Vacuum Food Sealer Buying Guide

vacuum food sealerPeople who shop in bulk due to the savings they get can consider getting a vacuum food sealer to allow them to save more money. Vacuum sealers are basically simple devices designed to seal and preserve not only food items, but household products as well.

Suctioning air from containers and bags removes all the oxygen inside. Food items stored inside a refrigerator decays faster when they are exposed to oxygen. A number of vacuum food sealers are capable of extending the shelf life of food items by five times compared to standard storage methods.

In this situation, you can divide a ten-pound bag of chicken thighs into separate servings before vacuum sealing them in individual bags and storing them inside a freezer. You can simply take out the bags you need when you are ready to cook them. You will not have to open a big bag containing all the items and avoid exposing all of them to air. You only take out the other vacuum sealed bags when you are ready to cook them. The name itself indicates that air is sucked out of closed spaces, like containers or bags, to create a vacuum to keep the products in a sealed environment.

These devices offer versatility and different functions. Vacuum sealing food items can maintain their freshness five times more than using standard storage methods. When food items are vacuum sealed, the device takes out air and moisture that can cause molds to grow and food to spoil.

Vacuum sealers are used to heat seal different meat, fish, and poultry products as well as fruits and vegetables to allow them to be stored for a long time. But, these devices are not limited to food items. They can be used to vacuum seal jewelry and silverware to protect them from staining and maintain their luster. These devices can also be used to protect important documents from deterioration. This protects documents like marriage licenses and birth certificates from getting torn or becoming yellow. Some vacuum sealer models also feature a special port allowing them to vacuum seal large bags, canisters and jars.

Types of Vacuum food Sealers

There are two main kinds of vacuum sealers in the market. These devices can be classified into two depending on how they work.

  • Commercial vacuum sealer or chamber vacuum sealer
  • External Vacuum Sealer

Commercial Vacuum Sealers or Chamber Vacuum Sealers

While these vacuum sealer devices are mainly for industrial and commercial use, they can also be used at home. They are more expensive compared to external vacuum sealers. They can also remove more air compared to nozzle types or out-of-chamber vacuum sealers. These vacuuming and sealing process of these devices occur inside a chamber, which is its main difference compared to out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.

This vacuum sealing method works best with moist or liquid products since they allow you to avoid spillage. This means the gravy or juices of the food will remain on the dish even after you store it. It also maintains the moistness of leftovers, which makes them delicious even after you reheat them. It is similar to the frozen dinner you have at home. Other features offered by chamber vacuum sealers include the following:

  • They offer better vacuum level than out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.
  • The vacuum sealing process happens inside a chamber.
  • Users choose the suction level they require.
  • They feature longer heat sealing bars compared to out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.
  • They feature an integrated high-power pump or compressor.
  • They are heavier than out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.

External Vacuum Sealers

External vacuum sealers are normally used inside the home. These devices are compact and used mainly for smaller vacuum sealing jobs. There are also a number of hand-held models of these devices that use batteries as their power source. There are two main types of external vacuum sealers:

  • Food saver vacuum sealer
  • Portable vacuum sealer
  • The main features of external vacuum sealing devices are as follows:
  • User-friendly
  • Bags can be held during the vacuum sealing process allowing you to monitor the vacuuming status and requirements of the package.
  • Requires minimal maintenance or oil change.
  • Vacuuming process limited to the bag being vacuum sealed.
  • The process can be used in sealing all bag sizes and vacuum channel sizes.

Evaluating what you need

You should make the necessary research before you buy a vacuum sealer. A commercial vacuum sealer is unnecessary if you do not use the device often. Hand-held models are sufficient enough for this purpose. But, if vacuum sealing is done the whole day, you should get the high-end models that can be used both for your business and your home. Take the following points into consideration before you buy a unit.

Go through some vacuum sealer reviews before buying one

Vacuum Sealer Prices

The technology and design of vacuum sealers determine the price of the device. These devices can be costly due to the quality of the materials used as well as their features. These devices are capable of continuously vacuum sealing containers. Some models are priced around a thousand dollars or more, which are ideal for home-based cooks or restaurant chefs. Bulk shoppers can also take advantage of the features offered by these devices. Online clothing merchants can also benefit from vacuum sealers.

Online merchants can vacuum seal products before shipping them. This allows them to save on shipping costs since their products will take up less space compared to products that are not vacuum sealed. Vacuum sealing saves you a good amount of space when you ship them. Chamber vacuum sealers are more expensive compared to out-of-chamber vacuum sealers.

Considering your skills

Have you used vacuum sealers before? Are you a technically-inclined individual? If you are a new user and technically-challenged, you may have to get an automatic vacuum sealer since you only have to put the products into a bag and position it on the vacuum channel. Everything else is done by the machine. These models are simple vacuum sealing devices that are quite user-friendly. The manual is simple to read and easy to understand. A number of these vacuum sealers provide everything needed to allow you to start working. But, if you have used vacuum sealers in the past, you may want to choose high-end models that allow manual adjustments in the level of air to be taken out. This allows you to pack the containers based on the requirements. These requirements are based on the vacuum sealing you need to do. But, you should also be ready to learn how to use devices that feature complicated controls.

Amount of Packaging Required

The vacuum sealers available in the market have different features and capabilities. While chamber vacuum sealers provide better efficiency, the sealing process takes a longer time to complete compared to out-of-chamber vacuum sealers. Out-of-chamber vacuum sealers offer better control and are more user-friendly compared to chamber vacuum sealers. The quality and volume of products to be sealed regularly should determine the model you are going to buy. Commercial vacuum sealers are ideal for large-scale sealing of food items and other products. The sealing process is fast and these machines are designed to handle large workloads.

Other Factors

When you look for a vacuum food sealer, you should consider the items included in the device. These may include hand-held accessories as well as attachments. You have to look at the amount of maintenance they require and the warranty offered by the manufacturers. Do these devices include drip trays that are dishwasher safe, an integrated safety feature, and long sealing bars? Many vacuum accessories and attachments available in the market can be used on many countertop models. These attachments are used in sealing large bags, canister, containers, and jars. You should look for models with these accessories if you require them. You should include these additional features into account when deciding on the price you need to pay for the device.

You should also look into the type of bags that can be used for these vacuum food sealers since some countertop models require a special type of bag. There are other models that use proprietary bags available in the market. These special bags are frequent expenses you need to consider, which increases the cost of vacuum sealing products.


After taking into account everything discussed above, we hope you already have an idea on how to select the most suitable vacuum sealer to meet your needs. Regardless of the model you decide to buy, you should keep in mind that vacuum sealers keep your food fresh five times longer compared to standard packaging and storage methods. These devices also allow you to save money if you are a wholesale buyer. This guide can help you select the best vacuum food sealer with the numerous models available in the market today.

Top 5 Best Infrared Heaters Reviews

Infrared heaters are very useful during the cold months, because they can heat an area in your room. Of course, it is not recommended to use it warm up an entire room, because this can make it less effective. They are designed to heat an area for a small group or an individual. Compared to other household heating systems, they are much more cost-effective. They cost you less but act more energy efficiently than you think. Plus, it is a great way to save money on your energy bill during cold winters.

Best  Infrared Heater

Generally, infrared heaters need a longer time to heat up. However, the following top 5 best infrared heaters can push the heat in the direction of wherever they are pointed once they are turned on. Well, after all, they are not household heating systems. If you use one to heat a room that is 120 square-foot, you need to wait for several hours before the room is sufficiently warmed. If your room is much larger, the time will be longer. Of course, you can choose a more powerful heater, but this means more electricity using. Our top 5 best list is chosen on a regular basis. Each of these heaters is energy efficient and will not make your utility bills driven up. What’s more, we also consider many safety features, like overheat protection, tip-over switches, etc. These safety features are very important when it comes to choosing a heater for your room, reducing the risk of burning injury or even fire.

Optimus H-5511 Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater

Best Infrared HeaterIf you need an affordable and energy efficient heater, this product is a good choice. When it works, it is very silent because it doesn’t have a fan and it can push adequate heat to a small area. It also allows you to choose 2 settings: 400 watts or 800 watts. Many users think even the lower setting is enough to offer adequate warm to an area, so it will use more electricity even if you keep it using for a long time. Other safety features are also included, like a safety shut-off, the always cold housing, a tip-over switch, etc. Therefore, this Optimus H-5511 is ideal for people who need a heater to offer simple but effective heat.

Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater

Dr-Infrared-Heater-Portable-1500-WattThis Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater seems a little expensive, but it has enough reasons to make you love it. Its performance, style, as well as safety features justify its higher price tag. Even if this product has a compact design, it also offers wheels so that you will find it is so easy to move from one room to another. Its wood finish cabinet design is very attractive and can provide you with a stylish appearance. Safety features like a tip-over protection, overheat cut-off protection are also included. This system works quickly and quietly. Its 1,500 watts power is powerful enough to heat an area of up to 1000 square feet. It has 3 settings to choose from, which allows you to control its heating temperatures from 50 to 85 degrees. Plus, it even comes with a remote control, so it is very convenient to use.

Honeywell MyEnergySmart Infared Whole Room Heater

Honeywell-MyEnergySmart-Infared-Whole-HeaterThis unit is designed to be energy efficient, so it uses less energy. It also comes with a prominent energy usage indicator, so the performance can be monitored. It comes with a very large LCD display, so you will find the control panel is so easy to use. It has 3 heat settings: low, medium and high. This product also offers many advanced features like a programmable timer, the ability to store your favorite settings, etc. It is also very safe to use due to its safety features including a 4-way tip-over switch, over-heating protection. A remote control is also included for convenient to use. Its caster wheels make it easy to be moved. Plus, a 3-year warranty is also included.

Optimus H-4110 9-Inch Dish Heater

Optimus-H-4110-9-Inch-Dish-HeaterIf you need heater for personal use, this Optimus 9″ Dish Heater is a good choice. For example, if you need a desk heater, it is qualified. Even though it is a very basic, energy efficient heater, it also comes with the essential safety features. Its housing always keeps cool, so this can prevent any burn. Overheat protection, as well as a tip-over safety switch, are also included. It also has a built-in carrying handle, making it easy to move.

Lasko 6101 Infrared Quartz Console Heater

Lasko-6101-Infrared-Quartz-ConsoleThis best infrared heater Lasko 6101 from Lasko uses its special design to save energy. It will use high heat unit before the required temperature is reached, and then it uses low heat to maintain the temperature. Its overheat protection is also helpful to save energy and prevent from overheating. When the temperature is over the set temperature, it will shut off automatically to save energy. Other advance features are also included, like a timer, a digital thermostat, recessed casters etc. Of course safety features are essential, including the cool-touch housing, a tip-over safety switch, overheat protection.

This is our list of best Infrared Heaters and if you need one, you can choose one of them.

Infrared Heater Buying Guide

You have to consider a few things when you are looking for an infrared heater before you go out to buy it. There are many different models of infrared heaters in the market, and some have features that are not present in others. They vary in terms of heating power, size, life span, features, price, and quality. This guide aims to help you in making an informed decision on selecting and buying an infrared heater. The guide also helps people who are not sure about checking the different infrared heater brands and models in the market.

The following are the major considerations you should look at when looking to buy an infrared heater.

Spot Heating or Room Heating

The first thing to consider when choosing an infrared heater is whether you will need spot heating or you would need a heater for a whole room. The two main types of infrared heaters are the radiant heaters and room heaters. Radiant infrared heaters provide heat directly to persons or objects. On the other hand, room heaters provide heat to the whole room. These types of heaters have their own advantages and disadvantages that you should consider before buying them.

Your personal preferences and needs determine the type of heater you need. A radiant heater is ideal for people who do not like cold spots. Many people prefer using a room heater for use at home, such as iheater or Dr. Heater. But, radiant heaters, such as the Optimus H-5210, can be ideal for some heating situations or locations, like a garage, stockroom, or a poorly insulated area.

Electric Heaters or Natural Gas/Propane/Kerosene Heaters

You also have to decide if you need natural gas/propane/kerosene heaters or an electric heater when looking for a heater to buy. Many people looking for a heater for their home opt to get an electric heater. But, there are instances when a propane heater is ideal for use, particularly when it is used outdoors, either on the porch or patio, or on a camping trip.

Your personal situation determines the type of heater you would buy since the heater should meet all your requirements.


The quality of infrared heaters varies from one model to another. Many customers have bad experiences with a few brands, like the first Edenpure models, due to poor workmanship and inefficient heating performance. While the flaws on these old models have been corrected through the years, their disappointment does not make it easy for them to give these brands a second look.

Similar to other electronic devices, the length of time quartz tubes or bulbs produce infrared heat determines the life span infrared heaters. Quartz tubes normally last between 20,000 and 60,000 hours. Once they reach their life span, it is necessary to replace them. Good quality infrared heaters feature bulbs with longer life spans compared to other heaters. They also offer better heating performance.

It is advisable to avoid generic brands normally available in major retailers. You should look into highly regarded infrared heater brands, such as iheater, Dr. Heater, Comfort Zone, and Optimus. These are tried-and-tested brands offering high-quality heaters with longer life spans.

Heating Power

The power output of an infrared heater is directly proportional to its heat output, which is similar to all types of space heaters. High power or wattage results to more heat produced. Power output range from 300 watts up to 1,500 watts depending on the type of infrared heater. Radiant heaters normally have a low power output or low wattage compared to room heaters, which offer more wattage or power output.

Heaters with higher wattage use more energy, which results to higher utility bills. While infrared heaters have an on-off cycle to enhance energy efficiency, there are instances when a 1,500 watt infrared heater is not necessary. You should consider this when you are in the market for an infrared heater.


Different types of infrared heaters offer different features. Many infrared room heaters offer numerous features including built-in air purifiers. But, there are some models offering more than just the standard features, like the Dr. Heater Dr-998. Some models feature oscillation fans and dehumidifiers, which can function independently.

The standard features of many infrared room heaters include caster wheels, adjustable timer and thermostat, automatic shut-off switch, remote control capability, and a case that remains cool while the device operates.


A one-year warranty is a standard offering of many infrared heater manufacturers. Some offer warranty periods of at least two years while others offer a lifetime warranty for their products. While many manufacturers avoid selling defective units, a good warranty is something useful in case something happens to your infrared heater. You should look for units offering a warranty of at least two years.


The type of infrared heater you buy determines its price. Many smaller infrared radiant heaters cost less than $40. On the other hand, the more sophisticated models of infrared room heaters cost at least $300. You should set your budget based on your needs. If your budget is not enough for a particular model you want to buy, you may want to buy a refurbished or used unit, which is normally offered at a lower price.

Expensive models are not always the most durable types of infrared heaters. After researching different brands and models of infrared heaters, we came across a number of reasonably-priced models that had similar features and qualities as more costly brands and models. Due to this, you should look into consumer reviews from owners of different infrared heater models.

Look Into Consumer Reviews and Evaluate Different Brands and Models

When customers are satisfied with their purchase, they normally give positive feedback about the product on different online merchant websites. They also recommend these products to potential customers. On the other hand, dissatisfied customers who are disappointed with their purchase give negative feedback about the product. But, it is important to read between the lines to see if these complaints are justifiable.

A good number of these negative reviews were made by people who received defective units, or experienced bad customer service. But, if a specific feature of a product receives numerous negative feedbacks, you should dig deeper to find out whether these complaints are valid.

In addition, you should compare the different brand and models in the market. It is important to look into the features offered by these infrared heaters. You should also review and compare the prices and options offered by each model. After doing everything indicated above, you will likely have an idea on which type, brand, or model of infrared heater you will buy.

Top 5 Best Slow Cookers Reviews

Slow cookers already have a long history, but the old slow cookers were not the same as the modern slow cookers. At the very first beginning, people used a cast iron to hold food to simmer and that might be the best way to make even tough meat tenderized. Later on, Dutch ovens became very popular due to their high-hat tops and large pot-like bottoms. In some sense, you can say they were slow cookers because they were similar to the modern slow cookers. They had a large capacity and were able to contain and cook a large amount of food for even a large family. Once one oven was placed on the stove top to be heated, it went on cooking. Slow cookers are also called as crock pots. Crock pots have 2 ways to heat themselves. Some have a built-in heating element which surrounds the entire cock, while the others have a heated base that allows the crock to be rested on. They can be heated to a minimum of 200 degrees. Some can offer a higher temperature for a fast cooking. However, even the lowest temperature is able to kill salmonella bacteria. Therefore, slow cookers don’t mean low temperatures.

The reason we need a slow cooker is that we need to cook for our family. Therefore, we choose the best slow cookers for you and they can satisfy your requirements.

