Best chemical and physical means to get rid of rats in the home

victor-mouse-trapRats’ eyesight is very poor, but their four senses (smell, hearing, touch and taste) are very good. Therefore, they rely on these 4 senses to find water, food, shelter, move around, senses and avoid danger. Most rat control methods take advantage of this feature to rebel or capture and kill rats. For example, rats’ smell ability is much stronger than its vision ability, so they can smell the cheese or peanut butter you place on a trap first without seeing the bait. And rats discover danger by hearing, not by seeing something. The sound of your approaching footsteps or other unusual, loud, sudden noises can be easily heard by rats. Due to their poor vision, both the day and the night are the same to them, even if they are nocturnal. They sleep during the day, and move around to look for food, water and nesting materials at night. Even in the day, their physical characteristics can help them easily avoid danger. Their guard hairs and long whiskers can sense and feel things around them.

Setting Traps

If you plan to set some traps to capture and kill rats, something must be taken into account. For example, baited traps seems more attractive than unbaited traps, because rats can smell the bait far always due to their great sense of taste. They can be attracted by the smell of the food you used as the bait and they will come close to the trap you set. Therefore, you can use many foods as baits which are more attractive for tats. And they can easily locate where the food is.

And the placement is also very important. Generally, it is recommended to place rat traps along pipes or walls near rat droppings, near gnawing marks, leading to rat holes and near other sings of rat presence.

And, rats are very intelligent and cautious. If the bait is placed in an open areas and cannot be eaten in a short time, they will not take the risk of continuous consuming the food but will drag the food to a hidden area. Therefore, traps should be set and placed more properly to avoid this. For more information, please read another article.

However, besides setting traps, there are also other methods to get rid of rats. Any single method cannot last for a long time and we need more different tactics to repel rats out of our home.

Here, we’ve made a list of commercial products for trapping, baiting and kill rats. Most of them are available in the U.S. and some of them are available in Canada and Great Britain. If you need one, you can consider several of them. This list is in no particular order.

Rat Baits, Traps and Repellents:

  1. Havahart – Snap Traps, Live Traps, Rat Repellents
  2. Woodstream 12 Victor Mouse Snap Traps M325 Pro
  3. Gardener’s Supply Company – Rat Repellent
  4. J.T. Eaton -Snap Traps, Glue Boards, Glue Traps, Rodenticides
  5. Peaceful Valley Farm – Live Traps and Electronic Traps
  6. Harmony Farm Supply – Live Rat Traps
  7. Tomahawk Live Trap
  8. Bell Laboratories- Snap traps, Baits, mouse station
  9. CANADA – Wilson Products – Rodenticides, Baits and Blocks, Rat Pellets
  10. GREAT BRITAIN – Pest Control Products – Repellents, Rat Baits and Rodenticides

Remember: when using any product, make sure you have read all the label directions and will follow them strictly.

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