10 Essential Items In The Bathroom That Cost Less Than $10

My bathroom is probably the most disorganized part of the homes. It is also one of the places I rarely clean. But, I decided to clean it and organize everything. There are a number of ways to keep everything inside the bathroom in order. You can check these bathroom items that cost $10 or less.

1. A Fabric Shower Liner

You should invest in reusable fabric shower curtain liners instead of plastic ones. These curtains can last a very long time. All you need to do is to wash them every month. This ensures they are mold-free and fresh. I also add baking soda when I clean them before hanging them to dry.

2. Some Shower Rings

If you wash the shower curtain and its liner, you should stop using plastic hangers. It is better to use double-glide shower rings. These rings make it easy to remove and reattach the curtains. You can use your old plastic shower rings to hang baskets in the shower. This increases the storage space you have in the bathroom.

3. Some Ball Jars

Glass jars have a lot of uses inside the bathroom. You can store cotton balls in them or use them for your hand soap. A Wide Mouth Ball Jars set costs less than $10. Using glass jars rather than plastic easy to do. It also makes the bathroom feel cleaner.

4. An Over-Door Hook Rack

Space is always an issue inside the bathroom. This applies to a rented house or a house you own. Using an over-door hook rack increases the storage space inside the bathroom. You can hang clothing, towels, and any other item on them. You can also assign a hook for each family member to keep things organized.

5. A Shower Caddy

We used a shower caddy when I was young. It is still being used up to today. But, there are some households that do not use them. It can easily keep things inside the bathroom in order. They are easy to install since you only have to put them over the shower head. The suction cups hold them firmly on the wall. You can store shampoo, soap, conditioner, and other bathroom items in them.

6. A Step Organizer

Some people with bathroom closets normally have no time to keep them clean. There are many instances when I would have to dig through different items to look for soap store inside the closet. But, you can keep everything organized using a three-tiered cabinet organizer. It can store soaps, toothpaste, and moisturizers, among others.

7. A Magnetic Strip

You may have experienced losing tweezers, bobby pins, and many other small metallic items. A magnetic strip on the wall or a cabinet can be used to keep these metallic items. You can simply stick these items on the magnet. It keeps everything in one place and easy for you to find.

8. A Plastic Silverware Tray

A plastic silverware tray can be used to store toothbrushes, combs, and other grooming tools inside the bathroom. It features long and lean slots. The tray also has enough room for any item you have in the makeup drawer. These trays are big enough for standard vanity items.

9. Some Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are ideal for large bathroom items. You can stick these hooks inside the cabinet doors to store hairdryers and curling irons, among others. They keep them out of sight but within your reach. You will also avoid fumbling with the cords of these items. A standard hook can hold three pounds.

10. A Jewelry Organizer

Jewelry organizers with hooks are great addition to the bathroom. You can store small beauty products in them. They can be hung on the bathroom door. This way you will see everything you may need when you prepare for a night out. You can easily fold and tuck them away. The organizer can also be brought with you when you travel.

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