Best Snow Shovel Buying Guide

How to find the best snow shovel in winters?

The snow shovel has helped many people from suffering from frostbitten fingers and bad backs. Many walkways were cleared using these practical tools. They also made it possible to walk upright after ice and snow were cleared from these walkways. These tools also save pedestrians from some embarrassing situations. This guide to buying a snow shovel gives a history of these tools and how they evolved. It starts with simple hand tools until they became the high-tech devices you can see in the market today.

Snow shovels have proven to be useful tools throughout history. Homeowners used them to clear urban sidewalks and walkways. City streets were also cleared by shoveling teams using these tools. When they are used properly, they can provide suitable exercise for anyone. They also keep everyone safe when the snow falls during the winter season.

There are a number of shapes and designs of snow shovels. They are also made of different materials that suit the needs of their owners.

These tools offer a good way for you to exercise when winter comes. It offers a good cardio workout and helps build muscles. Shoveling snow also helps burn calories. But, it may be dangerous if it is not performed properly.

This guide to buying a snow shovel gives you a list of the best manufacturers as well as the price range. It also offers a list of retailers where you can buy these snow shovels online.

Snow Shovel Evolution

In the past, the shoulder blades of large animals were used as snow shovels. There were no handles when these shovels first came out. In the early part of the 1800s, shovels used to remove snow started to become popular. This popularity came as ordinances were passed compelling homeowners to remove snow on their properties. Snow on sidewalks and city streets were removed by snow shoveling teams. The show was removed using horse-drawn plows. The handles of snow shovels in the 1800s were made of wood. They also had flat shovel blades made of metal. These blades were smaller compared to modern snow shovels. Due to this, snow removal was slow compared to current standards. The snow shoveling teams of the past would be envious of today’s modern design of the snow shovel.

The design of the snow shovel remained relatively the same before the availability of plastic. The blades were made of metal while the handles were made of wood. But, the blades increased in size over the years. They have become more efficient in removing snow. Modern snow shovels now weigh around two pounds. The handles also last a long period of time. Back strain is also avoided with the ergonomic design of the handles of these modern snow shovels. New innovations, like wheels, have made these snow shovels become more efficient in removing snow.

Comparing Snow Shovels with Snow Blowers

Snow shovels and snow blowers have their own place in the process of removing snow. Modern snow shovels are as good and in some situations better than snow blowers. Due to this, the line between a snow shovel and snow blower has become less clear.

Advantages of Snow Shovels

  • Snow shovels are cheap with some of them sold as low as $15
  • Lightweight with the lightest snow shovel weighing two pounds.
  • Snow shovels are portable and can be easily loaded into a car
  • They do not require much storage space and can be easily hung on the garage wall.
  • A snow shovel can be used by anyone, including children who can use a basic snow shovel.
  • Does not cause pollution since the only energy used is the one you expend.
  • Has minimal maintenance cost, which is mainly changing a screw on the handle whenever necessary
  • It can be repaired or replaced easily. If there are no replacement parts available, you can easily get a new snow shovel
  • A snow shovel can be used in tight spaces, such as porches, walkways, and other similar areas.

Advantages of Snow Blower

  • Snow blowers can clear a sidewalk faster than using a snow shovel
  • These tools do not require as much physical effort as a snow shovel since they are self-propelled and you only have to steer them.
  • Snow blowers can easily cover a large area, which makes them perfect for large homes and commercial sidewalks.
  • These tools are perfect for people who have issues with using a snow shovel. They are ideal for injured people and the elderly.

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