Top 5 Best Silverfish Killers Reviews

Silverfish can be easily found in most households. The scientific name is Lepisma saccharina. They are a scaled insect. The name of silverfish derives from its silvery color, flat body and fish-like movement. The scientific name also indicates they are carbohydrates eating bug. They especially love eating sugar and starches. That’s why they are usually … Read moreTop 5 Best Silverfish Killers Reviews

Top 5 Best Spider Killers Reviews

In most situations, spiders are considered as beneficial insects, because they are the natural enemy of many insects. Therefore, spiders are helpful to control many insect problems, including roaches, mosquitoes, flies, etc. However, spiders are also insects and can become pests too. For example, if brown recluse or black widows spiders are disturbed by human, … Read moreTop 5 Best Spider Killers Reviews