Genuine Joe GJO22552 Cabinet Freestanding Water Cooler Review

freestanding water coolerIf you need to buy an office freestanding water cooler, the Genuine Joe GJO22552 Cabinet Freestanding Water Cooler can be one of your best choices. It is able to deal with your purified water needs. It has top-mounted buttons which allow you easily to control the water temperature. It also has indicator lights to tell you which type of water you current use. This best water dispenser allows you to choose cold, hot or room-temperature water. Therefore, this makes it satisfy all different needs of your staff or your family members.

Key Features

Well Designed

As a floor model, it allows you to place it on any floor surface in your room. Generally, its color is black-and-white and it has a rectangular shape. And the slim design makes it save some floor space for you. The height is about 3 feet and the width is about 13 inches. Therefore, it requires a little floor space and you can place it in your office and home with ease. It seems very sleek and modern due to its shiny upper finish.

Solid construction

The main frame is made of stainless steel and the dispensary is ABS plastic, making it strong enough to last for many years for you. And the strong frame and its height help you easily to refill the water bottle when needed. It also features a 20-liter cabinet body. The net weight of this water cooler dispenser is about 50 pounds, which seems a little heavy for a water dispenser, but this can guarantee its stability when you need to put your water bottom on its loading platform.

Hot and Cold Water

To control the water temperature, a special cooling compressor is used. With this cooling compressor, you can get lower to 32.1 degrees Fahrenheit cold water. If you have used other types of water cooler, you may know how low the temperature is. If you would like to make a cup of tea or coffee, this hot water dispenser can help you easily. It can offer you up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit hot water. Once you have it, without any waiting, you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee at any time you like.

Without any spilling problem

Like other units, the drip tray is also removable, making it easy to clean. And the drip tray can catch any drip or spill from the faucets. Therefore, this can protect your floor and you don’t need to worry about any water drops on your floor to destroy your floor or carpet.


As one of the best water cooler dispensers, this Genuine Joe GJO22552 Cabinet Freestanding Water Cooler is really a solid and energy efficient water dispenser available on the market. It can delivery different water temperature, so even if you are very picky about water temperature, it can satisfy your requirements. If you run a business and need a water cooler dispenser for your staff in an office, this feature is also great, because different people have different preference to water temperature. Plus, its slim body doesn’t take up too much space and it is narrow enough to be placed in your room or office.

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