How to Choose the Best Clothes Steamer

best clothes steamerHow to choose the best clothes steamer? There are something you need to know.

You can easily remove wrinkles from your clothing using a clothes steamer. It can also be used on drapes, linens, and furniture slip covers. Using steamers is easy and all you need to do is to follow the procedure below.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Clothes Steamer

You can check the following tips in looking for a good clothes steamer before you make your decision. Professional cleaners already know that using steam is gentle on clothes. It is also effective in removing wrinkles and odors. The device can also make fabrics smell fresh.

While steaming works faster compared to ironing, it does not damage or scorch many types of fabrics.

  • Travel or Home Steamers. You should find out where the steamer will be used often. Would you use it more at home or while you travel. You can find a number of good home or travel steamers in the market.
  • Decide on Your Budget. Steamers come in different prices. You should decide on the budget before comparing the different models available in the market.
  • Check Performance. Look into the performance ratings of different models through independent websites like Amazon. Check how fast each steamer can heat up and the water well capacity. You should also look into the steam output volume and stability to avoid hot water burns or spills.
  • Features and Attachments. Check the features and attachments available in each model. These may include settings for heat and steam as well as a collapsible handle and brush.
  • Energy Use. Check the fine print showing the energy usage and wattage of the steamers. A number of home models use a good amount of power. You can check whether it is cost effective to buy the steamer or simply have your clothes dry cleaned at a shop.

Prepare to Steam

Make sure the steamer has suitably heated up before you work on fabric. This allows you to avoid water spills that can result to marks before the steamer starts to work. You can use a kitchen towel to test the steamer to ensure it has heated up suitably.

Fabrics should be steamed at an upright or vertical position. You can hand garments on a hook. On the other hand, curtains can be steam while hanging from the rod.

Wrinkles will not disappear from the garment when you press down the steamer. It may cause condensation to flow out of the steamer instead of dribbling out.

You should lightly touch the material using the steam head to make the wrinkles vanish. Steam can penetrate into the cloth fiber. The material will relax before the wrinkles will disappear. It is not advisable to make the steamer head touch velvet. Silk and other similar fabric should be steamed from the underside to avoid water marks or streaking.

Avoid putting your hand directly into the steam. It can result to burns on the hand. You should also keep the steamer away from the reach of children.

Avoid overfilling or running it dry since the heating element may be damaged due to this. The water container should be kept upright all the time to avoid spills. Before you store the steamer, unplug it and remove excess water.

How to Clean a Clothes Steamer

It is advisable to use distilled water maked by a home water distiller to ensure the steamer is always in good working condition. Distilled water allows you to avoid the buildup of mineral and lime scale inside the tank and the steam jets or outlets. You will have to clean the steamer often if you are going to use tap water. This is necessary to make sure it remains in good working condition and avoid sputtering.

You can clean the steamer using white distilled vinegar.

The vinegar can be pour into the water reservoir before it is heated. Pour the heated vinegar into a sink until you remove all of the contents from the steamer. You can remove minerals and lime scale through this process. They may be responsible for clogging the steamer head and wand.

After removing the vinegar, pour distilled water into the tank and heat it up. Pour out the water into a sink. You can now use the steamer again by refilling it with fresh distilled water.

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