  • Larger Capacity – They are all at least 4-quart capacity. The larger capacity also means high efficiency, because large crocks can store more ingredients which can store more heat and heat cannot be easily lost. Compared with larger crocks, smaller crocks may lose heat easily, so they need to run longer to cook food. And this will waste much energy.
  • Cook food evenly (precise temperature control) – Another reason we select them is that every of them will offer you a great performance. They will cook your food under a precise temperature. They can heat your food evenly.
  • Removable design – Unlike old style crock pots, their bases and crocks can be removable. This design means you can easily clean your crock separately.
  • A least 1-year warranty – All of them offer at least 1-year warranty, so you don’t need to worry about their quality.

Best Slow Cooker

Westinghouse WSC801RD 8-Quart Slow Cooker with matching 0.6-Quart Sauce Warmer

Westinghouse-WSC801RD Best Slow CookerThis Westinghouse slow cooker is an 8-quart cooker. Unlike other units, it has 2 separate crocks. This design is very useful. The large crock can be used to cook a main meal, while the smaller crock can be used to heat sauce, keep gravy warm, or melt chocolate/butter. The removable feature allows you to easily clean it. They are all dishwasher safe.

Hamilton Beach 7 Quart Stay Or Go Slow Cooker

Hamilton-Beach-Slow-Cooker Best Slow CookerThis Hamilton slow cooker is a 7-quart cooker and it is also the only slow cooker that is very portable. The cover latch will not allow any ingredient to spill out, because it secures tightly. And the hinged lid can make the cover always placed in the right position. It has 3 temperature settings.

Bella BLA13898 Diamonds Collection Manual Slow Cooker

Bella-BLA13898This is a larger slow cooker and the capacity is 6-quart. It has a removable crock, a glass cover and a base. It even offers 3 essential temperature settings and you can easily set the temperature by using its dial. Plus, it is also very affordable.

Crock-Pot SCCPVI600-S 6-Quart Countdown Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot-SCCPVI600-SThis best crock pot is programmable, which means you can program the accurate time in when you need it to cook for you. Of course, the cooker is also removable and can be used to brown food even on a stove top. You can first heating the crock on your stove top to quickly be heated and then move the crock  back into its base for slow cooking. It is also very easy to clean. The base could be wiped by a damp cloth to clean and the crock could be cleaned in your dishwasher.

West Bend 84905 5-Quart Oblong-Shaped Slow Cooker

West-Bend-84905-5-Quart-Oblong-Shaped-Slow-CookerThis best slow cooker has a heated base and a removable crock. With its rotary dial, you can easily control the temperature. It allows you to choose up to 5 different temperature settings. The base can be wiped to clean with a damp cloth. The crock is also very easy to clean. You can clean it by hand or just throw it into your dishwasher to wash. It is dishwasher safe. What’s more, you can place the crock on any stove top to heat. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a Dutch oven any more.

Slow Cooker Buying Guide

The best slow cooker has the following features:

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive controls: Slow cookers are simple devices. The manual or digital controls should be simple and intuitive that you only have to push a button to operate the appliance.
  • Sturdy and adaptable insert: The slow cooker insert should be safe for use on a dishwasher to make cleanup easy. Some models can also be used inside a refrigerator, an oven, and on a stovetop. This makes it easy to cook and store. Stoneware inserts are sturdier compared to metal inserts featuring non-stick coating. But, you should remember that all models are still prone to peeling and cracking.
  • See-through cover that mounts properly: The cover should mount properly to prevent heat from escaping the slow cooker and allow food to reach the correct temperature. The cover should be see-through so you can check how the food is cooking without having to open the cover.
  • Durable handles that are heat-proof: One common complaint of slow cooker owners is that the exterior can become too hot to touch. This is unavoidable, but heat-proof handles allow you to bring dinner into the dining room without getting burned.
  • Automated warning indicator: Programmable slow cookers should have a feature that keeps the food warm after it is cooked. While this feature does not come with manual slow cookers, it should be something to look for in the appliance if you will leave it unattended for a long period of time.
  • Added features to make it adaptable: A number of slow cookers have numerous cooking modes, including steam, roast, and sauté. While these modes are not needed for basic slow cookers, you may need them if you are cooking complicated dishes since they allow you to cook without using other pots and pans.

Things to consider

What are the dishes you will cook? Oval slow cookers are ideal for cooking large slabs of meat, including chicken or a whole roast. In contrast, cooking soup, chili, pasta, and stew require a round slow cooker.

How big is the slow cooker you need? Smaller households require a small slow cooker that has a capacity of less than four quarts. This model is good enough for a small number of people. Families with at least four people may require a slow cooker with a capacity of at least four or five quarts while big groups require a model with a six-quart capacity. You should also think about the space available in the kitchen. Large capacity models occupy a big space, which means counter or storage space should be big. But, results may not be ideal if the food you cook is too much or too little no matter what unit size you have.

Will you bring the slow cooker around? Bringing a slow cooker around is a good idea if you regularly attend neighborhood get-togethers to ensure the food remains warm at the event. You should make sure the cover locks properly into place to keep the food from spilling. The portable slow cooker should also feature an easy-to-grip handle and a power cord that retracts.

Are the cover and inserts replaceable? Many slow cooker owners have a common issue with their units, the glass cover and inserts are prone to damage. Due to this, you have to check if the cover and inserts are replaceable or would you need to buy a new one in case they break.

Can you monitor the slow cooker all the time? Slow cookers are favored by busy families since they do not have to monitor them all the time. But, you would still want to follow guidelines in food safety by avoiding food to remain unattended at a low temperature for an extended period of time. The Food and Drug Administration says the risk of bacteria increases when temperature goes under 140 degrees. A programmable model with a long timer is best for people working long hours since it allows them to use the ”keep warm” function after it’s cooked. It also ensures the food remains warm and prevents overcooking.


This is our list of top 5 best slow cookers. For every family, a slow cooker is a must-have small kitchen appliance. If you need to buy one, you can choose one of them.

If you are interested in using a slow cooker to cook food for your family, these slow cooker recipes may help you:

Top 5 Best Baby Walkers Reviews

A baby walker is useful when your little one is learning how to move around with his or her own 2 feet. Of course, you cannot expect such a baby walker can teach your baby how to walk, but it at least can offer your baby plenty of giggles, making him or her keep entertaining. On the market, there are plenty of different baby walkers and it is difficult to find the best one if you are the first time to buy one. We’ve done a lot research and made this list of top 5 best baby walkers. If you think a baby walker is a must-have, you can choose any of them according to your preference. There were chosen because they all come with interactive toys which are helpful to stimulate little ones’ minds and keep them entertained. They also have removable padded seats which can be washed by hand or are machine washable. When your little one grows, you also can adjust its height to accommodate your baby.

Best Baby Walker

Delta Children Lil’ Drive Baby Activity Walker

best baby walkerIf you are a car enthusiast, you will love this baby walker, because it is shaded like a bright red sports car which has wheels. It also comes with plenty of fun interactive elements which will attract your baby’s attention, such as blinking lights, a honking horn which can honk. Its toy tray has so many funny, interactive sounds and lights to make your little one entertained. If your baby wants to eat something, the electronic toy tray can be easily removed, so it will offer a surface to place snacks for your baby’s snack time. It offers up to 3 adjustable height positions, making it accommodate the growing baby. If you want to take it for travel or just don’t need it sometime, you can easily fold this walker down in a few seconds. It is also very safe to use, because it is certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

Bright Starts Walk-A-Bout Walker, Roaming Safari

Bright-Starts-Walk-A-Bout-Walker-RoamingThis walker comes with plenty of sounds and sights which can attract babies and motivate them to practice their walking skills. Its activity bar has many interactive toys, so your baby can be easily engaged and your baby will also love listening to its upbeat melodies. It also has 3 adjustable height positions, which allow you to adjust according to your growing baby. At least, it can accommodate your baby more than 1 year due to these adjustable height settings. It is also relatively easy to fold it down, making it easy to store and travel. Its seat cover is machine washable, making it very easy to clean.

Chicco Lil Piano Splash Walker

Chicco-Lil-Piano-Splash-WalkerThis best baby walker comes with a DJ tray that has drums, buttons, rattles, lights, sounds and a keyboard. With these interesting entertainment elements, your baby will love walking together with rhythm and music it offers. The removable padded seat can be taken off easily and you can wash it by hand. Similar to other models on this list, it also has up to 3 height settings, so it can grow with your growing baby. What’s more, it is designed to be folded flat, helping you easily take it to anywhere you like. Its 6 separate brake pads ensure the maximum safety for your little one. Therefore, once you have bought this for your baby, you will don’t need to worry about any safety problem.

