Four Ways to Deal with Trash Can Odors

Stopping Trash Can Odors

You will likely not make your trash can smell good, but you can prevent it from invading the whole house. The odor from a trash can has a way of moving from one room to another. It may be necessary to follow the smell until you find the source. But, the whole house may have a pungent smell due to trash. The smell is not only annoying, it can also attract rats, mice, raccoons, and insects. You have to make sure you prevent this from happening.

Baking Soda

Baking-SodaUsing baking soda can help prevent trash can odors from entering the house. You can sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of the trash can. It can also be sprinkled into the trash itself. This absorbs any odor coming from the trash can or trash. Many people use it to reduce the smell coming from their trash can. You can add around a fourth of a cup of baking soda into the trash can every morning. When you take out the trash in the evening, it will not stink. You can also leave a cup of baking soda at the bottom of the trash can if you need to clean the trash can. This can be done after washing and drying them. It can absorb odor and moisture for a week or until you would have to ckean them again.


bleachA tough disinfectant may also be necessary to eliminate odors and germs. While bleach also has a string odor, it can eliminate germs that cause the trash to stink. But, you have to be cautious to prevent bleach from damaging the finish of the trash can. It is also important to ensure the area where you are working with bleach is well-ventilated. This prevents fumes to accumulate. Even as bleach can be diluted, it can still work perfectly. You can add one-fourth cup of bleach into two gallons of warm water to clean the trash can. It can also remove the odor.

Cat Litter

Cat in litter box

You can prevent trash odor from entering the home by putting cat litter at the bottom of the trash can. Cat litter can absorb liquids and odors. They can also give the area around the trash a fresh scent. You can dispose the cat litter once it become damp or after around one week. Cheap and expensive cat litter both work well. Due to this, you can use inexpensive cat litter for your trash can.

Dryer Sheets

reusable-dryer-sheets-titleYou can also remove odor from trash using dryer sheets. The odor will disappear if you put a dryer sheet into the trash can. In addition, dryer sheets can also stop the smell coming from trash. Avoid positioning the dryer sheet between the trash bag and the trash can itself. It has the tendency to become wet before drying again. In this situation, it will stick to the can and will not be easy to remove. You can use an unused dryer sheet of the odor from the trash can is really bad. This will make the trash can smell better.

Covering Up the Smell

Lemon-2You can also opt to cover up the smell from the trash can with a fresh new scent. Lime or lemon peels can be used along with mint and tea bags. You can also use vanilla essence or a Pandan leaf, which is a natural freshener normally used in Southeast Asian dishes.

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