Top 5 Best Snow Shovels Reviews

best snow shovelIn winters, snow shovels are essential tools for removing snow. You may think they are similar to regular shovels, but they are specially designed to remove snow. They are not suitable for other purpose.

Best Snow Shovel

Removing snow in winters is not an easy job and if you use regular shovels to remove snow, you may suffer from muscle strain. Most of them have different handles which are designed to minimize muscle strain and maximize the force to shovel snow out of the way. There are many snow shovels on the market. We have done a lot of research and picked up the best snow shovels for you, based on their durability, practicality and ease of use. They can be used to shovel the most snow with the least amount of effort.

Snow Wolf SW0310 Wheeled Snow Shovel


If you need to remove a great amount of snow, you need a big one. This Wovel Snow Wolf SW0310 wheeled Snow Shovel is specially designed to remove a large amount of snow easily, because it features a 35-inch wheeled fulcrum which can help to reduce lower back stress up to 4 times. It can help you clear 3x faster than regular snow shoveling with less risk of injury and half the effort. You also can fold down it or hang it flat on the wall for easy storing. In a word, it can help you easily throw the heavy snow out of your way.

Ames True Temper 1600900 Steel Avalanche Ergo Sleigh Snow Shovel


This model features a 24-inch shovel blade and can help you throw snow out of the way fast and easy. It is so easy to use. First, push the shovel into snow and make it filled up, then just tip it to the side to empty. Therefore, you don’t need to lift it. What’s more, the agronomical steel handle is comfortable to hold and you will feel less fatigue during use. When you are using it to shovel on asphalt or concrete, you don’t need to worry about the wearing because the steel wear strip at the front can reduce wear. This is also one of the top rated models and many users said it is a must-have for winter.

Suncast SC3950 Double Grip Ergonomic Snow Shovel/Pusher


With this 18-inche blade, this Suncast SC3950 can help you get plenty of snow out of the way easily and quickly. It features dual ergonomic hand grips which can make you feel comfortable while shoveling snow. This design also can reduce the stress on the blade. It also features a steel wear strip which allows you to use it to shovel on asphalt and concrete without worry about the wearing. As an affordable one, it deserves to try.

Garant YPSS26U Yukon 26 Inch Ergonomic Sleigh Shovel


This Garant Yukon Ergo Sleigh Shovel is a versatile tool. You can use to push snow, shovel or throw snow. It also features the steel wear strip which can extend blade life. The Ergonomic steel handle is comfortable to hold and can reduce the muscle strain. It is perfect for intense and continuous use.

Orbit DriftMaster Snow Shovel


If you need a budget and basic lightweight one, you can choose this best snow shovel – Orbit DriftMaster Snow Shovel. It is so cheap and ideal for light or medium snow removal. This model can be used for anyone because of its lightweight and solid construction. You can use to shovel snow on the patios, steps or porches.

Snow Shovel Buying Guide

Snow shovels have come in handy for decades to give pedestrians to clear sidewalks, driveways by clearing snow and preventing ice. This snow shovel buying guide will highlight the unique history of snow shovels, from their very beginnings to their most modern and high tech forms.

Shovels vary in size for individuals to huge commercial trucking operations. When used safely, they can also act as a great and cheap way to exercise while keeping your walkway safe.

There are many snow shovel shapes and materials that you will learn about.

Shoveling snow is a great way to get some exercise in winter and is a cardio workout for your entire body. It can build muscle while burning calories. If you pursue this as an exercise you need to be careful as it can be dangerous to your health if you don’t do it properly.

This guide will teach you about top manufacturers and price ranges to where you can buy snow shovels online for the best price.

Evolution of Snow Shovels

In the early years of snow shovels, they were often mounted to larger animals as shoulder blades. Handles wouldn’t be used until much later, and they became popular in large cities in the 1800s when snow removal was necessary. Teams of homeowners would be used to clear snow on city streets and sidewalks. The earlier forms were often made with wood handles and flat blades made of metal. The method would often take much longer than today’s standards since the blades were much smaller.

Before plastic was more commonly used, most shovels would look be similar to the shovels used in the 1800s. The blades have gotten much larger over the years for more efficient snow removal. Today shovels can weigh as low as two pounds with handles and blades that last a lifetime. Ergonomic handles created a more friendly design for the body and even come with wheels and motors.

Snow Shovels Vs. Snow Blowers

Both are good methods for modern snow removal but there are some small differences. Snow shovels are often believed to be superior but modern shovels can perform as well or even better than snow blowers today.

Snow Shovel Pros

  • Inexpensive and can often be bought for around $15
  • They are lightweight and can be as low as two pounds
  • Easy to transport – just pick it up and carry it wherever you need to go
  • Easy to store – they can be hung on the wall, in your car, or in the back of your garage. They also fit great in tight spaces
  • Anyone can use them! Kids with the most basic shovel can help out
  • No pollution – the only energy required is yours
  • No maintenance – unless you need to replace a screw these should remain intact
  • They’re easy to repair or replace since the cost is so low

Snow Blower Pros

  • They can clear your sidewalk in a few minutes and can operate much faster than a snow shovel
  • Less physical work is needed to operate since many are self-propelled and you will only need to steer
  • They cover large areas with ease which is ideal for bigger homes or businesses
  • Great for people who aren’t physically capable of moving well like elderly people or individuals who have injuries

Top 5 Best Small Kitchen Appliances for Foodies

Top-5-Best-Small-Kitchen-ApIf you are a foodie, you cannot miss these top 5 best small kitchen appliances. You can pick up one of these counter-top or stove-top appliances because they can appeal to any foodie on at all events. If you want to choose one, check out the reviews and compare prices.

1. FoodSaver Vacuum Food Sealer


If you need a home vacuum-sealer, this FoodSaver V2840 is the best choice, because the FoodSaver is always a leader in home vacuum-sealers. It has all bells and whistles and it will not make you disappointed. It has 2 vacuum speeds and can seal and shut automatically. It features CrushFress instant steel and extra-wide nonstick sealing strip. This best vacuum food sealer will be your helper in the kitchen.

