Best Water Softer: Fleck 5600SXT Review

Are you interested in the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener? Why is this water softener popular in the market? Recommendations from experts should not be enough for you to buy this unit.

You should get the Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener after you know why it is the best-selling brand in the market.

This review was sent by one of the visitors of our website. He wanted all other visitors of the website to have an idea of the benefits offered by the device. The reviewer also showed his experience.

Water only comes in second to air among the elements we normally use. It is used for different purposes in our daily routine in life. Water is also an important element to allow us to remain healthy. This makes it important to ensure the water we use is clean and of good quality.

Immaculately clean water is important for us. One of the biggest issues in the world today is hard water. We cannot use hard water for our daily routines. But, it is readily available in our seas and oceans.

This makes it important to process hard water and change it into soft water.

Hard water has a number of harmful effects. Spots and stains will stick on clothes and dishes if we use hard water for washing them. These stains and spots will come out once you dry them.

This is caused by some properties of hard water. You should know what hard water is. It is also possible for you to have experienced issues with using hard water.

My residence gets a good volume of hard water every day. Hard water makes my daily household chores very challenging. Whenever I use hard water in my washing machine to wash clothes, stains are left on the clothes after I dry them out.

The quality of my clothes has also been affected due to my use of hard water. Dishes and cooking pans also get the same white stains when I use hard water for washing them. This situation has gone from bad to worse as the year ended.

So, I decided to get a water softener for my home. But, buying any water softener is not enough to deal with this situation.

It is important to get the best one in the market. In my experience, I had to buy a number of water softeners before I found the best one in the market. You should not go through the trial and error situation I went through. Due to this, I am giving you advice on how to look for the best water softener available in the market. You can use my experience and look for the most ideal water softener for your home.

The Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener is the best water softener in the market basing on my experience. I bought the device a few months ago, and I am still using it up to now.

It was actually a recommendation of a friend of mine. After going through a number of online reviews, I decided to get one for my home. The other water softeners I used in the past did not have some of the features offered by this device. Due to this, I am now using it.

The Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 Grain Water Softener is the Best Water Softener for 2018

The Fleck 5600SXT is a notable device. I research about the product and looked for answers to some of my questions about it. Basing on the reviews of other users, the 5600SXT water softener of Fleck is the best one available in the market. It features a digital meter that offers information about the whole process.

The digital display system is an important feature of the water softener. It adds to the satisfaction of the users of the device.

The display allows me to easily set and operate the water softener. It also allows me to use the running the device efficiently. The Fleck 5600SXT uses a salt-based processing unit, which makes it ideal for regeneration.

This device has made the entire process automatic. It allows you to simply turn on the unit and it works even if you are not monitoring it.

While it is big and heavy, it is durable. It works efficiently at a reasonable price. The features of the device offer a great value for its cost.

Installing the device is easy to do. While it takes time to fully install it, it is easy to install. But, it would depend on the level of your technical skills. When I installed my init, I did not have any help from anyone. I also do not have any experience in plumbing. Since the resin beads are heavy, you may need someone else to help you. If no one will help you, the beads will spill all around the place unless you are strong.

Fleck 5600 VS Fleck 7000

Basing on my research, there is only one other person who uses the Fleck 7000 water softener.

It features a digital control valve and has a high flow processing capacity. The unit also comes with a high pressure valve. This valve controls the pressure of the unit. It also allows the unit to function at various pressure levels.

The device is designed to be used in many different situations. This allows it to offer a good variety of applications. It can also be used for commercial purpose. The device also features large size internal ports. Its distributor tube is also big. It also has a full port bypass tube that offers efficient work output. All of these features work together with the standard valves of the unit.

I am not inclined to use the Fleck 7000 water softener since the internal features of the device are rather complicated to use. You may have to exert more time and energy if you want to use this particular water softener.

Dimensions of the Fleck 7000:

The distributor pilot of the unit measures 32 millimeters or 1.05 inches. On the other hand, the measurement of the drain pipe is 3/4 inch or one inch together with its NPT quick connect feature. Its brine lie measures 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch with its quick connect feature. The measurement of the mounting base is 2 1/2 inches. It has a total height of 7.9 inches.

