How to fix these 4 common household leaks without hiring a plumber

No matter where you live in – an apartment or a house, I think you don’t want to hire a plumber to fix household leaks when leaks happen. Actually you can do the fixing job yourself and the whole process is much easier. You need to pick up some supplies and spend an afternoon trying these cheap and easy ways to fix these common leaks in your home.

1. Shower Leak

shower-leakIt is so easy to fix the shower leaks. If this happens, you can do it yourself with ease. The shower leak happens mainly because the shower head becomes loosened from the pipe stem slowly. Therefore, the most straightforward way is to make the hole become tightened again. You can reattach the shower head and you’d better use pipe tape to make sure the pipe around the shower head has been sealed. Therefore, the only thing you need is pipe tape that you can buy at any hardware store for no more than $10. Of course, you also can purchase it on Amazon. In the end, you need to check the wash that is also called “o ring” to make sure it is OK. You can find it on the inside of your shower head.

2. Faucet Leak

faucet-leakI think no one would like to hear “drip, drip, and drip”. It is so annoying. What’s worse, the faucet leak may waste gallons of tap water every day. A worn out gasket is the most probable reason for faucet leaks. If it is true, it is so easy to fix this problem.

First, you need to turn off the water line and the switch almost is under the sink. You should do it before opening up the faucet. In order not to lose any part, you’d better place drain stoppers in all drain openings. And then, you need to use tape to make the faucet exterior covered, which can prevent your wrench from scuffing them up. And then replace a new gasket or washer. At last, take apart every piece and screw these pieces back in one by one. If you feel the process is a little complicated, you can watch some online video tutorials.

3. Water Heater Leak

Water-Heater-LeakIf there is a water heater leak, you may feel it is much more complicated, because a water heater is a very intimidating appliance for most of us and we are afraid to fix it. However, do you think that pooling at the bottom is really a leak? Of course, it is not. It is because of the condensation on the outside of your water heater. Once you notice the spraying water from the hose, there is a real leak happening. And you need to shut off the water valve as soon as possible. If the leak happens on the temperature valve, maybe the temperature is set too high and you can use a wrench to fix it according to the manual’s instructions.

However, if any dangerous defect or corrosion is detected, you probably need a professional plumber to fix the leak. Don’t hesitate in these situations.

4. Toilet Leak

toilet-leakIf you meet this problem, it is really a headache. This is because nobody would like to see anything that seeps out from their commode. The toilet leak seems a little complicated. If you find the leak is at the bottom of your toilet, you may need to make the bolts securing to the floor tightened. The most common reason may be an over-worn toilet flapper, which is a rubber gasket making the flushing mechanism work. They are prone to be worn out because of the wet environment and building-up minerals decay and deposits. The solution is pretty easy; just replace it with a new one. In this situation, you don’t need to hire a plumber and you can do it yourself.

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