Chicco DJ Walker Activity Center

Chicco-Walker-Activity-Center-SilverThis best baby walker also comes with an interactive activity tray that includes a gear shifter, a steering wheel, a horn which can beep and more. It is able to play tunes to provide a multi-sensory experience so that little minds can effectively keep stimulated. This walker allows adjusting its height according to your little one’s growing. It offers up to 3 height settings. If you want to store it or just want to take it for travel, you can fold it flat. What’s more, it also offers added security that its brake pads can prevent from falling down stairs.

Babies R Us Orby 2.0 Activity Walker

Babies-Us-Orby-Activity-WalkerIts bright colors are very impressive. It also comes with an electronic toy tray that will make your baby engaged all the time. This is because this toy tray has many toys which can twinkle lights, make sounds, and offer interesting things that your baby will love to explore. With up to 3 height adjustments, it grows together with your baby. Similar to other models on this list, this one allows you to fold it flat for easy storage and travelling.

Baby Walker Buying Guide

If you have a baby, a baby walker is really a good tool to help your child learn how to walk. And you would like to see the learning process, full of joy. And such a baby walker also can make your baby involved in playing with it, freeing your hands sometimes. If you are just looking for the best baby walker for your infant, there are some factors you need to consider. Once you know all the essential factors, you are able to buy the ideal one that is safe and helps to educate our baby.

Appropriate Wheels

The first thing you need to consider is the baby walker’s wheels which should be appropriate. And you also need to consider the type of floor in your home. For example, smaller wheels are not good for carpets or small holes, because the baby is not easy to move around freely. And If your floor has rough texture, you also need to choose larger wheels. Therefore, larger wheels are best for your baby, enabling free movement and withstanding for a long time before being worn off.


When buying a baby product, of course, safety is very important and can determine whether you should buy it or not. For a baby walker, it is also the first consideration. Don’t choose traditional baby walkers, because they don’t have braking pads and are easy to fall. Modern types are ideal, because they have brakes to prevent your baby from falling. Another safety consideration is that the one you buy should assure your baby cannot be left on it by himself or herself. Safety traps are designed to keep your baby comfortable when they use the baby walker. Therefore, safety traps should allow you to adjust them to make your baby comfortable. And this can protect your baby to some extent.

Sufficient Padding for the Seat

For better comfort, the seat requires more padding. If the padding is not sufficient, your baby may feel uncomfortable and the seat may not last longer. Therefore, just looking for the baby walker that has a seat with sufficient padding.

Easy to clean

When you choose a baby walker, you also need to know if it is easy to clean. Of course, a baby walker that is easy to clean and maintain can really help you. However, buying that one may cost you a bit more.

Certified manufacturer

The baby walker you buy should be produced by a certified manufacturer. This is very important. Therefore, you can get the right type without messing up in your choice.

Top 5 Best Cheap Mechanics Tool Sets Reviews

In most situations, if you are not a professional, you don’t need a complete set of mechanic tools and a cheap mechanic tool set offers enough tools for you to work on most jobs. Of course, if you are professional and have enough budget, you can buy a complete set of tools. For starters or occasional use, a cheap mechanic tool set is enough, which will not break your bank.

Best Cheap Mechanics Tool Set

We’ve made this list of top 5 best cheap mechanics tool sets for you to choose from. Most of them are less than $150. As a tool set, they are a must in our home. We also checked their ratings, pros and cons, as well as customer reviews.

Craftsman 230 Piece 230 PC SAE Metric Mechanics Tool Set ratchet wrench socket

Craftsman-Metric-Mechanics-ratchet-includedIf you are looking for the best Mechanic Tool Set at a reasonable price, I highly recommend this Craftsman mechanic tool set, because it comes with a very wide range of sets and lots of other quality tools. And Craftsman is really a good brand, so you can trust them. Why? This is because of their warranty. They offer a lifetime warranty like other brands, but Sears offers a strong support for this brand. For example, if your tool set is broken, you only need to take it to the nearest Sears store and they will quickly repair it or just replace it. It is very convenient. And this tool set is very affordable. If you are limited to your budget but want to have a good quality tool set, this is a good choice. And it comes in a very nice tool box. Highly recommend.

Kobalt 227-Piece Standard Metric Mechanics Tool Set

Kobalt-227-Piece-Standard-Mechanics-85183You may never hear of this brand before. Actually, it is an in-house tool brand of Lowe. They are produced to compete with Sears’ brand Craftsman directly. Because they are new, they don’t have the same reputation, even if they offer a more comparable warranty. People who have bought their tools said their customer service is so good that any problem can be solved as soon as possible. And all their tools are designed to be beef, so they are very durable and help you deal with some hard job. If you buy this set, you don’t need to buy other tools when it comes to dealing with a mechanic’s project. Plus, this mechanic set also comes with a durable plastic tool box which has 3 drawers, so all your tools can be organized well.

Craftsman Evolv 101 piece Mechanics Tool Set

Craftsman-Evolv-101-piece-Mechanics-Tool-SetEvolv is another brand from Sears, but it is not Craftsman. It is a budget brand and still a very good tool. They offer the nicest handles, which are rubberized, making your comfortable to grip. Although this mechanics tool set doesn’t comes with as many tools as other mentioned tool sets above, it is very affordable. It offers the most common size of wrenches and sockets, in both Metric and SAe. Therefore, for most of us, these tools are enough. And it offers a limited lifetime warranty, which is not as good as the Craftsman offers. Therefore, it is a good habit of keeping your sales receipt and you’d better not to abuse all the tools. Or Sears will not replace it for you. For example, if you put a 6-foot pipe on a wrench to use it as a breaker bar, you may not be supported by Sears if it happens to break.

Stanley STMT71654 201-Piece Mechanics Tool Set

Stanley-STMT71654-201-Piece-Mechanics-ToolThis Stanley mechanic tool set comes with up to 201 pieces of tools. You may not hear its name and may think it only offers cheap tools. However, this one is also high quality. If you don’t need to use mechanic tools often, this tool is good enough. For example, you can store one in your car and use it for emergency repairs. Even after a few years of abuse, it looks as new as before.

As a standard consumer grade of tools, you can easily find them in the big box stores. They are really pretty good and can work for you for many years. You can buy a Stanley mechanics tool set and store it in the truck of your car for many years, so you can use it as an emergency set. And it performs well and it is designed to be durable. This tool set comes with 3 separate ratchets, so you can always get the right tool on hand. These ratchets heads come in 54 teeth, so every throw is less than 7 degrees. This is pretty cool and good, because you cannot get such throw at this price. Normally, you need to pay more to get a throw that small. All the sockets have 12 point. And it comes with a lifetime warranty from its manufacturer.

Crescent CTK148MP 148 Piece Professional Tool Set

Crescent-CTK148MP-Piece-Professional-ToolThis tool set offers 148 pieces of mechanic tools and all the tools are packed in a very nice case. And all they tools are organized well, so you can easily find the one you needed. It offers essential tools at a lower price. Therefore, for starters, this tool set is good enough. You can buy one for indoor or outdoor use.

If you have used an original Crescent adjustable wrench, you may feel it is so great. Crescent is a great company. While they also produce tools, which are especially perfect for DIYers. This tool set comes with up to 148 pieces tools and all the tools are packed in a flip open box, so all your tools can be organized better. You can easily find and get the right tool as soon as possible. This tool set is very complete, because its ratchets have 3 standard sizes and it has assorted screwdrivers, as well as a couple of pairs of pliers. Therefore, if you need a complete mechanics tool set, this one is perfect on this list.

How to choose the best cheap mechanic tool set?

If you are a jack-leg, Saturday, or shade-tree mechanic, you may think you really need a complete set to tools to do your business. However, on the market, there are so many mechanic tool sets and most of them are so expensive. Most of us cannot afford these expensive tools, even if they catch our eyes. If the budget is not a big problem for you, of course you can choose the most professional mechanic tool set you can find on the market. You can always find the right tool in your tool box when handle different types of jobs. However, maybe there are some tools in your tool box that you have never used and don’t know how to use.

Therefore, when it comes to choosing the best mechanics tool set, we should be more practical. We should understand what types of tools we really need to work on our own motorcycle or car. If you have no idea, don’t worry about it. In the following, we will discuss the main factors that can heavily influence our buying decision. And after that, you will understand what you can get on the budget which you can really afford.

Metric vs. SAE

Most professional tool set offers tools in SAE and metric size. However, if you have known something, you can only choose one type. After 1990, the biggest car city Detroit has given up old SAE fasteners and changed to metric fasteners. Therefore, if the vehicles you are working on is not as old as 1990, SAE tools are not essential. So you don’t need to pay for them. In this situation, you may only need to buy a tool set which only offers tools in metric sizes. However, if you need tools to repair washing machines, SAE tools are needed.

