Trash Compactor Buying Guides

Broan-15XESS-Programmable-Trash-CompactorIf you want to manage your kitchen or household waste, a good way is to install a trash compactor. Such a device can help to reduce the amount of trash bags that you will use. And this can reduce the impact on our environment. However, before deciding to buy one, there are some things you need to consider. The following tips can help you find the right one for your house or kitchen.

Types of Trash Compactor

On the market, there are mainly 2 types you can choose from. You can choose a freestanding trash compactor or you can choose a model which must be installed under the kitchen counter. The latter one is fixed, so you cannot move it once you have installed. And the former one can be moveable. Both of them are powered by electricity, so an electrical connection is essential.

A built-in trash compactor will occupy the under counter space, so it will occupy your cabinet storage space. However, your kitchen will have an integrated look. Both of 2 types are similar to use. And a freestanding unit has a more rugged appearance or design, while the front of the built-in trash compactor can be customized, like clean-style, or the streamline.

A trash compactor is 15” wide. However, some models are a little large, so they need more room. Therefore, the one that suits you depends on installation requirements. If bsuilt-in models are not suitable, you can choose a freestanding model which allows you to easily place, like in the garage.

Trash Compactors VS Food Waste Disposal Units

They seem similar, because they can be used to deal with household water. However, they are different. A trash compactor can compacts waste, so the overall amount of trash can be effectively reduced. However, a food or garbage waste disposal unit is smaller than a trash compactor. They are mostly installed under the sink. A garbage disposal unit is used to crush or pulverize vegetable waste, meat bones, as well as other food waste. After dinner, you can wipe down your dinner waster into this sink unit.

If you want to reduce your impact on the environment by reducing your landfill contributions, a trash compactor can help, because it features the largest trash-reducing potential of the two. However, it is more expensive and the installation is a little complicated.

If you want to cut down your overall trash drastically, you really need to maintain a good recycling regimen and buy a trash compactor to reduce the overall amount of everything which cannot be recycled in your house.

Power & Performance

When it comes to choosing the best trash compactor, the power and capacity are very important. This means the compaction ratio can justify its power and performance. Generally, residential trash compactors have a compaction ratio from 4:1 to 6:1, but this doesn’t mean the higher compaction ratio is better. If you choose a model with a compaction ratio of 6:1, this means a compacted trash bag is capable of holding up to 6 bags of waste and this also means the trash bag will be very heavy. Therefore, for people who are strong, a lower ratio is better.

The one you choose should have a suitable ration which works for you conveniently, so you can easily handle these compacted bags without injury. In some situations, you may need a hand truck to transfer these compacted bags easily to the curb, because they are too heavy. And a trash compactor is not emptied often, so this may be easy to cause odor problems. If you need to handle plenty of cans and glass, you need to buy a more rugged compactor that also has a larger motor.

How to Choose the Best Trash Compactor

Once you know your requirements on power and size, the one you finally choose should have anti-jam features, odor management, a sound dampening package and convenience features. These essential features can help you use your compactor conveniently and quietly.

Maintenance & Supplies

Compactor bags should be easy to access and they should be properly-sized. It is highly recommend buying compactor bags that are especially designed for the current model you use. Different manufacturers offer different warranties and try to choose a longer warranty.

How to Effectively Organize, Declutter and Store Your Small Kitchen Appliances

kitchen-appliancesIf you are a kitchen appliance addict, you may have plenty of different types of kitchen appliances. How to effectively organize these kitchen appliances? Well, this depends on what type of cook you prefer to. For people who are a raw food nut, blender may take the first place and should be front-and-center. If you are a vegan, a pressure cooker is a must-have item and should be ready to use at any time, while indoor grills and slow cookers are so important for those who are meat-enters. No matter you are a vegan, a meat-eater, or a raw food nut, the following 4 steps can help you organize your kitchen appliances much better.

  • Group by use.
  • Cut Down appliances.
  • Cut cabinet clutter.
  • Form Good Habits

1. Cut Down Your Appliances

The first step you need to do is to group these kitchen appliances by use. This step is very important for declutter and organize your kitchen appliances. You need to group them by use, never-used, rarely-used and frequently used. If the storage space in your kitchen is limited, it is highly recommended to allocate your storage space wisely by owing multiple-functional appliances. Check these appliances carefully and make sure they are robust to use.

Here, we have some examples for you to follow:

  • Once you own a high-quality blender, you don’t need a food processor, because such a high-end blender can also double as a food processor.
  • If you have a waffle iron, a Panini press seems not so important. And you can use your waffle iron instead of a Panini press.
  • You also can use a stock pot to produce perfectly cooked rice, so if you just need to cook rice occasionally, a rice cooker seems unnecessary. However, if you need to cook rice frequently, such a rice cooker can make the cooking process much easier.

