Top 5 Best Bidet Seats Reviews

Bidets are no longer limited to foreign countries or high-end hotels. Adding a bidet seat or seat attachment to the existing home toilet makes it possible to benefit from increased luxury, comfort and hygiene in the bathroom.

What is a bidet seat?

A bidet seat is simply a solution to increase bathroom hygiene and makes it easy to better clean yourself after using the toilet. These sanitary accessories reply on a quick stream of water to give the most effective clean and mean less reliance on wet wipes or toilet paper.

Prices for the bidet seats, attachments or seats cost in the region of $25 to $500 or more. But, for those that really want the high end product and willing to pay in excess of $500, the Swash 1000 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat by Brondell is certain to appeal. However, our reviews are limited to the more cost-effective items that do not exceed $350.

Best Bidet Seat

When it comes to the best bidet seat, we’ve made this list of top 5 best bidet seats for you, based on their overall performance, ease of use, design, ratings, prices and customer reviews.

TOTO SW2044#01 Elongated C200 Washlet

TOTO-SW2044-01-Elongated-C200-WashletThe TOTO SW2044#01 Elongated Washlet is the #1 best-seller on the Amazon marketplace for its unique comfort features and streamlined design. It is built with not only a powerful and warm water jet, but also features a deodorizer, warm air dryer and heated seat. The spray feature is dual-action and includes an oscillating setting. Other features include easily adjustable water temperature and water pressure. Its elongated SoftClose seat is designed to close quietly and slowly.

For ease of use, it is packaged with a wireless remote control for complete convenience and even has a touch pad that lights up. The TOTO Elongated Washlet is highly rated online and gets plenty of positive reviews and recommendations.

KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide Elongated Manual Bidet Seat

KOHLER-K-5724-0The KOHLER K-5724-0 Puretide Elongated Manual Bidet Seat makes use of a localized stream of water to give a refreshing and cool-water cleaning experience. It has a sleek, low-profile design that aims to give a high level of comfort. Convenient features include the ability to adjust the position of the spray wand and water pressure using a side lever to tailor the bidet seat to match the personal needs. It is built with a quiet-close mechanism to ensure the seat and lid close quietly and slowly. For ease in cleaning up, the elongated toilet has quick-release hinges and automatic self-cleaning rinses the system after each use for the ultimate in hygiene.

Set up is quick and easy with quick attach hardware included. Plus, the grip-tight bumpers help to avoid issues with shifting and give greater stability. No power outlet or batteries are required to run this system. It continues to rank well on the Amazon marketplace and has plenty of favorable reviews to its name.

SmartBidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets with Remote Control Electronic Heated Toilet Seat

SmartBidet-SB-1000The SmartBidet Electric Bidet for Elongated Toilets is feature-rich and includes a self-cleaning, adjustable, and retractable nozzle, a soft-closing seat and lid, an energy-saving mode, and warm air dryer. This electric bidet system has 3 heated seat levels, 3 water temperature levels, 5 nozzle positions and 5 water pressure levels. You use the adjustable settings to match personal preferences and keep the water and the seat at the desired cool or warm temperature. The elongated seat is installed using quick-release hardware to simplify the cleaning process.

For complete ease of operation, this electric bidet has a wireless remote control and multifunction control panel to quickly control the dryer, nozzle, seat, water, etc. The SmartBidet SB-1000 is one of the most wished for items on Amazon and a constant best seller.

Astor Bidet Fresh Water Spray Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment CB-1000

Bidet-Toilet-Seat-Attachment-CB-1000The Astor CB-1000 Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment is listed as a #1 best-seller in Amazon marketplace and appreciated for its adjustable sprayer that gives a fresh water cleansing experience. The spray nozzle is retractable to make it easy to keep clean.

This bidet toilet seat attachment comes with premium-quality attachment features such as a custom dial and brass control valve to fine-tune the water pressure. It is built-in a high-grade, solid plastic that won’t leak or rust and is simple to clean. Plus, it does not require electricity to run.

Its versatile and low-profile design is suited to any two-piece toilet. For ease in installation, the seat attachment is packaged with all parts including a metal braided hose.

This Astor branded bidet is a solid performer with over 3500 5-star reviews on the Amazon Marketplace. Also, for extra peace of mind it comes with an one-year manufacturer warranty.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 – Self Cleaning Nozzle – Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment

B00A0RHSJOThe Luxe Bidet Neo 120 Bidet Toilet Attachment is built with a self cleaning nozzle and nozzle guard gate. The single, retractable and curved nozzle is designed with a chrome plated control knob to simplify the process of personalizing the water pressure. The Luxe bidet toilet attachment is built to last and operates on a non-electric mechanical system.

This system is packaged with all connection accessories including a steel braided hose for easy self-installation to virtually any two-piece toilet. Plus, it comes with an 18-month warranty and friendly customer support for any questions or concerns. It is highly rated on the Amazon marketplace with over 3200 5-star reviews, as well as plenty of positive reviews elsewhere online.

Top 5 Best Fabric Softeners Reviews

best fabric softenerAre you looking for the best Fabric Softener? Of course, there are many different types of fabric softeners on the market. Well, which is the best one? It is easy to get lost. How to choose the right one for your laundry routine? Well, top 5 best have chosen the top 5 best fabric softeners for you to help you quickly get what you want.

What Is Fabric Softener?

As a conditioner, we use fabric softeners to clean laundry which is helpful to prevent static cling in clothing as well as making clothing softer.

Generally, there are 3 main forms of Fabric softeners

  • Liquid softeners – can make clothing much softer with less static but they are more expensive.
  • Softener (or dryer) sheets – are easy to use, cheap but don’t perform as good as liquid softeners.
  • Dryer balls – are cheap and eco-friendly because of their reusable feature.

Best Fabric Softener

If you are looking for the best fabric softener, out list of top 5 best fabric softeners can help you find the right one according to your needs.

Bounce Outdoor Fresh Fabric Softener Sheets 240 Count

Bounce-Dryer-SheetsThe Bounce Dryer Sheets are very easy to use. You don’t need to measure out an exact amount of liquid. The only thing you need to do is to pull a sheet out from the box and lay it on top of your clothes in the dryer. Although dry sheets don’t do as well as liquid softeners when softening and removing static, its cheap price and ease-of-use also attract many people. The Bounce Dryer Sheets comes in a lot of scents. An unscented version is great for those who have sensitive skin.

Downy Ultra Infusions Liquid Fabric Softener, Honey Flower, 41 Fl Oz

Downy-Ultra-Infusions-Liquid-Fabric-SoftenerThis softener contains 41 fl. oz., so it can soften up to 48 loads of laundry. People spoke highly of its pleasant scent and the ability to soften and remove static from your clothes. However, you need to pay much for this. Its price is a little high – the only complaint and it only can take care of fewer loads than other softeners.

Seventh Generation Fabric Softener Sheets, Free and Clear, 80 Count

Seventh-Generation-Fabric-Softener-SheetsThis softener attracts me because of its convenience and environmental-friendly features. It doesn’t use animal products that others do but use a plant-derived formula. User also spoke highly of its performance because it can soften and remove static and it doesn’t use chemicals and animal products.

Seventh Generation Natural Fabric Softener

Seventh-Generation-Natural-Fabric-SoftenerAnother softener on this list is also from Seven Generation. This product is perfect for better fabric softening as well as static cling removal. And it is also a eco-friendly product. It is hypoallergenic because all the ingredients are all non-toxic and biodegradable. When checking the customer reviews, we found many people trusted it because it can soften and remove static quite effectively.

Smart Sheep 100% Wool Dryer Balls

Smart-Sheep-Wool-Dryer-BallsThe Smart Sheep 100% Wool Dryer Balls perform very well and many users spoke highly of this ability to soften and fluffy clothes and reduce static cling. They are also reusable. The official claims that they can be used for thousands of loads, which makes them much more economical. These dryer balls can also help to reduce the drying time for your clothes.