Sockets Aren’t Enough

In your tool set, besides sockets, combination wrenches are also essential. Although sockets can handle most jobs, you may also meet some bolts that you cannot use a ratchet to handle. Therefore, combination wrenches are as important as sockets.

6 Point Sockets Vs 12 point sockets

Six point sockets are better than 12 point sockets. Therefore, if at all possible, choosing a tools set that offers 6 point sockets. This is because 6 points sockets are stronger than 12 point sockets. And they seldom round the head of a rusted or stubborn bolt. You know if the head of a bolt is rounded, it will be more difficult to handle.

Manufacturer Reputation

It is a little difficult to see the specific grade of steel which is used in the tool set you plan to buy. In this situation, the manufacturer reputation is more important. The reputation can tell you more about the warranty and quality of a tool set. A company that uses cheap steel to build their tools will never receive a good fame. At some extent, choosing one tool means choosing a good famed company. The reputation really matters.


When it comes to buy some, the warranty is also very important. The warranty shows how much confidence a company has in their products. If these products are poor quality, they will not offer a long time warranty.

Top 5 Best Compact Dehumidifiers Reviews

If you are looking for a compact dehumidifier, first you know what it is. A compact dehumidifier can be a regular dehumidifier that has a smaller capacity. Generally, if a dehumidifier has a smaller capacity, it is more compact. On the other hand, a compact dehumidifier can also be a passive device which probably uses silica gel or crystals to absorb moisture from the air in an area.

Best Compact Dehumidifier

All of the best compact dehumidifiers in the following cover all the varieties, which can offer you more options. If you need a dehumidifier for a small space, they can help. They are all small enough and allow you to make them fit into places, like closets, bathrooms, a smaller room or storage areas. In these smaller areas, a regular dehumidifier cannot fit in such small places. Because of the smaller size and lightweight, they are very portable and compact, so you can take one along with you when you are on a boat or a RV. Generally, you can bring one on vacation. Some allow you to put one in your camera cases or safe, so your equipment and precious things can be kept dry and safe. We also consider the energy-efficiency factor, because it can cut your energy cost. And they are also very easy to use and the price is also reasonable.

Eva-dry Edv-1100 Electric Petite Dehumidifier

Best Compact DehumidifierThis Eva-Dry EDV-1100 is really a compact dehumidifier. When it works, it is very quiet and it will not disturb you. This is because it uses Peltier technology which doesn’t need a compressor. Therefore, it doesn’t have a compressor. As a smaller one, it is not suitable for heavy-duty uses, but is really a good choice for those who just want a dehumidifier for a smaller space, like bathrooms, closets, etc. When its water tank is full, it will turn off itself automatically. Once you have it, it helps to eliminate fungus and odors in your area.

New and Improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier

Improved-Eva-dry-E-333-Renewable-DehumidifierThis mini dehumidifier doesn’t use any electricity, so it allows you to place it in neglected and small areas, like closets, plastic storage containers, areas under the sink, etc. These areas are very damp and such a small dehumidifier is a right choice. Its versatility and its renewable crystals make it perfect. Generally, it can last about 20 to 30 days without renewing its crystals. And it works effectively in an area of about 333 cubic feet. If you need an affordable dehumidifier for passive moisture removal, this model helps.

Gurin DHMD-210 Electric Compact Dehumidifier

Gurin-DHMD-210-Electric-Compact-DehumidifierThis dehumidifier allows you to plug it in to a regular outlet and it is capable of removing moisture from the air in small places. It also doesn’t have a compressor, so it runs quietly and efficiently. Its compact size makes it perfect for closets, bathrooms, R.V.s, as well as other smaller areas. Of course, it is powered by electricity, so a plug nearby is needed. Its reservoir is also renewable. This product is approved by CE and UL. As one of the most popular dehumidifiers, it is worth buying.

40 Gram Indicating Desiccant Silica Gel Canister

ndicating-Desiccant-Silica-Canister-PelicanThis is not an electric dehumidifier. It uses silica gel to dehumidify the air. Therefore, it is really a great choice for small spaces, like, safes, camera cases, small cabinets and other small areas. If the silica gel cannot absorb moisture any more, you can put it in your oven and the moisture can be quickly dried out and you can use it again. And it is very cheap. And you can buy more to get more obvious effect.

Danby 30 Pt. Dehumidifier

Danby-DDR30A2GP-30-Pt-DehumidifierAlthough this compact dehumidifier seems a little larger than other models on this list, it is a perfect compact dehumidifier for those who want a regular compact dehumidifier. Besides its small size, its performance is also outstanding. It has a capacity of 30 pints. Even in colder climates, it can operate well. It is also equipped with castors, making it more portable.

Dehumidifier Buying Tips and Guide

If the humidity level is very high in your house, excess humidity can make damage to your home, because mildew and mold can promote the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, you really need a dehumidifier to get excess humidity removed from the air, making your household environment much more comfortable and helping individuals suffering from asthma and allergy.

Different dehumidifiers vary in prices. However, a unit under $300 is good enough to use for the average home. If you just need a smaller machine for occasional use, a compact dehumidifier is also good enough. And a compact dehumidifier can easily fit in a safe or drawer.

When you plan to get one, you should know something about them. There are some primary considerations you need to keep in mind before making a buying decision.

Pint Capacity

The first thing you need to consider is the pint capacity. Dehumidifiers are measured by a pint of moisture per day. Generally, an average dehumidifier can remove 30 to 50 pints of moisture every day. And the capacity has relation with the size of your room. For example, if your room is less than 2,000 square feet and dampness level is low, a dehumidifier with a 25-pint capacity is enough. On the contrary, if your room is more than 3,500 square feet and it is very wet, at least, you need one with a capacity of at least 70 pints.

Noise Level

If you are going to buy one for your bedroom or living room, the noise level must be taken into account. Generally, dehumidifiers are not the quietest appliances, but someone runs much quieter than others. If the capacity is large, it is likely to be louder. If you don’t want one to disturb your life, buying a quieter dehumidifier is essential.

Running Temperature

Where to install and use the dehumidifier determines the required operating temperature. Many dehumidifiers cannot operate properly in a cold environment. For example, if you plan to use a dehumidifier in your basement, you need to consider its operating temperature. For these hard conditions, you need to choose a special heavy-duty dehumidifier which was specially designed for operating in colder temperatures.

How to collect moisture and drain moisture

Generally, most basic models use a collection bucket to collect moisture and the bucket needs to be emptied manually. However, some of them feature automatic shut-off or an overflow alarm if the bucket is full of water. If you need one which can work continuously without manual emptying the buckets, some can satisfy your needs. These models use a built-in water pump to drain water upward or use gravity to drain the bucket passively.

Energy Consumption

Although the power of a dehumidifier seems low, it will consume more energy than you think if you keep it running continuously. However, they are always left running for a long time. Therefore, choosing one rated by Energy Star helps reducing the energy consumption.

Other Convenient and Useful Features

  • Built-in water pump – Such a pump can help draining water, which is great for continuous operation.
  • Filter Indicator – It can remind you when you need to clean the air filter.
  • Auto Humidistat – This feature allows you to set your desired humidity level.
  • Auto Restart – This feature allows your dehumidifier to restart and maintain its previous settings after a blackout or sudden interruption.
  • Timer – This is a convenient feature if you need your dehumidifier to work at certain times.
  • Casters – This feature makes it more portable and allows you to easily move to the places you would like to move.

The Bottom Line

If you are just looking for a compact dehumidifier, we hope our compact dehumidifier reviews can help you. And you also can check our list of best dehumidifiers reviews.

Top 5 Best Dehumidifiers Reviews

What is a dehumidifier?

On the contrary, we can use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air, but a humidifier can increase humidity in your room. If the humidity level is very high in your room, it will cause many problems, like mold and mildew damage to your furniture or other things, personal belongings damage, alleviating allergy symptoms etc. And such a dehumidifier can reduce the humidity, avoiding these problems.

Best Dehumidifier

On the market, there are so many dehumidifiers and we’ve done a lot of research and made this list of top 5 best dehumidifier, based on their ease of use features, convenient drainage features, portability, versatility, etc. Different models have different abilities to remove different amount of moisture per day. If you choose the improper one, it will be less effective to remove moisture. Therefore, the first thing you need to consider is that where you plan to use it for. All the following models have their abilities to cover a range of more than 1,000 square feet. When we made this list, we also considered the price factors. We only choose the ones that offer good value for money. Other useful features, like full bucket alters, built-in memory, are also considered.