2. Banish Never-Used Kitchen Appliances

This seems so easy but this is also the hardest step for most people. These never-used appliances are unnecessary, so the best ways is to let them go. Maybe you are not willing to do that, but the fact is that they don’t generate any value for you. Think about egg poachers, juicers, and rice cookers. Of course, if you use them, it is no problem. However, the fact is that if you have never-used an egg poacher to poach an egg or never made a green juice, it is most likely to never use them in the future.

Don’t let these never-used appliances to occupy your limited kitchen cabinet storage space.

3. Donate Or Recycle these Never-used Appliances

If you have many un-used kitchen appliances and you don’t plan to use them in the future, they can find a new home easily via selling online, consignment or donation. Donating is really a good way to declutter your appliances by putting your appliances into others hand.

You can sell these un-used appliances on Ebay or find a charity in your area to donate.

Sometimes, you may be not sure whether you need the appliance or not. Therefore, you can try this method. Put the appliance in a box and store this box, so you cannot see it any more. About a month later, you can know whether you need it or not. If you used it in a month, then you can keep it. If you never think about this stored appliance, you have enough reasons to sell it or recycle it after a few months.

4. Cut Cabinet Clutter

If you have pared down these un-used or never used appliances, it is time to organize your useful appliances. In your cabinets, they should be organized well and easy to navigate. Therefore, no matter when you need one appliance, you can easily find it at the right places. The following tips are useful:


  • Before putting your appliance into your cabinet, it is a good habit to wrap its cord around it. This can help to cut clutter, making it look more organized.
  • Some seldom use or seasonal appliances needs to be stored in higher shelves, so a step-tool is needed.
  • Manuals are unnecessarily stored in your cabinet, so you can save these manuals in Google DOCx, or just bookmark them online.
  • Some smaller parts are not easy to store, because if you directly store them in your cabinet, they will make your cabinets looks pesky. Therefore, a good way is to use zip loc bags to store them. Of course, you need to label them, so you can easily find them in the future. For example, a food processor comes with many attachments and you can use this method to store them.
  • If you don’t have enough time, at least, you need to take a Saturday or Sunday morning and follow the above steps to organize your kitchen cabinets. And in the next week, when you open your cabinets, you will receive a huge energy boost.

5. How to Store Rarely-Used Kitchen Appliances

You may find there are a few kitchen appliances that you only use once every 3 or 4 months. Think: food processor, slow cooker, waffle maker, blender, ice cream maker – you will get the idea.

The good way is to store these rarely-used appliances on a higher shelf. These less-used items should not take up valuable low cabinet or countertop real estate.

For example, some items are exclusively useful at Christmas time, so you can store in your kitchen project bin.

Tip: The locations of these appliances should change seasonally. A slow cooker becomes useful in the fall or winter, while in hot summer, an ice cream maker becomes a frequent use appliance. Of course, you need to change their location accordingly. In the summer, the ice cream maker should be put on lower shelves.

6. How to Store the Frequently Used Appliances

There is no organizing and storage scheme, because the scheme you choose depend on how you cook and what appliances you like to use and how much storage space your cabinet has. Well, how to store your appliances well?

Of course, put your most frequently used appliances on your countertop or on the lowest shelves in the cabinet. This means they are so easy to access when you need to use them.

Un-used or never-used appliances should be sold or donated. If you are not sure whether you need it or not, you can reassess it.

7. How to Maintain and Upgrade

If you want to keep your appliances organized, you need to organize your appliances on a regular basis. The more often you organize your appliances, the less time it will cost you the next time. At least, you need to go through your cabinets twice a year.

And you can label your each shelf, like a food processor, wine glasses, dishes, etc. And you also can tape an inventory list to your cabinet door.

How to Clean Small Appliances

small appliancesFor people who have plenty of small appliances (like coffee maker, water distillers, coffee grinders, rice cookers, etc.), how to clean small appliances is really very important. You may have an addition, and you counters may be full of small kitchen appliances that are the latest versions. Of course, these appliances are really good helpers in our daily life, because they can simply our cooking process, saving much time. When it comes to cleaning these small appliances, there are some basic using tips and guidelines that you can follow.

Read The Manual

First, you need to read its manual, because this can save you much time on avoid much grief. Read the manual thoroughly, and you will know all the specific maintenance instructions and what’s important, you can know where all its components are at. If you don’t have a clear picture of these components, talking about cleaning them is meaningless. On the manual, you also need to pay attention to its warranty. Therefore, take a little time to read its manually, and then file the manually away somewhere. Sometimes, we need it later. If you find the manual is long gone, it can be probably found on the manufacturer’s official site. Use the model name and number to search on the manufacturer’s site, or just search it on Google. For example, if you need a refresher on how to clean a countertop water distiller, you can find it on the manufacturer’s site and there may be a guide for you to down load. The guide will tell you how to use a cleaner.