In a world, fabric softenesr are very import to our laundry. And these top 5 best fabric softeners can help you protect your clothes. You also can check our top 5 best buying calendar to learn when and how to purchase the best of anything.

Top 5 Best Water Filter Pitchers Reviews

best water filter pitcherWater pitcher filters are essential for those who want to drink clean water but don’t have enough under sink space to install an under sink water filter. Even if you don’t live in an area where water quality is poor (taste or smell bad and contain many contaminants), a water filter pitcher is a must-have item because it can improve the water quality and enable you to have enough water to drink, reaching your daily minimum amount of water intake. And you don’t need to buy bottled water to drink if you have a pitcher. This can reduce the use of water bottles, so you do your best to reduce the impact on the environment. What’s more, such a pitcher is quite inexpensive as well as the regular filter replacement.

However, if the water quality in your area is poor, they cannot remove all the contaminants. In this situation, a RO system as an under sink water filtration system is a good choice. Of course, such a system will cost more. If you live in an apartment or a dormitory where water quality is not too bad, you don’t pay much for a reverse osmosis system and a water filtration pitcher is enough.

The following top 5 best water filter pitchers are all affordable and can satisfy a variety of household needs. You can choose one according to your real needs. For example, if you need a filter for 2 people, you can choose a Brita Slim.

PUR 18 Cup Dispenser w/ 1 Filter


You may feel strange that the top pick is not a pitcher but a water dispenser. However, if you have a large family, you’ll find most pitchers cannot meet your requirements because of the smaller capacity. The Pur Ds-1800Z has a larger capacity and can improve the water quality for you. Pur is also a great company in water treatment fields.

MAVEA 1001125 Elemaris XL 9-Cup Water Filtration Pitcher, Black

MAVEA-1001125-Elemaris-XL-9-Cup-Water-Filtration-PitcherAlthough you may think Mavea is not as famous as other mainstream brands, this Mavea Elemaris XL Water Pitcher Filter is excellent and durable. What’s more, the design is also stylish. You can put it on your dinner table and it looks nice. Compared to other models, it may be a little costly, but you can enjoy the German-built quality. It also has a built-in microcomputer to track the quality of the filtered water. It deserves a try.

Brita 10-Cup Everyday Water Filter PitcherBrita-Everyday-Water-Filter-Pitcher

Brita filters are very popular in the world. This Brita everyday water filter pitcher is basic without any frill. It is also very affordable and can offer you good tasting water. This is why it is so popular in the world. It is a 10-cup capacity and very easy to use.

PUR CR-6000 2 Stage Water Pitcher

PUR-CR-6000-2-Stage-Water-PitcherThis is a 7-cup 2 stage water pitcher. PUR produces excellent water treatment products. In many water purification tests, they performed well. Therefore, it is not strange that our list includes 2 products from PUR. This pitcher is easy to use and affordable and can provide you with clean, healthy and good-tasting water. You can rely on it.

Brita Water Filtration System Pitcher Slim Model

Brita-Water-Filtration-System-Pitcher-Slim-ModelBrita is also a great company specializing in water treatment. This slim model has a smaller capacity, but you can easily put it into your refrigerator. The price is the lowest on this list. It is perfect for smaller household with limited space.

All in all, a water pitcher filter is portable and doesn’t take up much space. You also can take it to travel and this can enable you have relatively clean water to drink. However, some of them don’t have abilities to remove fluoride. If you want to get fluoride out of your drinking water, a RO system is needed.

What Is a Water Filter Pitcher?

One of the simplest ways without any installation is to use a water filter pitcher to et clean water to drink. This way is easy and convenient. Water filter pitchers have a water that is used to mainly remove chlorine, as well as other contaminants. A typical water filter pitcher consists of 2 water reservoirs. You can pour the feed water into the smaller reservoir. And because of the gravity, the feed water flows through its water filter. And during this process, chlorine and other contaminants are removed. Clean water flows into the bigger reservoir in the bottom. On the market, there are many models. And they may have different capacities, filtering speeds, and other features.

Water Filter Pitcher Buying Guides

If you are looking for the best water filter pitcher and are not sure which one is the best, the following buying guides may help you. Actually, when it comes to buying the best one, there are many questions. If you know the answers, you can easily find the right one according to your needs.

What types of contaminants do you want your water filter pitcher to remove?

First, you need to know what’s in your water. A good method is to get the feed water tested. If you water only contains chlorine and chlorinated byproducts, a simple unit may satisfy your needs. If there are other contaminants, the problems become more complicated. The unit you choose should be able to remove these contaminants, too. This is because a less advanced filter pitcher can only remove the odor and tasted caused by chlorine but may not remove other types of pollutants. In this situation, you need to choose a more advanced model that can also remove heavy metals, pharmaceutical traces, microbiological cysts, and other contaminants. Therefore, knowing the contaminants in your water will help you evaluate whether a pitcher has the abilities to remove these contaminants.

What design would prefer to?

After ensuring the unit you choose is able to offer you quality water, the second consideration is the design. Different people may have different preferences, so the one you choose should fit in your kitchen. If you have a small refrigerator or your countertop space is limited, you’d better choose a compact pitcher. For example, you can choose a compact and slim model, so it will not take up much space on your counter or you can easily put it into your refrigerator. However, if you have a large family, a pitcher with a large capacity becomes meaningful. For some people, the appearance seems important, while other may not care about it.

What’s your budget?

Different types of pitch filters have different prices. Before making a decision, you also need to decide how much you plan to pay for a filter. Most units are affordable, anyway. Therefore, this is not a big problem. However, if you want to get more advanced features, you may need to pay more for it.


  • More affordable than most other types of water filters
  • More portable, allows you to easily take it anywhere you like, like travelling
  • No installation is need, so it is convenient to use
  • The filtered water can be kept in your refrigerator
  • Able to remove many contaminants, offering a good level of filtration.


  • Only offers a basic level of filtration, compared to faucet filters, under sink filters, countertop filters, whole house filters and reverse osmosis filters.
  • The filtration speed is very slow. Generally, once you pour water into a pitcher, the filtration process may take about 10 minutes. This means you need to wait for 10 minutes to get clean filtered water.

Water Filter Pitcher Maintenance

When to change its filter?

Different units use different types of filters, so their lifespan is also different. However, such a pitcher generally can offer you about 40 gallons of filtered water, which means their lifespan can only be about 2 months. This means you need to change its filters every 2 months on average. In order to maintain the water quality, you need to change its filter regularly. You can read its instructions manual and follow its instruction.

What is the filter’s shelf life?

The shelf life depends on several factors and sometimes it is indefinite. If the filter is unpacked and kept well, the shelf life can be very long. However, if you place in a wet place and it is not sealed well, the shelf life can be very short.

How to clean a water filter pitcher?

For most water filter pitchers, it is so easy to maintain. All you need to do is to change its water filter to make it work well. Sometimes you need to clean it in and out. You can wash its lid and reservoir by hand. However, you need to be careful and don’t scratch its surface. Therefore, you can use a soft sponge. Some models are dishwasher-safe. You can check its manual for more information.

Where to buy a water filter pitcher?

On the market, there are many retailers. However, the best place to buy one is to buy it online. This is because you can get more options and the price can be very reasonable. Plus, there are so many customer reviews for you to check. Other people can tell you its pros and cons.

Top 5 Best Camping Cots Reviews

A high-quality camping cot has the ability to enhance the camping experience in several ways. It not only elevates the camper and avoids having to sleep on the hard floor, but also gives the type of sleeping experience that is much like sleeping at home. Plus, the best camping cots are built to be strong and durable, and a far sight easier to use and travel with compared to the easily damaged air mattress. In the process of deciding on the right camping cot, there are a few things that are worth considering. Build quality, ease of set up, collapsibility, strength and size are all such points.

