Top 5 Best Gelato Makers Reviews

In the hot seasons, if you have a dip or two of homemade gelato you will feel refreshing. Well, many people don’t know the difference between gelato and ice cream because they seem the same as each other. However, there are a few differences:

  • Italian Gelato uses more milk and less egg yolks.
  • More intense due to the reason that slow churning makes less air can whip into it
  • Can be stored at 0-10°F, while ice cream only can be stored under 20°F

If you want to make high quality gelato, the machine used must be specialized. If you think you can use your old ice cream maker to make excellent this type of Italian ice cream, it is not a good idea. The Gelato Makers are dedicated to making a healthy delicious gelato because it can preserve the necessary techniques. This is very important, or you will fail.

Best Gelato Maker

There are numerous gelato machines available on the market. Don’t choose the old fashioned one, because it may need you to do more work but only can make a small batch. You also can choose some ice cream/gelato attachments for standalone mixers, but you have to pre and post freeze both the mix and bowl. This is not convenient, so we must find out some of the best gelato maker. All the best gelato makers on this list were selected due to their convenience, effectiveness and affordability. We’ve narrow down the range for you and you can choose one of these top rated machines to produce gelato easily and effectively.

DeLonghi GM6000 Gelato Maker with Self-Refrigerating Compressor

best gelato maker

This Delonghi Gm6000 can make gelato very fast. Also the operation is very easy. The only thing you have to do is to pour the mix into the maker and press the start button and you can get perfect gelato in 30 minutes, no matter the mix is fully chilled or lukewarm. It allows you to make multiple batches continuously and your family and friends will feel surprised at your work. The removable stainless steel bowl is easy to clean.

Lello 4090 Gelato Pro Quart Ice Cream Maker


If you need a combination of a gelato and ice cream maker, this Lello 4090 is a good choice. It can offer 2 quarts of gelato in 45 minutes. It has a built-in timer with an automatic shut-off switch. When the gelato, the machine will be shut down automatically and an alarm will remind you that you can taste your homemade tasty Food, simplifying your daily life.

Cuisinart ICE-100 Compressor Ice Cream and Gelato Maker


This is another versatile maker you can choose no matter you use it to make ice cream or you use to make the Italian gelato. A LCD readout panel is equipped for easy control. If you want to stop it, you can pause the maker by pressing the start/stop button and once you restart it you don’t need to recalculate the time. Although it is compact, it can make luscious gelato.

Lello 4080 Musso Lussino 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker, Stainless


Another model of Lello is this Lello 4080. It is very easy to use and can produce 1.5 quart each time. It has a built-in timer and 2 buttons, making it great for those who want to create delicious desserts.

Best Gelato recipes:

Best Gelato Makers Buying Guide Machine

A quality Gelato Maker will make…well…quality Gelato.

It makes sense, but we sometimes go for the less expensive to save a few bucks, but in the long run, we end up kicking ourselves because we get stuck with something sub-par.

So with a Gelato Machine, look at the options out there, but remember that you get what you pay for.

If you get a quality Gelato Maker, you’ll enjoy high-class Gelati (plural for Gelato) and use your Gelato machine over and over to make a quick and easy dessert.

So keep these things in mind when selecting a Gelato Machine:

1. Get a Self-Refrigerating Gelato Maker

A self-refrigerating Gelato machine can cool your Gelato as it slowly turns the mix to the proper consistency. It’s much more convenient than making the Gelato and then needing to refrigerate it for hours before enjoying.

When you use a self-refrigerating Gelato machine, you can set the machine and go do something else and come back to your dessert in about 20-30 minutes.

It’s really easy to use and can be great for hosting events or when you have company.

Gelato can be ready in minutes unlike other desserts like ice cream that requires chilling overnight.

2. Get a Gelato Machine for Gelato

While you can make Gelato with an ice cream maker in theory, if you want to make quality and great tasting Gelato, you will want to get a machine specifically for it for best results.

By using a Gelato machine, it will have the right consistency, be the correct temperature, and most importantly, taste great.

Inclusion of air is a significant step in the preparation of making ice cream. Ice cream is fluff compared to a good Gelato that is full of flavor and thicker. A Gelato machine will ensure the right texture and consistency.

3. Get a Quiet & Sturdy Gelato Machine

The more expensive the Gelato machine is, generally the quieter that it can be. If you are willing to pay a little bit extra for your machine you will be rewarded with sturdy and quiet production.

This can be especially important if you want a late night snack after a long day of work or you just want to entertain with minimal noise.