Start With Mild Cleaning

For any appliance, it is highly recommended to start with mild cleaning instead of starting tougher cleaning methods. If the mild cleaning is not effective, tougher cleaning methods are needed, if possible. When it comes to most small kitchen appliances, you can use warm water and mild dish soap to clean them and this method is sufficient to clean most messes. Of course, microfiber cleaning cloths are perfect for removing grease and dirt. Any harsher cleaners should be avoided, because they can easily damage the finish. In some cases, they can cause fatal damage to your appliances. Therefore, you need to be more careful.

Unplug the Appliance When Cleaning

Before cleaning your appliances, make sure you have unplugged the appliances, because safety is always the first consideration. For example, if you happen to forget to unplug a food processor and begin to wipe it down, you hand may accidentally start it by pushing its button. If you are just cleaning its blade, it will be very dangerous. Therefore, don’t forget this alert. Before any cleaning job, just unplug the appliance. Don’t risk the appliance or your safety. This is very important.

Avoid immersing Electrical Components

For most kitchen appliances, the electrical portion of the appliance should not be immersed into water or you also cannot use wet clothes to wipe it. This is because these electrical portions (like motors, integrated circuits, sensors etc.) will be ruined if immersed into water or they are wet. What’s worse, this may make you take a risk of electrocution. Therefore, when you need to clean these parts, you need to be more careful and you need to cost more time to clean them carefully. In most situations, wiping down is the only and the best way to clean these small kitchen appliances. This can ensure both the safety and the function.

Check Electrical Cords

Appliances are powered by electricity, so most of them have electric cords. Therefore, no matter which appliance you have, checking their electrical cords is essential. If there is any damage, you should repair it or replace a new one. When cleaning your appliances, you need to wipe the cord down at the same time. This can effectively prevent buildup of grease and dirt. And during the cleaning process, it is really a good chance to inspect. Damaged cords can cause accidents or even electrocution.

8 Ways to Save on New Appliances

Bizerba-Automatic-Commercial-Safety-SlicerYou may think new appliances tend to be costly. However, if you know these 8 ways, you can know how to shop for them without cost much. These 8 tips can help you save some money when it comes to buying new appliances.

Never Buy The Latest Model but the Last Year’s

Most time this year’s model is only a little different from the last year’s model. Therefore, it is good way to save money if you choose to buy last year’s model. This can help you save several hundred of dollars on some large appliances, like convection ovens, Gas FurnacesMeat Slicers. However, if you mind this, you can choose the latest style but cost much more. The best time to buy these last year’s models is in September and October, because many stores begin to deal with their old stock to clear space for the latest models for the next year.

Shop Appliances with Small Scratch and Dents

If your budget is an issue, a small dent or scratch will be your best friend. When you shop, you can ask the sales associate whether there are some damaged appliances for sale. And then, you need to assess these defects and decide whether you would like to live with. Some appliances only have the smallest blemish, but if you buy them, you can save more than you can imagine. And these blemishes don’t influence their core function. These dents and scratch can save you more.

Forget Fancy Features but Buy What You Really Need

When we go into a store, we will become not rational. We will be attracted by these fancy features and pay much more on these fancy features. Therefore, before coming into a store, we need to know what we really need. The best way is to make a list and go directly to buy these appliances with essential features that we need. We need to prevent ourselves from falling for these fancy features. Or you will regret buying these useless latest bells and whistles. For example, if you want to buy a refrigerator, those with a built-in TV are not helpful to make our food any fresher and colder, but you need to pay more on this useless feature.

Do a Trade-In

If you plan to buy a new car, it is good way to trade in your current car and this can save more money. However, do you know you also can trade in your appliances to save money? You can ask appliance dealers to know whether they accept trade-ins. If the news is good, you need to know how much your appliance is worth. Just remember, this can help you make savings.

Shop the Sales

Sometimes, we find something we are interested, but we are thrilled by its current price. Sometimes, you just need to wait one or two weeks after your pick is on sale, and this can help you save up to 25%.

A Package Deal can Save More

If you have a new kitchen or you just upgrade your current kitchen and want to replace all the appliances, it is a good way to think about an appliance package. For example, you need to buy a convection oven, a refrigerator, a reverse osmosis system, a coffee maker and other more items, why not buy them together? If you buy them separately, you may cannot get any savings. However, if you buy them in a package deal, you can save more than you can think. It is not difficult to find a package deal, because retailers tend to bundle appliances to boost sales. You can ask a retailer whether there is a package deal.

Choose a Floor Model to Purchase

If you don’t mind your new appliance doesn’t come with a box, you can buy a floor model. Of course, you can get the same warranty as a new one with a box. However, without the box, you can save a lot but only sacrifice a little cardboard.

