How to Manage Kitchen Waste

kitchen-wasteEvery day, we produce a lot of waste in the kitchen or in the house. Well, how to reduce the overall amount of trash which goes to the landfill site? There are several ways to achieve this goal. The most budget-minded and practical way is to recycle these waste. You can compost vegetable, as well as other matters, and then the rich compound can be used to boost your plant, flower or just garden plot soil. This means you even don’t need to buy fertilizer for your plants. Just a simple recycling effort can result in a better garden harvest. All the fertilizer you make is green.

Another common way may take some time. This method is to recycle anything that can be donated, re-worked and re-used. This method also means we will get large environmental benefits if we stick to these green initiatives. Of course, if you do this, your overall curb trash can be drastically reduced.

Although these methods are worthwhile and should stick to, with the help of some garbage reducing appliances, the effect of reducing the amount of trash can be enhanced. This can maximize the trash reducing effects. These garbage reducing appliances can help you eliminate the use of garbage bags that you may need to use several a month. Maybe you are tired of taking out many trash bags. And this doesn’t only mean you can save on bag fees but also save you time. In a word, these appliances can make your life much easier and more efficient.

Garbage Food Disposal

Garbage food disposal units are installed under the sink and are also called as food waste disposers. Actually, it is a small grinding system and works unnoticed. It can crush vegetable matter, meat bones and other food matters which go down the drain.

A connection between your garbage disposal and the kitchen drain is necessary and an electric hook-up is also needed. If you need to buy, such a kitchen appliance may cost you from $100 up. The most popular models will cost you more than $200. However, the installation is a little complicated, so other factors also need to be considered before making a buying decision.

Trash Compactor

On the market, trash compactors are also known as garbage compactors and they come in 2 types. You can choose a freestanding unit, but most of them are designed to install under the counter in your kitchen, close to your sink area. Freestanding models are easy to set up, while a certain amount of installation is required for units installed under the counter. Of course, an electrical outlet should be near it.

Compared with food disposers, they are a little expensive. However, they can effectively reduce the overall amount of trash, because of their high compact ratio. Most of them feature a compact ratio from 4:1 to 6:1. For example, if you choose a unit with a ratio of 6:1, this means it is a large unit and is able to compact six bags of trash into one bag that goes to your curb. However, this also means it is 6 times heavier as a normal garbage bag. This also needs to be considered, if the lift is a burden for you.

Garbage Disposer VS Trash Compactor

Both of them can help you effectively reduce the overall household trash. A compactor is the more efficient and it can dramatically reduce the use of garbage bags, saving some money for you. However, they are more expensive than garbage disposers. Therefore, when it is time to choose between them, the first consideration is your budget. Of course, installation constraints are also needed to be taken into account. And the last factor is that how much you want to reduce the amount of trash.

Of course, you can choose to install them together and combine their use, so that your household waste can be managed better. For example, you can install a garbage disposer in your kitchen, while have a freestanding trash compactor in your garage. The disposer is used to grind vegetable matter, bones and other food matters, while the compactor is used to crush glasses, cans and other waste. Both of them can really help you manage your waste much better, reducing overall landfill garbage. If you use any of them, you will make a great contribution to the environment protection.

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