2. Crock-Pot Slow Cooker


This Crock-Pot SCVT650-PS is not your grandmother’s slow cooker. The touchscreen control panel allows you to control it easily without any static clings. You can program the cooking time and make it always keep warm for you. It has a polished stainless steel exterior, which is very easy to clean. The metal side handles have silicon stay-cool warps, so it is very safe to hold. The crock and glass lid is dishwasher-safe. What’s more, a bonus cookbook is included. If you need a slow cooker, you cannot miss this best slow cooker.

3. Nesco Roaster Oven


This 18-Quart Roaster Oven is a countertop stand-along oven. It seems a standard range oven but with a temperature dial. Unlike a slow cooker, such a roaster oven allows you to regulate the temperature according to your recipe. And this Nesco roaster oven allows you to adjust the thermostat 425 degrees. Compared with a standard range oven, it uses less power and you don’t worry that it can heat up your kitchen. This best roaster oven deserves a try.

4. T-fal Deep Fryer


This best deep fryer can hold 3-2/7 liters of oil and 2-2/3 pounds of food. It can automatically drain and filter oil and stored the oil in the integrated oil container for future use. This best deep fryer also features adjustable thermostat, temperature-ready light, permanent odor filter and external basket handle. If you like fry foods, this Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer is the best option.

5. Cuisinart GR-4N 5-in-1 Griddler


This 5-in-1countertop unit is really a versatile helper for you. It can be a contact grill, full grill, full griddle, half grill/griddle and Panini press. It has dual temperature controls and indicator lights which make it easy to use. There are so many people who have purchased it. The average rating is 4.2 out of 5 stars. As the bestselling one, this best griddle can satisfy all your requirements.

As a foodie, it is a good ideal to share the delicacy with our family and friends and these top 5 best small home kitchen appliances can help us create delicious home-cooked meals for loved ones.


Top 5 Best Gas Grills for Perfect Steaks and More

best gas grillTo me, nothing says ‘sit back and relax’ like the smell of burgers on a grill. I get a lot of use out of my gas grill since I live in a warm climate and can use it year round. In my house we cook all the usual things – steak, chicken, kabobs, burgers – plus pizzas, veggies, and even fruit. (Grilled pineapple is incredible, by the way.) If you’re looking to get your own grill, or replace your old one, check out my list to find the best gas grill for you. I’ve assembled a list of the top 5 best gas grills to suit a wide range of budgets and lifestyles. Breathe deep, relax, and read on to find out which gas grill might be perfect for you.

Dyna-Glo DGP350NP-D Smart Space Living Two-Burner LP Gas Grill

Dyna-Glo-Smart-Space-Gas-GrillIf you are short on outdoor space, the Dyna-Glo Smart Space is a great choice for you. This isn’t the fanciest gas grill around. It’s a very basic two-burner with little else, but it gets the job done and is reliable. This grill heats up fast, and also cooks food very quickly, which in my house is a very good thing. It should take about an hour, maybe a little more, to assemble, but the instructions are easy to follow. You shouldn’t have any trouble with set-up.

What are some of the downfalls of this grill? Well, it’s not the sturdiest grill I’ve ever encountered. The base is plastic and can be a tad wobbly. For a very basic grill like this one, I wish the price point were a little lower. But it really is a nice little grill, and if you use it frequently like I do, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth in no time.

Weber Genesis E-330 637-Square-Inch Grill

Weber-Genesis-E-330-637-Square-Inch-GrillI’ve gone through a couple grills, and at a certain point I got sick of buying the cheaper option only to have to replace it a few years later. If you’re at this point, I would strongly suggest the Weber Genesis E-330. This grill is more expensive, but with this particular product, you get what you pay for and then some. The whole grill is extremely sturdy and durable, made of substantial materials that will withstand continued use and some exposure outdoors. Unlike the Dyna-Glo, this grill rolls across the patio very smoothly and doesn’t wobble or bend one bit.

In addition to being extremely high quality in terms of materials and construction, the Weber Genesis offers some unique and much appreciated features: porcelain coated iron plates underneath the burners to reflect heat up; very thick cast iron grates to retain heat; well insulated hood to trap heat; a searing burner that gets extra hot extra fast. Cooking on this grill is a dream. The heat retention is superb, and your food cooks faster and more evenly.

The catch? I can’t find any, except to say that this is a very heavy product (190 pounds in the box) and for that reason can be a bit of a bear to assemble. The instructions are great, the assembly is simple, but the parts are heavy and tightly packed in the box. Assembly takes about two hours. If you can get a helper for set-up, you should have smooth sailing, and soon be on your way to enjoying some delicious steaks.

Weber Q 100 Gas Grill

Weber-Q-100-Gas-GrillIf your first concern is price, I would look to this Weber Portable Grill instead of a less expensive full model. Why? Because this portable grill comes with the same excellent quality as other Weber grills, but for a quarter of the price and a little less cooking area. For regular use with this grill, you’ll either want to set it on a table or purchase a stand.

This grill uses a high-quality cast iron grate to ensure proper searing, even on this smaller grill. The heating is even, and food cooks quickly. This is a one-burner grill, however, and little space is available (if any) for indirect cooking. While this is a high-quality Weber product, the Q 100 Portable isn’t going to give you the same cooking experience as the Genesis E-330. In a strong breeze, the grill temperature drops, and you might have a few more maintenance issues with this smaller model.

The nice thing about the Q 100 is that you can also take it camping, to the park, to your friend’s house, or wherever. It’s sort of a two-in-one deal since it works just fine as a regular every day grill, too. I will caution you, however, that if you regularly cook for a big crowd, this grill is probably too small for you. In that case, I’d steer you towards the Dyna-Glo.

Napoleon Prestige P500RSIB Grill

Napoleon-Prestige-P500RSIB-GrillAttention, BBQ connoisseurs. This pick is for you. I know you’re probably choking on the price right now, but I just had to include this grill in my list because Napoleon makes some of the best grills out there, and the Prestige is no exception. This grill is the only one you’ll ever need. With the high quality parts combined with excellent customer service, the Napoleon is sure to last you a very long time.

The special feature of this grill is the infrared side burner. Turn on the infrared, and the food cooks extremely fast and saves you some gas. It’s really great for searing steaks, as well. The Prestige is a four-burner model with 500 square inches of cooking space, so you have lots of room to cook for a crowd. I do have to point out that the Weber Genesis E-330 has more cooking area, but not by too much.

