Kenmore Elite 14733 Elite 1.4 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Trash Compactor Review

kenmore-elite-14733-stainless-compactorThe compaction ratio of this Kenmore Elite 14733 Elite 1.4 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Trash Compactor is 5:1. This means the trash volume can be reduced up to 80%. If you think a compaction ratio of 6-to-1 is high and a compaction ratio of 4-to-1 is low, this compaction ratio is a compromise choice. This best trash compactor also features a toe kick, a side-release bin and rear levelers. The control panel is hidden in the front face and this can offer a sleek look in the kitchen. A removable key is included and it also comes with an “extra pac” control, so constant pressure can be kept on the garbage. The width of this waste compactor is 15 inches and its legs can extend, so the height can be between 34.13” and 34.63”.

Suitable Compaction ratio

Its compaction ratio is 5:1, and this means this trash compactor offers a standard compression and this also means fewer visits to the curb. If you find your compactor is half full or more, you need to run a cycle to reduce the waste volume. There is a toe kick at its bottom, so you can easily open this trash compactor by kicking the toe kick. This unit also comes with a convenient side-release, so you can take the garbage bag out without lifting it straight out. This design can reduce heavy vertical lifting, and this also means less stress on your back.

Safe and Powerful

On the front door, there is a hidden control panel, so it features a clean look and this also means a much safer operation. It also comes with an interior control key for those who are worried about their children opening and using this compactor, because you can remove the key to avoid this. Actually, this waste compactor comes with 2 operation methods: the basic method and the advanced method. The first option allows you to flip its switch to “normal pac”. This option you choose can start a basic cycle which can last about 1 minute. If you choose the second option of “extra pac”, this will make its ram down for an extended period. You can easily flip this switch to off, if you need for another load, because this can set the ram to the starting position.

An Air Freshener System Included

This system also comes with an air freshener system, so the odors that may arise from the compactor can be controlled. You even can buy its compartment a separate air freshener disc and install in it. It doesn’t come with an additional fan, so you need to replace the disc every 4 to 6 weeks. If air is dry or the temperature is high, this disc will wear out more quickly. The cleaning up is also very easy. Its bin is removable, so you can remove it completely and wash it both inside and outside of this compactor.

Product Features

  • Capacity: 1.4 cubic feet
  • Compaction ratio: 5:1
  • Thanks to its toe bar drawer opener, you don’t need to your hand to open and close it. This is helpful when your hands are full.
  • The side-release bin means reducing back strain and spills.

The bottom line

This Kenmore Elite 14733 Elite 1.4 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Trash Compactor’s basic options, as well as its hidden control panel are perfect for those who need a stylish and user-friendly trash compactor. Its “extra pac’ option offers you excellent volume control. However, it is recommended to replace its air freshener on a regular basis, because it tends to wear out quickly. This may be the only drawback on this list. Other models may have similar problems.

Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor Review

Gladiator-GACP15XXMG-Modular-Garage-CompactorThe Gladiator GACP15XXMG Modular Garage Trash Compactor has a compact design, so it will not occupy extra counter space in the kitchen. And you can easily move it to wherever there is an outlet. Its wheels make the movement much easier and fast. You can step on a lever to lock its front casters and its rear casters can swivel, making the movement so easy. Similar to other trash compactors, this waste compactor has a toe kick for you to kick to open it. And it has a bin which slides out on rails. Its durable metal cover makes it last a long time even in a high traffic area. This system is 15” wide and 38” talk, if counting its casters.

This compactor can hold up to 1.4 cubic feet of compacted trash. And its compression force can be 2,200 pounds. The compaction ratio is 4:1. This ratio seems a little lower, but it can reduce 4 times trips to the curb. Lower compression also means lower price, so it will not break down you bank. You also can use it as a second waste compactor to recycle plastic bottles, aluminum or other recyclable waste in your home. You also can use it to hold perishables which may smell bad after a few days.

As a mobile trash compactor, you also can bring the compactor to the trash. This is great if there is a large amount of garbage somewhere. In this situation, you just move it to the garbage without hauling the garbage to its bin outside. For example, after a family party, there will be a lot of garbage you need to deal with outside. And you can wheel this compactor to your outdoor space to handle the garbage with ease. In our daily life, by kicking its toe kick, you can carry trash to this compactor without hands’ operation.

