Top 10 Best Bike Computers Reviews

A bike computer is also called a cycling computer or a cyclometer. This device makes bikers easily measure their trip information, such as distance, speed, time and other information during riding. The first bike computer was created in 1895. From then on, as with the development of science and technology, bike computers have become more and more useful for bikers because of multi-functions. Nowadays, a bike computer has become a must-have device for passionate bikers. It cannot only be used to measure the distances and speeds, but also can be used to measure the best speeds and travel time. This allows bikers to well know their status. Here we choose the top 10 best bike computers for you.

1. Sigma BC 1009 Bicycle Speedometer


This best bike computer can be mounted on the stem or handlebar. It is a wired bike computer. This cycling computer is capable of measuring maximum, average, minimum and current speed and can calculation the trip distance of the total distance. Also it can display the overall riding time. This is useful for those who may ride for a long distance and may forget their time. Many users give this model high rating because it also comes with low battery, easy installation and ease of use. What’s more, this model is also a water-proof cycling computer. So this device can also work even in a rainy climate.

2. Planet Bike Protege 9.0 9-Function Bike Computer with 4-Line Display and Temperature


This cycling computer is designed and manufactured by Planet Bike. Its weatherproof design makes it qualified for daily use. Any cyclist may feel delightful because of its durability. This model comes with a lifetime warranty and a completely water-proof feature. The functions include speed comparator, trip distance, ride time, maximum speed, average speed and clock functions. What’s more, this device has a 2 bike capacity. This means if you have two bikes, you don’t need to buy two cycling computers, because you can only ride one bike at a time. The only thing, you need to do is to mount this model on the bike you will ride and set it to another mode. So the data can be separated from each other. The less-button design is also good, which is easy for users to control while riding.

3. CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer (Black) CC-RD300W


If you are searching for a light-weight, sleek, wireless cycling computer, this CatEye Strada Wireless Bicycle Computer (Black) CC-RD300W is qualified. It comes with 8 functions: average, maximum and current speed, total distance, two separate trip distance, elapsed time and a cock. Even when bikers are riding, it’s easy to use different features by pressing the buttons.

4. Sigma BC 1609 STS Double Wireless Bicycle Speedometer


If you are a serious cyclist, you really need this best cycling computer. This one is specially designed wireless computer. The functions are deluxe. Except ordinary functions like speed, trip time and trip distance, this model comes with a stopwatch and countdown timers which is great for those who want to improve their time. Also the cadence function can be turned off during riding. This feature is not provided by most other cycling computers.

5. Sigma BC 509 Bicycle Speedometer


If you are looking for a bike computer for beginners, this Sigma BC 509 Bicycle Speedometer can do the job. This model is specially designed for beginners and it is affordable one. It comes with standard functions and it is easy to use. Why do so many people choose Sigma cycling computers? It’s mainly because they really design and make great products. And their website is also great. It can provide useful instructions for visitors. If you have problems about installations or use, you can find want you need on their website.

6. Cateye CC-ED300 Enduro 8-Function Bicycle Computer


This Cateye cycling computer is great for those who require a bike computer for off-road riding. Except standard features, it also comes with weatherproof features, dual tire size capabilities and power-saving mode. Full functionality is maintained by the heavy duty wire, even in extreme conditions. This feature makes it stand out from other computers.

7. Planet Bike 8 Function Cyclometer


As one wired cycling computer, this Planet Bike 8 Function Cyclometer can measure distance, speed, riding time and as well as a clock and a dual odometer. The screen is large enough. It can display 4 lines of information on one screen. The top 3 lines display information such as ride time, current speed and trip distance, while the last line can displace other information. The big screen enables the bikers to see useful information at a glance.

8. Bell F12 Bike Computer


This Bell F12 Bike Computer is a basic one. In the bike industry, Bell is a famous brand. Although this is a simple one, it also comes with 12 features. Functions such as distance, speed, trip time measurement, a clock, an odometer are included.

9. CatEye Urban Wireless Bicycle Computer CC-VT220W


This CatEy Bicycle computer is great to the urban cyclists. It is a wireless bike computer. Except customary features, it also comes with 2 extra functions which have never been seen on other computers yet. The 2 extra features include a carbon offset measurement and a calorie consumption tool. These two tools can help riders feel green and fit when riding.

10. PTI Schwinn 12 Function Computer


This computer is an affordable one with 12 functions. This gadget can power off itself after five minutes of no use. It is easy to install. And there are several colors for customers to choose.