Why would you want the Napoleon Prestige over the Weber Genesis? The Weber is a good grill, but it’s not going to last you a lifetime. The Napoleon will. Also, the Napoleon has the cool infrared feature that gives you more flexibility with your cooking technique to get the perfect steak. If you’re just looking to cook some burgers and you don’t care about the fine precision heat this grill can provide, I’d probably save the money and go with the Weber.

Coleman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill

Coleman-RoadTrip-LXE-Propane-GrillThe last one I would like to recommend is this Coleman RoadTrip LXE Propane Grill. It is very affordable and very popular. It is amazing that so many people have purchased it. On amazon, there are over 1,400 customer reviews and the average rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars. And the prices are generally under $200. I don’t want to say much about it. If you only need a basic one and the price is your only consideration, this is your best choice.

With all this talk about steaks and burgers, are you drooling yet? If you’re new to grilling, remember to read the grilling guide that comes with the grill you purchase to ensure good results the first time around. What works for your friend might not work for you if you’re using different grills. And using even the best gas grill, you might need some practice to get the perfect steak. My number one tip for all you grill newbies out there is to get a timer and clip it to your shirt while grilling. The greatest enemy of a perfectly cooked steak is a distracted cook! The timer has saved my steaks many times. I hope you enjoy your new grill.

Best Gas Grill Buying Guides and Tips

The process of purchasing a gas grill is often challenging and time consuming. Different features can sound good on paper but if you aren’t familiar with gas grills it can be a long and unsuccessful experience. Electric grills can make things much easier by following main ideas to make your decision much easier.

This gas grill buying guide will give you important aspects to consider when buying a grill. This guide below will help you find the best options and what you should look for.

Making Decisions

First, you need to think about what you want to cook on the grill and what your style is. Do you want to be able to grill your meat quickly or would you rather leave it on the grill and walk away?

If you’re a rookie and don’t have experience with the terminology check out Gas Grills 101 to get more familiar.

1. Research the manufacturer’s warranty

No one wants to spend more money than they need to on appliances, and most good companies will offer you maintenance or a few years to replace it if you have problems with functioning.

2. Make sure the gas grill is proportional to the size of the grill itself

A lot of grill manufacturers make a large, flashing looking grill with inadequate burners that will result in inconsistent hot and cold spots. When researching the cooking performance, make sure there’s more to it than just the overall amount of burners. It should have a great distribution across the surface as well as good BTU numbers.

3. Make sure the entire burning surface can be covered by flame taming devices

Grills can be very dangerous if salt and grease manage to damage the grill or get deep into the model. The more exposed and worn the burner is the quicker it runs out. The flame tamer should be directly over the burners and not on the side. You should be able to get maximum vaporization by evenly distributed heat across the surface. Grills that have lava rocks are generally not good quality as the heat is poorly distributed and oddly shaped.

4. Examine the materials used in the cooking grids

Most will work properly if you clean them well and are commonly stainless steel, porcelain coated and iron casted. Porcelain coated grills may tell you to clean when hot, but it isn’t a good idea as the material is more fragile the hotter it gets. By brushing or cleaning grills made of porcelain could chip, rust, and ultimately may cause the quality to diminish quickly.

5. Most grill housings and frames are long lasting and durable

Quality of construction goes hand in hand with its welding and high quality grills have fully welded, highly polished seams that are typically double lined. These commercial grade 304 stainless hoods are quality, durable, and long lasting. Your climate and environment will be a big factor in the durability of your grill and if you live on the coast and you don’t buy copper, the weather is sure to give your grill a hard time. The weather will get to every grill eventually, even stainless steel (it just takes longer), and that’s why you should invest in a good warranty. If your location gets a lot of heat and humidity a thick aluminum grill or stainless steel grill usually works better.

6. Temperature

Your meat preference will have a huge impact on the type of grill you need to get. If you want to be able to cook steak the grill will need to be able to reach 600 degrees Fahrenheit at least. The higher quality grill you get the more likely it is that it can reach higher temperatures. Steak needs to be on and off the grill as quickly as possible and it will dry out if it’s on for too long, and the better quality grill will be able to control low temperatures as well to minimize flaring.

7. Product Reviews

Shopping for a grill is very time consuming and you shouldn’t do it all on your own. Look for key features, and read up on the most popular models to get an idea of what is popular and performing well. View some on our Gas Grill Reviews page.

Top 5 Best Mouse Poison Reviews – Removing the Pesky Mice

top5bestmousepoisonHow to remove the pesky mice from our home? I think nobody loves these pesky mice. There are many ways to trap or expel these pesky mice. However, poisons are ideal when mice refuse to go into a trap because they become trap wary. If this happens, you will find it is difficult to find effective ways to remove them from our home and employ a poison is the only easy to eliminate mouse infestation. Mice in our house are really bad and they are so pesky.

Well, there are various kinds of mouse poisons and which is the best one? Generally, modern mouse poison formulas are disruption of mice’s nervous system or anticoagulant properties.

Nervous system disrupters can disorder the nervous system by interfering with mic’s basic electronic controls of life. Once the nervous system is disordered and finally shut down, the mouse will die. However, this kind of poison must be hidden, because it is highly toxic to children, pets as well as other wildlife. Therefore, don’t let others consume it and when you need to distribute it you must wear gloves.

Anticoagulants don’t interfere with its nervous system but cause internal bleeding. Once the mice consume it, they will finally die due to loss of blood. Therefore, anticoagulants must be taken to hide.

Best Mouse Poison

The following top 5 best mouse poisons are the ones which are easy to use, affordable and the most effective. We also consider the safety of children and pets, so we choose bait packs which can keep the poison contained and not spread by contacting.

#1 Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait


The Havoc Rat & Mouse Bait are the most effective anticoagulants. Once a mouse consumes a single feeding or less, it will be terminated. They are also a new wave of anticoagulants and can be used both indoors and outdoors. And you also can use this product all year around thanks to its all-weather formulation.

