Top 5 Best French Presses Reviews

If you are looking for the best manual coffee maker set, a french press is definitely the best choice for you. You can add coffee grounds into its glass/plastic container and then pour hot water into the container too. That’s all. The following thing for you is to wait. The preheated hot water can make the coffee grounds brew. You control the brewing time. Generally, If the brew time is longer ,  coffee smells and tastes stronger. The last thing you need to do is to filter out the grounds from the blends with its press strainer. After that, you can get fresh coffee to drink. Once you drink French coffee, you will love it.

Best French Press

These best French presses on our list all offer a press strainer that is sealed along their edges tightly. Making good coffee doesn’t always require more presses. However, if the seal is not tight enough, some bits and pieces of coffee grounds may escape into your coffee brew and you would not like to find them in your coffee. All of them, at least, can offer you 8 cups of fresh coffee, so the capacity is enough and they are so versatile as percolator or drip coffee maker. If you love the fine ground coffee, you can choose one of them due to their multiple strainers.

All the press strainers are made of solid metal. Even if nylon or plastic strainers perform as well as metal strainers, their durability is a problem. What’s worse, they are not stable as metal. I think you will not like to bits and pieces of them entering the liquid coffee and if this happens, your brew is spoiled. Even if plastic models are BPH-free, we also prefer to metal models. This is because we don’t need to worry about any plastic chemical that may leach into our brew. And they all offer a 1-year warranty at least, so you can buy one of them comfortably.

LINKYO 18/10 Curved Double Wall French Press Coffee Maker

LINKYO-Stainless-Steel-French-PressThis model combines the inward performance with its outward beauty, making it one of the best French presses on this list. It is made of stainless steel and it can be dishwasher safe. This model also offers 2 additional filter screens which can last a very long time together with the pot. You can overlap them to brew much finer grounds and this can effectively prevent grounds bleeding into the finish container. This French press is like a coffee pot, so you can put it on any table or counter. It looks good. Due to its double wall construction, you coffee can be kept hot longer. Although this one is a little expensive, it is worth buying thanks to its consistent function, durable construction and visual aesthetics. Plus, a lifetime warranty is also offered by its manufacturer.

French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle | 8-Cups

French-Coffee-Complete-Stainless-ResistantIf you are the first time to buy a French press, this best French press is a good start. It comes with many accessories, including the measuring spoon, scoop, as well as extra mesh filters. It is made of glass and stainless steel and it also offers 4 filters. These filters can help you get the finest grounds and you also don’t need to worry about grounds entering the brew. Well, it is built to be sturdy, but you also need to be careful when using it due to its glass container and parts. Plus, you can wash and rinse it by hand and it is very easy to clean. If you have any problems or dissatisfaction, their good customer service can help you. For example, they comes with a full-replacement warranty.

BonJour 33.8-Ounce Unbreakable Plastic French Press

BonJou-Coffee-Unbreakable-Plastic-French-PressIf you are looking for a French press with a breakage problem or just need an affordable model, this one can satisfy your requirements. Its 33.8-oucne capacity is large enough. And it is also the cheapest model on this list, but this doesn’t mean it cannot make high quality French press coffee. Well, you are only allowed to use coarse grounds with its filter mesh that is made of stainless steel, but grounds can be effectively prevented from entering the final pot. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the grounds spoiling your coffee. It is also dishwasher safe. This model comes in several colors to choose from and you can always find the right color to suit your home or kitchen decor. This one is perfect for those who have kids prone to fumbles and slips.

Kuissential Stainless Steel French Press (Coffee Plunger, Press Pot, Cafetiere, 8-Cup )

Kuissential-Stainless-French-Plunger-CafetiereThis model has a more contemporary design, making it look great in your kitchen or on any countertop. It features a double stainless steel design that can make the coffee hot last for longer. However, this one is only designed for coarse grounds even if a mesh filter is offered. If you use finer grounds, they will get through the mesh filter and you will get a gritty cup of coffee. Thanks to its stainless construction, it is durable enough. It is also ideal for home or travel use, very portable and convenient. Its body is dishwasher safe, but you need to wash and dry its cover by hand. People who have used spoke highly of its function and elegant appearance. This one will allow you to make great coffee with ease.

Presse Cafe’ Black French Press Maker

Stainless-Replacement-Connoisseur-Cookbook-GuaranteeIf you are searching for the most cost-effective French press, you cannot miss this best French press – Presse Cafe’ French Press Coffee Maker Set. It deserves to have. It is made of heat resistant glass and it also comes with many useful accessories, like a spoon, bag clip and scoop. Therefore, it is really good for those who are getting into French press coffee. It also comes with multiple filters which can be used to filter out some finer grounds. However, they cannot filter out the finest blends and result in some grounds in the coffee. What’s more, this pick offers a lifetime back-money warranty. If you don’t feel satisfied with it, the company will buy it back. This pick is used exclusively in the Presse Cafe restaurant kitchens due to its excellent performance.

What is the pH of distilled water?

distilled-waterBefore answering this question, we should know “what is distilled water?“. Distilled water is water that has been removed all the impurities. Therefore, distilled water only contains water molecules. It is known that pure water is not acidic or alkaline. And in pure distilled water, the number of hydrogen ions and hydroxyl ions is balanced. Therefore, distilled water is neutral and the ph of distilled water is 7.0 in theory. However, many factors can influence the ph of distilled water.


