13 Hacks Parents Can Use To Save Time

When I had no kids, I did not have the luxury of time. After the first child came, things became hectic. Three years after my second child came. Things became more frantic after this. I did not have enough time to do everything I needed to do during the day.

How can parents have enough time? You can look into these hacks to give you more time during the day.

Clothing Hacks

It takes time to dress children. The following are some clothing hacks you can use to save time.

1. Use Clothes Rather Than PJs

The most practical tip offered on “Lean In” of Sheryl Sandberg is that she uses the clothes for the next day on her kids rather than their pajamas. This can save you a lot of time, especially of your toddler will wear anything you put on them. Before this, putting pants on my son took around 45 minutes since he was choosy.

These days, he puts on the clean clothes he will wear the next day. It saved us a lot of time. This also allowed us to avoid arguments on what he should wear.

2. Prepare One Week Worth of Clothing

The preschool of my son held a “Rainbow Week” where the children wore one color of the rainbow each day. To prepare for this, we arranged all the clothes he would wear for the whole week. This allowed us to save time. We are now doing this at the start of every week. This is also recommended for your own set of clothes.

3. Use a Flat Hair Iron to Iron Clothes

While I cannot recall where I saw this hack, using a flat hair iron makes it easy to iron clothing. The flat iron is hot enough after you used it on your hair. This makes it ideal to de-wrinkle clothing. It is ideal for use when you have little time to spare.

4. Using a Bathrobe on You Clothes

The first weeks after my maternity leave, I needed to use two sets of clothes. One was prior to the spit-up while the second was after I gave my baby to the nanny. Older children can also make your work clothes less presentable before you leave the house. Wearing a bathrobe over your work clothes allows you to keep them presentable after you leave the house.

Eating Hacks

Half of the free time of parents is used in the preparation of meals. It is also used on the dinner table. The following hacks allow you to save time during these activities.

5. Create a Meal Plan

One of the most important things I do during the weekend is to prepare a meal plan for the whole week. You will not have to be on the rush when you prepare the meals for the week. Deciding on the meals takes more of your time compared to cooking. Preparing a meal plan allows you to save both time and money.

6. Keep a Bag of Sandwiches in the Fridge

School lunches take time to prepare and are normally rushed. These days we have a bag full of mini bagels in the refrigerator. Each bagel is filled with cream cheese or peanut butter. They are divided inside lunch containers to keep everything organized. The fridge has a week’s worth of lunch. We can easily put these items into the lunch bag every day.

7. Use the Crock-Pot

While we receive a Crock-Pot as a wedding gift, we did not use it until our daughter was born. We are now using this counter top appliance every week. It allowed us to save time in preparing meals.

8. Prepare Breakfast Ahead

Hot breakfasts are good for the morning. There are a number of freezable breakfasts you can prepare ahead of time.

9. Get a Coffeemaker with its own Programmable Timer

Children will not be easy to handle in the morning. The tips on this list are mainly about them. But, it is the time of the day when you can save a lot of time. A programmable coffeemaker is a good thing to have to allow you to save some time.

Cleaning Hacks

When you have children, it will be challenging to maintain the cleanliness of your home. But, there are some hacks you can use to make things easier.

10. Get a Dustbuster

A dustbuster is great to have if you have no time to use a vacuum cleaner. We use this in the house three times a week.

11. Maintain Your Dishwasher

In the past, people used to hand wash pots, pans, and bowls. These days, the dishwasher is a very useful appliance in the kitchen. It can wash nearly all types of dishware. Using it allows us to keep the kitchen sink free of any unwashed dishes.

12. Use a Routine for Washing and Drying

We care currently trying to find a way to save time while folding laundry. You can see this on the stack of clean clothes inside the house. But, we no longer have any issues in cleaning the clothes needed for the next day. My dad used to wash clothes in the morning. The laundry chute in the house made collecting clothes easy. We are now using this routine in our house. This routine allowed us to save time while doing laundry.

Shopping Hack

Bringing children to the supermarket or store is time-consuming. You have to deal with getting them into the car, driving the car, going through the store, bringing them home, letting the kids off, and unloading the items you bought. But, we have a hack to make shopping less time consuming.

13. Sign up for Amazon Prime

Before Amazon Prime became available, it was not easy to shop. A free two-day shipping is currently offered by Amazon Prime. If you want it delivered in one day, you only pay $3.99. Using the service allows you to save a good amount of time for the things you need at home.