How to Warm Up Your Patio (Backyard heating)

fire-featureChoosing a Fire Feature for Your Yard

If you want to extend the time you spend outdoors, especially in cold seasons, from hours to months, you need to add a fire feature to your deck, patio or backyard. You will get a focal point, as well as a comfortable place around which to relax, entertain, gather and enjoy your time outdoors. I think this is so great. Family members or friends will have a good place to spend leisure time.

You can choose a fire pit or other ways to warm up your backyard, but different ways vary in price. Or course, if you want a pit or hearth that is custom-designed with elaborate materials and features, you will pay much more than directly buying a simple chimenea or fire pit which only costs about $100 or less.

If you choose fuels to warm up your outdoor space, you also need to pay attention to your local wood-burning codes and laws. Therefore, you need to check with your country or city for details. You also can choose gas or butane, because it is more eco-friendly to our environment. However, you need to hire a professional to hook it up.

If you want to spend more time outdoors, the following ideas can help you find the right way to warm up your outdoor space, ensuring you have a warm space to enjoy your leisure time.

Fire Pit

fire-pitThanks to their ease of use, low cost and portability, fire pits are one of the most popular ways to add fire feature to your outdoor space. Traditional fire pits are designed to be low to the ground. You can built one or just buy one, because there are many fire pits available on the market, which are different from sizes, shapes and materials. The most popular fire pit is the wood-burning fire pit. However, if you need an environmental choice, you can choose fire pits which are fueled by gas or propane. They are a much greener choice. Of course, you also need to pay attention to the local laws or codes, because some regions ban.

Outdoor Fireplaces

outdoor-fireplace1An Outdoor fireplace is really a focal point for your garden or backyard. What’s more, it also means a sense of permanence. Near an outdoor fireplace, you and a low table and some outdoor seating, and you will get a perfect outdoor room. Such a fireplace can be a DIY project or you can purchase a prefab unit directly. Spend time and so some research and you will get the best results. There are many types of materials, like concrete, metal, stone, or brick and fuel can be wood or gas.

The location is also very important. You can think about shrubs, low-hanging trees, and near structures. The last thing you need to pay attention is that the wind should not blow smoke in your neighbor’s garden or yard.


chimineasIf you don’t want to pay much for a fire feature, you can consider buying a chiminea which is an affordable fire feature. Generally, they are made of metal or clay. The one you choose should be sturdy and comes with a spark screen. If you need to vent the smoke, chimney extensions should be included. For example, if you play a chiminea on a porch or patio, you need to vent the smoke.

Hot Tubs and Spas

hot-tubs-and-spasGenerally, hot tubs can offer you a temperature of 104 degrees F. Imagine just outside on the deck or patio, the bubbling tub is waiting for you. This is cool in cold winters. Even if it is snowing outside, a hot tub or spa can warm you up quickly and make you feel relaxed after a whole day’s work. You sore muscles can be relaxed. Well, when you want to exit, make sure you have a towel, slippers and a warm robe nearby. Or you will easily get cold.

Heated Floors

outdoor-patio-flooring-woodIf you want to extend the season of your patio or deck, radiant heating is a perfect choice. With it, your patio or deck will be heated. Even if it is cold, the heated floor can warm you up. And your children can have a good place to play.

Similar to an indoor application, radiant heating becomes more and more popular. The heating system is able to warm up your decks and patios. And you even can use it to melt snow. However, you need to hire a professional to install the system.

Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor-kitchenIf you have an outdoor kitchen, you can make your outdoor kitchen you want to be even on a chilly day. You can use your brick pizza oven, a grill other outdoor cooking appliances that can heat up things quickly. And your guests will be attracted by the delicious aromas of food cooking. Neighbors will be attracted to hang out on the patio.

Patio Heaters

Aura-Patio-Plus-Weatherproof-Radian-Electric-Patio-Heater-300x199Another way you use to heat your patio is to use a portable patio heater which doesn’t take up much space and is usually fueled by gas or propane. Generally, such a patio heater can heat up an area of less than 25 square feet. They are easy to see on the patio of restaurants. Of course, they are also suitable for your patio.

Outdoor Rugs and Blankets

outdoor-rugsWhile a rug is not a heating source, it doesn’t offer the same amount of heat as a patio heater or a fire pit. However, such a rug and blanket can make your deck or patio cozier. Add a rug or blanket, or throw and snuggle with your partner, you will forget the cold.

A Warm Friend and Hot Beverages

coffee-teaIf it is very cold outside, you also can grab your favorite animal (like a dog or cat) or person, and then cuddle one the patio or porch. If there is no other heating resource, you should dress warmly. Having a rug or blanket is also a good choice. And then you need a delicious, hot cup of coffee, tea or other hot beverages.

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