6 Cleaning Rules You Should Not Follow

While people have different ways of cleaning, there are some similar rules they follow when it comes to cleaning.Many follow these rules since they work. But, there are some rules that are not really true. Some of them are not needed to keep a home clean.

The following are some rules you have the option of not following.

1. It is Important to Remove All Germs

When I was growing up, the house was always sparkling clean. But, it was not cleaned just for the sake of keeping it clean. The people who lived in the house were afraid of germs. Since I was sickly when I was young, the house was cleaned every so often, especially when I got sick

But, they should not have worried about it. Generally, germs are good for everyone, including children. Getting exposed to germs allows the immune system to become stronger. They adapt and become resistant to infections.

You may not want to grow up with an MRSA culture sitting on the shower. But, it is not necessary to use antibacterial products to clean it. You also do not need to keep it immaculately clean. No one got hurt from a couple of germs.

2. High End Cleaners are Needed for the Oven

When I bought an oven last year, everyone advised me to get a suitable cleaner for it. The advices came from salespeople, family, and friends. I was told that it was important and got numerous reminders about it. They said the cleaner should be compatible with the model and make of my oven.

But, all types of oven can be easily cleaned. All you need was baking soda, water, and vinegar. While high end cleaners can work, they are filled with chemicals that are potentially dangerous. These cleaners are also expensive. The baking soda, water, and vinegar mixture was good enough for me.

3. A Clean Pillow Case Means the Pillow is Clean

When I was in college, I asked someone how can clean my pillows. The people I asked were puzzled with my question. They later revealed that many people do not actually clean the pillow. These people only keep the pillow case clean. While I found it unpleasant, I did not know anything at that time.

But, I did know something. It is important to clean the pillows at least two to three times each year. They collect skin cells, oils, and sweat. Unless you have an industrial strength pillow case, some of these will go into your pillow. While they do not accumulate within a short period of time, they build up if they are not washed.

4. Cast Iron Should Not Be Washed

When I started using cast iron for cooking, people told me not to use water to wash my new pots and pans. These people had some knowledge about cast iron pots and pans. They said they may become rusted if water is used to clean them. And we would not want rust to contaminate our food.

But, cast iron only rusts when water stays on it for a long time. You can dry the pan by putting it on the stove set at low heat. Water is actually the best way for you to clean pans made of cast iron. You can opt to boil water first before using it. Adding baking soda can also be done when yu clean the cast iron pan.

5. Dirty Old Shower Curtain Liners Should Be Thrown Away

I shared the first apartment I lived in with three young women. One of my housemates gave me a funny look when she saw me cleaning the bathroom. We were good in keeping the house clean. But, in this instance she asked if I also cleaned the shower curtain liner.

I later found out that people do not normally clean it. They simply replace the shower curtain liner when it gets dirty.

It is indeed hard to clean if you have to scrub it. But, you can also clean it inside a washing machine. You just have to ensue the water is not hot. This is especially true when the liner is made of plastic. You can also include sheets and towels to prevent it from sticking together.

6. Eyeglasses Should Be Cleaned Using a Spray-On Cleaner

While I should be wearing glasses, I decided not to wear one. But, my husband wears a pair. He usually cleaned his eyeglasses with a special spray-on cleaner. It was designed for use on the coating of the lenses of the eyeglasses. While it was effective, it was also expensive. It also had limitations on where they can be used.

These days, he uses dish soap and water to clean them. He also uses microfiber cloth to dry them. He said his eyeglasses are cleaner than before. It also allowed him to save on unnecessary expenses. While his doctor advised him against it, he has been washing it this way for a long time. His eyeglasses also remained undamaged. So, using soap and water without any additional chemicals allow you to clean your eyeglasses without any problems.

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