Of course, the operation is very basic. Once you open its drawer, there is a switch that will set this system on or off. Each full compaction will be completed within 1 minute. And this unit also features an anti-jam function. If you hear the ram struggling, this means there is something should not be in a compactor. And in this situation, you need to open its door. Once the door is opened, the cycle will be stopped and the ram will be returned to the starting position.

The appearance of this trash compactor seems rugged, it is especially meant for the garage. The graphite door can blend well with a toolbox. This design doesn’t limit it aesthetically. It maybe looks out of place in your kitchen. However, if you don’t care about its rugged look and value the mobility, this one is the best. We’ve checked many customer reviews and most of the consumers use this trash compactor in their kitchens. And, as a rugged compactor, you also can use this unit on the road, at a park or at a worksite.

This basic trash compactor doesn’t come with many extra features. This unit doesn’t have a delay start option and deodorizing system, so the price is also low. It has a lower compaction rate, but its main benefit is its flexibility and resourcefulness.


  • Compaction ratio: 4:1
  • 1/3 horsepower motor
  • Automatic Anti-Jam
  • Capacity: 1.4 cubic feet
  • Casters for easy movement

Customer Reviews

The average rating of this best trash compactor is 4.7 out of 5 stars. This rating is very high when it comes to trash compactors. And many customers give it positive reviews, like this:

  • This is an exceptional product and can cut by trash by 75%.

  • Well made! It is fantastic.

  • Works better than expected!

  • …..

Where to buy

Of course, the best place to buy this trash compactor is on Amazon. You can read customers’ reviews first, and then decide whether this one is the best compactor for your family. If you don’t like this one, you also can check our full list of the best trash compactors.

GE GCG1580RSS Profile 15″ Stainless Steel Built-In Fully Integrated Trash Compactor Review

GE GCG1580RSS Profile 15" Stainless Steel Built-In Fully Integrated Trash Compactor ReviewThis GE GCG1580RSS Profile 15″ Stainless Steel Built-In Fully Integrated Trash Compactor is an under counter compactor. Therefore, when this trash compactor is not in use, its controls can be hidden completely. And it also comes with many door styles for you to choose from. For example, you can easily upgrade its door with wood paneling. And you also can choose a stainless steel door to match your stainless oven or dishwasher in the kitchen. Its drawer keeps locked during a compacting cycle and you need a key to start the cycle. This design ensures its safety for use.

This best trash compactor comes with a 1/3 horsepower motor, a removable drawer and a toe pedal opener. It also features retractable legs, so you can adjust its height between 33 3/4 inches and 35 inches. Therefore, this feature allows you to adjust its height according to your under counter space. Generally, it can fit in most standard counters.

Its design is meant for invisibility and simplicity. This means it is perfect for those who don’t want others to know there is a trash compactor in the kitchen. If you choose a wooden front, it can be completely hidden and looks similar to other cabinet in the kitchen. Of course, you also can choose as stainless steel front that has a sculpted handle which matches the decor of a dishwasher and other under counter home appliances.

Due to its simple design, it abandons some additional features. This system only has a basic power switch, so it is so easy to operate. You just need to load the trash, and then flip its switch, and then it will start a new cycle. Once a cycle finishes, it will move back into place to wait for the next load. However, it has no delay function, no hold option and no clock.

Although this compactor doesn’t offer additional features, but it doesn’t sacrifice its safety. It also comes with additional safety features. This compactor requires a removable key, so the door will be not opened during a cycle. And this trash compactor will not start automatically without a key. This safety feature means the safety of your children can be guaranteed and they cannot put unwanted items into the bin. If the system is unlocked, you also can easily open it by using its toe pedal which is hidden below the cabinet. This is really useful, especially your hands are not free and this will offer you a hands-free experience. This feature means both hygiene and convenience.

Thanks to its removable drawer, this built-in trash compactor is so easy to clean it. When you need to clean this system, you just need to remove its drawer completely. Its drawer will finally stop on its track and allow you to click and bring it out. This feature is a unique feature for under counter trash compactors. When it comes to removing the compacted trash, it is a little arduous. Because its front cannot flip down, you need to lift the trash bag out vertically. However, this can be a little difficult, because the trash back will hold 6 times the trash. I want to see this is a common issue for higher compaction ratio compactor.