Buy Used or Second-hand

Sometimes, new appliances really are costly. Well, do you even consider to see whether the one you plan to buy is available on Craigslist? People tend to remove like-new appliances because of moving or remodeling. And these like-new used appliances can save much for you. One thing you need to notice is that used appliances don’t offer a warranty, but you can get at a very low price. Therefore, it is worth the gamble.

What Is Convection Cooking?

Euro-Pro-TO251-Convection-6-Slice-Toaster-Oven-with-Pizza-PanMany cooks rely on their convection ovens and they roast or bake every in a convection oven. Well, what’s difference between a convection oven and a regular oven? Generally, a convection oven has its fan and exhaust system which can blow hot air directly on the food and vent the air back out.

The convection effect may a little complicate to understand. Now, let’s think about it as the wind chill on a cold day. On a cold day, if you just need to go out. If cold wind is blowing on you, you will feel a little chiller than if there is no wind.

Now, let’s talk about the convection inside the oven and this example can explain how it works. Suppose you have a regular oven and you just need to bake dinner rolls. In your oven, there are 3 racks of dinner rolls which are all in the same size. The dinner rolls on the bottom which are next to the heating element will brown quickly. As the heat rises, above 2 racks will also brows later. However, you will notice that the dinner rolls in the middle will cook more evenly than other 2 racks on the top and on the bottom.

However, if you have a convection oven that uses a built-in fan to circulate hot air quickly around or across these dinner rolls, all the rolls will cook evenly and brown that the same time. This is different from a regular oven. And the cooking time is also less than in a regular oven. It is estimated that convection cooking only takes about 3/4 the time of standard cooking. That’s why so many cooks love using a convection oven.

How Convection Ovens Work

Generally, a high quality oven has 3 heating elements: the top, on the bottom and on the rear and it also has a built-in fan that is connected to the rear heating element. As the convection oven pulls outside air in, the air will be heated immediately and circulated. If you cook poultry and meats in the convection oven, you will find it will offer you amazingly perfect browning and even cooking. And you also don’t worry about the loss of meat’s moisture, because the moisture can be retained well.

If you bake something in it, the results will be much better, like dinner rolls, bread, etc. The airflow will quickly draw the moisture out from cookies, bakes and breads. Therefore, you will get more even baking and perfect texture: crisp pastries, flaky crusts, and light, fluffy croissants.

Therefore, if you just need to buy a new convection oven, the one you choose should have 3 heating elements.

If the number is less than 3, you will not get the same results at one with 3 heating elements.

Besides the benefits of cooking foods, convection ovens can also save energy for you, since it doesn’t need a high temperature to work.

When to Use

Although a convection oven offers the even distribution of heat as well as continuous hot air, you may need to rely on the regular setting. This means in some situations, convection heating is not suitable. For example, if you want to bake some liquids into solids, convection is useless. The hot air that blows on these dishes will not create even or lumpy cooking results.

If you cook a covered dish in an oven, the convection is also useless. The hot air is not directly blowing on the dishes but the cookware or bakeware, so it doesn’t change the cooking results.

Best Convection Oven

If you are looking for the best convection oven, we have made a list for you.

And we also made some lists of other ovens for you to choose from.

How to Care for Nonstick Cookware

nonstick-cookwareIf you want to produce chef-quality results in your kitchen, nonstick bakeware and nonstick cookware can help. However, we need to take good care of them to extend their lifetime. Of course, you can check with the manufacturer’s specific recommendation. Here, we also list some general rules to care for your nonstick cookware, making it always deliver top performance.

Cooking and Baking

After purchasing your new cookware and before using it, it is highly recommended washing it with hot and soapy water, and then rinsing it well, and then using a soft linen towel or cotton to dry it thoroughly. This can get rid of contaminants on the surface, like dust, oil, non-stick coating, etc.

It is said that seasoning or conditioning the nonstick pan at the first time can ensure its performance. You can coat its surface with a little cooking oil (any type is OK), and then bake the pan, and then wipe it clean. The process is very simple and easy to operate. However, some manufacturers, like Calphalon, say nonstick cookware doesn’t need any seasoning or conditioning. In my opinion, you can have a try. At least, there is no harm.

Compared with standard cookware, nonstick cookware performs better at a lower temperature. Well, how low the temperature should be perfect? A test called “butter test” can help you to find the perfect settings. First, heat the nonstick pan on medium high. Once you feel its rim is hot to touch, you need to add a pat of butter. And then watch the reaction. If the butter bubbles, the current heat setting is right. On the other hand, if the butter quickly burns and finally burns, this means the heat is high. You need to clean your pan and repeat the test at a lower heat setting.

The reason we need nonstick cookware is that it can help release the food cleanly without adding any oil or butter, making our food much healthier. For good tasting and texture, you can add some fats. If you are caring your cholesterol levels or weight, nonstick cookware can do the job. And if you are following a heart-healthy menu, it also helps.