Although it seems much more expensive than other budget-friendly mouse killers, it deserves to have. This is because it is much more effective than budget killers. As customers on Amazon said: “both mice and rats are eating this killer like mad and dying.” And it only dehydrates the rodents, so you don’t need to worry about any stink from their rotting carcasses. What’s more, many people spoke highly of these pouches.

#2 Tomcat Mouse Killer Mouse Disposable – Kid & Dog Resistant

Tomcat-Mouse-Killer-Mouse-DisposableFor people who are searching for the safest mouse killer, this product is a good choice. It is made of bromethalin that can disrupt the mice’s nervous system. This mouse poison is a bait station that is stocked with a bromethalin nerve agent poison. And it is also safe to kids and pets, because it features a tamper proof bait station. However, we also need to take care of it, because until now, there is no effective antidote for this. It also comes with a clear lid, so you can easily see whether it is empty and decide when to dispose of it.

#3 d-Con Bait Pellet Place Packs

d-Con-Bait-Pellet-Place-PacksThe d-Con Bait Pellet Place Packs use brodifacoum which is a proven anticoagulant. We can use Vitamin K to detoxify if our pets consume it. The mouse will be terminated only with one feeding. The packs are very small, you can easily put it between walls, behind large appliances. You also can place it on a mouse run you’ve known.

#4 J.T. Eaton Peanut Butter Bait Block Rodenticide

J=T-Eaton-Peanut-Butter-BaitThe scent of the J.T. Eaton Peanut Butter Bait Block Rodenticide can appeal to mice. It smells like the scent of peanut butter which mice cannot refuse. The packs are so small that you can place it anywhere you like, even the tight spaces where mice may run. What’s more, some bait stations are also offered, which can maximum protect your kids and pets.

#5 Victor Fast-Kill Brand Disposable Bait Stations

Victor-Fast-Kill-Brand-Disposable-Bait-StationsThis one is baited with bakery grade ingredients. And the main poison is bromethalin which can interfere with the nervous system. This type of poison must be taken carefully, because there is no effective antidote to it. That’s why it is so effective. And we must prevent from accidental ingestion.

#6 Farnam Just One Bite II Bar

Farnam-Just-One-Bite-II-BarThis mouse poison can help you easily kill house mice, roof rats and Norway rats. This poison consists of bromadiolone which is a well-known anticoagulant rodenticide. This kind of mouse poisons can cause internal bleeding. Only one bite of this best rodenticide can kill mice and rats. If a very little amount is eaten by a mouse or rat, the death will be delayed about 4-5 days.

#7 Tomcat All Weather Bait Chunx

Tomcat-All-Weather-Bait-ChunxThis best rat or mouse repellent is much tougher than a barnyard cat and it is able to get rid of mice and rats effectively. The effective ingredients are human food grade. This rodenticide can get rid of mice and rats in a very large areas. Just one little feeding can kill mice or rats.

#8 MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Liquid Concentrated Bait

MOTOMCO-Tomcat-Mouse-and-Rat-Liquid-Concentrated-BaitThis is an effective liquid mouse bait to get rid of mice and rats. It is easy to contaminate any water recipient that you choose. If rats or mice drink the contaminated water, the mice or rats will be killed. If a mouse trap is not effective, you can try this best liquid mouse bait.

How Mouse Poison Works?

All the mouse poisons or mouse repellents available on the market can hit the mice’s nervous system. To make them more effective, the rodenticides should be put in the areas where mice are very active. Once the mouse eats the bait cum the mouse poison or rodenticide which will hit the mouse’s nervous system, a few minutes later, the mice will die.

However, most rodenticides are toxic. Therefore, you must keep them far away from your pets and children. And when you need to distribute them, you’d better wear gloves.

The Bottom Line

This is our top 5 list of best mouse poisons. If you just need one, choose one of them.

Top 5 Best Electric Griddles Reviews

best electric griddleI have a big family and I have to prepare breakfast for my family. I cannot imagine that what I can do if I don’t have an electric griddle. It has become one of my essential appliances in the kitchen. It is really a versatile appliance for me and I use it for everything, such as breakfast meats, pancakes, eggs and French toast. I must admit that I cannot prepare a country style breakfast feast if you give me a simple stove-top. In fact, I haven’t used my old simple stove-top anymore. My electric griddle makes my life easier. If you are happening to need a griddle, I highly recommend you to select an electric one due to the fact that electric griddles come with plenty of great features.

When you are looking for such an electric one, you will find there are so many models. Well, which is the best one? You may feel frustrated. The key point is that you should narrow down your research. The top 5 best electric griddles on this list were chosen based on their performances, prices, single or dual heating elements, durability and customer reviews. If you are hesitated, they are a good start.

Presto 07046 Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

Presto-07046-Tilt-n-Drain-Big-Griddle-Cool-Touch-Electric-Griddle-150x150This Presto 07046 has a heavy cast aluminum base that has a premium nonstick surface, making it stick free to cook and easy to clean. It also comes with a Built-in backstop ledge. The temperature can be controlled to the desired temperature automatically. Its special Tilt’nDrain feature makes it adjust from a titled draining surface for meats to a level grilling surface for eggs. It allows you to immerse it in water for easy cleaning if the heat control is removed. As one of the bestselling models, you will satisfy with its ease of use and durability. It deserves a try.

Presto 07039 Professional 22-Inch Jumbo Electric Griddle

Presto-07039-Professional-22-Inch-Jumbo-Electric-GriddleAnother model from Presto is this Presto 07039. I have similar features as Presto 07046, but it is cheaper. It has the ability to make your life easier even in the hustle and bustle of daily life. This 22″ model only weighs 7 pounds, great for cleaning and transporting. More and more people have chosen it as their essential appliance in the kitchen.

Broil King PCG-10 Professional Portable Nonstick Griddle

Broil-King-PCG-10-Professional-Portable-Nonstick-Griddle-150x150This product is wide enough. With its 21-by-12-inch nonstick cooking surface, it allows you to prepare decadent dishes for your family. It can provide the heat up to 425 degree F and the stainless steel handles remains cool. I have this feature very much. It is very safe. What’s more, the manufacturer also offers a 2-year warranty; therefore you don’t need to care about the quality.