4. Capacity & Machine Size

A standard Gelato machine will be about 1.2 to 1.5 quarts in size and typically the larger it goes up so does the price. You can get a larger model on sale for a good price.

How much Gelato do you plan on making? Sometime more expensive models can actually be more compact. Smaller sizes can give you more portability but you may give up some capacity for making Gelato. The smaller machines are more popular and common to find because they’re more practical for many people. They’re easy to clean and use.

5. Italian Designed/Made

Great Gelato machines will often be made from Italy since the Italians know the dessert the best.

A Gelato machine will often come with a few recipes so be sure to try out different flavors to see what works and tastes best. You can also make your own based on your tastes!

Top 5 Best Freezers Reviews

Both freezers and refrigerators are used to keep food cold so that food can be stored as soon as possible, because the growth of bacteria can be impeded at lower temperatures. They are similar to each other at this point, however, they are different from each other. Unlike a refrigerator, the food in a freezer can be stored below the freezing point of water, even below 18 degrees Celsius, making the food stored indefinitely. In order to help you find the best freezer, we have chosen the top rated 5 freezers for you.

What Is a Freezer?

A freezer is an appliance which is used to keep food frozen below 18 degrees Celsius. There are 2 types you can choose: chests and upright models. Upright models are similar to refrigerators. If you want a cheaper upright model, you can choose one with manual-defrost, or you can choose self-defrost one which can do a good job at maintaining a constant temperature. However, an upright model cannot provide the most storage. If you want to store much more foods, a chest one is the right option, because it is comprised of large compartments, making you accommodate larger items. What’s more, they tend to be more energy efficient. However, they don’t have selves, so they are difficult to organize foods.

Best 5 Freezers

Frigidaire FFU21F5HW Upright Freezer


The Frigidaire FFU21F5HW Upright Freezer can provide up to 20.5 cubic feet storage space. This upright freezer performs very well even in serious tests. Besides self-defrost features, it also comes with an open-door alarm, digital controls and other features. With it, you can have your food organized very well.

Danby DCF700W1 Chest Freezer


The Danby DCF700W1 Chest Freezer is ideal for those who need a cheap chest freezer with basic functions. Its carry capacity is 7 cubic feet and it also comes with a front-mount mechanical thermostat. According to customer reviews, it works quiet and it is very energy efficient due to its foam insulated cabinet. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars.

GE FCM15PUWW Chest Freezer


If you think the carrying capacity of Danby DCF700W1 is a little smaller, well you can choose this GE FCM15PUWW Chest Freezer. It features a carrying capacity of 14.8 cubic feet. What’s more, it also features interior lights, a keyed lock, and a power indicator. 4 sliding baskets are included to organize foods. People love its quietness and efficiency. However, it is a manual-defrosting freezer.

Kenmore 16922 Chest Freezer


This Kenmore 16922 Chest Freezer is available on Sears. It provides a carrying capacity of 8.8 cubic feet. Although the capacity is small, the compact design makes it perfect for tight spaces. Other features such as a keyed lock, power-on light, interior lights, and 2 lift-out baskets are included.

Frigidaire FFU17M7H Upright Freezer


This model is an upright freezer that has a carrying capacity of 16.7 cubic feet, provide much space for storing. It can make food organized better, because it features 3 cabinet shelves, flexible door storage and a slide-out basket.

Those are our top rated 5 best freezers. Choose one of them and they can simply your life.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Scales Reviews

The following kitchen scales are the top 5 best kitchen scales you can find on the market. I hope my picks and reviews of these scales can help you make a wise decision.

If you are a serious chef, a kitchen scale is a great helper for you to measure out all ingredients. It can help you exactly know how many ounces you are adding to the recipe, rather than teaspoons, cups or tablespoons. This helps you measure anything sticky. You can use a measuring cup to hold these sticky ingredients which should be chopped, shredded, packed or grated before measuring. When you cook, the portion of each ingredient must be accurate or you will fail.

#1 EatSmart Precision Pro – Multifunction Digital Kitchen Scale


This is the bestselling kitchen scale on Amazon. The price is very cheap, very affordable. Over 5,000 reviews by its users are available, very impressive. It allows you to weigh the foods directly on the scale platform, or you can use its tare (zero) function which eliminates the weight of the holder or package, making it easy to clean.

#2 Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale


It offers a removable bowl to hold something you can measure. The bowl is very easy to clean due to its easy poor spout. It is the cheapest model on this list. It weighs in grams and ounces.

#3 EatSmart Precision Retro Mechanical Kitchen Scale


If you don’t like digital scales, you can consider this one. It has a 5″ dial display for you to read. Its great award-winning EatSmart Retro design makes it fit seamlessly into any kitchen. I especially like its design. Also it offers 3 colors to choose from.