However, this compactor doesn’t come with an odor removal system. If you use it for a long time without taking out compacted to the curb, the smell of rotten trash can be very bad. This compactor leaves odor neutralization in your hands. In a word, this is one of the best trash compactors if you need one trash compactor that is out of sight.


  • 1/3 horsepower motor
  • Removable Drawer
  • 2300 lb. Force
  • Automatic Anti-Jam
  • Compaction ratio: 6:1
  • Easy to Clean and maintain
  • Additional Safety Features Included

Where to Buy

If you need this built-in waste compactor, you can buy it on Amazon. And there are also some customer reviews you can check. Theses trash compactor reviews can give you some ideas. If you don’t like this, you also can check our full list of top 5 best trash compactor reviews.

Elite XE Series Automatic Trash Compactor Review

elite-xe-trash-compactorThis best trash compactor: Elite XE Series Automatic Trash Compactor has a higher 6:1 compaction ratio. This compaction ratio is the highest trash compaction on the market. This compactor offers a control panel for you to delay its compaction cycle and will help the waste retain its shape within 2 hours. Other features, like ease of cleaning, a hidden toe kick, a built-in odor control and customizable cabinets are also included. This best waste compactor comes in a width of 14 7/8 inches and heights between 34 and 35 inches.

Its compaction force can be up to 3,000 pounds, so it is very powerful. The 6:1 compaction ration also means you only need to take your trash out to the curb 6 times less than you use to. This is cool. Even for large families, this also means you only need to take out compacted waste to the curb once or twice per week.

This compactor has a 3/4 horsepower motor, which can work very quiet. This feature is great especially for its delayed compaction. It comes with a timer that allows you to set it when to start to compact. For example, you can set its timer to work in the early morning hours, and you don’t need to worry about its noise will affect your sleep. Of course, you also can set it to work when there is nobody in your home.

This best trash compactor also has a full-swinging and reversible door, so that its compartment can be rolled out completely. And this machine has a full-extension bucket. This design means it is so easy to clean this trash compactor, and even the hard-to-reach corners can be wiped down easily. Its bucket front also can lower. This also means it is much easier to change the bag once the compactor is full of waste.

For trash compactors, how to control odor is very important. This is because trash in a trash compactor will stay for a long time. People always worry that there is smellier trash if trash is kept around for a long time. Well, this machine doesn’t have similar problems, because it comes with a unique formula which is placed in a wax base. This base has 6 separate segments which can last a month. Therefore, every 6 months, you need to replace this order-neutralizing disc.

This trash compactor comes in several styles, so it can match your current indoor decor very well. And you can choose the right decor according to your preference. For example, you can choose white, black or stainless steel.

Another great feature is its toe kick. This toe kick is not an exposed one but a hidden one. It blends into the recessed bottom of most cabinets. This design is great, because it can prevent you from accidently touch it while roaming around.


  • 15” wide automatic trash compactor
  • 1 odor disk included, last 6 months
  • Compaction force: 3000 pounds
  • Compaction Ratio: 6:1
  • It uses a 1.55 cubic foot trash bucket which can hold up to 30 pounds of waste.
  • Includes a 3/4 horsepower motor
  • Unique screw compaction system

The bottom line

This is one of the best compactors on the market. The highest compaction ratio, ease of use, hidden toe kick and odor control make it more competitive than other models. Plus, its delay feature is also special and useful. It deserves to have.

The Differences between Distilled Water and Deionized Water

Distilled VS Deionized Water

Tap water may be the most ordinary water in our daily life. Of course, you can drink it directly, if the tap water smells and tastes well. If not, you may need a water filter or water distiller to purify water first. However, for most laboratory tests, calibrating equipment, preparing solutions or cleaning glassware, tap water is not suitable because there are some impurities in the tap water. The most suitable type of water for the lab is purified water. Most common methods that are used to purify water include distillation, deionization and reverse osmosis (RO).

Deionization and distillation are similar to each other. Both of them can remove impurities. However, essentially deionized water and distilled water are different. And they cannot be interchanged for most lab tests or purposes.

In order to understand their differences, first we need to how deionization and distillation work. After that, we can understand which one is the best type of water for your lab purposes or when it is OK to interchange one for the other.