Pure distilled water has a neutral pH of 7.0 at 25 degrees centigrade. However, if temperature increases, the pH of distilled water will decrease. This doesn’t mean distilled water has become not neutral but acidic. The truth is that the neutral pH drops. And the water is also neutral because of its balanced hydrogen and hydroxyl ions.

The water labeled as distilled water doesn’t mean distilled water

On the market, there are many distilled water brands and their water is labeled as distilled water. However, this is not the truth. Some testing shows that distilled water on the market can be basic or acidic. Therefore, it is highly recommended to get a test trip which shows the pH by color. If you feel suspicious about the distilled water you buy, you can test it. This can help you find the ideal distilled water brands you can trust.

The distilled water fact:

Well, the fact is that we cannot easily get pure distilled water that has a pH of 7.0. And the following reasons can tell you more about distilled water facts.

  • Distilled water may contain a lot of contaminants because of improper distillation process and transportation.
  • Distilled water is not the water used in the lab, so the purity is not the same.
  • Distilled water is not stable and can easily absorb carbon dioxide in the air, so it tastes a little acidic. If distilled water is not sealed water, the water is a little acidic.

How to prevent distilled water from becoming acidic

  • Test distilled water you buy. If the pH deviates far from the pH of 7, you need to change another brand.
  • You can use a home water distiller to make distilled water at home. And this can help you control the whole distillation process and the water quality.
  • Don’t expose distilled in the air, or it will absorb carbon dioxide in the air, making it acidic.
  • Try best to drink fresh distilled water and don’t store it for a long time. If you need to drink distilled water, you’d better drink it after producing it. This can reduce the chance of contacting the air.

Top 5 Best Coffee Grinders Reviews

On the market, there are 3 mainstream types of coffee grinders. They are blade coffee grinders, flat plat coffee grinders and conical coffee grinders.

Conical burr grinders

They have a long history of grinding coffee. They are the original type of coffee grinders that are widely used in coffee mills. They use burrs that are placed at almost a vertical orientation to grind coffee. Because of the burrs’ slow speeding spinning, it doesn’t change the original taste of coffee, not leaving any burn taste. Of course, they offer the most consistent grounds. Even if they are good at grinding for coarse grounds (like pour over coffee, or French press coffee), they are also good at making good finer and medium grinds.

Blade Grinders

They can cut and chop hard coffee beans into grounds, because they use very sharp cutting blades that spin at a very high speed. These grinders are the most affordable grinders on the market and they are great for medium grounds. Due to its affordability and medium performance, they are widely used in drip machines, as well as percolators. However, due to their high speeds, they can burn the coffee beans to some degrees, so the taste of the coffee will be slightly altered. Well, the taste alteration is very slight, not being noticed easily. Therefore, they are great for most coffee makers.

Flat plate burr grinders

Generally, flat plate burr grinders spin more slowly than high speed blade grinders, so there is a far less chance of coffee burning. Horizontal burrs are used on a flat plate, so they can do an excellent job for all type of coffee grinds. They are especially good at finer grinds, like Turkish and espresso blends.

Best Coffee Grinder

On the market, there are a lot of different types of coffee grinders, but this list of best coffee grinders only concentrates on electric coffee grinders. This is because these electric grinders are able to grind a large quantity of coffee beans easier and faster at a time. If you usually need to make more than 1 cup of coffee, they are the best choices. And we also focus on the models which are easy to take apart to clean. For example, sometimes a coffee bean might get caught in it and in this situation, if one that is not easy to take apart, the cleaning job becomes complicated.

The following models all come with at least 5 grind selections, so this feature allows you to choose from coarseness to find grinds according to your needs. Some easy grinders may not offer selection capacity, and you need to hold down their switch, so they can grind evenly. Each of them can grind at least 8 cups of coffee at a time. Plus, a 1-year limited warranty is also offered.

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SS Rocky Coffee Grinder

Rancilio-HSD-ROC-SS-Rocky-Coffee-GrinderThis model has a 140-watt motor and the motor is direct-driven. Due to its excellent consistency of the grind, it becomes one of the best coffee grinders on the market. It also doubles as a doser model, so it is able to offer a consistent and measured grind at a time, making it perfect for espresso. On the other hand, it also can act as a non-doser model, making it perfect for making large amounts of coffee.

As a plate coffee grinder, it offers about 20 different grind options, and it runs quietly, and its hopper can hold about 0.5 pound of coffee beans. The overall weight is about 20 pounds, making it solid and not go anywhere during the grinding process. Plus, it comes with a 2-year warranty and you also can buy extra extended warranties.

Baratza Virtuoso – Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Baratza-Virtuoso-Conical-Coffee-GrinderIf you are interested in conical burr grinders, this model is the right choice, because it can offer the complete consistency of grounds which you are making. Its motor is adjustable, allowing you to choose its spins from 405 RPM to 495 RPM. The spinning speed is very slow. This means you can choose the suitable RPM without worrying about any burned grounds. When it runs, it is relatively quiet. An auto-stop function is also included. This feature is epically useful when something happens to fall into its hopper and jam up its burrs.

The hopper can hold about 8 ounces of beans and a 9-ounce addition can also be attached if you need to make more cups of coffee. If you want to manually grind coffee beans, it also comes with a pulse function. It allows you to choose among 40 different grind options. Due to its grind quality and excellent functionality, it stands out among other models. If you are looking for the best conical burr grinder, it is one of the best choices.

