Can You Drink Distilled Water?

Can You Drink Distilled Water

Is Distilled Water Safe to drink?

Distilled water is considered as the purest water in the world. However, compared with your original water, it doesn’t contain some desirable healthy mineral. Well, in this situation, can you drink distilled water? Or there is another question: “is distilled water safe to drink?”

To answer these 2 questions above, we should know what distillation is. We also need to understand what distilled water is and how to make it. Actually, the answer relies on many different factors.

What is distillation?

Distillation is one way used to purify water. Generally, there are several types of distillation and distillation is used to separate different components of a mixture. However, the separation depends on the same fact that different components have their own different boiling points. For example, the water boiling point is 100 centigrade if atmospheric pressure is equal to a standard atmospheric pressure. Therefore, distillation is to heat a mixture to a certain temperature which reaches the boiling point of one component of a mixture to vaporize this component. This process can separate this component from others. When it is condensed, we can get pure component.

What is distilled water?

In a boiling chamber, water is heated to the boiling point. And then water begins to vaporize, while other substances are also left in the boiler. The water steam is condensed and becomes pure water which is called distilled water. After all the water evaporates, other substances are discarded.

Can You Drink Distilled Water?

Generally, my answer is yes. If your drinking water is processed by using distillation, the distilled water is much cleaner and more pure than the original water. And you don’t need to worry about any contaminant in your distilled water. This means it is safe to drink. However, we also pay attention to the fact that most natural healthy minerals are removed from our drinking water. If you think these healthy minerals (like iron, magnesium, calcium) are essential, the distilled water may be not better than spring water or mineral water which contains many healthy minerals. Well, if your initial water has a high level of heavy metals, toxic organic compounds, as well as other harmful chemicals, distilled water is definitely the best.

You also can buy bottled distilled water at a local grocery store and it is safe to drink. However, other distilled from other sources may not be safe to consume. For example, industrial distilled water is not a good way to be used for drinking, because the purity may not be 100% and it may contain some impurities which are harmful to our health. The initial water may contain a large amount of VOCs that will not be removed and the contaminated equipment may pollute the distilled water again. Plus, harmful chemicals may leach out of the tubing or glassware during the distillation process.

How to make distilled water?

Besides buying bottled distilled water, if you would like to drink fresh distilled water that tastes fresher than the distilled water that is stored for a long time, you also can make distilled water at home. There are two ways. You can DIY a distiller as a lab does. However, the easiest way is to buy a home water distiller which can help you easily make distilled water at home. And the running cost is also very low, much cheaper than buying bottled water.

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