These top 10 best bike computers are from different manufacturers and have different features. No matter what types of bikers you are, you can find the right cycling computer among them. Hope you get what you need.


Top 5 Best Cordless Circular Saws Reviews

Best Cordless Circular SawMaybe you have used a corded circular saw before, but now cordless circular saws are becoming more and more popular, because the battery technology has improved and batteries are becoming more powerful than before. Therefore, more and more manufacturers have created their cordless versions for more convenient use. The higher voltage and large capacity can make a cordless one have the same experience as a corded one.

Early cordless circular saws only support a 3-1/2 inch blade due to its lower voltage -only 9.6v. And the batteries are Ni-Cads. Now the latest versions use Lithium-Ion batteries which are widely used in many fields and can provide the best power, making cordless circular saws can even support 6-1/2 inch blade. The Lithium-Ion batteries have a large capacity and can be charged quickly, which is important because you don’t need to wait for a long time to charge the batteries full and you can get back on your job quickly. Although the blade is not as big as a corded one (7-1/4 inch blade), there is no big difference between them. They are powerful enough to cut not only plywood but also standard dimensional lumber for construction.

Here, we have done adequate research and have picked out some best Cordless Circular Saw, according to their weight, comfort, convince, performance and customer reviews. If you happen to want to buy one, reading these Circular Saw reviews can help you choose the right one for your job.

Not all of them have two batteries, so knowing how these batteries will be sold is important. Since Li-Ion batteries can cost over $100 each, doing cost comparisons is a good habit.

Bosch 1671K 36-Volt 6-1/2-inch Circular Saw Kit


It is a 36v saw, which can provide the most power. It is one of the fastest saws- 26% faster than it competitors. Besides the high voltage, it is also very comfortable to hold and use. The fastest motor can make you work more efficiently. It is really a versatile and capable power tool for professionals.

Milwaukee 0730-22 V28 Lithium Ion 6-1/2-Inch Cordless Circular Saw


With its revolutionary 28-volt lithium-ion technology, Milwaukee 0730-22 features 4200-rpm which can provide exceptional cutting power. Fast acting brake can stop it quickly, improving its productivity. It can provide you with accurate and powerful cutting. It is very durable, even works for rugged professional use.

DEWALT DCS391L1 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion 3.0 Ah Circular Saw Kit


Dewalts provides us with so many high quality power tools, such as cordless drills. This cordless saw is also high quality and power. The 3700 RPM makes your cutting with ease. The magnesium shoe provides lightweight and high strength, making it more durable and accurate for long-term use.

Makita BSS610 18-Volt LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 6-1/2-Inch Circular Saw Kit


As a professional-grade tool, the Makita BSS610 is hard to beat. It can easily deliver 3700 rmp, providing fast ripping and cutting. With the compact and ergonomic design, the weight is only 7.1lbs, which can reduce operator’s fatigue. The built-in led light can illuminate the work area and the built-in dust blower is also included. I think it is the best on this list.

Hitachi C18DL 18 Volt Li-Ion Circular Saw Kit


The Hitachi C18DL is lightweight and comfortable one. Its soft elastomer grip can improve operator’s comfort and reduce fatigue. Electric brake, fan cooled motor and built-in spotlight can increase the safety and productivity.

When you choose one, you should pay attention to the battery. Not every model provides 2 models. I think you at least need 2 batteries for alternative use. If you buy one battery separately, it may cost you over $100. Therefore, choosing the best cordless Circular Saw with 2 batteries is a nice choice.


When it comes to buying the best circular saw, there are some features you should pay more attention to. The following features should be taken into account.

1. Speed Control

Well, how to measure the power of a circular saw? The answer is its motor strength and how many revolutions the blade can spin in a minute. We can use the number of RPM to measure its power. The RPM is short for revolutions per minute. In order to get a smoother cut, they tend to use a higher power rating. Generally, the motor power can be low to 500 watts and high to 1500 watts. Of course, the higher the wattage is, the more RPM it can offer. And this also means you will get more power and speed control. More power means you can run much bigger blades. For example, if you choose a more powerful saw, you will get bigger hence and blades. And you can use it to make a maximum cut depth, about 65mm. A powerful model allows you to easy control it to cut even tough materials. Therefore, the blade speed is the first factor you need to consider before making a purchase decision.

