy through your baby’s toddler years.

Fisher-Price Precious Planet 2-in-1 Projection Mobile

Fisher-Price-Precious-Planet-Projection-MobileThis one offers smiling and colorful animal friends that can dance its planet. And it offers up to 3 musical settings, allowing you to change according to your baby’s needs. You little one may love listening to lullabies composed by famous classic composer, like Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. It also can play ocean nature sounds, baby’s consciousness like sounds from the womb or a heartbeat. It is able to play sounds or music for up to 20 minutes. If you think the time is a little long, you can set it for a shorting time. In order to add more audible enjoyment, this product can project a cheerful and colorful light show onto its canopy, so the images can be reachable for your little one. The light show also can act as a night light. If your baby outgrows, the projection and sound features are also useful for your toddlers.

VTech Baby Soothing Ocean Slumbers Mobile

VTech-Baby-Soothing-Slumbers-MobileIts musical mobile is helpful to offer a stimulating and soothing experience for your little one and make your little one engaged and entertained. It comes with so many brightly colored animal friends for your baby. These ocean animal friends can dance overhead together with more than 45 sing-along songs and melodies. It also has a crib attachment like a friendly whale. This whale will become a friend to your baby, offering company and adding to more enjoyment. It can project a light show too. Ocean-themed images are projected onto the ceiling, which is helpful to develop your baby’s eyesight. Plus, it also can double as a night light. As your baby grows, it allows you to remove and this product will become a crib toy and a light projector.

Tiny Love Magical Night Musical Mobile

Tiny-Love-Magical-Musical-MobileThis best musical mobile can offer pleasing melodies and a light show as 3 cheerful and colorful animals friends dance around the canopy. Volume control is also included and it comes with up to 9 turns across 3 musical categories, including nature sounds, classic music, etc. These music and sounds are helpful to soothe your baby to sleep. It projects a light show of many different animals onto its canopy, helping developing the baby’s visual sense. When your little one grows, you can remove its canopy and your baby will love watching the light show projected onto the ceiling. Its projector can double as a night light, soothing your baby at nighttime.

Top 5 Best Play Yards Reviews

Infants tend to be active all the time and it is really a challenge to find a safe place for them to play. Play yards are a good option that keeps your little one entertained inside while you are doing other things. On the market, there are plenty of different paly yards to choose from? However, it is difficult to distinguish which is the best one. Fortunately, we’ve made this list of best play yards to help you quickly find the right one. They were selected due to their super portability and many great features. You can take one of them to any place you would like to go. They all have removable bassinets, making them very versatile and double as a portable crib, a changing stating and a comfortable place for your baby to sleep. In the child’s toddler years, any of them can accompany your little one very well.

Best Play Yard

Ingenuity Washable Playard with Dream Centre Winslow

best play yardThis best play yard is equipped with fabrics which can be easily taken off by using its zipper and you can throw the fabrics into your washing machine to wash. Therefore, it is easy to wash. The Dream Center bassinet is equipped with breathable mesh, soft fabrics, a full canopy that has 2 plush toys and a quilted headrest, making it a fantastic place for your baby to entertain or have a nap. It also can play soothing sounds and there are 3 nature sounds and 5 songs to choose from, so your baby can be soothed to sleep. Its Just Right Height changing table is also cool, making you can easily change your baby’s clothing or diaper. When your infant grows and the bassinet is too small, you can simply remove this table for more space. It also comes with a carry bag for easy transportation. Plus, its integrated storage tray can store baby’s necessities, which you can easily fetch.

Eddie Bauer Complete Care Playard orchid

Eddie-Bauer-Complete-Playard-orchidUnlike other models on this list, this product even comes with a canopy, which can block disturbing light from your infant’s eyes in its bassinet mode. The bassinet is removable and cushioned and it doubles as a comfortable spot for your baby sleep. Once your infant outgrows the removable bassinet, you can simply remove it to allow your toddler to sleep or play in it. Its roll-down sides offer shade in its play yard mode. Its also include a Flip Away changer that offer you a study and convenient surface to use, when you need to change a diaper or an outfit. And you will find it is very convenient. In order to soothe your little ones, it comes with its Baby Comforter that has up to 10 different songs and sounds. These songs and sounds will calm down your little and make her fall asleep. A night light is also included for easy checking on your baby during night and 2 relaxing vibration settings can attract your baby’s attention. An accessory bag is included for better store necessities that your little needs and you want to take with you. It is also designed to be transported with ease. When you need to store it or carry it with you, you just need to simply fold it up and put it into its travel bag. It is very convenient to carry.

Fisher-Price Ultra-Lite Day and Night Play Yard

Fisher-Price-Ultra-Lite-Night-Play-YardThis play yard is very portable, only weighing 15 pounds. Compared with other models, this Fisher-Price play yard is more lightweight. Others may weigh from 20 to 30 pounds. It also features a storage pocket, so a portable changing station diaper clutch can be easily held. Its inclined sleeper has a 3-point restraint and it also has a cushion heat support, making it a safe and comfortable spot for your little one to take a nap. When your baby outgrows its sleeper, just remove the included sleeper, so it will transform into a safe and comfortable spot for older babies and toddlers to sleep and play. Its padded platform has a cushioned surface, so your little one can play on the surface comfortably and safety. When it is time to sleep, you can slip a crib sheet onto this padded platform and your child will have a good place to take a nap. When you are on-the-go, you can easily fold it up and slip it into its storage bag for easy transportation.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer

Graco-Playard-Reversible-Napper-ChangerThis one comes with anything you need in a play yard. The bassinet offers a safe and comfortable spot for your baby to take a good nap. Just push its button and its bassinet will flip over, so you will have a sturdy surface which can be wiped clean conveniently and easily for outfit and diaper changes. As your little one grows, the bassinet will become small. In this case, you just need to remove it and the Graco Pack n’ Play Playard will offer a good place to sleep and play. When you are out or plan to travel, you can fold up or close this play yard and with ease. It also offers a carry bag that allows you to slip it in the bag. Due to its storage pockets design, you can keep essentials at your hand. For example, you can store some baby wipes and diapers. Once you have it, you will find you will love its convenience and portability.

Chicco Lullaby Baby

Chicco-07079094190070-Lullaby-Baby-PapyrusThis is a 3-stage portable play yard. Your little one can sleep in this angled napper when he or she is a newborn. And this angled napper can be easily folded if you plan to store it. A bassinet is equipped with a deluxe quilted mattress and it also has a mobile phone with plush toys, providing your baby with a good place to take a nap. When your baby grows and becomes a toddler, this play yard will offer enough space for your toddler to play. This product has a very large and detachable changer which can be removed easily. It also features a Wash mattress pad and an EZ Care Zip, making the cleaning task pretty easy. It also offers storage compartments on its sides, so baby essentials (like wipes, diapers etc.) can be stored conveniently. When you need to fold it, you can push its button. When it has been folded up, you can slip it into your travel bag and you can easily take it to any place you like.

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