Is Mouse Poison the most effective way to get rid of mice and other rodents?

mouseWhen it comes to getting rid of mice, obviously, mouse poison is the most common way that people may use. This method may be an effective way to get rid of these terrible rodents from our home, vehicle, or other places. However, there are other ways to remove rodents and mouse poison is not the most effective way.

Disadvantages of Mouse Poison

The name of mouse poison implies it is a poison, so the most obvious disadvantage is that it is toxic to both animals and our humans. Before placing mouse poison, make sure your children, farm animals, pets and even nearby wildlife cannot access to the poison. This is very important, if you want to use mouse poison. What’s worse, even an adult may contact the mouse poison accidentally.

Mouse poison can kill rodents, but cannot get rid of them. Another problem is that we have to deal with the remains carefully, or it will cause environmental pollution. If a mouse eats the mouse poison but dies in a hole or other areas that are hard to get, the disposing process may be difficult. Sometimes, you even know where these rodents die. And if this happens, a horrible smell will come into your nose soon or later. Removing the bad smell is really a time-consuming and cost-consuming thing. Sometimes, you even need to tear your wall apart to find the dead rat.

Another risk you may have is the contacting plenty of diseases which rodents may carry. Therefore, disposing of dead rats increases the risk. Even if you are very careful and take extra precautions, the risk of infecting these diseases or parasites increases.

Is There another way to more effectively remove rodents?

Well, trying to kill these rodents can cause a series of problems, like health issues, disposing cost, etc. Therefore, we should find another way to get rid of them but not kill them. Fresh Cab is a good choice. As a bio-based rodent repellent, it can drive rats and other rodents out of our home without poisoning them. They are driven to leave the areas where they used to be, so you don’t need to clear up a mess situation. You also don’t need to worry about any poison contacting, because Fresh Cab is much safer to use than mouse poison and your pets and kids can be protected well. Plus, the odor of Fresh cab is also pleasant.

How Does Fresh Cab Work?

The effective ingredients of Fresh cab are botanical ingredients. Generally, every fresh cab pouch is made of plants, corn cob chips, and herbal extracts, making it have a natural, pleasant smell. This smell is friendly to our humans and pets but rodents cannot bear it and they have to escape. This can make rodents leave where they used to be and prevent others from entering this area. This design is great. No killing and no poison. In the history of eliminating rats, we humans have done more and the effect is not obvious. Another way is to drive them into the nature and the nature has its rules.

The Manufacturer of Fresh Cab

The manufacturer of Fresh Cab is earthkind® invented Fresh Cab. Fresh Cab has been sent to third-party sites for testing. And the third-party testing shows that it works. Fresh Cab is registered with The EPA (federal Environmental Protection Agency) and it is approved to be used indoors.


If you feel worried about the using of mouse poison, you can choose fresh cab and it works. It is safe and effective.

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