Is an Activated Carbon Filter Adequate to Remove all the Contaminants in Our Water?

carbon-filter1If you are just the first time to buy an activated carbon water filter, you may ask “is an Activated Carbon Filter adequate to remove all the contaminants in our water?” This question is equal to another question does it remove all the pollutants in our water effectively? In this article, we will discuss similar problems.

This question has two answers. Such a filter may remove all the contaminants in our drink water, or it may be not so good to remove all the pollutants. This depends on the contaminants in your water. That’s why you see many other types of water filtration systems available on the market. If you tap water is treated well and the quality of your tap water is good, using a carbon filter can help you get both smell and taste improved water to drink and cook, because chemicals that cause bad smell and taste in our water can be effectively removed. It also can remove other particulates.

The fact is that our water from local water treatment plants may be not high quality and there is a small amount of impurities (like heavy metals, viruses and bacteria, harmful chemicals etc.) in our tap water. Activated carbon filters have their limitations, because they cannot remove these pollutants in our water.

Of course, using a carbon filter can improve your water smell and taste and if you just need one to do that, it is really an affordable choice for you. However, such a water filter only can remove a limited range of contaminants and it is helpless to remove some other chemical residue or particles. Different filters have different design, which determines their abilities to remove what kinds of pollutants.

A good advice is that you need to test your water and you will know what’s in your water. This can help you choose the right one. If there is a large amount of heavy metals, harmful chemicals, viruses & bacteria, carbon filtration is not enough to remove or reduce them. How to do the test? You can buy some water testing kit to do it yourself and you also can ask your local health authorities for help. The cost is minimal but you can know what’s in your water, proving your suspicious or not.

When gathering a sample of your water, you should follow the specific steps to prevent from contaminating, or the tests may be not accurate.

Although most water treatment facilities are required to treat water to meet the quality standard, there is a long way from these facilities to our faucet. And aging infrastructure of our water distribution systems can make bacteria easily entry in our water and even lead in the pipes can dissolve in the water. What’s worse, some addition like chlorine is added by the water company also leaves a residue in our drinking water.

Our water system may be affected by some disasters. For example, flooding can make bacteria easily entry in our water, because they mix with polluted flood water and flood water can inevitably mix with ground water. Therefore, testing our water to find what’s in our water is essential.

If the water testing results tell you there are a large amount of harmful chemicals, heavy metals or bacteria in your well or tap water, only an activated carbon filter cannot get all harmful contaminants removed and choosing a more than 2 stage filter is better. These water filters combine carbon filtration with other filtration technologies like distillation, reverse osmosis, UV filtration etc.

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