Best  Camping Cot

We’ve made this list of top 5 best camping cots based on their overall performance, ease of use, build quality, ratings, prices and customer reviews. The following are five of the most capable camping cots in the market:

TETON Sports Outfitter XXL Camping Cot Perfect for Base Camp and Hunting

best camping cotThis best camping cot is the most robust of choices and built to hold large-framed people or couples with a maximum weight capacity of up to 600 lbs. Plus, it stands at a height of 19 inches above the floor to make it easier and more comfortable to get in an out. Its sturdy construction consists of an aluminum frame with steel legs which is solid enough to handle most campsite abuse. Even though this camp cot weighs 26 lbs, it still collapses to a compact size and the packaged drawstring bag makes things easier to transport. Assembly is pretty straightforward, but it helps to practice once or twice before going out into the wilderness.

Texsport Deluxe Folding Camp Cot

Texsport-Deluxe-Easy-Folding-SleepingThe Deluxe Folding Camp Cot is a fine choice for the campers seeking a high-quality cot that gives a restful sleeping position and isn’t too expensive. This particular camping cot is appreciated for its ability to give great support and comfort that is up and off the rough, wet and hard ground. The assembly process is relatively easy and collapses down to a convenient size to make it easy to carry in its included storage bag. Plus, the height of this cot is at an acceptable 16 inches to give greater ease in getting up in the mornings.

Camp Time Roll-A-Cot

Camp-Time-Roll-A-CotThe Roll-A-Cot Folding Camp Cot is a highly regarded piece of camp furniture and easily gives the spacious and comfortable sleeping surface for camping. Its two-leg frame and breathable mesh fabric is quick and easy to pack for both storage and travel. A great quality of the Roll-A-Cot is the customizable options which make it possible to personalize the fabric tension or firmness, while there is also a choice of cot sizes to match the needs of the individual campers.

Therm-a-Rest LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot

Therm-A-Rest-6580-Thermarest-LuxuryLite-UltraLiteThe LuxuryLite UltraLite Cot is likely to be the lightest in the market you can buy and collapses to a really compact size (6 x 15 inches) to make it truly portable. This bed in a bag weighs just 2 lbs 12 oz to make it easy to handle on a variety of camping trips. While it may be a bit heavy for the backpackers venturing off-the-beaten-track, it still increases the possible places to get a comfortable night sleep. The high strength fabric has the ability to last for the long-term and gives a very supportive sleeping experience. A slight negative is the price point, but it should still appeal to those seeking a high strength and compact cot.

Comfort Cot by REI

The REI Comfort cot provides all-round convenience, strength and comfort (full coverage padding). It is a practical camping cot for the taller person and measure 81.5 inches in length?So useful up to 6-foot, 9-inches tall. A great quality is the robust construction with a tough polyester fabric and a sturdy frame. The feet and legs are adjustable to give the option to customize the setup which is particularly helpful on sloping or uneven ground. Plus, there is even the option to adjust the head position which is a feature rarely seen on most other camping cots.

Top 5 Best Portable Water Filters – Help you get potable water at anywhere

best-portable-water-filterIf you are planning a trip to the mall, a hike in the wilderness or you just need clean water to drink, clean water for mixing liquid baby formula, a portable water filter can help you get potable water at anywhere. Once you have it, you don’t need to worry about the water quality even if you are not at home. Such a device can remove many contaminants in our water, like chemicals, heavy metals, virus and bacteria, etc.

Our water is polluted seriously and most of our water supply in the world becomes not potable and drinkable because of all kinds of contaminants. It is estimated that 90% of the freshwater supply available on Earth is polluted in some way, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. You may think the tap water is safe to drink. However, even with many big cities in the U.S., the tap water or fountain water may be not safe to drink. Therefore, having a filter to purify water is a good way to get pure water to drink, or in the long run, the contaminated water may cause serious health issues.

Why Should I Use A Portable Water Filter?

A portable water purifier is helpful to our health because even water treated through public water treatment facilities in our towns and cities is impure, letting along other water sources. Most water we use to drink and cook actually contains many contaminants, from chemicals to heavy metals to biological contaminants. Chemical contaminants are harmful chemicals which have entered the water,through pollution from factories and sewage or through the atmosphere. Biological contaminants include various microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoans. Heavy metals include mercury, lead, chromium and so on and their salts.

Biological contaminants can be killed in boiling water. However, chemicals and heavy metals cannot remove by boiling the water. Therefore, we need a purifier to remove chemicals, heavy metals and biological contaminants together. Such a portable filter is light and compact, so you can take it anywhere if you don’t trust the water quality(for example, traveling in other countries).

How Does A Portable Water Purifier Work?

Generally, there are 2 basic types of portable filters on the market: chemical water purifiers and non-chemical water filters.

One kind of chemical water purifier is a water purifier based on iodine treatment, because iodine is much more effective than other types of chemicals used for water filtration. Therefore, many filters use it to purify water. However, as light sensitive chemicals, it must be stored in a dark container so that it can maintain its efficiency. And iodine may be an allergen for some people. For example, if you are prone to be allergic to shellfish, you are highly possible allergic to iodine. Of course, in this situation, you cannot buy a water filter that is based on iodine treatment. In this type of filter, iodine is added to the unclean water to destroy contaminants in water, while inevitably there are iodide ions in filtered water.

Another type of chemical type filter is based on chlorine treatment. It is similar to our tap water treat. This type of filter is widely used as an alternative method of chemical water purification if individuals are incapable of using iodine. The treatment process is similar to the treatment based on iodine; chlorine is added to the impure water and the contaminants will be destroyed while the chlorine and water minuet become undisturbed.

There are different non-chemical water purifiers available, and they tend to a variety of different water filtration systems to purify the water. Some may use ultraviolet radiation for water purification, but ultraviolet radiation may cause sunburn in some individuals. If you plan to buy a non-chemical filter, you should check the information provided by the manufacturer to understand more because of the variety in non-chemical purifiers.

Top 5 Best Portable Water Filters

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


This filter is one of the most popular portable water filters on the market. The average rating is up to 4.6/5 stars. What’s more, there are over 1,900 customer reviews and it is very affordable.

It has been used by millions of people around the world since 2005. It is capable of removing a minimum 99.9% of waterborne bacteria and protozoan parasites. This filter is not based on iodine, chlorine and other chemicals treatment. Therefore, it is safe to use. It also comes in a sealed bag, great for storing for emergencies. If you plan to go out for a hike and feel worried about the water quality in the river, lake or well, this filter is a must-have because it can provide you up to 1000 liters of clean water.

Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System

Sawyer-Products-Mini-Water-Filtration-SystemThis mini water filter is so small, making it perfect for outdoor activities. It is also the lightest most versatile portable filter from Sawyer. It only weighs 2 ounces and can fit in the palm of your hand. Although it is small and compact, it can filter up to 100,000 gallons of water, much more volume than other portable filtration systems. You can attach it to standard water bottles, included the drinking pouch, hydration packs, or just use it to directly drink from your water source. It can remove 99.99999% of all bacteria and 99.9999% of protozoa. Therefore, it is perfect for hiking, scouting, outdoor recreation, travel (both domestic and international), camping and emergency preparedness. It gets a 4.7/5 stars.

Katadyn Vario Water Filter

Katadyn-Vario-Water-FilterThis portable filter has a ceramic pre-filter, which can make it last for long life even in dirty water. If you want water more quickly, you can use it in the faster flow mode to produce 2 quarts per minute, or it can produce 1 quart water per minute in longer life mode. This filter can effectively reduce odors, chemicals, and toxins. Its adapter base can easily attach to water bottles directly. You also can use an output hose to fill hydration system or larger containers. The rating is 4.5/5 stars. And there are over 200 customer reviews to check. And most people think it deserves to have.