Wolfgang Puck Indoor Electric Reversible Grill & Griddle

Wolfgang-Puck-Indoor-Electric-Reversible-Grill-Griddle-150x150This grill comes with plenty of great features, such as nonstick surface, removable drip tray, cool-touch handles, adjustable temperature control etc. I love these safety features because it allows me to move it as I like. The most important feature I like the most is its grease channels which can promote healthier cooking.

Cuisinart GR-55 Griddler Stainless Steel Nonstick Grill/Griddle

Cuisinart-GR-55-Griddler-Stainless-Steel-Nonstick-Grill-Griddle-150x150It comes with 2 nonstick grill and griddle plates which are both removable and reversible. You can use the grill and griddle plates at the same time because of this dual temperature-control features. It has a removable center drip tray and it even includes a cleaning tool and user manual with recipes.


All the models on this list deserve a try. You can choose one of them according to your preferences. If you still don’t know how to choose from them, you can check customer reviews to learn more about them.

Best Electric Griddle Buying Guide for 2017

Electric griddles have been gaining more popularity in recent years and are typically used to make breakfast items such like pancakes or waffles. If you’re looking to buy an electric griddle for the convenience or for more simplicity, there are things you need to consider before you pick which brand and style is best for you.


How much can you spend and how much do you want to spend? Electric griddle prices range from $20 to over $100. Since there are so many options based on price you need to set your budget first. Basic griddles are cheap and good for beginning users. Regardless of if you shop online or in stores, check out multiple brands and models to get the best sale prices.


While griddles may seem like simple appliances, they have improved drastically in recent years. There are a lot of features for particular griddles, but here are some of the most popular.

  • Nonstick cooking surface. If you don’t want to spend much time cooking or cleaning, this is a great feature. The drawback is these surfaces need to be cared for properly in order to function. The user’s manual will explain for to care for the surface of your griddle properly.
  • Size. Electric grills are typically too big to sit on a kitchen counter so you should keep that in mind while shopping. If your kitchen or home lacks storage space, a smaller model or one that has folding would be a good option. These are great for traveling or camping and can often fit inside a kitchen cabinet.
  • Dual temperature controls. These griddles are larger models that have two separate sections. Each side of the griddle has a temperature controller which is convenient when you cook multiple items that require different temperatures.
  • Dishwasher safe parts. If you’re on the move a lot have a dishwasher safe griddle can save a ton of time. Simply remove all the dishwasher safe pieces, wipe down griddle surfaces and you’re done. Check the manual before washing anything that claims as dishwasher safe.


Like any appliance, there are many different brands of electric griddles, and it can be extremely overwhelming to choose one to go with. The most important thing to remember when deciding on a name is to stick with a company that you trust. If you are still unsure, ask family and friends for recommendations after doing research on your own. It may be helpful to visit electric griddle websites and read some reviews on the products you are interested in. It’s one of the best ways to find out information about brands at your own pace.

Top 10 Best Backpacks for College


top10backpacksforcollegeCollege students need backpacks for storing snacks, drinks, keys, heavy textbooks, even a laptop and other materials. Their needs are different from the needs they had in high school. Backpacks have become their portable lockers and they need to take them to anywhere they like. Therefore, when you are looking for one for college, you must focus on its practicality and function but not aesthetics. Choosing the best one is a great choice, which can last you throughout your college years.

These top 10 best backpacks on this list can come with the most useful and practical functions which college students need most. They are durable, large in size, comfortable to wear and have lots of compartments to help you organize your materials well.

High Sierra Swerve Backpack

This best-selling one has a large multi-compartment design. It has padded computer sleeve and even your 17” notebook can be holed in it. It comes with everything you need. It offers a zippered mesh pocket, key fob, and pen pockets. Tricot-lined CD/MP3 player pocket with headphone port is also provided. It also holds your sunglasses. As one of the top rated one, you have enough reasons to get this.

High Sierra Access Day Pack

The most impressive features of this High Sierra Access Day Pack are its water bottle pouch, padded laptop pocket, built-in rain cover, and the media pouch. It can help the college kids keep all materials organized and keep their books dry at all the time. It also comes in a variety of colors to choose from, such as Navy/Ash/Black, CarmineRed/Charcoal, Deep Purple etc. What’s more, it offers a lifetime guarantee from High Sierra and you can buy it at a great price. As one of the best-selling one, it can offer everything you need. It deserves to have.

JanSport Classic Big Student Backpack

This product can offer college students both quality and fashion. This pack comes in up to 33 colors, so you choose your preferred color easily. It is also functional and practical because it has enough space to store your books, laptop and other materials you need. Once you have it, you can make all your things organized well. What’s more, a life time warranty is also included. And the price is very low, but the rating is very high. There are just so many people who have bought it. Therefore, don’t hesitate to get this cost-effective pack for your college life.

North Face Surge Backpack

Although this pack is a little bit more expensive than others on this list, it can give you the most back support and comfort. It also offers some great features, such as the built-in laptop pouch, the mesh water bottle pouches, and the electronic organizer. It has the capacity to hold anything you need. North Face also offers a lifetime warranty. Regardless of the fact that it is expensive, its rating is up to 4.8 out of 5 stars and most of the customer reviews are positive. If you have sufficient budgets, it is highly recommended to get this one.

Targus TXL617 17 XL Notebook Backpack

The Targus TXL617 17 XL Notebook Backpack offers lots of specialized organizational compartments, such as the media pocket, the foam-padded laptop compartment and the sunglasses pouch. It can hold anything you want. The materials are made from protective

North Face Jester Backpacks

Another backpack is also from the North Face. This one has a compact design, so it is more compact than others on this list. It also offers many of the same features as others. A lifetime warranty is also available. If you need a small one, this is the best choice. What’s more, it comes in various colors, so you can get the right one according to your preference.

High Sierra Loop Backpack

This one is very cheap. It has a multi-compartment design. Although it doesn’t offer special laptop pouch, it has enough space to fit your laptop. It also offers a Dedicated MP3 player pocket with headphone port, 2 side mesh beverage compartments, and a hanging organizer pocket. The back panel is also very comfortable. If you are on a budget, this one is the best choice.

