How to Get Rid of Mice in the Garage


You have a number of options to remove mice from your garage.

Health and emotional issues may arise with the presence of mice in the garage. They make wall installation into their homes. They are unhygienic and chew on electrical wires. But, it is easy for you to remove them from your garage. You can opt to trap mice using taut springs that cut off their heads. You can also use poison on them. But, you can also go for a humane solution by trapping and releasing them somewhere else. This is also safer for your children and pets. It is also possible for you to use different methods in removing these annoying pests from the garage.

What Attracts Mice

You should get some mouse repellant spray, live mouse traps, peanut butter or cheese, a hungry cat, or dogs that dislike mic if you really want to remove them from your garage. Hot pepper sauce, scrap wood, an ultrasonic mouse repellant, patching compound, caulk, laundry detergent, or garden sprayers may also be useful for the task.

You can also remove any clutter inside the garage to remove the mice from the place. Mice like climbing, hiding, and making nests in dark corners. Due to this, a family of mice may find cluttered garages ideal for them to make a nest.

It is also important for you to seal off food sources inside the garage. You can also move them to a different location. It is also important to account for everything inside the garage. While grains, fertilizer, dog food bags may not be food for mice, they can contaminate these items. They may even eat or bring these items to a different location.

How to Remove Mice from the Garage

  • Put some cheese or peanut butter on live mousetraps positioned in different places inside your garage. You can also position traps close to the wall. The bait can be placed close to possible access points. You should also check the traps every day. If you see any trapped mice, release them far away from your house.
  • You can spray mouse repellant outside the garage to prevent any possible mice infestations.
  • If you doubt the effectiveness of chemicals or mouse repellants, you can make your own mixture that is natural and keeps mice away. You can mix one teaspoon of hot pepper sauce with 1/4 cup of laundry detergent inside a gallon of water. The hotter the pepper sauce, the better. You can spray the mixture outside the garage. It is as effective as commercial mouse repellants, but does not harm your children or pets.
  • Wood and caulk or patching compound can be used to cover holes inside the garage. This ensures mice do not enter the garage once you removed them. Holes with a diameter bigger than one-fourth of an inch should be sealed since mice can pass through small holes.
  • You may also want to position mousetraps in the corner, under shelves, in the rafters or close to the windows to catch mice that may get in. Position traps along access points that you may find inside the garage. It is important to check these traps every day. Get rid of dead mice before they start to decompose. Decomposing mice will make your garage smell bad.
  • You can also use ultrasonic mouse repellent as an eco-friendly option. These repellants are capable of preventing additional mice infestations. Humans cannot hear the sound produced by these devices. On the other hand, mice cannot stand the same sound. These devices prevent mice from entering the room.

Rats may be another issue you may have to deal with inside your garage. These unsanitary rodents are either gray or brown and are from 5.5 to 7.5 inches in length. Some brown rates can grow up to 13 to 18 inches in length. They may also have coarse brown-colored fur. Roof rats are smaller compared to brown rats. They also have gray colored fur.

Trapping rats is similar to trap mice. You have to make sure the garage is clean. In addition, limit the hiding places of mice and rats inside the garage.

After cleaning the garage, you will see the signs of rodent infestation inside.

Sort out the things inside the garage. Place any boxes or small items away from the floor. You can also install a wall-mounted shelf. Scrap lumber can be used in building shelves. You can also get metal shelves for the garage to reorganize the things inside the garage. Rodents will not be able to chew on boxes while looking for food if they are placed away from the floor.

You can position spring-type mouse traps or live mouse traps within ten feet of each other. These can be placed on the floor boards and windowsills inside the garage. You can position as many traps as you can inside the garage.

Make sure all the members of the family are aware of the presence of chemicals in case you want to use toxic mouse or rat bait inside the garage. You should prevent children from entering the garage until after the chemicals have done their work.

Remove any dead mice or rats from the garage and place them inside plastic bags for disposal.

Sealing dead mice or rats inside plastic bags prevent other animals from being attracted to the carcasses.

Hints and Techniques

After these pests are removed you can take out any clutter inside the garage. You should also cover any holes inside the place. Food should be properly sealed or removed from the garage. Fertilizers, grains, and dog food should be stored inside sealed plastic containers.

Since cats are dependable hunters, you can keep mice out of your garage by having one inside.

One eco-friendly and natural mouse repellant is peppermint. You can spray a solution made of water and peppermint extract outside the garage. It is advisable to spray the solution at least once a week. You can also spray it after a rainstorm. Peppermint plants can also be placed along the foundations of the garage and house. Rodents avoid the smell of peppermint, which can also make your home smell good.

You should be careful when using mouse poison or rat poison. Mice or rats poisoned by these chemicals normally go to another place to die. Your pet or any other animal that eats poisoned mice may also be poisoned and die.

Whenever you are dealing with mice or rat infestation, always wear a facemask when you are sweeping the floor. The dust may contain viruses and unhealthy particles that may enter your throat and nose. This may result to some allergies.

Following these hints will allow you to get rice of these rodents and prevent them from entering your garage in the future.

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