How Distilled Water Works

distillationEssentially, distilled water is one type of demineralized water which is purified by distillation. You can use tap water to make distilled water, and you also can use spring water to make it. The source water is boiled in a container, and the steam arises and will be collected and condensed to get distilled water. The whole distilling process is called distillation. During this process, most minerals and impurities cannot rise with steam, so they are left behind. However, some volatile organics, mercury, as well as other impurities also rises together with steam. Therefore, how pure of your source water can influence the purity of the resulting water. Most home water distillers even use a post-filter to remove these VOCs in the steam. At least, distillation can remove most particulates and salts. To make distilled water, spring water is better than tap water.

How Deionized Water Works

deionizationDeionized water is produced by running spring water, distilled water or tap water through an electrically charged resin. The key part is the mixed ion exchange bed which has both negative and positive charged resins. It is known that salts are made up of cations and anions which are free ions. The H+ and OH- ions in the reins will exchange cations and anions in the water, resulting in H2O (water). During this process, salts are replaced and removed. However, deionized water is very reactive. Once it is exposed to air, its pH will changes from originally 7 to 5.6, because it will dissolve CO2 in the air and finally form carbonic acid solution. However, deionization only remove salts and will not remove molecular specials or uncharged organic particles, because these matters don’t have free irons in the water.

Distilled VS Deionized Water in the Lab

As we mentioned before, the purity of source water will affect the quality of distilled water. Generally, tap water or spring water is considered as the most suitable water to make distilled water. Here, let’s assume the source water was spring water or tap water, so distilled water is pure enough, making it suitable for almost all lab applications, including:

  • analytical blank
  • calibration standard
  • cleaning glassware
  • equipment sterilization
  • making high purity water
  • solvent to prepare solution

Similar to distilled water, the purity of deionized water also is influenced by the source water. And deionized water is used if a soft solvent is required, including:

  • analytical blanks
  • calibration standards
  • cooling applications
  • microbiology autoclaves
  • many chemistry experiments involving ionic compounds
  • washing glassware, especially the final rinse
  • solvent preparation
  • in batteries

In a word, in some situations both deionized water and distilled water are suitable for use. However, because deionized water is more reactive and corrosive, it is not suitable for situations that involve long term contacting with metal.

Substituting Distilled and Deionized Water

Generally, it is not recommended t substitute one for the other one. However, if your deionized water is made from distilled water, it is ok to substitute the deionized water for the distilled water. All in all, you should know the one you use to substitute for the other will not influence the result or outcome. The safest way is not to substitute one for the other.

Drinking Distilled Water or Deionized Water

Some people think their water is very dirty, so they use home water distillers to make distilled water and drink it every day. However, this is not the best choice because distilled water lacks minerals found in tap water or spring water. Therefore, it is recommended not to drink distilled water for a long time.

Of course, drinking distilled water not for a long time is no problem, but deionized water is not suitable for drinking. Deionized water also lacks minerals. What’s worse, it is corrosive, so it can cause damage to our tooth enamel and other soft tissues. And, deionized water may also cause infectious diseases because deionization cannot remove pathogens.

The bottom line

You can drink distilled water and deionized water, but you need to make it exposed to air for a while and the quality of the source water should not be poor.

Is It Safe to Reboil Water?


If you use an electric water kettle or other ways to boil water to drink, you may not drink the boiled water in a short time. When the hot boiled water becomes cool again and you want to drink hot water, can you reboil water again or you just pour away the boiled water and fill new cold water to boil? If you choose to reboil water again, you may have a question “is it safe to reboil water?”.


To answer this question, we should need to understand what will happen to water chemistry when reboiling water. After that, you will know whether it is safe to drink reboiled water.

The answer is not so easy to get. And this depends on what types of water you use boil. If you use perfectly pure distilled water or deionized water to reboil, nothing will happen. However, if you use tap water that contains dissolved minerals and gases, the answer is different.

When you boil ordinary water, the chemistry of the water will change. This is because the heating will drive off dissolved gases and volatile compounds. For example, a water distiller also uses this method to evaporate and uses a filter to remove these VOCs. However, if you boil the water too long or reboil boiled water, the contaminants in the water will become more concentrated as the water evaporates. The concentration of nitrates, fluoride, arsenic as well as other chemicals will become very high, finally resulting in being harmful to our healthy if we drink the reboiled water.

