6 Important Home Electrical Supplies During Blackouts

Hurricanes have wreaked havoc in the United States causing widespread damage in their wake. Thousands of homes were left without power. While you may not be affected by these disasters for the moment, you will never know when a blackout will happen. Did you make the necessary preparations? Can you survive a blackout for a number of days or weeks? Here are some important supplies you should have in case a disaster will happen.

1. Lighting Supply

flash-lightsThe most important item on the list is lighting. It is not easy to survive without light. Lanterns, candles, and flashlights are good to have, but you need something that does not require batteries. It should last for a long time, such as a hand cranked flashlight. You do not need to look for batteries or propane. Burning something will not be an issue. You can also get a hand-cranked lantern and a radio. You can also get an all-in-one device that can light up the place and charge a phone. These items should be accessible so you will not have to look for it in the dark.

2. Sources of Power

Briefcase-Solar-GeneratorA power source includes liquid fuel and batteries. It can also be solar-powered chargers and generators. You should also have the five kinds of batteries, namely AA, AAA, C, D, and 9V. A solar-powered charger for your power banks and phones should also be in your list. To make sure you have enough power for an extended period of time, you should get a generator. There are some generators available on Craigslist priced under $400. But, you need to know the power you need before getting one. The unit you should get should provide a suitable amount of power and number of outlets if you will use it for some appliances. It can also be used for attic fans and sump pumps.

There are four major kinds of fuel used for generators. These are diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and propane. You should know the best unit suitable for your environment and situation. They should be stored safely and in a suitable amount in case there is an emergency.

3. Heating Supplies

Coleman-RoadTrip-LXE-Propane-GrillHeat is needed for you to cook. You also need it to keep you warm, depending on your location and the season. The previously mentioned power supplies are needed for heating and cooking. They can provide electricity to a portable range, toaster, kettle, toaster oven, or space heater. You may get smaller mobile propane grills or space heaters if you do not want to use backup power sources to provide heat. These can also be used for any outdoor camping activities the family will have.

You can also have a good supply of sleeping bags, blankets, and warm clothing is a place that is easily accessible.

4. Clean water

distilled-waterWater is very important for survival. It may be readily available in the faucet or you can buy it. But, when the power goes out and your supply gets cut off, you will understand its importance for you survival. Due to this, you should have a good supply of drinking water in the garage or basement. But, you have to make sure you monitor its expiration date. You should make sure to have a fresh supply of water all the time. A pitcher that can filter water is helpful at this time. It can provide you a fresh supply of drinking water for a long period of time.

If you have any idea that a blackout may happen, you can get a WaterBob. It is a simple device that is extremely useful. The device can store a supply of drinking water for four weeks. You can store it in your bathtub. They are available on eBay and may also be listed on Amazon. Investing on a Lifestraw is also useful. People often use it for camping and extreme adventures. The Lifestraw can be placed in any supply of water. It is capable of filtering 1,000 liters of dirty water. The device can remove 99.99 percent of microorganisms. This is important so you always have a good supply of potable water. These items are sold at $15. They can be a lifesaver during an emergency.

Of course, if you have a portable water filter, you can filter water yourself. Or a water filter pitcher is also a good choice.

5. Nonperishable Food Items

Nonperishable-Food-ItemsIt is important for you to have a good supply of food that can be stored without power. This makes it necessary to have a good supply of canned food items inside your pantry. You can also store snacks, dry food, and drinks. Pet food is also necessary if you have pets. Some popular food items are granola bars, meats, soups, jerky, beans, nuts, protein bars and powders, packet food, and dried food. You may also store condensed milk, Meals Ready-To-Eat, freeze-dried food, and condensed milk.

While it is ideal to have food that can last for years in your stockroom, it is still important to replace the supply regularly. It is frustrating to find out that the food you have in the stock room already expired when you need them. If you find this too much work, you can buy emergency food kits in the market. These food kits were planned by experts to make them last a long time. They also offer a nutritious and balanced diet. These supplies can be stored inside a single container and are useful during a disaster.

6. Basic medical supplies

medical-suppliesWhile many homes have first aid kits, they are sometimes overlooked. They may not have all the necessary supplies that are needed for actual emergencies. Target and Amazon have ready-made kits that you can use. You can also find them in the supermarket. It is also possible for you to make your own first aid kit that can be used for common cuts, breaks, bruises, and other basic emergencies.

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