The Fleck 5600SXT is an older device. Its design was not changed for a long period of time. Aside from the digital versions of the device, it also comes in an analog version. The analog model is programmed mechanically. On the other hand the digital model has a similar design as the Fleck 7000. The 5600SXT water softener is smaller compared to the Fleck 7000. This makes maintenance easier. The 5600SXT water softener of Fleck also features an external brine valve.

Dimensions of the Fleck 5600:

The distributor pilot of the 5600SXT water softener of Fleck measures 13/16 inch. Its drain line measures 1/2 inch. This unit features an injector brine system. Its brine line measures 3/8 inch. The mounting base has a measurement of 2 ½ Inches. Its total height is at seven inches.

Best Features of the Fleck 5600SXT

The Fleck 5600SXT is an efficient and effective water softener. It can readily process hard water and easily changes it into soft water.

The Fleck 5600SXT is a premium water softener. Due to this, the company offers a suitable warranty for its product. Basing on my experience, you will not have any issues when you use this particular water softener.

This water softener features a digital display. The digital display offers accurate a measurement reading. It also comes with a feature that automatically releases extra water.

The Fleck 5600SXT can change a large volume of hard water. It changes hard water into clean soft water.

This water softener from Fleck offers numerous benefits for its users. It can soften water and provide users with good value for their money. Aside from being reasonably-priced, it also requires less maintenance compared to other units in the market. This makes the 5600SXT water softener of Fleck a cost-effective unit that is perfect for any home.

Challenges With The Fleck 5600SXT

The 5600SXT water softener of Fleck has a durable design. But, it is bulky and heavy. This makes it challenging to move around. Accidents may even happen when they are not handled properly.

Another challenge users will face is not using the unit properly. You may have to replace the salt pellet frequently if they are not used properly. This increases the operating cost of using the unit.

FAQs about the Fleck 5600SXT

Q. Is the Fleck 5600SXT a good water softener?

Yes. The 5600SXT of Fleck is the best water softener currently available in the market. It is a cost-effective unit that works efficiently. The device provides high-quality soft water for the home. The high quality of the device and its high volume production are the main reasons for this. It also comes with a user-friendly digital display featuring an automatic meter regenerator. This unit carries a warranty from the company. It also offers good quality results for a reasonable price.

Q. What are Safety Floats?

Hard water contains a huge volume of salt. A water softener cleans the water by removing the salt. This process changes hard water into soft water. But, it is important to take out the salt water removed by the water softener. The salt water is placed inside a storage tank. When the volume of salt water reaches the capacity of the tank, it will start to overflow. Due to this, it is important to have safety floats in the water softener. Safety floats are emergency floats that ensure the salt water does not overflow from the storage tank.

Q. What is the best size for the Brine tank?

You should take into account that smaller brine tanks are not suitable for water capacities of over 64,000 grains. Due to this, you should get a brine that bigger than 18-by-33. This is ideal if you have a good amount of space available in your home.

Q. Why is the use of a Bypass Valve?

A bypass valve allows the water softener to bypass water while allowing water to be used in the house. It basically allows you to receive water you need to consume while preventing water to enter when it is not needed.

Q. What are Brine Wells? How are they used?

Brine wells are used to separate the safety float along with the air check valve from the potassium chloride and rock salt. It clogs the water softener valve and air check valve to ensure these devices are isolated.

Q. What is the best resin tank size?

The resin tank should have at least twelve to fifteen inches of space from the top and bottom of the resin bed. Due to this, the resin tank should be bigger than fifteen inches. This makes it easier to clean the resin that is installed into the unit during the water softening process.


The Fleck 5600SXT is the best water softener for a household of five people. It is the most effective way of dealing with hard water n the house. This is based on my research and experience in using a number of other water softeners. The Fleck 5600SXT is cost-effective and efficient. Its modern technology and design reflect the high quality products made by this brand. The company is also very reputable.

The Fleck 5600SXT is the best water softener and is the best solution for hard water. While there may be reviews for other units, this unit is considered as the best  on the market. It features a digital display, valves, and a drain and brine system. The regeneration meter is another added feature that allows the unit to remove excess water. While it is bulky and heavy, it is durable. It is suitable for household use. The unit can also be used for light commercial purpose.

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