Does Reboiled Water Cause Cancer?

Some people think reboiled water may cause cancer. However, there is no evidence that shows there is a strong relation between cancer and reboiled water.

However, even if the boiled seems fine, reboiled water will cause the increasing concentration of toxic chemicals that may lead to some illness, even including cancer. For example, there is a strong relationship between the excessive intake of nitrates and methemoglobinemia (as well as other certain types of cancer). And Arsenic exposure can cause symptoms of arsenic toxicity and it may also cause certain types of cancer. The increasing concentration of healthy minerals may also have problems. For example, kidney stones, gallstones, hardening of the arteries and arthritis may relate to excessive intake of calcium salt.

Our Recommendation

Don’t boil water for a long time. If you really want to reboil it, just allow it to cook and then reboil it. This can reduce the risk.For example, if your tea kettle has some cool boiled water, you can add some new fresh water and then reboil it. This will be safe. It is not recommended to reboil water more than twice. Therefore, you’d better not reboil it. For pregnant women, reboiled water is dangerous to drink.

Top 7 Different Types of Electric Heaters for Your home

Although there are plenty of heating options for your home, like natural gas, propane gas, oil, or even wood, electric heaters are also very popular and common due to their wide availability in most areas. Even if electric heat is not the most efficient cost-wise way to heat your home, its convenience makes it more popular than other types of heating. Some types of electric heat are pretty easy to install or don’t require any installation.

When it comes to choosing an electric heater, you also need to note the electricity price in your area, because electricity is market-driven and in some areas, electric heat may be expensive and in most areas, electric heat is so cheap. For most people who live in this country, at least, electric heaters can be used as a good supplemental heating source.

When it comes to efficiency, many factors will influence the result. An electric furnace can be more efficient where other heaters are not. And even if you installed 2 completely same appliances in 2 rooms, you may get different efficiency. Factors, like the home’s structure, insulation and format can influence the heaters over efficiency, as well as the distribution of heat.

Since many factors may affect the overall efficiency, consumers should choose Energy-Star or energy efficient heating products at least, because this can enhance the overall efficiency maximally. And then you need to look for ways to enhance the efficiency of your whole room by enhancing your existing heating system. In the following, we will discuss the main types of electric heat for home and some of them can give you some idea to make your home more energy-efficient and some of them can be a good supplemental heat for your home.

1. Whole-Home Electric Heating Systems

On the market, at least two main types of whole home electric heating systems are available to choose from, including radiant and forced-air heating. Forced-air heater will push out the heat from its heat source. With a furnace, heat is distributed to the whole home via a series of dusts. If the heater is smaller, in order to warm a room, forces air will be expelled with the use of a fan.

Radiant heat works differently. It delivers heat that radiates to the whole room. You can build a network of convection, baseboard or other types of radiant heaters to from your home’s main heating system. On the market, there are many electric heaters that are different from sizes or styles, like space heaters, furnace heaters, ceiling or wall-mounted heaters.

Heat pumps and exchangers either as a whole-home heater or combined with air conditioning in a multi-function air/heat exchanger, can help to save your overall costs for the home’s main comfort systems.

When it comes to buying a main home heating system, the one you plan to buy should have the proper size according to the size of your home. If you don’t know how to start, you can ask a heating technician for help and you will know the exact size of the heating system that is ideal for your home.

2. In-Floor Radiant Heaters

in-floor-radiant-heaterIf you are looking for a way to heat your home more energy-efficiently, you probably can consider the in-floor radiant heating that must be installed during the constructing process. You can choose a whole-home system or it also can be used for some smaller projects, like bathroom floors, bedroom floors, etc.

The installation is a little complicated and you’d better hire professionals to do the job. However, considering its efficiency and ease of use, it is worth installing.

3. Baseboard Electric Heaters

fahrenheat-fbe15002-electric-baseboard-1000-wattAlso known as zone heaters, baseboard heaters are the most common type of space heating systems. It requires a 220v installation. Generally, one is only used for one room, but you install one in each room. For example, if you don’t install a whole-home heater when your house was building, you can choose to install several baseboard heaters for each room, to heat your whole home. Although you may need to hire professional to install them, there is no furnace or ducting required. Therefore, it may be perfect for some homes.

