How to purify the tap water

tap-water1Our tap water doesn’t seem as pure as it seems. The fact is that there are plenty of contaminants in our water. Therefore, before using it, it is highly recommend purifying it. Using purified water can avoid many waterborne problems. In this article, we will discuss how to purify the tap water at home.

One problem is caused by our water companies. Our local water treatment facilities use chlorine to pretreat our water, and this is helpful to kill off viruses and bacteria. And then water companies will dechlorinate the water before distributing into our water system. This method has its drawbacks, because it leaves many harmful chemicals (like phosphates, nitrates and silicates) and heavy metals (like copper or iron). These contaminants are not good for our health and our environment. They may cause algae blooms or kill reef animals.

Basic Carbon Water filter

carbon-filter1If your water quality is relatively good, a basic water filter is enough for you to remove chlorine and other types of pollutants. I use a Brita water filter pitcher to get clean water to drink and there are other great brands you can choose. Mostly, they are made up of activated carbon filters that can remove chlorine, odors, phenols and other pollutants. Of course, they have their limits. If your water is poor quality, carbon filters cannot effectively remove all the types of pollutants. Plus, they cannot eliminate fluoride.

Reverse Osmosis

APEC-Top-Tier-Built-in-USA-Ultra-Safe-Premium-5-Stage-Reverse-OsmosisReverse osmosis is regarded as one of the most effective ways to purify water. It can remove a wide range of contaminants. However, the initial cost may be a little higher. In a short time, reverse osmosis systems can pay for themselves. You will find it costs you less than buying bottled water.

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MegaHom-Water Distiller-Glass-CollectionAnother method we can use is distillation. At home, we can buy a home water distiller to make distilled water. Similar to a RO system, the initial cost is a little high, but such a distiller can pay itself quickly because once you have it, bottled water is unnecessary.

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