#4 Cuisinart KML-10 PerfectWeight Digital Kitchen Scale


One customer said she loved this scale, because of its accuracy and the nice stainless steel cover. This digital scale weighs up to 11 lbs. She also used it to measure little weights and it also works greatly.

#5 Ozeri Zenith Professional Digital Kitchen Scale


I like its simple but beautiful appearance. It is made of the highest grade SUS304 Stainless Steel. It isn’t only a scale but also a work of art, which can fit seamlessly into your modern kitchen.

Why do you need a kitchen scale?


Like we use a ruler to measure the length, we use a scale in the kitchen to measure the weight of many ingredients. With a scale, you don’t need to use cups, spoons to measure when you make a recipe.


Many house owners use a scale to measure out portions for the meals. If they need a quarter pounder, it is so easy to measure out 4 ounces.


You may want to know a perfect cup of coffee is made of how many grams of coffee bean is needed and how much sugar you like to add.

In a word, a kitchen scale is an essential tool for your kitchen.

Top 5 Best Diaper Bags for Dads

Many dads like to go out with their little ones. A diaper bag is essential for them. However, unlike moms, they choose the best diaper bag based on their utilitarian reviews. Cute or colorful diaper bags cannot catch their attentions. Fortunately, there are many best diaper bags for dads. These bags are all utilitarian, making the dads feel satisfied. We choose the best diaper bags for dads based on their gender-neutral design, comfort, and storage options. They are also the right ones for moms who need practical bags for their babies.

Diaper Dude Diaper Bag


This Diaper Dude Diaper Bag offers 29 different patterns to choose from, which can give you a lot of options. You can wear it across your body, making you feel more comfortable than other backpacks and traditional diaper bags. It also provides convenient storage bags outside for you to store every day carrying items, like a cell phone, keys. Also it is affordable and cheap. Considering it can sever you for a couple of years, it is a must-have for a daddy.

Skip Hop Via Backpack Diaper Bag


This bag has totally 15 pockets for easy storage. It has side zippers, making you easy access to the main compartments even when you are wearing it. It can make dads organized. What’s more, its breathable mesh on shoulder straps and back panel can make you feel cool while wearing.

DadGear The Classic Messenger Diaper Bag


This bag is durable and stealthy. External and internal pockets are convenient to access. 2 bottles pockets are inside and outside of the bag. 6 colors are available to choose from. Its wipes window and wipes case allow you to grab wipes easily.

Okkatots Baby Depot Diaper Bag Backpack


This backpack is very popular among dads and moms, due to its utilitarian, gender-neutral design. If features a dozen handy pouches and pockets, which can make all the baby’s essentials organized. 4 colors are available to choose from. For dads, the black one is the best choice.

Fisher Price Deluxe On the Go Diaper Backpack


If you need a diaper backpack under $50, this Fisher Price Deluxe On the Go Diaper Backpack is the best choice. It is the most affordable one on this list. With its gender-neutral design, it is ideal for dads. Also it comes with many pockets for you to keep all the essentials organized.

Top 5 Best Beginner Guitars Reviews

If you plan to learn to play the guitar, a guitar is essential to you. There are many different guitars available on the market. As a beginner, choosing a high cost guitar is a waste of money. There are many cheap ones with good quality wood and reasonable workmanship. These guitars are enough for beginners. Manufacturers produce cheap guitars by using cheaper hardware and pick-ups, but these can be upgraded. If your skill is improved day by day, you can upgrade these parts. However, at first, there is no need.

Best Beginner Guitar

Which one is the best for beginners is also a problem for many beginners. Here, we do a lot of research and find out the top 5 best beginner guitar for you. Choose one of them and remember to pick out a guitar amp because these guitars are all electric guitars.

1. Epiphone G-310 SG Electric Guitar

best beginner guitar

The design of the Epiphone G-310 SG Electric Guitar is similar to much more expensive Gibson SG guitars. The price is very low, because it is made of lower quality humbucking pick-ups and cheaper hardware. However, the rating is very high, 4.9 out of 5 stars, which means most users think it is a good value for the money. It has an alder body, a dot-inlayed rosewood fingerboard and a mahogancy neck.

2. Squier by Fender “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Set


If you don’t want to buy the guitar amp separately, this Squier by Fender “Stop Dreaming, Start Playing” Set is your best choice. It is so cheap and affordable and you can get the guitar and the amp. It features an easy-playing, sweet-looking and great-sounding Squier SE Special guitar with 3 single-coil pickups and a 10-watt Squier SP-10 amp. What’s more, this set is also very popular. 74 real customers gave it a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars.

3. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC012DLX Electric Guitar


This one is another great guitar. It features an agathis body, rosewood fretboard and maple neck. The consensus is that this one is well-made and the wood is high quality. If you have become a serious guitarist from a beginner, you can easily upgrade the electronics of the Pacifica HSS.

4. Squier by Fender Affinity Telecaster, Butterscotch Blonde

Many guitarists such as Steve Cropper and Danny Gatton perfer to the sound and look of Telecaster. If you are a fan of them, this guitar is best for you. And the rating is very high, 4.4 out of 5 stars. Many beginners choose this as their first guitar, because they think it is helpful to improve their skills.

5. Epiphone Les Paul Special II


The last one I highly recommend is this Epiphone Les Paul Special II. To my surprise, 96% of reviews have 5 stars. This is the highest rating I have seen. It is very famous in rock and roll. It really has done a good job. It is incredible.So high, the rating is and so low the price is.

How to Buy Your First Guitar

Learning to play guitar is a skill that can last you a lifetime. It’s fun and can lead to developing musical skills or playing in a band. If you have an interest in learning guitar a basic or beginning option would be best. They’re cheap and can be found all over. This guide will help you find the one that is right for you.

Find your Budget

As a beginner, you won’t need anything super high end so you should try to keep your cost around $0-$300. The cheaper the guitar doesn’t necessarily mean it will be an inferior model, but pawn shops and guitar stores may have refurbished or used guitars that are perfect for beginners. Guitars under $150 have tendency to be made cheaply so keep that in mind if you are worried about poor construction or sound quality.


If you know someone who plays guitar ask them what brands they typically play or have used in the past. Fender, Martin, and Gibson are all very well-known brands that are good for beginners.

Decide Between Acoustic and Electric

This will largely depend on your musical tastes and what you want to play. Acoustic may have more limitations but an electric will require additional equipment.


Always play around with the guitar before you buy it, even if you don’t know how to play anything. You can bring someone who is more experience to make sure they don’t notice anything that you may have missed on the first inspection. This is one of the most important things you can do when shopping for a guitar.

Find a Fitting Guitar for your Style

If you play a certain type of music you will probably want a guitar type that fits that style. Go through amplifier features and channels to make sure the sound is good with the guitar. You should find one that first fits your budget and go from there and don’t be pressured to buy anything the salesperson tries to push on you.

Look for Imperfections

Check for cracks, chips, scratches and listen for buzzing by the fret. Give each string a decent amount of plucks and strums and listen for pops or odd noises. Don’t get the guitar if you hear strange noises unless the store is willing to modify or fix them for you. Check the frets and physical make of the guitar as well as the sound when purchasing a guitar.

Get the one you Like!

Ask for a warranty and make sure you get new strings and potentially a tuner, picks, and a bag. You will need these things to transport and modify your guitar but won’t automatically come with a purchase. New strings are a good idea since manufacturers and stores can leave the default strings on for years.

Get Lessons

Take full advantage of your new instrument and learn the best techniques. You can also buy books and look at songs online to learn where to place your hands, fingers, arms, and how to sit. Private lessons may not always be available so the internet is a great secondary option.

Top 5 Best Dutch Ovens Reviews

If you want to make a pot roast, a savory bean soup, a stew and chicken with rice at home, a Dutch oven will be your great helper. These foods must be cooked as long as possible, or they taste bland.

Best Dutch Oven

Based on customer reviews, features, ratings and prices, we choose top 5 best Dutch Ovens for you. If you plan to buy one, you can choose one of them. If you have one, your family members will enjoy the delicious foods you make for them.

Lodge Logic Dutch Oven

best dutch oven

If you are complaining that your sub-par kitchenware cannot cook evenly and cannot help you make a great stew, this Lodge Logic Dutch Oven with Loop Handles is your best choice, because it can help you make delicious food by cooking the food evenly. By using this best Dutch Oven, all the ingredients are cooked evenly. What’s more, the price is not expensive and cheap. This Oven is one of the most popular Dutch Ovens on the market. On Amazon, at least 600 real users reviewed this product. Most people think it cooks foods evenly. The average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars. It deserves a try.

Lodge Color Dutch Oven


This Lodge Color Dutch Oven can help you make great-tasting food easily, because its porcelain enamel construction will not put any odor in the food. It also can hold plenty of food and exceed your standards due to its great construction. This one also is one of the best-selling Dutch Ovens on Amazon. Most people gave it positive reviews. It comes with 3 sizes to choose from: 3-quart, 6-quart and 7.5-quart. There are over 1,400 customer reviews left by real users. Reading these Dutch Oven Reviews can help you make a good understanding what you will purchase.

