How to effectively remove fluoride from our drinking water?

Danger-fluoride-alertMost water treatment companies use the method of fluoridation to disinfect our water. However, this can leave a residue in our water. I think nobody would like to drink water that contains fluoride. Therefore, this is a controversy issue both for water treatment companies and consumers. However, the truth is that our water contains fluoride. Well, how to effectively remove it from our drink water. The following methods may help you. Plus, I also make a list that cannot effectively remove fluoride from our drink water

Effective ways to remove fluoride from our drinking water

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis systems are the most effective water treatment devices to remove fluoride, as well as other contaminants. Many bottled water brands use them to purify water. If you plan to buy bottled water without fluoride, pay attention to its label. If it is RO water, you don’t need to worry about any fluoride in your water. You also can install a home Ro system to get filtered water without fluoride at home, but you need to pay about a few hundred of dollars. In the long run, it is much cheaper than buying bottled water.

Activated Alumina Defluoridation Filter

Generally, this type of water filters can remove fluoride, but they are designed for emergency use where fluorosis is very serious. Plus, they are very expensive. Even if one may cost you about $30, you need to replace it frequently. Therefore, the total cost is very high.

Water Distillers

On the market, we can find some water distiller purifiers that can remove fluoride effectively. That distilled water is healthy to drink or not is also a controversy issue. Plus, distilled water may be not so pure and it may contain other impurities. If you want to get distilled water, you can buy a home water distiller.

Ways don’t remove fluoride

  • Water filter pitchers – This type of water filters uses activated carbon as its main filter. Therefore, they are not able to remove fluoride but only improve your water taste. Most water fiter pitcher brands, like Pur, Brita, can only remove some bad odors in our water. I also checked their official websites and it is clear that fluoride is still in the filtered water.
  • Boiling water cannot reduce the fluoride but concentrated it, because water becomes less and the fluoride cannot vaporize.
  • Freezing water cannot reduce the fluoride because the quantity of both fluoride and water is the same as before freezing.

Ways to avoid Fluoride Exposure

  • Some supplements may contain fluoride, so avoid taking them.
  • Avoid drinking beverages that are made with fluoridated public water. A better choice is that you’d better try to choose beverages that are made with RO water or distilled water.
  • Only purchase toothpaste that is unfluoridated. Pay attention to its
  • labels.
  • Don’t drink red or black tea
  • These two types of tea may contain a high concentration of fluoride. Although black and tea contains some chemical compounds that are beneficial to our health, you should avoid them for reducing fluoride exposure.
  • Pay attention to canned food and tinned fish, because as a food preservative, fluoride may be used in the tinned fish or canned food.
  • Fluoride is widely existed in black or red salt; therefore, any item containing these kinds of salt will expose you to the fluoride. Avoid them!
  • Don’t use chewing tobacco.
  • Don’t take some medications that contain fluorine for a long time. You’d better ask for an alternative. Medications for osteoporosis and certain antidepressants are not suitable for a long time use.

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