KitchenAid KCG0702CU Burr Coffee Grinder

KitchenAid-KCG0702CU-Burr-Coffee-GrinderThis model has its own design and style and it is also a versatile grinder. As a plate-style burr coffee grinder, it is perfect for espresso lovers. It comes with 15 different grind levels, so you can always choose the right grind type according to your needs. And its hopper can easily hold about 7 ounces of coffee beans. This model has a similar appearance as a kitchen aid mixer. It is powered by a 220-watt motor which is very reliable. The exterior is made of die cast metal, making it more durable.

Its design is very wise. This grinder has both grounds and hopper containers that are made of glass, making it looking very elegant. To match your kitchen decor, this machine comes in several colors. Therefore, you have enough reasons to choose this due to its function, form and design.

Cuisinart CBM-18N Programmable Conical Burr Mill

Cuisinart-CBM-18N-Programmable-Conical-Burr-MillIf you are looking for an affordable conical burr grinder, this Cuisinart CBM-18 Programmable Conical Burr Mill may be the best. This best coffee grinder comes with up to 18 different grind selections, so you can always find the right option according to your needs. Its hoper is able to hold 8 ounces of beans. Because of its slow grinding speed, you don’t need to worry about any burnt ground. For precisely control the numbers of cups you plan to grind, it has a digital readout and allows you to input the specific number of cups. If you are the person who loves conical burr ground coffee, this one will not disappoint you. Plus, a 3-year warranty is also offered.

Hamilton Beach 80365 Custom Grind Hands-Free Coffee Grinder

Hamilton-Beach-80365-Hands-Free-PlatinumIf you are looking for a terrific and simple grinder for your drip machine or percolator, this Hamilton Beach 80365 can really help. Although It has only 5 grind selections, it is really a modest, effective grinder. The operation is pretty easy. You just need to turn its dial, and then put coffee beans into its 12-cup grinding chamber, and then hit its button. That’s all. The system will stop automatically until the grind is finished. It is the loudest model on this list, but for most of us who love drinking coffee, it is good enough due to its ease of use, price and ratings.

Top 5 Best Bottle Warmers Reviews

Bottle warmers are designed to heat both breast and formula milk quickly and safely. They are very convenient to use, so you can always warm the milk for your baby and control the perfect temperature. The temperature is very important. If it is high, it will cause the nutrition loss. For example, vitamins lose at high temperatures.

Best Bottle Warmer

They allow you to choose the right size of the baby bottle, making precise formula/milk heating possible. And they will turn themselves off if the perfect temperature of the bottle is reached. Therefore, any nutrition loss can be avoided and you don’t need to worry about the formula or milk being too hot. Plus, they are suitable for both glass and plastic bottles.

Beaba Bib Secondes Quick Baby Bottle Food Warmer

Beaba-Secondes-Quick-Bottle-WarmerThis best bottle warmer is able to warm any baby food jars within 5 minutes and baby bottles within 2 minutes. This is because it comes with its patented steam heating system. Its high efficiency makes it perfect for tired parents and hungry babies. Due to its dual programming, you can easily choose the temperature and the amount of food or liquid you plan to warm. And it also comes with a timer, so the baby’s food can be heated to the safe temperature. Once the food or bottle reaches the temperature, it will keep the bottle or food the desired temperature for 10 minutes. This warmer is compatible with both glass and plastic bottles and when the desired temperature is reached, it will shut off itself.

Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

Kiinde-Kozii-Bottle-Warmer-BreastThis bottle warmer comes with a very larger liquid reservoir, so you don’t need to add water each time you use it to warm food items, formula or milk for your baby. The baby’s bottle will be warmed to the desired temperature and because of its patented technology, it is able to eliminate the risk of hot spots and reduce the risk of exposure to harmful chemicals. And due to its precise temperature control, all the nutrients in the formula or milk can be maintained well. Once the bottle reaches the ideal temperature, it will shut off automatically. Therefore, your baby’s food cannot be overheated and you can directly feed your baby. It also can be used to warm jars of food safely.

Boon Orb Bottle Warmer

Boon-Orb-Bottle-Warmer-GreenThe appearance of this Boon Orb Bottle warmer is very cute and you can use to heat baby bottles easily. This warmer can heat both plastic and glass bottles. And its steam heating requires less water you can imagine. It is able to warm all sizes of bottles to the perfect temperature. Its graduated tube can help you measure the water used to warm the bottle. And it also has a stable and non-skid base, which can prevent it from slipping on any surface. This warmer is compatible with many types of bottles. Its included basket can heat baby food jars.

Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler

Born-Tru-Temp-Bottle-Warmer-CoolerThis warmer is so easy to use and it allows you to easily set its dial bottle gauge according to the right size of your bottle you plan to warm. After that, it will do the rest for you. For example, if you have a 9-ounce bottle to warm, just set its gauge to the appropriate volume. That’s all. Your bottle will be warmed in 6 minutes. Once the bottle reaches the suitable temperature, it will automatically shut it off. Therefore, this can prevent your bottle from overheating. What’s more, it also comes with a bottle cooler that can make 2 8-ounce bottles chilled for 8 hours if you need. It is compatible with both plastic and glass bottles, so you don’t need to buy other bottles for it.

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler

The-First-Years-Cravings-BottleThis best bottle warmer can warm your bottle to the suitable temperature in less than 5 minutes, making it perfect for tired parents and hungry babies. This warmer is licensed by the American Red Cross and it also has a cooling compartment which can make 2 8-ounce bottles stay cook for 8 hours. It also comes with a measuring dispenser, so it is so easy to add water to the right level. Its compact design makes it save much space for you. Other features, including a night light, auto shut off and a readiness indicator, make it safe and convenient to use. You can use to warm both plastic and glass bottles.