Targus Drifter II Backpack Designed for 17-Inch Laptop TSB239US (Black/Gray)

If you are looking for a backpack for your 17” laptop, this Targus Drifter II Backpack Designed for 17-Inch Laptop TSB239US (Black/Gray) is suitable for you, because it is specially designed for your super wide laptop. It also has many multiple zippered compartments. Two side water bottle pockets, file storage are also included. It is made of durable materials, so it is durable. This one is one of the bestselling and top rated ones. It is worth relying on.

High Sierra Curve Backpack

The main material of this product is nylon, so it is very durable. It is also very light and offers many compartments inside. The beverage holder is very strong, so it can hold any drink firmly. However, this one has limited space, making it suitable for people who just need a backpack to store a notebook, a 1-inch binder and two medium size textbooks. If you need to carry more, you can choose others. Otherwise, it is pretty good.

SwissGear SA1908 ScanSmart Backpack (Black) Fits Most 17 Inch Laptops

This one features a cool design. It has a mobile phone pocket to keep you organized. The computer compartment design is very special. It has a unique quick-recognition window which can help you go through airport security easily. If you like travelling, this one is the best choice. Other features, such as airflow back system, water bottle pocket are also pretty good. Even if your laptop is 17” wide, it can easily hold your laptop.

Top 10 Best Cheap Mascaras


I think every beautiful women or girl loves mascara. Generally, we need to buy new one every 3 to 6 months. When you are trying to find the best one, you don’t need to worry about quality because you can buy a good one at a lower price. If you want to buy most cost-effective one, take some time to go through our top 10 best cheap mascaras. These products can keep you having fabulous lashes but save you some money. Therefore, there is no reason not to know them.

1. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel CreamLiner .21 oz (6 g)


If you think you can slather your lashes with bright blue mascara to enhance your eyes, we can tell you more. Generally, you don’t need to do that but you can use a black mascara to enhance each and every  lash with a colored top coat. This Physician’s Mascara  can help you that with just one single tube. According to your eye color, you can get a black mascara on one side which making an eye enhancing shade on the other side.

2. Almay One Coat Get Up & Grow Mascara

Many people may feel tired of the lashes breaking or cannot stand the thin and short eyelashes even if they have used mascaras. Now, you can try it. Because it contains anti-breakage and pro-vitamin formula, it can make your lash not breaking. What’s more, your lashes will become lengthened and strengthened even with just one coat. Although it seems it includes a growth of formula, it really can make your your natural eyelashes strengthened, so you don’t need to worry about lashes breaking. Overall, it can make you have fuller-looking eyelashes, because it can make your natural eyelashes  keep more intact.

3. Super Magnify Mascara Navy By Avon


The Avon SuperMagnify Mascara has a 5-to-1 bristle ratio the wand, which will seek out every lash and make each lash coated equally. As an Avon mascara fan, I think you are not waiting for give it a shot and even if you are not a fan, its great features and effects will make you become a fan soon. This mascara is proven to be “no lashes left behind”. Avon stated that the average user even make their lashes saw up to 60% more but without clumping. It can treat every lash as an individual but bring them together to be a luscious eyelash party.

4. CoverGirl NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara


For people who have decent eyelashes and look for lighter and a little more natural, this one will be your best choice. When it came out with lip gloss and foundation, we have to say we have loved it. It contains natural formula (like a touch of honey), making you feel much lighter on the lashes. However, this doesn’t mean you are going to give up volume, because it is capable of offering your lashes 2 times more volume, making it perfect for people who already have decent eyelashes or who require a little enhancement. It deserves a try.

5. L’Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes, 0.33-Fluid Ounce


This L’Oreal Tubes is always one of the best mascara in this list even after some many times trying so many new mascaras. This tube system is helpful to make your lashes have professional extensions with a lower cost. It is able to enhance your eyelashes without any clumping, smudging or flaking. It can last for a whole day and night. It is also very easy to clean. It can be wash away by warm water. I like to wear it, because it can help get compliments and tongs of staring. If you would like to purchase one mascara, It is one which deserves your trust.

6. Maybelline New York The Falsies Volum’ Express Washable Mascar


If you like  enormous lashes or if their regular Falsies mascara is your favorite one, you must wear this Maybelline Volum’ Express the Falsies Flared Mascara. Its formula can give you up to 300% more lashes. If you already hav luxurious  long or skimpy lashes, this can make you have enormous after only two applications. Another great feature is that it doesn’t dry the mascara between applications. If you like the dramatic cat eye, this is really a must-have.

7. e.l.f Essential Lengthening and Defining Mascara


This one is very cost-effective. You can buy enough for the whole year at only a buck a pop. Although it is cheap, it will not disappoint you, because it is clump free, doesn’t flake or smudge. It dries quickly and gives your lashes the right length and amount. So cheap, so better!

8. Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

If you need a mascara which can make your lashes look huge and fabulous but you also need it to make your lashes grow at the same time, this Rimmel Mascara is definitely one of the best choice. It includes a treatment which can make your lashes seem 80% longer and grow up to 117% in a month. It is really like a double-whammy for the lashes.

9. Jordana Best Lash Volumizing Mascara


Although it is only $2.99, Jordana Best Lash Volumizing Mascara is effective to make your lashes look enormous. Don’t be scared by the lower price. This product is made in Italy and it contains special formula to make your lashes lifted and curled. You also don’t need to worry about other problems, such as flaking, smudging etc. However, it only has black color to choose.

10. Boots No7 Extravagant Lash Mascara


Boots products are always very popular. This No7 Extravagant Mascara is such a product. It has an unique design square-shaped wand, which can help you reach any lash from its root to  its tip easily. You will get lashes which seem 75% longer and stays curled for more than 8 hours due to its combination of their pro-vitamin B5 and cashmere formula. This one can make your lashes longer and curled, soft and thick throughout an entire day and night.

This is our top 10 best cheap Mascara. They are cheap but also effective.

Top 10 Best Mascara Splurges


If you are a beautiful woman or girl, I think there are 3 makeup items you cannot live without – the lip gloss, lipstick and mascara. Here, we’ll talk about top 10 best mascaras available on the market. Maybe you can find there are a lot of mascaras on the market, which are different from brands, functions and prices. How to choose one of them is really a problem. However, there is always a good one out there for any people and any budget.