On the market, there are many fat-free cooking sprays with the help of nonstick cookware. And you don’t need to add any fat or calorie to your food. For example, when you fry eggs, you don’t need to add any oil. That’s very cool.

As for nonstick cookware, the most important rule is to try your best to protect its nonstick surface. If the nonstick coating is damaged by metal utensils or cleaners, the nonstick cookware will be useless.

Instead of metal utensils, you can choose utensils made of plastic, wood, silicone or rubber. You also can use utensils that are specially coated for nonstick surface. Of course, the better you protect its surface, the better performance it will deliver.

And, never over heat a nonstick pan. For example, never use a pan to bake or under the broiler at temperatures over 450 degrees. The higher temperature will ruin the coating materials.

Cleaning and Care

  1. Wash thoroughly: To ensure the consistent, top performance, always keep the nonstick cookware clean. Leftover greases and other food residue will easily cook into its surface and carbonize, resulting in food to stick. It is very hard to see the cooked-on residue and it is also difficult to remove. Therefore, each time, you need to wash your nonstick cookware thoroughly, making sure there is not any food residue.Avoid immerse hot cookware in cold water: It is highly recommended letting the hot cookware cool before immerse it into cold water to wash. Or a hot pan will permanently warp in cool water and finally ruin.
  2. Not Dishwasher Safe: If you have a dishwasher, you may think you can put your nonstick pans or pots into it to wash. However, you’d better not to do this and always wash your nonstick cookware by hand with warm and soapy water. Of course, you can choose a dish detergent that is made for hand washing. The high heat of a dishwasher can ruin the cookware’s surface, and this can also make the warranty invalid. Similar to care for stainless cookware, any harsh agent should be avoided using. These harsh cleaning agents include abrasive cleaners, bleach, or other chemicals.
  3. Not use Abrasives: Although it seems these nonstick pots and pans are fragile and we need to take good care of them, we also can scrub off stubborn messes with the help of a washcloth, nylon scrubber, sponge, or nylon net-wrapped sponge. And the cleaning job is very hard. To prevent food residue from carbonizing, it is recommended to wash your cookware twice and make sure last trace of oil, butter or food is removed. Abrasives are not allowed to use. For example, if you use stiff brushes, steel wool or scouring pads, the surface will be scratched. Finally your nonstick cookware will be ruined. Of course, rinse it thoroughly and dry your pots or pads completely before storing.
  4. Proper Storage: In the end, storage is also very important. Many manufacturers advice to store the cookware on a hanging pot rack and there are enough room between 2 items which are next to each other. If you don’t have a hanging rack, you can store your nonstick cookware in your cabinet and you’d better layer a soft cloth under it. This can prevent the cookware from being scratched by bare metal or other hard materials.


No matter you have a bargain nonstick pan or a high quality set of nonstick cookware, it is a good habit to use it carefully, clean it meticulously and store it properly. This can extend the lifespan and you can always get top performance for your nonstick cookware.

How to Clean & Care for Stainless Steel Cookware

old-cookwareIn our kitchens, there are so many stainless steel cookware. However, if we don’t take good care of our cookware, stains and discolorations are inevitable. Therefore, how to clean & care for our stainless steel cookware really matters. Just with a little care, you can avoid these problems. The following tips can help you know how to effectively clean your stainless steel cookware. Of course, these tips can also be useful for other stainless steel appliances, like water distillers, etc.

General Daily Care

The best way to take good care of your cookware on a regular basis is to wash it by hand in hot, soapy water. After that, you need to use a soft cloth to thoroughly dry it before put your cookware in your cabinet to store.

If you use a dishwasher to clean your cookware, some experts think the detergents may be not effective to clean the stainless steel finishes. Therefore, it is recommended drying it by hand after removing it from your dishwasher. And this can effectively avoid spotting.

Getting Rid of Stains

If the tap water in your house is a little hard (contains much more calcium content), you will find there is noticeable chalky white residue on your cookware. If the tap water or well water is very hard, you need to have a water softener to soften your water.

To get rid of stains on your pan or pot, you just need to fill it with vinegar and water. The ratio is 1:3. And then heat the mixture to boil, and then let it cool. The last step is to wash it thoroughly with hot and soapy water. Of course, you need to dry it before storing.

To get rid of burned-on food, just fill your stainless steel pan with enough warm, soapy water. The water should cover the mess. And let it soak for at least 1 hour. And then heat the pan or pot to boil for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, wait it to cool. And then use a nylon scouring pad to scrub it. In the end, wash it with hot, soapy water. After rising and drying it, you can find a place to store it. If the residue is very stubborn and you cannot completely clean the mess at one time, you can repeat these steps, until the mess is completely removed.

