How to eat healthy for every meal

Although everyone knows the importance of eating healthy, how to eat healthy for every meal is also a big problem for most of us. To solve this problem, we should know the right portions of different food we eat every day. A common sense is that we cannot eat one kind of food every day, even if you like it very much. For example, fat people prefer to eat foods high in fat. If they want to lose weight, they should change their food structure. So proper portion of different foods is the key point, which can help us to keep healthy and lose weight.

Fats and Oil


Most of us like eating many kinds of snacks, such as chips, pretzels, crackers, ice cream, chocolate etc. However, why we like eating these junk foods are because they contain fats and oil which smell delicious. If you want to lose weight or keep fit, having less of them is a wise decision. Even if you are very thin, you also control your appetite. Although fats and oil are essential to our body, we eat them too much. We should try to have less these foods high in fats and oils.



Carbohydrates provide us most of the energy, which makes us feel energetic. Every meal, we eat pasta, rice or mashed potatoes, because they can provide us carbohydrates. Don’t eat too much carbohydrates if you are a diabetes. However, you should know how much you need each day. If you eat too much and you cannot consume them, they will change into fat in the body. Like fats and oil, carbohydrates can lead to fat. Therefore, the proper portion of carbohydrates is important.



Protein is very important to us. Dairy, beans and meat can provide us protein every day. Generally, 3 ounces are enough. It equals to 1/4 pound of ground meat, one chicken breast or a medium pork chop. 1.5 ounces of cheese or 1 cup of yogurt or milk is also the best choice. To get different kinds of proteins we need, we should try different kinds of food to get different proteins.

Vegetables and Fruits


Each meal, we at least need 3/4 cup of vegetable or 1/2 cup of cooked vegetables. And we need 1 cup of berries, half a mango or a medium apple. Vegetables and fruits can provide us vitamins, minerals and fibers, which are essential to our health. In my opinion, don’t eat too much fruits because of high sugar.

All in all, besides the proper portions of these foods, doing some sports, breathing pure air and drinking healthy water(Don’t drink bottled water or tap water but RO water instead.) are also very important.


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