14 Ways to Use Your Blender

A blender is something you would want to have in the kitchen. Having homemade smoothies for breakfast will allow you to become fit at a reasonable cost. But, after a few months the blender will find itself in the cabinet. You may only take it out to have an occasional margarita. However,, blenders have a number of other uses aside from making smoothies and margaritas. So, you can check out this list of other uses of your blender.

1. Making Flour

You can use a blender to make freshly milled flour. It will not be necessary to buy fancy equipment to do this. You can pour in wheat berries into the blender and turn it on. Sift before repeating the same process. The method can also be used for oats. You can make your own oat flour or rolled oats using the blender inside the cabinet.

2. Making Almond Milk

Almond milk fans will be delighted that they can make homemade almond milk using a blender. You have to soak almonds in water overnight before blending them properly. After straining they will get some delectable nutty milk. Since fresh almond milk has a short shelf life, you should make only what you can consume. Anyway, the process of making some is easy. So, you will not have any problems in making a fresh batch each time you need it. You can also add some flavors, like vanilla, to try something new. The same process can also be used on other types of nuts.

3. Making Compost

While people like composting, they are not patient enough to do it. They also do not have space to do it. You can use the blender to make compost if you have some green inside the home. Put some soft food scraps into the blender. The blender will make leftovers easy to break down. This is ideal for an indoor bin since it will not take up space. It also allows you to make compost fast.

4. Making Juice

A large juicer is not a good idea if you have limited space inside the kitchen. But, the blender can do the same job of a juicer. You can cut some fruits and vegetables before adding them into the blender with some water. It is important to blend them well. Strain the result basing on your preference. You can also include some pulp. The leftover fruit pulp can also be used for composting.

5. Making Body Scrub

Aside from making tasty things you can consume, a blender can also be used in making body scrub. You can mix together sea salt, all-natural olive oil, and citrus to make a moisturizing and refreshing body scrub. The whole process can be completed within five minutes. You can also give the body scrub you make as a gift.

6. Making Powdered Sugar

You may have experienced times when you find out that you do not have any powdered sugar for making something sweet. It is unlikely for you to have this fine sweetener inside the kitchen unless you are a baker. You can make some powdered sugar using a blender. Just put some plain sugar into the blender and make homemade powdered sugar in a jiffy.

7. Making Soup

While everyone knows that blenders can be used in making some, only a few know that it can be used to heat up and cook soups. This requires using power blenders like Blendtec or Vitamix. These two have high speed blades that heat up things using friction. You can use them to blend and warm up some soup. A regular blender can be used to make puree soups. It can also be used in making raw soups without using a pot and the stove.

8. Making Nut Butter

It is easy to make nut butter using a blender. You can also use the device to make Pistachio-chocolate butter and honey-cashew butter. A blender makes it easy to make your own homemade nut butter. But, you should make to constantly scrape the sides of the blender. Also avoid overworking its motor. You just need some nuts and some flavoring to make whatever you want.

9. Making Salad Dressing

Homemade dressing makes any salad taste good. You can use your blender to whip up some homemade dressing easily. The blender makes it easy to crush herbs and garlic. It can also be used to emulsify vinegar and oil and turn them into vinaigrette. The device is useful in making creamy dressing, including ones you can use for Caesar’s salad.

10. Making Lotion

Your blender can be used to make all-natural skincare products. The device can combine essential oils, beeswax, almond or grape seed oil, and vitamin E. Your homemade body cream is moisturizing and luxurious. The blender can complete the job within minutes. You can store any extra cream inside a refrigerator for a couple of weeks.

11. Making Applesauce

Blenders can also be used to make fresh applesauce at home. You do not need to cook apples and push them into a food mill. Putting cut fresh apples, water, and flavoring into the blender can do the job. It will produce fresh and healthy applesauce.

12. Making Fresh Butter

A blender can be used to make fresh butter at home. You just need to blend some cream for a few minutes. The butter solids will start to separate after a while. You can strain the buttermilk after allow the butter to float up to the top. The buttermilk can also be used for other things. Blend cold water to wash and strain if needed. You can also add some salt. Adding herbs, garlic, and other spices can give it flavor.

13. Making Pancakes and Muffins

A blender can be useful in blending the batter for muffins and pancakes. It can easily make the batter come together. The batter will also be mixed well. The blender can be used as a pitcher when you pour some on a pan. It is quite useful when you make pancakes. There are some recipes that require the use of a blender. You can use it to make buttermilk pancakes or oat muffins.

14. Making a Lamp

An old blender can also be used as decoration. You can turn use it to make a blender lamp. Simply disassemble it and add some parts to make it into a unique-looking light. This allows you to recycle old blenders and make them useful again.

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