DeLonghi DD50PE Dehumidifier

best dehumidifierThe main reason we choose this DeLonghi DD50PE as one of our best dehumidifiers is that it offers many convenient features and perfect performance. It comes with roll castors which allow you to move to any place in your house with ease. It also offers drainage options which are versatile and are able to accommodate many different needs.

Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint Dehumidifier

Frigidaire-FAD504DWD-Energy-50-pint-DehumidifierThis one is very affordable and convenient to use. It features a 50-pint capacity and can dehumidify a very large space. With its electronic controls, you will find it is so easy to use it. Plus, it comes with an extra-long electric cord. As product labeled with the Energy Star, it will save more for you.

SPT SD-72PE Energy-Star Dehumidifier with Built-In Pump, 70-Pint

SPT-SD-72PE-Energy-Star-Dehumidifier-70-PintThe capacity of this SPT SD-72PE dehumidifier is 70-pint. It comes with many useful and convenient features. For example, it has a built-in memory which is used to restore it to its previous programmed settings in case of a power failure. It also offers 3 ways to dray gathered moisture. An electronic control panel is also included for easy using. And when it works, it is very quiet, not disturbing you and your family.

Danby 30 Pt. Dehumidifier

Danby-DDR30A2GP-30-Pt-DehumidifierThis Danby DDR30A2GP has a 30-pint capacity and it is not only affordable but also offers great performance and convenience. It can work in a low temperature environment and comes with an electronic panel. And it even allows for continuous operation. It is also certified with Energy Stars, so it will not impose a burden on your electrical bills.

Keystone Energy Star 70 Pt. Dehumidifier, KSTAD70B

Keystone-Energy-Star-Dehumidifier-KSTAD70BIf you need an affordable dehumidifier to remove a large amount of moisture from the air every day, this Keystone Energy Star 70 Pt. Dehumidifier, KSTAD70B is one of the best choices. It is able to extract about 70 pints of moisture every day. Although it seems cheap, it also offers plenty of useful features. For example, it comes with a built-memory which can allow you to restore the settings to the last right programmed settings. This feature is very convenient, especially when there is a sudden blackout.

Dehumidifier Buying Guide

High humidity levels can cause the air inside the house to become stale and stuffy, and water vapor starts to form on pipes and windows. There are numerous activities that cause moisture to form in the air. These include cooking, showering, and using the dishwasher and washing machine. This situation is problematic, particularly in locations with high humidity levels.

It is important to make sure humidity inside a house is balanced to ensure the comfort and health of the family, and the house in general. Problems can emerge when water vapor or humidity levels go up or down too much. This article gives you information in handling both high and low humidity as well as what to look for when you are looking for a dehumidifier.

Dealing with High Humidity

High humidity causes problems during winter and summer. When the air is too humid during winter, condensation forms on the inner part of windows. This causes mold and mildew to form. While molds and mildew are not serious problems, condensation may form on its interior area if the exterior walls have no vapor retarder. When this happens, the structure may become rotten and destroy insulation. This situation usually results to paint cracking, peeling, and breaking along the sides, particularly in visible areas.


Indoor humidity monitors check humidity levels inside a structure

A room becomes unpleasant during the summer when humidity levels are high. Humid air in the room slows down evaporation of moisture on your skin, and makes it feel sticky and hot. A room humidity monitor, as shown above, can measure humidity levels in a room. It normally costs less than $10.

Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans also can help lower humidity to a suitable level. Making sure the clothes dryer is vented properly can also help. Just make sure a gas dryer is located outside. Short showers and running a full load on a dishwasher or washing machine can also help. You can also take out leaks and standing water inside the basement. But, if all of these do not help in lowering humidity levels, you should look for other methods, like using machines.

Using an air conditioner can help lower humidity levels during hot summer days when indoor humidity becomes uncomfortable. But, you should use a dehumidifier if you do not have an air conditioner or it is too cold to use it.

Selecting the Best Dehumidifier

Using dehumidifiers is the easiest and most practical way of lowering humidity levels. Dehumidifiers are simple machines designed to remove extra moisture in the air to make a room comfortable enough to stay in.

You have to consider the size of the dehumidifier if you decide to buy one. A centralized whole house dehumidifier works best for recurring high humidity issues since it uses the heating and cooling system of the house to lower humidity. But, if high humidity issues are intermittent and limited to a specific place in the house, like your basement, you can use a portable dehumidifier and bring it to the problem area.

Once you selected the unit size, you have to decide on the technology used since dehumidifiers work based on the following principles.

Portable Dehumidifiers

Houses experiencing sporadic humidity problems limited to certain areas require portable dehumidifiers that can be plugged anywhere. You can find these in hardware stores as well as home improvement centers. These dehumidifiers are user-friendly, inexpensive, and can effectively improve air quality in the house due to developments in technology. It is important to select the most effective and cost-effective unit in reducing and maintaining humidity to a tolerable level.

There are some differences in the types of portable dehumidifiers. You can consider the following when selecting one for your home.


Mini-dehumidifiers can lower humidity in small areas, like cabinets. They use silica that can renew whenever it is plugged in. These are priced at under $20

Size of the Dehumidifier

Look for a dehumidifier that is suitable for the space it will be used in. Check the area of the room you want to use the device and get an overview of the moisture level to know the proper unit size to get. The number of pints of water removed from the air within 24 hours is equivalent to the drying capacity of dehumidifiers.

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) established standards on the size of dehumidifiers for use inside houses. Many manufacturers provide simple sizing charts with each humidifier to guide homeowners on the proper unit size they need. You can also ask for the AHAM Selection Guide if the unit you want does not have a sizing chart.

High capacity dehumidifiers are better than buying units that are too small to function properly. If the unit is too small, it will not reduce humidity levels even if it runs continuously. High capacity dehumidifiers can be used in areas with too much moisture coming from dishwashers or clothes dryers that increase moisture levels. Indoor humidity levels also increase when it is humid outside. High capacity dehumidifiers are also ideal for regions with high humidity levels.

Humidity Control

You can also select humidifiers with automated controls that monitor and regulate relative humidity levels. The best relative humidity in homes should be from 40% to 50% during the summer and from 30% to 50% during the winter. Built-in hygrometers determine relative humidity and show it on a display. You can also set a specific humidity level on the adjustable humidistat and the unit automatically maintains it.

You can also buy a hygrometer and put it close to the dehumidifier if the unit does not have one. These devices are priced between $10 and $60. You will know when to turn it off and on since it measures humidity inside the house.

Water Capacity

You should also look into the bucket size of the unit. Large drip pans on dehumidifiers require less maintenance, but it may also require extra costs. The basic idea is the more moisture a dehumidifier extracts, the higher its price. Look around and find the best deal. A 25-pint dehumidifier may cost around $140 while 70-pint dehumidifiers cost around $225. Front-loading buckets on dehumidifiers are easier to drain.

Heat pump dehumidifiers can also be used as air conditioners.

Many portable dehumidifiers have self-draining features and have drain-hose connections. But, these should be placed in areas where water can be easily drained out of the unit, like the sink of a laundry room or floor drain in the basement. A number of dehumidifiers, like the Honeywell model, feature an evaporation technology that does not require a drain hose. These units are capable of removing around 95 pints of water each day. They also feature the heat pump technology allowing them to be used as air conditioners and use less energy.

Defrosting Features

Look for dehumidifiers capable of running at low temperatures. You should also look for units featuring an automatic defrost function unless you live in a relatively warm region throughout the year. The heat-exchange coils of dehumidifiers can ice up when temperatures inside go below 60 to 65 degrees, which makes it important to get units with a 40 to 45-degree Energy Star certification. While an automatic defrost feature may add to the price, you will not have to worry about having to frequently replace damaged heat coils.

Silent Operation

If the dehumidifier is located close to a bedroom, noise can be an issue. Dehumidifiers featuring two-speed fans operate silently when humidity levels are low. It also reduces energy expenses. You should check the noise level of the unit before you buy it.


Casters allow you to easily move your dehumidifier from one room to another. Long power cords also allow you to position the unit anywhere.

Automatic Shutoff

The dehumidifier will automatically shut off when the tub is full due to its overflow protection valve. This is one feature you should look for in the unit. Some models feature indicator lights warning you when the bucket needs to be emptied.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Star labels on dehumidifiers give an indication that you can save on electric bills. These government-sponsored labels show the dehumidifier is a cost-effective unit that functions properly while using less energy.

