8 Ways to Save on New Appliances

Bizerba-Automatic-Commercial-Safety-SlicerYou may think new appliances tend to be costly. However, if you know these 8 ways, you can know how to shop for them without cost much. These 8 tips can help you save some money when it comes to buying new appliances.

Never Buy The Latest Model but the Last Year’s

Most time this year’s model is only a little different from the last year’s model. Therefore, it is good way to save money if you choose to buy last year’s model. This can help you save several hundred of dollars on some large appliances, like convection ovens, Gas FurnacesMeat Slicers. However, if you mind this, you can choose the latest style but cost much more. The best time to buy these last year’s models is in September and October, because many stores begin to deal with their old stock to clear space for the latest models for the next year.

Shop Appliances with Small Scratch and Dents

If your budget is an issue, a small dent or scratch will be your best friend. When you shop, you can ask the sales associate whether there are some damaged appliances for sale. And then, you need to assess these defects and decide whether you would like to live with. Some appliances only have the smallest blemish, but if you buy them, you can save more than you can imagine. And these blemishes don’t influence their core function. These dents and scratch can save you more.

Forget Fancy Features but Buy What You Really Need

When we go into a store, we will become not rational. We will be attracted by these fancy features and pay much more on these fancy features. Therefore, before coming into a store, we need to know what we really need. The best way is to make a list and go directly to buy these appliances with essential features that we need. We need to prevent ourselves from falling for these fancy features. Or you will regret buying these useless latest bells and whistles. For example, if you want to buy a refrigerator, those with a built-in TV are not helpful to make our food any fresher and colder, but you need to pay more on this useless feature.

Do a Trade-In

If you plan to buy a new car, it is good way to trade in your current car and this can save more money. However, do you know you also can trade in your appliances to save money? You can ask appliance dealers to know whether they accept trade-ins. If the news is good, you need to know how much your appliance is worth. Just remember, this can help you make savings.

Shop the Sales

Sometimes, we find something we are interested, but we are thrilled by its current price. Sometimes, you just need to wait one or two weeks after your pick is on sale, and this can help you save up to 25%.

A Package Deal can Save More

If you have a new kitchen or you just upgrade your current kitchen and want to replace all the appliances, it is a good way to think about an appliance package. For example, you need to buy a convection oven, a refrigerator, a reverse osmosis system, a coffee maker and other more items, why not buy them together? If you buy them separately, you may cannot get any savings. However, if you buy them in a package deal, you can save more than you can think. It is not difficult to find a package deal, because retailers tend to bundle appliances to boost sales. You can ask a retailer whether there is a package deal.

Choose a Floor Model to Purchase

If you don’t mind your new appliance doesn’t come with a box, you can buy a floor model. Of course, you can get the same warranty as a new one with a box. However, without the box, you can save a lot but only sacrifice a little cardboard.

Buy Used or Second-hand

Sometimes, new appliances really are costly. Well, do you even consider to see whether the one you plan to buy is available on Craigslist? People tend to remove like-new appliances because of moving or remodeling. And these like-new used appliances can save much for you. One thing you need to notice is that used appliances don’t offer a warranty, but you can get at a very low price. Therefore, it is worth the gamble.

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