MSR Miniworks EX Microfilter

MSR-Miniworks-EX-MicrofilterThis microfilter is light and it was designed for expedition use in demanding environments. Its carbon/ceramic element is very durable, so you don’t need to worry about it and just enjoy safe, clean, taste-free water even if you use it heavily. It can produce 1 liter water per minute with the AirSpring Accumulator. It is also very easy to clean and maintain without any tool. It can effectively reduce protozoa, bacteria, chemicals/toxins, and particulate.

The rating is 4.5/5. And there are over 200 customer reviews.

Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

Katadyn-Pocket-Water-FilterI would like to say this filter is the most amazing portable water purifier on the market. If you are only need a cheap one, don’t choose this and buy any cheap piece of junk with a plastic handle which might break. It is very popular in the world. It has a 13,000 gallon life on one filter, which allows you to have enough clean water to drink and cook in the open air or while travelling. One of my friend even used it on a mission in Philippines. This top rated filter has got an average rating of 4.7/5 stars. There are over 200 reviews left by real user. I also have bought one. When I travel or go out for a hike or riding, it helps me a lot and I don’t need to worry about the water quality.

7 Portable Water Purifier Tips – Here’s What To Look For

When it comes to buying a portable water filter, there is something that must be taking into account.

A portable water filter is essential for people who look forward to having a camping trip. Imagine you just plan to have such a trip in a couple weeks and you eagerly anticipate cookouts, hiking trails, as well as nitghts around the camp fire with family and friends. Of course, you need to do some preparation and you may need to make a list. Obviously, the camping gear is essential. And then, food and drinks are also essential. Water is essential, too. You need to think what is the best source.

Obviously, campground water is not reliable, even if it tastes good. This is because you don’t know how pure it is. Bottled water is not a good source, because you cannot take too much and there is not so much space in your vehicle. Plus, it is also not economic and eco-environmental.

Therefore, a portable water filter can solve your problem.

Here are top 7 tips when it comes to choosing the best portable water filter for your camping trip.

  1. A portable water filter is able to filter out harmful contaminants. For outdoor activities, clean and healthy water is very important to you and your family. The portable filter you choose should be able to eliminate all harmful contaminants in the water, including toxic chemicals, microscopic pathogens, heavy metals, etc. Unpleased odors and tastes should also be eliminated, so silt, sediment, chlorine, cloudiness do.
  2. The one you plan to buy should be compact. This is also very important. A portable water purifier means it will not take up much space in your backpack and it is very convenient to take. Of course, make sure it is lightweight. And it also should be reliable.
  3. The one you choose should be carried anywhere you go. Actually, the times you need clean water the most are when you are on the go but not sitting around the camp. Therefore, the purifier you choose should be hand-held and comes with a clip so that you can hook it onto your backpack or belt loop. Of course, the purifier you choose should have its own filters, which allows you to add water to purify at any time.
  4. The filter can deal with even raw water. When you are on the go or in the woods, it is not easy to find relatively clean water. Therefore, the filter you choose must be able to eliminate any bacteria, even if the source water is very dirty.
  5. A portable water filter should be kid-friendly. If you plan to travel with your children or kids, the filter you plan to buy should be easily used by your kids. It is highly recommended to buy a plastic one, not fragile glass or metal.
  6. A filter should be easy to put together. If you have reached your campsite, you may have a lot of preparation to begin your camping experience. You need to load goods from your vehicles. Tents or campers should be set up as soon as possible. Foods and drinks should be stored in the proper place. Therefore, the water filter you have should be easy to put together, and you can have clean water easily.
  7. A filter should be economical and eco-friendly. If the running cost is too high, you will cost much money. The one you buy will not become a burden on you. Compared to buying bottled water, the running cost of a portable filter should be much lower, or you don’t need to have a water filter.

Top 5 Best Reverse Osmosis Systems – Buying tips and guides

best reverse osmosis system

If you are planning to find the best reverse osmosis system, you may feel frustrated and don’t know how to start, because there are plenty of different models from different manufacturers. Therefore, looking for the best RO system without a guide could be difficult to you.

Why Do You Need a RO System?

There are many various filtration methods used to purify water. However, Reverse Osmosis is one of the most effective, natural and cost-effective methods to purify water, providing you with clean, safe and healthy drinking water. You can get healthy water without paying much. For example, some people may like drinking bottled water. Compared with buying bottled water, having a RO system to get pure water has a lower cost.

What’s more, even bottled water may be not completely pure and there are many contaminants we may not know. Therefore, a RO system can provide you clean, safe and healthy water for drinking and cooking.

These systems have a semi-membrane which only allows pure water to pass through and contaminants (like heavy metal, chemicals, salts, pesticides etc.) are removed. The filtered water is stored in a tank and filtered water will flow out from your faucet once you open it.

In the beginning, RO systems were invented to purify and desalinate sea water. They are designed for commercial use. For example, large companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi use this kind of systems to purify water for their beverages and their employees. However, we also can buy household RO systems to purify our tap water or well water and then we can enjoy filtered water without any bad smell and taste.

We have done some research and top 5 best reverse osmosis systems were selected due to their performance, prices, ratings and customer reviews. Once you have one, you may feel grateful, because it is a must-have product in your house. It is really a great investment in your health.

Best Reverse Osmosis System

In the following, top 5 best reverse osmosis systems were chosen to help you quickly find what you really want. You can choose one of them according to your preference and they are all top rated on the market. There are also plenty of customer reviews you can check.


ISPRING-75GPD-5-STAGE-REVERSE-OSMOSIS-SYSTEMThis 5-stage system is one of the best-selling, popular and highest recommended models on the market. There are many customer reviews for you to check and most of them are positive reviews. Therefore, the average rating is also very high. Many people think it is the best one and can provide clean water for their family.

This system can remove up to 99% of different contaminants, such as rust, dirt, slit, chemicals, heavy metals, virus and bacteria, etc. Once you have it, you don’t need to buy bottled water again and this helps you prevent up to 16,000 plastic bottles from polluting our environment. It can provide tasty water as bottle-water does. Although it may be costly in the beginning, it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

The manufacturer is also trusty manufacturer. This model is certified with ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004, RoHS and CE standards. And it also has a 30-day money back policy. Therefore, you can trust it.



As a 6-stage system, this best reverse osmosis system uses a RO alkaline filter to purify water. This means it can keep healthy miners in the filtered water. These minerals include potassium ions, sodium, magnesium, calcium etc. Other contaminants which are harmful to our health are effetely removed. Compared with ISPRING 75GPD, it is similar to it but there are somewhat different features. The average rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars and there are over 120 positive customer reviews. The installation is also very easy and you can do it yourself without hiring someone. It is highly recommended to have.

Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Reverse Osmosis Under Counter Water Filtration System, White


The HOME MASTER TMAFC is my favorite one. Although it may be a little costly, it is one of the best ones on the market. Up 98% of chemicals, heavy metals and other contaminants in our water can be removed, while healthy minerals (like magnesium and calcium) are still in our filtered water. This feature is similar to ISPRING 75GPD, because its post filter can add these healthy minerals back in water. Therefore, the filtered water smells and tastes pretty good.

When buying a filter, you also need to know the lifespan of a filter. Fortunately, this model has a long-lasting filter which can provide you up to 2,500 gallons water. This means you don’t need to replace your filter if you use less than 2,500 gallons water per year. The water flow can be double by this system. This feature is also its great, comparing with other normal RO systems.