1. Maybelline COLOSSAL Volum’ Express Mascara


Maybelline Colossal Mascara has a mega brush which can boost and define every lash but not clump while separating. It is proven that your lashes can be easily boosted 9 times just with one coat. I’ve tested that and found it is true. This one is perfect for people who have smaller lashes, and considering the lower price, it is really a must-have.

2. Lancome Oscillation Mascara


If you get this one, you can enjoy 7000 oscillations per minute with one press of the wand’s button. The wand can wrap any single lash, making your lashes thickened, separated and extended without any clumping. It is really a mega-mascara. People who have used it all highly recommend it.

3. L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes


Do you wish to have have professional salon lash extensions at a low price and without any hassle? The L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes – Deal is the right choice. It has ability to make your lashes longer while keep them look natural. It is also quite easy to remove. A washcloth or just your finger with a little warm water is enough. This product is expected to be very popular in Europe. It deserves to have.

4. Chanel Inimitable Mascara


Chenel products are always pretty good. The Chanel Inimitable Mascara – Splurge is such a product which is specially formulated to separate, lengthen, curl and plumps for a whole day and night wearing. It has an unique brush which is perfect for every lash from thick and long to skimpy and short. Even if it is only a splurge, it is a must-have for your makeup items.

5. Cover Girl LashBlast Luxe Mascara


This Cover Girl LashBlast Luxe Mascara was released recently. Compared with its previous products, this uses the new formula that has a shimmer and comes in 4 smashing shades. You can easily get enormous lashes without any clumping. It is available in Black Cabernet, Amazon and Black Royal. You can easily access to it.

6. Givenchy Phenomen Eyes Mascara


This one has a unique shaped wand which is a hot topic in many beauty blogs. Its new brushes can separate and curl every your lash, making you reach each lash easily no matter how long or short they are. It is proven that it does a great job and works pretty good without any flaking or smudging. It is a definite splurge, but it can offer you something special and different, making you shine brightest in the crowd.

7. Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara


It is time to give up your eyelash curler ladies, because the Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara can give you everything you need from a mascara. This uniquely designed mascara contains smudge-free an 24-hour curling formula, making you enjoy your beautiful lashes day and nights without spending too much time one your lashes. It really stands up to their claims because it has ability to thicken, lengthen and curling your lashes and make them stay in place for up to 24 hours. It is also very easy to remove with a little warm water. The price is not too high, but it is definitely a great way to toss out the dreaded eyelash curler.

8. Imju Fiberwig Mascara


This is a little similar to L’Oreal’s Double Extend Beauty Tubes and they all have fibers to lengthen your lashes. The fibers can attach to the lashes, making them lengthened naturally. And you also don’t need to worry about any flaking or smudging, because they always stay in place. What’s more, even if it is a water-resistant and smudge-proof one, it is removed easily with warm water. It is truly a good choice for people who want their lashes look extended or like false lashes. It deserves a try.

9. Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara

If you are looking for a cheap but big dramatic lashes, the Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara is here. It has a pink brush and cute package which makes it look feminine and ultra-chic. It can be used daily, especially when you don’t want to wear any other eye makeup.

10. Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara

This Benefit Cosmetics BADgal Lash Mascara can make your lashes look great. It works perfectly just with one coat and it is very close to delivering the false lash effect. It comes with many fantastic colors, such as blue, plum and blacks. Now it is time to try different colors.

Top 5 Best School Backpack Reviews


top-5-best-school-backpacksIf you are looking for the best school backpack for your child, something must be taken into account. Is the backpack you choose comfortable? Does it hold everything the students may put into? Even you also need to purchase one which has extra space for a packed lunch, if your child needs to take lunch every day. Some other great features, such as organizational pouches, pockets, room, space for laptops, durability and comfort are also needed to be considered.

The top 5 best school backpacks on this list can fit your students really needs, no matter he or she is a middle school or college student. They were chosen because of their comfort, durability, functions, prices and customer reviews.

JanSport Classic Big Student Backpack


This one comes with 22 colors and patterns to choose from, so you can easily choose the perfect color and patterns for your child. Also it offers a lifetime warranty. It offers the students comfort, durability and enough space for any school level. The price is also quite cheap. And it gets a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars, making it the best backpack for school on the market.

High Sierra Loop Daypack Backpack


The High Sierra Loop offers everything that students need for school. Also it provides additional back support, making it comfortable to carry. It provides up to 18 colors and patterns to choose from. Its enough room can satisfy the students’ needs and all the school supplies throughout the day can be put into it. As one of the best-selling and top rated one, your child will love it. It is really a perfect gift for school students.

Jansport Odyssey Backpack


This is another one from Jansport. It is very large and it can even hold 17” laptops, binders and textbooks. It also comes with so many pockets and pouches to help the students keep all the school supplies organized well. Therefore, your child can access them easily. It is a large one, so it is ideal for students who need to carry large school supplies.

High Sierra Fat Boy Backpack


Students always need a large backpack for their school supplies and other personal materials. This product is very large, so it can offer enough space to store textbooks, books and other materials. It also comes in 33 nice colors and patterns, so you can help your child choose the perfect one. 

The North Face Borealis Backpack


The North Face Borealis backpack also comes in plenty of colors and patterns. An emergency whistle is also included. Other great features are also included, such as a headphone port to make students listen to music on the go and bungee cords to attach a jacket. Although this one is a little expensive, it deserves to buy, because it can help your child to carry everything they need.

Top 5 Best Toasters Reviews

best toaster reviewToasters are used to make toast which need no introduction. There are many toasters on the market different from brands, prices and other factors, but the process to make toast remains largely the same. When we buy one, we should pay attention to the sheer amount of toasters available on the market.

I have done some research and compiled this list of the best toasters to expedite your research. If you need to buy one, you can choose one of them and have the perfect slice of toast for your breakfast.

What is a toaster?

A toast is an appliance which is used to toast bread. In a past article, I’ve covered best toaster ovens, and while other kinds of toaster are also available, in this post we will mainly talk about pop-up toasters which everyone is familiar with. You can put slices of bread vertically into the slots of a toaster and a lever makes the toast down and both sides of the bread will be heated by the heating elements.