Washable Filters

The filters on some models protect the coils against grime and dirt. Check if the filters are easily removable and washable, which you should do at least once every two weeks. This allows you to avoid replacing the filters often.

Whole House Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers designed for the whole house are costly. They normally cost from $1,000 to $2,000 or more. These are normally fixed units that have to be installed and connected by professionals into the duct-work of the central cooling or heating system of the house. These are normally located at the air-handling cabinet or the furnace. But, there are also freestanding models that may not be connected into the system.

Top 5 Best Yogurt Makers Reviews

best yogurt makerYogurt is one of the healthiest dairy products. Unlike processed yogurt which is bought in stores, homemade yogurt is highly nutritious because it preserves all the fiber, proteins, and the probiotic bacterial cultures which are needed by your body for its development. In addition to this, homemade yogurt does not have fillers and preservatives which you commonly find in grocery store brands.

Best Yogurt Maker

All the makers of yogurt in the following top 5 best yogur makers list were selected because of their efficiency and thus will not just save you money but also time. The units create highly delicious yogurt at home, for a cheaper cost. This means that you will save more money if you use them to make yogurt at home instead of buying it from the store. The best part of it is that it will take just a few minutes to prepare a very delicious yogurt with the unit that you select. These units have also been selected because they feature the latest technology and will thus give you the efficiency that you need.

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

euro-cuisine-ym80-yogurt-makerThis is a highly compact unit which gives you an option of selecting the thickness or thinness of the yogurt that you want to make. However, unlike most of the other yogurt makers in the market, the unit allows the user to control fat content, sweetness, and its thickness as well. Another notable aspect of the machine is its high quality features at an affordable price.

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

cym100right_200pxThis is a yogurt maker which has a unique in-built cooling system. It is designed to chill your yogurt automatically after the process of fermentation so as to perfect the temperature in which you serve it. The unit also features a sleek design and various other innovative features which make it one of the best machines you can get in the market.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

Dash-Greek-Yogurt-MakerThis is a machine which is available in various colors, which means that you can easily find one that fits well in to your kitchen decor. Another important benefit of this unit is that it’s designed to make it durable and available at a pocket-friendly price.

Tribest YL-210 Yolife Yogurt Maker

Tribest-YL-210-Yolife-Yogurt-MakerThis is a highly versatile yogurt maker that will let you make yogurt in containers of your choice. This machine is very easy to clean, easy to use and is very affordable.

Total Chef Yogurt Maker – TCYM-07

total-chef-yogurt-maker-tcym-07The Total Chef Yogurt Maker, TCYM-07 is a highly versatile unit that will make it very easy to make yogurt at your home. It has parts which are very easy to clean and will thus not mess up your busy schedules. The unit is available at a very affordable price in the market.

Best Yogurt Maker Buying Guide

Yogurt is a delectably healthy snack that can also be taken as a small meal. While there are numerous types and flavors of yogurt available in different supermarkets and groceries today, many people prefer home-made yogurt due to the many advantages it offers.

You can decide on the ingredients for your own home-made yogurt. Aside from allowing you to come up with one-of-a-kind flavors, the yogurt you make at home can also be healthy than the ones sold in supermarkets. You have the choice of using non-fat or low-fat milk as well as different types of sweeteners. You can also avoid using preservatives that are normally found in yogurts sold in the supermarket. On top of being healthier than store-bought yogurt, home-made yogurt is also cheaper. Buying your own ingredients allows you to save more than buying yogurt at a supermarket.

These are just some of the numerous advantages offered by home-made yogurt. But, people normally find it difficult to select the best yogurt maker. We created this short guide to buying a yogurt maker to give some suggestions you can use so you can find the best yogurt maker available in the market.

Set a Budget for the Yogurt Maker

One of the first things you normally do before going out to buy new kitchen appliances is to set your budget for the machine. Numerous good quality yogurt makers can cost between $30 and $80, or even more. While you should avoid getting the cheapest model in the market, you should not also get the costliest one either. Look for the best budget that does not break the bank before going out and looking for the product that fits the budget.

Things to Consider in a Yogurt Maker

Yogurt makers are basically heating devices that gradually warm yogurt as it is being cooked. It takes a lot of time to make yogurt. You will take around ten hours to finish cooking one batch. Many yogurt makers feature small cups, which are suitable for single portion sizes. While they are capable of simultaneously making a small number of cups, there are some yogurt makers capable of making larger batches. You can select a yogurt maker capable of making a few cups per batch if the yogurt is only for personal consumption. But, if a lot of people will eat the yogurt or you simply like eating yogurt, you may want to get one that can make larger batches.

In addition to the size of the batches the yogurt maker can cook simultaneously, you can also consider the features offered by the machine. These features include digital timers, LCDs, and automatic shutoff features, among others. When you start looking for a good yogurt maker and compare the prices and models, you should also look at the different features available in the yogurt maker that fits the budget you set.

Top 5 Best Garment Steamers Reviews

A steamer will come in handy when you want to remove odors and wrinkles from fabrics of all types. This is particularly true with the delicate fabrics which can be easily damaged by direct, harsh heat of the sun. Hot steam is used to relax fabrics gently and easily remove wrinkles while ensuring there is no damage and thus extend life of clothing and other garments that you steam. You can use steamers for upholstery, linens, drapes, clothing etc.

Because they are available a very affordable cost, they can be accessed by many people and they remain a convenient tool which should not lack in any home. We have selected garment steamers which heat up very quickly thus there is no waiting time. The units also produce steam in high volumes so as to effectively remove odor and wrinkles from the clothing.

Another important feature of these units is that they are very easy to use because of their innovative ergonomic design. We have selected high performance models which are affordable and capable of undertaking all sorts of tasks including heavy duty ones.

Best Garment Steamer

To help you easily find the best garment steamer, we made this list for you. Among the top 5 best ones, you can find the right one for your needs.

5. Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

Steamfast-SF-407-Fabric-SteamerThis fabric steamer gently and perfectly removes odor and wrinkles from virtually all sorts of fabrics. You can get at an affordable price. It can continuously produce steam for 45 minutes.

4. Steamfast SF-510 Fabric Steamer

Steamfast-SF-510-Fabric-SteamerThis steamer is very easy to use. It is affordable and highly effective. Its waiting time is only 45 seconds after which it will be ready for use, and can continuously produce steam for 50 minutes.

3. Rowenta IS6200 Compact Valet Full Size Garment Steamer

Rowenta-IS6200-Compact-Valet-Full-Size-Garment-SteamerThis is a garment steamer that is well-built. You can get it for a low price. The unit can produce steam continuously for almost an hour, but this after a short waiting period. It delivers excellent garment drying results thanks to its in-built garment clips and hanger. It is durable and very easy to use.

2. SINGER SteamWorks Pro 1500 Watt Garment & Fabric Steamer

SINGER-SteamWorks-Pro-1500-Watt-Garment-Fabric-SteamerThis garment dryer offers various features which make it affordable and reasonably priced. Among these features are crease attachment and dual clip system for the creation of perfect creases in pants. For safety, it features switches off automatically when done.

1. J-2000 Jiffy Garment Steamer with Plastic Steam Head

J-2000-Jiffy-Garment-SteamerIn addition to being a powerful garment steamer, this unit is made in the United States. The price of the unit varies depending on whether you choose metal or plastic head. However, in most online retailers you will get it at a moderate price.

Best Handheld Garment Scanner

If you want your clothes to smell fresh and have a crisp look, then you must acquire a good handheld garment steamer. Although an iron is also important, the delicate fabrics will not withstand the direct, harsh iron heat. Whether you need quick touch-ups for office or home, or you just want to look sharp all the time including when on travel, a handheld garment scanner offers a very great and reliable way of accomplishing quick and small touch-ups.

The garment cleaners in the following list are not suitable for the steaming of garments in large quantities. However, all of them heat up very quickly and thus there’s no need of waiting for steam to be produced. The steam that they produce is enough for most of the quick odor and wrinkle removing tasks. They are highly portable and compact and thus can be safely packed in a suitcase. The garment steamers are small in size and are affordable in overall and thus we didn’t consider price as a major factor in our selection process.

We’ve compiled this list of top 5 best handheld garment Scanners, and you choose one of them according to your preference.

5. Epica 800 Watt Handheld Fabric Steamer

Epica-800-Watt-Handheld-Fabric-SteamerAlthough Epica is not a very popular brand name, this handheld garment steamer is very compact, affordable and exceptionally light in weight. It features on and off switch and thus you can turn it on and off when necessary so as to ensure that you don’t waste steam or burn yourself.