Water 101 – From Drinkable Water to Bottled Water, Water Conservation and Water Filtration

tap-waterAs human being, we cannot live without water. We can get water from rain water, ground water (wells or springs), municipal systems, bottled water, and other sources, but not all water is potable and some of them are so dangerous to consume. Water quality depends on many factors and whether the water meets water quality standards or not. If the water quality is poor, of course, water is not safe to drink.

In the U.S., there is a special agency called EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to set water quality related standards. In other to evaluate water quality, they test water quality on a regular basis under the SDWAA (Safe Drinking Water Act). It offers much helpful information about certain water pollutants in the water, which can be helpful to alleviate consumers’ concerns about potable water. Generally, according to the EPA, the water systems on most states are overseen, so any water from your local municipal or public water system is considered to be treated and meet these water quality standards. For example, tap water is treated and meets these standards before it reaches the faucet in your home.

However, if you don’t trust the water from your tap, you can do some tests or just ask your local water system for a water quality report. If you plan to test your water, this water testing kit may help: HM Digital TDS-EZ Water Quality TDS Tester.

However, many people don’t like drinking tap water because an undesirable taste is left in the water after it is treated by the water system. Therefore, some ways can be used to make the tap water tastes better. We also don’t recommend buying bottled water, because it may pollute the environment and also leaves a bad taste in the water.

For people who live in rural areas where municipal or other public water systems are not available, water sources can be lake water, river water or ground wells. In order to make the water safe to drink, people should monitor the water quality themselves. There are also some good solutions used to treat raw water and make raw water potable.

In this article, we will discuss these solutions for improving both the water quality and the taste. These solutions are helpful to make water drinkable. Not all potable water is considered to be drinkable regarding to taste.

1.After a Disaster, How to Make Tap Water Safe to Consume

If you are on city tap water, sometimes these water plants may fail to offer clean treated water and pollutants may enter the water supply. Or if a natural disaster happens (like an earthquake, a storm or a flood), the water source can be contaminated, making your water not safe to consume. If these disasters happen, the first thing you need to do is to make your top water potable.

At least, you need to boil water to drink. Although this is only a temporary measure, it is also useful before your water plant can restore to provide you with high quality water. Boiling water cannot remove chemicals or heavy metals, but it can kill most bacteria and virus in our water. Except this, we have more things to prepare. You also need to monitor the local news which can tell you when the tap water restores the water quality. You can read this article to learn more: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Emergency Preparedness.

It is highly recommended to have a ready-to-use disaster kit which is specially prepared for a natural disaster or emergencies. This disaster kit includes bottled water, flashlights, blankets, medications, solid food and other items which depend on your family’s special medical or dietary needs.

2. Conserving Water

In many cases, you need to conserve water. After a disaster, you may need to conserve water because of the limited supply. Or you are on the water from your dug well, but the water level is very low. Or you just want to conserve water to save money. No matter what purposes are, conserve water becomes practical. There are several ways to help you conserve water. Each gallon of water you conserve means more money you can save. On the other hand, water source is limited and we have the obligation to save water.

3. Activated Carbon Filters: Making Tap Water Drinkable

Even if your tap water is treated by the local water plant and meets water standards and is safe to drink, it doesn’t mean the tap water is pleasant to drink. At best, tap water is potable not drinkable. This is because tap water may have an unpleasant smell and taste. Some chemical residue can cause these bad smells and tastes and these chemicals are called odor-causing particulates. For example, chlorine is widely used for a disinfectant and the water plants cannot remove all chlorine in the water, so there is a little amount of chlorine residue in our tap water, which makes our water not pleasant to smell and taste. Or, these odor-causing particulates in the water source cannot be effectively removed also can cause bad odors and smells.

Water filtration systems are used to remove contaminants in our water, including chemicals, heavy metals, and bacteria & virus. They can make us reduce the exposure to these waterborne health risks. We can use a basic carbon water filter (built-in a water filter pitcher), a point-of-use faucet water filter, or a carbon filter at the home’s water point-of-entry to get tap water drinkable or more potable. Carbon filters are helpful to address odor, taste and clarity. However, how effective it is depends on its design. For example, a multi-stage water filtration system is mostly more effective than a single. And the type of carbon filtration also influences the effectiveness.

Well, we should notice that carbon filters can only remedy minor water issues. Carbon filters have their limitations. If you think you water filtered by a carbon filter also contain harmful bacteria or virus, you may need to test your treated water to allay or confirm your features. If the testing result shows some virus or bacteria are in the filtered water, you may need a multi-stage filtration system. Or you need to install other types of water filtration systems.

4. When Carbon Filters are inadequate: Water Filtration Options

If you suspect that a carbon filter cannot remove harmful chemicals, bacteria, virus and other contaminants, you should test your water and find out what types of contaminants that a carbon water filter cannot remove. You also ask your local water treatment agency for a latest water quality report.

If a single carbon system cannot be effective, you also can try a combined carbon water filtration system plus other types of water filtration systems, which can help to reduce the exposure to these harmful contaminants. On the market, there are many various water filtration systems, including water distillers, reverse osmosis water filters, water softeners, or UV light water filters. These water purifiers often combine some form of carbon water filters. The water specialist in your local area will recommend you to choose the best type of water filtration systems according to the water situation in your area. On the other hand, you can a small water filter to purify water.