These heaters generally offer wall-mounted thermostats or on-board adjustable, so the heat control is easy. Due to their installation places, they are called baseboard heaters. They come in many sizes and limited colors. Compared with portable heaters, they are more energy-efficient.

4. Convection Heaters

electric heatersConvection heaters are often also referred as a special type of baseboard heating, but they are different because of different heating technology and different installation. They need 220v installation. The installation is similar to traditional baseboard heaters. They are more energy efficient than traditional baseboard heaters. They consume up to 30% less energy. Some of them feature a low profile design, so it is difficult to distinguish between convection heaters and baseboard heaters.

5. Portable Room Heaters

mr-heater-mh18b-portable-propanePortable room heaters are also very popular because of their ease of use and affordability. You just need to plug one heater into a standard wall outlet, it can offer heat. And you can move it to anywhere you like, as long as there is a standard wall outlet.

Portable room heaters that have oscillation features are the most popular type, because it can quickly heat up a room by evenly distributing heat. You also can choose a ceiling-mounted radiant heater for your garage or home shop.

Most of them are designed for heating a relatively small room, while some of them are also adequate to heat up large spaces. They are not as energy efficient as convection or baseboard heaters, but they are more portable and convenient. They allow you to add a little more heat, so your room will become more comfortable.

Once you have some portable room heater, you can use them as supplemental heaters, so you can turn down your center heating system. This can help to reduce your energy bill overall.

6. Portable Infrared Heaters

They are very new on the market, because they use infrared technology to heat. And they also feature a special design. For example, many electric infrared heaters are designed to be similar to a side table. Therefore, you can always find a right place to fit it in with your room and furnishings.

Although they seem a little heavier and bulkier, they are also portable thanks to their wheels. Therefore, you will find it is so easy to move one from one room to another.

7. Electric Fireplaces

electric-fireplaceElectric fireplaces are becoming more and more popular in recent years, even if they are not the most energy efficient. However, people love their styles. You can add a focal point easily in your room, as long as there is a standard plug-in nearby. They are also convenient to use, because most of them offer a remote. Just press the button on the remote; it will begin to heat your room. Of course, it is able to add atmosphere to your room.

Generally, they come in several styles, including freestanding units, traditional-looking fireplace units and compact portable models. Some of them even come with mantel and storage, making them more practical.

If you decide to buy an electric fireplace for heating, you need to pay attention to its BTUs. Small ones are perfect for transferring, while a physical size can well fit in with your current room’s decor.

How to Heat Your Home – Options for Heating Your Home

If you are just renovating your old home or building a new house, you also need to consider how to heat your home. This is one of your main items that you need to take into account to complete your current project. You will find even your existing heating system is often subject to review. This is because the operating cost tends to fluctuate as the fuels’ prices fluctuate from one year to the next. And it is common to revise your current heating strategy in order to gain efficiency, so that your overall heating cost can be reduced. Sometimes, the revise is complete. This means you may need to replace your existing heating system with a high efficiency one.

The fuels you use to heat your home also vary in efficiency and the efficiency may depend on the area you live. The fuel may be cheap in your area, while it may be very expensive at the other end of the earth. Therefore, if you pursuit energy efficiency, you need to buy heating appliances that are certified as Energy Star and our energy saving tips in the following can also help you take a good use of these appliances, resulting in reducing your overall heating costs.

Sometimes, you also need supplemental heating to work with your current heating system and it can help to reduce the operating costs. When it comes to choosing heating systems for your home, your decisions depend on your budget and which fuel you decide to choose in your area. If the fuel is not available in your area, you will pay the price. First, you need to decide on your main heating system, and then choose supplemental or alternative heating sources which can help to reduce the heating costs.

However, no matter which type of heating systems you finally decide to buy and install, you also need to keep in mind that maintenance is very important for getting the most efficiency. Generally, maintenance includes recommended qualified service, or regular filter changes that can be done by the homeowner.

If you use any type of wood or liquid fuel to service a hot water heater or a cooking range, or just heating your home, a carbon monoxide detector should be installed to ensure the using safety. And you should install it in the RV’s when using propane gas.