2. Bevel Capability

An ideal circular saw should allow you to tilt it to adjust its base, and this can help to get angled cuts. An adjustable base plate should be included. This feature means the circular saw can be easily angled at the range from 0 to 45 degrees. And modifying the cutting depth becomes easy. Built-in adjustment options mean both accuracy and efficiency can be improved.

3. Visibility

The one you choose should come with a very clear view of the cut line. And being left or right-handed should also be taken into account. The saw you choose should have notches and blades which should enhance visibility.

4. Depth Adjustment Lever

A good circular saw also allows you to adjust its cutting depth, so you can use it to cut different kinds of materials with ease and you can get different kinds of thickness. And this can give you good visibility and makes it easy to access. Thanks to the outboard levers, your trigger hand can be kept in place all the time. Therefore, you can always work on the locking blade depth into place. And tucked between the handle and blade guard can be inboard levers. This is a bit difficult to operate. Therefore, thick and rounded levers are the best choice. And they should be covered in rubber, which enables easy and safe grasping. The depth scale should be read with ease and can be marked distinctly. Engraved markings and cast numbers are much better than stickers because of their permanent features.

5. Electric Brake

The electric brake is able to stop the motor in less than 2 seconds, once the trigger is released. On the contrary, if you choose a circular saw without an electric brake, this process may need about 10 to 15 seconds. The electric brake will reverse the electricity flow towards the motor. On the market, most models offer electric brakes, because the electric brake offers convenience and can prolong the life of your saw. And the quick stop can also protect you and avoid getting hurt.

6. Blade Guard

When you don’t need to use the saw, the saw guard can cover the blade and protect it. And it is also a safety feature. When you need to use your saw, the guard will retract to reveal its blade. Sometimes, it will be a frustration experience because of a stuck blade guard. Those with sharp or rough edges are most likely to become stuck when it comes to cut regular wooden surface or cutting in angels. Therefore, a circular saw with a large lobe above the guard’s leading edge will be perfect.

7. Dust Blower

When a circular saw is working, massive dust will be produced. Therefore, a circular saw with a dust bag is ideal, or the saw with a vacuum cleaner connection is much better. A dust blower is able to improve visibility, because the dust can be removed from its cutting lines. Most models come with a dust port which can be connected to a vacuum or just a dust bag, so the dust management becomes much easier.

8. Weight and Balance

After a long time use, you may feel tired. In this situation, the balance becomes more important than weight. The trigger must have enough space even if you are wearing gloves. And you also need to consider where you will use your saw. For example, most models are perfect for overhead work, but they are not ideal for long cuts with plywood.

9. Other Extra Features

For superior accuracy, you can choose a circular saw with a built-in laser which can enable you to have more accurate cuts, improving your efficiency. For cordless circular saws, the batteries also really matter. The quality should be high quality and the capacity should be large enough, and the charging time should be shorter.

Top 5 Best Electric Chainsaws Reviews

Electric chainsaws are ideal for people who need saws to do light work. Although they don’t have the same power as gas chainsaws which are larger, there is no need to purchase an expensive gas chainsaw if you only use it a few times to do some light work such as doing some landscaping or keeping the woodpile stocked for your fireplace. If you occasionally use a chainsaw, an electric chainsaw is the right choice.

The advantages:

  • Ease of use – the only thing you need to do is to plug it and trigger it. It is very easy to use. It is lighter and vibrates less.
  • Much quieter – compared with gas chainsaws, they are much quieter while working.
  • Much safer – it doesn’t have noxious fumes while working and it doesn’t need any gas oil mix.

The disadvantages

  • If you are a professional and need a chainsaw to do hard work, obviously a gas one is the best choice, not an electric one which cannot provide enough power for hard work.

The following models we selected are all best Electric Chainsaws on the market. We’ve done some research and made this list, based on their safety, ease of use, durability and price, performance and customer reviews. They are perfect for intermittent use and any talking about using it frequently for hard work is meaningless.

Makita UC4030A Commercial Grade 16 Inch 15 Amp Electric Chain Saw


Makta’s power tools are all high quality. The Makita UC4030A is one of the best electric chainsaw on the market. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Its chain adjustments and one-touch tool-less blade make it easy to operate and maintain. It also has rubberized grip handles which are ergonomically designed and handles comfortably. If the saw is overloaded, the Built-in current limiter will reduce the power, making the motor slow down in order to protect it from burn out. As a popular and top rated model, it deserves to buy.

