How to Effectively Organize, Declutter and Store Your Small Kitchen Appliances

kitchen-appliancesIf you are a kitchen appliance addict, you may have plenty of different types of kitchen appliances. How to effectively organize these kitchen appliances? Well, this depends on what type of cook you prefer to. For people who are a raw food nut, blender may take the first place and should be front-and-center. If you are a vegan, a pressure cooker is a must-have item and should be ready to use at any time, while indoor grills and slow cookers are so important for those who are meat-enters. No matter you are a vegan, a meat-eater, or a raw food nut, the following 4 steps can help you organize your kitchen appliances much better.

  • Group by use.
  • Cut Down appliances.
  • Cut cabinet clutter.
  • Form Good Habits

1. Cut Down Your Appliances

The first step you need to do is to group these kitchen appliances by use. This step is very important for declutter and organize your kitchen appliances. You need to group them by use, never-used, rarely-used and frequently used. If the storage space in your kitchen is limited, it is highly recommended to allocate your storage space wisely by owing multiple-functional appliances. Check these appliances carefully and make sure they are robust to use.

Here, we have some examples for you to follow:

  • Once you own a high-quality blender, you don’t need a food processor, because such a high-end blender can also double as a food processor.
  • If you have a waffle iron, a Panini press seems not so important. And you can use your waffle iron instead of a Panini press.
  • You also can use a stock pot to produce perfectly cooked rice, so if you just need to cook rice occasionally, a rice cooker seems unnecessary. However, if you need to cook rice frequently, such a rice cooker can make the cooking process much easier.

2. Banish Never-Used Kitchen Appliances

This seems so easy but this is also the hardest step for most people. These never-used appliances are unnecessary, so the best ways is to let them go. Maybe you are not willing to do that, but the fact is that they don’t generate any value for you. Think about egg poachers, juicers, and rice cookers. Of course, if you use them, it is no problem. However, the fact is that if you have never-used an egg poacher to poach an egg or never made a green juice, it is most likely to never use them in the future.

Don’t let these never-used appliances to occupy your limited kitchen cabinet storage space.

3. Donate Or Recycle these Never-used Appliances

If you have many un-used kitchen appliances and you don’t plan to use them in the future, they can find a new home easily via selling online, consignment or donation. Donating is really a good way to declutter your appliances by putting your appliances into others hand.

You can sell these un-used appliances on Ebay or find a charity in your area to donate.

Sometimes, you may be not sure whether you need the appliance or not. Therefore, you can try this method. Put the appliance in a box and store this box, so you cannot see it any more. About a month later, you can know whether you need it or not. If you used it in a month, then you can keep it. If you never think about this stored appliance, you have enough reasons to sell it or recycle it after a few months.

4. Cut Cabinet Clutter

If you have pared down these un-used or never used appliances, it is time to organize your useful appliances. In your cabinets, they should be organized well and easy to navigate. Therefore, no matter when you need one appliance, you can easily find it at the right places. The following tips are useful:


  • Before putting your appliance into your cabinet, it is a good habit to wrap its cord around it. This can help to cut clutter, making it look more organized.
  • Some seldom use or seasonal appliances needs to be stored in higher shelves, so a step-tool is needed.
  • Manuals are unnecessarily stored in your cabinet, so you can save these manuals in Google DOCx, or just bookmark them online.
  • Some smaller parts are not easy to store, because if you directly store them in your cabinet, they will make your cabinets looks pesky. Therefore, a good way is to use zip loc bags to store them. Of course, you need to label them, so you can easily find them in the future. For example, a food processor comes with many attachments and you can use this method to store them.
  • If you don’t have enough time, at least, you need to take a Saturday or Sunday morning and follow the above steps to organize your kitchen cabinets. And in the next week, when you open your cabinets, you will receive a huge energy boost.

5. How to Store Rarely-Used Kitchen Appliances

You may find there are a few kitchen appliances that you only use once every 3 or 4 months. Think: food processor, slow cooker, waffle maker, blender, ice cream maker – you will get the idea.

The good way is to store these rarely-used appliances on a higher shelf. These less-used items should not take up valuable low cabinet or countertop real estate.

For example, some items are exclusively useful at Christmas time, so you can store in your kitchen project bin.

Tip: The locations of these appliances should change seasonally. A slow cooker becomes useful in the fall or winter, while in hot summer, an ice cream maker becomes a frequent use appliance. Of course, you need to change their location accordingly. In the summer, the ice cream maker should be put on lower shelves.

6. How to Store the Frequently Used Appliances

There is no organizing and storage scheme, because the scheme you choose depend on how you cook and what appliances you like to use and how much storage space your cabinet has. Well, how to store your appliances well?

Of course, put your most frequently used appliances on your countertop or on the lowest shelves in the cabinet. This means they are so easy to access when you need to use them.

Un-used or never-used appliances should be sold or donated. If you are not sure whether you need it or not, you can reassess it.

7. How to Maintain and Upgrade

If you want to keep your appliances organized, you need to organize your appliances on a regular basis. The more often you organize your appliances, the less time it will cost you the next time. At least, you need to go through your cabinets twice a year.

And you can label your each shelf, like a food processor, wine glasses, dishes, etc. And you also can tape an inventory list to your cabinet door.

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