Above Ground Pool Buying Guide

above ground pool buying guideIf you plan to invest on an above groud pool, this Above Ground Pool Buying Guide can help you know all the essential things you need to konw. The cost of pools varies due to their features, like enclosures, decks, and patio designs. In addition, you should take into account other factors like the design and workmanship, maintenance needs, durability, and warranty. You should also consider the materials used, shape, and size. These factors can push the cost of having above ground pools installed to $8,000. If you have this kind of budget, you can check on the following guide to help you select the most suitable above ground pool for your home.


The most important step is planning your pool project. Pools come in different sizes. The pool design should be suitable to the yard size of your home. This solves any issues you may face in the future.

You should also consider the pool location. While sunny areas keep the water warm, windy areas should be avoided since wind increases evaporation rate. Generally, these pools should be around eight to ten feet away from trees.

The pool should be accessible and visible from the house. You should consider installing patios, decks and walkways. You can also think about building a slide, spa, and an extra room.

You should also be aware of local and homeowner association (HOA) regulations. You should get a permit to build the pool and look into zoning regulations yourself. Do not start building until you are aware of all applicable laws in your neighborhood.

Note: Homeowners are responsible for getting permits for above ground pools.

Size and Shape

The size and shape of the pool will be the first decision you will make in the project.

The size of the pool depends on the space you want to allocate for the project. Pool sizes have a diameter of between around 15 to 18 feet and 30 feet.

There are two generally two pool shapes.

  • An oval pool makes the most out of the space available in the yard. They also offer suitable space for lapping, water sports, and family activities.
  • A round pool can be easily installed and are cost-effective.

Families with one child or families that hold parties over the weekend can look for smaller pools. For families with at least six people using the pool often should get one with a diameter of at least 24feet.

Pool height is normally between 48 and 52 inches.

Check out some above ground pools at Rising Sun Pools.


Many pools today have modern designs and are made of hard-wearing materials. They feature vinyl linking that is built over an aluminum, wood, resin or steel foundation. Resin has numerous advantages over other materials since it does not rust or get hot, unlike aluminum or steel. It is also maintenance-free.

Pools using injection molded resin are durable and require less maintenance.

  • They are flexible and curve along the reinforced diagonal structure.
  • Strengthens parts and bends to create rounded top seats.
  • Allows a durable snap-on process that removes the need for unnecessary components and makes assembly easier.
  • Supports optimal resistance while maintaining light weight and durability.
  • Maintains some air for consistency and stability.
  • Allows patterns, detailing, and curving for suitable quality and design.
  • A resin pool is better suited for a salt system compared to steel pools.

Wall Patterns and Liners

Wall Pattern

There are numerous wall patterns in the market that you can use for your pool design to suit your landscape and neighborhood.


Distinctively patterned liners can enhance the appearance of your pool. You can customize it and make a statement on your backyard.

Note: Some liners are not available for some wall patterns. Get more information through Rising Sun Pools.


There are numerous steps in installing above ground pools. It should be done by trained professionals. Basically, a installing service inlcude:

  • Flatten the ground – the ground should be compact and firm. It should have no rocks, roots or sharp objects. Rising Sun Pools flattens the ground up to 20 inches for free.
  • Position patio blocks as foundations for uprights
  • Smoothen the base of the foundations
  • Cements the pool wall
  • Sets up the filtering system and assembles the ladder
  • Removes all trash from the area

The following are not included in the services

  1. Permits and licenses
  2. Water for the pool
  3. Landscape design, backfilling and drainage setup
  4. Removal of trees and stumps
  5. Removal of dirt from the area

Electrical work

Ladder installation – You will have to set up the ladder inside the pool. This should be completed after the installation of safety gates and fences.

Call NO CUTS through 800-632-4949 prior to the start of the project to avoid damaging gas lines or underground wires.


The next thing to do is to look for equipment to keep the pool water clean. Hayward has numerous filtration systems to allow you to enjoy your pool while reducing maintenance time. Filters and pumps are used in ensuring proper water circulation. It also allows you to enjoy your pool investment.

  • Pool pumps – the pool pump creates a vacuum to bring water into an automatic skimmer. The water goes through a filter and other equipment, like the cleaner, chlorinator, and heater, before the water goes back to the pool. Many pumps are quiet and maintain the cleanliness of the pool. Rising Sun Pools has the Power-Flo Matrix® pump designed for above ground pools. Two-speed upgrades for the pool are also available.
  • Pool Filters – pool filters ensure the pool is clean by removing foreign objects, like twigs, grass, and similar debris. Rising Sun Pools has the Pro Series Top Mount sand filter designed for above ground pools. These filters feature easy-to-use controls for different filter settings.

Other Pool Accessories

  • Heaters – they enable you to use the swimming pool even during cold weather. Heaters make the pool more efficient and increase its value.
  • Automatic Pool Cleaners – these devices ensure the water remains clean. They take out everything, including large leaves and microscopic debris and make pool maintenance easy.
  • Salt systems – these devices reduce cleaning and maintenance time by ensuring the PH levels in the pool are balanced. It can serve as a replacement to chlorine, which is not good for people with sensitive skin. Rising Sun Pools offers products from Aqua Trol Above Ground Chlorination.
  • Pool Lights – these devices are used inside and around the pool to enhance ambiance and safety
  • Pool Covers – these devices keep the pool clean and retain heat when it is not used.

Pool Decks

Pool decks can be used to give your above ground pool an in-ground pool feel. Decks provide additional space for entertaining guests. It also makes your pool safer. They also keep pool pumps and other accessories hidden.

Rising Sun Pools has numerous trusted contractors who can work on your project for you. They can work on landscaping and decking. You can get more information from a Rising Sun Pools representative.

You should position cushions in the covered area of the pool to make sure they remain dry. If you do not want covered areas around the pool, you can check out the products of MGP and Sling.

Best Above Ground Pool

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