4. Steamfast SF-435 Compact Fabric Steamer

Steamfast-SF-435-Compact-Fabric-SteamerFor just about $30, this fabric steamer will offer exceptional performance. It is handled, light in weight and compact. It heats up very quickly and can produce continuous steam for up to 12 minutes.

3. Conair Extreme Steam Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat

Conair-Extreme-Steam-Fabric-SteamerThis garment steamer is ideal fabric steamer for frequent travelers because it is light in weight and almost hair dryer size. Its temperature settings allow you to adjust it to suit different fabrics. It produces enough steam that can penetrate even heavy garments. In view of these features, its price is also very reasonable.

2.Rowenta DR6015 Ultrasteam Hand-Held Steam Brush

Rowenta-DR6015-Ultrasteam-Hand-Held-Steam-BrushAlthough this is a steam brush in reality, its ease-of-use, versatility and affordability make it one of the most excellent choices. If you need to freshen up your clothes and other fabrics quickly, Rowenta DR6015is a highly reliable and good choice.

1. ESTEAM Personal Hand Held Steamer

ESTEAM-Personal-Hand-Held-SteamerThis unit is more costly as compared to the other handled garment scanners. Its overall performance is however superior as compared to the competition and is proudly made in USA. It is also very highly convenient and provides an option of adding adapter plugs and converter kits. These features definitely make it a top pick for the frequent travelers.

Garment Steamer Buying Guide

Garment steamers are considered as the magic wands of fairy godmothers and godfathers within the fashion industry, but they are also practical tools to keep at home. Garment steamers are ideal for smoothening silk dresses or even straighten up a business suit stored in a bag for some time. Garment steamers can easily remove creases and folds on delicate fabrics. In addition, garment steamers are useful for cushions, curtains, rugs, and soft furniture.

Protecting special items

A steamer is a good investment if you want to protect a wardrobe that you have spent a good amount of money on or for vintage clothing you have in your closet. They do not apply pressure on the fabric since they have no steam stations or irons. Due to this, garment steamers have a mild effect on delicate fabrics.

How do garment steamers work?

While garment steamers heat up fast, there are instances when they can moisten the fabric. You should be aware of this each time you want to wear a pair of pants that are freshly-steamed since not many people are aware of this. While they are not effective on some materials, such as denim or organza, they are perfect for suits and dresses. Pulling the hems and cuffs gives you the best results, but be cautious of the hot steam to prevent burns.

But, the iron will still be used even with the presence of garment steamers since they are ideal for some materials, like denim, cotton and organza. A hot iron is also best for wool and poly-cotton to make sure all wrinkles are smoothen out.

Things to consider

The best garment steamers have the following features. While these features are simple, they make it easy for you when you need to take care of some clothes at home. Some of these features are not even considered when you are inside the store.

Variable steam

This feature allows you to adjust the steam coming out of the device.

Telescopic pole

Since garment steamers may be too big to store, telescopic poles make them compact enough to keep in storage.


Wheels make it convenient for you to move the garment steamer around. They make your life easier especially when you have to bring it from one room to another.


You can use the built-in hanger of garment steamers to hang things while you are working. This feature is useful when you travel with your steamer.


The garment steamers we reviewed priced between $49 and $429.

Top 5 Best Double Stroller Reviews

If you have two little children, you may need to purchase a double stroller. If you have a double stroller, you will not kill your back or wear yourself out. Therefore a double stroller is not only for those who have got 2 small children but also for those who have children close in age. In the past, double strollers were incredibly expensive and difficult to maneuver, very unfriendly to parents. Now many double strollers are affordable for parents and can make both parents and children feel comfortable.

Best Double Stroller

In this buying guide, we will give you a list of best double strollers available on the market. Also we will tell you some important features when you decide to buy one of them. The flowing strollers we made are all best double strollers based on their performance, convenience, comfort and parent reviews. We hope you can get what you need for your children.

Kolcraft Contours Option Tandem Stroller

best double stroller

We choose this Kolcraft Contours option Tandem Stroller as our best double stroller because it has plenty of setting options to please even the pickiest parents and siblings. It features “never flat” rear wheels and wheels with suspension. What’s more, reclining seats, 3-position leg rests, 5-point safety harness and infant headrest are also included. It can accommodate two 40-pound children. The rating from parents is relatively high. Most customers think it is the best double stroller for infant and toddler.

Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller


We choose this Baby Jogger City Mini Double Stroller as one of the best double stroller is mainly because it can accommodate up to 100 pounds. Also it features extra storage compartments and large baskets, which is ideal for those who go shopping for a whole day.

Delta LX Side by Side Tandem Umbrella Stroller


This double stroller is a double umbrella stroller. Umbrella strollers are cheaper than other type of strollers. This model is very affordable, making it perfect for those who don’t have enough budgets. The lightweight design makes it ideal for one parent to go out with their children.

Schwinn Turismo Swivel-Wheel Double Jogging Stroller


This double stroller is a double jogging stroller. It has all the options every parent may want in both a double and a jogging stroller. The price is over $200. Besides essential accessories, it even features a built-in MP3 player speaker which is helpful to keep children entertained.

Graco Duo Glider LX Wilshire Stroller


This Graco DuoGlider LX Wilshire Stroller is a more affordable full sized double stroller. It is from Graco, so all the Graco infant car seats are accepted by this stroller. It is one of the best double strollers for infant and toddler.

Best Double Stroller Buying Guide

Double strollers are major purchases that cost a lot and have numerous models to consider. New parents normally find it hard to choose the best double stroller and may end up misled by dealers. The following is a guide you can use. Normally, parents use a stroller for a child until he or she is capable of walking properly. Strollers are important tools in the development of children. The numerous brands and models in the market do not make it easy to select the best one. You should think of your budget, your location, and where you will bring the stroller. These strollers come in different models at different prices.

In addition, strollers should be easy to move around curbs and shops, and are easily brought inside public transportation. Then again, parents with cars or living in the suburbs have different ideas about strollers. They like foldable strollers that are easy to put into a car. While double strollers are best for twins, they are also good for single babies since the second seat can be used as storage for clothes, diapers, food, and water bottles.

Selecting the best double stroller

Parents normally struggle when they travel with infants or babies less than two years old. You also need carriers that can easily recline and offer suitable support for the newborn baby. Here are some things to consider when you are looking for a good double stroller. Let us go through these guidelines.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing

The following are some questions that you need to ask before buying a stroller.

Is it easily foldable?

One important thing to know is whether the double stroller can be folded easily and fast. Most families do not fold strollers. But, it is necessary for the stroller to be foldable so it can be stored inside the car while traveling. You should know if you need to struggle just to fold the stroller. You should also make sure it can be locked into place while it is folded. It should be folded easily and you should not struggle to do this.

Is the stroller heavy?

The weight is an important consideration for a double stroller since a light stroller makes it easy to store inside a car and carry up a flight of stairs, among others. Some double strollers in the market weigh around eight to ten pounds. These are also called “umbrella strollers” and are best for older babies. The best double strollers for newborn babies weigh around 11 to 16 pounds due to their added safety features. You should not look for lightweight strollers since they may not be durable.

Is there storage for diaper bags and your groceries?

There are instances when you have to run errands or visit relatives. You may also have to bring your baby to buy things in the supermarket. Due to this, it is important to have a container under the seat. Some added conveniences would be a cup holder and another storage bin. This gives space for your water bottle and a place where pacifiers can be stored.

Does it come with a car seat?

The best double strollers have car seats that allow you to easily bring a sleeping baby out of your car and mount it on the stroller. The travel system already has provisions for car seats. Some travel systems you can consider are Snap-n-go of Baby Trend or the car seat frame of Kolcraft. You can also look for a canopy for the car seat to keep your baby comfy.

Is the height of the handle bar high enough?

When you push a stroller while walking, it is annoying when the handle bar is too short that you have to bend down. The best double stroller has a handle bar with a suitable size and height.

Good warranty and return policy

Manufacturers of double strollers always provide warranties against defects and poor workmanship. You should check these warranties before buying the stroller. You should be able to ship it for repairs or have it replaced. You should also keep the packaging until you know you purchased the best double stroller in the market.

Reasons for buying a double stroller

Parents find it hard to manage when they have twins while they were only expecting one baby. In this situation, it is good to look for the best double stroller since it makes it easier to handle the infants. Even if you have only one baby, the back seat of the double stroller can serve as a storage bin for the things the baby needs whenever you go out for groceries or travel.

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