For daily general cleaning, it is highly recommended using a non-abrasive cleaner. And this is also good for stain removal. Your cookware will become shiny again. Of course, abrasive cleaners and metal scouring pads are not allowed to clean stainless steel cookware. This is because metal scouring pads can scratch the finish, reducing its corrosion resistance. And abrasive cleaners will destroy its finish. Although they are good at removing stuck-on food, they will scratch the finish of the cookware. Therefore, you can use nylon scouring pads, nylon or plastic brushes instead of metal scouring pads.

However, avoid using ammonia-based and chlorine cleaners, because they are corrosive.

Final Suggestion

If you want to bring back the brand-new shine that a new cookware has, first wet the surface, and then sprinkle on a small amount of baking soda. Use a synthetic scouring pad to rub the cookware gently. And you also can use a Scotch-Brite green pad instead. And then rinse the cookware. Finally, dry it before storing. To remove fingerprints on it, you can use glass cleaner, a soft cloth or a paper towel to do the job. If there are a few minor scratches on the surface, you can use a paste of water and a non-abrasive cleaner to buff out these minor scratches.

Daily cleaning and care can extend the lifetime of your cookware. And if you use the methods above, you can make it look as shiny as new.

Top 5 Best Lawn Weed Killers Reviews

If you have a lawn and you want to kill weed, a lawn weed killer is the best choice. Of course, you cannot use common weed killers, or your lawn will be killed too. Lawn weed killers are only engineered to kill weeds in your lawn but not kill the lawn, so they are selective herbicides.

When it comes to choose the best weed killer for lawns, sprays are better than granule and powdered types. When the liquid is sprayed on a plant, the leaves of the plant will absorb the liquid as soon as possible. Of course, killers that contain organic and are non-toxic are good. However, before applying them to your lawn, first you need to carefully read its label directions and then follow them strictly, especially when it comes to pets and kids. Most chemically prepared lawn killers contain 2,4-D which is also the main ingredient. 2,4-D was used as a jungle defoliant. Although it is USADA rated safe, it is highly recommend wearing gloves during spraying. Of course, you also need a dust mask to prevent inhaling harmful fumes. When applying, you also need to pay attention to the gusts of wind, because the wind might carry some of the formula onto the plants which you don’t plan to kill.

Best Lawn Weed Killer

If you need a lawn weed killer, the best lawn killer you choose should kill all lawn weed types, including dandelions, clover, chickweed, crabgrass, as well as other broadleaf weeds. Crabgrass is the most common weed type in a lawn, so killing it is very important. And it is not easy to distinguish crabgrass from regular lawn grass types, because they are genetically similar to each other. We’ve made this list of top 5 best lawn weed killers for you to choose from, based on their effectiveness, safety, ratings and customer reviews.

Bayer Advanced 704140 All-in-One Lawn Weed and Crabgrass Killer Concentrate

bayer-advanced-704140-crabgrass-concentrateIf you are looking for the best lawn weed killer to kill crabgrass in your lawn, this one is the best for you. It is recommended to add a teaspoon of liquid soap to the killer, because this can make it more effective. The mixture will stick to crabgrass leaves easily and effectively. Broadleaf weeds will be killed after 1 application, while crabgrass needs 2 or 3 application to kill it. After one hour of application, it is rain safe. However, it is not recommended to mow for 2 days before or after application. It is also recommended to apply it after 2 or 3 days of watering or rain. Pay attention to these tips and it is more effective. Although there are other weed killers for laws, not one can be better than this.

Ortho Weed B Gon Max Plus Crabgrass Control

ortho-weed-crabgrass-control-1-1-gallonThis best weed killer for lawns can effectively control all the weeds in a lawn. This weed killer comes in ready-to-use varieties and concentrate. After only one application, broadleaf weeds can be effectively killed. To kill crabgrass, more than 2 applications will do better. Before applying it, make sure the grass leaves are dry. And it is rain safe and you can water your lawn after one hour. Of course, don’t mow 2 days before or after. You can trust it.

Garden Weasel AG Crabgrass Killer

garden-weasel-ag-crabgrass-killerThis product is perfect for those who need the safest lawn weed killer to kill crabgrass. The main ingredient is powdered cinnamon, so it is organic and safe to wildlife, pets and kids. EPA even proves it is safe to use. To make it more effective, you should apply it in the morning when there is dew on the grass leaves. You just need to sprinkle its powder towards the crabgrass. After 2 to 4 days, you will see the crabgrass begin to wither and die. It is also effective to many other weeds, like basket grass, clover and chickweed. However, it may be not effective to kill other broadleaf weeds. You can read its label carefully to make sure it can kill the weeds in your lawn.

