Best Toddler Bed Reviews

A toddler bed is the right choice when your little one is growing up and starting to climb out of the baby crib but a full-size bed is not suitable for the little one. Before giving your little one a full-sized, a toddler bed is really a good transition.

When does your baby need a toddler bed?

  • They are very low to the floor, so they are very safe to use and your little ones can easily climb in or out of the bed.
  • Safety rails are equipped and this can prevent your baby from rolling out at night. This is another safety guarantee.

Best Toddler Bed

We have done a lot of research and made this list of top 5 best toddler beds. When we made this list, we consider many factors, like affordability, durability, good design, pricing, ratings and customer reviews. They are all high quality and top rated. Many parents spoke highly of them and highly recommended them. They are a good helper to help your little one easily transit from a baby crib to a big kid bed.

DaVinci Sleigh Toddler Bed

Davinci-Sleigh-Toddler-Bed-EspressoThe reason we choose this best toddler bed on our list is due to its classic design and well-constructed. Parents spoke highly of its durable. The main frame is also made of New Zealand pine that is a sustainable wood. Therefore, if you buy this, you have made a contribution to the environmental protection. Plus, it is also very affordable.


KidKraft Princess Toddler Bed

KidKraft-76121-Princess-Toddler-BedThe impressive feature of this toddler bed is its beautiful design. The main color is pink, which is very suitable for your little princess. This princess bed is made of wood, making it more durable and sturdier than other beds. If you have little princess, this bed is the best choices.


  • Easy for kids to access because of its low-to-the-ground base and mattress
  • Fits a standard mattress
  • Decorative bed rails
  • Feminine pink finish
  • Its Head- and foot board have 4 gold crowns.

KidKraft Fire Truck Toddler Bed

KidKraft-Fire-Truck-Toddler-BedIf you plan to give your little one a very special toddler bed, the imaginative design will amaze you and your kids alike. It is designed like a bus and the assembly is also very easy. You can easily do this according to the instruction book. It is also very durable and can last for many years before giving your kid a full-sized bed.


  • Made of wood, sturdy construction
  • Convenient storage compartment
  • Fits a standard crib size mattresses
  • Silk-screened details
  • Truck Styling

Orbelle 3-6T Toddler Bed

Orbelle-3-6T-Toddler-Bed-EspressoThe reason we selected this product on our list is because of its superb affordability. The price is less than $60. If you need an affordable one, this one can satisfy your needs. Besides its affordability, parents spoke highly of its durability, ease of assembling and well-construction. Plus, the design is classic.


  • Made of solid wood, sturdy construciton
  • Contemporary Style
  • Comes with 2-side safety rails
  • Easy to Assembly

Dream On Me Toddler Day Bed

Dream-Me-Toddler-Day-EspressoThis one is very versatile. As a toddler bed, it also has a drawer which is very convenient to store baby’s essentials, like extra sheets, your kids’ playthings, or pajamas. What’s more, the only day bed feature is cool, because it becomes the perfect spot where you can read with your kids. Although the price seems a little higher than other models on this list, it is reasonable, considering its unique features and performance.


  • Made of solid wood
  • Low to the floor
  • Easy to assembly – comes with all tools
  • Roomy storage drawer and safety rail

A Toddler or Twin Bed Buying Guide

When your children grow up and he or she is ready to transition from a baby crib to a big kid bed, you need to buy a toddler bed and you need to know their options, which can make the transition much easier.

If your baby is 18-month old (or more) and he attempts to escape from his or her small crib, it is time to buy your baby a toddler bed. Your baby has graduated from an infant to a toddler. If you are a new parent and don’t know how to choose the best toddler bed or twin-bed, the following tips can offer you some ideas.

Your Toddler Bed Options

Actually, in order to make your toddler have a sweet dream every day, you have at least 2 choices: choose a toddler bed or a twin bed.

  • A toddler bed is a small baby bed frame which can fit a crib-size mattress. Mostly, they look like a sports car, a princess castle, or a spaceship. You need to choose the right one according to your baby’s gender.
  • A twin bed can fit a twin-size mattress. And it has a big bed frame and also comes with portable safety rails.
  • Both of them are safe to use. To help you make a wiser decision, you may need to know their pros and cons.

A Toddler Bed’s Pros and Cons


  • As a toddler gear, its bedframe is very affordable. The prices vary from $50 to $200. If you have a limit on your budget or space, you can consider this. Most of them offer safety rails and fit standard crib mattress, which means you don’t need to buy them. Plus, if the baby is the last one you have, it is not worth buying a higher price one.
  • On its bed frames, there are many attractive designs and colors, which can attract your toddler’s attention, making the transition much easier.
  • And most of them allow you to low to the ground. If your children like to climb in and out, this design is great.


  • They tend to have a weight limit. Normally, it is about 50 pounds. This means your baby will outgrow it. Due to this limitation, you cannot go to it and give your baby a cuddle when she or he falls asleep.
  • You need to notice whether your baby bounces out of the toddler bed or not since it is so low to the ground. If your baby is a little mischievous, you really need to pay attention.
  • They are not so durable because of the plastic construction.

Key Features:

  • The frame should fit a standard crib mattress. If your crib mattress cannot fit in the toddler bed’s frame, you may need to buy a new one, costing you some money. Gaps between the frame and the mattress are not allowed, because this can cause an entrapment hazard. Therefore, you really need to pay attention to the sizes of the crib and the frame.
  • Durability. The toddler bed you choose should be strong enough, because toddlers tend to be round and tumble. Don’t expect your toddler will be kind to the baby gears.
  • Side Rails are essential. Some babies are restless sleepers and the side rails can protect them from rolling out of the bed.
  • Important features like rounded edges and a smooth finish. In a word, all the hardware should be smooth, which can protect the toddler and prevent them from getting poked.
  • Meet safety standards. If a toddler bed has a JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association) certification, this means it is safe to use. When you need to buy one, you can find this sticker on the packaging.

A Twin Bed Pros and Cons


  • It is more than a toddler bed and can last for a long time. Your children can use it through high school or beyond. This can save you money, because you don’t need to buy a toddler bed.
  • Some of them feature attractive designs and headboards, which attract your sweetie to sleep there happily.
  • It is strong and big enough to host you too. This allows you to hop in and accompany your child when they fall asleep or wake up from a nightmare.


  • It costs you more money. You need to buy a twin-sized mattress, toddler bed frame and portable safety rails. The total cost can be more than $300.
  • If the mattress is a bit small, there will be gaps between the mattress and the safety rails, leading to an entrapment hazard.
  • A little difficult to mount. If you are a seldom DIYer at home, the installation will be a challenge.

Key Features:

  • Frames should be sturdy enough. Similar to buying a toddler bed, the twin bed frames should be strong enough. And all the hardware should be smooth, such as rounded edges, a smooth finish etc.
  • Portable safety rails should meet the standards of the JPMA certification and you can find the sticker on them.
  • If your toddler like tossing and turning, mesh safety rails are essential, which can protect her during sleeping. On the contrary, if he keeps still when he snoozes, you can choose wood or steel safety rails.

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