Husqvarna 316E Electric Chain Saw


This Husqvarna 316E has a slim body, making it smaller than other models on this list. However, it has a powerful electric engine and you can use it both for indoors and outdoors work. Also it features low vibration and noise levels.

Earthwise CS30016 16-Inch 12 amp Electric Chain Saw


The Earthwise CS30016 is also a very popular one. It can completely replace a gas powered saw. It is powerful and lighter so be careful when you are using a chain saw. It also comes with oil level window for convenience. There are over 100 customer reviews and most reviews are positive, making it ranking to 4.4 out of 5 stars.

Makita UC3530A Commercial Grade 14-Inch 15 amp Electric Chain Saw


Another Makita Electric Chain Saw we highly recommend is this Makita UC3530A. It has similar features as Makita UC4030A, but it is cheaper. It also comes with a large oil reservoir with view window to check bar oil level with ease.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5 Amp Electric Chain Saw


This is most popular and bestselling one on Amazon. There are over 500 customer reviews for you to read, which can help you make a wise decision. The price is no more than $100 and the average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars – the highest on this list.


If you need a budget and highly quality one, you can consider Black & Decker LP1000. If you focus on solid performance and reliability, Makita UC3530A or Makita UC4030A is your best choice. They are more professional.

Top 5 Best Food Dehydrators Reviews

As we know, food drying is a good way to preserve vegetables, fruit and animal proteins and the drying foods are priceless, because they are full of vitamins and nutrients. Well, you can buy dehydrated foods, but they will cost you more. Learning how to make dehydrated foods is the right way and owning a food dehydrator can make your dream come true at a lower price. You may find the dried foods are often expensive in a regular grocery. Which is the best food dehydrator? When you are looking for such a machine, there are many factors taken into account, such as prices, size, heating power etc. Here I have chosen top 5 best dehydrators under $150 which at least has a 6 tray capacity. And their power is all at least 500 watts. They are a good investment in your health at a lower cost but without compromising quality. If you have one of them, you can use it to extend the shelf life of various foods without nutrients loss.

L’Equip LEquip 528 6 Tray Food Dehydrator

best food dehydrator

This is also versatile food dehydrator you can rely one. You can use to dry many foods as you like, such as foods, herbs and flowers. 6 stacking trays can provide 12 square feet for drying foods. It also comes with an instructional booklet which doesn’t tell you how to operate the machine but also include recipes and drying times of different food materials. You can use it to create healthy treats with ease.

Weston VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator


The drying space of this Weston VegiKiln Tray Food Dehydrator is 10 square feet, a little smaller than L’Equip LEquip, but wide enough to dry many foods in good quantity. It is a quiet machine because it has a 5-1/2-inch-wide ultra-quiet fan. With it, it is easy to make flawless dried foods.

Presto 06300 Dehydro Electric Food Dehydrator


This one is the cheapest one on this list, but it is also one of the top rated ones. Many people have purchased and give it positive reviews, making it get an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. I especially like its cute appearance and functionality. It can be easily expanded to a larger capacity due to its special design. If you want to try food drying, it is a good one for you, because its consistent air circulation is ideal for drying.

Waring Pro DHR30 Professional Dehydrator


This is also one of the bestselling dehydrator you can choose. With its 5 stack-able, interlocking trays, it allows you to fix your favorite recipes easily. If you think it is not large enough, you can buy more strays to extend the drying space. It can support up to 9 trays. You can use it to dry beef jerky, herbs, fruits and other foods.

Cabela’s 10-Tray Heavy-Duty Dehydrator


This Cabela’s 10-Tray Heavy-Duty Dehydrator features an extraordinary performance. It has a 10-tray capacity which allows you to dry more foods each time. It is one of the most versatile dehydrators on the market. Its front door opening and sleek design make it stand out. What’s more, the 10-tray capacity is also impressive. If you want to live a much healthier way of eating dried fruits and vegetables made at home, it is really a good helper for your family.

Top 5 Best Water Heaters Reviews

If your water heat cannot work, the most straightforward way is to get a new one with the same model. Although they look the same, products from different brands may be different in capacity, efficiency and reliability. First, you may consider a tank water heater, however, the most efficient water heaters are tankless heaters. Reading customer reviews before purchasing it can help to find the best water heater. Amazon is a good place to read customer reviews, compare ratings among different brands and find the most eco-friendly water heater. There are many types of water heater. Here, we have chosen the best water heater for you.

