Is Heavy Water Radioactive?

heavy-water-1radioactiveYou might hear of the fusion of hydrogen before. The main materials of the fusion of hydrogen are deuterium and tritium, while heavy water contains deuterium. There is a problem: “Is Heavy Water radioactive?”

The deuterium is actually an isotope of hydrogen. Each deuterium contains a neutron and a proton. Is this isotope radioactive, too?

Although there are some differences between ordinary water and heavy water, heavy water is just as the same in most cases. The fact is that there is only 1 heave water molecule in 20,000,000 water molecules. One heavy water molecule contains 1 oxygen atoms and1 or 2 deuterium atoms. As an isotope of ordinary hydrogen, deuterium has 1 neutron and 1 proton while protium only consists of a lone proton. Deuterium is very stable. Therefore, heavy water or deuterated water is not radioactive. Another isotope of hydrogen is tritium (T) that is not stable and radioactive. However, heavy water doesn’t contain it.

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