APEC – Top Tier – Built in USA – Ultra Safe, Premium 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ROES-50)


This model is completely manufactured in US. Up to 99% of contaminants (like arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluoride, heavy metals, bacteria, virus and 1000+ contaminants) can be removed. Its long-lasting filters can be used to treat well water and tap water. Once you have it, you can enjoy refreshing crisp tasting water which may be superior to bottled water.

A 1-year satisfaction guarantee is also included. Its chrome faucet is totally lead-free. The average rating is 4.7 out of 5 stars and there are over 170 customer reviews to check. And its main parts are also manufactured in US. What’s more, its original, top-notch JG Quick Connect fittings can easily prevent leaking, without any extra lock clips or steps. If you need a system completely produced in US, this APEC ROES-50 is a good choice.



The WATTS PREMIER 531418 is also one of the best ones on the market today. This 4-stage filter can offer you pure water to drink and cook. It can filter 50 gallons water per day. It has a compact design. Therefore, if you find that your under sink space is small, you can consider this model. This feature makes it perfect for those involved in cottages, RVs and trailers. It is easy to install. It comes with a long reach chrome faucet. It is also very easy to change its filter, just pushing a button. The price is also reasonable, making it one of the most affordable models on Amazon.

Reverse Osmosis F.A.Qs

As one of the most effective ways to purify water, reverse osmosis has become more and more popular. Many homeowners buy reverse osmosis water filtration systems to purify water to get water to drink, cook or even wash. However, some people know less about reverse osmosis. Fortunately, we have compiled this F.A.Qs for those who don’t know much about reverse osmosis.

1.What’s the definition of Reverse Osmosis?

The core part of a RO system is a semi-permeable membranea that only allows water molecules to pass through. When pressure is applied to one side that water needs to be purified, water molecules is forced to pass through the membrane, while other contaminants are still left in that side. The whole process is called reverse osmosis. This process can separate clean water from contaminants.

2. Commercial vs household reverse osmosis systems?

Actually, they are similar to each other, because the basic procedure is same. The only difference is that commercial or industrial reverse osmosis systems tends to be much stronger than a household model. For example, pumps and spiral would membrane are used in commercial systems, making them much stronger and normally, they are huge in size. However, they are also costly.

3. Is Pretreatment necessary?

The answer is yes. It is recommended to use a pre-filter to remove silt and chorine, because this can prevent the membrane from plugging up or being damaged. The life of a RO system depends on the life of membrane.

4. How much pressure is required to conduct reverse osmosis?

Well, this answer depends on the sediment and salt concentration in the source water. The higher the concentration is, the more pressure is required.

5. How pure is the RO water?

The purity depends on 2 factors. Of course, the membrane is the first factor. Generally, the membrane has a rejection from 92% to 99.5%. Of course, the higher rejection means the feed water can be purified better. The second factor that may make the membrane weak is the types of TDS.

6. How to clean a reverse osmosis system

The place needs to be clean is the RO tank. First, you need to disengage it, and then wash it and clean it.

7. What Is the Extent of maintenance to expect?

Actually, membrane is very weak to many large matters. Therefore, to protect the RO membrane, the pre-treatment water filter should be cleaned every month. This clean process may need 1 hour. If the feed water is very dirty, you need to do this frequently. And you need to make your pre-treatment filter not blocked.

8. How much does run a RO water filter?

If you have a RO system in your kitchen, of course, you need to pay for it. This means the maintenance cost is essential. However, the maintenance cost is influenced by several factors, including the purity of your water, the price of the replacement filters, and the labor. If the feed water is very dirty and contains so many contaminants, the membrane tends to be weak and you need to change its filters frequently. If the price of replacement filters are very high, it will become a burden for you when you need to replace it. If you have to hire someone to maintain your RO system, the labor cost is also a good problem. You’d better change its filter yourself and this process is very easy. This can save some money for you.

9. Can it remove bacteria?

Of course, the answer is yes. The membrane will not allow bacteria to pass by. And a UV sterilization system is used at the storage tank to kill bacteria. This process also happens during its self-cleaning process. Therefore, you’d better choose an opaque tank or just paint the tank black, so algae cannot grow in the tank.

10. When to change its filters

Even if RO membranes can last several years, how long they can last depends on several factors. If a high ion level is noticed in the filtered water, this means you need to change it. Many RO systems include an indicator that will tell you when to change its filters. Generally, every 6 months to 1 year, you need to change the filters.


For, most of us, we may dislike the bad smell and taste in our tap water. And there are actually many contaminates which may cause serious health issues. A RO system is really a must-have investment on our healthy both for ourselves and our families. We also have responsibilities to protect our environment. We can reduce the use of bottled water. Therefore, we can reduce the pressure we place on the environment. If you are looking for the best reverse osmosis system, our list can help you quickly find the right one according to your needs.

Top 5 Best Rechargeable Batteries

top5-rechargeable-batteriesWhen it comes to wireless modern electronics, best rechargeable batteries are much important than these powerful electronic devices. This means no matter how great your electronic device is, how long it can last depends on the performance of your batteries. Therefore, just remember, finding the best ones for your gadgets is of the utmost importance.

Rechargeable batteries have developed for a very long time and nowadays they can keep the charge longer and have more charge cycles than ever before. Our devices are powered by batteries, such as solar lights, digital cameras, TV remote controls, toys, etc. Using rechargeable batteries can save you money, because you don’t need to buy and dispose of batteries on a regular basis, protecting our environment at the same time.

What Are Rechargeable Batteries?

A rechargeable battery is rechargeable. Rechargeable means it can be charged many times for continues use. A rechargeable battery, compared to a disposable battery, can be charged and used for multiple cycles, which means you need to pay more for its higher initial cost. However, they have the ability to be reused. This means you don’t need to buy one usually. Therefore, in the long run, they cost less and have a much smaller environmental impact. When we need to buy them, 3 main features must be paid attention to:

  • Charging time – the shorter the better
  • Shelf life – the longer the better
  • The number of charge cycles – the larger the better

Top 5 Best Rechargeable Batteries

Powerex Imedion Rechargeable Batteries

Powerex-Imedion-Rechargeable-BatteriesAs low self-discharge rechargeable batteries, Powerex Imedion batteries can retain a charge for an extended amount of time. It is estimated that they can retain 85% of their capacity even if they have been used for a whole year. After you receive them, you can use them directly because they are pre-charged. What’s more, it comes with a thousand charge cycles. Powerex is also a great manufacturer and can supply a wide range of rechargeable batteries, from AAA up to 9 volts.

Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeables

Sanyo-Eneloop-RechargeablesThe Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeables are very popular and many people have used them. On Amazon, there are 6,500 customer reviews and the average rating is 4.6 out of 5 stars. They come pre-charged, therefor you can use them directly. They can retain 75% of their capacity after up to 3 years of storage. What’s more, they have up to 1500 charge cycles. Therefore, you can rely on them for a quite long time. However, they only come in AAA or AA sizes. You can use spacers to convert them into larger C or D batteries.

Energizer Recharge Value Batteries

Energizer-Recharge-Value-BatteriesAs a well-known brand, Energizer produces high quality rechargeable batteries as well. They come in AA or AAA sizes which can be charged up to 1000 times. Their accompanying charger can be used to re-volts 2 or 4 batteries at once. What’s more, the charger has an indicator light to tell you the green light means your batteries are read y to go. And it is smart enough to stop if your batteries are full, which can avoid overcharging, prolonging the batteries’ lifetime.

AmazonBasics Precharged Rechargeable Batteries

AmazonBasics-Precharged-Rechargeable-BatteriesThese batteries are very popular and most people spoke highly of them. The average rating given by 1,700 users is 4.4 out of 5 stars. Even after a year of storage, they can maintain 80% of their capacity. And they allow you to charge them up to 1000 charge cycles. Therefore, you can trust them, because they can work for you for a relatively long time.