Some home water filters may need a professional to do the installation job, but most of them come with a step-by-step instruction to guide you how to install them. Small systems are so easy to install and you can do it yourself. If you need to purify all the water in your home, you may need to buy a point-of-entry whole house water filter, or a point-of-use system is enough. For example, you only need water to drink and cook, you can choose an under sink water filter.

5. Water from other sources – Raw Water Source Treatment

If you live in a rural area, your water may be from river, lake, dug well or ground water. And we don’t know whether the water quality is good or bad or what’s in our water unless you have tested the water.

When your water is drawn from ground water, dug well, lake or river, what is in the water is a mystery, unless you have your water properly tested. Before taking a water sample to do testing, decontaminate the water intake system is a must-have step. Generally, you can get related information from the local water testing facility and they will offer you detailed instructions and you will understand how to prepare to sample, how to take a water sample and they will also offer sterile water bottles for sampling. The total costs are minimal and the final testing results will tell you what types of contents are in your water and what types of filtration systems can get rid of contaminants accordingly. You can install a whole house water filtration system or just install a small system that combines several stages of filtration methods used to make your raw water potable and drinkable. If you feel confused, you can hire a water specialist to do the entire job for you, from choosing the right type of filtration systems, installing and maintaining. Of course, the cost may be high than a DIY project.

6. Bottled Water: Safety Concerns

If bottled water is prepared for emergencies, it is OK due to its superb convenience. Like I said before, it is highly recommended that an emergency or disaster kit should have bottled water. However, every several months, replace the old bottled water with a new one because of the expiration (EXP) date.

However, bottled water also has some safety concerns. As consumers, we don’t know whether the water quality is good or bad, or whether it meets the local water quality standards, or whether it exposes to BPA plastic bottles. Plus, bottle water is also costly. If you regular drink bottled water, you will find it will cost you more in a long time, which could be a drain on your food budget. And plastic bottles may place enormous pressure on our environment. Therefore, it is not recommended to consume bottled water on a regular basis.

7. How to Store Water and Dispense Water

Storing water for emergencies, disasters and power outages is really a good idea. We can store water in sealed bottles. Generally, water stored in the sealed bottles can be kept indefinitely. However, something is also needed to be noticed. The surround temperature should not be low, or water can be frozen and this can make particulates separated from the water, leaving a bad taste. It is also not recommended to make sealed water exposed to the sun, because this can make the plastic broken down and release harmful pollutants in the water. Therefore, the surrounding temperature is also very important. Because even our purified water contains some forms of contaminants more or less, we need to make the water in refillable containers replaced every 6 months at least. Before the refilling, you also need to disinfect the container first. You can use a tablespoon of bleach as the disinfectant, or just simple fill 1 gallon of clean water and make it sit for several minutes in the container. Before starting to refill, rinse thoroughly.

If you need water bottles, make sure they are safe to use. You can choose stainless steel, aluminum, glass or BPA-free plastic bottles. If you are looking for a baby bottle, BPA-free bottles are essential.

Water cooler dispensers are becoming more and more popular due to their superb convenient access to both hot and cold water. The convenience is OK, but the water quality is the key point. Some prefilled water bottles may cause some concerns. Consumer should confirm the water stored in the water bottle is safe to drink. Therefore, you need to choose a reliable water company and you can read its labels or just inquire from the water company and its distributor to lower the risk of exposure to contaminants. A good suggestion is that you only need to buy water bottles and use your filtered water purified by your home water filter to refill the bottle and remember to disinfect the plastic bottle on a regular basis.

8. Water Appliances, Parts and Resources Buying Considerations

Before buying any water filter, water distiller or other water appliance, make sure their replacement parts are easy to access. If they fail and need to replace some parts and the parts are not easy to get, it will be a nightmare for you. And you also need to notice the cost of these replacement parts.

Therefore, before making a purchase decision, it is a good idea to read customer reviews and know its pros and cons. And all the water appliances must meet related electrical standards and is easy and safe to use.

9. How to Soften Hard Water

If there is a large amount of minerals in your water, your water is called hard water. This means hard water contains so many minerals, like magnesium, calcium, etc. A little amount of minerals in the water can make water taste fresh, but a large amount of them can cause problems. Most water filters are not designed to make hard water soft except reverse osmosis systems.

Generally, hard water doesn’t cause health issues, but it can lead to mineral limescale build-up which can result in annoy rust-colored water stains in bathroom fixtures and kitchen sinks, or shorten the lifespan of appliances that need water to work, like dishwashers, clothe washers, humidifiers, steamers, etc. And it also can make soaps, dishwasher or laundry detergents less effective, rising the use of them. Humidifiers and water filters may be clog up if water is hard, and you need to change their filters very often.

Well, how to soften hard water? A good way is to install a whole house water softener which can soften all the water enters your house. And this can protect your appliances and fixtures. Whether your house needs a softener or not depends how hard your water is. If you are not sure, your water specialist can help you. If the concentration is light, such a softener is not essential but you need to clean the limescale on a regular basis.

What is Water Filtration?


When it comes to water filtration, it means any water treatment methods used to reduce or remove contaminants from our water. These contaminants include chemicals, heavy metals, virus & bacteria, etc. The devices we used to filtered our pollutants or particles are water filtration systems, including Reverse Osmosis, activated carbon filters, UV light filters, water distillers, or other types of water treatment systems. The term of water filtration also means home units, or public, municipal water treatment processes.

Although there are many different water filtration systems, they can improve our water quality and our water quality is also extremely poor. That’s why need to install such a system.