The appliance you buy should not only meet local codes but also the safety regulations.

Electric Heating

zone-heatersThere are several types of electric heating, like whole-home furnaces, multi-function units which can also provide heating as well as air conditioning. There are also many supplemental space or zone heating systems, like baseboard heaters, infrared heaters, etc. These heaters can enhance the main heating system and warm up some cold zones.

Natural Gas Heating

mr-heater-corporation-natural-mhvfb30ngtIn some areas, thanks to the lower price, natural gas heating becomes more cost effective than oil, electricity or propane gas. You can choose a whole-home furnaces or a fireplace. Natural gas is clean and safe to use. When you use natural gas to heat your home, you also can reap more economies because you also can use it to fuel a cooking range or drier, heat hot water, even fuel an outdoor barbecue. However, you need to hire a qualified technician to complete the natural gas connection.

Propane Gas Heating

mr-heater-mh18b-portable-propanePropane gas is widely used as a camping fuel for cooking, refrigeration and heating, but it is also good for indoor heating or outdoor patio heating. Although the operating cost of propane gas appliances is more expensive than natural gas appliances, in some areas, people only can choose propane gas as their heating fuel because other fuels may be not available. Professional installation and servicing are required and propane gas heating appliances are different from space heaters or fireplaces that don’t only supple clean heat but also enhance our indoor decor. If you decide to buy a propane heater, you should know where you need to use it, indoors or outdoors.

Oil Heating Systems

delonghi-hmp1500-mica-panel-heaterOil heating has a very long history. It used to be very popular as the only choice for home heating. Even today, in some areas, it remains the only choice available for home heating. The operating costs fluctuate as the oil prices fluctuate. Therefore, if oil prices are high, oil heating may be more expensive. On the market, there are many different oil burning heating appliances which are different from sizes and shapes. You can choose a large furnace, fireplace or room space heater. And just remember the installation also needs to be completed by a professional.

Hot Water (Baseboard) Heating

fahrenheat-fbe15002-electric-baseboard-1000-wattHot water radiator r baseboard heating uses a boiler system and can have a network of hot water radiators in your house. Hot water heater is more cost effective and such a heating system is often installed when the house is being constructed. They have been improved in recent years both for efficiency and installation process. Of course, the initial cost may be a little high, but it is also great for some homes.

There is another type of hot water heating systems. This system has a wood-burning boiler furnace outdoors and the boiler is connected to pipes in the home. Water is heated in the boiler and transferred to your home via piping. Of course, this system is simple and needs plenty of wood as the fuel and you need to have enough outdoor space. And make sure the local codes permit you to do that. This type of hot water heating system is perfect for heating in rural areas, because other fuels are not easy to obtain or expensive.

Geothermal Heating Systems

geothermal-heating-systemsGeothermal heating is regarded as one of the cleanest heating sources. It uses a special technology to harness terrestrial heat below our earth.

Multifunction Cooling/Heaing Systems

multifunction-cooling-heaing-systemsFor people who live in a hot climate, multi-function systems that combine cooling with heater would be the perfect choices, because this can help reap the cost saves maximally. They come in whole home central systems and portable multi-function systems.

Outdoor Portable Gas Heaters

Brookstone-Deluxe-Propane-Patio-HeaterSometimes, besides your existing heating system, you may need some supplemental heaters because of their super portability. Portable gas heaters may use gas, propane, kerosene or oil and they are designed for outdoor use. Therefore, they are perfect for construction sites or camping. Of course, there are many outdoor propane heaters which are very popular as a heating source to heat decks, pools or patios.



Heating With Wood

wood-heating-systemIf fossil fuels or electricity are not easy to access, wood becomes the best choice. Wood heater is a cost-efficient way to heat your room or home. No matter it is a fireplace, furnace, or a pellet stove, wood heater is practical. However, the supply of wood is very important. Other factors like stove maintenance, safety guidelines also need to be considered. And it can be used as a supplemental heating source, resulting in reduce the overall cost of heating your home.

Top 3 Types Of Space Heaters

space heaterIf you only need to warm up a single room but don’t want to heat up your whole house, you can choose a space heater. And this can save energy for you, because if you turn up the thermostat of your center heating system, it is a waste of money. Once you have a space heater, you will find its portability is one of its obvious advantages.