Tenergy Centura Low Self-Discharge Rechargeable Batteries

Tenergy-Centura-Low-Self-Discharge-Rechargeable-BatteriesThe Tenergy Centura Low Self-Discharge Rechargeable Batteries are regarded as one of the most popular batteries on the market. They perform as well as other top rated contenders on this list, but they are so cheap. The average rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars. They can retain 85% of their capacity after 1 year, and 70% of their capacity after 2 year. They also have 1000 charge cycles. If you need more batteries at once, they can be your best choice.

The Bottom Line

And they are best rechargeable batteries on our top 5 best lists. As always, you can check out our top 5 best buying Calendar to get more information on other products.

Rechargeable Batteries Buying Tips and Guides

Rechargeable batteries have become more and more popular because of their efficiency and ease of use. Once you have rechargeable batteries, you don’t need to buy new batteries when your current batteries’ power runs out. You just need to recharge your current rechargeable batteries to make them back to the full strength. Therefore, they are eco-friendly and convenient for most people. On the market, there are many different types of rechargeable batteries. And they are easy to get online or in local stores. When you need to buy them, you need to know which type is perfect for your needs and you also need to compare their performance, power, safety and memory. The following tips and guides will help you easily find the best rechargeable batteries.

1. The rechargeable batteries you plan to buy should be compatible with your device.

Batteries talking about here will be AA size or other types of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. You can find familiar sizes, like AA, AAA, C and D batteries in your local stores. And it is also very convenient to buy them online. If you need to use batteries frequently, rechargeable batteries are a good investment. Rechargeable AA or AAA batteries are known as NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), while C and D size batteries are not available in this form.

2. Consider your budget

It seems you need to pay more for rechargeable batteries than disposable batteries. However, rechargeable batteries will pay for themselves very quickly. Therefore, the investment is worth.

3. Choose between lithium and nickel batteries.

There are two most popular rechargeable batteries on the market, lithium cadmium (LiCd) and nickel cadmium (NiCd)

A lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery allows you to charge it at any time you like. It doesn’t have a memory effect. And it can hold its charge for several months once you have charged it.

While NiCd rechargeable batteries have a memory effect. Their battery life will be shortened if it is not fully depleted and you recharge them. Therefore, you need to form a good habit of recharging your NiCd battery after the battery is used up. However, if you buy NiMH batteries, you don’t need to worry about the memory effect and you can charge it anytime. You can buy them easily in most local stores or simply buy them online.

4. Considering the device you want to power and Compare battery life.

When you plan to buy a rechargeable battery, one parameter you really need to know is the mAh (milliamp hour rating) which is used to measure the amount of energy that a battery can hold. Of course, the higher rating means it can last longer to power a device. And this also means you don’t need to recharge it more frequently. And you need to consider the device you want to power. Of course, a remote control will use up the battery slowly than a high energy devices, like a LED flashlight, a digital camera, solar flood lights, etc. For high energy devices, choosing a battery with a higher mAh is essential.

5. Purchase a charger together with the batteries

To recharge the batteries, a charger is essential and can be used again and again. The one you plan to buy should be reliable and utilizes a CC/CV algorithm. You also can consider buy a versatile charger, because some can recharge different sizes and types of batteries. Some even can recharge both lithium and NiMH batteries at the same time. The charger you plan to buy should be used through a USB port, a wall plug, and even a car charging port, which means the convenience.

6. How to reduce the impact on our environment by choosing a suitable battery type

Of course, compared to single use batteries, rechargeable batteries can reduce the impact on our environment and they are much better. However, MiMH rechargeable batteries are much better and greener than cadmium rechargeable batteries.

7. Check out customer reviews

Before making a buying decision, it is a good habit of checking out customer reviews. Some lithium batteries are extremely cheap, but don’t be fooled by them. And consumer reviews can tell you more. Considering the safety, don’t buy cheap rechargeable batteries, even if they are well rated.

8. Safety is the Key.

High quality rechargeable batteries are more expensive, but they come with many safety features. And they deserve to buy. Make sure the batteries you buy are safe.\

9. NiMH rechargeable batteries are worth buying

You can buy NiMH batteries in Department stores, like Walmart, Sears, Target, or other electronic stores (e.g. Lowes, Home Depot), while online retailers would like to sell lithium-ion batteries that are much cheaper.

Top 5 Best Solar Power Generators Reviews

As one the cleanest energy in the world, there is no reason that we don’t take good use of solar power. Sola power doesn’t only help us cut down on carbon emissions but also can cut our electricity bills. If you have own a solar power generator, you can use it to power any of your appliance which is powered by electricity power from the grid. First, in order to power these appliances, you need to calculate how many watts these appliances require, then you can choose the right one. But also you need to consider the price of the generator. Choosing the best solar power generator doesn’t only save money but also can give you good experience and a long working life. Here, we choose the best top 5 best solar generaotors to help you choose the right one for your house.

Sunforce 50048 60-Watt Solar Charging Kit

Sunforce-50048Sunforce 50048 can provide 60 watts power for you. The power generated by this solar charging kit is renewable and clean. This solar panel can work for you in many aspects. It is perfect for remote power, backup power, recreational vehicles and cabins. Because of its solid construction, it can withstand even impacts from hailstorms. The waterproof feature makes it durable on the roof. Also the installation is relatively easy. Read the manual and you will know how easy the installation is. All these features make this solar charging kit ideal for those who haven’t used solar panels before. And there are so many positive reviews of this product. I highly recommend having this best solar power generator.

Sunforce 39810 80-Watt Polycrystalline Solar Panel


This solar panel is an 80 watts solar power generator. It adopts advanced polycrystalline technology which is more efficient to generate power. The power it can provide is up to 80 watts and amps is 4.67 amps, which means the voltage is about 17v. You also can connect more than one together to get more power. It is easy to install. It’s not difficult to install, according to the manual. The manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty, so you don’t worry about the quality. The rating of this solar panel is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Most people think this one is good quality one and is a worthy purchasing. If you are interested in reducing carbon emissions and cut your electricity bill, Sunforce 39810 80-Watt High-Efficiency Polycrystalline Solar Panels are your best choice.

Go Power! GP-RV-95 95-Watt Solar Kit with 25 Amp Digital Regulator

Go-Power-GP-RV-95-wattThis is a 95 watts solar panel. It can offer 4.6 amps to charge the battery every hour. It is a really high efficiency solar panel. Also the manufacturer offers a 25-year warranty which shows that Go Power is confident for their product. It takes use of sun rays and changes it into electricity power and charges the batteries. This solar kit comes with necessary tools to help you install it easily and quickly. If you have this solar panel, you don’t need to worry about the power.

Sunforce 50033 15-Watt Solar Charging Kit

Sunforce-50033This solar charging kit can provide 15 watts of renewable and clean power. It can be used anywhere you like, such as homes, cabins, boats, RVs etc. Although the power 15 watts is a little small, using it as a lighting source is enough. And the amorphous solar panel even can work in the shade. The rating of this solar panel is 4.0 out of 5 stars. There are over 80 customer reviews. Most people think this product is a good choice.

12V 13W Briefcase Solar Generator S-1116

Briefcase-Solar-GeneratorThis 12V 13W Briefcase Solar Generator S-1116 can charge a lot of appliances. It can be used to charge a smart phone, an ipad, a notebook computer and other power tool like a cordless drill. The working voltage is up to 14v. The price is modest and reasonable. If you are looking for a solar panel for emergency use, this solar panel is a great choice.

Why do you need a solar generator?