1. Rheem 22V40F1 Natural Gas Water Heater, 40 Gallon

This Rheem 22V40F1 Natural Gas Water Heater is perfect for those who have little budget. The price of this model is competitive than other electric water heater. The rating of this model is high, 4.0 out of 5 stars. Most people think its simple design and good quality impress them. Also, it comes with a 6-year warranty from manufacturer.

2. Rinnai R75LsiN Gas Tankless Water Heater


This is a gas tankless water heater, which can save money for its users. A.O. Smith Vertex storage-tank water heater may be a better buy for an existing home. Like A.O. Smith Vertex, this Rinnai R75LsiN is also eligible for the 30% federal tax credit. Generally, gas tankless heater can last longer than other water heaters. The rating of this Rinnai R75LsiN is 3.9 out of stars. Most people praise its easy installation, quality and a longer warranty. The flow rater is 7.5 GPM, which is enough for those who even have 2 or 3 bathrooms. The price is less than $900. The cost per day is very low. It also comes with a MC-91-1US Digital Controller with Error Code Indicator.

3.Bosch GL4 Ariston 4-Gallon Point-of-Use Indoor Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater


This Bosch GL4 Mini-Tank Water Heater can help easily deliver hot water to any bathroom or sink which is far away from the main hot water source in your house. This model is a 4 gallons electric water heaters. It has a mini tank, which is enough to install under a sink or just plug into an outlet. It also can connect with other water heater. The rating of this model is 4 out 5 stars on Amazon. There are over 100 customer reviews. Most think they like its fat hot water and a lower price. It is really a great product.

Top 5 Best Solar Landscape Lights Reviews

If you think your outdoor space is dark in the evening and want to have a romantic garden, you may consider ornamental lighting to add lighting to your garden. Solar landscape lights can help you to have a great look outdoor space. They are easy to install and they are sustainable and economical.

More and more people have realized the convenience of solar lights. Because of this advantage, many people are using solar lighting in their garden or pathway. Built-in batteries and solar panels make solar lights self-sufficient. So they don’t need any energy from the power grid and can save money for you.

During the day, they are charged. In the evening, they turn on themselves automatically and illuminate your outdoor space.

Here, we choose some best Solar Landscape Lights for you. Each of them has their unique features. When you want to enhance the look of your garden or path, you can consider them.

Moonrays Payton-Style Solar-Powered LED Garden Light, 10-Pack


These Moonrays Payton-Style Solar-Powered LED Garden Lights have stakes, which means the installation is easy. You only need to plug the stake into the ground. They can be used to illuminate your path or driveway. Also you can arrange them into a special shape to emphasize anywhere you like in your garden. Because of their high quality and black plastic outside, they are weatherproof and don’t rust. The built-in solar panel is on the top. During the day, the solar panel will generate power and the built-in batteries will store the power. When it gets dark, the lights turn on automatically. Because of the LEDs bulbs, they need little energy but emit warm light. One impressing feature is the hammered glass fixture, which can diffuse the light to create a special effect. Each of them can continuously emit light for up to 10 hours.

Britta Products SSR-01 Luminous Glow Solar String Light


These Britta Products Luminous Glow Solar String Lights can be hung from a tree, a bush or a string. They can emit a warm glow. The glow globs with unique textures re constructed from EVA plastic. Because of the texture, the light can diffuse with a sparkle. Each light is about 2 inches wide. There is about 18″ between each light. The solar panel can be installed anywhere, but make sure it can receive enough sunlight. Like other solar lights, they turn on automatically at dusk and can last for up to 8 hours.

Yards & Beyond Dual Use Coach Style Solar Lights


If you are looking for a hang solar light, you may love these beautiful solar landscape lights. The coach-style is nice too. They can be easily hung anywhere you like. Also A shepherd’s hook is included, which can help you hang them. The light is controlled by photocell, so it can turn on them automatically when it gets dark. During the day, the light is shut-off. It contains 2 super bright LEDs which can emit bright light. The house of the light is made of black plastic. The waterproof feature makes it not influenced by bad weather.

These Coach Style Solar Lights are classic, economical and beautiful.

Color changing Crackle-glass Ball Solar lights


These Color changing Crackle-glass Ball Solar lights are a beautiful way to light up your outdoor space. Each ball is 3.5 inches wide, and the stake is 30 inches long. The solar panel is attached to the stake. During the day, the solar panel charges the batteries and at night the crackled glass makes the light seem sparkle and dance. The most important feature of these lights is the color-change feature. The light can change between red, green and blue. The effect is beautiful and funny. The price is not expensive. If you want to have a special garden, you can try these solar landscape lights.