Le Creuset Round 5 1/2 qt. French Oven


Although the price of this Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Round French Oven seems expensive, it can offer you a truly unique cooking experience. This heavy cast-iron oven has colorful and long-lasting exterior enamel and a durable, non-reactive sand-colored interior. The exterior can resist cracking and chipping, and the interior has a smooth surface for cooking. If you buy this, it means you buy excellent craftsmanship and the Le Creuset will don’t make you disappointed. Most people who bought this gave it positive reviews. Although the price is expensive, the rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars. Most people agree with its great performance.

Circulon 5.5-Quart Nonstick Dutch Oven


This Circulon 5-1/2-Quart Dutch Oven is really a durable and versatile Dutch oven on the market. The price is no more than $60, but it can help you make your meal or entree taste great because of its great heat convection. What’s more, it is a nonstick Dutch oven.

Calphalon One Infused Anodized 8-1/2-Quart Dutch Oven with Stainless Steel Lid


This is another nonstick Dutch Oven in this list. If you think sticking is a concern, the Calphalon One Infused Anodized 8-1/2-Quart Dutch Oven with Stainless Steel Lid is the best choice. It has a strong surface to prevent sticking. It can help you make plenty of great-tasting meals. The average rating is over 4.8. Although it is relatively new to others, it is accepted by many people.

Dutch Ovens Buying Guide

A Dutch oven can be used for a stove top or an oven. It’s an essential cooking item if you want to create soups or one cook recipes. A 4-to-6 quart oven will be perfect for many kitchen meals and the slow-cooked meals are often the most rewarding.

Types of Dutch Ovens

The majority of Dutch ovens are made of heavy metals to retain heat and browning. When your Dutch oven is prepared with food be prepared to do some heavy lifting. Porcelain enamel-coated cast iron is the most common type of Dutch oven. Some of the others are made of cast iron, stainless steel, and copper. Dutch ovens are designed with tight-fitting lids and straight sides.

Cast Iron

This is a classic heavy-duty Dutch oven that will last a lifetime. It requires “seasoning” with oil when the model is new but if used frequently it will hold its seasoning. The metal causes a reaction with acidic foods and should not be cooked with this type.

Porcelain Enamel-Coated Cast Iron

For cooking and browning evenly, this Dutch oven is built to last, although cheap inexpensive versions may chip or crack. No seasoning is required since the pot is coated and cleanup is a snap. It can eliminate hot spots on the bottom and cold up the sides while evenly distributing heat.

Stainless Steel

A stainless-steel Dutch oven is one of the most durable models and it heats well. A copper core offers superior heat containment and is encapsulated between the layers of steel.


Because of its ability to control temperature and heat conductivity, copper is a good choice. It would be best if it was lined with stainless steel since it can rot with acidic foods.

Purchase Considerations

A Dutch oven is a significant purchase for your kitchen and can be a difficult task. If you purchase a quality Dutch oven there is a good chance that it could last close to a lifetime. It will be expensive at first glance but is a long-term investment that will serve you for years.

  • Shapes – You should buy a shape that you find aesthetically pleasing since the performance will not depend on the shape. They come in round and oval models.
  • Sizes – Dutch ovens typically range from around 1-1/2 quarts to 9 quarts. For easy every day, single-batch cooking, opting for 4- to 6-quart pots are best. It’s wise to invest in a larger pot if you plan on cooking larger scale meals.
  • Nonstick – Nonstick-interior Dutch ovens are typically of stainless steel variety. The cleanup is easy, but it is known that special care must be used to prevent damaging or scratching the interior.
  • Lid – The lid should fit snugly to prevent moisture from escaping to preserve the full taste of meals. You will want to easily be able to hold the lid with a heat glove.
  • Handles – Cast iron is one of the best materials that Dutch ovens are made of, but if you buy a different material make sure the pot has two sturdy handles for picking up and placing food in. The food could pose a safety hazard if made from lesser quality material.
  • Colors – Enamel-coated Dutch ovens come in several different styles and you can pick a great color that matches your appliances and look or go for a bold new color.

Top 5 Best Photo Scanner Reviews

There are so many types of scanners on the market you can choose from to scan images of your photographs. However, when you decide to choose, how do you know which is the best photo scanner? In fact, some perform better, while others perform plainly. Best ones can offer you high resolution to capture much more detail in your photos and they also can provide you with high image quality due to their deep color scanning.