Compared to fuel-powered generators, solar generators are completely green and they are eco-friendly to our environment. Such a solar generator doesn’t use any fuel but can harvest power directly, so it is not only better for our environment but also means there is no ongoing costs, because you don’t need to buy other fuel sources, like propane, gasoline, etc.

In the long run, this can save you some money on your electricity bills. And it able to offer a reliable way to generator power directly from the sun. This is amazing. If you are not convinced that you need such a solar generator, the following top 10 reasons will tell you more about solar energy and you will finally make a decision on whether you need a solar generator or not.

Generates cheaper energy

Compared to fuel-powered generators, solar generators always generate cheaper energy. If you have a habit of calculating the cost of electricity per watt over a relatively long time, you will find the fact.

Decreases electricity bill and grid reliance

Even if your solar panels only can offer 25% of your house’s electricity energy needs, this will be a very large portion of your energy bill every month. You will find an obvious decrease in your electricity bill and this can also decrease grid reliance.

For camping or other outdoor activities, smaller solar generators are ideal.

For camping or other outdoor activities, you can buy a portable solar generator which is easy to carry and set up.

Neutral carbon footprint

Solar generators harvest energy from the sun, and doesn’t produce greenhouse gas or byproducts, so they are eco-friendly and helpful to reduce your carb footprint.

Perfect for summer use

Actually, solar generators are perfect for hot summer use, because they can thrive in the sun. Plus, they cannot emanate heat, resulting in choosing them in hot climates is really perfect. They will not cause any discomfort and you also don’t worry about any heat-related hazards.

More compact and portable

Fuel-powered generators tend to be bulky, while solar generators feature a compact design and are more portable than you can imagine. Solar panels are slender and flexible.

No potentially deadly fumes

Because solar generators run greenly, so they don’t produce any carbon monoxide fumes that fuel generators will produce. If you use a fuel-powered generator, it is a good habit of placing it in well-ventilated areas, which can prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide fumes that are potentially fatal.

A More reliable alternative when fuel is not available

When conventional fuel is not available, a fuel-powered generator is useless. And in this situation, a solar generator is more reliable.

Power can be stored for later usage

A typical solar generator has a battery bank, which means solar energy can be stored. When you need power, the batteries can release electricity you need. However, a fuel-generator only offers power when it is running.

Make some money by selling excess electricity to your utility company

If you have invested in a lot of solar panels, you can sell your excess electricity to your local utility company, resulting in making some money. You even don’t need to pay for them but receive a check from your local utility company. This means installing solar panels is an investment and in the long run, you can get a return.

What Do You Need to Know Before Buying a Solar Generator?

Most solar generators only can generate enough electricity to power some household appliances for several hours at a time. If you need a more powerful system, you need to invest more money. These solar generator systems allow you to add more solar panels, making them more powerful.

Typically, a solar generator can harvest energy from the sun, processing energy through a power inverter to produce an AC output. The generated AC electricity can directly power your home appliances or can be stored in a rechargeable battery for a delayed use.

Main Components of Solar Generators

A solar generator typically consists of the following components that are used to facilitate the whole process:

  • Solar panels
  • Rechargeable batteries, typically deep-cycle batteries.
  • Power inverter
  • Solar controller
  • Pre-wired transfer switch
  • Smart battery charger
  • Invert remote
  • DC inverter fuse and cable installation kit
  • Output cables
  • Mounting hardware

The above components are not included in all systems. However, an advanced system may include them all. Aside from these main components, there are some additional features which can make the generator easy to use. When it comes to choosing the best solar generator, these features deserve to invest.

Extra Features

  • Ability to charge from a wall outlet or car charger
  • Carrying case
  • Continuous duty rating that is approved for ongoing use
  • Easy adjustment of panels
  • Expandability
  • Remote control for power inverter
  • Silent operation
  • Tripods/solar panel stands
  • USB charging outlets

Top 5 Best Electric Can Openers

best electric can openerIf you often need to open cans and bottles, you really need an electric can opener which is also perfect for people who may have joint pain. And it is also a must-have in your well-utilized kitchen. Choosing the best electric can openers can help you easily operate and handle all can sizes and shapes easily. Why do we need one? If we have one, we don’t need to contact with the can or lid during the opening process and they can prevent us from cutting our fingers. Therefore, it is one of the must-have tools in our kitchen.

What Is an Electric Can Opener?

An electric can opener is a small kitchen appliance which is used to open cans or lids automatically, avoiding cutting our fingers. The best one has the following features:

  • A lid magnet – This feature can attract the steel lid, preventing it from falling into the scan.
  • Stainless blades – They are must be strong and durable.
  • A enough height – A enough height can fit all types of cans, even the largest cans, making it more compatible.

Top 5 Best Electric Can Openers

If you are looking for the best electric can operer, our list of top 5 best electric can opener were choose, based on there overall performance, ease of use and maintenance, safety features, ratings, prices and customer reviews.

Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener

Hamilton-Beach-Smooth-Touch-Can-OpenerThe Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch electric can opener is one of the most popular ones on the market, because it can remove the lid off of plenty of cans. It is also very easy to use. You only need to press down on the lever and then turn the can along the cutting edge. That’s all and you’ve got a smoothly opened can. This opener can leave a clean edge, so you don’t need to worry about it may hurt you. The edge is safe enough to hold. On Amazon, there are over 2000 customer reviews and they all high recommended this best can opener.

West Bend Electric Can Opener

West-Bend-Electric-Can-OpenerThe electric can opener from West Bend is also a very popular one among users. Many users regarded it as the best can openers on the market. It is also very easy to use. The only thing you need to do is to push down and let it alone. When it finishes, you will find it is turned off automatically. It can also handle taller cans well. What’s more, it also comes with a bottle opener and knife sharpener on its back – a very good design. You can remove its cutting tool and throw it into your dish-washer. Therefore, its dish-washer safe feature makes it easy to clean.

Proctor Silex Plus Extra-Tall Can Opener

Proctor-Silex-Plus-Extra-Tall-Can-OpenerAs a well-reviewed one, the Proctor Silex Plus Extra-Tall Can Opener can open cans on the first try. User spoke highly of its ease of use, smooth operating and price-to-function ratio. It is also a well-function model and it can open even taller cans. While working, it can keep quiet and you will not hear any jarring, grinding sound. What’s more, it is also can be used as a knife sharpener. And the price is also very friendly.

Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener

Hamilton-Beach-Ensemble-Tall-Can-OpenerThis Hamilton Beach Ensemble Tall Can Opener is recommended by many users due to its simplicity and clean cutting ability. Its cutting assembly is made of die-cast metal which allows you to wash it in your dishwasher, so it is very simple to clean it. It also comes with a knife sharpener on its back. The red color scheme is similar to other Hamilton Beach products, making it match well with others. It is very durable and a user said it is still very sharp even after using for 5 years.

Oster Tall Can Opener

Oster-Tall-Can-OpenerIf you need one opener to open cans quickly, this Oster Tall Can Opener is the right choice. It is easy and safe to use. It features its patented power pierce cutting mechanism which can open any cans with ease. It can be shut off automatically. Its magnetic lid can make the lid removed safely. What’s more, it also comes with a built-in knife sharpener and cord storage, allowing you to organize the cord well.

This is our top 5 list of best Electric Can Openers and you can choose any of them to make the opening process much easier and protect you and your family from hurting during the opening process. As always, be sure to check our top 5 best buying calendar to learn more when and how to buy the right thing.

Electric Can Openers Buying Tips and Guides

When it comes to choose an electric can opener, there are something that should be taken into account.


Even if an electric can opener seems less important in your kitchen, its design or construction should also fit in your kitchen. The one you choose should also have an aesthetic presence. You need to know the materials it used and the design elements should also be very important and they should allow every appliance to blend into the overall scheme of your kitchen. Durability is also very important and you cannot neglect this. The one you plan to buy should be a kitchen workhorse that last many years.


