Poolguard Door Alarm DAPT-2 Review

pool door alarmIf you need a pool door alarm, this PoolGuard Door Alarm is one of your best choices. It is able to sound an alarm as soon as possible, if your children and pets try to open the door to the pool. Other features, (like an adult pass-through, a low-battery indicator) are also valuable. In a word, if you need a pool gate alarm together with your pool alarm, this one is definitely one of the best choices. Plus, it is very affordable.

Key Features:

Set off an alarm in 7 seconds

This device is especially designed to protect your children from entering your pool. When you child opens the door to the pool, an alarm will be set off in 7 seconds and the alarm will never stop unless an adult resets the alarm manually. This design can make you never miss any notification. If a child quickly opens the door and close the door, an alarm will also be triggered as soon as possible. Therefore, it really can protect your children.

An adult pass-through feature

To make it convenient to use, it has an adult pass-through feature. Therefore, when adult passes through a door installed this device, an alarm will not be set off, making it very convenient.

Powered by a 9-volt battery

This device is powered by a 9-volt battery which you need to buy separately. And 1 battery can last for 1 year if it is not used frequently.

Low-battery alert

This feature is also very important. We cannot key an eye on it all the time and we may not know if the battery needs to be replaced because of low electricity. This system comes with a low-battery indicator which will set off an audible alert to make you know you need to replace its battery.

UL Listed under UL2017

This pool gate alarm is the only pool door alarm which is UL listed under UL2017. Therefore, it is recommended to use.

Customer Reviews

Although this alarm seems not so popular, it is highly rated. The average rating is 5 out of 5 stars. And reviews are all positive. Most people think it is very easy to install and its performance is also perfect.


If you need the best pool door alarm, this one is perfect. If you need one working together with your other types of pool alarms, it is also the best.

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