Guide to Buying a Bidet

What are Bidets?

Bidet-Toilet-Seat-Attachment-CB-1000Bidets are bathroom furniture designed to improve hygiene in the bathroom. They ensure the cleanliness of intimate areas after you use the bathroom. It also keeps you clean after intercourse. Even as this tool is still being used today, many people consider it as outdated and unnecessary. But, they are still a practical way for the disabled and elderly to observe proper hygiene.

Bidets function similarly as washbasins and washtubs. The equipment has a faucet and waste stopper to allow water to accumulate. It also comes with another high-pressure faucet to send a strong flow of water upward to facilitate cleaning. Bidets are not meant to replace toilet paper. So, it is still necessary to use toilet paper before using the bidet. This makes it unnecessary to take a shower after using the toilet.

There are different types of bidets with each having its own features. It ranges from the most basic bidet to bidets offering different options for luxury and comfort.

How are Bidets Used?

Even if you have already seen a bidet but never used it, you will likely have no idea on how to use it. These are strange devices that cannot be found in all homes. It may also be mortifying to discuss how they are used. But, it is not too difficult to use one. This guide provides you the procedure on how to use a bidet. You will avoid being uncomfortable in asking someone to show you how it is used.

It is important to use the toilet before using the bidet since its one main function is to maintain good hygiene after you use the toilet. You should also remember that you should use toilet paper before you start using the bidet. This makes the process effective.

You can either squat or sit on the bidet. The installation of the bidet determines your position. You may sit facing front, similar to using the toilet. It is also possible for you to face the faucet control if the bidet is installed a distance away from the wall or it is a freestanding bidet. You will find it easy to use a bidet when you are looking at the controls.

The faucets allow you to adjust the temperature and pressure of the flow of water. It is advisable to check the faucets before you actually use the bidet. You will know how to use them when you do this. It will allow you to avoid a water flow that is either too hot or too cold.

You may find it difficult to adjust to bidets with high-pressure nozzles. It is advisable to test the controls before you start using this type of bidet. This way you will have an idea on what to expect.

Looking for the Best Bidet Toilet Seat

  • There are manual and electric bidets. Manual bidets normally have a lever-type faucet. These bidets are less costly compared to electric bidets. Electric bidets feature separate heating mechanisms for the water and the seat. These bidets have electric controls that offer precise operations. Electric bidets normally offer the best toilet seats designed for people with mobility problems.
  • A good number of bidet toilets seats are designed for toilet systems featuring detachable basins. But, there are also bidets designed for single unit toilets. While a number of universal bidet toilet seats are suitable for all toilets, they typically have basic features.
  • Many bidet toilet seats are made of plastic to ensure they are tough and inexpensive. These seats also have a smooth surface and have antibacterial features. Due to this, they can be cleaned easily and are germ-free.
  • If you are looking for a bidet with a wand or nozzle, you should look for one made of stainless steel. These bidets are tough and can be easily cleaned. You may want to look for the most durable bidet toilet since it is moisture-resistant. These bidets are also heat-resistant and can last a long time.
    The best types of bidet seats are the ergonomic ones. These seats follow your body’s contours and are very comfortable to use. There are elongated seats and rounded seats, which are similar to toilet seats. While wide seats are comfortable to use, your personal preference determines the seat you want to use.
  • Heated bidet toilet seats are popular among many users. These seats offer comfort during the cold winter months when users feel using cold toilet seats. These seats also have a timer to allow you to ensure the heated seat is ready when you want to use it. You can also save energy using the timer.
    Bidets also offer a washing feature that you should be aware of. You should decide on how many nozzles you want for your bidet. There are people who prefer a single nozzle for cleaner their rear end. On the other hand, others want two nozzles for cleaning the front and back. It should be difficult to reposition these nozzles. Many bidets can also filter water. They can also ensure the right temperature is used.
  • It is important to look for the best bidet toilet seat for the budget you have.


Bidets allow you to save money and energy since you will not waste toilet paper every time you go to the toilet. In addition, you will also save water since it will not be necessary to take a shower after using the toilet. This is made possible by the way the bidet efficiently washes after you use the toilet.

There are some medical conditions that make it difficult to use toilet paper. These conditions include an inflamed bowel and hemorrhoids. Bidets offer a safe and unproblematic option. This is important since proper hygiene is required for these medical conditions. Bidets also help people with mobility problems to maintain suitable hygiene. These people include pregnant women and people with disabilities.

There are many different kinds of bidets in the market. It may not even be necessary to remodel your current bathroom to install a bidet. Bidets can be easily installed into the toilet you currently have. You can also check this link if you want to know the best bidet toilet seats in the market.

Some bidets also have electronic keypads to make it washing easier. You just need to program it and simply press the start button. Heated bidet seats are also suitable for the cold winter months. There are bidets with additional features like deodorizers. These features allow you to be always clean and fresh.


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