Money Saving Tips for using an Instant Pot to Make More Things

An Instant Pot is an amazing kitchen appliance that allows you to save item when preparing for a meal. While you may already know you can make sumptuous ribs along with perfectly-boiled eggs, there are many other items you can cook using this gadget. The following list shows eight items you can cook using this appliance and allow you to save money.

Whole grain bread

The Instant Pot can be used to make your own bread. One recipe uses the yogurt function of the kitchen gadget to make whole wheat crusty bread. It will let the dough rise and allow you to bake it inside the oven. It takes around five hours and thirty minutes to make the homemade bread rather than the whole day. In addition, you can save money by looking for cheaper ingredients at a local grocery store. The sense of accomplishment is also another plus point for making your own bread using an Instant Pot. And you don’t need to buy a bread maker.


You can use an Instant Pot to make delicious, homemade popcorn. Just put in coconut oil along with dry popcorn kernels into the gadget and get fresh popcorn in ten minutes. Making popcorn using an Instant Pot allows you to save money since kernels are available for sale in bulk. You will not have to buy prepackaged popcorn or a popcorn maker. All you need to add is your favorite seasoning, such as cinnamon, butter, or sugar.

French toast

While many people would love having French toast with their coffee in the morning, it takes some time making them. But an Instant Pot will allow you to make a batch of French toast in less than an hour. It would go great with your coffee as you prepare to go to work.


Strawberries and peaches become readily available during the summer. You can let the season extend into fall and winter by making your own jam using the fruit. An Instant Pot lets you significantly cut down on the preparation and cooking time for the jam. There are many recipes for both strawberry and vanilla peach jam available online.

Vanilla extract

Prices of the vanilla extract have increased in recent years due to lower crop yields in Madagascar. The high vanilla bean cost in the biggest vanilla producer in the world also contributed to this increase. But, you can save money if you extract it yourself. An Instant Pot recipe allows you to get vanilla extract in half an hour. Its taste will get better if you let it sit for at two weeks.

Dog food

Homemade dog food is not only nutritious, but it also allows you to save from buying them in the store. You can use Instant Pot to make dog food good for a week in less than half an hour. Aside from saving money, you can also use it to deal with issues your pet is facing like skin or weight problems.

Please take note that many homemade pet food recipes may not meet all the health needs of your dog. This includes Instant Pot recipes. Due to this, you should research on the nutrients your pets need on their diet.

Cough syrup

Many cough medicines you purchase in pharmacies can cause drowsiness. Safety considerations compel parents to buy the adult and children’s version of the medicine. But cough syrup made using an Instant Pot is suitable for both children and adults. It uses fresh herbs and brings a natural relief to cough.


Hard lotion

Hard lotion is solid when it is room temperature. But when it is applied to your skin, it will melt. This is a convenient bar to have when traveling. It is also a nice homemade gift. You can make your own lotion using three ingredients: beeswax, cacao butter, and extra virgin olive oil. Adding any essential oil can also enhance the scent of this beauty product.

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