More about water  and water filters, you can read the following articles:

Top 5 Best Mini Fridges for Dorms Reviews

After students graduate, they may leave home for higher education. They will live in a dorm. However, for most of them, it is the first time they must live on their own and they may face some problems in that situation. They may lack space or privacy, which can make eating very difficult between social events, late-night study sessions or classes. A mini fridge is a must-have for them, because it is able to store many foods, beverages, and even house takeout leftovers.

 Best Mini Fridge for Dorms

On the market, there are plenty of different mini fridges and the following top 5 best mini fridges for dorms were chosen due to many great features:

  • Compact size: There is not so much space in a dorm, so a compact size mini fridge is enough.
  • Decent interior capacity: Although a mini fridge is not large, the interior capacity cannot be sacrificed a lot.
  • Affordability: They are all affordable, so a student doesn’t need to cost much for one.
  • Running quiet: Most fridges are placed near the bed, so they should run quiet, not disturbing your sleeping and studying.
  • Energy Efficient: This feature is also important for a dorm, not heavily increasing the electricity bill.

Style is not the first consideration when buying a mini fridge. No one is likely stick out and they are all perfect for limited spaces, like offices, dorm rooms, etc.

Frigidaire FFPS3122QM Compact Refrigerator with 3.1 cu. ft. Capacity

Frigidaire-FFPS3122QM-Compact-Refrigerator-CapacityThis model is really a great option for a dorm. Although it seems a little pricey, its overall performance will not disappoint you. It offers up to 3.1 cubic feet of overall space, which is divided into the freezer and the fridge compartments. Although it has a large capacity, it can fit in any dorm room, or similar spaces. What’s more, a crisper drawer, interior lighting, and built-in can dispenser are also included. It has leveling legs and a reversible door, making it pretty easy to install. And it also gets an Energy Star rating, making it friendly to your energy bill. In a word, as a dorm fridge, it performs well, runs quiet and has a good appearance.

Haier HCR27B Compact Refrigerator, 2.7 Cubic Feet

Haier-HCR27B-Compact-Refrigerator-CubicThis Haier mini fridge is also an ideal choice for an office or a dorm room, because of its large capacity, quiet operation and compact size. The capacity is about 2.7 cubic feet and it comes with 2 full-width door shelves, a tall bottle rack and 2 shelves. Plus, a half-width freezer compartment is also included. An ice cube tray is also included, so you can use it to easily make ice cubes. However, some people think it is not so spacious and cannot fit a large pizza box. If you don’t need to put a large pizza box, this is not a problem. And regular defrosting is needed to do manually.

Danby Designer DAR026A1BDD Compact All Refrigerator, 2.6-Cubic Feet

Danby-Designer-DAR026A1BDD-Refrigerator-2-6-CubicFor students who don’t want a smaller freezer which often comes in a mini refrigerator, this Danby Designer DAR026A1BDD is a good choice. As an all-fridge unit, it offers 2.6 cubic feet of overall space and it organizes the refrigerator space using 2 and a half adjustable wire shelves, which allow you to easily adjust. Other features (like can dispenser, dedicated tall bottle storage, auto defrost, a mechanical thermostat) are also included, which can make life much easier. It also features a flush back design and a reversible door, so it is very easy to install. It also gets an energy star rating, making it not consuming much energy. Plus, affordability and a scratch resistant top are also great. In a word, it is really a good option for a dorm room.

Avanti Avanti SHP1701B Superconductor Refrigerator, 1.7 Cubic Feet

avanti-mini-fridgeThis is a basic and compact mini refrigerator. The capacity is only 1.7 cubic feet, making it perfect for dorm rooms, offices, or as a secondary small fridge. It comes in 3 finishes, including stainless steel, white and black. It is also very affordable but also comes with adjustable shelve and a rack which is used to accommodate a 2-liter beverage bottle. It also has an interior light that can illuminate all your food items clearly. The reversible door makes the expanded placement options possible. This Avanti mini fridge allows you to control the full temperature and runs quietly. It deserves a try.

SPT RF-244SS Compact Refrigerator, Stainless, 2.4 Cubic Feet

SPT-RF-244SS-Compact-Refrigerator-StainlessThis mini fridge has a capacity of 2.4 cubic feet and it is compact enough to fit any small space, like a door room. It has 2 slide-out wire shelves and a bottle rack to make its interior space organized and it also comes with a small freezer compartment. Due to its reversible door, flush back design and front leveling legs make it much easier to install. You can easily install it at anywhere you like. This model also comes with an adjustable thermostat. Although it requires manual defrost, you can keep such a small fridge frost-free and clean with ease. It is also an Energy Star qualified mini fridge. The affordable price also makes it a perfect choice for a dorm room.

What is Potable Water – Definition and tap water safety

potable waterWhat is potable water? Potable water is water which is safe to drink. Potable water may be cleaned, treated or filtered to meet the local drinking water standards. Or, it is natural water which is considered free of harmful contaminants and safe to drink and use in baking and cooking. High quality tap water could be potable water, and other water (like distilled water, RO water purified by reverse osmosis system, UV filtered water) would be potable water, too.

Non-potable water is water that cannot meet the local water drinking standards and is untreated raw water, including water from ground water, lakes, rivers, ground wells and natural springs. Such water is not considered safe to drink unless it meets portable water drinking standards through stringent testing. Without water testing, we don’t know whether the water contains contaminants which may influence our health. Some bacteria and contaminants are harmful to our body and if water contains these types of pollutants, it is deemed to be not potable. Even if the raw water tastes fresh, it doesn’t mean it is potable.

