Best Water Dispenser: Aquverse 3H Commercial-grade Top-load Water Dispenser Review

Aquverse-3H-Commercial-grade-Top-load-Water-DispenserThis best water dispenser –  Aquverse® 3H Commercial-grade Top-load Water Dispenser is one of the most durable floor water cooler dispensers on the market. Plus, its sleek appearance is also very impressive, which can help not to obtain too much floor space. The white color can match any decorating scheme. If you are looking for a floor water dispenser that can fit in any office or home, it will not disappoint you, due to its sleek design and great performance.

When this best water dispenser is working, it is very quiet due to the use of noise reduction technology. You only can hear a minimum of humming. Therefore, it is perfect for both office and home use.

This dispenser offers you both the hot and the cold water and the cold and hot tanks are all made of high quality stainless steel. These 2 tanks are sealed up with its patented leak guards, so you don’t need to feel worried any overflowing problem. The out main body of this machine is made of rugged metal. Its shell is made of corrosion-resistant polyethylene which can keep the rust away. It also has a steel frame to support the entire unit. All the components are all high quality, making it become a commercial-grade unit.

This unit is very durable and once you have it, you can use it for a long time, because its strong body can guarantee this. The stainless steel construction and its patented leak protection make it become one of the top-level water cooler dispensers on the market. Plus, its affordable price is also very impressive.

Like most other water cooler dispensers, it is a top-mounted unit. Therefore, before using it, you need to lift one water bottle on the top and then settle it upon the stand. The setting up is pretty easy, isn’t it? Once you have set it up, you can easily control the water temperature between 38 F to 185 F degrees. Of course, it also has a drip tray that is removable. The drip tray can catch any drip from the faucets and it is also very easy to wash. You can wash it yourself or just throw it in your dishwasher. To protect your children from burning by the hot water, a childproof mechanism is included on the hot water lever. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about any unsuitable touch by your child. One thing you need to do is to make sure that it is on the “on” position.

All in all, the most impressive feature of the Aquverse® 3H Commercial-grade Top-load Water Dispenser is its durability. It is able to dispense both the hot and the cold water and it is built to last for many years. If you need an office water cooler dispenser, it is definitely one of your best choices. Plus, its slender design and quietness make it become an essential part for your house or office. If you need a commercial-grade and affordable water dispenser, you cannot miss this best water dispenser.

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