The Best Toasters Reviews

Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact 2-Slice Toaster


This model: Cuisinart CPT-122 Compact 2-Slice Toaster is also an affordable but well-performing toaster you can rely one. Although the white plastic doesn’t carry the sleek and modern aesthetic, it covers all the functions and works perfectly. It has wide slots that allow you to fit in a bagel and dedicated bagel. You also can use it to defrost your bread staples. It is very easy to clean and maintain because a slide-out crumb tray makes you clean out pesky breadcrumbs easily and quickly.

  • Features a compact design
  • Stainless steel accents
  • Up to 7-setting shade dial
  • Allow you to defrost, reheat and bagel controls
  • Have wider toasting slots, up to 1.5 inches
  • Removable and slide-out crumb tray

Calphalon 2 Slot Stainless Steel HE200ST


If you need an inexpensive machine to evenly churn out browned toast time and again, this Calphalon 2 slot might be your best option. It is cheap and many customers highly recommended this model, because it has extra-wide slots which can accommodate thickly-sliced bagels, English muffins and bread. What’s more, temperature controls are also included and it also can be used to defrost something like frozen waffles. Many users spoke very highly of its great performance and stainless steel finish.

  • Wider slots for thickly sliced bread, as well as bagels
  • Defrost, bagel and reheat settings
  • The crumb tray is removable, making it easy to clean
  • Extra-lift level is perfect for safe toast removal
  • This machine can allow you to control its temperature accurately and offer you even heat, thanks to its opti-heat system.

Cuisinart 4-Slice Metal Classic Toaster CPT-180


If you need a 4-slice toaster for a greater cooking capacity, this Cuisinart 4-Slice Metal Classic Toaster CPT-180 is your best option. It also covers all the functions that a taster should have, such as the toasting, defrosting and reheating functions. Its dual control panels allow you to control it separately. Most uses spoke high of its great performance and design.

  • Dual control panels make this toaster in one
  • Features a smooth brused stainless housing, making it match in any kitchen decor.
  • Variable seetings: defrost, dual heat and bagles, up to 6 setting brownng dials
  • LED indicators are included
  • Has a wide toasting slots, up to 1.5 inches
  • Comes with a extro-lift lever, perfect for toast removal
  • A slide-out crumb tray is perfect for cleaning
  • An Instruction book is included
  • This machine meets the North American Electrical Standards

Frigidaire Professional 2-Slice Toaster FPTT02D7MS


Many users think this Frigidaire Professional 2-Slice Toaster FPTT02D7MS is high quality one. It is proved that this model can consistently toast bread quickly and evenly. It covers all the functions that a taster should have – extra-wide and long capacity, multiple settings (reheat, defrost, bagel), effortless lift-out lever and even a pro-select LCD display.

  • Extra-Wide Slots
  • Large Capacity
  • The Lift-Out Lever is effortless 
  • Comes with a Pro-Select LCD Display
  • A Countdown Indicator is also included
  • Allow you to choose Darkness Level by using its selector

Cuisinart Touch to Toast Leverless Toaster CPT-440


This is another 4 slice toaster which comes with plenty of extra features, making it the priciest toaster on the market. It removes the mechanical lever and you can just press the button to activate it. This design makes it easy to operate and you don’t need to worry about the mechanical lever that might fall apart occasionally. Besides it has common features to all the toasters on this list, it also has a backlit LCD display. A 3-year limited warranty is also included.

  • This machine has a stainless steel housing
  • A motorized lift makes the toast removal much easier and safer
  • Comes with a LCD countdown feature
  • Allowing for bagel toasting with reheat, defrost, and cancel options.
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Allow you to toaster one side of the bread by turning the bagel button on
  • Easy cord wrap is helpful to save your countertop space.

These are my choices for the best toasters. You can choose one of them according to your preference and you will find any of them comes with a great performance.

Buying Tips for Toasters

The majority of the toasters are built with similar features such as reheat settings, defrost and bagel. Also, the high-end toaster doesn’t necessarily mean it gives a better toasting performance. It simply has the more stylish design and perhaps includes extras like a countdown timer, keep warm, reheat and other special settings.

Let’s look at a few of the things to consider when buying a toaster:

Slices of toast

The standard sized toaster has the ability to heat two slices of toast at once. The more expensive models are sized to accept 4 slices of toast. The total slices of bread accepted and time to heat are critical factors, especially for families of four of more. A 4-slice toaster gives the option to toast the bread for the entire family at once.

Slot sizes

The width of the slots is an important point. Most toasters can easily accept the commercial sized slices. But homemade bread or other larger sizes may have difficulty fitting in the toaster.

Toast browning

A toaster with the ability to easily adjust the browning is preferred. Plus, the browning must be consistent and not keeping popping out the untoasted or charred bread. The best toasters will produce the evenly toasted slices time after time.


A toaster with multiple control options for bagels, defrost, etc. is preferred. Even better, it has a separate control for each of the slots. But, the more slots the more expensive the toaster.

High lifting

A safe and practical feature on the modern toaster is high lifting. This increases the height of the ready toast and makes it easier to remove from the toaster without risking the fingers touching the still hot parts.


The housing on the toaster should remain cool to the touch at all times. This isn’t always the case with some of the older models. The toaster housing that gets hot while in use can pose a risk of burning the fingers. This is a particular concern with children around. But, it is rarely an issue with today’s modern toasters.


Some of the pricier toasters are equipped with a lift-and-look feature to check the browning of the toast without stopping the session. This feature is still relatively limited and only appears on a few of the modern toasters. But, it isn’t a must-have feature and is easily skipped.

Little bit more

The little bit more option on the toaster is mostly reserved for the high-end models. It is useful for giving the toast a “little bit more” time to get the preferred browning.

Crumb tray

A toaster with an easy to remove and clean crumb tray is well appreciated. All toasters start to build up with crumbs after regular use, so the best toasters have the easily removable trays to simplify the clean up.

Counter space

Toasters are mostly left on display on the countertop, so it is practical to carefully consider the aesthetics and its size. Most modern toasters (above the basic models) have a visually attractive design. This makes it relatively easy to find a toaster that not only has the desired look, but also blends with the other kitchen appliances.

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