Paradise GL23158SS4 Stainless Steel Solar Bollard Light


These Paradise GL23158SS4 Stainless Steel Solar Bollard Lights are great outdoor solar lights for your pathway or garden. The simple design is also great. And the stainless steel construction makes this solar light sturdy and weatherproof. LED bulbs light through the frosted glass, making special effect. They can be used as accent lights or mood lights, especially ideal for upscale outdoor space.

Top 5 Best Carpet Steam Cleaners

Carpet cleaners are essential for people who have carpets and children/animals. With a carpet cleaner, you can extend the life of your carpets, which can save your money without purchasing new ones to replace. Carpet Steam Cleaners dispense hot/cold water to assist in removing grime or dirt. They are versatile, because of their different levels of suction. Also they include different attachments which can handle any types of mess. The long houses and long power cords allow you to reach anywhere in the house.

Best  Carpet Steam

The following products are all the best carpet steam cleaners on the market. We picked these best carpet cleaners on Amazon because of their high scores on Amazon. We hope this list is useful when you decide to buy a cleaner. These cleaners are handily chosen based on their quality, customer reviews and prices.

Hoover SteamVac F5914-900 Steam Cleaner


This best Carpet Steam Cleaner from Hoover is one of the top-rated models on the market. Its price is under $200, but it offers all essential options. It is so popular. There are over 3k customer reviews. From the reviews, you will know how celebrated it is.

Bissell Spot Clean Pro Portable Deep Cleaner


This cleaner is a portable and powerful carpet cleaner. The design is simple. It is easy to use. If you want to look for a well-priced and powerful carpet cleaner, you can consider it.

Hoover SteamVac Spin Scrub Pet


This is a pet-approved carpet cleaner, ideal for people who have pets in their house. It can do a great job with the deep cleaning. It is also very easy to use. You can read its fantastic customer reviews. Most buyer think their buying decision is correct. The rating of this model is 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

Bissell SpotLifter 2X Portable 1719 Deep Carpet Cleaner


If you are looking for a budget carpet cleaner, this is your best choice. Besides, it is a cordless handheld carpet cleaner. It can do a great job for you. Its high quality and lower price are good reasons to consider it.

BISSELL Little Green PROheat Deep Reach Spot Cleaner


It is a great carpet cleaner as a mid-market product. This green machine is cute. Although it is not as good as a full carpet steam cleaner, it is not only a handheld. It can do more jobs for you. The price is moderate and the quality is great. It is a must-have.


Top 5 Best Food Processors Reviews

If you like cooking, you will find there are so many food materials to puree, cut, chop and grate. Without a food processor, doing these cutting, chopping, puree or grating jobs will cost you much time. If you need to prepare the dinners for your big family, without a food processor, you will be busy a bee. Therefore, such a food processor is an essential tool in your kitchen. Even when hosting a large feast, you can make it working all the time and you have enough time to take a breather.

Best Food Processor

There are many models on the market, different from brands, performance, prices and styles. Which is the best one? First, you need to know why you need a processor and what you will use it to do. Here, we have chosen some of the best food processors on the market on account of their ease of use and clean, performance, prices and customer reviews. They are perfect for busy cooks.

Hamilton Beach 70579 Big Mouth Duo 14 Cup Food Processor

best food processor

The Hamilton Beach 70579 has a big mouth, which means its ease of use. The feed tube is extra-large, which can save your time due to the fact that it reduces the amounts the amount of prior preparation of the food materials. It comes with 2 small blows (5-cup) and 1 large bowl (14-cup). Although the price is not expensive, the quality and performance are accepted by many users. There is almost no negative review. Many people think it is great for the money.

Braun Multiquick 3 K650 Kitchen Machine 600 Watt


This model is very popular on Amazon. There are over 200 customer reviews and its rating is up to 4.5 out of 5 stars. Many people think it can make life easier, because it comes with so many attachments, such as dough hook, a chopping blade, versatile slicing system, a citrus juicer and cream attachment. The powerful 600 watt motor can be controlled with variable speed. This one is only for USA because of its 110 voltage.