We have done some housework and tried to find the best one for you. The following models on this list are all high quality. Some are freestanding equipment which scans your photo as the photo passes through the feeder, while others are normally flatbed scanners which are perfect for loose documents, making them much safer while scanning. Besides their performance, we also have taken their prices, ratings and customer reviews into account.

If you are searching for such one best photo scanner, these models on this list can help you narrow range of choice and shorten your time.

Epson B11B178011 Perfection V700 Photo Scanner


The first we highly recommend is this Epson B11B178011 Perfection V700 Photo Scanner. It is one of the bestselling flatbed scanners. Many people have chosen it as their primary scanner no matter in office or at home due to the fact that it is capable of capturing high quality images from your photos. What’s more, its high resolution and most detailed images make it a right choice for a flatbed scanner. It uses a cold lamp, protecting your photos and documents from heat damage. The 48-bit color depth can recover the colors of the photos maximally.

Epson B11B198011 Perfection V600 Photo Scanner


If you think the price of V700 is too high but you need such a high quality one, this V600 can offer you nearly the same feature as V700. However, the differences are that V700 works faster than V600 and V700 has a slim body. If you only need a scanner which can work for you occasionally, this one is also a good pick, after all Epson is good at this field.

HP ScanJet G3110 Photo Scanner


This one is also a budget one. The price is only 99.99. Although it doesn’t perform better than Epson V700, it is also a great pick, considering its price, brand and other factors. The resolution is up to 4800 dpi, and it also has 48-bit color depth. If you want a cheap one for occasional scanning work at home, it is enough.

Mustek ScanExpress S324 Standalone Photo and Document Scanner


This one has a slim body, because it is a standalone photo scanner which feeds paper documents and photos into the body for scanning. It works very fast and effective, but the resolution is not good as other models on this list. It has a built-in 2.4-Inch LCD which can show the images. If you need a faster scanner but don’t care about the resolution too much, you can try it.


If you need a scanner in your office, you can choose Epson B11B178011 Perfection V700 due to its high resolution, fast speed and reliability. If you only use a scanner occasionally, you can choose Epson V600 or HP ScanJet G3110 because of their affordable prices.

Top 5 Best Solar Lights Reviews

Solar lights are ideal for outdoor lighting. There are many types of solar lights you can choose from, such as solar path lights, solar deck lights, solar flood lights etc. However, before purchasing outdoor solar lights, there are something you need to consider. What brightness do you prefer? How do you use outdoor solar lights, to illuminate a path or a deck? The installation of solar lights is easy. Do you prefer affixing it to a post or simply staking it into the ground? If you choose the best solar lights, you can use them to create a special atmosphere for your outdoor space lighting.

Best Solar Light

If you are looking for the best solar lights for your outdoor space, we have made this list of top 5 best solar lights for you to choose from, based on there performance, ratings, prices and customer reviews. And they can fit your needs.

1. Garden Creations JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light

best solar light

If you are looking for solar accent lights, this Garden Creations JB5629 Solar-Powered LED Accent Light can fit your needs well. This solar light is made of special weatherproof materials. You can use these solar lights to illuminate your pathway, walkway, driveway etc. The installation is easy, just staking them into the ground.

2. Moonrays 91381 Payton Solar-Powered Plastic LED Path Light


If you are looking for best solar path lights, I highly recommend this solar path lights. This is a set of 10 lights. The light color is warm-white. Each of them can illuminate 12 inches area. And each fixture can emit 2.5 lumens and 120 degree angle beam. They can last for up to 10 hours if they are fully charged. Also rechargeable batteries are included.

3. 3 Piece Decorative Solar Light Set


This is a 3 piece solar garden lights. One set includes a transparent dragonfly,a hummingbird and a butterfly. The impressive feature of these lights is that they can change the light color from blue to red to green in the dark. The 30″ tall stake allows you to install it easily and straightfoward. Solar panel will charge the rechargeable battery during the day and at dusk the LED lights will be turned on automatically. In a word, if you want to make your garden special, you may try this 3 Piece Decorative Solar Light Set.

4. Wild Grass Solar Garden Lights. 3 Sprigs of 1.2 Foot Tall Grass


These wild grass solar garden lights can create special effect on your garden. 8 hours charging time during the day can make these lights last at least 6 hours during the evening. Also one 600mAh battery is included.

5. Smart Solar/Smart Solar 3011WRM1 Solar Scroll Light. Antique brown


This solar lantern is a good choice if you need a portable light source. You can take it to light up anywhere you like. It also contains a switch. If it is charged fully, it can provide you with 8-hour of continuous lighting. Also this solar scroll light has a good design.