They are small and portable, so you can place them almost anywhere in your house. However, don’t place them near flammable materials. Of course, they cannot replace center heating systems. However, as supplemental heat sources, they are helpful to reduce your energy bill. Of course, they need energy but they can help to reduce energy consumed by your center heat systems, because you can let them work together but turn down the thermostat of your center heat system. In a word, they can result in a decrease in your energy bill.

On the market, there are 3 main types of space heaters, including radiant, convection and combination heaters. The prices vary from $25 to $200 or more. If you need to buy your room a space heater, something must be taken into account. You need to consider which type is suitable and where you use it.

Generally, radiant is perfect for those who only need to warm up an area or zone very quickly. However, if you need to warm up a whole room of your house, you can consider a convection heater which will perform better. However, if you need a heater that can stand up to abuse and everyday use, obviously a combination heater is the best choice.

Another thing you need to take into account is the amount of heat you need it to put out. Generally, most space heaters have a power between 600 and 1,500 watts. The greater the power is, the more heat the heater can produce, and your space can be warmed up faster.

However, you also need to calculate how much you need to pay for your energy bill. You also need to know how long you need your heater to run every day. For example, if you need your heater to run for 6 hours per day, this means every day you need to pay for about $0.6. It will cost you about $16 per month. Therefore, the result is not bad, because you can save more electricity or gas that is used to heat your whole house.

Before making a buying decision, you need to know the specific size of your room you need to heat and how long you need to run. On the market, there are 3 main types to add your desired heat to your room. Which type to choose depends on your requirements and conditions. Let’s discuss them one by one in the following:

Convection Heaters

econo-heat-0603-e-heater-whiteThey tend to feature a unique design and they can warm the air but not people. As the hot air warmed by the heater rises to the ceiling, the cold or cool air falls to the floor and then the cool air will be warmed. This circulation will finally make the whole room warm and comfortable. Convection heaters also come in many types, like baseboard heaters, water-filled heaters, or oil-filled heaters. The oil- or water-filled convection heaters are considered as the most efficient convection heaters so far.

Radiant Heaters

zone-heatersSometimes, we don’t need to heat a whole room but objects and people, so radiant heaters can really help. They don’t heat the air in the room, so there is no convection. These radiant heaters only warm people or something sitting in front of it. If you need to heat much faster, they can do the job. However, you also need to pay attention to potential dangers. If pets or people get too close to the heater, it can burn people and pets. And if the combustible or flammable materials are too close to a radiant heater, it may cause a fire threat. Therefore, when using them, just be more careful.

Combination Heaters

Combination heaters use a fan to distribute heat, but they are not efficient as convection heaters. However, they combine the advantages of radiant and Convection Theater, so they offer the best of those 2 types of heaters. You can use it anywhere in your home.

Electric space heaters are very energy-efficient. Generally, they use every unit of electricity and can produce 1 unit of heat. Therefore, the are almost 100% energy efficient.

What are Zone Heaters? – Definition and Uses

zone-heatersWhat are zone heaters? Actually, they are certain heaters that are designed to heater certain rooms and spaces which are referred to as “zones”. On the market, they come in different designs and technologies, including small and portable infrared or radiant heaters, and ductless split wall-mounted heaters.

They are different from center heating systems and only concentrate heater to a certain small spaces, usually where the family gathers together. You can buy your family several zone heaters. That is OK. Why? This is because the running center heating system is very high and zone heaters can help reduce your heating expense. Home center heating systems can heat up a whole house or room. However, this is a waste of energy. Sometimes, we only need to heat in a small area. Therefore, a zone heater is enough to make us warm and comfortable.

Dislike ductless split systems that must hire professional to install, the portability of a zone heater is also obvious. You can locate your zone heaters where you like or need.

When it comes to energy efficiency, this depends on the efficiency of the zone heater, the technology the heater uses, how long it runs, how it was installed and climate conditions. However, some energy savings should be realized when one room or area is kept warm and comfortable and the main heating systems should be turned down.

On the market, there are a variety of zone heaters. The prices vary from $20 to $200 or more. For the best performance and energy efficiency, the capacity depends on the main room that needs to be heated. If you are looking for the best zone heater, you can read our heater reviews:

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