Breville BFP800XL Sous Chef Food Processor


If you need a high end food processor, the Breville BFP800XL is your best choice. It can offer more than you can imagine. It includes 3 blades and 5 multifunction discs. The feed chute is wide enough (5.5 inches wide) and can reduce the amounts of pre-cut vegetables and most fruits. It also comes with BPA-free bowls, one 2.5-cup small bowl and one 16-cup large bowl. Compared with other budget ones, it has a LCD display to show count-up and count-down auto timer, making you control the time better.

Cuisinart DLC-2014N PowerPrep Plus 14-Cup Capacity Food Processor


This processor is good at making cookies, because it can chop nuts easily and make dough easily with its dough disk. PowerPrep dough blade and touchpad Dough Control make dough quickly. Besides this, it is also versatile one. It has a wide mouse that can shorten the prep time. What’s more, the accessories are good. It also comes with a recipe book, custom spatula and how-to video. The price is reasonable and the rank is good.

Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB Prep 9 9-Cup Food Processor



This Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB is the most popular one on this list. There are over 600 customer reviews and the rating is also good – 4.5 out of 5 stars. Why there so many people love it? It is due to its great performance – wide mouse, dishwasher-safe and shatterproof bowl, automatically adjustable speeds and instruction manuals.


If you need a good quality and budget one, the Cuisinart DLC-2009CHB is the best choice. If you need a high end model, you can choose Cuisinart DLC-2014N. Anyway, they are all good- good performance and high quality. They are the best food processors you can rely on.

Food Processor and Chopper Food Processor Buying Guide

Whether you’re cooking or learning for the first time, food processors and choppers are incredibly helpful tools.

Food processors can chop, slice, shred, and purée many different ingredients in great quantity plus take on heavier jobs like kneading dough. Mini-choppers can be good for lighter work and smaller jobs like basil or nuts.

Paying more doesn’t necessarily mean good quality, and you can spend as little as $40 or as much as a few hundred.

Thought Process

How Big is Big Enough?

An 11-to-16-cup processor is a good option for larger crowds, but they tend to cost more. Sometimes they can weigh more and take up a good chunk of space. A capacity of seven cups works for most people.

Choppers are easy to clean and often make sense for most cooking jobs.

When Should You Pay More?

Lower-priced models are subpar in typically at least one category. They can make a lot more noise than the more expensive models.

What About Capacity?

Supposed capacities typically range from about 7 to 16 cups, give or take one or two. Choppers hold between 1 to 5 cups. They can be noisy, but can get jobs done quickly.

Chop Shop: The Major Types

Full-sized processors are pretty versatile. Mini-choppers look like little food processors, but they’re for small chopping jobs like nuts and seasoning.

Most can easily chop up ingredients like vegetables and can create great additions to soup or stew. Some models can knead bread dough but are typically more expensive.

The differences between food processors and choppers are essentially: power, capacity, and function. Smaller, is often less expensive and make quick work of cutting up nuts and herbs that would get lost in a food processor’s large bowl. Choppers typically don’t have shredding or slicing blades.

Slice of Life: Features to Consider

Standard equipment includes a clear plastic mixing bowl and lid, a metal chopping blade and sometimes a bread kneader. A plastic food pusher safely pushes food through the feed tube, and a safety lock.


Food processors usually come with on/off settings and a pulse. The latter setting runs the machine in brief controlled bursts. Choppers typically have high and low pulse settings, which are all the speeds you really need.

Processors That Matter

Food processors are the fastest-growing small kitchen appliance thanks to several endorsements from high profile celebrities.

Most brands will offer cheap and expensive models, and processors with capacity ranging from 2 to 10 cups. They are available at several department stores, retailers, as well as online. Prices range from about $20 to $150.

Top 5 Best Oven Roasters Buying Guide

If you are searching for the best oven roaster, you come to the right places. We have done some research and have picked some top rated oven roasters available on the market. There are many over roasters on the market. They are various in different brands, sizes, shapes, non-stick or not, and many other features. You might have purchased a sophisticated oven and found that it didn’t ease the ease the chores of making meals. Although such a model may have a lot of functions, we only need to make meals easily. Therefore, choosing an oven roaster can help you make meals easily. Different models vary in different prices. The prices are influenced by many factors, such as brands, style, size, construction, and other features. These top rated ones on our list can provide you with solid construction, ease of use, bargain prices and other enhanced features.

Hamilton Beach 32229 22 qt. Roaster Oven


This is only 22-quart one in this list. It allows you to use it for baking, cooking, roasting. The lid can keep the meat from drying out. It also comes with a recipe book and a user manual, which can help you create different and delicious dinners for your family. Many wives have bought this and gave it high marks due to its ease of use, lower price, solid construction and other enhanced features.

