Food Choppers Common Uses

Hamilton-Beach-72705-Deluxe-Food-ChopperThere are two types of food choppers on the market – electric food choppers and manual food choppers. No matter what type you choose, such a food chopper is able to make your food preparation time cut sharply, helping you cook food quickly. However, not all the food choppers perform the same. Some of them (like spring-type blade, hand-slap choppers) are in small size and you need to downsize vegetable portions, but they are also useful in your kitchen.

Well, although there are plenty of food choppers different from sizes and styles, the basic function is the same. They can be used to coarse, chop or fine. If you need to fine food well, you should process or pulse longer. Sometimes food choppers are also called food processors, if the function is similar to a food processor. When it comes to choose the best food chopper, the size of the work bowl is the key point, because it may limit the amount of food you plan to prepare. We’ve listed the common uses for a food chopper:

  • Chopping root vegetables, like carrots, celery, garlic or onions
  • Chopping herbs and spices – the blade must be strong enough to chop hard spices
  • Making condiments, dressings, dips and salsas – it can help you quickly deal with the food materials you need
  • Chopping nuts for garnish and baking. It also requires a model with strong blades.
  • Making cracker crumbs

When it comes to choosing the most suitable food chopper for your kitchen, the one you choose should satisfy your requirements.

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