Of course, an electric can opener is used to open cans. However, some of them only can open some standard can sizes, while some even can handle very large and small cans. Some models even come with bottle opener, as well as other additional features. Of course, the one you choose should be versatile and this also means it will take up less space and you don’t need to buy other appliances. For example, if a can opener is also a bottle opener, you don’t need to buy a bottle opener separately.

Ease of Maintenance

Considering food safety and performance, it is essential to form good habits of maintaining it regularly. For example, can opener blades is easy to harbor numerous food-borne germs, so you need to use a brush and sanitizing solution to deal with this. Some manufacturer designed electric can openers that are easy to clean and repairing thanks to their easy breaking down parts. However, some models are not so easy to clean. It may be a challenge when it comes to clean it. Therefore, when it comes to choosing an electric can opener, the ease of maintenance is also a very important factor you need to consider.

Safety Features

If you use a traditional way to open cans, you will find it is really a hazardous activity. Some models remove the entire lid at the seam, resulting in a smooth edge, while others leave a sharp edge which is very dangerous. Fortunately, more and more manufacturers put a high value on the can opener’s safety. A safe electric can opener may feature shut-off devices, blade guards, lid extractors, as well as lock/release mechanisms. And it is also important to consider the stability of its base. For people who have physical limitations, the stability is very important. Of course, the ease of use is also important.

Top 5 Best Touchless Trash Cans Reviews

As one of the most frequent used appliances in our home, a trash can is an appliance that we cannot live without. Now, with the development of technology, it is time to upgrade your traditional trash can with a touchless trash can. This is because such a touchless trash can is much more efficient, more hygienic, and easier to use in our daily lives.

What Is a Touchless Trash Can?

The word “touchless” means you don’t need to open or close your trash can by hand or by foot. With a trash can, you can easily dispose of garbage or trash without touching the trash can. The can has a built-in sensor that can detect trash or movement in front of it. Therefore, its lid will be opened automatically, once there is any debris and obstacle in front of it. You just need to have the debris or hand in front of the sensor, and the lid will be opened for you.

The hands-free design and operation means things can be kept clean and kitchen cleanup becomes a breeze. You can use it in your office or home and it offers you a much more hygienic and convenient way to dispose of garbage and trash. Plus, it is also helpful to prevent contamination, resulting in reducing the risk of some illnesses.

Best Touchless Trash Can

If you are looking for the best touchless trash can to replace your old-fashioned trash can, we’ve made this list of top 5 best touchless trash cans for you to choose from. Our selection is based on their overall performance, durability, effectiveness, ratings, prices, as well as customer reviews.

Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless Stainless Steel Trash Can

best touchless trash canAs one of the best-selling touchless trash can on Amazon, this product is able to seal odors. Plus, the touch-free operation also means it is able to eliminate cross-contamination of germs. This trash can has a capacity of 13.2 gallons and its garbage bag ring can keep the trash bag hidden, giving it a clean appearance. It features an oval shape and its stainless steel appearance is anti-fingerprint. Of course, it uses commercial-grade stainless steel. Therefore, it can fit in any place, no matter you plan to use it in an office room or in your kitchen. Thanks to its advanced sensor technology, it is able to detect any motion within 10 inches and a 130-degree angle from its sensor. Its lid will close automatically too, if your debris or hand moves away from its sensor after 3 seconds. Therefore, any odor can be effective sealed in it. Due to its energy saving technology, its 3 C-size batteries can last a very long time, but you need to buy batteries separately.

iTouchless Deodorizer Automatic Sensor Touchless Trash Can

itouchless-deodorizer-automatic-sensor-touchless-trash-canThis best touchless trash can has an ultramodern design and it doesn’t require an inner bucket. Plus, it offers 25% more capacity. This stainless steel trash can is germ-resistant, fingerprint-proof, antimicrobial and pretty easy to clean. All the materials it used are finest. It also features manual open and close buttons and a wide lid opening (up to 11.75 inches diagonal). The wider opening means it is easy to accommodate large items. In order to eliminate odors, it also has a built-in activated carbon filter that is replaceable. Generally, this filter can last 3 months without changing, so you will find there is no odors coming from your trash can, resulting in a fresh and clean kitchen. Thanks to its special seal technology, as well as its garbage bag retainer ring, the bag removal is effortless and the trash bag will not fall inside. There are also some air vents in its base, allowing air to flow in and making the full bag removal much easier.

It uses the most advanced infrared sensor, so it is able to detect any motion within 6 inches. Once any motion is captured, its lid will open. If it doesn’t detect any motion for 3 seconds, the lid will close automatically and the whole process is quite quiet due to its new SilenX technology. What’s more, it may know when you need to open it thanks to its built-in Artificial Intelligent Smart-Chip.

This trash can is powered by 4 D-size batteries (that you need to buy separately), which can last for up to 10,000 consecutive openings and closings. Therefore, you don’t need to change the batteries frequently. And this trash can even outlast most of hand-touch and step on trash cans. As one of the most popular and best-selling touchless trash cans, this one deserves to have. Plus, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty. And if you are not satisfied with it, you can return it due to its 60-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, just feel free to get it and give it a chance.

simplehuman 40L Semi-Round Sensor Can, Touchless Trash Can

simplehuman-40l-semi-round-sensor-can-touchless-trash-canThis trash can is able to offer you smooth and consistent lid operation. It operates very quiet, about 50% quieter than most of the others. On the top, it is the infrared filed that will open the lid when the sensor detects any motion above it. Its outer lid can lift up, so accessing to the liner is much easier. When you are done, it will close over the liner, so it will keep itself neat and clean.

This model comes in 3 different colors and comes with a 5-year warranty. Therefore, it deserves to have.

Nine Stars 13.2 & 2.1-Gallon Touchless Automatic Motion Sensor Trash Can

nine-stars-13.2-2.1-gallon-touchless-automatic-motion-sensor-trash-canThis touchless trash can is made of commercial-grade stainless steel and it is anti-fingerprint. Actually, this set comes with 2 different sized trash cans. They all can seal in odors and they are effective to eliminate cross-contamination of germs. Plus, they are also very easy to clean. You can buy this set for your bathroom or kitchen. You can place the larger one in the kitchen and place the smaller one in the bathroom. Its motion sensor is water-resistant and can detect any motion within a 130-degree angle and 10 inches. Once the debris or your hand moves away from its sensor area 3 seconds later, it will close its lid automatically.

This set has a plastic bag line ring and an inner plastic liner. The smaller can has a capacity of only 2.1 gallons and can operate on 4 D-size batteries, while the larger can has a capacity of up to 13.2 gallon and can operate on 3 C-size or 4 D-size batteries. However, this set doesn’t include the batteries, so you need to buy them separately. Due to its energy saving technology, its batteries can last a very long time. On Amazon, this set is very popular and there are over 1,300 5-star reviews for you to check. If you need a set of 2 different sized touchless trash can, this set is the best choice for you.

simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

simplehuman-semi-round-step-trash-canIf you don’t want to have an automatic trash can but want a can that has the same larger capacity as a traditional trash can, you can choose this one. With this trash can, you don’t need to touch with your hands. This best step trash can is very sturdy and durable. And it has a very strong steel pedal. Plus, a secure slide-lid lock can effectively prevent pets from breaking in. Thanks to its shox technology, it closes quietly and smoothly. This product also comes in many colors to choose from. On Amazon, there are over 2,000 5-star reviews. Plus, it also offers a 5-year warranty, so you can get assured.

The Bottom Line

This is our list of top 5 best touchless trash cans and if you are looking for one, you can choose one of them. If you have more trash or garbage, you also can choose a trash compactor and our list of top 5 best trash compactors can give you some ideas.

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