How To Find Solar Lighting For Any Outdoor Space

The availability of sun-powered lighting has increased greatly over the last few years, and there are tons of choices, styles and power to choose from. Solar lighting is a great way to light up your patio, walkway, or garden. It can create a warm welcome while showing off your home’s features. It also can care a more safe and secure area with increased visibility.

Why Go Solar? Very little effort is required to install and it does not require any hardwiring. It will save you money on your electricity bill and you will only need to pay for the upfront costs and maybe for a battery replacement. They’re safe to use around water and can help illuminate your pool or hot tub. They will continue to work during power outages and can be a nice alternative to a generator.

Consider Location. They don’t need to be near an electrical outlet but they will need to be exposed to direct sunlight during the day to properly charge. The power is stored in rechargeable batteries that will turn the lights on at dusk and glow throughout the evening. The length of time they’ll glow is based on how many hours of sunlight they get during the day, so operating time will depend on the season and location. Most units will require about eight hours of sun to last through the night. They don’t require much maintenance but it is best to install them where they will receive sufficient daytime light. Try to keep them uncovered and free of dirt and debris. If you don’t have open space to direct sunlight you can purchase remote solar panels that will harvest the sun’s energy to power lights that are transmitted by wire to panels in shaded areas.

Choosing A Style. Most solar lighting units are equipped with LED technology and allow the lights to stay illuminated many hours longer that models from years ago. Solar LED lighting is available in many different styles and will rarely require a change of batteries. And you can choose the best rechargeable batteries. Units that are staked into the ground are great for illuminating walkways and patios and can easily be installed with a rubber mallet. If you want to have solar lighting that is not on the ground, rope lighting is very flexible and can be tied around outdoor furnishing, rails, or even tree branches. Individual solar lanterns can also be easily tied to vertical objects for additional light. Festive lights on string material are available in many colors that can create a fun atmosphere for your next event or outdoor party.

Top 5 Best Straight Razors for closer and cleaner shaving

If you haven’t seen a straight razor, you may feel a bit intimidating when you firstly see one. We are now used to using disposable or electric razors to shave. Straight razors represent old style method of shaving. Straight razors were essential for men before electric or disposable razors were invented. However, they are not out of date and they are able to provide you with an even closer and cleaner shave. In fact, they are knives, so you should be careful while using them.

There are different straight razors which are different from sizes, shapes and manufacturers. However, they are not manufactured equal. Some are good, but some are poor quality. We’ve done some research and selected some of best straight razors for men based on their materials, comfort, ease of use, prices, performance and customer reviews.

Parker SRW Stainless Steel Straight Edge Barber Razor


If you are boring to the unclean shave of an electric razor, Parker Safety Razor can show you its great performance. You also don’t need to pay much money for it. It is very cheap. It is a good beginning for those who want to learn the old art of shaving with such a straight razor.

Dovo Best Quality, Full Hollow Carbon Steel Straight Razor


If you just need an old style straight razor, this one is the right choice. It is affordable and it offers solid performance. It is made of Full Hollow Carbon Steel and it can really provide closer and cleaner shave.

Parker SR1 Stainless Steel Straight Edge Razor


This one is made of Stainless Steel, so the price is very cheap, no more than $30. If you need a razor which you won’t have to graduate from? This one is your right choice. It is really a high quality and unique razor which allow you to replace the blades if you feel it is not sharp anymore and this can enable it last you’re a lifetime.

Dovo Silver Shavette Satin Finish Straight Razor


This razor will help you make the switch from safety or disposable razors easily, not complex or expensive. It is very easy to use, making you feel comfortable and convenient. And the price is not expensive, no more than 50 bucks. It is really a great shave.

MD Black Dragon Straight Razor


This one is from MD and it can deliver a great performance. Its weight distribution is great, making you feel comfortable and easy to use.

Top 5 Best Panini Presses Reviews

What is a Panini Press?

We also can call a Panini press as a sandwich press or a sandwich maker. It can cook a nice meal which seems it directly came from a restaurant. The word “Panini” is an Italian word that means grilled sandwich. They can make sandwiches taste from sweet to savory due to plenty of ingredients. You can use Panini makers to cook anything you like, such vegetables, meats, pork chops. There are many models on the market and our experts at help you narrow down the range. We have chosen top 5 best Panini Press for you to choose from. Before that we will discuss how a Panini press works.

How does it work?

