10+ Surprising Items You Can Clean in the Washer

There is a remarkable machine sitting inside the laundry room or at the Laundromat. The washing machine is designed to clean more than just clothes, sheets, and towels.

You can use a gentle cycle and suitable water temperature to clean these 14 things. These items should also be placed inside a laundry bag and you should leave out the clothes dryer heat. A high-efficiency washer sans the center agitator is ideal for large-size items.

To kill bacteria, you can add disinfectant into the wash water. While you can use chlorine bleach on some items, a phenolic disinfectant such as Lysol or pine oil is advisable to avoid damaging some items.

Canvas Sneakers and Shoes

The washer can be used on leaning canvas tennis shoes unless the manufacturer does not recommend it. This is also true with some leather tennis shoes. Before you place them into washer, remove any insole inserts and laces. You can wash them separately by putting them inside a laundry bag. Use warm water and a suitable detergent.

You should use a stain remove on heavy stains before putting them in the washer. Treat them and allow them to stand for 15 minutes before you put them into the washer. A cup of baking soda or disinfectant mixed into wash water can be used to deal with odor issues.

Sports Equipment

Workout and sports gear can become very dirty after they are used. Compression sleeves, shin guards, and knee pads will be covered with dirt and perspiration.

Just make sure you close all Velcro straps and place all padded and plastic items inside laundry bags before putting them inside the washer. Use regular detergent and a gentle cycle. Instead of using the clothes dryer on the items, allow them to air dry.

Yoga Mats

Since your washer can be used in cleaning yoga shirts and pants, it is logical that you can also use it for yoga mats. A washer with a center agitator is ideal since these types of washers are gentle on soft fabrics. But, if your washer has a center agitator, you can position the yoga mat evenly around the agitator. You can also add some towels to keep the washer from rocking.

Gym Bags and Backpacks

Vinyl and fabric gym bags and backpacks can be cleaned using a washer like regular clothing. Just make sure you place it together with fabrics with similar colors. You should also check if all the pockets are empty. Apply a stain removal product for all stains on the bags. Use a soft-bristle brush on the stain and allow it to stand for 15 minutes before you throw it into the washer.

Small-Sized Toys

Children normally have to be reminded to wash their hands after using the bathroom. They would go to their toy chest and share their toys with friends. You can clean small plastic toys, such as action figures and building blocks, by putting them into a laundry bag before throwing them into the washer.

You can use warm water before allowing them to air dry. Adding disinfectant is advisable is someone in the household is sick. This removes any bacteria from the toys.

Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys without any mechanical parts or are vintage toys can be cleaned in a washing machine. Before putting them into the washer, repair any tears or rips to avoid losing some of its stuffing. Heavily stained areas should also be treated with a stain remover or some detergent. Put them inside a laundry bag before putting these toys in a washer.

Use warm or cool temperature for washing stuffed toys along with a gentle cycle. After washing them, allow them to air dry.

Lunch Boxes and Bags

Cross contamination is an issue when a reusable lunch box o bag is used. This makes it important to clean them properly to avoid the formation of bacteria. These bacteria include Listeria, E. coli, and salmonella. Yeast and mold can also result to digestive issues and make the entire family sick.

A washing machine can be used in cleaning soft-sided lunch bags and boxes. Cool or warm water can be used along with a gentle cycle. These items can be air dried later.

Kitchen Tools made of Silicon

A washing machine can be used to clean any kitchen tool made of silicon. These tools include molds, oven mitts, trivets, and baking mats. A heavy-duty detergent and hot water is advisable to take out the oil left by food. Small items can be placed into a laundry bag before putting it into the washer. Distortion can be avoided with a gentle spin cycle.

Hot Pads and Oven Mitts

You should also wash hot pads and oven mitts together with kitchen towels. Nearly all of them are used on food at one point in time. However, there is nothing you can do about scorched oven mitts.

Rubber Gloves, Mop Heads, and Cleaning Tools

Cleaning tools also have to be cleaned after you clean up the house. Bacteria may develop on brushes, rubber gloves, sponges, and mop heads. If they are not cleaned, the bacteria will be spread the next time they are used.

Before cleaning them, take out the mop heads from their handles. Place any small cleaning tool inside a laundry bag before putting them into the washer. Load up the washer with towels. You should use a suitable detergent and hot water. After washing them, take them out to air dry. Make sure they are dry before you store them. This will prevent mold and mildew from growing.

Reusable Grocery Bags

To prevent contamination, reusable grocery bags should be washed after they are used. This is particularly true with bags used for meat, pre-cooked food, and meat. On the other hand, bags used for canned goods and boxed items along with cleaning supplies can be cleaned at a later time.

You should follow the instructions on some bags with labels since they tell you how to clean them. For bags without any instructions, you can remove inserts and dividers before washing them. Woven canvas bags need hot water and a suitable detergent. Hot water can deal with E. coli and bacteria in the bags. After washing them, you can line dry them or place them inside a dryer. While nylon bags can be cleaned in a similar manner, you should airdry them after.

Small Size Rugs

Throw rugs and small area rugs are normally soiled, especially if they are placed close to the doors. It is possible to wash most throw rugs, unless they are designed to be dry-cleaned. These include rugs with rubber backing.

Check if the rugs have stains. It is better to deal with the stains, particularly grease and food stains, before you wash them. Liquid detergent and cold water work best with washable rugs. Rugs with a rubber backing should not be treated with chlorine bleach. This will cause the rubber on the rug to flake off.

After you take out the rug, air-dry it. If you use the dryer of the machine, it can cause the rug to shrink. The rubber backing will also deteriorate when the rug is exposed to high temperatures.

Shower Curtains and Liners

Plastic or fabric shower curtains can be cleaned inside a washing machine. You can put it in together with some bath towels.

A chlorine bleach solution can be used on plastic or white curtains to remove mildew growth. You can remove stains from colored curtains using oxygen bleach.

Bed Pillows

The washing machine can be used in cleaning polyester or feather bed pillows. While a suitable detergent can be used, be careful not to fill the washer to the brim. You should allow the pillows to move around the washer.

Clean pillows when the sun is out and there is a light breeze. It may take some time for the pillows to dry in a dryer. Due to this, you can put it outside to make it dry faster. It can also remove any odor.

The Bottom Line

If you want to wash something in your washer, make sure that the washer will not destory the items you put in. Actually, the items should be durable enough. Any, just exlore the abilities of your washer.

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