And treated potable water also doesn’t mean potable, because it may be contaminated again due to dirty containers, old water pipes, or pasting their expiration date. Therefore, tap water is also suspicious. Although it is treated, before running water from your faucets, it has passed through long water pipes to reach your house. For example, you can test your tap water and you will find it doesn’t seem pure as it should be. If the results show there are many contaminants, it is highly recommended to install a water filtration system to purify it before drinking. At least, you should boil the water for at least 20 minutes and test the boiled water again. If the results are also not good, a water filtration system is essential. There are plenty of water filtration systems, like water distillers, carbon water filters, reverse osmosis systems, etc.

Another question about potable water is that “is bottled water safe to drink”? To regulate the quality of bottled water, there are many regulatory standards. However, not all bottled water meets these regulations and standards. And it is also difficult to monitor every bottle of water during the producing process. Some bottled water may be only tap water only purified by active carbon filters. However, some manufacturers claim that their bottled water is the water that has been purified through a water distillation, a reverse osmosis or a UV filtration process and all the bacteria have been got rid of. However, risks are not avoided regarding bottled water. This is because safety standards and effective monitoring have not kept in pace with the increasing supply of bottled water in some areas. Even consumers are eager to drink high quality bottled water, there is no effective monitoring. Therefore, if you don’t trust bottled water, there are other sources of water which is considered safe to consume.

In a word, we should pay much attention to our water and make sure the water is good enough and potable. All the water should be from a realizable source. Generally, if your tap water from a municipal treatment plant which is strictly regulated and always meet the standards, the tap water can be considered to be potable. If any evidence of non-potable factors were found, you need to find other ways to deal with tap water.

For those who live in rural areas, if tap water is not accessible and there are various water sources, consumers have responsibilities to monitor the water quality themselves and make sure their water is safe to use. You can do some water testing or ask for help from a water technician who can test the water and tell you which water treatment method is effective to purify water.

On the market, there are plenty of different water filtration systems and products that can help you purify your water. Choose which one depends on what contaminants are in your current water. Sometimes, even tap water may contain a high level of pollutants (e.g. heavy metals, salt, etc.) and you can install a RO system to solve the problem. Compared with buying bottled water, such a RO system will cost much first but the total cost is very low in the long run. What’s important, it can ensure you have safe water to consume.

How to Conserve Water Easily at Home?

Simple Ways to Conserve Water

How to conserve water easily at home? The following water conservation tips can help you conserve water at home. They are easy but practical. Conserving water has many benefits. The most obvious one is that it can save you some money by lowering your water bills. And many local governments may have some water conservation targets and your practical action on conversing water is helpful to achieve the goal. To our human beings, water is so precious and some areas lack water seriously. Therefore, considering above benefits, we have enough reasons to conserve water. Some of the following tips can help to get two-fold results – you can lower your water bill by reducing the use water, which means you have more money in your pocket. Whether what types of purposes you need to conserve water, conserving water has benefits and makes sense.

We also write an article about water quality, hard water, bottled water, storing water and water filtration in water 101.

1. Use a Washer Water Level or buy a high efficiency Washer

If you washer is a regular top-loading model, you can lower the water level and set a shorter cycle to save water and energy. If you wash becomes old and low efficient, it is strongly recommended to buy a high efficiency top load or front load washer that uses a lower water levels and consume less energy. It is a good idea to combine short loads to a long load, which can help to reduce washing cycles. Or you can use shorter cycles to save water. If the clothes have many stains, pretreating these stains before washing can help saving water. It is not recommended to use hot water which consumes more energy is not gentle to the clothes.

2. Hand Wash Dishes With Less Water or Use a Dishwasher

If you wash dishes by hand, it is not recommended to rinse each of them after washing. There are some ways to save water. Only rinse the area which contacts food, or stagger the washed dishes and other tableware in a second sink or on the drain board, and then pour some water over them. It is not recommended to make the water running during rinsing. You also can lower the wash water level by 1 or 2 inches and this can help reducing the use of water.

You may use a dishwasher to wash tableware and think it can help saving water. However, it is not always the truth. Every coin has two sides. If you use a dishwasher properly, it helps. First, you can use a spatula to scrape off food residue, so after that you only need to use a short cycle, which will save water by reducing the long wash and long rinse. Plus, a short cycle can also reduce the use of energy. And you also can choose an eco dry setting to save more energy.

3. A Low Water or Dual Flush Toilet can Help saving Water

A low water flush toilet or a dual flush toilet doesn’t only help saving water but also offer a good flush. If your flush toilet is old and wastes a lot of water each time, you can upgrade to a dual flush toilet. Such a dual toilet has 2 different water levels which allow you to choose the desired water level each time. Don’t neglect this. More water can be saved if the use of water for flushing is reduced each time.

4. Upgrade to a Water Saver Shower Head

If you use a regular shower head, you can upgrade to a water saver shower head which can maximize the output. First, it reduces the water flow and transfers the low flow of water to a plentiful shower water stream, which cannot only save water but also remedy the water pressure. On the market, there are some shower heads that features a stop function. This design is great. When you lather, you can turn off it, so water cannot be wasted when you don’t need it. This type of water heads only interrupt the water flow and don’t change your current hot/cold settings. And this can help save more water than you think.