Two heated plates are used to put pressure on both sides of a sandwich, leaving the signature grill marks, when you use a Panini maker to cook. 2 plates are made of cast iron, glass-ceramic or Teflon-coated material. Many models allow altering the settings to grill meats or vegetables. The sandwich comes out toasted and pressed – very beautiful.

As a contact grill, you may think it can be replaced by other contact grills, but not all grills can make good Panini presses. Now the following is the best ones we selected for you.

Best Panini Presses

If you are just searching for the best panini press, out list of top 5 best Panini Presses can help you quickly find the right one. Our selection is based on their overall performance, prices, ratings and we also checked their customer reviews to know the pros and cons.

Breville BSG520XL Panini Duo 1500-Watt Nonstick Panini Press

best panini press

The first one we highly recommend is this Breville BSG520XL. The 1500-watt one can shorten the time of cooking and it can quickly make the maker reach to cooking temperatures. It also has a nonstick and scratch-resistant quantanium cooking surface. The bread will not be crushed because of the floating hinge and lock on the lid. The average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. As one of the most popular one, you have reason to consider it. A user manual with recipes is also included.

De’Longhi CGH800 Contact Grill and Panini Press

DeLonghi-CGH800-Contact-Grill-and-Panini-Press-300x167If you don’t like Breville BSG520XL, this De’Longhi CGH800 is also a good option. It can accommodate food of any size because of its height adjustable hinge. You can use it to grill fish, meat and panini sandwiches easily and quickly. You also can adjust the thermostat to set the temperature precisely. The non-stick surface is very easy to clean. It deserves a try.

VillaWare NDVLPAPFS1-SHP Panini Grill


This maker is a multi-functional one. You can lay it flat to use it as an indoor grill or close it to use it as a Panini maker or a grill. The price is reasonable. And it also has multiple heat settings. Besides its non-stick plate for easy cleaning, it also has an indicator that can tell you the desired temperature. It is really a versatile maker.

IMUSA GAU-80102 Electric Panini and Sandwich Maker


For those who only need a simple panini press and don’t need grill marks, the IMUSA GAU-80102 is the right option. A led light indicator can indicate the temperature and a recipe is also included. Because of the simple function, it is  very cheap and affordable but high quality.

George Foreman PN2035B 120-Square Inch Nonstick Panini Grill


If you have a big family and you need a large Panini grill, the George Foreman PN2035B 120-Square Inch Nonstick Panini Grill can satisfy all your requirements. The nonstick surface can prevent tearing and sticking, saving butter or oil and making the food healthier. You can precisely control the temperature according to different foods.


All the products on this list are the best ones you can rely one. They may have different features and they can help you make delicious panini sandwich easily and quickly. They all deserve to possess.

Panini Press Buying Advice: What to Look For

First time buyers often seek advice when buying a panini press. It can be a complicated process. There are tons of different models and the price can range from $20 up to $200. What do you need to know to get a good brand?

This article will help you navigate through the plethora of options that are available to shoppers. There are some key features to look for when considering a new press that can translate to the best overall quality and value.

Presses and grills can often be used as interchangeable terms and there is electric and specifically designed for panini presses. Indoor grills like the George Foreman brand are good but this will focus more on electric panini presses. There won’t be a direct recommendation for a brand but rather features that you should look at when shopping around.

Features to Look For

Some features are better than others, and some worth checking out are the ones that come with a floating hinge, adjustable thermostat, large grill surface area and removable plates. You may or may not want a feature for any particular reason and that’s why variety is good to have when shopping around.

Floating Hinge

This is a fancy word for being able to close the grill at various heights. It can accommodate a tall sandwich or something like a grilled cheese. Depending on what you’re grilling you can change the height to fit your sandwich needs. Most panini grills will have this feature, and can often be found around $40 to $80. These are basic models with the floating hinge but no other major features.

Adjustable Thermostat

This might be a feature only available on a high-end grill model. This is a very helpful feature if you plan to grill different foods frequently like burgers and then sandwiches. Higher temperatures are easier to grill different kinds of foods easily. If you are only interested in making paninis and want to save some money this feature is not necessary.

Grill Surface Area

Some people prefer cooking on smaller surfaces that fit better with their kitchen. A large grill is great for people who want to be able to make more than one item. This is generally a factor in price, and the bigger the size typically the more expensive it is. This is great for families or for people who just want to make numerous sandwiches at once to save time.

Removable Plates

This isn’t a necessity but is a nice convenience feature. Panini fillings can often seep out of the bread and onto the grill which can make cleaning it more difficult. If your grill has removable plates, it is much easier to clean and can often be put in the dishwasher. This probably won’t make or break your decision but can definitely have an impact on the model you buy.

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