Southern Ag 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer Selective Broadleaf Weed Control

best lawn weed killerIf you don’t want to pay much money for a weed killer, we also choose this Southern AG 2,4-D Amine Weed Killer on our list. It will be the best bargain. This killer contains a 46% of 2,4-D weed killer. This means even if you use less, you will also get the same effective results. It is effective to kill all broadleaf weeds, as well as many woody plants. However, it is not effective to kill crabgrass. If you mainly need a killer to kill crabgrass, this is not the right one.

Spectracide Weed Stop For Lawns Plus Crabgrass Preventer Granules

spectracide-crabgrass-preventer-granules-hg-85832For some people who want ease of use in the best weed killer for lawn, this one is your best choice. You can put its granules in a spreader and it can kill more than 200 types of different broadleaf weeds. Similar to Southern AG 2,4-D, it also doesn’t kill crabgrass. However, if you apply it in the spring, it is able to kill crabgrass before crabgrass begins to sprout. However, as a granule, it may be not effective than a spray. Therefore, it is highly recommend applying several applications to get the right results. And this one is very cheap.

If you are looking for the best weed killer for lawns, you can choose one of them. If you want to kill all the weeds, you also can find the best weed killer on another article.

Top 5 Best Weed Killers Reviews

If you have a garden and always spend a lot of time in it, or you plan to spend several weekends on landscaping your property around your house, you will have to face the weeding issue. Weeding is really an annoying issue. Before the weed killers were invented, people had to bend over to pull these annoying invaders again and again. Theses ragged weeds grow between rows of vegetables or away from the sides of driveways, pathways and walkways. The removing process is a time-consuming and energy-consuming process. Continuous bending over may also cause some health problems. Therefore, a week killer can help you easily solve this problem, making the removing process much easier. However, on the market, there are many different types of weed killers. Some types have long lasting effects, so they can effectively remove weeds and prevent them from growing again in several months or more than 1 year in some cases. We also need to notice these long lasting killers may be more poison than others weed killers. If you are the first time to choose a weed killer, it is a little complicated to decide to choose which one. Fortunately, we have made this list of top 5 best weed killers and we also offer a weed killer buying guides and tips if you don’t know which type to choose.

Best Weed Killer

Of course, the best weed killer we choose should be safe to use around pets and kids. And these best weed killers should be non-toxic. This also means their effective formulas should also be biodegradable. These weed killers that contain dangerous chemicals should forbid coming into contact pets, humans, as well as flora and fauna. If the water is polluted by these dangers weed killers, the wildlife may be poisoned to death once they drink the polluted water.

Now forget the bad aspects. The following best weed killers were chosen because they are effective and safe to use. They all contain organic formula. Therefore, if you are looking for a weed killer that is eco-friendly, you can choose one of them.

ST GABRIEL ORGANICS 40025-5 Ready-To-Use Burnout Weed Killer/Repellentt

best weed killerThis weed killer is very safe to use, because it is non-toxic, organic and pet approved. It is eco-friendly to our environment. This killer is made of natural ingredients, like vinegar, clove oil and lemon juice. Therefore, it is safe to use. Thanks to its organic feature, this killer is very popular in the USA and many botanical gardens use it as the main weed killer. This Burnout weed killer can kill the weeds above ground with 24 hours. However, if you need to kill the rooted weeds, a second application is needed. Due to its organic formula, it is very safe to use around pets, wildlife and kids. Of course, water sources will not be polluted.

Avenger Organics Weed Killer for Organic Gardening, 1 gallon

avenger-organics-killer-organic-gardeningThe main ingredient of this weed killer is organic citrus oil. Once you apply it on the weeds, the citrus oil will strip the waxy coating off of the weeds and then the weeds will be dehydrated to death. This product is an EPA registered weed killer and it is also an organic product rated by many organizations, like OMRI, Organic Materials Review Institute, USDA, etc. The citrus oil is non-toxic and biodegradable, so it is environmentally friendly. It has the same smell as citrus. When you need to kill weeds, you just need to spray it on weeds. Its bottle can help you easily to spray. Because of its organic feature, it is safe to use around pets, wildlife and kids. Clove oil is considered as the No. 1 rated weed killer due to its effectiveness and organic feature. Therefore, this weed killer also should be rated No. 1. If you are looking for the safest week killer, this product deserves to buy.

EcoSMART Organic Weed and Grass Killer

ecosmart-organic-killer-ready-sprayThis weed & grass killer is also non-toxic. The main ingredients are peanut and clove oils which are natural and organic. It is considered as one of the safest killers on the market, because it doesn’t need to be classified as a plant killing compound. This is because the way this killer uses to kill weeds and grasses is a little different to other weed killers, but the performance will not be sacrificed. Of course, it is safe to use around your pests and kids. However, it is not recommended to use it around water resources like creeks, ponds, wells, etc. Please pay attention to this.