5. Use a Steam Mop instead of a water bucket

If the hard-surfaced floors have been sealed, you’d better use a stem mot instead of a water bucket. Such a steam mop uses very little water to generate water steam, so floors can be cleaned by steam without any chemical or scents added. Such a steam mop may only use a cup of water each time, so you have enough reasons to abandon your water bucket.

6. Buy a Proper Size Cooking Pot

When we choose cooking pots, we tend to choose a larger size one, because we think we might need a large one in the future. Therefore, using proper size cookware to boil pasta, potatoes or other foods at least have 2 benefits. Because less water is added to the pot, the pot is easy to heat up, helping saving energy. It is a good habit of covering the pot, because this can prevent steam from escaping and help to speed up the cooking process. Heavier pots can cook faster because they can retain heat. When it comes to choosing the best cookware, choosing one with multiple bottom layers or an encapsulated base is helpful to save water and cook faster.

7. Use Less water in the kitchen and recycle water

We tend to waste a lot of water in our kitchen and we should recycle the waste water. For example, we can cool the water which you boiled pasta, potatoes or vegetables to water your plants. Your plants will love the water, because it acts as composting. When we wash vegetables, don’t use running water but wash them in a medium bowl that is filled with water. And don’t discard the water but use it to water plants.

8. Lower the Tub Water Level or Shorten the Shower Time

When using a bathtub, lower the water level by a few inches and your kids will never notice this. When taking a shower, it is a good habit of shortening the shower time and this can save more water than you think. You can do this gradually, because your teens may not realize the importance of conserving water and this can avoid the cultural conflict. If you are just choosing a tank water heater to replace your old water, choose a downsized heater. People tend to use more water when there is a lot of hot water is available. Therefore, a smaller water heater can help conserving water.

9. Buy a Rain Barrel to Collect Rain Water Outside

You can buy a rain barrel and install it outside. When it rains, the rain barrel can collect rain water for you. You can use the collected rain water to water your gardens and plants. This can reduce the use of tap water.

Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm Review

Safety Turtle Swimming Pool AlarmWhy your baby needs such a pool alarm while they are near a lake or pool?

When you and your baby are near a lake or pool, you may feel nervous about the safety of your baby. And you may want to add some extra safety measure. In this situation, you really need a Safety Turtle pool alarm to sound an alert immediately once your baby touches, enters or drops into the water and you can react immediately to avoid any injury. Of course, any product cannot replace our parental supervision, but sometimes we cannot always keep an eye on our babies and Safety Turtle pool alarm at least can remind you of reacting as soon as possible once the water surface is disturbed. This pool alarm is perfect for those who spend much time near a lake with their babies, or who just have pools. In order to make it effective, it is highly recommended to use the turtle wristband constantly.

Pros & Cons


  • Sounds an alarm immediately and give you enough time to react if your baby enters the water.
  • The alarm is very loud and can be heard throughout your pool deck or even your whole house.
  • The carry case is weather-proof, so you can contentiously use it on boats or at lakes.
  • It also comes with additional wristbands, so one system can monitor more children.
  • It can be easily moved to new places where you need it. For example, you can move it to your neighbor’s pool, if your babies plan to play with their companions.


  • A little costly. You need to pay over $150 for Safety Turtle base and 1 wristband.
  • The price of 1 additional wristband is over $50.
  • It might lose its function if placing in saltwater pools.
  • Could malfunction in improperly balanced saltwater pools.
  • It is not recommended to use in sea water. It may lose its function.
  • An incorrect sense of safety may give parents.

Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm Description

  • Pool alarm system which sounds an alarm if babies enters the pool or lake
  • Includes 1 alarm base unit and 1 turtle wristband
  • Different color wristbands use different frequencies, so 2 systems cannot interfere with each other.
  • Turtle wristband design can reduce false alarms at the most extend.
  • It is portable, easy to use and dependable. Wristband battery can last for 4 years without replacing.

Buying Guide and Review

This pool alarm has its special design that is different from other mainstream pool alarms. It will sound an alarm as soon as possible when your baby just enters the water, while other pool alarms only sound an alarm when the pool surface is disturbed and broken. The alarm base can be powered by a battery or you can connect it to your wall plug. Your baby will wear a wristband that has a water-sensitive sensor. The sensor is built in the turtle. Once the sensor is contacted with water, it will trigger a sound alarm.

To reduce the chances of sounding false alarms, the wristband is specially designed. If the turtle is just sprayed and splashed, it will not trigger an alarm. For example, if your baby is just playing a water pistol, it will not sound an alarm. It is easy to operate the wristband. A small key is used to lock the wristband in hand. And it also allows adjusting the length of the band according to the size of your baby’s wrist.

As a submersion pool alarm, the alarm sounds are very loud and can be heard throughout most houses and homes. I have tested its performance. It sounded an alarm immediately upon submersion in the swimming pool and in the lake nearby. It also offers more expansion units to cover wider areas, but these units should be purchased separately. If you have more than 1 baby, you can buy extra wristbands and use the same base unit. The wristbands come in up to 6 colors. And each color wristband uses a different frequency, so they will not interfere with each other. Therefore, if you plan to buy extra wristbands, make sure the color you choose matches the color of the turtle on its base, or the wristband you bought will not be effective. The portable feature is also my favorite, which means I can easily take it to other pools without much effort.

In the End

One thing you need to especially pay attention to this pool alarm cannot replace parental supervision. Even if it doesn’t sound an alarm, you must make sure your babies are safe when they are near water. It is highly recommended to use the Safety Turtle Swimming Pool Alarm together with other pool alarms, which can give you double insurance.

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