NewAir WCD-200W Hot and Cold Water Cooler Review

Hot and Cold Water CoolerIf you are looking for one of the best hot and cold water cooler, the NewAir WCD-200W Hot and Cold Water Cooler is one of your best choices. This is because it is compact, stylish, convenient to use and can fit in any office and home.

NewAir WCD-200W Hot and Cold Water Cooler Features

NewAir-WCD-200W-1Offer you both cold and hot water

If you need a hot and cold water dispenser, you can choose this. It is able to offer you hot water from 176°F to 203°F and cold water from 43°F to 50°F. Once you need either cold water or hot water, you can get very soon. For example, if you need to make a cup of instant coffee, instant hot water is ready for you and you don’t need to wait. If you use a water kettle, you may need to wait for several minutes.

Compatible with standard water bottles

This unit can handle standard water bottles. No matter it is a 2-gallon, 3-gallon or 5-gallon water bottle, it can handle well.

Sleek Design

This unit has a sleek design and it seems modern, making it match any décor in your room or office. Plus, it is also one of the most compact floor water dispensers on the market. Therefore, it only requires minimal space, which allows you to place anywhere you like. For example, you can find a corner in your office, room, kitchen to place it.

Plastic free taste

Its key part – the water tank is made of stainless steel. Therefore, the water is heated or cooled without contacting any plastic, helping you enjoy both hot and cold water without any plastic.

Small Nozzles

If you want to fill your water bottle with cold or hot water from this unit, the design of small nozzles is very convenient. The nozzles are small enough to fit all sizes of water bottles that even have a small mouth opening. This design can also effectively prevent any spillage.

Other features:NewAir-WCD-200W-2

  • Affordability – Its pricing also makes it competitive for other units. You don’t need to pay more to get it.
  • Work quiet – When it is working, it is very quiet, making it perfect for office use or for home use. And it will not disturb your quiet working atmosphere or life.
  • A small storage compartment is included. – On the bottom of this water dispenser, there is a storage compartment and the pull out door is easy to open. You can store some small paper cups or other things you like

How to install it

The installation is very easy and the whole process likes the following steps:

  1. It should be placed on a flat surface.
  2. Direct sunlight can accelerate aging, so keep this unit away from the direct sunlight.
  3. Once you have placed on a flat surface in an upright position, don’t make it working immediately. You need to wait for about 2-4 hours without plugging it to an electricity source. Other home appliances with cooling and refrigeration feature also need to follow this, because this can make the cooling compressor work better in the future.
  4. Install standard water bottles, like 2-gallon, 3-gallon or 5 gallon water bottles to this unit and plug in the unit.
  5. Turn on switches located in the back panel. You can find the cold and the hot switches and just choose the right one according to your requirements. You also can turn on all of them.
  6. And then, turn on the hot water faucet to allow for the airflow.
  7. Make it cycle water for about 30 minutes. This can clean the inner part of the dispenser.

How to Clean it?

It is highly recommended to clean it on a regular basis. You can do the cleaning job every 2 months and this can keep the inner parts clean. The process is also pretty easy.

  • First, you need to turn off the hot and cold switches on the back and unplug it.
  • Remove the water bottle.
  • Open all the cold and hot faucets to dispense all the water.
  • Unscrew the drainpipe from the back to empty the reservoir.
  • Clean all the parts you can see.

After finishing the whole process, you can install it again to work for you.


Once you have got this water dispenser, hot water is available in minutes, so you can make a cup of instant coffee, tea and other hot beverages in minutes. The safety valve on the hot water faucet also can protect your children from burning by the hot water. It accommodates standard water bottles and can fill any cup, glass, and bottle. The removable drip tray is very easy to clean. Therefore, if you need a high quality and affordable hot and cold water cooler dispenser, this NewAir WCD-200W will not disappoint you.

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