Does Re-boiling water cause cancer?

boiliingwaterIt is well known that boiling water can make the concentration of nitrates increased in the water. Well, does re-boiling water cause cancer?

If water is uncontaminated, re-boiling water will not cause cancer and other health problems. On the contrary, because boiling water cannot be helpful to purify water, boiling water and re-boiling water will become dangerous. This is because contaminated water mainly contains harmful chemicals, like nitrates, toxic elements (e.g. arsenic) and boiling contaminated water will increase the concentration of these harmful chemicals. This problem is very serious in some rural areas where water is not treated or purified before drinking and water quality is unknown.

Nitrates are found in ground water, ground water in your area may contain nitrates. Nitrates are widely exited in fertilizer and arsenic may come from industrial waste or occur naturally. Nitrates, as well as nitrites, are also existed in processed meats.

It is not recommended to consuming contaminated water, because nitrates in water will result in a blood disorder that is called methemoglobinemia. Some studies show that some types of cancer have a relationship with nitrates in our drinking water.

Arsenic is another culprit that increases risks of some types of cancer, due to its arsenic poisoning. Therefore, we should reduce our exposure to arsenic.

Boiling water cannot remove arsenic and nitrates. If you think boiling water can remove them like bacteria, you are completely wrong. What’s worse, if the water with nitrates and arsenic is boiled again and again, the concentration will be increased.

The levels of these 2 types of pollutants must be monitored and regulated in tap water. Therefore, generally, tap water is relatively safe to boil but don’t boil again and again. A much safer way is to get a home water filter to purify your water before boiling. If you live in a rural area where tap water is unavailable, you should test your water before consuming. And a reverse osmosis system seems necessary.

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