Hamilton Beach 32184 18-Quart Roaster Oven


This 18-quart portable oven roaster is ideal for baking, cooking, roasting and serving. It is easy to use, because it has bells and whistles to make the life easier. It allows you to adjust the heat up to 450 degrees F. There are 6 heat options for you to choose according to your foods. It also provides a buffet-friendly stainless steel lid and 3 2-quart serving pans, making it great for buffets.

Rival Roaster Oven


Rival Roaster Ovens are very popular all over the world. This model is also 18-quart one. You can use it for baking, cooking, serving and roasting. It features adjustable temperature from 150 to 450 degrees F, similar to Hamilton Beach 32184. However, the price is more competitive than Hamilton Beach 32184 – much cheaper. It also comes with a removable steel roasting rack and a removable enamel-on-steel roasting pan. Also it is one of the bestselling ones. And many people gave it positive reviews.

Oster CKSTRS71 18-Quart Roaster Oven


It can accommodate an 18-pound turkey. You can use it as a buffet server, because it also comes with 3 removable enamel-on-steel pans and lids. And its lid can fit securely, which is good to keep the heat and keep the food from dry out. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars, proven that it deserves a try.

Nesco 18-Quart Professional Roaster Oven


It features a brushed stainless steel exterior, which looks nice in the kitchen. The heat can be adjusted up to 425 degrees F. The body is made of stainless steel and the lid is made of aluminum. For busy moms, the ease of use and cleaning is a good reason to buy this.

Best Oven Roasting Recipes

We also collect some best oven roasting recipes for you, so you can prepare a big meal for your family.

Top 5 Best Cycling Gloves Reviews

If you are a cyclist, at least, you need cycling gloves, because they don’t only make a beginner rider look like a professional but also provide some basic functionalities while riding. These basic functionalities include warmth (especially in winter), comfort, face and nose wiping and protection.


Gloves are often used to keep our hands warm in cold winter. Our hands are exposed to the cold air when we have a ride in winter, which can make our hands colder and colder and finally make our hands lost all the sensation. Therefore, in the cold winter, if you have a ride, wearing a pair of gloves is very important.


While cycling, any sudden road shocks can be transmitted to the handlebars where our hands can feel prolonged pressure against, placing a great deal of stress on our hands and making our hands sore for a long time riding. Gloves are helpful to increase comfort for a ride.

Face and nose wiping

If you want to use clothes or paper tissues to wipe the sweat from the face and nose, you’ll find it is difficult, time-consuming and dangerous to do that, so many riders are used to using the backs of their gloves to do the job. This is effective.


Gloves are essential for most any ride as they can keep your hands dry, dampen road vibration and offer better grip. If you take a pill, they can protect you from painful road abrasions.

There are many types of gloves you can choose from on the market. However, the gloves you choose must fit you and your riding style. We’ve pick out top 5 best cycling gloves based on their function, fit, features and customer reviews. You can choose one of them according to your preference.

Pearl iZUMi Cyclone Gel Gloves


The Pearl iZUMi Cyclone Gel is a long finger glove which is ideal for cooler riding conditions. Both men and women can wear this unisex glove. What’s more, it comes in many color options. It can satisfy your requirements if you are a pickiest rider.

Louis Garneau Mondo Gloves


This Garneau Mondo can provide you comfort for any types of riding. You can wear them for your next road race to achieve high grades. They are also perfect for your commute to work. And you will feel comfortable if you have a ride on the train trail. It deserves a try.

Giro Bravo Cycling Gloves


If you need a traditional short-fingered glove, this Giro Bravo is a good choice, because it is affordable and comes with several color options. It also features breathable mesh, 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking. It can effectively protect your hands.

Pearl iZUMi PRO Pittards Gel Cycling Gloves


With this glove, you can get extreme comfort, durability and dampening. It can relieve nerve pressure on your hands if you have a long ride. The Pittards leather can offer great softness and durability.

Giro Hoxton SF Gloves


If you are an urban commuter, Giro Hoxton SF Gloves are great. They come in both short and long finger styles and two color options. This non-padded glove can protect your hands while commuting to work or when you have a short ride. However, it is not be a good choice for longer riding because of the lack of padding.

As essential equipment for riding, cycling gloves can protect our hands and make us feel comfortable while riding.

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