Bayer Advanced NATRIA 706180 Grass and Weed Killer Ready-To-Use

bayer-advanced-natria-706180-64-ounceAs one of the most effective weed killer on this list, you have enough reasons to have it. Although it is not as safe as other 3 killers above on this list, its effectiveness cannot be beat. The main ingredient is the benign ammoniated soap of fatty acids. This formula is essentially the oil extracted from plants and mixed into an acidic formula. Due to this fact, it is not organic and totally natural. However, it is also biodegradable and will break down in the oil. And it is also not recommended to use it around water resources. If it comes into contact with your skin or clothing, you need to wash after use. If you focus on the effectiveness, you cannot miss this.

Nature’s Wisdom 20% Vinegar Gallon

natures-wisdom-20%25-vinegar-gallonThis killer uses vinegar as its main ingredient. As a natural weed killer, vinegar has been used for several centuries. As a weed killer, the vinegar must be more acidic than vinegar we use at home as a dressing. If you are an eco-conscious person, this organic vinegar is also one of your best choices. This weed killer can effectively kill plant, but it is not effective for deep rooted species. For example, it is not effective to dandelions. If you want to kill all the weeds, you need to apply 2 or more application together. You know that vinegar is a mild acid which doesn’t breathe in the fumes, so it is non-toxic and safe to use around pets and kids.

Top 5 Best Kneeboards Reviews

If you love the water sport of knee boarding, you really know how important a kneeboard is. Such a kneeboard allows the rider to kneel on, so as a rider, you can ride the surf and be pulled behind a jet ski or boat on a lake or river. And such a kneeboard can give your family much fun on the water.

Best Kneeboard

Generally, kneeboards have a padded deck and a strap. The deck is used to protect rider’s shins, while the strap is used to hold the rider to its board. On the market, there are many different knee boards and we’ve made this list of top 5 best kneeboards because they are lightweight, easy to control, comfortable and fast. Choosing which one depends on how you plan to use a knee board. If you only need one for casual use, you really don’t need to pay much for one. However, if you plan to elevate your surfing skills, you may need a more professional one. On this list, we try to balance and you will quickly find the right one no matter you need one for casual use or for training.

O’Brien Sozo Kneeboard

obrien-2141228-sozo-kneeboardAs a well-designed kneeboard, this kneeboard is one the best kneeboards on the market. And it is famous for its highest quality. Of course, this one is especially designed for advanced riders who need an agile and fast kneeboard. This model offers maximum air and speed. Its deck is very lightweight because it is made from a CNC machined core. Its stringers are wood. As a customizable pad, you can easily adjust it by using its Velcro attachment system. And its pad is also very comfortable to use. The length is 51.8″, but it is narrow due to the shallow swallow-tail design. This kneeboard can help you easily pop off the wake. Highly recommend!

Hydroslide Respect Kneeboard

best kneeboardThis best kneeboard is especially designed for both speed and lift. It features a parabolic design. Its lightweight construction ensures that you can get a fast and tight ride. If you want to execute rolls and spins and cut a hard rail, this one can satisfy your needs. This model can offer you exceptional control, because its 3″ padded shock strap and knees wells can keep your knees stay firmly in place. This board is very comfortable, and it can protect your legs from injuring or taking a beating. This model earns its names with its high quality and excellent performance.

Connelly Skis Mirage Kneeboard

cwb-mirage-knb-deluxe-pdThis one has a relatively new design and it is especially designed for family fun. Therefore, this one is pretty easy to operate and very comfortable. Its tip and tail are very unique, adding more stability. Even if you are an amateur, you can perform as well as a pro. This one features a built-in hook which allows you to attach to the tow line. Its deck has a padded knee strap and contoured pad, which can add more comfort. The length is 53″ and this model can offer any rider a comfort using experience.

Bodyglove CRK Signature Series Kneeboard

body-glove-signature-premium-kneeboardIf you just a starter but you are not satisfied with simple riding, this kneeboard can help you quickly progress to performing rolls, slides and jumps. Its channeled bottom features a multi-stage rocker, so you can use it to easily execute slides and turns. Besides its extreme maneuverability, this model is also pretty easy to control and comfortable to use. This knee board is made from EVA foam and offers both a molded pad and deep knee wells. This design can help to reduce leg fatigue. This kneeboard can pop off the wake easily, because it is also reinforced with lightweight carbon fiber.

Radar Falcon Kneeboard Moto Green

radar-falcon-kneeboard-moto-greenIf you need a stable, fast kneeboard which is also very easy to use, you can choose this Radar Falcon Kneeboard. This one is perfect for offering you more family fun on the water. Thanks to its wide tip and tail, this one is very stable to use. Its molded grooves and fins, as well as the continuous rocker ensure it is very easy to maneuver. Its knee wells are deep, which also add both control and comfort. Thanks to its single locking strap, you will find this board is so easy to control and use. And you will be popped off the water with ease.

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